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As a group of elementary- to junior-high-aged girls who are explicitly encouraged to be themselves, it's only natural that Sakura Gakuin would have more than its fair share of hilarious moments over the years.

This page will be organized by Nendo (Japanese school year), and will of course be expanded as the group continues and archival footage is drudged up.


  • Sakura Gakuin's debut at the first Tokyo Idol Festival. In addition to Ayaka barking like a dog (her Old Shame), Nene broke the flow of the girls' introductions when she responded to someone calling her name, then was unable to get through her speech without laughing.
    • Suzuka's discussion of her "charm point" is, perhaps unbeknownst to her, the height of Understatement.
      "My charm point is my ears that stick out a little."
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  • The behind-the-scenes of one classroom skit contains this.
    Mori: "Are you all nervous?"
    Moa: "No."
    Mori: "Of course not. The one who's most nervous is—"
    Moa: "—Sensei."
    Mori: "Sensei. Right."
  • During the very first Nendo Test, right after Mori-sensei hands out the papers and leaves the room, one girl makes this outburst upon seeing the questions:
    "What the hell is this?!"
    • Also during this test, before the girls start working in earnest, the camera folks are roaming around the room. They come upon Moa (who else?), who had just seen the "Name this person" question with the famous photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue, so of course she tried to copy his expression for the camera.
    • Speaking of that Einstein question, Ayami got it wrong; she wrote 「エジプト人」.



  • Rinon proved her… unusual nature in her first introduction to the original ten girls in February 2011, and it would only get weirder from there.
    "I'm Rinon Isono. Fourth grade. Ten years old. I'm first place in my class at jump-rope."
    • A few months later during one of the Open Classes, the girls have a jump-rope competition and Rinon fails to even get past 1.
    • At one point someone was crazy enough to give her a camera and she took the opportunity to get up in Suzuka's face to interrupt her with an Incredibly Lame Pun – she said 「スウなんだ」 (Suu na’nda, or "It's Su") instead of the normal 「そうなんだ」 (Sou na’nda - "I see"). Suzuka herself reacted with a big smile and it sounds like she kissed the camera.
  • The entire behind-the-scenes of the second Twinklestars music video "Please! Please! Please!". A lot of its humor comes from Moa – either messing with the other girls, admitting she only practiced for five minutes a day yet calling herself one of the best twirlers, then at the very end realizing her height versus her goal and praying to the gods to grow taller.
  • The second Nendo Test features Ayami breaking into happy-tears because she didn't come in last again. However, Mori-sensei was quick to needle her, and Ayami's perfect comic timing just makes it better.
    Ayami: "Oh, it's great…!"
    Mori: "It's rather pathetic, actually."
    Ayami: "Eh?"
    Mori: "Last year you were last, and the only reason you weren't last again this time is because the transfer students are here. Wai— are you crying?"
    Ayami: "It's because I'm so happy!"
    • This test also had one of the rare questions NO ONE got right. While the extant English translation for this test (no official translations exist for any Sakura Gakuin material) is middling at best, the question seemed to ask, "What are the two methods of breathing?" and the answers were "Lungs" and "Skin". Most likely the question would have made more sense in English with the answers being "Respiration" and "Perspiration". Regardless, Ayami answered "Gills" and tried to justify it using a bit of whacked-out evolutionary biology. Mori-sensei told Ayami she had the brain of a fish, then informed the class that Moa had written the same wrong answer. Cue Moa running across the room to hug Ayami.
    • Suzuka had a couple of ditz moments during this test too.
      • She answered the question "What is Power-Udon" by taking 'power' literally and basically describing a martial artist cook. When Mori-sensei asked Su to explain, she went off on a Motor Mouth rant lasting at least thirty seconds (accompanied in the video by helpful onscreen text) that managed to make even less sense than her original answer. At the end, all Mori-sen could say was, "You sure can talk a lot."
      • Another question was how many of the 12 members had the "grass" radical (艹) somewhere in their name. The answer was 8, but Su wrote 2. What got Mori-sen about this one was that Su had written down the other members' names (although she misspelled Ayaka's name). He counted the radicals off but only found seven. Hinata can then be heard pointing out that Moa's name was missing. Mori-sen then proceeded to have a field day with it, gleefully ripping Su to shreds that she'd forgotten her own club partner. Then Moa shut him down.
      Moa: "It's okay, Su-chan! I still love you!" (runs across the room to hug her)
      Su: (glares at Mori-sen) "Hora! HORA!" {tr: "See this? SEE THIS??"}
  • At the end of the very first Road To Graduation Final on March 25th 2012, as the other girls are crying over the departures of Ayami, Ayaka, and Airi (except Su, who is Trying Not to Cry), Rinon sends the seniors off with an oddly cheerful, "I know we only had one year together, but it was fun. Thank you." The entire theatre bursts into laughter at Rinon's Mood Whiplash moment.
  • Also at the graduation: Suzuka, as the only soon-to-be senior and thus as far as the senseis were concerned heir apparent to the Presidency, gave the traditional touji speech to the 3AMs. When it was time for Ayami to come up (flanked by Airi and Ayaka) to give the souji speech, she approached the microphone, realized it was at eye-level for her and then, with a resigned smirk on her face, adjusted the mic stand downward a few inches; it audibly creaked when she did. Her perfect timing caused everyone, including Ayaka and Airi, to bust a gut.


  • All of the "Introduce A Member" segments are funny, but some highlights include.
    • Saki Ooga saying that Nene bit her on the head (and Nene's guilty reaction).
    • Suzuka and Mariri playing a game of rock-paper-scissors to see who'd go first but forgetting to decide that before the game. Also, Suzuka's introduction is edited several times, suggesting she went on one of her Motor Mouth digressions. She apologized for talking too much.
    • Rinon insisting on her own cleverness, with an assist (in English) from Hinata, after Raura complimented Rinon's doing things her own way.
    • Yui's retort to Hinata's comment on her height (keep in mind this was before Yui finally hit her growth spurt).
      Yui: "So, Hii-chan. What did you think when you first met Yui?"
      Hinata: "I thought you were so short and cute."
      Yui: (beat) "I'm not short but thank you."
  • The Yui + Moa Saku-Saku segments. One showed them doing Moa's "Fried Bread" dance (cue shouts of "Kawaii!" from the folks behind the camera). Another featured Yui angsting about her height – this was during the year-plus period where Moa was taller than Yui and lorded it over her.
    • It is a bit karmic knowing in hindsight that Yui turned out to be a (very) late-bloomer and would, by the end of their time in Sakura Gakuin and especially in post-SG Babymetal, be noticeably taller than Moa.
  • This was the year the Science Club Logica? debuted (you can tell because Rinon still has a bowtie), and the KKKL? single came with a video segment of the girls attempting to answer science questions from Jiro the Robot Inquisitor. Given that the club's members consisted of a Genki Girl (Hinata), a Cloud Cuckoolander (Marina), and a Genius (Rinon), it does not go well.
    • Rinon keeps making up shorthand nicknames for things instead of writing them out because she thinks the truncation is "cuter". Though in her defense, most people at first glance - especially a 6th-grader - wouldn't know what Deoxyribonucleic Acid is to suss out its more famous acronym (DNA).
    • Marina's explanation of the heliocentric theory devolves into her proposing the existence of a senary star system because she felt that would make our Sun happier – "A Miracle Sun Situation".
    • Marina also decides to answer a couple questions she doesn't know the answer to with answers she pulled out of her brain that are complete gibberish, reducing the "robot" Jiro to laughter.
  • This year had the Nendo Test where Suzuka coined the term "Delorean" for optical discs. Also "Harry-san".
    • It also featured Rinon accidentally writing her real class instead of just her grade.
      Mori: "Sixth Grade, Class 4?? Since when do we have four classes for Grade 6? Where are the other three classes?"
  • The other eleven girls decide that part of Suzuka's Appreciation Party would involve a parody of her favorite song "Marshmallow Iro no Kimi tó". Most of the altered lines are essentially the girls pointing out just how much of a dork Suzuka is. Su, naturally, loved it.
    • On the day of the party, Mori-sensei calls her in to his office (or an office), chides her to her face, then gives her a very abstract map to follow - without telling her about the party of course. Given that Su is well known to have No Sense of Direction, and indeed looked supremely confused while out on the streets, it's likely she'd still be wandering Tokyo to this day had there not been a cameraman following her.
    • Once Su finally reaches the party, Yui and Moa (who'd been assigned lookout duty) decided to give her a nice Jump Scare, which worked a little too well – Su ran off and they had to chase after their bandmate and physically drag her back to the room.


  • The Saku-Saku segments with Marina and Nene.
    • One had them make a dish with bananas. Nene made banana bread. Marina wrapped hers in crêpes and made up a story about the banana family …which she then ate.
    • The other had Nene correctly answering a history question too early, at which point a guy dressed in Heian Period costume comes out to berate her. Marina then decides to ad-lib the rest of the segment and Nene explodes in laughter to the point she has trouble breathing.
  • This year had the infamous episode of Mujack where Moa molests Minami Takahashi, Hana smacks a grown man in the gut and knocks him over, Hinata shows her ability to differentiate members' items by smell, and they post a photo of Saki Ooga crossdressing.
  • The badminton battle with Idoling!!! where everything ends up going completely off the rails:
    • Marina saying how Hinata is warm like the sun (which is an Incredibly Lame Pun; the first syllable of Hinata's given name uses the character for Sun). Meanwhile, Hinata is in the background coughing up a lung because she'd just eaten aojiru powder.
      Host: "You're kind of a strange girl."
      Fukeis: "Dude doesn't even KNOW.''
    • Saki Ooga taking revenge on the host because he refuses to let her do the impression she wants. Egged on by Marina and Hinata, she starts pushing him around the stage.
      "I have no idea what's going on here. She's strong! Baby-chan is strong!"


  • This was the year Megumi joined, and the nendo test offers one of the first documented instances of Aiko and Megumi trash-talking each other on camera – keep in mind they had entered the classroom set Holding Hands.
    • Speaking of that test, when Mori-sensei announces that the girl who came in third – after Megumi and Saki Shirai – was a senior, Moa sits up with a smug smile on her face in anticipation …and it turns out Yui got the bronze. Moa looks around in utter shock while Yui can be heard saying, "Eh? No way!". After Moa learns that even Hana and Yunano outdid her, she smacks her head on the desk in utter defeat. She still scored better than Saki Ooga and Rinon, granted that's not a high bar.
  • Episode 2 of LoGiRL had Mori-sensei encouraging Rinon and some other juniors to dish out gossip about the seniors. Toward the end of the show, he showed the girls a just-uploaded photo of Moa, Yui, Hana, and Yunano all looking pissed off.
    • The very next episode, Yui returned to the show and Mori-sensei told her that no one had anything negative at all to say about her. He then insinuated Yui must have bullied them or paid them off.
  • LoGiRL Episode 9, the last to feature that year's seniors, begins with them coming in and giving their introductions in ultra-cutesy burikko voices. That's only a little funny. What's much funnier is Hana breaking character immediately after because it's just too gross for her.
    • Hana relayed talking to Rinon a couple days before – note that Rinon had been on every episode up to that point – "So I hear you're not going to be on next week's episode." "Shut up." – but of course it turned out Rinon and all the juniors came on to crash the episode and send off the seniors (a tradition that continues to this day).
      Rinon: "A LoGiRL episode with only the seniors?"
      Juniors: "Nai! Nai! Nai!"
      Rinon: "A LoGiRL episode without Rinon?!" (gestures to herself)
      Juniors: "Nai! Nai! Nai!"
      Rinon: "A successful LoGiRL episode without Rinon??"
      Juniors: "Nai! Nai! Nai!"
  • The final LoGiRL episode before the "official" start of the 2015 nendo (Ep.13) where Saki Ooga attempted to draw a flamingo. The result haunts everyone's nightmares to this day.
    • Amongst many many other artistic sins, she forgot its beak.


  • The introduction of Kano Fujihira, then a fifth-grader and one of the tiniest debutees in the group's history. As mentioned on her entry, she lifted Rinon, who was at that point over a foot taller.
  • Aiko was chosen to bring out Maaya and Momoko, who even then were taller than her despite being younger (though Momoko only by three months). When Mori-sensei pointed this out, they immediately started comparing their heights with Aiko.
    • At the time, neither were that much taller than Aiko, but as of 2019 (after all three had graduated) Maaya was 157.5cm/5’2” and Momoko was minimum 158cm/5’2¼”, while Aiko is forever stuck at 151.1cm/4’11½”.
  • The Transfers' Orientation included an arm-wrestling competition. Soyoka had the misfortune of being pitted against Rinon. Soyo failed so hard she literally lost her balance and fell to the floor. Rinon and Sara immediately moved to help the (then-)tiny girl up and Mori-sensei chided Rinon.
    • Megumi lost to Momoko about as quickly as Soyo had lost to Rinon. Aiko however gave Momoko a much harder time; Momoko still won, but both girls were rubbing their arms after.
  • During the Nendo Midterm Test, Soyoka sported an upset expression, which Mori-sensei poked fun at.
    Mori: "What's wrong with your face? What's with that sour face of yours?"
    Soyo: (through gritted teeth) "I just feel a little mad."
    Mori: (mimicking Soyo's tone) "You can't say that!"
    (the kanji for "anger" appears onscreen)
    Mori: "So is this the first time you've felt like this?"
    Soyo: "Aãp."
    (kanji changes to "anger MAX")
    Mori: "What's wrong with you today?"
    Soyo: (snarl)
    Mori: "Is this the angriest moment of your life?"
    Soyo: (shakes head 'no')
    Mori: "Oh, it's not? So you're not that mad actually."
    • Worth noting the likely reason for Soyo's crabbiness was, just a minute earlier, Rinon (the original Queen of Last Place) insisted she would be fine because she figured Soyo and Kano were dumber than her, to which Mori-sensei immediately retorted, "Don't make those kids your rivals!" …As it turned out, Rinon did outscore them, but she still placed the lowest of the returnees – 7th out of 12 (newcomer Mirena, who is in the same grade as and older than Sara, placed 3rd).
  • Also during the midterm test, Momoko scored second from the bottom and vowed that in the next test she'd place fifth. Mori-sensei was not pleased with her lack of ambition.
    • In 2015's year-end test she scored 9th, which was the highest she would ever place. She reacted to the score with an ear-splittingly high "Yossha!!" (that's what she said, but the subtitles are gibberish). Although Mori-sen tried to chastise her because she was still the worst-ranked of the junior high girls, she defiantly applauded herself.


  • This nendo had the "Bicycle Helmet Safety" special where, as one might expect, the younger girls came up with some downright insane stuff.
    • New transfer Yuzumi gave her justification for not wearing a helmet as "I'm in the springtime of my youth." When asked to explain herself, she said,
      "I live in the country, so whenever I wear a helmet I feel like I'm on my way to school."
    • New transfer Tsugumi used her PSA time to act out being on her way to a concert and then getting hit by a bus with her last words being, "Now I won't get to see the show…! {ded} …And that's what can happen to you if you don't wear a helmet."
    • Momoko has a two-way conversation with herself where the non-helmet wearer is The Unintelligible until the very end. Her acting makes it funnier than it has any right to be.
    • Maaya acts her PSA out as if she's talking to a very young child. At the end Mori-sensei says,
      "Okay then. Well. Children, don't listen to anything this girl tells you."
  • In one episode of LoGiRL, Ayaka unexpectedly (to the girls) comes on to promote her first photobook. Mori-sen uses the opportunity to tease as many members as he can. Including Ayaka. Especially Ayaka.
    "Well. Yoshida doesn't look very pleased to see you. She'd rather Matsui had shown up instead."
  • The show Hot Wave interviews Sakura Gakuin girls at least once per year. This time it was seniors Sara and Mirena plus transfer-ins Tsugumi, Momoe, and Yuzumi. This exchange happened:
    Host: "So, I hear that right at the outset [of TIF '16], some kind of incident occurred."
    Mirena: "Oh right, that."
    Sara: "Aritomo-san?"
    Mirena: "Aritomo-san?"
    Sara: "Aritomo-san?"
    Mirena & Sara: "Aritomo-san??"
    Tsugumi: “It was me! ♥” note 
    Girls: (laughter)
    Host: "You're claiming this? This is like a scene from a musical."
    • For the record, the incident was that Tsugumi spilled shave-ice on her uniform right before their performance and Sara & Mirena had to scramble to find something to clean her off before the stain set in.


  • The Transfer Ceremony for this year contained Kano's infamous "Gimme Your Dog!" bit with Miku.
    • It also had Yuzumi and Tsugumi pulling off one of their double acts, saying that in order to perform at the Budokan (something Babymetal had done three years earlier), they needed to fill the seats, therefore 2017 would have ten thousand transfer-ins! Hai!! YuzuminTsugumin. That's funny enough, but Tsugumi decided to add follow-through to the joke and stared at Mori-sen with her trademark Cheshire Cat Grin.
      Mori-sen: "What's with that look? That 'Was it good? Did we do good?' look. You're dragging this out too long. Sit down."
  • The Annual Seniors' FRIENDS skit for Sakura Gakuin Festival featured Aiko and Megumi at each others' throats (shocker) and, before the juniors get involved, Momoko trying to mediate. They shout at her, in perfect unison, "Silence, Pumpkin!!" note 
    • After Aiko & Megu leave the stage, Mori-sensei asks Momoko, "Are you okay, Pumpkin?" She replies,
      "I'm fine… pumpkin."
  • Also from SG Fest: This was the first year the "Sakurademy Awards" had the girls act opposite fellow members rather than the audience reading the text. It undeniably made the 「小芝居」 (koshibai or "mini-plays") better.
    • That year's juniors – Maaya, Marin, Yuzumi – had absolutely zero qualms about getting up close and personal with their foil. While Yuzumi proved unable to keep a straight face on the first night when she portrayed "Yuzuo" as other girls did it to her, she made up for it by winning the next night.
    • Kano, acting opposite Maasuke, literally tossed the sketch (the basketball) away, grabbed Maasuke's hand, and ran offstage with her.
    • Marin had to restart her koshibai when Momotaro tossed her the basketball and it bonked her microphone when she caught it.
    • After Yuzumi won Night 2, she earned the chance to perform her skit again, but this time Marin interrupted to give the impression of a Love Triangle. Mori-sensei can be heard asking "What's going on?" clearly at a loss for what to do. Momotaro tried to play peacemaker, to which Yuzu replied, "Silence, Pumpkin!"
  • The Monday before this year's Road To Graduation Final, the girls were too busy rehearsing to appear on their weekly livestream show FRESH!, leaving Mori-sensei to host the show by himself. He ended up receiving 99 postcards …but a disproportionate number of them were from the girls themselves wishing him luck. He had to go through at least half a dozen before reaching one written by a real fan.


  • Yuzumi and Tsugumi clowning around backstage during the Transfer Ceremony, trolling the audience, followed by Tsugu using a banana for scale against Yume.
    Mori-sen: "Don't use a banana like that! We can see she's tiny."
  • During Yume's very first appearance on FRESH!, she accidentally introduced herself as a fifth-year junior high student (Japanese junior high only has three years). Upon everyone else cracking up at this, she blushed deeply.
  • Tsugumi's antics behind Kokona during the latter's first FRESH! appearance. This included but is not limited to giving Maaya a "Us? Seriously?!" look when Kokona said her first impression of the group was one of elegance, and mugging for the camera when Mori-sensei asked Kokona which senior she hung out with the most.
  • This was the first year Mori-sensei really singled out Miku as a target of his teasing, once he realized that Miku would attempt to fight back. Even though she's outmatched, it's funny to see the girl infamous the previous year for her shyness try to banter.
  • Sana's first FRESH! appearance seemed to be going normally …until Mori-sensei told her to shout out her feelings at that very moment. Turns out Sana can be LOUD. Her screams were, in order:
    "AWESOME!!!" (saikou)
    "MORI-SENSEI!!!" (even she had no idea why on this one; Mori-sen, for his part, replied, "WIFE!!")
  • The 2018 Sakurademy Awards, unsurprisingly, have their fair share of great moments.
    • Yume, being so young, was given a mulligan by Mori-sensei and got to restart her koshibai twice – she stuttered on her first try and overshot the towel-throw to Baseball Captain Nasuo on her second. The extra chances turned out to be a good thing because her skit involved her having a rapid shift of opinion about her sempai, flipping from "I love you" to "I hate you!" in the span of less than 30 seconds, followed by her running off.
    • In an aside so good it was used in the official trailer, Mori-sensei asks Nasuo "his" opinion about Yuzumi's skit, to which Nasuo replied, "Home-run!!"
    • After Marin won (in a squeaker against Yuzumi), she recreated her sketch with Maasuke …and Yuzumi barged in to interrupt, just like Marin had done to her the year before. Mori-sensei can be heard uttering something that could translate colloquially as "Not this again". The skit ends in a three-way hug between the Seniors.


  • This is the year where comparing the recently graduated Yuzumi to an otter became fully memetic. First, Kokona used "Yuzumi" in place of "otter" (kawauso) in an obvious joking tone during a diary. Then, a couple weeks later, Yume wrote a diary in which she talked about going to the zoo with her family and seeing some "Yuzumins" (photo of otters).
  • This year's Sakura Gakuin Festival was a two-day event like 2017's (and unlike 2018's, which was only one). On the first day, Aiko and Hana showed up to watch their juniors. Then, after the show, they went backstage to see everyone. The cameraman forgot to get a photo of them with the girls. Cue three photographs: One of all twelve active members, another with just the seniors, and a third with just Aiko and Hana looking (jokingly) pissed off.
    • For the record, the graduates who showed up the second night were Yuzumi, Maaya, and Saki Ooga (all of whom had also made the 2019 Transfer Ceremony)
  • Speaking of Saki Ooga, Kano got to go out with her again and convinced her to write a guest diary in which she explained she was at university and doing well. That's sweet but not funny. What is funny is Kano's mentioning earlier in the diary that Saki gets smaller every time they meet – by this point Kano had grown to become ~58mm/2¼” taller than Saki.
  • Continuing on the neverending tradition of the Sakura Gakuin Height Battle: sometime between February and August 2019, Miki passed Aiko. Standing back-to-back, Aiko is trying to smile, but the photo shows she's obviously feeling the pain of yet another defeat. As of SG Fest ‘19, she remained taller than Sana, Miko, Yume, and Sakia. How long that will stay true is anyone's guess.

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