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Recap / Breaking Bad S 5 E 7 Say My Name

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Walt, with Jesse and Mike in tow, meets with Declan. Walt declares that he will not sell his methylamine, but instead, give Declan and his crew Mike's share his "Sky Blue" meth profits in exchange for distributing his product throughout Arizona. To prove who exactly they were dealing with, Walt tells Declan to say his name. Declan feigns ignorance as to who Walt is, but Walt declares himself the one who killed Gus Fring.

"Now, say my name...", Walt says once more.
"Heisenberg..." Declan says, realization dawning on him.
"You're goddamn right." Walt confirms.

Declan pays Mike his $5 million at the exterminators' office as Walt watches angrily. Mike then approaches Walt to give two parting thoughts; Mike would pay the legacy costs out of his own pocket, and he needed Walt to retrieve the bug he planted in Hank's offices. Walt then takes the tank of methylamine to the car wash for safekeeping.


Meanwhile, Dan Wachsberger, the lawyer who helped Mike pay hush money to Gus's old crew, deposits money into the safety deposit boxes of the old crew's families, as well as one box with a kingly sum of money set aside from Kaylee Ehrmantraut: Mike's granddaughter.

In the desert, Mike's bug in the DEA allows him to learn that Hank now has a search warrant for him. He disposes of surveillance gear and weapons, then hides a bag of emergency supplies in a second car parked at an airport with keys hidden nearby. When Hank comes to Mike's house to personally serve the search warrant. Mike calmly allows Hank to search his house, secure in the knowledge that there was nothing implicating him for Hank to find.

Back at the exterminators' office, Walt tries to convince Jesse into cooking again by offering him his own lab. Jesse declines, even as Walt tries to coax him back into the business by suggesting that cooking was the only thing keeping him from using meth himself. Jesse tries to talk Walt into selling off his methylamine, but Walt continues to refuse and insist that what happened to Drew Sharp would not happen again, not now that they were the drug kingpins in New Mexico. Jesse calls Walt out on his nonchalance at Drew's murder, and refuses to believe Walt when he tries to talk of how it affected him. Realizing that Walt is a manipulative bastard, Jesse declares that he is just "done" and storms out as Walt yells at him, telling him that if he leaves, he will receive nothing.


At a DEA meeting, Hank is reprimanded by his superiors for being derelict in his duties as a result of his focus on the Gustavo Fring case. This, in combination with the impropriety of personally serving a search warrant to Mike, leads to Hank's boss declaring Mike off limits and the surveillance budget for him cut. Gomez, however, has an idea: instead of surveilling Mike, they should surveil the lawyer of Gus's old crew...

Walt continues to cook meth, now taking Todd under his wing as his new assistant. Even though cooking with Todd isn't the same as with Jesse, Todd proves to be an excellent assistant, taking notes and giving his level best. Todd even refuses a salary until he can get better at cooking.

As Skyler continues to act aloof around him, Walt pays a visit to Hank and cries crocodile tears, claiming that Skyler doesn't love him anymore. While Hank goes to get him coffee, Walt swipes the tracking bug, as per Mike's request. Afterwards, Gomez calls Hank. To Walt's horror, Gomez had found the lawyer Mike was using to pay hush money and got him to flip!

Mike is watching his granddaughter at a park when he receives a call from Dan, asking his whereabouts. Mike tells him, but feels something is off. Mike gets another call, this time from Walt, telling him the DEA is coming for him. Soon after, police cars converge on the park, looking for Mike, leaving him with no choice but to leave Kaylee without even a chance to say goodbye.

Mike calls Saul, who was discussing matters with Walt and Jesse, and tells him to retrieve his emergency car and the bag that contained money, a passport, and a sidearm. Walt agrees to retrieve it, and brings the car and bag to Mike as he waits for him by a river.

Walt asks Mike for the names of his associates, but Mike refuses. Tempers begin to flare as Walt blames Mike for bringing an outside lawyer into his business, which resulted in the DEA's closing in on him. Mike fires back that they had a good deal with Gus Fring, and that if Walt wasn't such a prideful son of a bitch and did as he was told, there wouldn't be any problem.

Mike goes to his car and opens his bag, but finds something important missing from within: his gun. Walt storms up to him and shoots him once. Mike tries to drive away, but crashes his car.

Walt, shocked at what he had just done, follows Mike's blood trail and finds him sitting on the riverbank, a look of remorse on his face. Walt realizes he could've just gotten the names from Lydia and tries awkwardly to apologize, but Mike rebuffs him with a simple request:
"Shut the fuck up...and let me die in peace."

The two men silently watch the sun set over the horizon, until Mike finally succumbs to his wound and keels over, dead.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Can't Take Criticism: Walt's ego is so massive, that he shoots Mike in a blind rage for his rant. It's the first completely pointless murder he performed in the entire show.
  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot:
    • Mike tells Walter that he wouldn't be in this mess if Walter had simply done what he was told, among other things.
    • After shooting Mike, Walter just realized that he could have just gotten the names of Mike's security team from Lydia.
  • Face Death with Dignity: As Walt chases him with a gun, Mike first tries to run away, but having been mortally wounded, he resigns to just calmly sitting on a log by the river, enjoying one last moment of tranquillity as his life ebbs out. Even when Walt walks up to him and tries to apologise for shooting him, as he has realized that it actually was not necessary at all, Mike just coldly rebuffs him, telling him not to ruin the moment for him.
    Mike: (to Walt) Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Mike opens up his handbag only to see that his gun is missing. Just as Walt is marching up to his car, gun in hand...
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Walt is clearly irritated when he gets glimpse of the positive dynamic Jesse had with Mike for a while. Mike parts with Jesse much more warmth and civility than he did with Walt.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Walt almost immediately becomes shocked over the fact that he shot Mike.
  • Oh, Crap!: Three big ones: one when Mike's lawyer realizes the DEA has busted him, one when Walt learns the lawyer flipped, and one when Mike finds out the lawyer flipped.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Jonathan Banks considers the moment where Mike abandons his granddaughter at the playground to escape the police to be something Mike never would have done, but didn't protest out of respect for the writers and producers. He also found the end of the train heist, and Mike's lack of reaction to Todd killing Drew Sharp, as out-of-character.
  • Precision F-Strike: Mike delivers one of these to Walt before dying.
  • Reality Ensues: Mike is a badass and a tough guy but ultimately, a bullet in the gut will kill even him.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Mike gives Walt one of these. It doesn't end well.
    Walt: I want those names, Mike. You owe me that much.
    Mike: I don't owe you a damn thing. All of this, falling apart like this, is on you!
    Walt: Wow. (disbelieving chuckle) Wow! Oh, that's some kind of logic right there, Mike. You screw up, get yourself followed by the DEA, and now suddenly this is all my fault? Why don't you walk me through this, Mike?
    Mike: We had a good thing, you stupid son of a bitch! We had Fring, we had a lab, we had everything we needed, and it all ran like clockwork! You could have shut your mouth, cooked, and made as much money as you ever needed! It was perfect! But no! You just had to blow it up! You, and your pride and your ego! You just had to be the man! If you’d done your job and known your place, we’d all be fine right now.
  • Replacement Goldfish: After failing to convince Jesse to continue cooking with him, Walt takes on Todd as his new lab partner.
  • Retirony: Mike is just about to skip town and presumably retire from the criminal life forever when Walt caps him.
  • Say My Name: Invoked. This proves that Walter's ego has gotten through his head in a major fashion after killing Gus Fring.
    Declan: Who the hell are you?
    Walter White: You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.
    Declan: Do what? I don't–I don't have a damn clue who the hell you are.
    Walter White: Yeah you do. I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed Gus Fring.
    Declan: Bullshit. Cartel got Fring.
    Walter White: You sure?
    [Declan glances at Mike, who shakes his head]
    Walter White: That's right. Now, say my name.
    Declan: ...You're Heisenberg.
    Walter White: You're goddamn right.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Jesse, finally tired of Walt's insensitivity and manipulations, decides to leave the meth trade for good.
    • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!: Even Walt's threat of withholding his $5 million share does nothing to deter him from walking right out. Contrast his indignation at Walt back in season 2, when the share he owed him amounted to ten times less...
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Despite all of his efforts Mike lost all $5 million of his money that he earned thanks to the DEA busting his lawyer, including the $2 million he wanted to leave for his granddaughter, Kaylee. Then he loses his life.
  • Take a Third Option: The previous episode saw that Mike will sell all the methylamine and get him $15 million; even ensuring Walt that he will get his $5 million cut. Walter decides to recruit a new line of distributors, get Mike his $5 million so he may leave for good, and still keep his empire afloat.
  • Wham Episode: Mike's operation is busted and he's on the run, and Fring's men that he's been paying to keep quiet are now loose ends. Walt confronts him about it and in his anger shoots him, only to realize later that he could have gotten the information about them from Lydia. Mike tells Walt to let him die in peace.


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