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Recap / Breaking Bad S 4 E 2 Thirty Eight Snub

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Fearful for his life after his "talk" with Gus the other day, Walt meets with an arms dealer named Lawson to purchase a gun. The gun he ultimately decides on is a Ruger light compact revolver with .38 snub ammo.

Meanwhile, Jesse buys a new sound system for his home, which he shows off to Badger and Skinny Pete. He then offers them meth. Badger and Skinny Pete are both reluctant, having been invested in their rehab group, but Jesse manages to coax them to fall off the wagon. Eventually, they invite other people over for a dance party at Jesse's house, mainly so Jesse can take his mind off of his guilt over Gale's death...

As Hank takes up collecting and examining minerals to help him cope with his disability after the cartel's attack and his struggles with physical therapy, he becomes increasingly cold and distant to Marie. Skyler calls Walt about his dragging his feet in purchasing Bogdan's car wash to launder their money. Walt is cross with Skyler for discussing the matter over a phone, but Skyler insists that if Walt won't "pull the trigger", she'd contact Saul and do it herself.


Back at the lab, Walt conceals his gun, in case Gus enters. Gus does not come, however: instead, he is greeted by Tyrus Kitt, Victor's replacement, and Mike, who institutes a "second weighing" policy. Walt asks Mike if he can talk with Gus so he can "clear the air", but Mike dismisses him, stating that Walt will never see him again.

At his house, Jesse keeps the party going when he is visited by Andrea. Outside, Andrea, who is concerned for Jesse after he had been absent from rehab, asks about an envelope of cash that she had received on the night of Tomás' murder. Jesse admits to giving her the money, and advises her to use the money to move herself and Brock to a better neighborhood before returning to his house party.

That night, Walt decides to try and take out Gus at his home. As he approaches Gus's front doorstep, however, Tyrus calls him and tells him to "go home". Walt looks around, but can't find anyone watching him. It's clear that Gus and Tyrus have eyes on him and are watching his every move.


The following day, Skyler visits Bogdan at his car wash to discuss buying out his business. Bogdan asks for ten million dollars. Skyler counters with an offer of approximately $800,000, based on research that she did on the car wash and the industry, to which Bogdan counters with a price of twenty million dollars. He recognizes Skyler as Walt's wife, talks about how he acted on the day he quit, and belittles Walt, stating that he wasn't man enough to come and "sends his woman" to do his dirty work for him, pissing Skyler off.

At a bar, Walt meets with Mike. Walt clarifies to Mike that everything he had done, from killing Gus' two dealers to having Jesse murder Gale, was done out of loyalty to his partner and self-defense; but Mike barely heeds his excuses and instead asks about his gun, which he noticed when he visited Walt at the lab. Walt tells Mike that they are both in the "same boat": that if Gus could kill Victor as casually as he had, what's to stop him from killing Mike as well? Walt asks Mike to get him alone in a room with Gus, so he could "do the rest".

After a moment or two's thought, Mike socks Walt in the face and kicks him on the ground. His loyalty to Gus is without question, and Walt would never be able to turn him...

Meanwhile, the party at Jesse's house finally winds down. The other revelers head home while Badger and Skinny Pete admit that they are exhausted from the last few days of non-stop partying. Jesse now finds himself alone in his house, with nothing but the loud beats of his sound system and his personal demons for company...

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