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Just because Breaking Bad is a drama doesn't mean it can't have some hilarious moments here or there.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
  • After recently discovering he has lung cancer, Walt is spacing out at his job on the car wash when his boss comes to ask him to wipe down cars.
    Walter: Fuck you, Bogdan.
    Bogdan: What?
    [storms out, knocking stuff from the wall like he's drunk, and grabs his crotch]
    Walter: WIPE DOWN THIS!
  • When the episode is done explaining How We Got Here, it turns out that the sirens from the beginning were actually fire trucks coming to put out the brush fire that Emilio accidentally started. As they drive past, Walt quickly hides his gun behind his back.
  • Jesse's introduction - escaping out of the nearby condo's second story window in his underwear, and falling off of the roof while trying to get his pants on.
  • Walter calmly explaining how he took down Krazy-8 and Emilio - and then puking his guts out afterwards.
  • Jesse and Walt's conversation about "cow houses".

"The Cat's in the Bag"

  • Jesse trying to call Walt in after finding Krazy-8 still alive in the RV. Happens while Walt is having breakfast with his family. The whole phone conversation must be seen to be believed:
    Jesse Pinkman: [over the answering machine] Hello, Mr. White. This is AT&T calling. Are you happy with your current long distance service? Because if you're not, I would definitely, really really love to talk to you as soon as possible about...
    Walter White: Listen, I am having breakfast with my family right now, and I really don't appreciate these sales calls.
  • The wonderbra conversation that occurs while Walt is trying to ignore the phone must not be forgotten, either. It's the faces of all concerned that sells it. It's cringe comedy gold.
  • Jesse's Funny Answering Machine message and Skyler's reaction to it.
    "YO, YO, YO, 1-4-8 3 TO THE 3 TO THE 6 TO THE 9, REPRESENTIN' THE ABQ, WADDUP, BI-ATCH?! Leave it at the tone."
  • Skyler goes on the internet to identify Jesse after he made the call to Walt. What she finds is his MySpace-esque webpage with hilariously awful rap music playing in the background.
    Skyler: What the hell is a MILF?*
    • The Freeze-Frame Bonus for his page is equally hilarious; we see his dating profile (he's "totally cool with ethnics... as long as you're SMOKIN HOT YO!") and his alleged "blue belt with shuriken certification". His education? The oft-ridiculed DeVry University and "THE STREETS, YO!"
  • After Walt tells Skyler that Jesse is his pot dealer, she goes to his house to confront him — just when he's in the process of moving Emilio's body from the RV to his house. Jesse's utter fear turns to comical confusion when he realizes that Skyler is reprimanding him for something else.
    Jesse Pinkman: Look, lady, whatever you're selling, I ain't buying, yo.
    Skyler White: Oh yeah? Well, my name is Skyler White, yo. My husband is Walter White, yo. Yeah. He told me everything.
    Jesse Pinkman: [shocked] Seriously?
    Skyler White: That's right. And just so you know, my brother-in-law is a DEA agent. And I will not hesitate to call him. Not if I have to. Understood? This is your one and only warning. Do not sell marijuana to my husband.
    Jesse Pinkman: [confused] Okay.
    Skyler White: I mean it. Don't call our house again. You stay away from him, or you'll be one sorry individual. You got me?
    Jesse Pinkman: Uh, yeah, yeah. I think so, yeah. No more... marijuana. I can, I can dig it.
    Skyler White: You can dig it. Wonderful.
  • When Skyler is about to leave, she suggests that Jesse find a different line of work. Jesse responds with a half-hearted thumbs-up and an “Okay” with a strange look on his face, which is to be expected considering the odd situation likely confused him and the fact that he was high. Skyler is visibly weirded out and quickly makes her way back to her car.
  • Krazy-8 running into a tree and knocking himself unconscious.
  • When Walt and Jesse have Krazy-8 chained to a pipe in Jesse's basement. He wakes up and asks Walt for water. Walt slides over two jugs of water, a plate with a sandwich and potato chips, a bucket, a roll of toilet paper, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • The montage of Walt attempting to roll a joint.
    • Jesse walks in on him lighting up. At first, he's amused, but then he realizes...
      Jesse Pinkman: You smoking weed? Oh my god!...wait a minute, is that my weed? What the hell, man! Make yourself at home, why doncha!
  • Jesse asking Walter why he would tell his wife that Jesse is selling him weed.
  • Jesse underestimating how important a plastic bin is when Disposing of a Body with acid:
    Jesse Pinkman: I barely got him in the bathtub!
    Walter White: Bathtub? What– what do you mean, "bathtub"?
    Jesse Pinkman: Yeah, that's another thing. Why you got me running around town, trying to find some stupid piece of plastic when I have a perfectly good tub I can use?
    Walter White: Oh, God. [Walter pokes his head into the hallway, where the acid soup and partially dissolved Emilio are starting to drip through the ceiling. Realizing what's going to happen, Walt and Jesse back away just as the bloody partially dissolved remains come crashing through the ceiling and on the floor]
    Walter White: I'm sorry, what were you asking me? Oh, yes, that stupid plastic container I asked you to buy. You see, hydrofluoric acid won't eat through plastic. It will, however, dissolve metal, rock, glass, ceramic. (Beat) So there's that.

"And the Bag's in the River"

  • The ENTIRETY of the Toilet fight scene, which borders on cartoonish slapstick:
    • Jesse lunging at Walt to get the baggie of meth, only to miss and knock a photo frame off the wall.
    • Immediately after Jesse refuses to get off the toilet, Walter and Jesse start ineffectually kicking each other in a way that looks like it's 5 seconds away from being a Wimp Fight.

"Cancer Man"

  • Hank's comeback during the "Operation Breathmint" exchange at the beginning.
  • Jesse sees two bikers pull up and approach his front door, armed with a machete and a grenade, respectively, so he flees with his bag of meth. Why is this funny? It's because he's actually high as shit and the "bikers" were actually Mormon missionaries.
  • After Jesse comes back home, his parents discuss the matter and firmly resolve to 'lay down the law' with him. They go into the dining room to confront him... only to find Jesse politely setting the table for dinner. His parents slink away with an attitude of "Goddammit, we can't yell at him now."
  • "Why Mr. White Loves Chemistry."

"Gray Matter"

"Crazy Handful of Nothin'"

"A No Rough Stuff Type Deal"

  • Jesse and Walter cooking meth in Jesse's basement... and not realizing there is an open house about to happen.
    • Earlier, a couple being shown the house and seeing where the bathtub dropped through the floor.
  • A little girl walks past the basement door when Walt peeks out of it (still in his safety gear). The little "shhhh." he gives sells that scene.
  • When the smell of the meth lab starts to become apparent to the people upstairs, the real estate agent (still smiling) nonchalantly sprays air freshener.
    • And then you have Jesse's method of getting rid of everyone: being Jesse.
      Jesse: You ain't seeing the basement, bitch. You got that? Is that sinking in? Now, beat it.
  • When Hank and Walt sneak out onto into the backyard for some air during the baby shower, Hank lights up a cigar leading to the following exchange.
    Hank: I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking.
    Walt: No, no, no, no. It's okay. You mind if I have one?
    Hank: You think that's a good idea?
    Walt: Hank, I've already got lung cancer.
    Hank: Okay, you've got me there.
  • Walt and Jesse stealing chemicals, carrying a 90 gallon drum between them wearing bobble-headed ski masks while alarms are sounding, the security guard they locked in a porta-john is beating on the door to get out and the little red light on the guard's golf cart is still flashing.
    • Hank later sees the video tape of this incident and spends a good deal of time snarking about how stupid they are.
      Hank Schrader: Look at this, they're smart enough to use thermite to cut through the lock, but they didn't think to bring a handcart? Try rolling it, morons! It's a barrel! It rolls!

    Season 2 
"Seven Thirty-Seven"
  • Skyler tells Hank about Marie's shoplifting.
    Skyler: [takes a deep breath] Marie is a shoplifter, Hank. That's right. That baby tiara she gave me at the shower? She stole it from Gertrude Zachary's. Yeah. I almost got arrested when I went back to return it. And Marie won't admit it. She won't apologize.
    Hank: [sighs] Yeah... if I thought you were going to return, I would have never... you know...
    Skyler: [closes her eyes to register this and then looks back at Hank, pointing at him] You knew about this...
  • When Hank and Marie have an argument about Marie trying to arrange dinner with the Whites instead of going see a therapist regarding her shoplifting, Marie exasperatedly drives off running over the remote control car of a neighborhood kid, who'd already run into Marie's foot, much to the boy's horror. Hank enters damage control mode and runs over to the kid:
    Hank: Sorry about that. She's...
    [Beat, Hank shrugs and counts out a wad of cash]
  • Hank's interaction with an inmate in his cell:
    Inmate: Hey! Hey, where's my phone call?!
    (Hank shoves him by the face back into his cell without even glancing at him.)
    Inmate: Ow!
  • Tuco trying Walt's meth for the first time. He snorts it, gives it a minute, then says 'TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT YEAH!' You a normal person


"Bit by a Dead Bee"

  • The Teaser shows a woman in a supermarket gradually collecting Walt's clothes that he has left scattered around until she grudgingly picks up his underwear only to drop it in shock when she sees him walking naked at the end of the aisle.
  • Marie's recollection of this to Skyler included this golden line:
    It wasn't Whole Foods, was it?
  • After coming home, Walt plays up the incident for laughs when he tries to seduce Skyler, putting on his hat and disrobing in front of her:
    Say, honey, I was just thinking about going out to 7-Eleven, do you need anything? Big Gulp? Slim Jim?
  • Jesse is interrogated by Hank and Gomez about being at Tuco's place (seeing how Hank ended up there because he was tracking the LoJack on Jesse's car). Hector has also been brought in by the police in hopes that he will "identify" Jesse. The cops also know that Hector can understand what they're saying (that ringing his bell means "yes", and no ringing means "no"). An exasperated Jesse says, "Oh, c'mon, this is bullshit! I mean, look at this dude, all right? He doesn't even know what planet he's living on!"
    Steven Gomez: Señor, are we on the planet Mars? [no ring] Are we on the planet Saturn? [no ring] Are we on the planet Earth? [Hector rings the bell] Señor, is today Friday? [no ring] Is today Monday? [no ring] Is today Tuesday? [Hector rings the bell]
    Hank Schrader: Okay, seems like he's all there. Let's go for it.
    Steven Gomez: Señor, was this man at your house yesterday? [no ring] Señor, was this man at your house yesterday?
    Hank Schrader: This guy right here, he was at your house, right? Was he doing business with your nephew Tuco?
    Steven Gomez: Señor, are you scared of this man? [no ring]
    Hank Schrader: Nah, he's not scared. C'mon granddad, why don't you wanna help us out?
    [Hector turns to Hank, leans forward, and takes the loudest, wettest shit ever]
    Steven Gomez: Oh, man!
    Hank Schrader: ...I guess that's a "no."



  • This exchange:
    Jesse: ...Jesus, how the hell do you spell "street" wrong? "S-T-R-E-A-T"?
    Skinny Pete: Hey, man, I'm slinging mad volume and fat-stacking Benjies, y'know what I'm saying, I can't be all about like...spellin' and shit!
  • Jesse rehearsing his "Where's my money, bitch!" speech on Spooge's porch, only to be interrupted by a very friendly mail woman.
  • Spooge's lady screaming when Jesse pistol-whips Spooge and demands his payment is weird and funny.
    Jesse: SHUT UP!
    Spooge's lady: [continues screaming]
    Jesse: SHUT UP!
    Spooge's lady: [quietly screams]
  • "I ain't no skank." Spooge is berating his wife the whole time he's trying to crack an ATM machine by half-suspending the machine above his head, and when he insults her, she shoves the machine down onto his head. It's appalling and hilarious at the same time.
  • "Pull it out of your butts right now or I grab a flashlight and some pliers and go exploring."

"Negro y Azul"

"Better Call Saul"

  • The undercover drug bust that starts the episode:
    [A nerdy looking guy wanders up to the bus stop bench that Badger is sitting on]
    Getz: Hey. You, uh, you sellin'?
    Badger: I don't know what you're talking about.
    Getz: OK. That's cool. I'm just sayin', you know....if you were selling, I could maybe do with a teenth.
    Badger: [stares at him] You're kidding, right? Dude, I so smell bacon.
    Getz: What? What are you talking about?
    Badger: Oh, gee, I don't know. [points to his left] How about over there, that brown van? That's yours, right?
    Getz: What brown van?
    Badger: [points it out] Parked all "inconspicuous"! It's a cop van! [points to his right] Yeah! Another one right over there! "Duke City Flowers"? Come on! Can't you at least be original? [laughs]
    Getz: Dude, I just wanna get high!
    Badger: A flower van! Uh, you know what you should do is a garbage truck. Seriously, and I don't mean to disrespect, but if you put a bunch of cops in the back of a garbage truck, there's no way I'm seriously thinking that there's cops in the back of a garbage truck! It's a freebie, yo. Just think about it. Think about it, boys! [Getz sighs and suddenly stands up]
    Getz: All right. I'm hitting it.
    Badger: Whoa! You dudes give up that easy?
    Getz: I'm not a cop!
    Badger: Then lift your shirt. Show me you're not wearing a wire.
    Getz: All right, you know what? Just to show you you're being an asshole.... [Getz lifts his shirt and shows his midsection to Badger]
    Badger: Ahh! I'm blinded by white!
    Getz: Douchebag...
    Badger: Ah, come on. I was joking. Come on. Don't walk away angry. Sit down. Come on. [Getz reluctantly sits back down on the bench next to Badger] I mean, what are you complaining about? You got abs, man. Kind of.
    Getz: Whatever, dude. I'm not even sure I wanna buy anymore. I — I think you turned me off to the whole thing.
    Badger: Come on, don't be like that. I just — I just need you to prove it, you know? Prove you're not a cop.
    Getz: How the hell am I supposed to do that?
    Badger: I don't know. [beat] Hey, I've got it. [points to a man across the street] Go over there and punch that dude right in the face.
    Getz: Which dude? [Badger points the guy out] That dude?
    Badger: Yeah.
    Getz: No way! He'd kick my ass!
    Badger: [laughs] True to that. Ugh! This is so hard, you know?
    Getz: Yeah. [He gets an idea] I know. It's simple: Uh, if you ask a cop if he's a cop, he's, like, obligated to tell you. It's in the Constitution.
    Badger: Constitution of America? [Getz shrugs] Huh.
    Getz: So-so go ahead and ask.
    Badger: You a cop?
    Getz: No, no. Not like that. Ask it like, official.
    Badger: Are you a police officer?
    Getz: [holds up his hand as if taking an oath] No. I am not a police officer.
    Badger: Okay then. $175 for a teenth.
    Getz: Whoa.
    Badger: Price is the price, yo.
    Getz: [after a beat] All right. [Getz reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple dollar bills, which he hands over to Badger. Badger gets up, walks over to the garbage can near the bench, and sets down his soda can. He then pulls a bag of meth out of the can and walks back to the bench. He sits down and discreetly passes the meth over to Getz]
    Badger: Here you go. Enjoy.
    Getz: Thanks, man.
    [Getz stuffs the meth in his pocket, gets up, and starts to walk away, but then he turns around. As Badger relaxes, Getz puts his right foot down on the bench, reaches down, and suddenly draws a gun from a concealed ankle holster]
    Getz: Albuquerque Police! You're under arrest! Get on the ground! [Police sirens wail] Get on your stomach now! On your stomach! Get on the ground! [Badger drops to the ground as a pair of vans screech to a stop alongside the bench. A couple of plainclothes cops jump out and train their guns on Badger]
    Cop in Van: Hold it right there! Don't move! Stay down. [One of the cops leans down to put his handcuffs on Badger]
  • In Saul's intro scene, look at the reaction the detective has when Saul comes into the interrogation room. It's like he immediately thinks, "Oh, fuck, I've got to deal with Saul Goodman again. All the lawyers in Albuquerque and it just had to be Saul."
  • The fact that Badger manages to almost completely botch the stakeout arranged by Saul to catch the fake "Heisenberg" by talking to the wrong old bald man, forcing Jesse and Walt to intervene. Walt decides to use his car to block the DEA camera's viewpoint and pretends to have been passing by, distracting Hank, Gomez, and Getz with the "bumbling in-law" act cranked up while Jesse redirects Badger to the right guy.
    Jesse: [walks past Badger, in a hushed whisper] Wrong guy, wrong guy, other bench.
    • Walter's act really lets Bryan Cranston channel Hal in what's supposed to be a grittier show and setting.
      Walter: You're working? Like DEA working? [leans in] Is something going down...?
    • There's also the irony of the situation: The DEA is dead-set on finally catching this mysterious "Heisenberg", and unwittingly get the man himself to barge right in front of them as a distraction. And when he does, all of them are clamoring to get him out of the way.
  • Saul's commercial, full of bad acting and cheesy effects. Especially the obvious greenscreen.
  • Saul's offices have an inflatable Statue of Liberty over a cramped room of a strip mall, with the secretary behind bulletproof glass and rowdy clientele. In his meeting room, there are tacky marble columns and the Constitution as his wallpaper. Walt's skepticism is understandable.
    • Neither Jesse nor Walt want to go in and have people see their faces, so they flip a coin to see who goes to negotiate with Saul. Walt loses and dresses in sunglasses and a baseball cap as Badger's uncle. Saul jokes that he must've "found D.B. Cooper".
  • So no matter how Walt tried to negotiate with Saul, there was no convincing him to somehow get Badger off the hook without someone getting in trouble with the DEA. What's the next step for the two? Why, kidnap Saul and drag him out to the desert for coercion, of course.

"4 Days Out"

  • The mere fact that Jesse and Walt celebrate cooking 19 batches of pure meth... and not two minutes later are right back to screeching at each other when they realize they're now stranded in the desert.
  • They try to start the RV's generator up, only for it to burst into flames. Jesse panics and dunks their water cooler all over the fire, just before Walter can show up with the fire extinguisher. Now they're stranded in the desert with engine troubles and no water.
    • Walter gets ready to scold Jesse for the above. When Jesse says he was "thinking on his feet", Walt tells him that Jesse "thinking" is the exactly the problem.
  • When Walt's given up and slumped in the RV, Jesse tries to motivate him into coming up with something to get them out. Ideas he spitballs include making rocket fuel from the chemicals for a signal flare or to build a robot.
    • Just then, Walt really does come up with something to get them out. Aaron Paul's delivery of his line is perfect.
      Jesse: Brake pads. What are we building?
      Walt: You said it yourself.
      Jesse: "A robot?"
      Walt: A battery. Move!
  • Then there's Walt and Jesse's exchange on what they would use to conduct the battery's electricity. Walt's high school teacher side comes out to be disappointed by one of his worst students yet again.
    Walt: What element comes to mind? [waves wire] Hmm?
    Jesse: Ohhhhhh.
    [both go "ohhhh" for a bit]
    Jesse: Wire!
    [Beat, Walt's smile drops off his face]
    Walt: No. Copper.
  • When Walt orders Jesse to buy supplies:
    Jesse: Go shopping yourself. I got plans.
    Walt: Smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos, and masturbating do not constitute plans in my book.
  • Walt on Jesse's junk food intake. "How are you even alive?"


  • The entirety of this scene. From Walter loudly and stupidly breaking into Jesse’s house, to him slapping and shaking the shit out of an extremely high Jesse, to him frantically searching under the kitchen sink for the meth, there is something hilarious about all of it.
    • What’s even better is that he was so focused on getting the meth that he didn’t even stop to consider, “Hey, Jesse might have neighbors that MIGHT see me loudly breaking into his house.”


  • Walt's less-than-grateful reaction to the fundraising website his son set up, as the idea of taking charity hits him right in the rapidly-inflating ego.
  • One small moment (in an otherwise strenuous episode to watch) is when Walter comes by Jesse and Jane's place to hand off Jesse's $480,000 after getting blackmailed by Jane.
    • Walt's line doubles as a Call-Back to "The Cat's in the Bag", when Jesse chides him with the exact same line (i.e., after Walt lied to Skyler about Jesse giving him weed to cover up his and Jesse's illicit activities, Skyler goes to Jesse's house to leave his husband alone and stop dealing drugs).
  • After Walt leaves and Jesse and Jane are left to wonder what to do with the money, there's this little gem:

    Season 3 
"No Mas"
  • The school holds a meeting so everyone can discuss their feelings regarding Wayfarer 515. Starts with the skeevy kid from the last season trying to get an automatic A for the year, moves on with the counselor telling a girl who asked why God would allow this kind of tragedy to "keep it secular," and finally ends with Walter giving a pathetic and unconsciously self-justifying monologue to the entire school in an effort to convince himself he's not at fault. This must be one of the most uncomfortable moments ever written.
    • The funny part is that the girl who questions why God would allow the tragedy to happen is being played by Bryan Cranston's real daughter Taylor Dearden Cranston. And Cranston also directed this episode.

"Caballo Sin Nombre"

  • The Cold Opening. Walt gets pulled over for driving with a cracked windshield. He tries to get out of a ticket by talking about the Wayfarer collision and how it damaged his property. Walt grows increasingly frustrated as the police officer asks him to calm down and sit in his car. Instead, Walt gets out and confronts the officer, claiming that "hellfire rained down on my house!" He gets in the officer's face, shouting... cut to a heavily pepper-sprayed Walt being placed in the officer's car.
    • The spraying itself is shown in a deleted scene with Walt ranting at the officer longer.
  • "I've got your restraining order right here!" *grabs crotch* "Restrain this!"
  • Walt angrily throws the pizza on the roof. Also, the conversation before:
    Skyler: We have discussed everything we need to discuss. I thought I made myself very clear.
    Walt: ...I've got dipping sticks.
    Skyler: [silently stares at Walt, shaking her head, before slamming the door in his face]
    • When Mike comes by to check on Walt at his house, he looks up to the roof to see the messy pizza, as if silently telling himself about how great it is to be in charge of keeping an eye on the White residence.
  • Later, Walt is laying miserably on the floor in nothing but his underwear, covered in popcorn. Then accidentally hitting his head on the underside of the table when he moves to get up.
    • He's also waking up to Skyler angrily telling him about the pizza stuck on the roof that she just noticed.

"Green Light"

  • After trying to talk Ted into letting him into his office, Walt begins dragging a potted plant towards his window when Skyler appears on the stairs and asks him what he's doing. Walt's reply is simply "I'm talking with Ted!" He then throws the plant at the glass, only for it to crack and fall to the ground without breaking it. Walt mutters dejectedly "Damn it." The security detail throws him out and, as he's looking to try and get in through the back door, Mike speeds by in his car, gets out, throws Walt in, gets back in and speeds out within the space of about one second.
  • When Saul is trying to calm Walt down after his outburst, he ends up accidentally letting it slip that he had his house bugged. Then, in an attempt to get him to see the benefits of it, he ends up saying the worst possible thing you could say to a man who just found out his wife is cheating on him.
    Saul: I mean on the one hand... sure, she uh... snuck off the reservation to get some dirty, damp and deep. On the other hand—
    [Walt proceeds to grab Saul, scream in rage, pull him over the desk, and start to beat the ever-loving shit out of him]
    • Mike has to put Walt in a restraining grip again to get him off Saul, who angrily tells him to pay for dirtying his suit.
  • Hank interrogates the gas station attendant who Jesse paid with meth instead of money. When she's asked what he looked like, she stops crying to overly describe how blue his eyes were — and is cut off by Hank's deadpan "He's dreamy." in a tone that blatantly says "Okay, I get it."
  • Victor giving Walt half of the money earned from Jesse's batch of meth... at a stop light.
    Victor: [pulls up to Walt, tosses the bag of money through his window] Your half. [speeds off]


  • The Binge Montage, where we find what Jesse and co. really did with that money that Jesse was going to use to buy an RV. It's just five minutes of Jesse, Badger, Combo and Skinny Pete having their pictures taken with strippers and finding elaborate ways to throw away their money at the local strip club.
    Jesse: Hey, yo! Yo! You got champagne? None of that cheap shit, I want the expensive stuff! Dom Perig... Perignon.
    Waitress: It's $400 a bottle.
    Jesse: Oh. Well, in that case... I'll only have two.
  • Walter meeting with Gus to inform him he's not the gullible type that would get offended by Gus accepting Jesse's product instead of his own, when in fact that's exactly what Walt was feeling.
    Gus: [with a completely straight face] I apologize for being so transparent.


  • When Hank tries to break into Jesse's RV: Jesse gives us this gem:
    Walt: [whispering] Say "This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed."
    Jesse: This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed... [Beat] bitch!
  • The "really?" look Walt gives him afterward sells it.

"One Minute"

"I See You"

  • When Jesse is getting out of the hospital after being released following being beaten up by Hank. The orderly pushes his wheelchair to the curb and Jesse lights a cigarette.
    Orderly: If you want to smoke you need to be another twenty feet from the door.
    Jesse: So roll me further, bitch.
  • Walt telling Gale he doesn't want to work with him any more. The dialogue reads more like an awkward breakup than the end of a partnership.
    Walter: It's as if I'm classical, and you are more... jazz.
    • This line only gets better when the decidedly hip-hop Jesse bursts in a moment later.
    • From the same scene: Gale trying to remain calm and dignified while Jesse shouts and gushes about the superlab in the background.
    • To quote Jesse (regarding the lab) "It's all shiny up in here".
  • Jesse asking Walt to pass along his best wishes when Hank has been shot days after viciously beating up Jesse.
    Jesse: Yo, tell your douchebag brother-in-law to head towards the light!
  • Jesse's meth lab shenanigans. It ranges from pushing a swivel chair to filling his hazmat suit with air as he jumps around like a kid in a toy store.


  • Skyler offers to use Walt's drug money to pay Hank's medical bills. Since she can't explain the real source of the money, she starts spinning a fabricated story to Marie about Walt winning a bunch of money gambling. Walt leans in closer at the exact same time Marie does, just as desperate as her to hear where the "story" is going. When Skyler finishes the story you can see Walt nod his head and basically go "sure let's go with that" without even saying a word.
    • She also uses this as an opportunity to paint Walt in the worst light possible (saying how he got so "obsessed" with it and at one stage, used their pension fund), knowing he can't correct or contradict her.
  • Jesse complains, "What's the good of being an outlaw if you've got responsibilities?" Which prompts Badger to point out "Darth Vader had responsibilities. He was responsible for the Death Star."
  • Jesse and co.'s selling meth at a support group through Bad "Bad Acting".


  • Jesse complaining that possums are called "opossums" now, saying that this only makes them sound Irish.
  • The fly, and all of the mayhem it causes.
  • Jesse arguing against the necessity of all this.
    Jesse: Look, I like making cherry product, but let's keep it real, alright? We make poison for people who don't care.
  • Walt ends up with the fly on his head, and orders Jesse to take care of it. He hands him his flyswatter and asks that he does it on a count of 3. Jesse nails him in the head after Walt says 1. Afterwards, when Jesse insists that he killed the fly and even points to it on the floor, Walt crawls over and grabs it, then says...
    Walt: This is a raisin.
  • Jesse then tries to argue that he got the fly anyway, only for the fly itself to show up again, completely unharmed.
  • The image of Walt on his knees frantically searching for the fly was pretty amusing in and of itself.
  • The scenario in which Walt is balancing himself precariously off of the outer rail of the lab catwalk to hit the fly with a broom. It ends with Walt losing his grip and falling, landing stomach-first on a tank, and then dropping to the concrete floor.
    • And to add insult to injury, as he lies on the floor, recovering from the pain, the fly lands right on his glasses.
  • Jesse turning off the lights in the lab just as Walt tries to kill the fly. Walt’s reaction is the cherry on top.
    Walter: ARGH! Bitch!
  • Jesse on Ebola. "It's a disease on the Discovery Channel where all your intestines sort of just slip right out of your butt."
  • When the fly is finally killed by Jesse, he turns to Walt, and we see him sleeping and snoring in his chair.


  • Saul's reasoning of how he convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner: "And it worked, because I believed it!"
  • Walt banging his head on the counter as he races to stop Skyler from talking about their car wash plan on his answering machine. Fridge Brilliance: There was really no reason to worry, as the whole point of buying the car wash is so their income appears legitimate, and recorded discussions of it beforehand would actually help as long as the money laundering itself isn't mentioned.

"Half Measures"

  • "Everyone knows it's Windy!"
  • After Hank continues his Heroic BSoD after getting shot, Marie decides to cut him a deal:
    Marie: I tell you what: if I can get the groundhog to see his shadow
    Hank: That’s not gonna happen. I’m sorry.
    Marie: I’m betting it will. And if he does, you check out of here.
    Hank: [laughs bitterly] I’m not gonna bet "when" on whether I can get a boner! There’s no bet, no bet here! No bet!
    Marie: You afraid you’ll lose?
    Hank: You know what? You’re just – you’re just being foolish, you know? Come on. What’s the point?
    Marie: The point is you’re not completely hopeless. We have a bet?
    Hank: You know what? If it’ll get you outta here quicker. You’ve got one minute.
    Marie: One minute? Alright. That’s a cakewalk. [starts stroking Hank's junk]
    Hank: Yeah. This is just, this is just sad... I mean, I really feel sorry for you, Marie, you know, I really do. It’s just,’s pathetic.
    Marie: That’s good, keep talking. Protest. Struggle.
    Hank: Marie, give up. I mean, seriously. It’s... not...gonna happen.
    [Cuts to an annoyed Hank being wheeled out by an orderly, followed by Marie, who is smirking triumphantly]

"Full Measure"

  • Saul on laser tag. "You ever actually play laser tag? It's good cardio. Plus, you get to shoot at kids."
  • When Mike tells Chow to ask if the lady at the front desk, Peng, is still sitting there, she lets out a very long string of dialogue, shouted very loudly from the other room. Chow responds, "She says yes."
    • And her translated answer aptly sums up the situation.
      Peng: Of course I'm still here! Where would I have gone? Hey, what are you two even doing? I have to go home, I've got kids to take care of, my husband is probably panicking. You don't pay me enough! Somebody died right in front of me!


  • Repeat this key phrase: "THAT'S NOT MY TIGER!"
    Saul: Turns out the best defense is still a good offense. Where'd the tiger come from? The zoo! And you can bet we're gonna sue the bars off of them.note  What were you doing buying eighty pounds of raw meat every week? Ever hear the Atkins Diet? And I'll help you get that tiger's furry ass to Texas ASAP, because guess what: Tigers are still legal in Texas. YEEHAW! I have fun doing this job! Oh, and one thing: uh, you don't have to bring the tiger into my office. So if a tiger's got you by the tail (legally speaking), better call Saul!
  • We finally learn where Saul got his law degree: the totally legit-sounding University of American Samoa.
  • Saul offers legal services for Wayfarer 515 next of kin.
    Saul: Were you or a loved one or an acquaintance hurt, killed, upset, or inconvenienced by the tragedy of Wayfarer 515? Better call Saul. We've all suffered a tragedy. A terrible disaster has befallen each and every one of us. A hundred sixty-seven men, women, and yes, innocent children were lost, on the day Wayfarer 515 fell from the sky. At times like this, we ask ourselves deep questions: Is there a God? How could He let this happen? Who did this to me? Who can I sue? Did falling debris or body parts strike you, your home, your car, or your place of business? Did you or a loved one lose income opportunity now or in a potential future? Have you experienced nausea, vertigo, insomnia, survivor's guilt, uncertainty, or simply confusion? Doctors are standing by to affirm your diagnosis. The tragedy is profound, the pain is profound, and believe me, the settlement will be profound. Better call Saul.
    • The "Doctors are standing by" line seems to imply that the doctors are in cahoots with Saul and will give the thumbs on whatever symptoms you're claiming rather than give you a legitimate evaluation.
    • As well as the fact that he words it in such a way as to imply that those who were personally killed in the disaster can sue (likely a nod to the terrible phrasing used in actual legal commercials, e.g. "Did you or a loved one die of asbestos poisoning?").

    Season 4 
"Box Cutter"
  • Skyler weaving a tapestry of BS to get a locksmith to let her into Walt's apartment, eventually even faking a panic attack.
  • While waiting for Gus, Victor starts a meth cook while Mike keeps Walt and Jesse seated. Walt, at first, takes some comfort in the fact that Victor doesn't seem to know what he's doing, forgetting to add aluminum to the cook. He is quite the Smug Snake about it...until Victor remembers the aluminum.
    Walt: You forgot the aluminum, didn't you? You don't know the first steps in... [Victor adds the aluminum]...son of a bitch.
  • Jesse's exasperated "not again" face as he pulls out some acid to destroy Victor's body, and Mike's amusement at their attempts to get it into the container.
    • He also speaks his first words in the episode — "trust us" when Mike asks if it will work. And Jesse, of all people, KNOWS it will work.

"Thirty Eight Snub"

  • Badger and Skinny Pete's conversation about zombie games.
  • Jesse, Badger, and Skinny Pete discussing why the local pizza place doesn't cut their own pizza (mirroring discussions that arose when it was noticed that the roof pizza wasn't sliced).
    Badger: [while Jesse gives him a bemused look] Gotta figure, you make, like, 10 million pizzas a year. Each pizza takes, like, 10 seconds to cut. In man hours, that's — [mouth starts billowing pot smoke, light wheezing] I don't know. A lot.
  • When the party at Jesse's house finally dies down, and the guests flock out, Jesse tries to talk Badger into staying, but the completely zoned out Badger vaguely recalls that he probably has some... cat to feed or something...
  • When Walt is talking to Mike at the bar, trying to talk Mike into getting him close enough to Gus to kill him, there's this tiny exchange.
    Walt: I appreciate that when you were going to kill me, you were simply following orders. I get that, completely. And I harbor no ill will.
    Mike: Huh. There's a load off my mind.

"Open House"

  • When Walt finds out that Gus set up cameras in the lab, what does he decide to do? Walk up to one and flip it off.
  • Hank watching porn while recovering from his injuries, which he quickly shuts off when he hears Marie about to walk in.
  • When explaining she wants to buy this specific car wash for money laundering, Skyler manages to manipulate Walt (who was initially against buying it) into doing an immediate change of mind when mentioning how the owner talked about him.
    Skyler: Bogdan. I don't like him. He was condescending to me, rude about you, and I do not like him. Simple as that.
    Saul:Hey, nobody appreciates a passionate woman more than I do. But, uh, in this business, and Walt can back me up on this, the number one rule is don't take things personally.
    Walt: (to Skyler) What do you mean, "Rude about me"?
    Skyler: (sighs, knowing that she hit a nerve) Something along the lines of, "You weren't man enough to face him yourself."
    Walt: (flabbergasted) What?
    Skyler: "That you had to send your woman to do your business for you." (Walt chuckles in disbelief, now having settled to wanting to go after Bogdan)
    Saul: (throws his hands up, not liking where this is headed) Okay, uh, speaking as your lawyer, I'm gonna go on record and say this is a bad idea, now I advise against—
    Walt: (having made up his mind) It's this one. It's this one. (Saul sighs in disappointment, Skyler looks at him as if to say "There you have it")
    • One of Saul's suggestions for getting Bogdan to sell is, "How about a little terrorism?"

"Bullet Points"

  • Hank: 'To W.W. My star, my perfect silence.' This W.W, who do you figure he is, eh? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?
    Walter:[raises his hand mockingly]'' You got me.
    • For additional Black Comedy [or genuinely funny] points, this is exactly how Hank figures that Walter is Heisenberg, in "Gliding Over All".
  • Gale's "Major Tom" music video. Kind of a Tear Jerker, too, since it's shown after his death.
    • Plus, his notes include not only meth formulas, but vegan s'more recipes, lists of the best recumbent bikes, indoor composting tips, a Ron Paul sticker, and a Far Side cartoon.
  • This rant from Walt to Saul is just hilarious:
    Then what else should I not worry about, Saul, hm? Should I not worry that Gus plans to murder me at the first chance he gets? Should I not worry that my drug-addicted partner doesn't seem to care whether he lives or dies? You should see his house. It's like skid row! He has actual hobos living there! Now how long before Gus decides that he's too big of a risk? That guy Mike, that grunting dead-eyed cretin, sucker-punching me in the face! I've got Gus wielding a box cutter! I mean...Western Union! Message received! Let me ask you, when did this stop being a business, hm? Why am I the only person capable of behaving in a professional manner?
  • Walt and Skyler rehearsing the gambling story. Doubles as a Tear Jerker at times, since it shows how much in denial Walt is about his life of crime and how much of a divide there is between them at this point.
  • Skylar actually making a script of a cover story for her and Walt being able to pay for Hank's medical expenses. Then she forces Walt to rehearse the lines with her and he makes the entire thing as difficult as possible.
  • Mike driving Jesse out into the desert, in a very dark example.
    Mike: You gonna ask where we're going?
    Jesse: <assuming he's being dragged out to his death> Nope.


  • The scene when Walt Jr. comes home just as Walt and Skyler finished having sex. He doesn't see anything, but he puts two and two together (based on Walt and Skyler being in the bedroom) and makes the world's funniest disgusted face ever in the history of TV.
  • Anything involving Jesse's Roomba and people's reactions to it.
    Did that just happen?
  • The beginning of the episode becomes this after a while. The episode begins with a Moment of Awesome for Walt, with him driving like a madman to save Jesse, who he presumes is en route to his own execution. Then, he walks into Los Pollos Hermanos and demands from the manager to see Gustavo Fring, immediately. After a while, it turns out his badassitude was barely acknowledged by anyone in the legitimate fast-food business and then Mike and Jesse phone him, asking an out-of-his-mind Walter what the hell he's doing in the most bored way possible.
  • Well, Jesse might be bored, but at that point, he seems more resigned than anything. It's not that he doesn't think Mike is going to kill him — after all, he doesn't act too surprised when Walt asks if Mike is holding him at gunpoint. It's that he doesn't care.
  • The montage of Jesse bored out of his mind while making pickups with Mike.
  • Jesse's and Mike's Mathematicians Answers to Walt when he calls Mike to find out what's going on:
    Walt: Where is Jesse?
    Mike: He's with me.
    Walt: [sigh] Put Jesse on!
    Jesse: Yo.
    Walt: Where are you?
    Jesse: I'm with Mike.
  • Mike's reaction after Jesse insists that he should know what's going on if he is "the guy":
    Mike: You are not "the guy"! You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy, but now I don't. You are not the guy.
    Jesse: Then what the hell am I doing here?
    Mike: I don't know! It's not my call! I just do what I'm told and now you're gonna do what you're told, which is to sit here, shut up, and stay in the car until we finish our pickups! You got it?


  • "TUCKER! TUCKER! WILL YOU SHUT THE DAMN DOOR? TUCKER!!" Smackheads can be funny, sometimes.
  • Jesse starts digging, knowing that he'll trigger either Tucker's paranoia or curiosity about what he thinks he knows is in the yard, and successfully Bugs Bunnys him into taking over the job. Tucker's still at it around ten minutes later.
    • Mike's facial expressions during Jesse's little gambit also count.
  • Walt bungling his way through convincing (with very little comprehension of spanish) a bunch of Gus' laundry workers to help him clean the lab.
  • Walt's questioning of Jesse following Mike:
    Walt: What, is there something about you that I don't know? Are you a former Navy SEAL? Do you have to have your hands registered as lethal weapons?
    Jesse: Register this (flips him off).

"Problem Dog"

  • Walter calls for a cab after he sets a delayed explosion to destroy the car he was driving. Right after the car explodes, he says, in a bored voice no less, "No, I think he'll see me."


  • The sequence where Hank tasks Walt with putting a tracker on Gus' stationwagon.
  • As Hank is pressing Walt to take the tracker and plant it, Walt is scared shitless and not listening to Hank because he sees Mike sitting in his car right next to them, with the best "I got eyes on you, Walter." Even better, before this you can clearly see Mike parking right next to them.
  • When Walt goes in to order, he has an awkward exchange with Gus. You got to feel for Walt, the way he's been trying to get into the same room with Gus so that he can kill him, and now that he's right there, inches away from his face, Gus knows full well Walt can't do jack shit, and he knows Walt knows that. So he just smiles and directs him to put the tracker on his car anyways to deter suspicions.


  • Hank singing "Eye of the Tiger" while driving with Walt. His little "get the bad guy!" is the icing on the cake.
  • Skyler's Obfuscating Stupidity to keep Ted out of prison, acting like a Dumb Blonde who was only in charge of finances because she slept with Ted.
  • Tyrus Kitt has Walt shipped into the meth lab in dirty laundry. Walt emerges from the sheets covered in dust.
    Walter White: [annoyed] Does the laundry have to be dirty?
    Tyrus Kitt: [beat] Nope.
  • The strippers running off with silverware and goods after the cartel bosses keel over.
"Crawl Space"
  • Huell and Kuby are sent to Ted's house to strong-arm him into writing a check to the IRS. This is what happens when they knock at the door:
    Ted: Can I help you?
    Patrick: Yeah. Thanks! [he and Huell step in uninvited]
    Ted: Whoa, whoa, you can't just—! [Huell and Kuby stop and deliver their best death stares] What's this about?
    Patrick: I'll tell you what this is about, Mr. Beneke. This is about you and me doing our best to keep Huell happy.
    Ted: Huell? Who's Huell?
    Patrick: [points] This is Huell. Huell, you happy?
    Huell: Reasonably.
    Patrick: What would make you unhappy?
    Huell: This lil' motherfucker not doing what he's told.
    Patrick: And if you were to become unhappy, Mr. Beneke wouldn't care for that?
    Huell: I'm gonna say "no".
    Patrick: Well there you have it! Let's go find your checkbook. [begins leading Ted to the living room] Ready? Here we go, all right? We're walking, swinging our feet, there you go, very nice. Beautiful place you have here....
    • And later in the scene the show reaches the peak of its Black Comedy. Ted abruptly tries to bail and winds up tripping over his rug and sliding, with the floor audibly squeaking, head-first into his kitchen cabinet, breaking his neck and knocking oranges out of the basket on the cabinet and dropping them onto him. If you listen closely you can even hear the Sickening "Crunch!" once he crashes into the cabinet.
  • Patrick and Huell's report back to Saul is also full of funny moments, given how nonchalant the two of them are about what happened compared to Saul's upset behavior.
    Saul: I told her you were my A-team.
    Huell: [unconcerned] It was an act of God! Ain't no accounting for an act of God.
    Patrick: Check's in the mail at least.
    Saul: Oh, hello Mrs. White! The good news is the IRS has been paid off, the bad news, Jesus! Well, here goes nothing!
  • Another Black Comedy bit. Walt's breakdown at the very end, while played straight and very intense, is also darkly humorous when one looks at the situation from the outside. Up to this point in the series, Walt has accumulated so much money, he couldn't spend it all if he tried. Now, the one time he actually needs it, he's left with too little. It's as if Walt devolving into insane laughter was him acknowledging the sheer irony of it all.

"Face Off"

  • The face that Hector makes right before he sets off the bomb is a hilarious mixture of anger and excitement. Considering all the stuff Gus did to interfere in Hector's hospital treatment as revealed in Better Call Saul, it's quite fitting that it's the last thing that Gus sees.
  • Gomez tells Hank that Hector is at the DEA office and insists he'll only talk to Hank.
    Steven Gomez: If you did want to talk to this guy, there's no safer place than the office.
    Skyler White: I don't think this sounds like a good idea.
    Walter White, Jr.: Yeah, I agree, Uncle Hank.
    Marie Schrader: It is a ridiculous idea, and there is no way you are going to do it, end of story.
    [Cuts to Hank at the DEA office]
    George Merkert: Hank, thanks for coming down.
    Hank Schrader: No problem at all. Good to see you, sir.
  • Hector struggles to get his nurse to understand that he wants to talk to the DEA.
    Nurse: Is it "dear"? Is it "deal"? [beat] Honey, "Dea" ain't a word.
    • Later on at the DEA's office, you can see on the first page of the nurse's notepad "WANT SCHRADER" "SCHRADER" and "WHERE SCHRADER", implying that Hector was trying to communicate with his nurse for a, for lack of a better term, gruelling amount of time.
    • Then, using his laborious communication method to simply deliver profane insults ("S-U-C-K M-Y—[D-I-C-K]"; "F-U-C—[K-Y-O-U]").
    • Take a good, long look at Hector as his nurse brings him back into the elevator; he winks at Hank.
    • When the nurse returns Hector to his room at the nursing home, she chides him in the same way that a parent might scold a small child for breaking something valuable.
  • While hiding from Tyrus' search of Hector's room, Walt's cover is almost blown by an old lady constantly saying hello to and laughing at the funny man standing right outside her window.
  • Walt bringing the bomb into the hospital. Jesse gets clued into what's happening when the bomb's magnetism makes the purse Walt hid it in stick to an elevator door, bewildering several unwitting patrons. Shortly after Walt sits down by Jesse, they get in a brief argument...that's done entirely in hushed whispers, as Jesse is simultaneously furious at Walt but trying not to draw attention to them.
    Jesse: Did you just bring a bomb into a hospital?!
    Walt: What? Was I supposed to leave it on his car?!
    Jesse: What, you're supposed to bring it into a hospital?!
  • Walt doesn't get it in his head that a demand from Francesca for $20,000 (later $25,000) to fix a broken glass door is a demand for a bribe.
    • He eventually gets it. That's when she ups it to $25K.
      • Upon this realization, Walt gets up close to Francesca's face — seemingly about to launch a verbal attack — only to mutter "I'll be right back" and hurriedly stumble through the broken door. Even funnier is that he crawls out through the hole he just made instead of just opening the door now that he's inside (and, just to add a layer of slapstick, bangs his head against it in the process, after slipping on the glass fragments spilled all over the floor).
      • Before the blackmail, Francesca gives Walt a major tongue-lashing calling him insane for breaking into the office. When Walt goes off saying he needs Saul, she cuts him off saying "Let me guess, you and your partner did something stupid again."


  • Saul's commercial for obese people:
    Saul: Are you or someone you loved [graphics cause his chest to inflate] fifty, a hundred, or even two hundred pounds overweight?note  Then you better call Saul! Have fast-food restaurants tricked you into an unhealthy lifestyle with their ads [graphic of Los Pollos Hermanos logo], their Dollar Menus [graphic of dollar signs], and their colorful banners [Italian flag]?

    I'm Saul Goodman, and I have the highest dollar-per-pound recovery ratio in Bernalillo Countynote . Any trainer will tell you there's four ways to lose weight: diet, exercise, the Lap-Band® note , and a fat legal suit. Just listen to this guy.
    [Cuts to a photo of a man in farmer's overalls standing outside a Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant]
    Client: This is me before I called Saul. I was 300 pounds, I'd lost my job, and I was impotent.note 
    [The image flips to show the actual customer, in the same location, who hasn't changed weight at all and is now holding bags with dollar signs on them in each hand]
    Client: This is me after the Saul Goodman plan. Thanks, Saul!note 
    Saul: So put down the muffins and pick up the phone! Just remember to take the fries out of your mouth before you call so we can understand what you're saying.note  You don't have to swallow injustice anymore. Call me, Saul Goodman, today!

    Season 5 
"Live Free or Die"
  • Mike in the very first scene has him feeding some bullying chickens and calmly but seriously saying "Wendell doesn't eat, nobody eats."
    • In a considerable degree of Bathos, it's also in this very scene where Dr. Goodman delivers the news that Gus has been killed.
  • Mike is about to get out of dodge.
    Well... You know how they say "it's been a pleasure"? [beat] It hasn't.
  • Walter settles a debate with Mike over the outcome of the magnets ploy with a "Because I say so."
  • Jesse attempting to get Walt and Mike's attention for his magnet idea, followed by his mimed explanation of it. And then when they actually execute the plan, Walt gives the magnet enough power to flip their van over.
    • Before that, Walt's idea is to have an "incendiary device" that he insists is not a bomb be filed into evidence and use that to destroy the laptop, and when Mike points out how evidence rooms have fire suppression, Walt drops all pretense and just outright suggests bombing the evidence room from the outside.
  • Old Joe musing about genital piercings while telling the gang to take off any jewelry.
    Joe: What about that stuff you young guys wear on the end of your pricks? Speak now or forever sing soprano! What's up with that, by the way? why would anybody wanna put a metal ring through the end of their prick?
    (Walt stares at Jesse, almost accusingly.)
    Jesse: What are you looking at me for?
    • Later on when Old Joe mentions artificial hips, Walt gestures towards Mike.
  • Jesse referring to the old RV they used to cook meth inside as the "Crystal Ship."
  • "It's the universal symbol for keys."
  • When Joe goes through a list of items they can't have around the magnet:
    Joe: Oh, credit cards! You want that plastic working come Miller Time.
    Mike: Y'know, I can foresee a lot of possible outcomes to this thing, and not a single one of them involves Miller Time.
    Joe: PMA. Positive Mental Attitude.


  • Mike using one of his granddaughter's toys to distract Chris Mara.
    • Fun fact: that's an actual toy too, known as Bacon the Pig. After its appearance in the show, some fans even made in-character Amazon reviews as if Mike is praising the product for its use as a distraction tactic rather than its worthiness as a toy:
    My granddaughter loves this pig. On a side note, I found the tail can be hung on a door and the pig will make a faint knocking sound. It's a fun way to sneak up on and surprise old friends.
    My granddaughter Kaylee loves this toy. As a bonus its long tail is perfect for hanging over the front door as a decoy when I'm working in my restaurant security job. Who is the one who knocks? This little pig is the one! Count me as one happy customer in ABQ!
  • Lydia's introductory scene, with her pitiful attempts at cloak-and-dagger antics while meeting with Mike. She calls Mike a fake name and tries to act inconspicuous, only for the waiter to ask Mike by name if he wants to order anything. After she first insists that they should remain seated and speak back to back, Mike calmly gets up and comes over to sit down at her table.

"Hazard Pay"

  • Walter shrugs off Saul's comments about Mike:
    Saul: So you bring him here? Come on! The three of us? We're the Three Amigos! All for one, one for all! We don't need a Fourth Amigo!
    Walter: Saul, Mike knows the business. He knows distributors.
    Jesse: Mike's okay.
    Saul: He's okay? He said he was going to break my legs. And don't tell me he didn't mean it, okay? 'Cause he gave me the dead mackerel eyes. He meant it.
    Walt: Saul, Mike threatened me. He threatened Jesse. He probably threatened someone before breakfast this morning. It's what he does. Come on. Grow a pair!
  • Saul, when showing Walt, Jesse, and Mike different places where they can cook, drives up to a location that's met with a big "no" from both Walt and Jesse. Cut to a shot showing what the place is: Lazer Base, the laser tag joint last seen in Season 3.
  • When visiting another potential location to cook, Jesse swipes a tortilla right off of the conveyor belt as they leave and fumbles a bit because it's still hot.
  • Mike even cracks Walt and Jesse up when he's going over instructions with the Vamonos Pest Control crew and he tells them to refer to Walt as "Yes sir" and Jesse as "No sir".
  • Skinny Pete plays C. P. E. Bach's "Solfeggietto" on a keyboard... and then Badger comes in with tuneless caterwauling on a two neck guitar. What sells the moment is Pete's exasperated body language when Badger is playing. Then he looks up, rock-on face, and Pete fakes enthusiasm.


  • Walt and Walt Jr. buying cars.
    • To elaborate: Walt goes out and buys a Chrysler 300 SRT8 for Jr. Jr. looks impressed, but gestures that Walt can do Walt keeps the Chrysler for himself and buys Jr. a Dodge Challenger SRT8. Yucks and laughs were had by all as father and son enjoy their new toys and rev up their engines.
    • A big part of it is Rian Johnson's absurdly over-the-top direction, repeatedly panning back and forth between them long after we've gotten the point, all to illustrate their adolescent mindset over the whole thing.
    • And the whole scene has the most hilariously obnoxious use of dubstep since Saints Row: The Third.

"Dead Freight"

  • Mike instructing Lydia about how he'll kill her if she botches a DEA phone call and explaining to her the difference between "pistol" and "gun".


  • Mike's most classic line to Walt:
    Mike: You know, I have never seen anybody work so hard not to get $5 million.
  • Mike explaining why he wouldn't lead the cops to their headquarters, like he's talking to a five year old.
  • Mike strikes again, telling Walt they're gonna spend the whole night in the office, "like it's my birthday."
  • Jesse's hideously awkward attempts at small talk over dinner with Walt and Skyler. "Whatever happened to truth in advertising?"
    • Made even more hilarious when he drank from his glass of water for a solid 30 seconds when Skyler mentioned the affair with Ted.
    • "Hey Mrs. White. Vamonos."

"Say My Name"

  • Back in "Dead Freight", Walt secretly planted a bug in Hank's office, under the guise of needing to weepily unload to Hank about his failing marriage. Here, he has to go retrieve the bug from the office, so he tearfully unloads on Hank again. Hank eventually steps out of the office and mimes shooting himself in the head to his coworkers.
  • Mike watching TV while the cops search his house.
  • Gomez's face when he catches the lawyer paying off Mike's guys in the bank vault.
    Dan Waschberger: ...Hey.
    Steven Gomez: [wearing shit-eating grin] Hey.
  • Saul's reaction to Mike's other lawyer: "How could Mike use that clown of a lawyer? He would've had better luck with the law firm of Moe, Larry, and Shemp."
  • Mike's reaction to Walt demanding an apology from him
    Mike Ehrmantraut:That's it.
    Walter White: That's it? No "Thanks for the 5 million dollars" no "Sorry for chaining you to a radiator"?
    Mike Ehrmantraut: ...Just get the bug, Walter.

"Gliding Over All"

"Blood Money"

  • Badger's Star Trek script. With "script" being a massive stretch of the word. It does somewhat foreshadow how the whole final showdown between Walt, Jack and Lydia will go, but, in the meanwhile:
    • To elaborate: on a quiet day, the crew of the Enterprise holds a pie-eating contest that ultimately boils down to Kirk, Spock, and Chekov. Kirk is the first to lose, having "yorked" (puked). Meanwhile, however, Chekov has Scotty use the transporter to beam the pies he eats into space (since he has a lot of quatloos riding on this). However, near the end, Scotty screws up (due to being distracted when Uhura walks in with "her big pointies"), resulting in Scotty transporting Chekov's guts into space, killing him.
    • There's even a mistake that will make Trekkies squirm, when Skinny Pete describes Voyager as being in the Gamma Quadrant. (Amusingly, he was half-right. Tulaberries ARE from the Gamma Quadrant... but Voyager is in the Delta Quadrant.)
    • Another small one is describing the original series as having replicators. It's unclear if this mistake was intentional or not. However, considering this is Badger we're talking about, the probability that it was intentional are like he probably was when he was creating said "script": high.


  • Walt is unimpressed with Saul's suggestion re: Hank: "'Send him to Belize'... I'll send you to Belize."
  • Huell, as Kuby puts it, "channeling Scrooge McDuck" by using Walter's money as a bed.
  • Todd steering Lydia through a maze of bodies, as her high heels sink into the sand.
  • Saul giving Jesse a Hello Kitty cell phone.
    Jesse: Seriously? Hello Kitty?
    Saul: Seriously? It's free.
  • The unbearably tense meeting between Walt, Skyler, Hank, and Marie being occasionally broken up by an obnoxiously cheerful waiter.
    • "Tableside guacamole?"
    • Made even funnier by several comments on the Breaking Bad Facebook page reading "I am the one who guacs!!!!!"
  • When Walt, Jesse, and Saul have a secret meeting in the desert, it takes all of one sentence from Walt's mouth to make Saul go from ranting at Jesse a mile-a-minute to sitting quietly in the background, like a child being sent to the corner, for the rest of the scene.
  • Walt retrieving his gun from the car wash. He zooms into a parking space and races for the door, then abruptly stops and enters completely calm. Followed by giving Skyler the most half-assed excuses imaginable for why he's there, and why he then has to leave. It's quite satisfying seeing the once-invincible Heisenberg reduced to this.
  • Hank's method of testing a wire signal: "Pancho Villa, Salma Hayek. Pancho Villa, Salma Hayek. You gettin' that?" Gomie's response: "Loud and clear, idiota."
  • Walter Jr. coming up with a better lie than Walt to explain the house being covered in gasoline, completely by accident. And Walt's planet-sized pride still won't let him drop his own idea.
  • Walt referring to Badger and Skinny Pete as "Beaver and... what's his name".
    Kuby: For three hours straight all he (Badger) talked about was something called Babylon 5.
  • Jesse all but confirming what part of the fandom already thinks:
    Jesse: Yeah, no, Mr. White's gay for me. Everyone knows that.
  • Extremely dark humor, but: Marie's conversation with her therapist about untraceable poisons. Especially once you take into account the fact that the person she’s fantasizing about poisoning is Walt, AKA probably the best person to ask about untraceable poisons.
  • Walt walking into the carwash with Holly to find Saul Goodman chatting with his wife and son, and immediately turning back around and leaving. Adding to that, Junior was starstruck by Saul Goodman when he enters the car wash.
    • "Hey, kid: don't drive drunk. But if you do, call me!" It's the way he sounds like he's gleefully anticipating it that sells the joke.
      • To add to the funny, after being recognized by Walt Jr., the director frames nearly every shot with Walt Sr. and Saul outside to catch either his bus ad or billboard in the background.
  • Todd using "Blinded Me with Science" as his ringtone.
    • Specifically his ringtone for Walt, since "Felina" shows that he uses a different one for Lydia — Groucho Marx's "Lydia the Tattooed Lady".
  • Gomez calling Jesse "Timmy Dipshit."


  • Jesse barges in into Saul's office, brutally beats him up, threatens him with a gun and claims he took something from him. Instead of thinking about the ricin cigarette that could literally kill somebody, Saul thinks Jesse is pissed at him for making Huell steal his dope from him.
  • Walt, who has just learned from Saul that Jesse found out about Brock, rushes into the carwash to get his gun from under the soda machine. He parks in the worst way possible, jumps out of the car and runs to the door... and then stops to breathe before entering like everything is normal. And then he gives the most half-assed excuse possible for looking under the vending machine. Skyler knows he's bullshitting and came here for a good reason before he even says anything.


  • Jesse pretending to burn Walt's money while on the phone with him.
    Jesse: Fire in the hole, bitch! There goes 10 G's! Oh nice orange flames.


  • After Jack's just killed Hank and Gomez, taken Jesse into captivity, and left Walt with a barrel of money, Walt rolls the barrel along the desert, while this mellow – and incredibly apt for the episode, if you interpret it as saying Walt's "true love" is his money – song is playing.
    Times are getting' hard, boy; money's gettin' scarce
    Times gonna get no better, boys; gonna leave this place
    Take my true love by the hand; lead her through the town
    Say goodbye to everyone, goodbye to everyone.
    Had a job a year ago, had a little home
    Now I've got no place to go, guess I'll have to roam.
  • Even in the intense midst and despite his complicity in Hank's death, Todd finds time to give Walt a seemingly genuine yet incredibly inappropriate "Sorry for your loss."
  • As Walt rolls his barrel of money through the desert, he rolls past a pair of pants. Word of God confirms these are, in fact, the same pants he lost in the pilot. It's a Brick Joke that took practically five and a half years to pay off.

"Granite State"

  • Walt's only DVD choices in his isolated New Hampshire cabin are two copies of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Truly a level of Hell that Dante never imagined.
  • Saul's surprise that his "Disappearer" actually does sell vacuum cleaners.
  • Seeing Jack and the other Neo-Nazis make fun of Todd for having a crush on Lydia!
  • This little conversation:
    Walter: I'd like to speak to the agent in charge of the Walter White investigation.
    Dispatcher: And who may I say is calling?
    Walter: Walter White.
  • After the very draining end of the previous episode, the first we see of Walt is a silent video feed of him pacing around, griping to himself, and angrily slapping a ceiling lamp. Yup, seems just about right.
  • When Ed walks in on Walt attempting to browbeat Saul into continuing to work with him:
    Ed: Everything good?
    Saul: [without any air in his throat] Define "good."
  • How Ed was talking about preparing Walter's IV injection: by watching a couple of YouTube videos.


  • Todd's choice of "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" as a ringtone.
  • Walt triumphantly getting the car to work after finding the keys with "El Paso" playing. Mundane Made Awesome.
  • Extremely dark example, but once you learn that the "hitmen" arranged for Gretchen and Elliott are Skinny Pete and Badger using laser pointers, the scene at the Schwartz house. You can tell Walt is enjoying himself a little bit too much.
    • When Badger and Skinny Pete question as to whether or not what they did was morally right, Walt gives them both a wad of cash and they promptly shut up.
    • Either Fridge humor or horror sinks in when you realize that although the Schwartz's are already terrified of Walt, we're left to imagine how they reacted when they found out that Walt singlehandedly wiped out an entire gang the next night.
  • Walt suddenly walking into the background as Todd and Lydia have breakfast, neither of them noticing until he pulls up a chair.
  • Jack's reaction to seeing Walt with hair. First he refuses to believe it's not a wig, then he compliments it.
    Jack: Christ, that is one fine head of hair. I mean, otherwise you look like shit, but-
    Walt: Hello to you too, Jack.
  • Jack's reaction to Kenny asking where he wants Walt to be killed: "Yeah, thanks. Anywhere but my living room would be fine. Jesus." Funny considering that this living room is going to be littered with corpses in a few minutes.
  • Another gem from Jack, albeit a dark example; his over-the-top sarcasm at the accusation that Jesse is his "partner":
    Jack: Does this look like a partner to you? Take a look at him. Have a gander. He's my partner. Right, partner? Right, buddy? Hard working good partner! Fifty-fifty partner!
  • Black Comedy: Kenny lying dead in the massage chair as it's still operating.
  • Lydia has an actual screaming pillow on standby in her office.

  • The alternate joke ending: Hal and Lois experiencing a Newhart scenario.
    • Hal trying to describe Jesse.
    • Hal excusing his erection against Lois's back as the one who knocks.
    • "The only thing that made sense in the dream is that I still walked around in my underwear!"
    • When talking about Hank, he mentions that "he looked like the guy from The Shield."
    • After telling Lois goodnight ("Goodnight, Skyler"), we see the porkpie hat and out of nowhere you hear "life is unfair~~~" from the Malcolm in the Middle theme.
  • The season 2 gag reel, which includes Anna Gunn in her fake pregnancy gear, playing with a fake hand and pretending she's being fondled.
    Anna Gunn: Oh, Tuco!
    • Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul repeatedly flubbing their lines, ending up with the both of them unable to keep a straight face.
      Aaron Paul: [as Jesse] I don't know, Mr. White, do you think that this will wearly wlork? [Bryan Cranston bursts out laughing] I can't say that right: "this will really work". I can't say it. I can't do it!
      Aaron Paul: [trying an alternate version of the line, while his partner tries to stop laughing] Do you think this is gonna work, do you think this is gonna work. "I don't know, Mr. White, do you think this will work?" Does that work? [more laughter from Bryan and the crew]
      [several failed takes later, as they're unable to even look at each other without cracking up]
      Bryan Cranston: [still grinning like a loon] I'm anticipating it not working...
      Aaron Paul: [trying to get a grip] It's gonna work!

      [in another different scene]
      Bryan Cranston: [as Walt] Now, who messes with the blowfish, Jeff- [collapses in hysterics on top of Aaron, breaking character completely] You're not Jeff. Who's Jeff?
    • Cranston joking how a camera will focus on him in a shot with Aaron Paul because he's the one with the Emmy. Funny as is, even funnier when you remember that the latter has scored three Emmys thanks to Breaking Bad.
  • Remember the aforementioned "dipping sticks" line when Skyler shuts the door in the face of Walt and his pizza? In an alternate take, she briefly reopens it to swipe the bag of dipping sticks.
    • In the same blooper reel, an argument at the Whites' breakfast table gets derailed by Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn starting a food fight, with RJ Mitte in the middle trying to get them to stop.
    • Bryan Cranston mispronouncing the word 'decontaminate' and switching to what appears to be an attempt at Japanese, all while pulling a couple of items out of the shopping bags in front of him and with Aaron Paul staying in character anyway.
      Aaron: (in character) What are you even trying to say?
    • From the scene where Marie, Walt, Skyler and Flynn are waiting in the hospital to hear news about Hank, in what was meant to be a serious scene, they pull off something of a comedy routine instead.
      [The doctor enters the visitors room]
      Marie: [standing up] Oh, how is he? Please tell me something good...
      Doctor: I think he's stable enough now for you to go and see him briefly.
      [Anna Gunn, Bryan Cranston and RJ Mitte also stand up]
      Doctor: I'm sorry, but I think it's immediate family only.
      [Anna, Bryan and RJ sit back down, sighing]
      Marie: We're all family.
      [Anna, Bryan and RJ stand up again as the offscreen crew laughs]
      Doctor: I understand, but, uh, there's a certain protocol we have to follow.
      [Anna, Bryan and RJ sit back down]
  • Highlights from the season 4 blooper reel.
    • Walt inserts Bogdan's first dollar into a vending machine...only for it to slide right back out. Walt catches the bill before it hits the ground, tries again, and the same thing happens.
      Walt: [seething] Bogdan...
      • It's worth noting that in the final episode, the camera cuts away when Walter takes the soda and drinks it, which seems to indicate that Bryan Cranston legitimately couldn't get the machine to work properly at all while shooting the scene.
    • In the scene where Mike tells Walt that he'll never see Gus again before leaving the lab, instead of watching Mike's exit in silence, Bryan Cranston gets a bit creative and tells him how he's going to get a gun and shoot Gus, concluding by yelling "DO YOU HEAR ME?", which prompts Jonathan Banks to reopen the door he just went through and yell back "I DO!"
    • The opening blooper, which is one for the "one who knocks" scene. Anna Gunn says her lines, Cranston turns, says nothing for a few seconds, and then breaks down laughing when he realizes he missed his cue.
    • "[Cranston adjusting his underwear] I know I'm a piece of meat, but it's okay."
    • Even Giancarlo Esposito gets in on the fun:
      Esposito: [speaking to Hector/Mark Margolis] Is today the day? [pause] I guess today's the day! [Both start laughing]
  • From the season 5B blooper reel, in the scene where Marie phones Skyler to warn her that Walt is in the area, shortly after she hangs up, the DEA guard standing outside her window is subtly swapped with Bryan Cranston, who picks up the shotgun he leaves behind and looks inside menacingly. Betsy Brandt bursts into laughter as she notices, then quickly picks up the phone again, pretending to dial the police while Bryan outside pretends to run off.
  • The pizza that Walt tossed onto the roof of his house in "Caballo Sin Nombre" is affectionately referred to as the "pizza of destiny". In preparation for the scene, the production crew for the show ordered dozens of pizzas, in case re-shoots were necessary. Cranston managed to nail the shot in one take, leaving them with a bunch of un-thrown pizzas. That day, the cast and crew feasted like kings.
  • A funny behind-the-scenes story from the standoff that led to Hank's and Gomez's deaths: during one take of the part where Jack asks how do they know that they (Hank and Gomez) are actually cops, Steven Michael Quezada (Gomez) broke character and said "Because Dean Norris plays a cop in everything he's fucking in!"
  • How the show almost could have had a Nick Fury cameo.
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon celebrates the end of the series... with a supercut set to *NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye".
    • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon did a different parody, "Joking Bad", with Fallon as a joke dealer. It features references to many of the show's best moments note  a lengthy cameo from Odenkirk himself as Saul, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in the audience (the latter booing Fallon) when Fallon inadvertently sells all his jokes to Gus leaving him with no material for the show, and in that same scene Bryan Cranston throwing a pizza, imitating the iconic scene from the show.
  • Jimmy Kimmel helps Bryan Cranston celebrate his "super sweet 60" in a parody of standard TLC reality TV fare, and it's just 15 minutes of pure hilarity, considering Bryan perfectly acts like a bratty 16-year-old and Heisenberg at the same time. At one point, Bryan is shown eating "Gustav-O's" cereal, a Totally Radical Odenkirk helps him pick out an outfit and be his hype man, Skinny Pete is the DJ, and when Bryan sees someone wearing the same outfit as him, it turns out to be Aaron Paul, who starts a fight with Bryan over it. Just imagine Heisenberg screaming "Shut up, mom!" with dead seriousness, demanding to wear five crowns in the same tone of voice he uses for threats, or hissing "I carried your ass for six years!" at Aaron.
  • Walter White shows up in a 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump's pick for the head of the DEA.
  • To mark the tenth anniversary, Aaron announces a contest in which the winner will get a chance to cook breakfast in the RV with him for charity... only to find Bryan squatting in the RV. Hilarity ensues.
  • Special mention has to go to the minisode featuring Badger and Walt. It has to been seen to be believed.
    Walt: Jesse told me you were adequate at picking locks.
    Badger: Yeah, yeah, yeah, uhh... My cellmate when I was in jail, he's really good at B&E, y'know, like a Jedi, so he taught me the ways of the Force. It really broke up the time, the three weeks I was in there, so...
    Walt: ...What?
    Badger: What?
    Walt: Three weeks? You were in jail for three weeks? Who goes to jail for three weeks?!
    Walt: Shut up. There's an old lady who lives here who has something of mine... Look, my wife had a yard sale and didn't tell me about it, and she sold my old canister vacuum.
    Badger: I don't know what that is...?
    Walt: A vacuum cleaner!
    Badger: Oh! Oh, sorry... Wait, you're doing this all for a vacuum cleaner?
    Walt: No, no, no, no...
    Badger: You know, my nana has a vacuum cleaner. It's really nice! It has all these attachments-
    Walt: I don't want your nana's vacuum cleaner, I want my vacuum cleaner, do you understand?! Unless your nana's vacuum cleaner has $47,000 in it!
  • What if Breaking Bad Was an Indian TV Serial, a one-shot comedy parody produced by Netflix India to promote the release of El Camino which, true to its name, attempts to reimagine Breaking Bad as an Indian TV series. Notable for starting out vaguely similar to the plot of the show before going spectacularly Off the Rails at the halfway point (featuring actual ghosts, Walt manslaughtering Hank, and a giant snake), which one commenter says is "pretty much par for the course for shows over in India."
  • Dean Norris and Steven Michael Quezada (Hank and Gomez) try to make a DEA Agent training video, wanting to train at the real DEA Training Facility. Sadly, it fell through due to security clearances, so they went to a "Civilian Training Course" that's similar to the real deal. Said training course is a children's playground. Hilarity Ensues. Highlights include:
    • Dean getting stuck on the monkey bars, asking some kids who ease past him in the opposite direction for help.
    Dean: Yo, a little help? A little help?
    • Dean and Steven struggling to climb a rope ladder together.
    • Dean and Steven trying to fit in a tire swing together.
    • The Running Gag of Dean and Steven constantly giving a thumbs-up to the camera.