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"All web content deserves to go viral."
— ClickHole slogan

On June 12, 2014, The Onion debuted the Spinoff website ClickHole as a Shallow News Site Satire parodying websites like BuzzFeed, Upworthy, The Huffington Post, and Cracked. In 2020, it was sold to the manufacturers of Cards Against Humanity by the private equity group which gained control of The Onion.

ClickHole claims that unlike those websites, which make "pandering and misleading content, most tragically falling short of going viral", its site mission is to have its articles shared with millions, even before viewers can understand what they just read, making it a veritable black hole of clicks. It lampoons a fairly diverse range of content, from social justice blogging to adorable baby videos to inane quizzes, "listicles" and even Gamebook-style "ClickVentures", that The Onion's format doesn't let it cover.

ClickHole works with their own pages:

Not to be confused with the 1972 film ClickHole, starring Billy Dee Williams. And them's the facts!

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