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Drinking Game / Breaking Bad

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Take a drink:

  • When Jesse calls someone a bitch.
  • When Walt loses his temper.
  • When someone beats up Jesse.
  • When Walt and Jesse get into a heated argument.
  • When Walt has to make up a lie on the spot.
  • When someone destroys a phone.
  • When Walt brings up his family.
  • When Walt coughs (mostly occurs in the first season, though).
  • When Walt's actions lead to people dying.
    • One drink for each person who dies.
  • When they need to go to Saul for a problem.
  • When Walt takes off his pants.

Take a shot:

  • When Jesse calls Walt and he gets angry or vice versa.
  • When Walt kills someone directly.
  • When Walt and Jesse get into a physical fight.
  • When they need to go to Mike for a problem.
  • When we see Walt's family eating breakfast.
  • When you have a look at Walt's underpants

Finish a drink:

  • When Walt and Jesse are shown getting along.
  • When Walt actually thanks Saul.
  • When Skyler helps to save Walt's business.
  • When Walt Jr/Flynn changes his name.
  • When Walt and Skyler have sex.

Finish the bottle:

  • When Badfinger's "Baby Blue" plays.