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  • The album booklets often contain amusing images of the band. The one from Coat of Arms includes a picture of Joakim wearing a shirt that says "Cover me in chocolate and show me to the lesbians."
  • A Secret, the not-at-all-secret joke track on The Art of War.
  • Over the years, multiple amusing anecdotes have emerged about what happens while the band is on tour.
    • Apparently, they have a DVD player that is constantly running porn, and they will hide it in random places. Sometimes they even bring it on stage with them and wait to see if anyone notices.
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    • Jocke has an anecdote about how an obnoxious kid kept kicking his seat, so he turned around and said "Santa and I are both from Sweden. If you don't stop kicking my seat, I'm going to go kill Santa."
  • From time to time, the song Rise of Evil is introduced as follows at concerts.
    Joakim: Look, I have broken zipper in my trousers, but it's ok, it's for easier access for the [insert nationality] girls! So, the next song is going to be about my penis, all right? RISE OF EVIL!
  • Joakim losing a drunken bet and, as a result, having to walk 342 miles to the band's next show in Norway.
  • During live shows crowds will sometimes sing silly songs or entice Joakim in particular to do something funny. Given that the band doesn't seem to mind antics themselves (see the lost bet above), this has resulted in some hilarious moments.
    • A recent trend among the Dutch crowds is to yell the lines Broek uit op je hoofd! (literally take your pants off and put them on your head), from a fairly obscure Dutch party song. It has since reached memetic status to the point where the frontman rarely ends a Dutch show with his pants on. During a 2016 gig, Joakim took his pants off only to reveal a second pair, which was taken off at the end of the show.
    • The deluxe version of The Last Stand includes a DVD of a show in France from the previous year's tour. After "Midway", Joakim tries to borrow Thobbe's guitar to play "Resist and Bite" and Thobbe chases him off the stage, then they proceed to sing the entirety of "Gott Mit Uns" themselves.
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    • On a Last Tour show in Cleveland, Chris snuck up behind Joakim and sat on him in the middle of "Shiroyama".
    • Joakim treating "Swedish Pagans" as his personal Berserk Button, which leads to the other band members sometimes playing a bar from the opening and Jocke threatening severe bodily harm.
  • The live concert on the deluxe version of Heroes has a number of hilarious moments:
    • Considering it's a Swedish cruise, Joakim introduces all of the songs in Swedish instead of English. The first thing he says in English during the show is "For those of you who don't speak Swedish, welcome to the Sabaton Cruise. And if you want to know what I'm saying, you better fucking learn Swedish!"
    • Joakim teaching Poles to speak Swedish and vice versa. Later he complains that Polish city names are too hard to pronounce.
    • Joakim arguing with the audience about when in the set he's supposed to sing "Swedish Pagans" after they keep randomly breaking out into the "ohh-ohh-ohh" from the opening of the song.
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  • Sometimes during their concerts, there will be military-style crates lying on stage with humorous labels like 7.62 caliber microphone stand and Hannes machine gun
  • The Last Beer. As in Sabaton getting a craft brewery to make a tie-in beer for the Last Stand tour. Sadly unavailable outside Sweden.


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