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The Members past and present plus (known) Staff of Sakura Gakuin

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MIKIKO, Mori-sensei, Principal Kuramoto


Mikiko Mizuno is the group's main choreographer. She is famous as a principal choreographer for the 2016 Olympics Closing ceremony and 2020 Olympics ceremonies, and also works with other Amuse acts including Perfume and Babymetal. She also runs her own dance troupe, Elevenplay. Occasionally appears in the background of photographs from rehearsals, and sometimes mentioned by the members in diary entries.

  • Insistent Terminology: No one calls her Ms Mizuno. She is a sensei – Mikiko-sensei specifically – has earned that title, and don't you forget it. Yes, she also goes by her given name.
    • Also, she is a choreographer, not a dance instructor. There is a key difference: a choreographer assumes you already know how to dance. Ex-Elevenplay member Kazune Tomita serves as the group's actual hands-on dance teacher and instructor.
  • Stern Teacher: You won't find a teacher tougher than Mikiko-sensei anywhere – she has absolutely zero qualms making little girls cry, and rarely hands out praise unless it's seriously earned. But her results are undeniable, and she's somehow able to earn respect from her young students rather than scorn.
    • Those she is known to have complimented include Perfume, who openly consider her their ideal. Also Suzuka.
  • The Unseen: While she was often around and directly supervising during Sakura Gakuin's early years, these days she's too busy with all her other jobs and leaves most work to her assistants. This makes sense because the majority of routines are recycled from year to year, needing only minimal tweaking. She still shows up before major live events to make sure things are running smoothly.


Hayashi Mori (森 ハヤシ) is the "homeroom teacher" of the group and appears with the girls except at festival appearances and music videos. His jobs outside Sakura Gakuin include but are not limited to: screenwriting (both stage and TV/movies), co-hosting the radio show Mochikomi, and other hosting/announcer jobs. He was also a member of the comedy skit group WAGÉ, which disbanded in 2006.
  • Catchphrase: やらせねぇよ! (Yarasenē yo!; “I won’t let you do that!”). This is often coupled with a Big Entrance and followed up with "You really thought you were doing [x]? Nai! Nai! Nai!!"
    • Another that he occasionally does during livestreams is "I treat my wife the best." When in LoGiRL Ep.9 he said it in an over-the-top feminine style (burikko) after the other girls had used the same tone for their entrances, Yui looked up at him and said "Ew".
      "What? I was going with the flow, Mizuno!"
  • Evil Laugh: He did this during the first couple of nendo tests when he took the papers out to grade them, leading Ayami to call him a demon.
    • He brought the cackle back during the 2018 nendo test.
  • Happily Married: He tries to invoke this during livestreams (his wedding ring is clearly visible), where the girls will sometimes get him to talk about his family. note 
    • In Sana's first FRESH appearance in May 2018, toward the end of the broadcast, he asked her (for about the third time) to shout out how she felt. She inexplicably shouted "MORI-SENSEI!!!" to which he, stunned, replied by shouting "WIFE!!"
  • I Shall Taunt You: To most of the girls at some point. Particularly to Yui on the first season of LoGiRL, as this caused her to reveal her comedic side – turned out she was a master straight-man and has a rather dry wit. note 
    • The Class Presidents, by dint of their position, usually get the brunt of it. How they deal with him depends on the girl – Ayami, for example, regularly back-sassed him. Moa by contrast was much more passive. Aiko wrote that she felt she had failed to become skilled at bantering with him, though Mori-sensei himself disagreed.
    • Some girls, especially graduates, will turn the tables on him. One example was when he crashed Airi and Ayaka's Coming-of-Age livestream (see below); after the initial shock, both pretended not to know who he was. note 
  • Iconic Outfit: A sweater-vest and jogging bottoms. The sweater does, very occasionally, change.
    • The glasses, however, do not change. However, his Mori-sen glasses are much dorkier than what he wears offstage.
  • Insistent Terminology: Goes both ways.
    • He said on the Mochikomi broadcast after Babymetal's Tokyo Dome shows that he can't bring himself to call Su-Metal, Moametal, or (The Artist Then Known As) Yuimetal by their stage names. He simply referred to them by their family names – Nakamoto, Kikuchi, Mizuno – as he always had. Indeed, on one of the early FRESH broadcasts in 2017, he said this…
      "Now, we usually call Los Angeles 「ロス」 (Rosu), right? Well, Nakamoto calls it 'L.A.'."
    • Just about everyone calls him Mori-sensei (or "Mori-sen" for short). This includes Babymetal's producer Key Kobayashi, who technically outranks him, because Mori served as the girls' teacher. The respect Mori was given by Team Babymetal took him by surprise.
      • Pretty much any former Sakura girl who visits his show will still call him -sensei. Airi did so during her appearance on Christmas Eve 2016. He tried to laugh it off since she had by that point become much more famous than him, but Airi couldn't bring herself to call him anything else. When Aiko appeared on his show two years later, she went out of her way not to name him at all, likely for the same reason. note 
      • NHMR met with him in March 2019 for a belated celebration of his birthday. Sure enough, despite being old enough to drink with him, Hinata still called him "-sensei" (his honorific was even written in chocolate on the plate of cake they'd bought him).
  • Not So Above It All: In one of her final diary entries, Megumi wrote about the massive snowstorm that hit Tokyo in late January 2018 (despite what anime tells you, snow is uncommon in Tokyo proper). After practice, Mori-sensei joined her, Miki, and Maaya in a snowball fight.
  • Papa Wolf: As much as he taunts and teases them, Mori-sensei is fond of the girls he works with and can be protective of them.
    • He refused to watch any Babymetal performances following Suzuka's graduation because he worried Key Kobayashi had forced Su, Yui, and Moa into something they didn't really want to do. Reluctantly, he attended their Tokyo Dome concert in September 2016 and met the girls backstage after the show. He was pleased to find the trio were still the same joyful girls he had worked with years earlier, joking they could stand to act more like the stars they were, later praising them to the hilt on Mochikomi.
      • Note that he never made his boycott known to anyone until that broadcast and only had kind words for Suzuka when talking about her during the first LoGiRL episode in January 2015. In fact, he asked Yui and Moa point-blank if she had changed since he'd last seen her. They said she hadn't.
    • He has also been known to try and keep up-to-date on graduated members who have left show business.
    • This even applies to girls who stayed in entertainment.
      • On January 9th 2017, Ayaka and Airi teamed up to do a livestream for their coming-of-age day (both had turned 20 the previous year). Much to their shock, the producers had brought in Mori – in formal wear and with bouquets of flowers for each of them – to crash the set and serve as MC. Airi looked glad to see him; Ayaka could be heard saying "It can't be" and groaning.
      • While he couldn't make it to the shows themselves, he allowed Aiko on both Mochikomi and FRESH! to promote her singles and live shows.
      • He attended Ayami's comeback concert at the end of 2018. Ayami posted a photo of the two of them on her twitter.
  • Stage Names: Played with. At first glance his name seems to be incredibly suspicious. Not only is hayashi written in katakana (a common convention for stage names) but it can mean "woods", while mori (森) means "forest". His real name is in fact Hayashi Mori, although originally it's written as 「森 迅史」 (the characters of his given name meaning "swift" and "history" respectively), but he has adopted 「森 ハヤシ」 as a "stage name" so to speak.
  • Trickster Mentor: Has been known to pop out of incredibly random places to announce a test.
    • Double-subverted during the 2011 nendo when he hid in the luggage compartment of a bus. After the girls were seated, he suddenly boarded the bus – cue 12 girls screaming – and said his standard catchphrase to announce a test… but then revealed the girls really were going on a field trip (to film the music video for "FRIENDS").


Screenwriter/producer Mitsuru Kuramoto (倉本 美津留) is the Principal – also real-life founder and manager – of Sakura Gakuin. Save for an occasional skit here or there, particularly in the early years, he usually only appears at the graduation and transfer ceremonies.
  • Hidden Depths: As shown in one video where the 2016 nendo covers a song – "Sakura Hyakunin Isshu" – originally performed by the 2011 group, it turns out he's pretty good at playing acoustic guitar.
    • He did side-gigs playing guitar when he wasn't busy with all his other projects. However, he announced in January 2019 he would be taking an 'indefinite hiatus' due to poor physical health.
    • Kuramoto may be the most capable of the unit's "teachers". This is probably why Airi – who had zero acting, singing, or dancing experience plus terrible stage fright when she was chosen as a founding member – often had to have extra lessons directly with him.
  • Iconic Outfit: A tartan suit (jacket and trousers), topped with a bowler hat. This appears to be the sort of thing he actually wears normally, but turned up several notches.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Episodes of Sakura Gakuin SUN referred to him as the "Demon Principal".
    • He plays his reputation for effect during transfer ceremonies. Aiko's nervousness shot through the roof when he came out onto the stage during the 2017 Transfers' Ceremony her final year because she had blown a solo lyric during the first song of the performance and thought her mistake might cost her the position of Class President (it didn't). That Kuramoto intentionally really dragged out the moment only made Aiko more tense.
  • Terse Talker: He never says much, even during Transfer and Graduation ceremonies. That's why when he does speak, people tend to sit up and listen.

Current Members (2019 nendo)

    3rd year Junior High
Soyoka, Tsugumi, Momoe, Kano
This foursome have the largest amount of institutional knowledge of any of Sakura Gakuin's classes, with a combined 18 years of experience between them at the time of their graduation.

Also worth noting Soyoka and Kano are the only members in the group's history thus far to have served through three different uniform eras – Beige (1yr), Grey (3yrs), Navy 2.0 (1yr).

Kano Fujihira (藤平 華乃) 2015 -

Subunits: Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2016-2017, 2019

Joined in 2015 with Soyoka, Maaya, Marin, Momoko, and Mirena.

Performance Chairman in the 2018 nendo. Appointed Student Council President in 2019.
  • Animal Motifs: A Running Joke involves her talking in grunting noises like a monkey or a gorilla (sometimes accompanied by Momoe translating). Given her strength plus noticeable muscle gain since becoming one of Babymetal's 'Avengers' in 2019, it's even more apt.
  • Catchphrase: "Kano-non, Kano-non, Genki na Ko!" - "Kano-non, Kano-non, Cheerful child!"
  • Genki Girl: It's part of her catch-phrase, after all.
    • In the 2016 Nendo Test, she did an impromptu interpretive dance when she placed second from the bottom, ahead of Momoko. Mori-sensei knew why she was happy and told her to tell the camera how she had done the previous year…
      {enthusiastically} "LAST PLACE!!"
    • Kano's increasingly bizarre attempts at the 2017 Transfer Ceremony to convince Miku to give up her dog
      Mori: "She's still saying no, Fujihira. Try harder."
      Kano: {pumping her left fist in the air} "YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! …GIMME YOUR DOG!!"
  • In-Series Nickname: Kano-tée, Kano-non. Kano-chin by Momoe
  • Little Miss Snarker: In addition to casually insulting Mori-sensei to his face during one of her very first appearances on LoGiRL, she was the one who complained at the 2018 transfer ceremony that every year they were stuck with the same teacher (Mori).
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Demonstrated at her introduction by lifting Rinon – 4 years older and at the time nearly a foot (30cm) taller. She did it again at Rinon's graduation.
    • Kano is, as of the beginning of 2019, on track to surpass Moa and possibly Yui for the most height gained between debut and graduation, so she's no longer pint-sized, but still a powerhouse.
    • For the Road To Graduation 2017 Memorial Book, she was photographed carrying Tsugumi – much closer in size to Kano than Rinon was/is, but still…
  • Promoted Fangirl:invoked Fukei had since the beginning compared Kano, in both looks and temperament, to Moa Kikuchi, who graduated just six weeks before Kano joined. Kano herself respects Moa greatly, and was quite the fan of Babymetal (she took part in a Juonbu shuffle-unit and was caught doing the "Gimme Choco" dance in her sleep). Fast forward to June 2019 and Kano is named one of the "Three Avengers" filling Yui's empty slot during Babymetal shows.
    • For about five weeks, Kano was the only person to have danced onstage with Sakura Gakuin, Perfume (at Amuse Fest 2017), and Babymetal (from June 2019). However, her friend Momoko Okazaki also gained this distinction when she was revealed as Babymetal's Third 'Avenger' that August.
  • Refused the Call: After hearing about her strength – which is why she chose to introduce Kano – Rinon tried several times to get Kano to join the Pro-Wrestling Club, down to just her since Hana's graduation. However, Kano wanted to join Sleepiece instead, leaving Rinon to revive Logica? with Megumi and Sara.
    • As an aside, it's worth noting that 2015's Sleepiece didn't have space for her – Maaya and Mirena joined Saki Ooga in the group, meaning Kano wasn't in a club at all her first year and had to wait until Saki graduated to join.
  • The Southpaw: Kano is left-handed, the first leftie in Sakura Gakuin since Airi graduated.
    • Being left-handed has not helped her in nendo tests – she placed dead last in her first, second, and fourth (on her third, as recounted above, she was next-to-last; she was also, much to her own surprise, next-to-last on her fifth). One of the questions she failed on her first test, ironically, was she did not know the meaning of the English word "southpaw".
  • Student Council President: The Ninth.
    • She is the final president to have worked with any of the so-called "Original Generation" – her first year was Rinon's last.

Soyoka Yoshida (吉田 爽葉香) 2015 -

Subunits: School Store Club 2015-

Joined in 2015 with Kano, Maaya, Marin, Momoko, and Mirena.

Education Chairman in the 2018 nendo. Appointed Ganbare!! Chairman in 2019

She has the distinction of being the first member (but not the last) to hail from Japan's Kansai Region.
  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: Can clasp her hands behind her back, and bring them forward over her head while keeping them together.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Although several members current and former are known to wear glasses behind the scenes, Soyo is the only girl who wears hers even during performances. While she often uses a pair without lenses during photographs and music videos to eliminate glare, video footage of her wearing her real glasses show the lenses are extremely thick.
    • During Summer 2018, she mentioned in a diary that she got new glasses with thinner metal frames (as opposed to the brown or blue plastic frames she had used up to that point - see the photo above), but also lamented that her prescription had become even stronger – i.e. her eyesight had gotten worse.
      • In her "One Hundredth Diary Commemoration" in Spring 2019, she took questions from fans. One that she answered was about her eyesight, which she said was 0.08 without her glasses. Depending on the specific metric Japan uses, that could mean her visual acuity is 20/200 (in other words, only a few steps above literally legally blind)!
    • She does not wear her glasses during model shoots, and sometimes doesn't use contact lenses either, so some professional photos show her squinting very slightly into the camera.
  • Catchphrase: "Garagara, Bakkyuun!", both onomatopoeias, first a rattling sound then a gunshot, in reference to her introduction at the transfer ceremony where she did a shooting motion while showing off her modeling skills.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Soyo is known amongst the other members for being extremely organized and quite the Neat Freak. In particular, she is said to haul around a gym bag with everything she or any other girl could possibly need.
  • Disappeared Dad: Soyoka revealed in her 100th Diary Commemoration (which stretched over several entries) that her father had passed away some years earlier, possibly after she joined Sakura Gakuin. This naturally caused fans to cry.
    [translation] "My dad fell sick a number of years ago and went to heaven, but we did various things together like camping and we were able to have a lot of experiences that I normally wouldn’t have been able to have. I love how my dad was really kind and liked helping others."
  • In-Series Nickname: Soyo, Soyo-chan; Soyo-chin by Momoe
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Since she's from Osaka, she occasionally slips into her accent. In particular, she'll use it in her diary entries. It's also in her spoken line in "Mezase! Super Lady" 2017 and 2018. And she used it in Kobaibu skits after Tsugumi (a huge fan of Osakan comedy who isn't from Kansai but uses the accent anyway) joined her.
    • Mori-sensei used the induction of Miki, another Osakan, to have a dig at Soyoka.
      Mori: "Right, so she's called Miki Yagi, in the fifth grade, and she's from Osaka."
      Soyo: "Sensei, you said Osaka. So she's from the same place as me, right?"
      Mori: "Ah, yeah, yeah. Maybe we'll see Yagi talk in her real Osaka accent. A real accent, not like Yoshida's 'Business Kansai' dialect. It's totally different."
      Soyo: "Hah??!" (dead-eyes the camera and replies in a HEAVY Osaka accent) "Whad'ya mean by 'Business Kansai' dialect? D'ya wanna get yerself beat'n up?"
    • It was brought up during one episode of FRESH that Soyo was extremely uncomfortable with the above exchange, as it's the polar opposite of her real personality.
    • In 2018, she decided to create a character for FRESH streams: an Osakan grandmother named Michiko.
  • Meganekko: The first member of the group to wear glasses on stage (many other girls wear glasses behind the scenes, but not when performing). Her being a glasses-girl has been used for her verse in "Mezase! Super-Lady", explicitly using this term.
  • Running Joke:
    • Despite being part of a manga club in elementary school, her drawings mostly turn out pretty clumsy on live streams. This provides much amusement to Mori-sensei, who's always ready to tease her about it.
    • Her remarkable ability to catch fish with her hand - discovered during the 2017 Outdoors Class Special - has been added to her Amuse profile and even made a return during a festival-themed Fresh! Monday episode in the 2018 nendo.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Lemons
    • In 2019, she said in a diary she still likes lemons but was no longer obsessed with them.
  • You Don't Look Like You: Without her glasses, which she does not wear during model shoots, Soyo is almost unrecognizable. She switched to thin metal frames in Summer 2018 to sort of bridge this gap, but still has to wear the thick plastic frames in Sakura Gakuin because they're that strongly associated with her look.
    "I’ve wanted to people to be able to remember both of my faces since a while ago!"

Tsugumi Aritomo (有友 緒心) 2016 -

Subunits: School Store Club 2016-

Joined in 2016 with Momoe and Yuzumi. Appointed 2nd Hamidase! Chairman in 2019
  • Alternate Character Reading: Same case as Momoe, the individual kanji are usually read as 'o' and 'shin'. This also led to a joke with Momoko reading her name as 'Aritomo Oshin-chan'
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: She plays the boke to Soyoka's tsukkomi in the School Store Club (Koubaibu) when addressing an audience, including making a funny face when called out for saying something dumb.
  • Catchphrase: "Oshin ja nai yo! Tsugumi da yo!" (It's not Oshin! It's Tsugumi!), a reference to both Yunano's catchphrase and the reading of her name.
  • Class Clown: Probably an even bigger one than Kano, which is no mean feat.
    • During the 2017 nendo test, she wrote on her paper, "I won't forgive you!" – meaning Mori-sensei, for pranking them yet again. When he warned her that if she pulled a stunt like that on the next test, he'd mark a point off out of spite, she stuck her tongue out at him. The other girls applauded.
      "Why are you all applauding? Don't encourage her!!"
    • In an interview shortly after her final year in the group began, Tsugu seemed to be in a particularly bad mood and felt her shtick wasn't funny anymore, opining about keeping her comedy fresh.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Especially when paired up with Yuzumi or Kano.
  • The Idiot from Osaka: Plays this role as part of the School Store Club, complete with inflecting her speech in a Kansai manner. The irony of this is that she's from Chiba (east of Tokyo) while performing opposite actual Osakan Soyoka (who barely uses her real accent in the skits). Tsugu's just a big fan of Osaka-based comedy troupe Yoshimoto Shinkigeki.
    • In a September 2018 diary, Soyoka wrote about getting a bunch of facial cleansing strips that she tried out with "Maaya and the Osakan members (1 fake)"… accompanied by a photo of herself, Maaya, Miki, and "fake Osakan" Tsugu.
    • When Miki – also from Osaka – wrote about fellow Kansai member Yuzumi's impending graduation, she lamented the disbanding of the "Kansai Trio", but noted Tsugumi The Fake Kansai Girl could fill the slot.
  • In-Universe Nickname: Tsugu-chan, Tsugumin, Oshin-chan
  • Perpetual Smiler: Tsugumi is known for her wide smile showing her teeth that are a bit too large for her head. Given that this girl is practically built for comedy, she'll sometimes turn it into a Cheshire Cat Grin …no points for guessing that Mori-sensei is usually the one on the receiving end of her antics.
  • Third Place Is For Losers: One of the few times Tsugu was caught not smiling was when she came in third in the 2018 Nendo Test after having tied Megumi for second the previous year. She approached Mori-sensei silently, obviously pissed off. Not for losing to Maaya (who came in second), but for losing once again to Momoe. Tsugu told the camera bluntly her goal is to beat Momoe.
  • Those Two Girls: She and Yuzu joined Sakura Gakuin at the same time and have at least thrice produced hilarious comedy onstage together, inevitably capped off with their Catchphrase, "Hai!! Yuzumin-Tsugumin."
  • Yandere:invoked She jokingly alluded to this when she posted a diary near the end of 2018 that had (among many other things) a photo of herself hugging Kokona. Her only comment about it?
    "Nassu is mine!!"
    • Kokona said in her first FRESH appearance that Tsugu's idea of an introduction was basically to approach her and declare "We're friends!". Despite Mori-sensei's chiding, Kokona didn't seem to mind.

Momoe Mori (森 萌々穂) 2016 -

Subunits: Art Club (trico dolls) 2018 -

Joined in 2016 with Tsugumi and Yuzumi. Appointed Talk Chairman in 2019
  • Alliterative Name: For a full kana no less. Momoe Mori.
  • Alternate Character Reading: Her given name is incredibly unconventional. The most straight-forward readings for the kanji are 'moe' and 'ho' with the repetition symbol in between. This led to a joke at the transfer-in ceremony wherein Kano pronounced it as 'Moemoeho'.
  • Catchphrase: "Moe-Moe-Ho!" while forming a heart with her hands.
  • The Fake Cutie: Reportedly can be quite mean/evil at times despite her cute bearing.
    • This may be why nearly everyone in Sakura Gakuin, including Mori-sensei, has their own mocking impression of her – it generally involves speaking with a clinched jaw and snobby affect.
      • Tsugumi in particular likes to mock Momoe. But Tsugu, who joined the group with her, is also one of the girls most likely to be seen hugging her and is the girl Momoe trusts to hold her microphone while she conducts the intro of "School Days".
    • During the 46th episode of Ganbare! FRESH! (her first appearance on the show since the 2018 Transfer Ceremony), Sana revealed that Momoe had spoken harshly to her during practice, leading Mori to rebuke Momoe and saying she should treat her juniors better.
  • Girly Girl: Probably the most obviously so of the entire group, past or present.
    • On the other hand, she has been photographed wearing a Metallica T-shirt. This flies in the face of her image… but it makes perfect sense when one remembers she's a huge fan of Babymetal (see below), who have long been on friendly terms with Metallica and opened for them in Seoul.
  • In-Universe Nickname: Moeho, Hime (princess); Momo-chan by Maaya after Momoko graduated.
  • Name's the Same:invoked As Hayashi Mori-sensei. They are not related. Mori (literally meaning "forest") is a very common family name in Japan. Mori-sensei does have a daughter, but she's much younger than Momoe.
  • Promoted Fangirl:invoked Mainly a fan of Babymetal – she is known to have attended their Tokyo Dome concerts and owns at least a few of their T-shirts – but she had been following its former parent group for a while too. She's also a fan (and friend) of Aiko, with whom she worked as a singer and dancer for Takaratomy's Licca-chan doll commercials.

    2nd year Junior High
Sana, Kokona
Worth noting both girls in this year, who transferred in at the same time, come from the island of Kyushu – Sana is from Kumamoto and Kokona is from Nagasaki. note 
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Sana openly admits their personalities are opposite.
    • Red: Kokona. She's the more tomboyish and energetic of the two, she's also good at sports, especially sprinting.
    • Blue: Sana. Generally more reserved, and has more girly interests like hair-styling.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: If it isn't obvious enough by that photo.

Sana Shiratori (白鳥 沙南) 2018 -

Joined in 2018 with Kokona Nonaka and Yume Nozaki
  • Alliterative Name: Sana Shiratori
  • Animal Motifs: Elephants. Sana loves elephants, to the point she incorporates one into her signature.
    • For one of her first diaries, she took photos of herself at a zoo. Most of them were taken by the elephant enclosure.
    • In the December 2018 livestream that included only her and Kokona, Mori-sensei showed them a collage of various animal heads and asked how many were Zodiac animals. Upon looking, Sana immediately shouted, "There's an elephant!!"
    • She has a custom-stamp she'll use in diaries that has an elephant with her name in kana under it.
  • Cool Big Sis: To more than one member.
    • She has been one to Neo, according to Neo.
      • Sana herself admitted she prayed for Neo to be accepted into Sakura Gakuin in 2019.
    • She's also one to Yume, who joined at the same time but is 2½ years younger. In Summer 2019, Sana gave Yume some hand-me-downs (continuing the Sakura Gakuin tradition), causing Yume to gush about her in a diary entry.
  • Determinator: Par for the course for pretty much every Sakura girl, really, but Sana explicitly invoked it in a June 2019 diary entry where she chided herself for not growing or working enough the previous year.
    "Like I said in my diary the other day, I want to become a world famous artist!!! To reach this dream, I have to work many times harder than other people. […] I will use this time more effectively than anyone else and definitely deliver a shining Sana to Fukei-sans. I want to work hard this year to be able to realize my dream. Please support me!!"
    • She then added a postscript…
      "Ah, I forgot!! I’m also going to study hard for my real school!! I want to be able to speak English!!"
  • The Ditz: Other members and Mori-sensei have described her as kind of an airhead.
  • Genki Girl: Described herself as one. In her first interview since transferring into the group, she said this…
    "I'm said to always be smiling and lively by my friends at school."
    • This has since been backed up by Mori-sensei when he referred to Sana, along with Miki, as loud.
  • Hidden Depths: She is apparently very good at hair-styling and makeup, according to herself and the other girls.
    • She also stated she had been taking hip-hop dance lessons since the age of 3.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: The most extreme example Sakura Gakuin has ever had. Her skin is so pale, fans openly wondered if she's a haafu (mixed-race). note 
    • While SG's sister group Ciào Smiles has had at least two haafu amongst its ranks, there is no official confirmation that Sana herself is mixed. The other Sakura girls, for their parts, have only been shown noting her extremely light skin tone without ever asking why she's so pasty.
  • Shrinking Violet: Sana opined she was one her first year, saying this about herself in June 2019…
    "I’ve always been someone easily influenced by others and am reserved. I couldn’t improve that part of me last year"
    • However, during Neo's introductory FRESH! episode around the same time, he called Sana out as one of the "noisy ones" along with Miki.
  • Stage Names: Prior to her being chosen for Sakura Gakuin, she was known simply as "SANA". No one knew her last name until she was chosen for Sakura Gakuin.
    • During her time with a prior agency in her home prefecture Kumamoto, she went by a completely different stage name, which itself may or may not be her real name. Out of respect for her privacy, it will not be revealed here unless she confirms it (or until after she graduates).
    • In May 2019, Sana posted a diary filled with old photos of herself, including a couple taken at a school sports festival. The name on her shirt is clearly visible in one photo and reads "Sumire" (a not-rare girl's name in Japan). In short, we'll probably never know what her true name is.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: She was prompted to do this by Mori-sensei in her first FRESH appearance …and he instantly regretted it. When he told her to shout out how she felt in the moment, her scream was so loud she peaked all the microphones and her voice reverberated around the studio. He further regretted it at the end of the episode, the third or fourth time he asked her to shout her feelings, and she inexplicably screamed, "MORI-SENSEI!!" (even she had no idea why). For his response, see his entry.

Kokona Nonaka (野中 ここな) 2018 -

Joined in 2018 with Sana Shiratori and Yume Nozaki
  • Animal Motifs: She doesn't have one herself but, shortly after her transfer into Sakura Gakuin – which she had originally thought was cool and collected only to learn that it was "a zoo" behind the scenes – she decided to associate every member with an animal. Examples - 
    • She later changed her mind and said Sakura Gakuin was more like an aquarium. She is not known to have associated any of the other members with fish.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Her hair started out even shorter than Yuzumi's (and graduate Sara's for that matter) and her specialty is stated to be athletics.
  • Class Clown: Started becoming one after coming out of her shell late in 2018. This is probably due in part to the influence of Tsugumi (who has "claimed" her), and perhaps also the reason Tsugu gravitated to her in the first place.
    • In more than one official group photo, she has made a funny face. Including one where she can be seen puffing out her cheeks and poking them.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: In her introductory FRESH! episode – No.45 – she told Mori-sensei and the other girls that she enjoyed discussing fairies and aliens with Marin. Her weirdness was quickly confirmed by her fellow initiates Sana and Yume.
    • In that same episode, she claimed to be 46.9% nervous. It wasn't intended to be one of the infamous number-puns Japanese is known for; it was simply her "logical" conclusion.
      "Well, it's not 50%. It's not 40%. It's not even 45%. So, 46.9%"
    • She's also reportedly often found staring at the sky alone and spinning around.
    • During FRESH Episode 74 – the one with only her, Sana, and Mori-sensei – she got into an argument with him about whether the Cat was a Zodiac animal and claimed her mother was born in its year. There is no confirmation on whether or not Kokona has read or is even aware of Fruits Basket (its original run ended just a few months after she was born).
  • The Ditz: Here's one example (likely the first of many)…
    • Kokona wrote in her diary about losing her train-card. Soyoka, ever the level-headed one, immediately sprung into action, calling people, etc. After a couple hours of no luck, Soyo asked Kokona to search herself …and it turned out Kokona's train-card had been in her pocket the entire time. But then, shortly thereafter, Kokona ACTUALLY lost her train-card.
  • In-Universe Nickname: Koko-chan, Coconuts. Nassu by Tsugumi, quickly spreading to the other girls and herself.
    • Also sometimes "Nasuo" (a masculine name) from the boy character she played during Sakura Gakuin Festival 2018.
  • Meganekko: Kokona usually wears glasses offstage.
    • She wore a (fake) pair onstage as part of her "Nasuo" character whom the girls were expected to play off of for the Sakurademy Awards.
  • Pubescent Braces: Her front teeth were noticeably a bit misaligned when she joined SG, so she's getting them corrected. Not as extreme a case as Miki's, though, nor is her dental work as obvious.
  • Stage Names: Kind of. Until a few days before the 2018 Transfer Ceremony, her name was listed on her Amuse profile as 「野中 瑚々菜」. Although read the same way, her given name got changed from kanji to all hiragana.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Yume and Sana both stated Kokona would do stereotypical boyish things. Kokona herself said she often played with boys, but also admitted to enjoying "girl talk".
  • Trademark Favorite Food: White rice, because it goes with everything. She also likes nori (dried seaweed).
    Mori-sensei: "Well, you're cheap to feed."
    • She draws a character in her diaries which she named "Onichuu". It's a rice-ball (onigiri) with mouse ears and a Nice Hat.

    1st year Junior High
Miki, Neo, Miku, Miko
Worth noting this is the second class in a row in which none of the members come from in or around Tokyo.

Yes, the girls themselves are quick to point out the extreme similarities of their given names along with how Neo is the odd one out.

Miku Tanaka (田中 美空) 2017 -

Joined in 2017 with Miki Yagi
  • Animal Motifs: Kokona has compared her to both a puppy and a squirrel, which is a little bit ironic considering how small Miku isn't.
    • Miku loves dogs and said during her introduction that she wouldn't give up her dog even for ¥350,000,000 (based on the exchange rate from May 7th 2017, that's over 3.1 million USD!).
    • Miku stated that, given the chance, she'd like to be reborn as a big, friendly dog.
  • Catchphrase: "Zettai Damé!" is hers from Mezase! Super Lady. It translates to "Absolutely not!!" and is a reference to her protests and unwillingness to do things early on like her first Nendo test.
  • Cuddle Bug: She is one behind the scenes, in stark contrast to her reticence onstage her first year.
    • She's known to be very cuddly with Yuzumi, probably due to both pulling double-duty as Ciào girls.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: She seems to be on her way to becoming one. Not long after the start of the 2018 nendo she became the second tallest member after Soyoka, despite having just turned 12. note 
    • At the very beginning of the 2019 nendo, the nine returnees lined up by height for a photo. Soyoka had an edge over Miku, with Miku comically trying to stretch herself to look taller and Soyoka looking pleased with herself.
    • At the 2019 Orientation, while the height measurements were questionable (several girls shrank, which makes no sense), the results claimed Miku was 5mm taller than Soyo. Photographs taken after the event showed Miku smiling and Soyoka sporting a sour expression. As of Summer 2019 they appeared to be exactly the same height.
  • Little Miss Snarker: Okay, "little" is kind of a misnomer considering it's Miku (age notwithstanding). Anyway, starting her 6th grade year, she began sparring with Mori-sensei during FRESH! livestreams.
    • She was on the FRESH! episode in which Kokona debuted. Mori-sensei gushed about how "fresh" the new transfer was, saying Miku had lost this quality. Miku immediately retorted that she's younger than Kokona – which she is, by five months and thus a grade-level – and thus she felt she was still "fresh". Mori-sensei disagreed, saying no one can declare themselves "fresh".
    • Mori-sensei seems to relish picking on her, knowing she'll try to fight back.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Defied by Mori-sensei when she tried to pull this right before the 2017 end-of-year test.
  • Shrinking Violet: For most her first year she didn't talk much and looked noticeably lost in front of a camera, despite always saying she wasn't nervous.
  • Unusual Ears: The first member in a long time who could give Suzuka a run for her money.

Miki Yagi (八木 美樹) 2017 -

Joined in 2017 with Miku Tanaka.

Miki had the distinction for two years of being the youngest ever Sakura girl at debut, beating Aiko's record by eight days.
  • Asian Buck Teeth: She had them but has gone out of her way to avert this by wearing braces (the first member since Saki Ooga to do so) because, as she put it, having perfect teeth is non-negotiable.
    • Some active members since Ooga have also worn dental apparatuses – for instance, Aiko admitted to wearing clear tooth-aligners, Kokona and Miko have been seen wearing retainers, etc. – but Miki has full-on traditional metal studs and wires, leading to her invoking the braces trope below.
  • Catchphrase: "It's Miki who <x>!" A random fact about herself, followed by Fukei replying "Shira ga na." – "I didn't know that." – but in a "don't really care" sort of tone.
  • Cool Big Sis: Yume considers her one despite their closeness in age, writing in diaries about how Miki offers to ride the Shinkansen train with her – Yume's home is in Nagoya, while Miki's is a few stops down the line in Osaka – and gave her one of her jerseys.
    • Aiko and Megumi both acted as hers during the 2017 nendo.
  • Cunning Linguist: Has been learning English since 2nd grade. As of her admission into SG, that's only three years, but still…
    • She readily admits her pronunciation isn't great, especially compared to Marin. Even so, she'll throw the occasional English word into her diaries.
    • She has a shtick where she'll 'faint' after croaking out "Oh my god!". When Mori-sensei tried to imitate it, his English didn't sound nearly as coherent.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: After finally coming out of her shell near the end of her 6th grade year, Miki quickly earned a reputation as one of the louder genki girls in the group.
  • The Ditz: More and more obviously so. She "beat out" Kano to last place in the 2018 Nendo Test (Kano was next-to-last). In the FRESH epiosde in which Miko debuted, Mori-sensei gave the girls a mini-quiz and Miki got almost every question wrong.
  • Meganekko: While she does not wear them during performances, in backstage photos Miki is almost always seen wearing glasses, suggesting her eyesight is nearly Soyoka levels of poor.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Ever since her transfer-in ceremony, more and more specialties/skills of hers have surfaced that other girls possess. These include: Kansai dialect (Soyoka, Yuzumi), speaking English (Marin), playing with the kendama (Maaya), and ballet (Megumi), among other things.
    • This led to Maaya losing her kendama shtick in "Mezase! Super Lady", replaced with Miki bringing Maaya into her own verse and asking that they do it together.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Reported to slip into her accent at times, especially with Soyoka also being from Osaka.
    • Miki almost always inserts some Kansai phrasing into her diaries.
    • She has been known to write diaries about the "Happy Kansai Trio" (herself, Soyoka, and Yuzumi). After Yuzu's graduation in 2019, her slot was filled by Tsugumi, a.k.a "The Fake Osakan".
  • Pubescent Braces: See above.
    • Note however that, for whatever reason, Amuse often airbrushes them out of official photos, including the ones on her artist page. As of 2018, she's taken the hint and started wearing white rubber-bands to make the braces less noticeable in photos.
  • Shrinking Violet: She's not as quiet as her classmate and co-initiate Miku, but she's more likely to clam up if put on the spot. This was especially true her first year.
    • Played up during her "Mezase! Super Lady" verse her first two years, as she would hide behind the boxes.
    • During Sakura Gakuin Festival 2017, it was Played for Laughs during a skit with Maaya. Miki tried to "hide" by lifting up a strategically placed black curtain to conceal herself.

Neo Satou (佐藤 愛桜) 2019 -

Joined in 2019 with Miko Todaka and Sakia Kimura

She is the fifth girl to come from Kyushu, in this case Saga Prefecture (right next door to Kokona'a home Nagasaki).
  • Alternate Character Reading: Her given name is about as unconventional as one can get, to the point she felt the need to explain it to fans twice.
  • Determinator: Neo had taken lessons with both Sana and Kokona. When they were chosen to join Sakura Gakuin in 2018, she decided to double-down so she could join them.
  • Keigo: She's said by the other girls to use very polite speech. During her FRESH debut, she spoke quietly and politely the entire time.
  • Meaningful Name: She discussed this in her earliest diaries. Her family name is common (see below), so her father apparently just picked her given name out of the blue and needed time to find kanji to fit it. "Neo" uses the kanji for "love" and "cherry blossom" respectively. Plus, she pointed out that her name means "new" in English. note 
    • Fans have joked that the kanji in her given name pretty much destined her to be in Sakura Gakuin.
  • Mellow Fellow: Sana mentioned this about Neo, having worked with her prior to Sakura Gakuin.
    "Neo-chan’s personality is very calm. She does things at her own pace [and] is serious"
  • Name's the Same:invoked She has the exact same last name (kanji included) as Hinata, but they are not related. note 
  • Sore Loser: Sana claimed that Neo hates losing at anything.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Should Neo's family name be spelled "Sato" or "Satou"? Sakura Gakuin itself uses the former, while her artist page at Amuse uses the latter. Foreign fans thus far tend to add the extra vowel, probably to distinguish her from Hinata.

Miko Todaka (戸高 美湖) 2019 -

Joined in 2019 with Neo Satou and Sakia Kimura

She is from Hiroshima and trained at the Actors' School, making her the third ASH alumna to join (and the first since Suzuka and Mariri both graduated in 2013).
  • The Ditz: Returnee members have said Miko is talkative, energetic, and quite an airhead behind the scenes, but can instantly flip to 'professional' mode when she needs to… not unlike her idol Suzuka.
  • Experienced Protagonist: One should expect nothing less from an ASH girl. Upon her acceptance into Sakura Gakuin, other members made note of how proficient she already was at singing and dancing.
  • Idol Singer: She was part of a junior-Idol group within ASH called Kakumei Shoujo – literally translates to "Revolutionary Girls". It broke up when Miko was selected to join Sakura Gakuin, though her fellow members and ASH staff were quick to offer their congratulations.
  • Promoted Fangirl:invoked As one would expect, she's a huge fan of Suzuka, name-dropping Su in her very first diary. Less then two months after her Sakura Gakuin debut, she – along with 10 of the other 11 members – attended the second night of Babymetal's "Awakens" show and got to see Su do her thing live. note 

    6th year Elementary

Yume Nozaki (野崎 結愛) 2018 -

Subunits: Art Club (trico dolls) 2018 -

Joined in 2018 with Sana Shiratori and Kokona Nonaka
  • Animal Motifs: She's associated with hamsters, keeps one as a pet, and kinda looks like one.
  • Beauty Mark: She didn't have one when she joined, but it began to appear toward the end of her first year in the group and by Summer 2019 had become very noticeable. Interestingly, her mole is in almost the exact same spot as Suzuka's (was?).
  • Berserk Button: Don't laugh at her, please. Also, don't touch her stuff without asking. Her little sister is known to do the latter.
  • Determinator: Sana and Kokona told a reporter in 2018 that despite being the youngest and smallest of the group, Yume did not want to be treated as The Baby of the Bunch.
    • Kokona explained that Yume is the type "to fight on in difficult circumstances".
    • She worked tirelessly to get accepted as one of the Amuse Kids in 2nd grade and then worked even harder to make it into Sakura Gakuin the first chance she got.
  • Fangirl: Of Idols in general. She has said she's a big fan of AKB48 and had wanted to become an Idol since the age of 5. This desire led to her decision to audition for a spot at Amuse.
  • Genki Girl: As one would expect from the youngest and tiniest of the 2018 transfers. Kokona and Sana stated in their first interview that Yume would play "policewoman" and "arrest" them. Yume's response?
    "My sempais are playing around, so if I arrest them I thought I could play together with them. (lol)"
    • She's also been said to hop around like a rabbit.
    • In both 2018 and 2019, she came up with "roles" for the other 11 members. Kano was named "Boyfriend" both times. Miki and Miku traded off "big sister". When Sakia joined, she immediately became "little sister". Mori-sensei was "Funny old man who lives in the neighbourhood."
      Mori: "Well, at least you think I'm a funny old man."
  • In-Universe Nickname: Yumeyume… at least that's what she would like; the other girls may come up with something else.
  • Meganekko: Yume wears glasses behind the scenes just about as often as Miki does.
  • Pint-Sized Kid: Yume came close to beating Moa's record for shortest girl ever accepted into Sakura Gakuin. Prior to her induction in 2018, her height was officially listed at 127cm (4'2"), and the first group photo shows she was nearly a head shorter than Miki, the next-youngest girl and previous shorty of the group.
    • Played for Laughs at the 2018 Transfer Ceremony when Tsugumi found a banana in the green room where Yume was seated and used it to measure her.
      Tsugumi: (grabs banana and holds it to Yume's head) "Here's a banana for scale."
      Mori-sen: "Don't use a banana! We can see she's tiny!
    • Official measurements at the Orientation Event a month later listed her at 131.3cm (4'3⅔"), taller than Yui and Moa were at the same age, meaning Moa's record stands.
    • She wrote a diary in September 2018 about going to an amusement park with her family and bragged that, because she was now over 130cm (4′3⅛″), she could go on all the rides.
      • Worth noting Yume has a sister, Juna (or "Jyuna", also in Amuse's kids' division), who was at the time of Yume's Sakura Gakuin induction <1cm shorter than her. As of July 2019, their respective pages listed them as being the same height (140cm or 4′7⅛″). Juna is two years younger.


    5th year Elementary

Sakia Kimura (木村 咲愛) 2019 -

Joined in 2019 with Neo Satou and Miko Todaka

With a birth-date of February 20th 2009 (she turned 10 only 75 days before debuting), she holds the record as by far the youngest girl ever to be accepted into Sakura Gakuin.

She also happens to be the first member to hail from Kanto (Tokyo metro area) since Momoe and Tsugumi in 2016.
  • Animal Motifs: She had this to say during her introductory interview, with Amuse Mobile…
    "I look like a bunny!"
    • She also said she likes pandas, and draws a duck or swan in the "S" of her autograph.
  • Asian Buck Teeth: This is why she looks like a bunny. Her front teeth are large and her lesser incisors are misaligned.
  • The Baby of the Bunch/Pint-Sized Kid: Dear lord. Not only does she hold the record for youngest ever transfer-in by several weeks, but she might also end up surpassing Moa's record for shortest one too. Though, again, Moa was a year older when she debuted – she'd recently turned 11 at the time while Sakia had just turned 10.
    • Sakia's Transfer Orientation, held in mid-June 2019, measured her at 130cm, the same height as Yui was when she debuted in August 2010.
  • One Degree of Separation: Despite her young age at debut time, she's been around long enough to have worked with other names familiar to SG fans.
    • She was a backup dancer on a pumpkin-themed song sung by Momoko.
    • She was also a backup dancer on a Licca-chan commercial with Ciào Smiles member Ayaka Namiki (who was expected by many fans to join Sakura Gakuin in 2019 but didn't).
    • And of course she portrayed 'Little-Nocchi' in Perfume's music video "Let Me Know", which is probably a big part of the reason why Nocchi herself attended 2019's Transfer Ceremony.
      • Worth noting it's rare for a VIP like Nocchi to attend any Sakura Gakuin event, though Nocchi has long been supportive of the group. Did she know in advance that her "Mini-Me" would be inducted? Typically, no one on the outside learns the transfer girls' names until they're revealed live onstage. However, given Nocchi's status, it's at least possible she could have been tipped off that something of interest to her would happen at the Transfer Ceremony. That Sakura Gakuin also inducted a girl from Nocchi's alma mater ASH (Miko) at the same time was just icing on the cake.


    Graduated in 2012

Ayaka, Ayami, Airi
This group are often referred to as the 3 A.M.'s, due to their romanized initials.

Ayami Muto (武藤 彩未) 2010-2012

Subunit: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012

Founding member, first Student Council President
  • Height Angst: Hoo boy. After the first year, once NHMR outgrew her and Hana & Rinon started at her height or taller, she appeared to develop a complex about her short stature. Even as she joked about it, calling herself "compact" and "kind of a mini", the angst was still there.
    • During her "Ayami's Room" skit, she asked Rinon – the youngest member at the time – to stand up. 5th-grader Rinon was noticeably taller than 9th-grader Ayami. Mildly irritated, Ayami demanded Rinon explain how she was so tall.
    • This is incredibly ironic when you remember that, during an behind-the-scenes look into a Twinklestars practice, each girl was asked their fondest wish. Ayami wished to remain a child forever… and that was about the point she stopped growing taller.
      • Worth noting Ayami's brother is a jockey. So was her father. She never had a chance.
    • Played for Laughs during her graduation when, after Suzuka gave the souji speech, Ayami (flanked by Airi and Ayaka) walked up to the microphone to give her touji speech, saw the mic was at her eye-level, and adjusted it downward a few inches. The audible movement of the mic stand, coupled with her expression and timing, caused some of the audience (plus Airi & Ayaka) to bust out laughing.
      • And again two years later, shortly after the release of her first music video. Ayami was photographed in a hotel room, wearing her shiny pink outfit from the video, sitting inside an open suitcase. It is very obvious that, were she to curl up just a little more, she could fit completely inside and be carried around.
  • Hereditary Curse: Her position as Student Council President also means scoring low on year-end tests, either low in general or the lowest of the seniors. This has been passed on to most of her successors. Exceptions - 
  • Idol Singer: A solo example, which is relatively unusual in the 2010s. Hasn't quite worked out.
    • Before joining Sakura Gakuin, she was a member of kid trio Karen Girl's with Suzuka Nakamoto (listed below) and Yuika Shima.
  • In-Series Nickname: Ayami-chan. Also "AYM". She continues to use the latter for her solo career and her fans have picked it up.
  • Important Haircut: Cut her hair into a bob style after graduating Sakura Gakuin, for her solo career.
    • Upon her return to Japan, her hair had grown somewhat. Early in 2019, she posted a photo of herself wearing extensions and remarked she might want to have long hair again.
  • One Head Shorter: See that photo? One head is almost an understatement. A photo taken of Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi about a year or so after their graduation shows them towering over her even more. Ayami looked like a literal doll in between them as they used her head as an armrest.
    • Ayami remains to this day the shortest girl ever to graduate Sakura Gakuin, at 149cm - or ~4'10⅔" - while (as noted below) Ayaka and Airi are both 170cm (5'7") or taller. This is somewhat ironic as Ayami is also the oldest Sakura Gakuin member. Even Moa and Yui – constantly made fun of for their shortness during their years in SG – are now taller than Ayami. Hell, Saki Ooga, Baby-chan herself, is taller by at least a centimeter.
    • During Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, Ayami was set to perform on the same stage as Sakura Gakuin. She met the girls backstage and Rinon – the only member remaining to have worked with her – gave her a hug… and had to bend down to do it, as she had grown even taller in the intervening four years. For the record, Ayami was wearing three-inch platform heels that day and Rinon still towered over her.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Inverted. Ayaka and Airi scored near the top (and identically) in both of their nendo tests, while Ayami came in dead-last in 2010, and only avoided coming in last again in 2011 because Rinon – first queen of the bottom ranking – had joined the group in the meantime.
    • In the first LoGiRL episode, while discussing the history of Sakura Gakuin, Mori-sensei joked he had wanted to hold Ayami back a year because she was such an airhead.
    • That said, the other girls who worked with her in Sakura Gakuin praised her intelligence in the SMILE documentary. She would often help younger girls with their homework.
  • Student Council President: The First, and so far the only one to hold the position for more than one year – the 2010 nendo had no graduates.
    • Normally it's the job of the class president to do the final stand-and-bow call at the end of a class, but Ayami was so upset at coming in last on the first year-end test that she asked Nene (who came in first) do it instead. This started a tradition that continues to this day. note 
  • Surprisingly Good English: After graduating Sakura Gakuin, Ayami began studying English intensively and by 2015 her pronunciation was pretty good. In 2016, after her contract with Amuse ended, she moved to New Zealand. While she mostly tweets in Japanese, foreigners who have met her since her 2018 comeback have confirmed that, while she still has an accent, she's clearly comfortable enough with English to converse with non-Japanese fans unassisted.
    • In March 2019, she used her proficiency in writing English to subvert an agency-imposed firewall and told the world she had gone to a museum with Moa (who is not allowed to be publicly photographed out of uniform). While Moa was not in any photos, likely at her own request, Ayami told fans that Moa took the photos of her.

Ayaka Miyoshi (三吉 彩花) 2010-2012

Subunit: Newspaper Club (SCOOPERS) 2010-2012

Founding member
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Her persona in Sakura Gakuin. Continued into her modeling career.
    • Played with during her cameo on LoGiRL. Mori-sensei's teasing caused her to immediately break character and resume the dynamic they had had years earlier. She noted later in the show it had been so long since she had dropped her persona she was at a complete loss what to do.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Ayaka is almost never one to do this, but it happened in June 2019 when she attended a film festival in Toronto as an invited guest (one of the films being shown was Dance With Me, in which she plays a major role). Halfway down the red carpet she noticed Babymetal Funko Pops posed by the rope line and broke her stride to take a look at them. Then she saw the fan with the Pops also had a Sakura Gakuin flag and asked for it. She spent the next minute posing with the flag before realizing where she was, returning the flag, and going on her way.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Acted as the Tsukkomi to Ayami, Airi, AND Suzuka.
  • The Comically Serious: Suggest that she show a more vulnerable side, and she will amusingly shoot you down with her words.
    • At least three times during Sakura Gakuin, she pulled off hilarious impressions with an absolute deadpan expression. First was her debut at TIF 2010 where she barked like a dog. Later, on a TV appearance with the rest of the group, she very reluctantly spoke like a cat after the other girls begged her. She did the same thing during her and Ayami's half of the "Yearning For Friends" sketch.
    • On New Year's 2019, she posted a video on her Instagram of what appeared to be herself in Seoul (in the background there are signs in Korean, English, and one in Japanese), wearing a hat that had become popular amongst Japanese girls – it has long tassels that, when you squeeze them, the ears on top perk up. Ayaka tried to play with the hat while maintaining a totally neutral expression, but eventually broke into a smile at the absurdity of it.
  • Cunning Linguist: She was studying Korean even before landing in Sakura Gakuin and has been known to speak it when asked. She did this as recently as 2019 at a modeling event in Seoul.
    • Ayaka decided in 2018, after going to a modeling event in Milan, that she wanted to learn English too. Sure enough, when on a junket in March 2019 with several other models in Sedona, Arizona, she had a brief conversation in English with an American model in which they discussed product.
  • Ice Queen: Tends to be played up in public.
    • Averted according to the junior girls – she comes to shows when she can and encourages the members. Several current and past members have commented on how approachable and helpful she is.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Was well over 165cm when she joined, and is listed as 171cm now. She does a lot of modeling work.
  • In-Series Nickname: Miyocchan
  • Naughty by Night: Hinted several times to occur whenever off stage. When then-aged-12 Yui mentioned this during the "Ayaka's Room" skit, Nene immediately grabbed Yui and covered her mouth, insisting to Ayaka, "You didn't hear that."
    • Ayaka admitted this herself during her LoGiRL cameo. This would explain the slightly racier shots in her photobook and her later (tasteful) shoot in April 2018's Weekly Playboy.
  • Old Shame:invoked Ayaka is loyal to Sakura Gakuin – she even called it her alma mater in a 2019 message about current members – but don't put her on a talk show and air the footage from TIF 2010 where she barks. Even having her best friend (that'd be Airi) next to her won't stop her wrath.
  • Tsundere: Especially with her Miyocchan personality.
    • One behind-the-scenes moment during the filming of Message shows her silently snuggling Airi from behind while simultaneously giving the camera a look that says, "You're not seeing this."

Airi Matsui (松井 愛莉) 2010-2012

Subunit: Newspaper Club (SCOOPERS) 2010-2012

Founding member.

Worth noting Airi is the only member to date to come from the Tohoku Region (specifically Iwaki, Fukushima).
  • Adorkable: So, so much. Much of this has to do with the fact that she had zero experience when she was chosen for Sakura Gakuin (unlike nearly every other girl), so she was incredibly awkward, especially the first year.
    • She flat-out admitted in her introductory diary that she was not a very good singer or dancer, but vowed to try her best anyway. By the time of her graduation in 2012, when the other members were asked who had improved the most, everyone answered Airi.
    • In the "SMILE" documentary, which followed the first two years of Sakura Gakuin (and thus the entire tenure of the 3AMs), Airi openly wondered why she had been chosen for the group at all.
    • Her managers posted on her official Instagram a short video of her dribbling a basketball, making a shot, and then giving peace-signs to the camera and smiling in triumph. It's pretty much a textbook example of this trope.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Was well over 165cm when she joined, and is listed as 170cmnote  now. She does a lot of modeling work.
    • When she acted in a school-themed TV drama, they ended up casting an absurdly tall guy opposite her (we're talking well over 183cm/6ft) to keep to the "man is taller" conceit.
  • In-Series Nickname: Airin, Matsuko
  • Mismatched Eyes: Zig-zagged. Both of Airi's irises are dark brown, as is typical of nearly all Japanese. However, at some point after 2016, she developed a Nevus of Ota (that is, a sort of mole) on her right eye. It can be seen in several videos where the white of her eye is visible.
  • Nice Girl: Discussed by the other members during the SMILE documentary. When asked about their impressions of Airi, nearly every girl talked about how kind she was and allowed everyone to be heard.
    • Continued into her later career as a top-tier model, as she occasionally works with later Sakura Gakuin members, who quickly take to her. She's also known to attend meetups when her schedule allows, even if it's only for a few minutes.† 
    • Aiko showed off on December 26th 2018 (Airi's 22nd birthday) a necklace Airi had given her, writing about how nice a person Airi is and how much she enjoyed working with her. Earlier in 2018, Aiko took a couple of photos of herself in the exact same spot Airi had done a model-shoot the previous year.
  • Old Shame: Airi explicitly invoked this with Sakura Gakuin. Not the actual group, which she feels she owes her career and some friendships to, but her 13- to 15-year-old self. She has said she wishes she could take awkward timid teenage crybaby Airi and lock her away in a box where no one could see her again.
    • Airi admitted to Mori-sensei during her Coming-Of-Age Day that her time in Sakura Gakuin was the worst two years of her life, because she felt so inadequate and worthless; her greenness and shyness fed off each other.
    • Despite this, Airi for some time kept Sakura Gakuin on her work history much more prominently than other graduated members who either downplay it (Ayaka) or leave it off completely (Sara, Yuzumi). Her official artist page no longer includes the little logo that links to the group, but it's still mentioned in her written bio.
  • Performance Anxiety: Had this in a big way her first year in Sakura Gakuin. It's a little bit ironic these days considering Airi now appears on television, in magazines, and in high-profile fashion shows.
  • Perpetual Smiler: See that photo? Airi is notable for her big smile to the point that she's almost unrecognizable when she isn't smiling, such as in her model shoot for Vogue in late 2017. This puts her in sharp contrast to other top-tier catwalk models, including her good friend and fellow SG alumna Ayaka.
    • It's kind of a tic. If she's speaking at all, she'll probably have that smile. During the SMILE documentary and Sakura Gakuin SUN, she was shown to smile even when nervous (especially when nervous) or complaining. The only times she wouldn't be smiling were when she was literally crying or feeling no emotion at all.
    • The "Airi Smile" has become sort of her trademark and she has learned how to adjust its wattage when necessary. One of her catwalks from Summer 2018 shows her sporting a tight-lipped smile while walking onstage and then, just before she turns to face the camera, her teeth start to show…
      • During one multiple-model photoshoot for Christian Dior, every other model is pouting …then Airi's photo pops up and of course she's smiling and waving at the camera.
      • Photographers increasingly have her make a neutral face to draw more attention to whatever outfits she's modeling because her smile is that overpowering.
    • That said, she has proven more than capable of acting the part of a snarling Axe-Crazy nutcase if a script calls for it.
  • Shrinking Violet: Was undeniably this when she joined, her voice being barely above a whisper and tending to cry when too stressed. Sakura Gakuin helped her to come out of her shell to pursue a successful career as an actress and model. Her voice is still naturally soft though.
    • The irony of one of her current professions is that she said in the SMILE documentary that she hated performing, yet she ended up becoming a performer, albeit not one who sings or (usually) dances.
    • Specifically, she has dabbled in acting and danced in at least two commercials.
  • Sore Loser: She absolutely hates losing, at least according to Ayami and Suzuka.
  • The Southpaw: Airi is left-handed (as seen in nendo test footage and the basketball bit mentioned above), and was the only lefty in Sakura Gakuin's history until Kano joined in 2015, three years after Airi left.
    • Whether being left-handed helped her is zig-zagged. She scored near the top on both nendo tests she took part in. However, she had terrible stage fright and would become flustered easily and forget her lines.
  • Tender Tears: Due to her nervousness thanks to lack of experience compared to most of the other girls, Airi was quick to cry when upset or flustered. At her own graduation, she held it together pretty well until the final song, "Tabidachi no Hi ni", where she tries to sing her part but is too choked up to get the words out. During the speeches, she's in tears the entire time.
  • You Talk Too Much: Airi invoked this when Mori-sensei met the 3AMs (and possibly Suzuka) at a bar shortly after his birthday in 2019. As it was the first time he had spoken to most of them in awhile, he wanted to start by giving a formal speech …but before he could get very far into it, Airi motioned at him to hurry it up.

    Graduated in 2013

Suzuka, Mariri
Of note: both Suzuka and Mariri come from Hiroshima, and studied at ASH (Actors School Hiroshima)

Suzuka Nakamoto (中元 すず香) 2010-2013

Subunits: Mini-Pati, 2009 (before it became part of Sakura Gakuin)
Heavy Music Club (a.k.a. Babymetal) 2010–

Founding member. Appointed as the second Student Council President in 2012.

She was the first member to come from Japan's Chuugoku (Far-West Honshu) Region.

One of her sisters, Himeka "Hime-tan" Nakamoto, was a founding member of idol supergroup Nogizaka46. note 
  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: Suzuka is double-jointed, which becomes very obvious any time she extends her arm during a performance (which happens a lot). Fans refer to this as her "bendy arm".
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: Played straight but then intentionally averted. During the first two years of Sakura Gakuin, she hung out with the A.M.'s (due in part to already being friends with Ayami). Once they graduated and Su became second student council president by default, she realized she barely knew her juniors at all yet was expected to lead them. So she made an effort to get to know everyone. It worked.
    • In the SMILE documentary, Su discussed this. In real life, as noted below, she is extremely aloof around strangers if she doesn't have to be "on" (she is a trained performer). Because of that tendency and the fact that she missed several lessons early in Sakura Gakuin's existence due to still living in Hiroshima at the time, she was pleasantly shocked when the other girls treated her as a member of the group when she did show up.
  • Beauty Mark: Has one on her right upper lip that, post-Karen Girl's, is usually masked with heavy makeup and airbrushed out of publicity photos, and at one point was bleached and/or unsuccessfully removed. It's back now.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Su is a rare example of being both of these to herself.
    • Boke Suzuka is a complete dork who laughs a lot, has no sense of direction, can't ride a bike, can't tie her shoes (take a close look at any photo of Babymetal that shows the girls' feet, or their Funko figurines; Su's shoes lack laces), and can't pass a nendo test to save her life. Also see this side occasionally come out during Babymetal live shows when she thinks no one but Moa is looking.
    • Tsukkomi Su-Metal is the Metal Queen who can death-stare up to 55,000 people and get them to move as she commands.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: In addition to the "Harry-san" answer (noted below), she thought the "D" in "CD" stood for "DeLorean". This has, of course, become memetic amongst her fans, who often refer to Babymetal and Sakura Gakuin albums and concert videos as "DeLoreans".
    • In the previous year's test, she answered a kanji-based question incorrectly. That's not the cuckoo part – it's that to aid herself, she attempted to write down every girl's name (still miscounted)… Not only did she spell Ayaka's name wrong (三吉 乳花 instead of 三吉 彩花, using a character in the word for milk, 牛乳), but she also forgot Moa. Mori-sensei had a field day with that, although Moa declaring she still loves Su and running across the room to hug her shut him down.
      Suzuka: (while embracing Moa, glaring at Mori-sensei) "Hora? HORA?" ("See this? SEE THIS??")
    • Despite being an adult, she still can't tie her shoes or ride a bike, and has been shown to veer off in odd directions if someone isn't guiding her.
  • Cute Little Fangs: Throughout her time in Sakura Gakuin and the first six years of Babymetal, Su had a natural version of what the Japanese call yaeba, which their culture considers cute in girls… although to Westerners it borders on British Teeth but without that trope's stereotype of poor upkeep. She had at least one oral surgery to straighten them sometime between Tokyo Dome (September 2016) and Road To Graduation 2016 (March 2017).
    "Main girl needs braces." –said by more than one commenter on old Babymetal videos where Su's teeth are visible
  • Death Glare: Su has one – inherited from her dad – that puts metalhead men twice her age and size to shame. She has been seen flipping from giggling girl to glaring rock-goddess who may or may not rip your head off, within the span of two seconds. This is a big reason why when she motions to a crowd that she wants a wall-of-death or circle pit, she gets it.
    • After being reminded by fans that they literally had two (formerly three) experienced models as their frontwomen, Team Babymetal decided to have Suzuka and Moa model some Fox Apparel. While Moa tried to give the camera kind of a sultry look, Su's expression looked more like she wanted to cast the photographer into a pit of fire.
  • Experienced Protagonist: She was a child model at the age of 5, got into acting school at 7, made her singing debut at 8, and was chosen as one of the Karen Girl's at 10. By the time Sakura Gakuin started when she was 12, she was already quite the veteran and everyone knew it.
    • During her time at Sakura Gakuin, Su was almost always the first into the booth to record a song; the other girls recorded over her scratch track. Audio exists of her singing "My Graduation Toss" solo. She also, uniquely, got a full solo song at Road To Graduation 2012: "Sakurairo no Avenue". note 
  • Generation Xerox: Gender-flipped variant. She bears an uncanny resemblance to her father when he was younger. They also have the same Death Glare.
  • Grin of Audacity: Su has been known to do this before some shows, or during shows, such as "I.D.Z" at Budokan Black Night. Just goes to show how unflappable this girl is.
  • Idol Singer: She was a pint-sized version even before joining Sakura Gakuin, having been one of the Karen Girl's. In fact, she was the youngest of the three by well over a year.
  • In-Series Nickname: Su-chan
  • It Runs in the Family: Three out of five Nakamotos are/have been professional musicians: Suzuka's father used to play bass in a punk band, and her sister was a member of Nogizaka46 for several years.
  • Motor Mouth: Often happens when she's excited or flustered. Because her singing style necessitates having quite the lung capacity, she can talk for a long time without taking a breath.
    • An infamous example is the time she mistakenly labeled a feather duster (hataki) as "Harry-san", then spent the next minute explaining herself by launching into a bizarre rambling synopsis of Sally the Witch mixed up with Harry Potter.
      • The year before that, she gave a borderline-nuts answer to the question "What is Power Udon?" Her explanation, spoken at a mile a minute (with helpful onscreen text) made even less sense than her original answer. Once she was finished, Mori-sensei simply said, "You sure can talk a lot."
    • Didn't stop after Sakura Gakuin either. In most Babymetal interviews (back when the girls still gave interviews), she did 90% of the talking unless the interviewer specifically talked to Moa or Yui; and her answers, especially if in Japanese, tended to ramble.
  • Nerves of Steel: In real life, at least as far as performing is concerned.
    • Karen Girl's did their final live performance at an anime festival at the Satima Super Arena – the largest venue by far they had played, with a capacity of 20,000. Several years later the other two group members, Ayami Muto and Yuika Shima, said that they were both extremely nervous before their performance. Meanwhile, Suzuka was snoozing in the dressing room and had to be woken up in time to perform.
    • Was reported to give a small smile when she saw the size of the crowd at their first UK performance at SoniSphere 2014, estimated at over 50,000 British metalheads.note  You would expect anyone, much less a 16-year-old Japanese girl with minimal English skills, to be more than a bit nervous in that situation.
      • In an interview conducted by Hedoban Magazine not long afterward, she said she saw the huge stage and those thousands of bored metalheads and her immediate resolve was, essentially, "Let's give these guys the absolute best show we can!"
    • She made a promise to Mikiko – choreographer for Perfume, Sakura Gakuin, and Babymetal – back in her ASH days to never cry on stage. She has come close many times (especially during the first Road To Graduation where she cracked after the show ended), but to this day she hasn't broken. Yui pointed out Su's stiff upper lip during her surprise farewell party in 2013.
  • Never Learned to Read: Downplayed. Obviously she can read, since she can write. However, Mori-sensei has said she doesn’t know the correct way to read panels in manga.
  • Nice Girl: Despite her fearsome on-stage presence – and self-declared reticence around strangers in real life – she is known amongst those with whom she has worked for being a warm, caring person.
    • She's the only Sakura Gakuin President to get a surprise party in her honor, because she went out of her way to connect with everyone and smooth over ruffled feathers. Raura still holds her in high regard to this day as a result.
    • When Ayami announced her open-ended hiatus at the end of 2015, she said Su was the first person to call her and offer support.
    • Plenty of hard-rock and metal musicians have commented on her pleasant personality. Rob Halford, Marty Friedman, and the men of DragonForce amongst others have taken a particular liking to her.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Ayami notes that Su can change tack when it's time for her to take the reins, in contrast to her usual happy-go-lucky self. Yui and Moa have backed this up.
  • Reclusive Artist: Discussed and invoked. Suzuka readily admitted in the SMILE documentary she is one and always has been, diary writing during Sakura Gakuin aside. This has not changed one iota since Babymetal split off – in fact, it intensified. When she gave an interview to PMC Magazine in April 2019, it had been two and a half years since her last interview (right after Tokyo Dome), despite her performing regularly in the interim. The only information about Su to make it past Koba's (and possibly her own) firewall came from members of her own family, mostly Himeka before she retired from Nogizaka.
  • Sibling Team: Performed with Himeka as Tween when they were both attending Actor's School Hiroshima.
    • Himeka stated in a radio interview that when she and Su meet, they'll often do karaoke together and sing up to a hundred songs, running the musical gamut until their voices are shot.
  • Stern Teacher: She was this during her stint as leader of the Sakura Gakuin girls, and admitted in one of her final interviews that she really didn't want to be but had no idea what else to do. The other girls, for their part, told Su they appreciated her putting her foot down to give criticism and advice, and actually be their leader.
  • Student Council President: The Second
  • Surprisingly Good English: She's been working to improve her English skills and her pronunciation has become pretty good, although she has yet to reach fluency. Still, listen to her English at The Forum in London in July 2014 versus her English at "LEGEND S" in December 2017; her improvement is undeniable even if she still has an accent.
    • That said, some fans doubt her abilities since she rarely speaks English that isn't pre-scripted, in stark contrast to other Sakura Gakuin alums with known English skills – Ayami, Hinata, Marin, etc. Regardless, like Moa, it's been shown Su understands English without needing to wait for a translation.
      • This doubt was mostly dispelled in 2019 when Babymetal finally started giving interviews again and Su clearly answered questions in English unassisted – her facial expression changed as she accessed her brain to find the words she wanted, indicating a level of proficiency she had not shown before.
    • Many Western fans were blown away by "THE ONE", which she sings entirely in English.
    • invoked At "LEGEND S", her 20th birthday concert, she had precorded several minutes worth of narration entirely in English – which, while slightly accented, was understandable (even if the subject matter itself was not) – and, as has become standard, she spoke to the audience in English despite 95% of attendees being Japanese.
    • When Su makes mistakes in English, they tend to be grammatical and often become memetic.
      i-Pot —her most treasured possession, as indicated in her very first diary, April 2010
      "I name is Suzuka!!" —her spoken line in "Mezase! Super Lady" (maybe intended to say "My" but that's not how the mic picked it up)
      "Take care your neck." —LEGEND Z, Tokyo, February 2013
      "You are guys amazing!" —Wembley, April 2016
      "Sing with me now Choco. ♥︎Okay?♥︎" —Miami, April 2017
  • Team Mom: Said in an interview that she felt like this for the first few years of Babymetal due to Yui and Moa's youth and inexperience, but also admitted that increasingly they would push her forward. Video from 2017 festival appearances shows she still takes it upon herself to calm them down when they get emotional.
    • As noted above, she reluctantly became this during her tenure as Sakura Gakuin Class President. One of the things she had to do was try and resolve escalating tensions between Raura, Marina, Nene, and Hinata. Nene spoke glowingly of Su's efforts at the Surprise Appreciation Party, and in so doing became the only person known to have made Su cry on camera. (it wasn't on stage, so she technically didn't break her promise to Mikiko-sensei)
  • Trademark Favorite Food: She doesn't talk about food as much as Moa or even Yui, but she is known to like cheese and cheesecake. She also enjoys okonomiyaki, a specialty of her hometown Hiroshima. One okonomiyaki restaurant she frequented when she still lived in the city has a large photograph of her (with her autograph) on its "celebrity wall".
  • Unusual Ears: Su's ears stick out noticeably. It's a family trait – Himeka has a less extreme version – and she invoked it early on as one of her "charm points". As one random commenter who saw a Babymetal video for the first time put it:
    "Main girl's ears are huuuuuuge!"
    • Su mentioned in an early Sakura Gakuin diary entry that she likes her ears because they remind her of her father, although she lamented that it hurts to wear earmuffs and she can't hear people behind her.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: When the Babymetal trio were still making appearances on variety shows, they took part in a Taiwanese rendition of "Guess What's In The Box". Su was noticeably nervous even before the reveal showed the mystery thing to be a large bullfrog, at which point she just about lost it. While Moa soon picked up the amphibian and Yui eventually let it sit on her arm (though she did startle when it unexpectedly jumped to her other arm), Su refused to be within two yards of it. As Moa carried the frog towards Su, Su backed away to the point she left the set and a close-up of her face shows she was Trying Not to Cry while uttering a Little "No".

Mariri Sugimoto (杉本 愛莉鈴) 2012-2013

Joined in 2012 with Yunano Notsu and Saki Ooga. She graduated early to concentrate on a modeling career in her hometown after elementary school.

She is the only member thus far to not have aged out naturally, and also the only graduate to have never been in a subunit.
  • Adorkable: Mariri has a very earnest demeanor, so a lot of what she does can come off as this.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: With Suzuka. Mariri has been told they look alike (even though they don't). During the 2012 nendo's "Introduce Someone" series, Su stated Mariri has an eccentric personality, to which Mariri replied their personalities are almost the same. This isn't too surprising considering they both come from Hiroshima and went to ASH.
    "We are often told we are alike and asked, 'Is everyone from Hiroshima like you?'." —Suzuka
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Suzuka called Mariri "strange" and "eccentric" (like Su has room to talk). On the surface, Mariri seems almost boringly normal. …Then you see her doing things like wearing a Carp uniform underneath her clothes during a Sei-Kore interview and stripping to reveal it when asked (she also somehow managed to sneak in a minibat). Earlier, after being named one of the six winners of the Sei-Kore competition which earned her her first mini-photobook – it's just over 40 pages and several photos have her wearing nothing but a bikini that shows off her modest cleavage – and she was so proud of it that she decided to show it to her grandparents.
  • Cool Big Sis: Even though Mariri was only in Sakura Gakuin for a year, it clearly had a profound effect on her, and for years she made a habit of attending as many SG live events as she could to show her support for current members, just as older members had supported her.
    • She was notably close to the three members in her grade (including Saki Shirai, her replacement), as well as Yunano.
    • Her loyalty to Sakura Gakuin was such that, unlike the many other graduates who skipped, she felt duty-bound to apologize ahead of time for missing Road To Graduation 2017 due to work commitments.
      • She stopped going to lives as her schooling and career both intensified. The last show she attended to date was Sakura Gakuin Festival 2017.
    • Suzuka was this to her, as they had known each other for years before Sakura Gakuin thanks to their time at ASH.
      • In late 2017, Mariri did a Q&A on her Twitter, responding to the question of "Who is your idol?" by saying it was and always will be Suzuka.
  • Girly Girl: A quick look through her twitter feed proves this. She loves pink and hearts.
  • Hidden Depths: She's a model by profession and has been since at least 2012 but, as noted above, she trained at ASH. In fact, she enrolled at a much younger age than Suzuka did (so, about the same time). She can act, she can dance, and she can sing – Suzuka said Mariri was a good singer, and old videos from before she entered Sakura Gakuin show she had an unusually powerful voice, which is amusing given she tends to speak softly.
    • A more recent video showed her singing karaoke in front of other Sei-Kore members and honestly not sounding great, but that may have more to do with the fact that it was impromptu and the song was in too high a key for her – she's a mezzo-soprano like Suzuka – than inability on her part, although she has openly worried about possible deterioration of her voice.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: As mentioned below, she was already close to 160cm (5'3") before her 12th birthday. In May 2017 (when she was 16¾ years old), she stated her height as 168cm, or 5'6⅛" and said she hoped to reach 169cm. This makes her the confirmed third-tallest member after Ayaka and Airi. note 
    • Someone unearthed an old ASH video where Mariri appears to be performing in a group with Suzuka (they mentioned this in the "Introduce A Member" sketch). Despite it being some time before Sakura Gakuin, she was already taller than Su even then.
    • She was one of the four runners-up of the Sei-Kore 18 model contest in 2018 and is by far the tallest. note 
  • Meganekko: Self-invocation. She doesn't usually wear glasses in public, but mentioned in a Sei-Kore interview that she had a tendency to lose them when at home. She has a few photos on her twitter of her wearing her glasses. Proof.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Footage from Road to Graduation 2012 sort of casts her in this light. While most of the girls are sad (to see Suzuka go), Mariri is noticeably upset – not only about her idol Su, but also over her own leaving. Suzuka giving her a heartfelt sendoff and encouragement causes her to completely break down. For the rest of the performance, she's practically bawling.
  • Nice Girl:invoked She never got much of any kind of spotlight during her year in Sakura Gakuin, but gained this reputation since leaving due to her frequent appearances at SG live events and interaction with other members and fans.
  • In-Series Nickname: Maririn
  • Remembered Too Late: She was the unfortunate butt of this when Mori-sensei asked a later crop of girls to talk about the 2012 graduates. Everyone could name Suzuka without hesitation, but Mariri was completely forgotten until Mori-sensei pointedly name-dropped her to jog the girls' memories.
    • invoked The irony of this is that she is something of an Ensemble Dark Horse amongst some of the Sakura Gakuin fanbase thanks to her active career and social media presence coupled with her sweet personality.
  • Short Runner: She was in Sakura Gakuin for just one year. To date, she remains the only single-year member.
    • The reason for this, as mentioned above, is that she already had regular modeling work in Hiroshima and, unlike Suzuka, never relocated to Tokyo. Su spoke in her own touji speech about the brutality of the commute and the guilt of having to miss practices due to living so far away.
  • The Smart Girl: Mariri is more intelligent than she appears.
    • Here is a photo of her certification for passing a major (difficult) kanji test her junior year of high school. The test in question is the Japan Kanji Aptitude Exam. Mariri's certificate shows she passed Grade-2. That level has a pass-rate of 22%, and can be used as a selling-point when applying for jobs.
    • Here she is showing off her Eiken (National English Exam) Grade 2 certification her senior year. That level of competence allows her to study abroad if she feels like it.
    • As of 2019, she's the only SG graduate still active in the industry known to be attending university (other graduated members are in or have done tertiary ed. – e.g. Nene & Yunano – but are not active), and she said she got into her first choice school.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: Discussed. She and Suzuka both agree they are strange Hiroshiman.
  • Tomboyish Voice: Despite being one of girliest girls in existence, Mariri's voice has a noticeable huskiness to it and has since at least age 11. Even as she entered young-adulthood and has tried to make her voice sound cuter for her job, if she talks for more than a sentence or two the husk will assert itself. This is likely due in part to her height.
  • Younger Than She Looks: Born August 4th 2000, she's almost three years younger than Suzuka (see that bowtie? it denotes an elementary schooler), but was and is taller. During her year in Sakura Gakuin, she was the tallest member despite being the second youngest. note 
    • Only around 2017 or so did her perceived and actual age begin to line up.

    Graduated in 2014

Raura, Nene, Marina, Hinata
Sometimes referred to as NHMR, for their given names. Or the '98s, as their birth dates all fall in that year.

Marina Horiuchi (堀内 まり菜) 2010-2014

Subunits: Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2009-2011
Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012
Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2011-2013
Tennis Club (Pastel Wind) 2012-2013
Science Club (Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?) 2011-2014

Founding member. Appointed Vice President in 2012 and Student Council President in 2013.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: By far the most of the original members. For four years, all evidence suggested her brain operated on a plane of existence many universes removed from our own. Especially during year-end tests, where her completely off-the-wall bizarre answers tend to be a highlight.
    • This was also a feature in the Logica? segments she took part in. Her explanation of the heliocentric theory must be heard to be believed. The gist; 
    • One moment of explaining her proposed eccentric invention was officially dubbed "Horiuchi World" – she suggests that when a certain doorknob is used, the door doesn't move, but rather the whole room moves.
    • When Suzuka gives her explanation of "Harry-san" (see above), Marina suddenly chimes in and backs Su up, insisting that Harry-san is real and visits her house. Mori-sensei then reminds everyone that she was the third girl – Su and Yui were the others – to get the hataki question wrong. note 
    • Marina's still highly eccentric, even more than half a decade after her graduation. She makes an attempt to hold it together as a young adult vying for a career in entertainment, but sometimes she just can't help herself.
      • The background on her twitter page is a couple of little plastic horse things with a water-droplet rainbow in the foreground. Try to think of an image more fitting for "the most lively member of Sakura Gakuin".
      • She plays a starring role in Kinder TV, a 2min weekly show for very young children. Due to its colorful aesthetic, unfitting background (the sea floor), and Marina's actions, fans joked that the crew simply show up at Marina's home each week and just start filming, with the rest of the cast trying to fashion coherence out of whatever Marina happens to be doing.
    • Marina transcended herself on June 19th 2019 when she posted one of her doodles. Masafumi Goto, original creator of KutsuDaru (in which Marina had voiced a character), saw it and immediately felt he had to draw a coloured version. Marina was pleased with the result. Here's her description (translated)…
      "This character was born from my current state of mind. It's called Don York. It's kind of like tapioca, but more gummy. Very elastic. Coated in Vitamin C. Brought up in NY. Appears in times of desire, like when you want to change your status quo, when you feel a drive for a challenge, when you want to unlock your hidden potential, when you're full of motivation. That's Don York. Hope you'll get along well."
  • Cloud Cuckoo Language/Neologizer: Marina had a habit of answering quiz questions with terms she made up that were so out-there (and usually gibberish) even the "robot" inquisitor was reduced to laughter.
    • Examples include "Kope Kope Koperuu Kiratto-san" and "Pitamausu Surii Kirakkirakiratto" from Logica? quizzes; and "Papparakakkiin Riibohrugu" from Nendo Test 2013.
    • Years after graduating Sakura Gakuin, this still pops up from time to time. She decided to make an Incredibly Lame Pun out of her love of cheese-covered naan bread by starting a couple of twitter posts with "Konnicheese-naan!".
  • Cute Little Fangs: Well, fang singular. During Sakura Gakuin, her upper-right canine was misaligned (by coincidence, so was Yui's). Rinon commented in a diary she thought the fang was cute. However, after entering high school, Marina began wearing a retainer to force her errant tooth into place, which it now is.
  • Cute Witch: She becomes one in the 2011 Nendo drama, putting Yui in Airi's body so she can experience being tall and switching Ayami and Ayaka's bodies to help the former embrace her quirkiness and the latter loosen up a bit.
  • Even the Subtitler Is Stumped: Why would dogs be buried in dirt? Marina says "「ここ掘れワンワン」ってあるから それの… あの… ※△◯♨︎■" (Koko Hore Wan Wan… that is… um… ※△◯♨︎■)
  • Genki Girl: Discussed as part of her introduction in every episode of Sakura Gakuin SUN. Nothing has ever been seen to faze her. That said, see "Stepford Smiler" below…
  • Hereditary Curse: Averted, barely. She wasn't the lowest-scoring senior on the nendo test during her presidency (Hinata was, by one point).
  • In-Series Nickname: Marippe, Marimari
  • Loon with a Heart of Gold: Marina may be nutty as a fruitcake, but she's also well-known for her kindness and loyalty to basically everyone she's ever worked with.
  • Memetic Hand Gesture: Likes to wiggle her hand around a lot. Some fans who follow her Kinder TV appearances watch closely to see if one of her hand-wiggles makes it into the final cut.
  • Ms Imagination: She'd have to be to come up with some of her crazy test answers.
    • Along with some of her antics during Saku-saku segments, especially if she was paired with Nene.
    • Don York, mentioned above, full-stop.
  • Seiyuu:
    • Plays Kaoru Nekota in the anime KutsuDaru
    • Plays Antares in Sanrio Characters PonPonJump
  • Stepford Smiler: According to Ayami, she indeed hides her tears while working her hardest.
    • This is on display at all three Road to Graduations she took part in. She was the last non-graduating member to speak at the first two and managed to give heartfelt sendoffs without even coming close to breaking either time.
    • At the end of 2018, Marina wrote a blog post that confirmed what a lot of her fans had been thinking. Prior to that year, she had received very little work, and her fans couldn't understand why. Turned out Marina was just as frustrated but wasn't willing to say it. Luckily for her, 2018 was the year her career got a bit of a jolt.
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: She has a tendency to give just about everything the honorific "-kun" (a casual suffix). This includes most but not all other Sakura Gakuin members, inanimate objects, food, medieval shoguns, animals she encounters in her dreams, celestial bodies, and probably the internet itself. When she set up a twitter account in September 2018, fans immediately declared the platform would henceforth be "Twitter-kun". Sure enough, on Christmas Eve 2018, she wrote about getting to eat some "pumpkin-kun".
    • When at the end of April 2019, Emperor Akihito abdicated in favour of his son Naruhito, Marina said this on twitter. No clue whether she was referring to the men themselves or the eras. Or both.
      "Farewell, Heisei-san. Hello, Reiwa-kun."
    • She also tends to slur the polite copula です desu to っす ssu. Yes, even when tweeting. Yes, even if the rest of the sentence is in English.
      {after trying a maple-flavoured milkshake} "So Deliciousっす!"
  • Student Council President: The Third.
    • She was also Sakura Gakuin's first "Vice President" (under Suzuka).
  • Team Mom: Probably a big part of the reason she was chosen for president over Nene, Raura, or Hinata. She takes the ethos of "Kizuna" (camaraderie) very seriously, something her predecessors Ayami and Suzuka (and her successor Moa) noted.
    • As an extension of this, she has attended every graduation ceremony to date and most of the transfer ceremonies.
    • She also agreed to briefly return to the group (with Raura) for Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 when Yui and Moa were absent due to being stuck touring California as Babymetal.
  • The Unintelligible: Occasionally falls back to this when explaining something while trying to talk quickly. Here's an example from the "Ayami's Room" sketch.
    [Marina moves her right hand up and down frantically while attempting to speak]
    Ayami: "You're very polite. What does that gesture mean?"
    Marina: (after a few more seconds) "Eh. …Yo."
    • This is used as part of her character on Kinder TV, further blurring the line between acting and just doing her thing while in costume.

Raura Iida (飯田 來麗) 2010-2014

Subunits: Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2009-2011
Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012
Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2011-2014

Founding member. Appointed as Vice Vice President in 2012 and as Performance Chairman in 2013.
  • Animal Motifs: Rau is known to really like pandas – the T-shirt she designed during the 2010 nendo has a panda on the front and her Sleepiece uniform was covered in tiny pandas. This is part of the reason some fans have referred to her as "Boss Panda".
  • The Comically Serious: She's probably the most level-headed amongst NHMR even today, but during her time in Sakura Gakuin she was so much this that her voice sounded stern or rude when things didn't go her way. However, it's quite easy to make her laugh, as Ayami can prove.
  • Cool Big Sis: Normally she acted more like a boss than anything (even though Suzuka and Marina outranked her), but she was undeniably this to Aiko, possibly even more than the rest of NHMR. Aiko holds Rau in high regard to this day because of it.
    • She also proved to be one towards Megumi. Although their tenures in Sakura Gakuin didn't overlap, they met when Rau filled in for Yui (and Marina for Moa) at TIF 2014. They still see each other from time to time, although "Big" Sis is almost a misnomer these days since Megumi is noticeably taller than Rau.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Tends to make really distinct screaming and laughing sounds. A good example is during the "Introduce A Member" shorts from the 2012/3 year when, after Rinon speaks, Rau squees and bear-hugs her.
  • In-Series Nickname: Rau-chan, Rau-tam, or even Rau-panda.
  • Never Gets Drunk: During his 42nd birthday dinner held by NHMR, Mori-sensei – who is himself known to be able to pack it away – learned the hard way that Raura can drink him under the table.
  • Spoiled Brat: Downplayed, as it was mainly just to Ayami.
  • Team Mom: Apparently this part of her personality greatly overshadows her earlier stern image, with a report claiming that she looks more like a mother than an idol.
    • One Babymetal fan early on managed to mistake her for Moa's mother in a 2013 photo because of this and Moa's being a late-bloomer. note 
    • Rau guest-starred on a Sakura Gakuin LoGiRL episode during the 2015 nendo and the new girls took an immediate liking to her. For her part, she hugged Kano after Kano nonchalantly insulted Mori-sensei to his face while calling out his tricks.
    • She came back to Sakura Gakuin again in 2016 along with Hinata to take part in the Shuoh Gakuin musical play. There she met and worked with Yuzumi, who returned the favor by attending Raura's play Re:turn Kakomori along with Marina.
  • Trying Not to Cry: At the very first graduation ceremony (retroactively titled Road To Graduation 2011), she tells the graduates this with a calm expression, prompting "ooh"s from the girls and the audience. Literally three seconds later (count it), she breaks into tears and the 3AMs call her out on it.
    Ayami: "Hey! Liar!!"
    • A similar event occurs at the next year's graduation, which Suzuka and Nene are quick to point out. note 
      Suzuka: "You're doing it again!"

Hinata Sato (佐藤 日向) 2010-2014

Subunits: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012
Science Club (Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?) 2011-2014

Founding member. Appointed as Mood Chairman in 2013.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Maaya, at least according to Maaya. They were never in Sakura Gakuin at the same time (Maaya officially joined 14 months after Hinata left), but did have singing classes together. Maaya wrote about all this after going to see Hinata in a Starlight show.
  • Cuddle Bug: Especially to Nene. At one point during the SMILE documentary, Nene is speaking to the camera and Hinata walks up behind and starts snuggling her. Nene neither seems to notice nor mind.
  • Cunning Linguist: Her English skills were already apparent (though rarely if ever commented upon) during her time in Sakura Gakuin. These days, she will occasionally write her Twitter posts in both Japanese and English.
    • An example from 2012, when Rinon and Raura introduce each other:
      Raura: "Rinon is… well… she… doesn't follow the crowds and goes at her own pace. That's her quality, unlike Rau."
      Rinon: "That means she's clever, right?"
      Raura: "Sorry. I don't understand you. You just puzzled me."
      Hinata: (behind the camera, in English) "'I am clever', she means."
    • In Spring 2018, an American Twitch streamer riding his bike through a crowded district of Tokyo (kind of a jerk move, but anyway) happened to run into Hinata and her friends and asked for directions. Hinata was tasked with talking to him, being the best English speaker amongst the group. She has an accent, but was still able to converse on the fly.
    • She noted with some excitement on twitter in November 2018 that, when voicing Junna for the mobile game Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight ReLive, some of her lines were in English. Specifically, she recites the first bit of Hamlet's soliloquy.
    • Her English abilities allowed her to be an invited guest for 2019's Anime Central convention in Chicago, making her the fourth Sakura Girl (after Suzuka, Moa, and Yui) to visit the USA. She posted a short video on her twitter of her ordering Starbucks – her vice – in English.
  • Good Samaritan: According to Ayami.
  • In-Series Nickname: Hii-chan. Natahi to Suzuka. Hinahina to Love Live and Revue Starlight fans
  • The Nose Knows: Said to be able to remember every member's smell and tell their possessions apart solely by following her nose.
  • The Prankster: Often tried kicking the other members at the back of their legs. According to her, Suzuka was the only one who laughed at her pranks.
  • Seiyuu
    • Plays Rin Karasawa in the anime KutsuDaru
    • Plays Leah Kazuno in Love Live! Sunshine!!
    • Plays Junna Hoshimi in Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight
      • She also plays Junna in the stage show. As a result, she became the fourth Sakura Gakuin alumna to have performed at Tokyo Dome (again, after Suzuka, Moa, and Yui).

Nene Sugisaki (杉﨑 寧々) 2010-2014

Subunits: Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2009-2011
Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012
Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2011-2014
Tennis Club (Pastel Wind) 2012-2014

Founding member, first Talk Chairman.

Nene left Amuse – and show business entirely – after she graduated Sakura Gakuin to concentrate on her high school studies, with the intention of following her mother into a nursing career. She was the first, but not the last, member to voluntarily leave the spotlight. Mori-sensei revealed that, as of 2018, she had been accepted into a nursing program.
  • Big Eater: Often referred to as Nene-don, referencing her ability to eat udon noodles very quickly.
    • Some behind the scenes videos show a hot mic picking up the sound of her stomach growling.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Stated in the graduation photobook interview that she considered herself this, chastising herself for not working as hard as she should have.
  • Catchphrase: 「平和が一番、笑顔が一番。」 "Peace is the best; smiles are the best."
    • Worth noting Nene was the first member to have a catchphrase that she'd always say at live shows. Moa and Yunano would follow her lead soon after.
    • "Ichiban!" ('number-one'/'the best') was her interjection during her verse of "Mezase! Super Lady", referring to her being the best in academics and eating… and a couple of other things.
    • It was invoked several years after her graduation by Tsugumi Aritomo, who was trying to figure out the missing parts of a jingle for Nagasaki Castella Cakes. Mori-sensei immediately noticed and pointed it out.
  • Cool Big Sis: Is shown in much footage to be this, immediately moving to assist Moa after Moa breaks down in emotions during a July 2012 livestream event in which the producers suddenly wheeled out a birthday cake for her.
    • She did the same thing at Road to Graduation 2012 when Saki Ooga is trying to give her farewell message to Suzuka and Mariri, whispering encouragement to Saki. By the end, she's got her arms around both Saki and Mariri, trying to keep them from breaking down.
    • The irony of the above is that Nene herself had a reputation for being quite the crybaby, which Moa pointed out in her souji speech at Nene's graduation in 2014.
  • Does Not Like Corn: One of the foods she's not known to eat.
  • In-Series Nickname: Nene-don, to just about everyone (members and fans). She acknowledged it often.
    • Since she left the industry, she has been referred to as "The Nurse From Ibaraki" in reference to her desired profession (though she's not one just yet), or joshikousei - "high-school girl" - prior to her graduating in 2017.
    • As of 2018, Hinata has corrupted Nene's nickname to the point that she now calls her "Jon-jon".
  • Little Miss Snarker: Does this often when she talks, according to Ayami. It's on display in plenty of official footage too, both behind the scenes and sometimes onstage.
  • Obsessed with Food: She was known to talk about food in her diary entries. Seems to be more of this than a Big Eater, as she states she just likes eating food.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: During the interview for their graduation photobook, Nene recounted that, when the feud between between the 98's was at its nastiest, she broke and decided to leave Sakura Gakuin, going so far as to tell Kuramoto she wanted out. Kuramoto refused to accept her resignation and Suzuka had several heart-to-heart talks with her that convinced her to stay until she aged out naturally. Even though she reconciled with the other three, the experience – for which she blamed herself – left her jaded about show business and she dropped out of the limelight the moment she was able to.
    • A less serious instance was, as noted on the main page, during the 2012 Nendo Test after Mori-sensei popped out from behind a curtain to surprise them. Nene was the closest girl to the door and can be head saying off-camera "Let's get out of here!" before Mori-sen stops them.
  • Second Place Is for Losers: Averted when Saki Shirai beat her her senior year, as Nene was just glad to leave with good standing.
  • The Smart Girl: She chose to leave show business for a field that requires good academics, and she scored first place in the Nendo tests three years in a row (granted the competition wasn't as stiff during her time). When newcomer Saki Shirai knocked her down to 2nd place her final year, it was referred to as a curse being broken.
  • Tender Tears: As mentioned just about everywhere else on this page, Nene had a well-earned reputation for being a crybaby and wearing her heart on her sleeve. Special note goes to the first two graduation shows. Especially the first, where she's all but reduced to Inelegant Blubbering.
  • Throw It In!: invoked By the end of Road To Graduation 2012, Nene couldn't hold back her emotions any longer and, during one of her solo bits in "My Graduation Toss", ad libbed her own personal message to Suzuka.
    Nene: (not singing) "Su-san, thank you for everything! I love you!!" (hugs her, to much applause)
  • Trying Not to Cry: Nene attempted this once, at Suzuka's graduation. She provided running (snarky) commentary during other girls' speeches to Su, including calling out Raura. Once it was her turn, she seemed lost in thought trying to think of what to say. Everyone was shocked she wasn't crying, to which Nene replied, "Yeah. Strange, isn't it?" However, once she made eye contact with Su and started speaking to her, she broke down bawling by her second sentence.

    Graduated in 2015

Hana, Moa, Yui, Yunano
Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi were intended to be part of the original lineup. For some reason the plan changed before the start date, and they were officially added as the first "transfer students" a couple of months later, days before the group's first public appearance – all 2010-era shows, videos, and skits include them. It has been speculated by Mori-sensei (and the fans) that the reason was to establish the precedent of students being transferred in every year. Many fans therefore consider Yui and Moa as founding members, even if they're "officially" not.

Moa Kikuchi (菊地 最愛) 2010-2015

Subunits: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012, 2014-2015
Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2011-2015
Heavy Music Club (BABYMETAL) 2010–

Officially joined the group in 2010 with Yui Mizuno. Appointed as Student Council President in 2014.
  • Catchphrase: "Value love the most" (最も愛を大切に), which contains both kanji characters of her given name.
  • Cheerful Child: This girl has a thousand-watt smile accompanied by noticeable dimples. She's generally a smiley person anyway. It's actually unusual to see her not smile, such as in the "Heart no Hoshi" music video where she plays the grumpy suspicious nymph leader whom the other girls have to cheer up.
    • As Moa is known to wear her emotions on her sleeve, this means when she isn't cheerful, everyone around her knows it. A UK journalist who met Babymetal in 2014 noted that for the first few minutes of the interview, Moa was "in a right huff" and "just really pissed off" until he started asking questions that interested her. note 
  • Class Clown: Her antics were a frequent source of comedy during her half-decade in Sakura Gakuin, and still pop up from time to time in Babymetal, because she enjoys seeing people's reactions.
    • The "Making Of" video of Twinklestars' Please! Please! Please! has a disproportionate amount of footage of Moa messing around, sometimes getting Yui or other girls (often Ayami or Hinata) to join in too.
      • The Heart no Hoshi video mentioned above also had a "Making of" segment, where Moa can be seen in between takes trying to get a reaction out of the famously unflappable Hana.
    • Starting perhaps in 2015, and only increasing in frequency since, Moa will use certain parts of Babymetal choreography (especially if she knows a camera will be on her) to stick out her tongue, just because she can.
      • Even when Babymetal went sort of Darker and Edgier in 2018, Moa promptly ignored the aesthetic and continued to stick out her tongue and mess with Suzuka, because that's how she enjoys herself onstage.
  • Covert Pervert: Frequently accused of this. Blog posts such as the one on March 26th 2015 (including a picture with a caption "Fanning her skirt up, I wanna see inside") may have something to do with this.
    • A bit less covert was when she snuck up behind Idol Singer Minami Takahashi (a.k.a. Minami-tan or Takamina, formerly of AKB48) during a skit in the variety show Mujack, smelled Minami's hair, rubbed her head on Minami's shoulder, then started groping Minami's butt as Minami tried to run away.
  • Cuddle Bug: Especially to Yui and Suzuka during Sakura Gakuin. She also hugged Ayami on camera at least twice – once during the 2011 nendo test where they both wrote the same (wrong) answer to a question, and then again during Ayami's graduation.
    • She's also known to hug various people she meets on her world travels – e.g. the Fine Brothers, and Head from Korn when he joined Babymetal onstage for their final tour date in Idaho.
    • According to those who were there, when the girls entered the studio floor for their appearance on Colbert, they bowed to Stephen and then did a three-way group-hug (prompting much of the studio audience to "Aww") before assuming their position. Thus, no sign so far Moa's grown out of it.
  • Engrish: Her spoken English can be this, as she has not reached Suzuka's level in pronunciation. Unlike Yui, Moa is not too difficult to understand once one accounts for her accent, since she speaks with much more confidence.
    • She clearly understands English to a significant degree. There exist several instances of Moa hearing something in English and responding (usually in Japanese) without needing to wait for a translation.
    • However, it did take her about four attempts to say "trying" (it started off sounding like "twirling").
      • She naturally elides to 'L' (Japanese famously makes no distinction between L and R, less famously it also makes no distinction between H and F). In that same interview, she apologized for tripping over her words by saying "Solly", which fans found absolutely adorable.
  • Fangirl: Of the Idol Group ℃-ute (here she is meeting Airi Suzuki), and the anime/multimedia franchise Love Live!. She even dressed up as Nozomi for Halloween and has a pretty sizeable collection of figurines.
    • Her verse in "Mezase! Super Lady" notes the irony of her Idol otakudom despite being an Idol herself. Indeed, most if not all of her real-life friends are Idols with whom she often takes (censored) photos.
  • Genki Girl: If it isn't obvious from these entries. It's difficult to get more genki than Moa.
    • She stated very early in Sakura Gakuin her goal was to become "Super Moa-chan". As noted below, her fans argue that, as of December 2017, she succeeded.
  • Height Angst: Her constantly comparing her height to Yui's started the Sakura Gakuin tradition of the Height Battle. note 
    • In this radio interview...
      Moa: When I was little, I used to play tennis.
      Interviewer: When you were little? Now you are little.
      Moa: I'm not little.
      Su: You are little!
      Moa: I'm NOT little!
    • Worth noting for the record Moa is officially 55mm (2.2″) shorter than Su and looks even shorter when they're both in costume due to Su's inch-heels and high-ponytail.
  • In-Universe Nickname: Went by "Moamoa" early on. Most just call her Moa-chan.
    • Since LEGEND S – when Yui's absence from the group began, leaving Moa to perform solo – fans have been calling her "Super Moa-chan", in reference to her stated goal early in Sakura Gakuin.
  • Obsessed with Food: Rarely noted in Sakura Gakuin, but famous for it in Babymetal. In interviews, the longer it goes on and the more time Moa gets to speak, the probability of her mentioning food approaches 100%.
    • To put this into perspective, when Loudwire asked her what she enjoyed doing when not rehearsing or performing, she (eventually) said - in English - that she loves trying new foods.
      • Photos exist of her showing off concoctions like a quadruple-decker cheeseburger and an onion-ring burger.
      • When asked how she was enjoying New York City, she talked about how big her steak was.
      • At Rock On The Range 2015, she was asked what she considered a major difference between Japan and the USA that she liked. Her answer was that American food is richer and there's a lot more of it.
    • In an interview shortly before Babymetal's Wembley show, the interviewer asked whether they maintained a healthy diet on tour. The instant he mentioned pizza, Moa said "Mmm!" and gave a huge smile… completely ignoring the question.
    • During an interview Babymetal gave at the Carolina Rebellion festival, Moa nods at the camera while Su is talking …and almost immediately thereafter gets distracted. Given how she smiles whilst sticking her nose towards the wind, chances are very high she smelled food.
    • The Hedoban interview immediately after Babymetal's Tokyo Dome shows had this. The interviewer asked which festival she most enjoyed performing at. The first words out of Moa's mouth were, "Well, you know I love eating," and then talked about festival concessions for awhile before finally answering the question.
  • The Prankster: Among other things, she and Yui gave Suzuka a good Jump Scare right before Suzuka's surprise appreciation party. They then pursued her, caught her, and led her back into the room with Moa yelling "Suspect secured!"
  • Student Council President: The Fourth. She was the first to be a fifth-year member.
  • Tender Tears: Moa is a girl who utterly fails at hiding her emotions, to the point that there was a Running Gag amongst the girls over who would be the first to break down in a given situation: Moa or Nene.
    • At both Suzuka's Surprise Appreciation Party and Road to Graduation 2012, Moa spent much of the main event in tears.
      • She cried at every RTG she was a part of, though she at least attempted to hold it together during her own.
    • Demonstrated in mid-2012 when, during a Tower Records livestream that happened to be on her 13th birthday, the producers wheeled her out a cake. She was so shocked and overwhelmed that, when prompted to blow out the candles, all that came out was crying. It took Nene literally holding her to get her composed enough to finish the deed. Then she started hiccuping while eating a strawberry.
    • In June 2017, while on tour with Korn, she got emotional after the crowd wished Yui a happy 18th birthday. Su was forced to use an old Sakura Gakuin psyche-up technique (smacking her on the back) so Moa could finish the show.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Everything.
    • No, really. One time when asked her favourite food, she replied, "Everything my mother gives me."
    • Moa has a "tell" when she's excited about food — she rubs her cheek(s) while smiling. She did this when asked what her favourite kind of chocolate is. Answer 
    • She also likes strawberries. Her surprise 13th birthday party (see above) involved a strawberry cake. As it was being wheeled back offstage so Moa could enjoy it after the livestream, Moa followed the cake before being dragged back to her spot (not before pinching one more strawberry).
      • During Babymetal's appearance on a Taiwanese variety show, the girls were all given giant pieces of angel food cake with strawberries. While all three girls enjoyed it, Moa is shown smiling in ecstasy.
    • At least a few jokes were made at her expense about her enjoying fried chicken cartilage.
    • She has professed a particular love for German foods.
    • In April 2019, the first interview she'd given in over two years, she admitted that while Suzuka remembered the venues and cities they'd performed in the previous year, all she could recall was what they had to eat.
      "I'm pretty sure Moa's favorite food is food." —Babymetal fans discussing the important question
  • Trying Not to Cry: She never even tried during Sakura Gakuin, but she does in Babymetal, such as when she injured her left leg during Budokan Red Night. Close-ups during "I.D.Z" show her gamely attempting to hide that she's in a lot of pain and holding back her tears with a strained smile.
    • The screenshots from LEGEND S – Su's 20th birthday concert in Hiroshima which Yui had to drop out of at the last minute due to an unspecified medical issue, leaving Moa to back up Su (and perform BBM songs) alone – suggest this. At most concerts, 90% of shots will show Moa with her usual light-up-the-room smile. Not this time. In a number of close-up shots of her face during BBM songs, particularly on the first night, she looks to be in a whirlwind of emotions, liable to break down at the slightest touch, even with vocal support from the fans (who also took it upon themselves to sing Yui's parts).
    • Evidently the first part of Babymetal's 2018 tour brought this out. Not only was it the first time – LEGEND S notwithstanding – that she was truly put front-and-center during a show, but it turned out she was very aware of the backlash from both Japanese and Western fans over Yui's then-unexplained absence, and said sometimes she just wanted to run and hide.

Yui Mizuno (水野 由結) 2010-2015

Subunits: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2010-2012, 2014-2015
Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2011-2015
Heavy Music Club (BABYMETAL) 2010-2018

Officially joined the group in 2010 with Moa Kikuchi. Appointed as Production Chairman in 2014.

  • Berserk Button: As much as one can have from a lowkey personality like hers – Don't call her short. This has likely become less of an issue now that she finally beat Moa in the height battle and is almost as tall as Suzuka.
    • Also, don't mislabel the title/position she held during her fifth year in Sakura Gakuin. It's "Production" Chair, not "Performance" Chair. Mori-sensei learned this the hard way.
  • Cat Smile: She has a natural one that shows up in some photos and videos.
  • Deadpan Snarker: You wouldn't expect it from a girl like her, but towards the end of her tenure in Sakura Gakuin, Mori-sensei would do something over-the-top just to get Yui to react, once he finally realized her potential for comedy. For example, this LoGiRL exchange:
    Mori: (in weird effeminate voice, hugging himself) "Hi~! I treat my wife the best!"
    Yui: (stares up at him) "Ew."
    • Her "alter-ego" Tomato-kun is a good example. Yui drops into a deep (for her) masculine voice with a total monotone. Shortly before her graduation from Sakura Gakuin, when Tower Records CEO Ikuo Minewaki asked her to do the impression, Yui did so but was desperately trying not to corpse the whole time.
  • Determinator: Laid back, Yui is not. She's known to be a perfectionist especially regarding her dancing, which has earned her the affectionate nickname "Yui-Bot".
    • For her acapella exercise, Yui decided to sing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors". This despite her having even less English proficiency than she does now (which isn't a lot). She practiced it for months. Her effort put her in Sakura Gakuin history as the first girl to sing an entirely English song.
    • On her 15th birthday, Yui recounted the story of how, in 2008, one of her close family members (possibly a parent) ended up in the hospital with a life-threatening ailment. She was too young to visit, so she spent hours in the waiting room listening to the Karen Girl's album. Once her relative had recovered, everyone wanted Yui to take a step back from being a child model due to the stress… but the first words out of Yui's mouth were "I want to be a Karen Girl's!", and she worked even harder to make it in the business.
      • Her determination likely came back to bite her in late 2017, when she was advised by her doctors to pull out of LEGEND-S just hours before showtime for reasons that remain unknown to the public. Fans on both sides of the Pacific had openly expressed concern about her health during the three months leading up to the show, as post-concert photos showed her looking progressively more wiped out compared to Su and Moa. Babymetal ended up doing their 2018 mini-tour of the USA and Europe without her; Moa covered both her own and Yui's singing parts, and two Elevenplay dancers came along to provide balance to the choreography. In October 2018, she publicly announced she was not recovering to her own satisfaction and left Babymetal.
  • Fangirl: Of Rena Nounen and Ariana Grande. She's met both, and Rena considers herself a fan of Yui's.
    • She was also a big fan of Karen Girl's (particularly Ayami) as a child, which led to her decision to audition for Sakura Gakuin.
  • Flat "What": Her reaction to some of Mori-sensei's comments about her in LoGiRL episodes.
  • Height Angst: Used to constantly compare her height to Moa's. Her spoken line in "Mezase Super Lady 2012" was "Yui is not little!" But the next year, after she finally began her growth spurt in earnest and her voice deepened slightly, it changed to "Yui is not little anymore!"
    • During the 2012年 "Introduce A Member" sketches, Yui was paired up with Hinata (just six months her senior), whom she had first met years earlier when both were kid models. This exchange happened:
      Yui: "So, Hii-chan. What did you first think when you met Yui?"
      Hinata: "I thought you were so short and cute."
      Yui: [beat] "I'm not short but thank you."
    • One little irony of this is that, according to Sakura Gakuin records, Yui grew the most of any member to date over the course of her tenure – 23cm (plus another 3.5cm after graduating) – and today her height is close to the average for a grown Japanese girl.
  • Hidden Depths: She rarely spoke in interviews, as noted below, but when she did, her answers were often very well-thought-out and insightful. They also tended to catch Su and Moa by surprise.
    • That black skull T-shirt she wore during the 2010 nendo? She designed it (it even says "©Yui"). That shirt is the reason a skull is incorporated into the Babymetal logo.
    • With the exception of 2013 (where she was second from the bottom), she tended to score well on nendo tests. Equal to or better than Moa. In real life, Koba noted she and Moa focused heavily on academics since they can't beat Su at singing.
    • At some point (no one on the outside knows when), Yui gave Aiko [a chalkboard with a message written on it …entirely in English. As half of the message is blocked by a baseball, it's impossible to tell whether or not Yui's English is correct.
  • In-Universe Nickname: Yui-chan. Yui-tan and Yuiyui during her first two years in the group.
    • Fans have come up with other nicknames for her. Western fans have affectionately dubbed her "Yui-Bot" due to her precise dancing, perfectionism, and occasional tendency to be a second or two behind in situations – lovingly referred to as "Yui-Lag".
    • Japanese fans increasingly give Yui the honorific -san instead of -chan since she turned 18.
  • Insistent Terminology: Yui's position in the 2014 nendo was Production Chair, not "Performance" Chair (the former has more responsibility). When Mori-sensei accidentally got it wrong, Yui interrupted with a weirdly hilarious groan.
  • Nice Girl: Discussed. During one LoGiRL episode, Mori-sensei had asked some Sakura Gakuin juniors the previous week to dish gossip about the four seniors – Moa, Yui, Hana, Yunano. He then stated no one had anything negative at all to say about Yui, teasing that Yui must have blackmailed them.
    • During the "Mystery Tube" special from her final year in Sakura Gakuin, her "embarrassing secret" was that she was pretty sure she loved Sakura Gakuin more than anyone.
    • In March 2018, Aiko wrote in one of her final diary entries that she spoke to Yui some time during the previous year and apologized for losing a letter Yui had given her. Yui replied that she was glad Aiko had kept the letter as long as she had. Aiko's response to this was, "Yui-chan is always so nice."
  • Older Than She Looks: For her first three years in Sakura Gakuin, she looked much younger than her age. This was due in part to her shortness, partly to her natural babyface, and partly due to being a very late-bloomer (to the point there was a two-year period where even Moa was taller than her). She is older than Moa, Hana, Rinon, and Yunano, despite being - at the time - shorter than all of them. She eventually surpassed Moa at least.
  • Onee-sama: Applicable to all the 2014 seniors, but particularly to Yui.
  • Performance Anxiety: An ironic example. In the very first LoGiRL episode, Yui said that the camera frightened her, and in a subsequent episode she talked about being nervous. Keep in mind these episodes were shot nearly a year after she had danced in front of 10,000 people at the Nippon Budokan (and also fallen off the stage in front of those same people).
  • The Quiet One: Compared to Su and Moa. In interviews, she rarely spoke unless directly asked a question, and even then her voice was noticeably soft and her cadence slower than Moa or Su.
    • In one LoGiRL episode, Mori-sensei had written a note saying "Mizuno needs to speak louder." When Yui failed to do so, he crashed the set to berate her before the girls could introduce him.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Yui is a textbook example. Her hair is black and several girls during her years in Sakura Gakuin made a point of complimenting her lighter than average skin tone.
    • Mori-sensei used this against her. In the very first LoGiRL episode, this happened:
      "In fact, the staff have put up a sign saying your face is too white. Mizuno, what do they want us to do about this whiteness? Right, let's try and add some blush to your face."
    • This also means, unlike Suzuka and Moa, Yui does not tan; she sunburns. During Rock In Japan 2016, which was notoriously hot and sunny, Yui's face resembled a tomato.
  • Reclusive Artist:invoked She has not been seen in public since October 2017 (her final performance with Babymetal). More oddly, no one outside of Babymetal is known to have spoken with her since then either – graduates with social media and members via diary often talk about meeting up with other members. Much of this is probably due to whatever health issues she had/has that caused her to quit Babymetal. As a result, there is significant doubt amongst her fanbase as to whether she ever plans to return to the spotlight at all.
    • In June 2019, Amuse's CEO, evidently anticipating questions about her, told attendees at the annual shareholders' meeting that Yui had recovered enough to begin working towards her "other dream".
    • Aiko may have made contact with her at some point after her disappearance, or at least wanted to – a March 2019 tweet purporting to show off her "Nasuo" baseball has an old message from Yui in the background, and the ball itself is on a stand made of tiny Mizuno-brand bats. What this might actually mean beyond Aiko's love of wordplay and in-jokes is unknown.
  • Shrinking Violet: Yes, even a seasoned performer who's danced in front of 55,000 people can be one. During some LoGiRL appearances, she would talk about being nervous, or say that she's trying not to think about being nervous since doing so makes her nervous.
    • The infamous interview with Nylon's Mickey Stanley, who made a point of sitting in between Suzuka and Yui, instead to the girls' side like most press people. He simultaneously managed to get Yui to open up to him yet also showed just how shy she is as she blushed, smiled, and tried to hide when he asked if she was able to sing any Ariana Grande songs. Yui spoke most of her answers in a near-whisper.
    • During Babymetal's 2017 support tour for Korn, one performance was on Yui's birthday and Su pointed it out to the crowd (several of whom were wearing party hats). Yui smiled, bowed politely, then tried to blend into the backdrop while still on her platform.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Tomatoes. She has said she likes eating them raw like one would an apple. She also likes cucumbers and omurice (a rice-omelet often served with ketchup).
    • Though it wasn't known until after the fact, she visited a seafood restaurant in Tohoku and said in her autograph thank-you note that she liked the uni (sea urchin).
  • The Unintelligible: Of the original Babymetal trio, Yui is by far the least proficient at English, and when she tries to speak it, fans are often confused at first what she's trying to say. Her soft voice doesn't help.
    • She used to be even less intelligible. A short clip of a 2012 interview shows the Japanese interviewer asking the girls, in English, what bands they like. While Moa repeats the question back to him, Yui's response can best be described as a talking toy whose batteries are nearly dead: "Urrrrerrrirrrurrurr."
  • When She Smiles: Despite being a veteran performer, Yui was not a quick smiler like Moa or a laugher like Su – and many times her smile would either be a front or nervous reaction (especially if Mori-sensei was involved) – so a genuine smile or laugh from her was less common, but absolutely adorable.
    • During her seven years performing in Babymetal, she was often the most aware of the audience. If an individual caught her interest, she would mug for their camera. One man spoke of how, during the Colbert performance, he was in the front row of the upper deck and had snuck in a Sakura Gakuin flag (not uncommon at Babymetal shows); Yui noticed it and gave him a big smile.

Hana Taguchi (田口 華) 2011-2015

Subunits: Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2011-2015
Tennis Club (Pastel Wind) 2012-2014
Wrestling Club 2014-2015

Joined the group in 2011 with Rinon Isono. Appointed as Spirit Chairman in 2014.
  • Catchphrase: "Everyone, how are you?" *audience cheers* "If you're in a good mood you can do anything!" note 
  • Hime Cut: Her main distinction. Occasionally she puts her hair into a ponytail or pigtails, but she's mostly recognised by her almost impossibly straight, very long hair.
  • Hired for Their Looks: According to a personality report, the only thing idol-like about her is her appearance. Though she is a fine singer and dancer.
  • Fangirl
    • Of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, particularly Kazuchika Okada
    • Of the Amuse Café revue/theatre group Torahime Ichiza (lit. Tiger Princess Troupe), which she later joined as a trainee after graduating from Sakura Gakuin, becoming a full member after graduating high school
    • Of Disney in general. She visits Tokyo Disneyland fairly often and has been known to posts photos of her TDL exploits on twitter and her blog
  • In-Series Nickname: Hanapu, Ohanabou
    • In Torahime she calls herself "The Youngest Flower".note  This is due to having officially joined the group at just 18. She noted a few months after becoming a full member that literally everyone else associated with Torahime, including prospective trainees, was older than her.
  • Shrinking Violet: Initially this, according to Ayami. This can be seen in the SMILE documentary.
  • Tomboy: Undeniably has shades of this despite her looks and job. In addition to being an open wrestling fan, she dislikes overly girly things. In her final appearance on LoGiRL, all four seniors (herself, Moa, Yui, Yunano) introduced themselves using ultra-cutesy burikko-speak. They tried to keep it going but, shortly thereafter, Hana broke character and literally yelled, "I can't do this anymore! It's too gross!"
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Surume (dried squid). The other girls point how un-Idol-like this is, even though they eat similar kinds of snacks.

Yunano Notsu (野津 友那乃) 2012-2015

Subunits: Tennis Club (Pastel Wind) 2012-2014
Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2014-2015
School Store Club, 2014-2015

Joined the group in 2012 with Saki Ooga and Mariri Sugimoto. Appointed second Talk Chairman in 2014.
  • Big Eater: Revealed in her final year that she ate six meals a day. Despite this, she was still the beanpole of Sakura Gakuin. She's filled out somewhat since, if Aiko's 2019 photo of her is any indication.
  • Catchphrase: "It's not Yunáno, It's Yúnano." (different intonation/stress on the syllables).
  • Fangirl: Of Attack on Titan, particularly Levi
  • Huge Schoolgirl: She didn't start out this way, but became one towards the end of her time in Sakura Gakuin and especially after thanks to a late growth spurt. Officially, she's tied with Mariri as third-tallest member at 168cm (5′6⅛″).
  • Little Miss Snarker: Even before she was appointed as Talk Chairman. Sakura Gakuin's official twitter has made note on more than one occasion of her "acid tongue".
  • Stage Names: Changed her name from 野津 友那乃 (Yunano Notsu) to 本条 友奈埜 (Yunano Honjyo) in 2015. The motivation for this is unclear - possibly a more unique name was desired.
    • Despite this, she officially left entertainment just a few months after her graduation from Sakura Gakuin. In 2018, Mori-sensei informed the world that she had been accepted into a university to study economics.
  • Trying Not to Cry: Has been shown crying over various situations, such as placing last on the nendo test, or reaching into a box to touch something.

    Graduated in 2016

Saki Shirai, Saki Ooga, Rinon

Rinon Isono (磯野 莉音) 2011 - 2016

Subunits: Science Club (Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?) 2012-2014, 2015-2016
Wrestling Club 2014-2015

Rinon joined in 2011 along with Hana Taguchi. In 2015 she was appointed Student Council president.

At the time of her induction, she was the youngest girl Sakura Gakuin had accepted – a record she held until Aiko came along two years later. She was the first member to be a part of the maximum five Road To Graduations. note 
  • Catchphrase: "I am… Rinon!" (name to be chorused by rest of group/fans)
    • She even wrote it on the inner cover of the 2015 Graduates' Photobook.
  • Determinator: According to Ayami.
  • Fangirl: Of New Japan Pro-Wrestling after Hana got her into it.
    • In an early LoGiRL episode in which Hana also appeared, Rinon came in wearing a sash that said (in English): "No NJPW, No Life".
    • By 2015, she had gotten so into it that she tried multiple times her senior year to get Kano Fujihira – abnormally strong for her size – to join her Wrestling Club (in place of the graduated Hana).
  • In-Series Nickname: Rinonon, Tensai (genius)
    • She was sometimes seen in rehearsal photos wearing a black T-shirt with the tensai kanji on it.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: Insists she's a genius in spite of scoring low – usually the lowest – on class tests and the occasional quizzes on LoGiRL streams.
  • Long Runner: Rinon holds the unofficial record for longest tenure in Sakura Gakuin, although her debut was pushed back from May to mid-July due to the Tohoku Disaster. While later transfer students (including Aiko) were introduced to members in early April, the SMILE documentary shows Rinon and Hana met the Founding Ten on February 9th 2011. Rinon graduated on March 27th 2016, giving her a total time in the group of 1,874 days.
  • Mellow Fellow: On stage or screen she usually appears relaxed, often to the point of nonchalance.
  • Mood Whiplash: At the very first graduation ceremony, tears are being shed as the members give their farewell messages to the graduates. When it's Rinon's turn to speak, everyone breaks into laughter due to her extremely mellow expression and calm tone.
    Nene: (bawling) "Rinon, why aren't you crying?"
    Ayami: "Rinon! Genius!"
    Ayaka: "Well, that's Rinon for you."
    Nene: "Nene will give you half her tears!"
    Rinon: (beat) "Anyway, I'm going to continue."
    [everyone laughs]
    • Happened again at the 2012 graduation when Moa was bawling while giving her farewell message to Suzuka; Su then pointed out that Rinon (standing immediately to Moa's right) looked like she was about to laugh.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: During the 2015 nendo midterm test, Mori-sensei finally pushed her too far and she broke down crying. Watching this girl's mask that had never cracked once in nearly five years shatter into pieces as she talks about how worthless she feels is enough to make anyone cry.
  • Picky Eater: Although she's getting better about it, she wrote in a diary entry that she couldn't eat any meat (as in: non-fish) or vegetables for a long time.
    • This led to the other time she cried on camera – during the 2015 Transfers' Orientation, she was forced to drink a large glass of vegetable juice, which she hated.
    • In an early diary, she said she won't put octopus in takoyaki, which is stuffed octopus balls – she used franks instead. The translation made it unclear whether she simply didn't like octopus or was allergic to it.
  • Running Gag: She's constantly making mistakes when writing kanji.
    • (almost) Always scoring dead last on nendo tests. It was Mori-sensei lampshading this that caused her breakdown.
      Rinon: (voice-over) "Here are the scores from last year's test. Please pay no attention to mine."
      Mori: "Right. Now who came in last last year?"
      (camera zooms in on Rinon)
      Mori: "The camera moved before I could say it. So, are you aiming for last again this year, Isono?"
      (Rinon unexpectedly starts to cry)
      Mori: "Don't cry now! It's too early! You don't know you'll be last." note 
  • Secret Test of Character: Rinon was given one and passed. She had long expressed interest in behind-the-scenes work – she was joyful at getting to wear a director's headset and look at notes during an early LoGiRL episode – and wrote about her admiration for Sakura Gakuin's stage manager. As she recounted in her graduation diary, years earlier she was given a piece of set and asked to keep it even though she was expected to lose it, but if she still had it by the time of her graduation, to show a photo. When she proved she still had the piece of set, the manager gave her his business card and said, "If you still have your dream of being a stage manager when you graduate high school, give me a call."
  • Stern Teacher: According to Megumi, Rinon could be this during practice, in contrast to her blasé stage persona.
  • Student Council President: The Fifth. She was the last to have worked with all the founding members.
  • Trying Not to Cry: Rinon is famous as the member who does not cry on stage. Ever. Off-stage is a different matter…
    • She may have attempted this during Suzuka's graduation, as she can be seen stepping back trying to find her words and eventually came up with some very odd (even by Rinon standards) compliments.

Saki Ooga (大賀 咲希) 2012 - 2016

Subunits: Tennis club (Pastel Wind) 2013-2014
Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2015-2016

Joined in 2012 along with Yunano Notsu and Mariri Sugimoto.

In 2015 she was appointed Education Chairman – a new post, as with six new members in the 2015 nendo a large effort would be required to teach them the skills and traditions of the group.
  • Catchphrase:
    • During LoGiRL streams: "Good Ooganing!"note 
    • During concert introductions: "I shall/want to make many flowers of hope bloom!"
  • Crossdresser:
    • Has done this occasionally (but not in performances). Is also a fan of Fudanjuku, a cross-dressing idol group.
    • Just like Moa before her graduation, she also dressed up as Mori-sensei for a LoGiRL stream when he couldn't be there. Unlike Moa, Saki didn't have issues with his glasses, as she does have to wear a pair at least for reading.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Baby-chan" due to her tiny size when she first joined the group – this nickname persisted until at least her 8th grade year. Other nicknames include Saki-chan and Saki-O (the latter to distinguish her from Saki Shirai).
  • Older Than She Looks: Born April 11th 2000, she's the oldest of the 2015 nendo grads, seven months older than Rinon (the youngest). In fact, she's closer in age to Hana - one school year her senior - than to anyone in her own class. But you'd never know it to look at her. Her short stature combined with wearing braces until 8th grade made her appear much younger. The morning show where she was repeatedly called "Baby-chan" and a bunch of older Idols squeed over her and said they wanted to kidnap her… she was 13, in 7th grade – but came off like an elementary-schooler.note 
  • One Steve Limit: Averted after her first year when Saki Shirai joined. Since then the latter has often been called C-chan or Shirasaki to distinguish them.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Saki was naturally almost as much of one as Moa. However, self-consciousness over her braces led to her smiling less and less as time went on. After she finally got them off, she would rarely be seen without an ear-to-ear toothy grin.
  • Pint-Sized Kid: A major reason she was given the nickname "Baby-chan". Unlike contemporary shorties Yui and Moa, Saki didn't grow much during her four years in the group, ending up just barely passing Ayami.
    • invoked She had to stand on a Scully Box for the cover of the 2015 Seniors' Photobook so she could be properly in frame with Rinon and Saki Shirai. In the photo, the two Sakis look the same height; in reality, Ooga was and remains at least ~7.5cm/3" shorter than Shirai and 15cm/6" shorter than Rinon.
    • In October 2018, Kano wrote about getting to spend time with Saki for the first time in two years. Note that Kano is four school years younger – she was in 5th grade when Saki was in 9th – and had grown during the interim (something Aiko has also mentioned with irritation). She stated that Saki refused to admit Kano had grown taller than her.
    • In December 2018, Maaya – another 2015 inductee, three school years Saki's junior and having held her old student council position – went out with Saki. This time, Saki couldn't deny the height difference. Maaya put it this way in her diary about the event:
      Saki, your height and face haven't changed a bit, so now Maaya looks like the big sister LOL.
  • Pubescent Braces: Saki was the first member of Sakura Gakuin to have these, and they were removed halfway through her second year of middle school – she happily posted a diary about it in October 2014. That year's nendo test took place a couple months later.
  • Reclusive Artist:invoked After graduating Sakura Gakuin, she decided she wanted nothing more to do with show business, though she also said she would never stop singing – confirmed by younger members who have gone out with her. She rarely if ever attends SG live events and public photos of her as a JK are few and far between.
    • Much to fans' shock, she went to the Road To Graduation 2018 Final in March 2019. She's in the group photo next to Shirai (whose attendance was never in doubt).
  • Tagalong Kid: She was this to Nene her first year, as Nene was quick to point out in their joint introduction video, saying Saki often followed her around like a puppy. Nene didn't seem to mind, though, as she made herself Saki's Cool Big Sis.

Saki Shirai (白井 沙樹) 2013 - 2016

Subunit: School Store Club 2014-2016

Joined in 2013 with Aiko Yamaide. In 2015 she was appointed as the 3rd Talk Chairman.
  • In-Series Nickname: C-chan, Shirasaki, Shi-chan, C-tan, Shiita, OL (stands for Office Lady)
  • Promoted Fangirl:invoked She had been a fan of Sakura Gakuin from its beginning.
    • This is, of course, referenced in her Mezase! Super Lady verse, where her spoken line during her first two years was "Sakura Gakuin daisuki!!" ("I love Sakura Gakuin!").
  • Team Mom: Became this when an unprecedented six kouhai joined the group in 2015, some as young as 10.
    • She is one of the members most likely to attend performances following her own graduation. This is especially impressive when one remembers she doesn't live in or near Tokyo like most graduates (either due to work or because they're from the area to begin with), but rather returned to her hometown Niigata.
  • Second Place Is for Losers: She was visibly disappointed at placing second behind Megumi on nendo tests, and even broke into tears on the supposed second time (except it was revealed a minute later they had tied for first).
  • Trying Not to Cry: And she failed repeatedly. During her graduation ceremony, she could not keep it together at all through the last two songs.
    • In the 2015 nendo midterm test, she started crying when she thought Megumi had beaten her again (they were half a point apart in the previous year's test – a fact she recounted, causing Mori-sensei to ask, "Why do you remember that?!"). It turned out the two tied for first place on this test, but Saki couldn't stop the tears.
  • Younger Than She Looks: She stated in some diary entries that she was often mistaken for someone in her 20s despite being 15 or younger at the time. The reason she got the nickname "OL".
    • When Saki first joined Sakura Gakuin, they took several photos of her with fellow transfer Aiko. Aiko was 10 and looked it (if not younger). Saki was 12⅔ but looked older.
    • Her hairdresser in Niigata, who is known to photograph his clients, gets shots of her from time to time, including one shortly after her 18th birthday. While Saki appeared significantly closer to her actual age than during her SG years, one could easily have mistaken her for a college girl rather than a high school senior.

    Graduated in 2017
Sara, Mirena

  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Kind of
    • Red: Mirena - much more expressive and loud, always down to do some silly thing with the younger members
    • Blue: Sara - the quieter one out of the duo and initially posed quite a mystery for the other members and fans (although she became a lot more open and expressive as time went on)

Sara Kurashima (倉島 颯良) 2014 - 2017

Subunits: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2014-2015
Science Club (Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?) 2015-2017

Joined in 2014 with Megumi Okada. Appointed Student Council President in 2016
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Implied to be one frequently.
  • Competition Freak: It has been said by other members that she hates losing in anything.
  • Hereditary Curse: On a technicality. Sara did very well on her final nendo test (4th), but Mirena – the only other 9th-grader – placed first, so by default Sara was the worst-scoring senior just like Ayami, Suzuka, Moa, and Rinon before her.
  • In-Series Nickname: Kokeshi or Kokeshima (due to her trademark short hair which resembles a kokeshi doll's), Masala.
  • Little Miss Snarker: She has occasional moments like this, pointing out Twitter comments saying "Sara-chan is the real genius here" (a jab at Rinon) or just generally putting Mori down for forgetting her name at her transfer ceremony.
    • In February 2019, just before her 17th birthday, she messaged Megumi and Aiko (in that order) to tell them she looked forward to reading their birthday tweets to her. They both replied with messages that were simultaneously complimentary but also gave her a well-earned jab.
  • Memetic Hair:invoked Sara has pretty much always had her iconic bob hairstyle in some form, even as a child. It's one of the two things worked into her "Mezase! Super Lady" verses (the other being Mori-sensei getting her name wrong). She would often draw a caricature of her own head with "Kokeshi" written on the bangs.
  • Oblivious to Love: Although obviously not in the romantic way, it's been shown that she's quite clueless when it comes to other girls trying to show friendly affection towards her.
  • Old Shame:invoked She may consider her three years in Sakura Gakuin this, at least for the time being. While she recorded a message for Mori-sensei during the episode of FRESH! he had to host alone, she was the first graduate to stay with Amuse who purged Sakura Gakuin from her résumé entirely. This is evidently because Sara, known to be working to forge a career as a serious actress, found herself forced to deal with casting directors who are prejudiced against girls who were once Junior-Idols.
  • Stepford Smiler: Turned out to be one during Road To Graduation 2016. She kept it together beautifully throughout the entire performance. However, the documentary shows that the literal second Sara was off the stage and out of public view, she broke down crying into Aiko's arms.
  • Student Council President: The Sixth
    • Sara was the first president to have less time in the group than one of her juniors – Aiko joined the year before Sara did.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: Invoked at least twice. In addition to Mori-sensei forgetting her name during her debut, she said in her video message to him in March 2018 that she continued to hold a grudge for some of his teasing. Mori-sensei, for his part, had no idea his teasing had ticked her off so much and felt somewhat guilty. The whole thing was tempered by Sara then requesting he write a TV or film script for her.
  • Tomboy: In addition to that hair, she almost exclusively appears wearing shorts or generally boyish clothes in older pictures, although she did become more feminine during her three years in Sakura Gakuin.
    Megu: (talking about dedicating her song to Sara during an acapella class) "Back then you were Sara-chan in the shorts... But now you've turned into Sara-chan in the miniskirt in my eyes."
    • Averted somewhat after leaving Sakura Gakuin as she has been appearing in commercials and model shoots wearing skirts and full-length dresses.
  • Younger than She Looks: Born February 24th 2002 (about six weeks before her junior and co-initiate Megumi), she is as of 2019 just 17 years old. But due to her slightly above average height and her hair, she looks like a college girl.

Mirena Kurosawa (黒澤 美澪奈) 2015 - 2017

Subunit: Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2015-2017

Joined in 2015 along with Momoko, Maaya, Marin, Soyoka, and Kano. Appointed as MC chairman in 2016.

She has the unique distinction of being the only girl aside from the AM's – all founding members – to join as an 8th-grader (thus giving her only two years in the group).
  • But Now I Must Go: At the beginning of April 2019, Mirena opened a twitter account …and her first action was to explain why she allowed her contract with Amuse to lapse just as they were giving her a big push. Basically, she still wants to be an entertainer, but she felt concentrating on studies (she'd just started her final year of high school) was more important. This fits her M.O. described below.
    • Her contract expiring is the probable reason for her no-show at Road To Graduation 2018 and the 2019 Transfer Ceremony (she'd made both the previous year) – possible awkwardness with former managers. note 
  • Cool Big Sis: To just about all of the SG members who joined in 2015 or 2016, especially KYG.
    • She's made it abundantly clear through her actions that she really wishes she could have been in Sakura Gakuin for more than just two years. Since aging out in 2017, she has become one of the graduates most likely to attend live shows, and has guest starred on FRESH on at least three separate occasions – more than every other graduate combined.
  • Experienced Protagonist: By the time she joined she had been on many TV shows and had been modeling consistently for years. It's no surprise that she was the most confident in front of an audience and/or a camera out of the transfer students.
    • This even got acknowledged by Principal Kuramoto at the 2016 Nendo Graduation Ceremony, saying Mirena really didn't need to join the group, and he explicitly thanked her for it.
  • The Girl Behind The Girls: According to one of Saki Shirai's diaries, Mirena was the the mastermind behind the KYGs but, unlike them, she was able to immediately become well-behaved when needed in a class or practice.
  • In-Series Nickname: Mii-chan, Kurosawa-pro, P(u)rosawa
  • Seiyuu
    • Played Alice in Sanrio Characters PonPonJump
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Played devastatingly straight. Mirena is 152cm (4'11.84"), making her the 4th-shortest graduated member, and she was in the top three in every test she took.
  • The Smart Girl: In her first nendo test she placed third (Saki Shirai and Megumi tied for first) and in her last she knocked Megumi down to third. After Mori-sensei congratulated her for being the girl to finally take Megu's first place, Mirena immediately parlayed it into a bit of dark comedy by flipping Megu off just to rub it in.
    "First place is mine!"
  • Unusual Ears: Mirena's ears don't stick out like Suzuka's or Miku's (or even Maaya's), but they're still huge.

    Graduated in 2018
Megumi, Aiko, Momoko

Aiko Yamaide (山出 愛子) 2013 - 2018

Subunits: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2014-2015
Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2015-2018

Joined in 2013 with Saki Shirai. Appointed Vice President in 2016. Became Student Council President in 2017.

She is one of the very few members as of 2018 to be in Sakura Gakuin the maximum five years, and for four of those held the record as the youngest girl ever to debut. She also currently holds the record for longest official tenure in the group, at 1,785 days. Aiko holds a further Sakura Gakuin record with the highest number of diary posts, at 180.

Hails from Kagoshima in southwest Kyushu, and had the longest commute to work in the group of about 960km.
  • Asian Buck Teeth: Aiko revealed in one of her final diary entries before graduation that she had these and had been wearing braces to correct them – the clear removable kind, which she took out during performances and photoshoots. Her teeth look noticeably different during her "Ameri-chan" commercials.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: When she was inducted into Sakura Gakuin in May 2013, she was the only elementary schooler – a 5th-grader at that, meaning she was two years younger than the next-youngest girl (Rinon). She would remain the youngest and shortest of the bunch until May 2015, when four new elementary schoolers joined.
    • Aiko's first year overlapped with NHMR's last. Nene told her that two months from then Aiko would no longer fit this trope and would have to learn to be a good sempai. The next year's new members were Megumi and Sara, both of whom are older and taller than Aiko.
    • A number of photos from the 2013 Nendo show NHMR all acting the part of Aiko's Cool Big Sis, especially Raura, hugging and comforting the tiny girl. Aiko has returned the favour by attending live shows featuring Hinata and Raura. Meanwhile, Marina has attended at least one of Aiko's concerts.
  • Big Eater: Megumi has chastised her for her ice cream binges and Aiko has promised multiple times to cut back.
    • A not-insignificant number of photos on her Twitter and Instagram feeds are food and/or her eating it; be it dango, a doughnut, melon bread, etc. When followers got onto her for eating too much – Japan takes a very dim view on girls being overweight – Aiko declared that food which tastes good has no calories.
    • She also posted a LINE diary in May 2018 detailing a trip she took to Atami with her father. At least a third of the diary (and most of the photos) are about food – either what she ate, or the ice cream she wanted to eat but didn't and regretted it.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: One of her most distinguishing features, particularly when compared to most other Sakura girls, especially Megumi.
  • Catchphrase: "Jan-ken-pon, Aiko desho". note 
    • She often ended her diary entries with "♡15♡" (the numbers enclosed within a single heart) and did this long before her 15th birthday. It is a somewhat obscure pun on her given name, and she considers fifteen her "special number".
    • As of May 2018, she has declared the 15th of each month to be "Aiko Day".
      • Perhaps because of this, she posted the music video for her song "Smile" on August 15th 2018, one week before her single of the same name was set to go on sale. She also has a habit of using the 15th to host livestreams in which she'll announce a live show or single.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Has mentioned she's often told she looks like actress/model Mizuki Yamamoto.
    • For the record, Aiko does kind of look like her… except in the height department – Yamamoto is 167cm (5′5¾″) and Aiko is… much shorter.
  • Child Prodigy: Even by Sakura Gakuin standards she counts. Before joining, she had been performing and appearing on television for some time as "Ameri-chan", the mascot for an insurance company. She's also the only girl in SG history to have composed and performed her own music on stage …before she turned 15.
    • To put this in further perspective, she was given the go-ahead to begin her solo career at the age of 15½, just five months after her graduation from Sakura Gakuin.
  • Cool Big Sis: Aiko through her actions has insinuated she wants to be this to junior members. Even ones who joined after she graduated. Especially ones who joined after she graduated.
    • She was very much one to Miki.
  • Determinator: Many of her juniors pointed this out about Aiko in their own diaries. This was also on display in the behind the scenes footage of Sakura Gakuin Fest 2017 – Aiko had requested permission to play two of her piano compositions but, a week before the show, a sensei told her her work wasn't good enough to show to fans and said both her solos would be dropped. After a bout of frustration, she managed to improve enough to get her solos back onto the setlist.
    • Even after Sakura Gakuin, she's proved to be quite the workhorse – juggling school, music lessons, meetings with talent people, and a surprisingly active social media presence, plus releasing two singles within four months. Time will tell if she's able to keep all that up as her schooling intensifies.
  • Height Angst: She joined Sakura Gakuin at age 10, and during the five(!) years she was in the unit, she barely grew taller at all (okay, she actually grew nearly 8″, but still…). Her height is listed on Amuse's website as 151.1cm, or 4'11½". She can be pretty self-conscious about it.
    • While still in elementary school, she declared with confidence that she would grow to be 170cm (5'7") by the time she graduated high school. That's… not working out thus far to put it mildly.
    • In one of her final diary entries in March 2018, she recounted how nearly all of her juniors had outgrown her, including 5th-grader Miku (who was taller than her from the get-go and only grew from there). As Kano, the shortest girl from 2015 until 2017, had recently outgrown Aiko, the only members still shorter than her were Marin – exactly one year younger, and shorter by all of 2mm – and Miki, the other 5th grader. She finished off her entry by hoping neither of them passed her by the graduation show.
      • A few weeks later, at the start of her first year of high school, she had a mandatory checkup (this is a thing in Japanese schools), and was declared to be four millimeters shorter than her official listed height. She lamented on her Twitter account that she had shrunk. In reality, 4mm is well within the margin of error for measuring height – she didn't really shrink, but she certainly hadn't grown.
      • Added Context: Upon joining Sakura Gakuin in 2014 as a 6th-grader, Megumi wasn't that much taller than Aiko – in fact, Megu was about on par with Saki Ooga - two years her senior – at first, noticeably shorter than Sara (older than Megu by about six weeks). But over the next three years, Megu underwent a major growth spurt until, by the beginning of 2017, she had passed Sara to become the tallest Sakura girl. Momoko (three months younger than Aiko and eleven months younger than Megumi) also started out not much taller than Aiko and had a similar if less extreme growth spurt. Constantly being left behind gave Aiko a bit of a complex, leading to…
    • She has photographed herself wearing a pair of four-inch (or more) platform shoes.
      • In Summer 2018, she traveled to Okinawa and posted a photo of herself wearing platform sandals. The main question in fans' minds was where she would even manage to find shoes like that.
    • For Halloween 2018 she discovered, to her simultaneous amusement and horror, that she was still able to fit into her old Ameri-chan costume from when she was 8. Granted that red dress was oversized in 2011 but seven years later had become noticeably tight up-top, and had originally gone down to her knees but now barely went past her hips (it looked more like a long shirt). On her LINE blog, she declared that 2018 would be the last year she would be able to wear it because she would certainly be too tall by the next Halloween.
  • Hidden Depths: She's a very competent pianist in addition to her strong singing voice. Once this became known, they started letting her play at Sakura Gakuin live events.
    • In an early LoGiRL episode, Megumi said Aiko scored high on English proficiency exams – she had to speak English years earlier in her role as the mascot for American Home Direct insurance. Saki Ooga said the same thing in one of her diaries. However, Aiko rarely spoke it in Sakura Gakuin, which Mori-sensei was quick to point out. Shortly after her graduation from SG, Aiko used her Twitter feed to celebrate getting a perfect score on an English test. Her next English test didn't go as well, but she still earned a respectable score. She stated in a June 2018 livestream that she had come to enjoy learning English after getting tired of it for awhile in middle school.
    • Combining the above two traits, on her very first single, Aiko sings a cover of The Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More". She has a bit of an accent, but is still perfectly understandable.
  • Important Haircut: About a month after graduating Sakura Gakuin, Aiko cut her hair short. She gave several reasons for this – one was that she never had short hair before and wanted to try it, another is that she's a huge fan of The Professional (which she noted of in one of her diaries) and decided she needed a hairstyle as close to Mathilda's as her school would let her get away with. For Halloween 2018 she took some photos of herself in costume as Mathilda.
  • In-Series Nickname: Ai-chan. Megumi notably calls Aiko by her given name without any honorific.
  • Meaningful Name: Aiko invoked this on herself. Despite her given name being absurdly common, her parents specifically named her after then-Crown-Prince (now Emperor) Naruhito's only child Princess Aiko, who was also born on December 1st (one year earlier).
  • Odd Friendship: With Megumi. As Megu brings out Aiko's tsundere side (see below), it's often difficult to figure out what their relationship is.
    "I won't lose to you!" –said by Aiko and Megu to each other multiple times over four years
    • At the 2017 Sakura Gakuin Festival, an entire skit was built around their odd dynamic.
    • In some graduation interviews and later diaries, Aiko would gladly gush about Momoko but never even acknowledge Megumi. However, fans have come to believe at least one of Aiko's compositions, "Taisetsu na Kimi e" – a song about a strong but troubled friendship – is not-so-secretly about Megu.
      • For the record, Megumi thinks so too. She even asked Aiko to her face about it during an early FRESH episode. Aiko refused to give a straight answer.
    • Despite all this, she has said she was incredibly happy when Megumi joined the group and was quite surprised upon learning that fans took their feud a lot more seriously than they themselves did.
      • Aiko has been seen comforting Megumi when Megu is upset. She also snuggled Megumi during the infamous episode of LoGiRL where she, Megu, Sara, and Mirena wore kitty ears, twice telling Megu "Daisuki" ("I like you"). Megu, for her part, had no idea how to react except for a quiet, confused "Cute…?"
      • She's also been caught smiling when Megu hugs her during certain bits of choreography, notably in "FRIENDS".
    • In April 2018, Aiko was one of the first to wish Megumi a happy 16th birthday and declared that they needed to go to Tokyo Disneyland together.
      • Early on, Aiko would start any tweet made on a Monday morning with "O-ha~!!", the catchphrase for Oha Suta, where Megumi served as Monday's co-host at the time.
    • As the icing on the cake – or perhaps the syrup on the ice cream – Aiko evidently badgered Megumi into setting up a Twitter account, became her very first follower (which she bragged about), then broadcast Megu's social media presence to the world, catching Megu off-guard.
  • Singer-Songwriter: The first to come out of Sakura Gakuin, as noted above. After graduating, she began taking serious steps in this direction, releasing her first solo EP in August 2018, just five months after aging out of SG. Two months later she announced a second single to be released on her 16th birthday (December 1st).
    • She was already a budding one in Sakura Gakuin. "Taisetsu na Kimi e", "Futari Kotoba", and "Hirari Hirari" are all her own compositions. The latter was reworked for her first single.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Aiko comes from an extremely well-off family, which is how she's able to just… go to Okinawa (though that trip was part business; she met with her producer) or fly to Niigata to see Saki Shirai or visit Tokyo Disneyland multiple times or buy really fashionable clothes (though she also models them). Mori-sensei joked during the 2013 nendo test that Aiko surely knows who's on the ¥10,000 bill since "[she has] the most of them." Despite her wealth, she's known for being caring, humble, and very tough on herself.
    • She posted a tweet on 2018's Japanese Labor Day (November 23rd) explicitly thanking her father for all his hard work, which allowed her the freedom to pursue her own dreams.
  • Student Council President: The Seventh. She was the last to have worked with a majority of the 2010 members.
    • She was named Vice President in 2016 in recognition that she was technically senior to Sara. To date, no further members have held the title.
  • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: Has shown hints of this. She's definitely tiny (but don't tell her that).
    • Moa noted in one of her later diaries that Aiko often "played senior" to Megumi and Sara, even though Sara is a school year ahead and both are older & taller, due to Aiko's longer tenure in the group.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Ice cream.
    • Many times she vowed to her fans and/or Megu to cut back on her ice cream binges. Usually failed.
    • On her Twitter she posted a photo of herself holding two ice cream cones and asked her fans to guess what she did with them. Did she give one to her mother? Nope. She ate both of them!
      • In July 2018 she took a trip to Okinawa (which for historical reasons has heavy American influence) and tried some American foods. She was intrigued by the concept of a "float" – vanilla ice cream with root beer or cola poured over it, ubiquitous in much of the USA but unknown in Japan – and wondered if she should have tried one.
    • She declared in September 2018 that "Ice Cream is Justice" after going on a rant about being unable to find a popular brand that had temporarily halted production.
    • This is the Official Logo for Aiko's fledgling solo career – a microphone that looks like an ice cream cone… or vice versa. One cannot envision a more fitting representation for Aiko.
  • Tsundere: Especially towards Megumi.
    • A good example is the 2014 Nendo Test (Megumi's first). Aiko and Megu can be seen holding hands as they enter the classroom. Within an hour, the two are trash-talking each other in front of the cameras after Megu scored first place.
      • Shortly after that, in LoGiRL Episode 9 (the finale broadcast for Yui, Moa, Hana, and Yunano) during the hengao competition, Megumi stealthily took hold of Aiko's hand. Aiko reacted by looking over to Megumi in confusion and minor annoyance… but didn't immediately pull her hand away.
    • During the 2015 Nendo Test, Aiko was in utter shock to have scored fifth: high for her. Megumi, who had once again come in first, held out her hands to give Aiko five in congratulations. Aiko began to return the gesture but then pulled her hands back at the last second – a rising slide whistle sound effect was added in post to punctuate this. Megu immediately cried out, "何で?" ("Why??").
  • You Talk Too Much: Towards the end of Road To Graduation 2017 FINAL, when the juniors were giving their farewell speeches to Megumi, Momoko, and herself, Aiko began to look noticeably agitated and started motioning for everyone to hurry it up. Her own final message to the audience was spoken at a mile a minute. Worth noting Aiko does not normally act like this.
    • The most likely reason for Aiko's actions is that someone backstage informed her the show was running behind schedule. That's a bad thing because the show started around 5pm and Japanese labor law forbids children of compulsory education age (i.e. 9th grade and below) to work past 8pm – other members have mentioned the legal curfew during SG's weekly livestreams. Better to rush and end your final show on your own terms than risk a legally mandated shutdown or people getting in trouble.

Megumi Okada (岡田 愛) 2014 - 2018

Subunits: Baton Club (Twinklestars) 2014-2015
Science Club (Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?) 2015-2017

Joined in 2014 with Sara Kurashima. 4th Talk Chairman
  • Catchphrase: "M-S-R, Megu, Shitteru, Shitteru!" (MSR, Megu knows, she knows)
  • Covert Pervert: During one of her first LoGiRL appearances, she said that Hana Taguchi sometimes touched her butt. And she liked it. When Mori-sensei called her on it, she insisted she wasn't in love, but merely liked the feeling of having her butt touched (by another girl).
  • Cuddle Bug: During the infamous segment where several girls wore cat ears, she grabbed Mirena's arm and rubbed her cheek on Mirena's shoulder (Mirena stared at the camera, confused). She's also been known to attempt to cuddle Aiko.
    • Megumi has always been very upfront about her fondness for Aiko, insisting in an early 2018 interview that she considers their relationship "ラブラブ。" ("Lovey-dovey"). Aiko's response… varies.
  • Freudian Slip: On an early FRESH episode, Megu offhandedly referred to Aiko as sempai. Mori-sensei immediately called her on it.
    • Note that Aiko is in the same grade as Megu and eight months younger – Aiko's only claim to that honorific is her joining SG a year earlier, but even then members mostly call each other [x]-chan regardless of seniority.
  • Girly Girl: She has been known to wear kitty ears and speak like a cat. She's also known to prefer skirts and dresses in real life – by contrast, Aiko often wears overalls or blue jeans if she's not modeling or performing.
  • Height Angst: You wouldn't expect it from a girl who was, at 163.8cm (5'4½"), the tallest of the 2016 and 2017 classes and to-date the sixth-tallest graduate, but she wrote in one of her diaries of her worry that Soyoka, two years younger and seeming to grow taller by the day, would pass her by graduation. As of Summer 2019, Soyo is still at least 2cm shorter.
    • In June 2019 she publicly wished Miku Tanaka, who had broken 160cm/5'3" the previous year, a happy 13th birthday but ended with "Don't get too tall".
      • Not long after, she mentioned that she had been measured at 165cm (5'5") but for whatever reason would not be updating her billed height. Still worried about Miku outgrowing her.
    • As noted by Sara, Megumi had actually been somewhat short for her age (the photos and video from around the time she debuted in 2014 show she was nearly a head shorter than Sara), only ~6cm taller than Aiko, until partway through her first year of Sakura Gakuin when she hit a growth spurt that did not stop until she graduated – she is now nearly 14cm taller than Aiko.
  • In-Series Nickname: Megu-chan, MG, Ojousan (a play on the word for young ladies, ojou-san, with the jou replaced with the kanji for 'castle')
    • Aiko zigzags, even within a single paragraph, using Megu-chan or just Megu without honorific. On twitter she uses "Megu" exclusively to save space.
  • Insult Backfire: In an early LoGiRL episode, 6th-grader Megumi answered an idiom question she didn't know with Momotaro. Then this exchange happened:
    Mori: "Momotaro?! What are you, Okada? An elementary schooler?"
    Megumi: "I am, actually."
    Mori: {silence}
  • Proud to Be a Geek: She's a huge history geek, so much so that she wrote Oda Nobunaga-sama as an answer in the 2014 class test. She also frequently wrote diary entries about the castles she visited. This includes her final diary entry in which she described the castle in her hometown.
    • During an episode of morning kids' TV show Oha Suta – for which she acted as assistant host on Mondays from September 2017 until March 2019 – the guests were a Girl Group from Nagoya. Megumi happens to also be from Nagoya, and showed off a picture she drew of Nagoya Castle while wearing a headdress that looked like the roof of a traditional keep.
    • Turns out Japan has a "Castle Certification Test" with multiple levels. Yes, she has taken it, and she lists her certification on her official artist page.
    • In mid-2019 she appeared on a television show hosted by Airi about young people with "unusual" interests to talk about castles. A couple months earlier she was on a different TV special about castles.
    • According to her Twitter, her idea of a fun weekend activity (other than castles) is visiting a science museum.
      • She also enjoys meteorology (she was in "Logica?" for a couple years), and often read the weather report on Oha Suta. Megu has expressed a desire to become a weather-girl.
    • During an outing in April 2019, Aiko visited a museum where she got the chance to dress in samurai gear. Unsurprisingly, she immediately thought of Megumi and apparently bought her a birthday gift from the place.
  • Second Place Is for Losers: Megu was very proud to score first place in the Nendo tests three times, including her very first one as a sixth grader… and extremely unhappy the one time she lost to Mirena. Well, Mirena flipping Megumi off probably didn't help. If looks could kill…
    • Also losing to Momoe, a newcomer two years her junior, didn't help either. At the end of the video, as Momoe is talking about her experience, Megumi runs up and shoves her out of the way so she can complain to the camera. Granted Megu was smiling as she ran into frame, obviously half-joking.
    • In her senior year, she experienced this once more. Even when she hoped to finally beat Momoe, she ultimately tied for second with Tsugumi.

Momoko Okazaki (岡崎 百々子) 2015- 2018

Subunits: Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2015 - 2018
Science Club (Kagaku Kyumei Kikoh Logica?) 2016 - 2017

Joined in 2015 with Mirena, Maaya, Marin, Soyoka, and Kano.

Ganbare! Chairman in the 2017 nendo.

With a birthday on March 3rd, she holds the record as the youngest Sakura girl to age out naturally, turning 15 just three weeks before her graduation.

Momoko decided to leave entertainment after graduating Sakura Gakuin in order to prepare to spend at least one year of high school abroad. She returned in style, appearing as one of the (theoretically nameless) 'Avengers' to fill Yui's slot in Babymetal.
  • Class Clown: Doesn't help that she scored absurdly poorly on all her tests in Sakura Gakuin.
  • Cunning Linguist: Decided she wanted to become one after graduating Sakura Gakuin. Following her departure, several of her fellow members mentioned they looked forward to seeing a Momoko fluent in a second language.
    • Sakura Gakuin's tweet on Momoko's 16th birthday said much the same thing.
    • During Sakura Gakuin Festival 2017, Momoko poked fun at Aiko's past as Ameri-chan, repeating the very first line Aiko said as the mascot – "Nice to meet you. I am Amelie of American Home Direct. I'm glad to meet you." – and it came off as Surprisingly Good English. Some of the other girls looked surprised Momoko was able to sound better at English than Aiko.
  • The Ditz: As mentioned above, she invariably placed at or near the bottom in the nendo tests. Her first year-end test, where she placed 9th, she vowed to Mori-sensei that come the next year-end test she would place fifth, prompting a rebuke from him. What Actually Happened 
  • Even the Girls Want Her: When the 2017 grads were asked which SG member they would most like to go out with, Aiko chose Momoko without hesitation, saying she didn't care if she (Aiko) was a boy or a girl; getting to be on the town with "Momotaro" was enough.
    • Megumi and Maaya have said much the same about Momoko. She and Maaya were especially close.
  • Genki Girl: As one would expect from the girl who openly admitted she was part of "KYG".
  • In-Series Nickname: Mou-tan, Momotaro, Zakioka, Moko-chan
  • It Runs in the Family: Momoko is the daughter of Japanese comedian Mitsuteru Okazaki, better known as Hanamaru Hakata (one half of the duo "Hanamaru-Daikichi Hakata"). No shock then Momoko tended to comedy …even when her jokes tended to fall flat.
  • Promoted Fangirl:invoked When asked early on which club Momoko wanted to join if given the chance, she replied "Juonbu" – a.k.a the Heavy Music Club a.k.a Babymetal. Fast forward a few years and she suddenly appears as Babymetal's Third Avenger.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Umeboshi (dried pickled plums)

    Graduated in 2019
Marin, Yuzumi, Maaya

Maaya Asou (麻生 真彩) 2015 - 2019

Subunits: Go Home Club (sleepiece) 2015-2017

Joined in 2015 with Marin, Momoko, Soyoka, Kano, and Mirena.

2nd Education Chairman in 2017 nendo. Talk Chairman in 2018 nendo.
  • Animal Motifs: She's usually associated with cats, partly because she frequently draws a cat-like character she calls Maaya-mark in her diaries and partly because of one particular Halloween ad for Ciào in which she was wearing cat ears.
    • Kokona declared that, in the zoo that is Sakura Gakuin, Maaya was a rabbit. When used as part of her signature, Maaya-mark looks more like a rabbit.
  • Butt-Monkey:invoked Tended to end up with the short end of the stick, especially during live broadcasts.
    • During the lead-up to the regular 2015 nendo test, she was the first of the new arrivals to enter – the returnees at that point were in on the joke – and was treated to the full force of Mori-sensei jumping out and screaming in her face. She fell over from the shock.
      • Happened again at the 2018 test (in January 2019). When Mori-sensei pulled the dokkiri on the girls, Maaya fell out of her chair.
    • At the 2017 Transfer Ceremony, upon learning that new arrival Miki also knew how to play with the kendama, Maaya tried to show off a new trick she'd been working on: the "Maaya Special" …and failed. She asked to try again but Mori refused, reminding her they were in the middle of the Transfer Ceremony so one-upping the tiny ten-year-old would be bad form.
    • The 3rd episode of FRESH involved, at Aiko's request, a lesson on how to do a televised food review. While the other three girls tried interesting dishes, Maaya got shredded daikon. That's typically used as a palette cleanser and isn't meant to have much if any taste. When asked about it, all she could reply was, "It's white."
    • Her love of red pickled ginger (see below) was used to give Maaya the opportunity to try a blind test – the producers brought some from three popular chains and Maaya attempted to identify each chain by the taste of the ginger. She failed all three.
  • Cuddle Bug: There aren't too many members she won't try to hug. This includes Yuzumi both before and (eventually) after the teachers chose Yuzu for 8th President over her.
  • Genki Girl: As expected from the "middle child" of KYG.
    • When the 2015 initiates were introduced at the Transfer Ceremony, the big-screen at the back posted a photo of the girl being introduced. While the other five girls gave a simple smile to the camera (even Kano), Maaya's photo shows her posing while flashing a big toothy smile and double peace signs.
    • She briefly lost her genki immediately after she was rejected for Class President. She would eventually regain it.
    • She had a habit of sticking her tongue out the side of her mouth during photos.
      • When Kokona, in front of Maaya and facing away, said that her original impression of Sakura Gakuin before joining was one of elegance, Maaya did everything she could not to bust out laughing, including biting down on her tongue.
  • Hidden Purpose Test: Maaya was given one and failed. In 2017, Kuramoto put her on the Student Council (the only 8th grader to get a position, which upset Marin) – Education Chairman – telling her to her face that he did so despite knowing she was the girl least suited for the job, but expressed hope that in teaching others she could also teach herself. It is generally believed by fans that this was Kuramoto's way of judging whether she was fit to be Class President the next year. Clearly, she was not, as he and the other teachers passed her over in favor of Yuzumi. Aiko wrote shortly after that she was shocked by how it all turned out.
    • Sakura Gakuin Festival 2018 used this as the basis for the annual seniors' mini-drama.
  • In-Series Nickname: Maa-chan, sometimes Maanyan by fans and the other members.
  • Promoted Fangirl:invoked She was a fan of the group before becoming a member.
    • In one of her earliest diaries in 2015, she wrote about how, shortly after she had joined the Amuse Kids as a second-grader, she saw the original dozen members (2011 nendo) of Sakura Gakuin perform and was blown away. She wrote them a fan letter and received a reply from Suzuka. Later, she got to meet several members, most of whom would be gone by the time she joined. But she met Mirena, who was also part of the 2015 intake.
    • When in September 2015, Mori-sensei popped out of nowhere to announce a surprise midterm, the other newcomers were confused as to what he was talking about, but Maaya said she had seen some of the earlier tests and had a pretty good idea what to expect. She still didn't place very high.
    • She stated in July 2017, shortly after the video release of Road To Graduation 2016 (which she had been a part of), that she bought it the day it came out. Mori-sensei gave her a quizzical look, asking her, "You bought it?" the implication being that as a member she probably could have gotten a copy for free if she had wanted.
  • Stepford Smiler: In her farewell diary, Maaya declared herself one during the first half of the 2018 nendo after she was passed over for President. She couldn't understand how or why she was deficient and, as she put it, threw up a wall between herself and Yuzumi (and Marin) for a few months, although no one on the outside noticed because she still acted like her usual happy self. The wall began to crack during filming the FRESH Summer Break Special and shattered completely while rehearsing with Yuzu for Sakura Gakuin Festival 2018.
    • A less serious version happened on the first Maaya's FRESH! Lonely Monday. As she was speaking to the camera, sporting her usual grin, she said…
      "Usually we do the show with four members and Mori-sensei, but Maaya is alone today. I feel very helpless. Someone save me, please. I feel really helpless."
  • Tender Tears: She can be emotional.
    • During Road To Graduation 2015, once it actually came time for the junior members to speak to the graduating seniors, Maaya could not keep it together at all, reduced to Inelegant Blubbering. She also cried two years later when she had to say goodbye to her buddy Momoko.
    • She had a similar if far more controlled breakdown when she was passed over for eighth president.
    • Watching her graduation in March 2019, it's obvious for the entire second half of the show she's doing everything in her power to keep from collapsing into a bawling puddle. She does a better job of it than Yuzumi (which isn't saying much), but she still had to use her handkerchief during Kano's souji and Kuramoto's message.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Red Pickled Ginger (benishouga)
  • Verbal Tic: Tends to say "yay" a lot.

Marin Hidaka (日髙 麻鈴) 2015 - 2019

Subunits: Cooking Club (Mini-Pati) 2015-2018

Joined in 2015 with Maaya, Momoko, Soyoka, Kano, and Mirena.

Hamidase! Chairman in 2018 nendo.
  • Animal Motifs: Cats. She owns a cat named Charles whom she has been known to doodle and often wrote about in her (rare) diaries. During one of her final episodes of FRESH!, she did a spot-on cat impression.
  • Bilingual Bonus: She speaks English. Mori-sensei does not. She would use this to her advantage.
    • During one episode of FRESH!, he was having the girls do something while counting down, prompting Megumi to complain that he was distracting. Cue Marin telling him, in English, to "Shut up!"
  • Bookworm: She said she reads around 10 books a month, and wants to read all of the books in her school's library in 3 years.
    • Other girls have talked about how she often reads novels via her phone.
  • Catchphrase: "Hidaka no taka wa hashigodaka!" - "The taka (高) in Hidaka is the 'ladder taka'(髙)" (the two kanji have the same meaning, but Marin's family name uses the archaic 'ladder variant').
    • "It's a dream!" (in English, of course) from Mezase! Super Lady
    • "It's a telepathy…" also from "Mezase! Super Lady", followed by the song and lights glitching out.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: In two languages, no less.
    • One nonverbal example on SG's Twitter from April 2018 showed her in a photo with Miki, Tsugumi, Maaya, and Momoe. They were all giving V Signs (a big thing with Asian girls in general and Japanese girls in particular); Marin instead held up three fingers (a W-sign?). No one knows why.
    • When Kokona, in her first FRESH episode, said that she liked talking about fairies and aliens with Marin, the other girls on set had a laugh about it. This included Maaya, who thought the whole thing was childish, leading Mori-sensei to interject:
      Mori: "She's in the same grade as you, you know." note 
      Maaya: "Oh. Right."
  • Cuddle Bug: To the point she became visibly upset when newcomer Sana didn't hug her during Sana's first appearance on FRESH.
    Mori: "Shiratori is very attached to Shintani. Doesn't that make the rest of you upset?"
    Marin: (pouting) "Yes!"
    Mori: "Shiratori, hug Hidaka."
    [Sana does so; Marin smiles]
  • Cunning Linguist: Compared to the other girls, she's really good at English especially considering her almost-flawless pronunciation. Surprisingly, as noted in her verse in the 2017 version of "Mezase Super Lady", as of this edit she has never been outside of Japan.
    • In 2019 she gave her first ever solo interview to the bilingual site Tokyo Girls Update and, according to the introduction, it was conducted entirely in English. note  During this interview, she mentioned that she had been part of an English-language performance group early in elementary school.
  • Gratuitous English: Correct English, but gratuitous nonetheless. In her first year-end test, where she scored above the average, she yells "I did it!!" (and, as noted below, had to translate for Mori-sensei). The next year, her score dropped and she cried out "Why?!?" as she went back to her seat.
    • She rarely wrote diaries, but when she did, an English sentence or two would often be included.
  • Hidden Depths: Though her English skill is touted constantly, less known is her ability to play guitar. She did so on an episode of FRESH! whilst singing a song (in English, natch).
  • In-Series Nickname: Marin-rin, Mafin/Muffin, HidaMari (meaning 'sunny spot'), Hideki (by Maaya)
  • Irony: Marin was, at least publicly, the least communicative Sakura Girl during her time in the group, her diaries being few and far between. Yet she was the first (and thus far only one) of the 2018 class to set up a twitter account, though it was made clear at the outset her feed would mostly be staff tweets like Airi's account (as opposed to personal yet professional like Aiko, Megumi, Hinata, Marina, etc.).
  • Ms. Imagination: She's arguably the nuttiest Sakura girl since Marina graduated.
    • Photos from preparation for the 2018 Transfer Ceremony show her apparently using her fairy powers to levitate chairs, balls, Miki, etc.
    • Her insanity apparently rubbed off on 2018 initiate Kokona, who revealed in her introductory FRESH! episode that she discussed fairies and aliens with Marin.
  • Running Joke: Her tendency to space out and her generally wild imagination has led to people saying she can talk to fairies, along with skits involving her reading the mind of the audience or Mori-sensei, and even turning off the lights in the venue.
    • Taken to its natural extreme in the 2018 Transfer Ceremony where Mori trolled everyone by saying there were zero new transfers. Cue Marin stopping time on stage to talk to the audience by herself as she slowly approached the "frozen" Mori and revealed the actual number of new transfers (three).
  • Surprisingly Good English: She's heavily hinted she has an uncle who is a native English speaker and a bilingual cousin, which is likely how she picked it up and why her pronunciation is nearly flawless.
    • For one a capella performance, she covered Judy Garland's version of "Over The Rainbow"; it is very difficult to tell English isn't her native language. She was only the second girl in SG history to do an entirely English song for that exercise.
      • At her final Archaeology Of Song in March 2019, she sang "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. This time, she had difficulty and tripped over one of the verses. In Marin's defense, Idina Menzel herself has noted how difficult a song it is. Also, Marin took full advantage of being a natural soprano and let out some glorious high notes.
    • Her verse in "Mezase Super Lady" makes note of her English skills and her spoken lines are in English. She was also given most of the English phrases in later performances of "Song For Smiling". In 2018, when "Wonderful Journey" came back into rotation, she was given the line originally spoken by Marina: "Thank you very much!!". It's easy to tell Marin's the one saying it because the pronunciation is perfect.
    • During the 2015 nendo midterm test, her first, she placed right smack in the middle. Upon collecting her sheet, this happened…
      Mori: "So you scored in between the returnees and the transfers."
      Marin: (in English) "I DID IT!!" (jumps around happily)
      Mori: "What did you say?"
      Marin: (in Japanese) "Dekita." note 
      Mori: "Dekita?" (in 'English') "Ai duee– I deed it. I did it! You did it!"
    • This exchange during the introduction of the two new girls for the 2017 Nendo (Miki and Miku) when Marin learns Miki has also been learning English.
      Marin: (in English) "Hey Miki. mm, What would you do if attacked by an Alien when you're sleeping?"
      [sparse audience laughter; some girls onstage smirk; Miki smiles]
      Miki: (in English) "I will hide under the desk."
      Mori: "Amazing! So cool! Hidaka, what did you ask her?"
      Marin: (in Japanese) "I asked her what she would do if attacked by an alien while sleeping."
      Mori: "What kind of question is that?!"
      [audience laughter]
    • In Episode 35 of FRESH!, she picked up a guitar and sang an adapted-to-English by her version of the song "Identity". Well, the first verse and chorus anyway. She stated in one of her rare diaries that she spent a long time working to maintain the song's feel, and consulted with her uncle on the translation.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: She can mimic one and plays it for comedy. It's the standard look she gives when channelling her ESP powers.

Yuzumi Shintani (新谷 ゆづみ) 2016 - 2019

Subunits: Art Club (trico dolls) 2018 - 2019

Joined in 2016 with Tsugumi and Momoe.

Named Student Council President for the 2018 nendo.
  • Animal Motifs: Yuzu is often compared to an otter. She does kind of look like one, minus the whiskers of course. Her unique way of clapping when she's excited only furthers the comparison.
  • Arcadia: Yuzu's been known to describe her home as one of these.
  • Country Mouse: She's from Wakayama, one of the least populous prefectures in Japan (less than a million people). As nearly every other member comes from a highly urbanized area, Yuzu gets called "Country Girl". She has talked in diaries about how going back to her home revitalizes her, and that she enjoys picking vegetables for her grandmother to cook for dinner. At the same time, she openly questions if spending so much time in Tokyo means that the big city has rubbed off on her.
    • She has played this for comedy. During the 2018 Transfer Ceremony, when Mori-sensei said that the specialty of one of the transfers was an Olympic sport (it was Kokona and sprinting), Yuzu declared the new girl was an expert in "Mountain Herb Hunt" – i.e. vegetable gathering, her own talent – and then proceeded to demonstrate the "sport" much to everyone's confusion. Naturally, Mori-sensei immediately mocked her.
  • Cuddle Bug: Several behind-the-scenes photos show her hugging or snuggling up to one of the other members from behind, often Maaya or Tsugumi.
    • She's very close to Miku due to their time together as part of Ciào Smiles.
    • Sana Shiratori, during her first FRESH appearance, cuddled up to Yuzu several times during the episode, to the point Momoe and (especially) Marin became visibly annoyed.
  • Even the Subtitler Is Stumped: One time when Yuzu was trying to read some promotional copy for Ciào, she flubbed it repeatedly. According to the subtitles, what she was supposed to say was "肩たたきツアーがサンクトペテルブルグで", but the second half of the line ended up as "サンペテフル△%$÷♂…" before the screen finally declared "なんだって?" (Flat "What").
  • In-Series Nickname: Yuzu, Yuzumin, Akiko; Zumin or Zu by Momoe; the official twitter of Ciào Smiles once called her Tsun-chama.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: As noted above, she comes from Wakayama – due south of Osaka – so jokes sometimes involve her accent. Even when using Standard vocabulary, she speaks with a noticeable lilt characteristic of Kansai.
  • She Really Can Act:invoked After graduating Sakura Gakuin, Yuzu decided to take the "serious actor" path, and within months played a small role in a film (alongside Marin) and featured in a couple of commercials, including one where she sings.
    • Her acting chops were on full display at Sakura Gakuin Festival 2017 and especially 2018. The latter is described below.
    • invoked Her sketches from the Sakurademy Awards in both years – she won 2017 and lost in a squeaker to Marin in 2018 – are pure hilarity because she had absolutely zero qualms about getting up into Momotaro's or Maasuke's face to play up some technical Les Yay get them to crack.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The kana "づ" can be transliterated into Latin letters no fewer than three different ways, all of which are technically correct, so her name runs into this. She spells it "Yuzumi", and that's the spelling used in promotional materials as well, but her official profile on Amuse's site uses the Nihon-shiki variant "Yudumi".
  • Student Council President: The Eighth.
    • She has mentioned that at her real-life schools, she had indeed served on the student council and been class representative. This is probably part of the reason why she was chosen for the position at Sakura Gakuin over Maaya or Marin.
      • It's also reflected in her verse in "Mezase! Super Lady". Her first two years, her spoken line had her do the traditional call-to-attention and bow, usually the prerogative of Class Representative.
    • Although she is the oldest of her class by age, Yuzu is the first President to completely break the seniority system – fellow seniors Maaya and Marin, as well as juniors Soyoka and Kano, had all been in the group longer than her. All four were given Student Council positions to back her up.
  • Tender Tears: She had a lot of difficulty holding it together when Aiko, Megumi, and Momoko graduated.
    • She could not keep it together at her own graduation. From the actual graduation section to the end of the show, she was in tears the entire time. To her credit, she was still able to sing her solos for "Tabidachi no Hi ni", which some past graduates have failed to do.
    • During the Seniors' skit at Sakura Gakuin Festival 2018, Yuzumi yells at Maaya that Maaya should have been Class President instead. If those tears aren't at least somewhat real, then Yuzu is one hell of an actress.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Umeboshi (dried pickled plum)
    • She's also known to like vegetables and fish, especially if she gathered them herself.


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