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WARNING: Some entries contain heavy spoilers, and not all of it is guaranteed to be hidden.

Walt didn't really die in "Felina".
  • An episode of Film Theory outlines how this might be possible, from the height of the M60 in Walt's trunk, to the location of Walt's wound (which was probably from shrapnel rather than a whole bullet) being reasonably non-fatal, to the cancer helping his blood clot better.
    • Jossed. El Camino confirms that Walt had died.

Walt didn't leave New Hampshire because Grey Matter was disowning him
  • While it originally appears as though Gretchen and Eliot downplaying Walt's roll in founding Grey Matter is the cause of Walt changing his mind about letting the DEA catch him, and returning to New Mexico it doesn't line up with his status as The Atoner in the next episode. If you rewatch the scene, we don't see Walt reacting until Gretchen starts talking about how the kind and caring Walter White is dead. He's not angry, he's ashamed of the legacy he's leaving behind, and wants to help make things right.

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are set in the same universe.
  • There are several shoutouts to the series, but most notably, in Walking Dead, blue sky can be seen in Merle's drug bag in Bloodletting, Daryl refers to Merle's dealer as a "janky" white guy that said bitch a lot.
    • 1,400 miles from Atlanta to Albuquerque seems excessive to buy drugs, but there doesn't seem to be anything that contradicts the two sharing the same universe.
    • Jossed in Better Call Saul Season 6. In the Walking Dead universe, the outbreak starts in fall of 2010. Better Call Saul ends in winter of either 2010 or 2011 without a zombie in sight.

Walt and Jesse are tools of fate, meant to collapse the drug trade in the Southwest. Their fates at the end of the series are karmic results of their actions throughout the series.
  • Many major game changers in the series are a result of coincidence:
    • The inciting incident of the whole series is Walt contracting lung cancer, and he outright states that he's done nothing in his life that would cause it.
    • The meth lab ride-along he's taken to happens to be one where he discovers his former student, Jesse Pinkman, is a meth dealer.
    • The drug lord that Walt and Jesse come into contact with happens to be a relative of Hector Salamanca, who is a target of revenge for major drug kingpin Gus Fring, tying all of them together.
    • Jesse begins dating Andrea, whose younger brother happens to be the kid that killed Jesse's good friend Combo. This leads to Jesse's discovery that Gus's guys were behind the hit, and this eventually leads to Jesse souring the relationship between he and Walt and the Fring cartel.
    • The train heist that went off almost flawlessly is derailed (pun intended) when Drew Sharp happens to stumble upon Walt, Jesse, and Todd and Todd, the random guy that Walt brought along to help, turns out to be a sociopath and kills Drew without remorse. This drives Jesse to quit the meth game for good.
    • After months of relentlessly trying to discover the identity of Heisenberg, Hank figures it out simply because he happened upon Walt's book from Gale. No skill involved, just chance.
    • Just when Jesse is about to skip town and be out of Walt's hair, the casual pickpocketing of his weed causes him to realize that it was Walt who poisoned Brock, permanently setting him against Heisenberg.
    • Jesse is perfectly capable of recording a confession from Walt during their meeting, but there happens to be an intimidating man near Walt whom Jesse mistakes for an assassin, prompting him to find another way.
    • Just when Walt has resigned to let himself be arrested, he catches an interview with Gretchen and Elliot on TV where this disavow him, driving him back to ABQ.
By coming into contact with Gus, Walt and Jesse become part of one of the biggest (and, by the end of season four, arguably *the* biggest) drug cartels in the American Southwest. Over the course of Seasons Three and Four, we see Gus Fring monopolize the drug trade by eliminating all of his major rivals and gaining exclusive rights to the inimitable Sky Blue meth that Walt produces. Gus is a massively powerful man, and we learn in Season Five that he had plans to expand his operations to Europe with the help of Lydia. Enter Walter White, whose circumstances make him a liability to Gus. Eventually, Walter is dead set on killing Gus. With the help of Hector Salamanca, whom Walt has had dealings with in the past, he manages to take Gus out. However, there's still more to be done; Gus's guys are still around, and Lydia is still a factor. Walt continues to cook, and, with the help of Mike and Lydia, sets up an incredibly successful operation through his dealings with Declan and selling to the Czech Republic. Eventually, however, he makes more money than he's ever going to need. This, coupled with his relapse, causes him to leave a now flourishing business. With Walt's exit, there's a downgrade in quality, which Todd and Lydia desperately seek to fix.

At the same time, Walt's DEA brother-in-law Hank finally happens to find out the truth, and goes on a manhunt to bring Walt to justice. With the help of Jesse, who has finally turned against Walt, they deceive him and trick him into confessing to multiple murders and coming out to the desert alone. Just when Walt seems to be going to prison, Jack Welker and his crew show up and murder Hank and his partner despite Walt's pleas. Along with that, they steal most of Walt's 80 million dollars and take Jesse away, eventually using him as a slave to produce pure Sky Blue. With Walt on the run, Hank dead, and Jesse a Nazi meth slave, the drug business flourishes again for months, with Jack Welker, Todd, and Lydia at the helm. Eventually, though, Walter is sparked back into motion. At this point, things go incredibly well for him, because he's become weaponized justice, tying up loose ends. The keys to the car he wants to steal fall right into his lap, he manages to sneak into Gretchen and Elliot's home without much trouble, and later does the same with Skyler. He's easily able to poison Lydia. He manages to gain access to the Aryans' compound and, after a small bit of trouble grabbing his keys, easily kills them with his robot M16. With the Aryans and Lydia gone, Walt fatally wounded, and Jesse now free, one of the biggest drug empires in America has been completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, despite being guided down a certain path, Walt and Jesse are responsible for their own actions. Both commit heinous acts, Walt especially. Despite their use, Walt and Jesse need to pay for the awful things they've done, and they do. Walt loses his brother-in-law, the love of his family, nearly all of his money, and his reputation overnight. He's forced to suffer in a cold mountain cabin for months, slowly dying of cancer. Despite this, though, it's not enough, and Walt doesn't get to walk away. After realizing all of his mistakes, though, he's able to redeem himself before dying. He settles things with Skyler, leaves an inheritance for Junior, guarantees that the bodies of Hank and Gomez will be found, and gets revenge on Hank's killers before dying at peace. Jesse, on the other hand, has suffered throughout the series and seen the consequences of his actions. Both of his girlfriends in the series die, he's beaten to the point of hospitalization multiple times, and he's eventually Made a Slave. Jesse spends much of the series, particularly the last three episodes, in purgatory, suffering for his sins before being freed to live his life in peace.

Walt resents Walter Jr.
  • There's been a lot of speculation about why Walt sold his share of Grey Matter, especially since in one of the flashback episodes Walter (With a pregnant Skyler) turns down a house because it isn't going to be good enoughnote . He's clearly confident in his own place at Grey Matter, and confident in the company's success. Why, then, sell his share? To help pay for Walter Jr.s (Complicated?) birth or medical expenses. This causes a large amount of Walt's resentment and insecurity to be focused at Walter Jr. and, by proxy, Skyler, helping to explain why he never seems to treat either of them with much affecttion (Beyond 'doing what he has to do for his family') and indeed seems to treat Jesse, for the most part, with more affection, mentorship, and dissapointment that a father should reserve for his son. This may come to play some part in the finale.
    • This is a good theory, but it is hinted at early on that Walt Jr was in an accident that caused his problems. It's suggested this was some kind of sports injury. He may have the visible symptoms of cerebral palsy but not have the genetic disease. It's quite possible that Walt accepting the payout was to finance this. It's possible Elliott and Gretchen did offer him money, and he regrets refusing to take it so much that he refuses to take any more money from them. It should be noted Walt Jr doesn't like Walt very much even early on - he thinks that Hank is much cooler.
      • Cerebral Palsy isn't a genetic disorder. It is believed to be caused by complications at or around the time of birth. Considering that his mental facilities seem to be otherwise fine, but he has the problems walking and the slurred speech cerebral palsy is what Walter Jr. is most likely to suffer from.
      • When Skyler is discussing Holly's imminent arrival, she mentions that the last delivery (Walter Jr.) didn't go so well. Cerebral palsy is believed to be caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain during delivery, usually because of the baby being born with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. RJ Mitte, the actor playing Walter Jr. has cerebral palsy, and Walt says outright more than once that that's what his son has.
Todd is a complete psychopath.
  • The guy shoots some kid, and never feels a second of remorse. In fact, the only remorse he shows is when Walt orders him to clean it up, but it is more a feeling of "Oh, now I have to work and it is hot", not "Oh, I shouldn't have killed a kid." This goes further when Walt calls in to arrange for Jesse's execution, and the conversation is just absolutely cold. He discusses killing a person like he is ordering a pizza.
    • This is neither Wild nor Guessing, so let's just say it's confirmed. Todd feels neither pleasure nor remorse when he kills. When he kills, it's because he thinks it's necessary. When he spares people, it's because he doesn't think it's necessary and not because of any moral qualms.
      • Todd is yet another parallel of Walt, as was Tuco, in their belief that doing bad things to help your family is sometimes necessary.

The M60 is going to be used against Uncle Jack and his family.
  • Walt has been using this crew for his wetwork, and they all know it. At this point Uncle Jack realizes that he is the enforcer for Walt, as well as the successor in the business. It won't take much for Uncle Jack to realize that he doesn't need Walt alive once they perfect the process and will try to whack him. In effect, by Walt agreeing to "cook one more time" for Uncle Jack, has put himself right back into the same situation he had with Gus Fring. Uncle Jack has all the guns and men, and all Walt has is the recipe. The M60 is because Walt finally realizes this, and wants to level the playing field a bit.
    • Jossed...sorta. Jack and his crew let Walter go scott free. That being said, it is heavily implied that he is going to be using the M60 on them to get the 70 million dollars they took from him back.
    • Actually, he uses it to rescue Jesse, but doesn't use it to get his money back.

The Breaking Bad finale will kick off the Saul spinoff's first arc.
  • It will involve Saul and co. desperately trying to eliminate all evidence of connection to Heisenberg's drug empire, after the deaths/captures of Walt and Jesse.
    • Jossed, at the moment. Reports indicate the show will be a prequel, set before he met Walt and Jesse.
    • Jossed completely. Saul has changed his identity and skipped town.

Skyler will die after smoking a ricin-laced cigarette intended for Jesse.
  • Walt will try to kill Jesse off to prevent him from spilling the beans to the authorities, but Skyler will smoke it unknowingly and die.
    • Ricin doesn't work this way - you have to actually ingest it for it to be seriously lethal.
    • Jossed. Walt put it in Lydia's tea.

Kuby is named after the Incubator
Maybe Gilligan or Burr had watched the Anime and decided they can name one of the best imposters in the show after that mascot.

Walt will become The Joker.
  • Just watch this. Taken out of context it could be a good Joker origin story. He even has a good reason to know how to make Joker gas.

Walt becomes the Greek from The Wire.
  • He figures out that the DEA is building a case against him, so he uses his connections to get smuggled into the Czech Republic with Jesse (the future Spiros Vondas). Once there, they expand their holdings into a global empire controlling methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine. To prevent the authorities from easily identifying them as two of the most dangerous fugitives in American history, they undergo extensive plastic surgery.
    • By the year 2025, his organization has established a connection with drug kingpin Proposition Joe in the failed and formerly independent state of Baltimore City, which has remained at a turn-of-the-millennium level of technology and popular culture thanks to its being declared an internationally quarantined zone in 2016 and because Baltimore had not actually reached said level of development until fifteen years after the rest of the nation. President Antonio Kennedy-Bush directs the foreign FBI office to capture him, but Heisengreek stays one step ahead of them thanks to critical information passed along by Special Agent Flynn White, who was inspired by his uncle to go into law enforcement, but became a mole when he realized Hank had been the one who forced his father to abandon his family.

Walt and Hal from Malcolm in the Middle are the same person.
  • The series will end with Hank arresting Walt, and Walt testifying against everyone to avoid jail time. It turns out Walt's cancer has been cured by the chemicals from the meth. Eventually Walt goes into witness protection and changes his name to Hal.
    • I don't believe even Saul Goodman could make him avoid jail time for drug dealing, kidnapping, money laudering, and about a dozen of murders.
    • He could be Hal after the show MITM. That last scene could be his now ex-wife calling and telling him one of the kids are in trouble, but they want him not her.
    • Jane Kaczmarek (Lois from MITM) has been confirmed to be in a scene they saved for the DVD extras. Most likely it will be this gag.
      • It's been confirmed somewhat; On the Breaking Bad Complete Season 5 DVD, there's an alternate joke ending: Breaking Bad is actually Hal's nightmare about being a criminal.
    • One thing's for damned sure: Lois would never let Hal get away with that crap.
    • The alternate joke ending doubles for Fridge Brilliance as part of the shock of Breaking Bad is seeing Hal become Heisenberg.

Walt doesn't become anybody from another show and just fucking stays Walt.
  • Nah, that would just be ridiculous. We should probably make that joke about twenty more times before it gets old.

Gustavo Fring is a fake identity of a CIA agent sent to Chile by the Nixon administration to overthrow the Allende government who went rogue after falling in love with Maximino
  • He's really savvy with surveillance, both in avoiding it against himself and in using it against others. He is careful almost to a fault, has a knack for making people do what he wants them to do, and isn't afraid of bloodying his hands when necessary — he shows nearly no emotion, and limitless patience. He is able to take numerous roles on at once — a chain manager, an honest philanthropist and a gangster without breaking a sweat or appearing unnatural.
  • So the idea is, when the Allende government began getting a touch too communist for American interests, Nixon sent in the CIA (this actually happened). Soon after, Pinochet lead a coup that ousted Allende, and remained in power for 16 years. During those years, Gus or whatever his real name was, worked with the Pinochet government as an advisor of sorts, but one day met a poor but bright man who Gus became attached to. He paid for Max's education while maintaining an affair with someone who turned out to be a guerrilla drug runner, opposing the government that Gus was sent to advise. They work out a plan to live together in comfort and freedom without having to worry about their respective governments, and Gus used his intelligence skills to erase his old identity from Chilean records, embezzled a ton of money, and flees across a few borders to Mexico to begin a new life as a meth magnate with Maximino.
    • The Juarez cartel catches wind of this, does not appreciate the competition, and somehow finds out about who Gustavo Fring is — seeing him as someone they could use, they capture him, blackmail him and kill his lover, in order to force him to work for them across the border in the US, lest he is killed by the cartel, or the truth about his identity leaks out to the US.
  • He uses this opportunity to use his subterfuge and espionage skills to subtly turn the situation in his favor, and forces the killer of his lover, Hector Salamanca to watch as he kills everyone he ever loved, just as Hector forced Gus to watch him, which leads to his death by explosion.
  • When Hank uncovers this, the investigation into Gus's affairs becomes even bigger news — and it becomes a national news story everyone is enraptured in, which leads to not only Hank pursuing the Heisenberg angle, but the national media as well... leading to a metric ton of fecal matter hitting an air circulation device.
    • All plausible, except Hank never uncovers anything about Gus's background once he falls under investigation. The investigation seems to focus solely on Gus's drug network, not on his background.
    • Furthermore, you'd have to make Gus be at least eight to ten years older than Giancarlo Esposito is in real life.
Someday, somehow, Mike and Hank are going to fight each other.
  • Somebody tell me this isn't totally inevitable. Also, odds are pretty good that at least one of them isn't walking away.
    • Sadly Jossed due to Walt's murder of Mike.

Walt ceases to even be the protagonist, and just becomes a straight up card carrying villain, or worse
  • Walt will gradually become more and more out of focus until he doesn't even appear much in the Series Finale
  • Hank becomes the new protagonist
  • This could lead to several endings that function as powerful Aesops
    • Walt Jr and Skyler go into witness protection. The last moments of the finale focus on their new lives while Walt presumably continues to be "Scarface"
      • Walt Jr's name in witness protection will be "Flynn"
    • Hank finally takes down Heisenberg in a heroic ending, with very little to hint that Walt was originally the protagonist.
    • The last 2 episodes of season 4 are the first time we don't see everything that Walt is up to, and it's used for a twist ending.
      • The final scene of the episode before that, "Crawl Space", shows Walt lying with his eyes shut in a space resembling a coffin, suggesting the death of Walt the protagonist.
    • In season 2's "Down" Skyler takes and we never see where she goes. In season 4's "Cornered" we see a single scene of where she took off to. There will be a moment in season 5 where we see Skyler taking off entirely from
    • Hank started off as a generic cop, but has shown much more depth as the series goes on, no doubt setting him up to be some kind of multifaceted protagonist
    • The character of Marie doesn't seem to be very relevant to the story. It makes much more sense having her as a main character from the start if she'll eventually function as the Protagonist's wife.
  • As of "Ozymandias, jossed. Walt remains the main character throughout the whole series.

Walt will kill someone with ricin in the Series Finale
  • Ricin has been brought up in seasons 2, 3 and 4 without ever actually being used. That's one hell of a Chekhov's Gun.
    • The first half of season 5 also features Jesse almost losing the ricin (or so he thinks), and Walt almost using it an additional time. BUT, that doesn't mean Walt will end up purposely using it.
    • The beginning of Season 5B confirms that Walt will poison someone with the ricin or at least attempt to.
    • Technically Lydia is still alive at the end of the finale, but given the lack of treatment for ricin poisoning I think this one is close enough.
      • Confirmed. Lydia is confirmed dead in El Camino.

Alternatively, the ricin will never get really used
  • It will all turn out to be a big Red Herring.
  • Nope. Lydia is on the receiving end of it.

Skyler will kill Walt
  • As we've seen, Walt has been spiraling faster and faster into villainy, more for his own sake than for his family's safety at this point. There's bound to be a breaking point where Walt himself becomes the danger, and someone has to protect the family from the man who's trying to protect this family. In the end, it won't be cancer or his high-risk criminal activities that do him in, but the very person who he's been trying to protect from the beginning. No justice like poetic justice.
    • If we're talking poetic justice here Walt. Jr. should be the one to do the deed. Walt craves his son's respect, to have Jr. do that would be excruciating.
    • In "Ozymandias", Skyler tries to attack Walt Sr. with a knife, while Walt Jr. calls the police on his father.

Walt won't be "Scarface" until the final episode.
Showrunner Vince Gilligan describes the premise as "taking Mr. Chips and turning him into Scarface." Walt was only Mr. Chips for the first half of the first episode, and with no lab, no product, no real power, and a brand new DEA investigation on the way, he still has a ways to go until he's a bonafide drug lord.
  • Confirmed, sorta. I mean, Scarface didn't really end until he was punished for his one, final good deed.

Hank won't make it to the series finale.
He's pretty damn close to unmasking Heisenberg, and Walt isn't in a position to let anyone else get in his way. If he wants to keep his operation going, he needs to get rid of his most persistent rival. Also, the series has a very clear running theme of masculinity. Hank has been emasculating Walt at every turn for who knows how long. Hank dying by Walt's hand would fit in with Walt's "who wears the pants now?" subplot. Plus, killing off one of the main characters right before the climax is expected to happen just seems like a very Breaking-Badly thing to do.
  • Happened, during the episode "Ozymandias"

Gus' Car
  • Gus' car will lead to the discovery of Walt as Heisenberg. Gilligan has said that the car could play a big role in the fifth season. After Gus' death his car is still at the hospital. With Gus now having been connected to the cartel the EA will probably begin an investigation on him, possibly leading to the discovery of the car. They will search the security tapes in order to figure out what he had been doing there. They will see Jesse, who has already been on Hank's radar for a while. Gus met Jesse at the hospital, which could have been caught on camera. Who else was at the hospital talking to Jesse? Walt.
    • IIRC, Walt did not wear gloves while planting/removing the bomb. So there's that.
    • There are some shots that make it look as if Walt and Jesse are being watched during their conversation, and breathing can be faintly heard over one of those shots near the end of the Season 4 Finale.
      • The breathing comes from the AMC Cameraman. Also, this possibility is not longer needed.

Gus poisoned Brock
  • Gus poisoned Brock to make it look like Walt poisoned Brock to make it look like Gus poisoned Brock. Gus knew Walt owned a Lily of the Valley plant through his extensive surveillance of the White household. Gus had the medical connections to tamper with the toxicology report and make it come back as a very specific source of poisoning. Gus wanted to stage an incident that made it look like Walt exaggerates how evil Gus actually is so Jesse would think Walt had completely gone off the deep end and would cut him off for good. Gus planned on putting this plan into full motion once the Tio/DEA situation cooled off, but Walt managed to get one tiny step ahead of him. Gus is dead, but his legacy will live on and cause a great schism between Walt and Jesse in season 5. Prove me wrong.
    • Seems feasible, given that Walt wouldn't have gone to all that trouble to poison Brock only to leave the evidence in plain sight in his back yard.
      • Walt? In this season? Just remind yourself of his pathetic plans to kill Gus in the beginning or how he treats Jesse. Also, Gilligan basically confirmed in an interview it's Walt.
      • So much poor planning on Walt's part just goes to show how hard it is to believe he was the one to pull of a Gambit Roulette with a couple hours of planning and the least likely resources available (Saul's two bumbling security guards).
      • That a simple chemistry teacher can be broken so hard to turn into a cold-hearted killer is also kinda hard to believe. Walt was only in actual, active danger since Crawl Space. He's proven multiple times that he's really dangerous when his back is against the wall and he has to go all in to survive. Like in the pilot episode.
      • You don't think Walt would leave evidence in plain sight? Then how do you explain him leaving "Leaves of Grass" in (almost) plain sight??
    • Season 5: Walt doesn't leave the evidence in plain sight. He gets rid of the Lily of the Valley along with the bomb-making materials.
      • And he gets the ricin-cigarette from Saul. Since he set Saul out to get it, that CONFIRMS that he was behind it all.

The plane crash was masterminded by Lots-o-Huggin' Bear.
  • He seems to be the sole survivor in the Season 2 Cold Opens, anyway...

Walt will eventually kill and replace Gus as the crime lord of New Mexico
  • I feel like the whole show will be a character study detailing Walt's rise to power from the most unlikely origins possible.
    • It certainly seems that way. Considering the show has been full of foreshadowing, Walter's conversation with Gus where he tells him that he would have done the same (referring to Gus forcing a bloody confrontation between the then current cartel leader and the DEA), could be a foreshadowing of Walter betraying Gus in exchange for the cartel's support, after all, by the end of season 3, the cartel is probably much more angry at Gus than at Heisenberg.
    • The series has from the outset been described as being a character study of Mr Chips (a dedicated, knowledgeable but harmless teacher) transforming into Scarface. Given where Walt is, the only way 'up' is via replacing Gus so yes, I think that will be the main plot of season 4 with season 5 being Walt's downfall (possibly at the hands of Hank). The synopsis for the second episode of S4 talks of Walt 'reaching out to an unlikely ally'. It stands to reason that will either be a local ally (Mike, possibly shaken by how readily Gus killed Victor) or the Juarez Cartel. It seems pretty likely that Walt's best hope for getting rid of Gus would be to turn the Cartel, the DEA or both onto him.
      • Then again, Walt could already be Scarface, making Gus Sosa.
      • Well, Walt managed to kill Gus and get rid of the competition. So he's past the point of no return on that front.

Ted Beneke will become Walter's associate
  • They spent a lot of the last episodes trying to figure out what money laundering scheme would work better while also including Skyler. Well, it's been staring them on the face the whole time, Ted Beneke's company. He's trying to keep it alive, he's suffering greatly because of the economy, and is already breaking the law. Eventually Skyler will propose they use Ted's company for the money laundering, while keeping her job there, Ted fits what they need in terms of a desperate businessman who would look the other way when the dirty money begins coming in. That of course will cause a lot of tension between Skyler, Walter and Ted. Alternatively, Skyler may blackmail Ted into selling his company to them.
    • That would make a lot of sense, but Christopher Cousins (the actor who plays Ted) doesn't have any imdb credits for the first handful of S4 episodes which, it stands to reason, he ought to have (especially episode three given the synopsis states that it involves a Skyler/Saul plot, presumably money laundering themed then). I think the writers have just kind of forgotten about him, much like Gretchen and Grey Matter.
      • As of Season 4, Episode 9, integrating Ted Beneke into the Whites' money laundering scheme is becoming more plausible. Though Skyler may just use the money to pay off his back taxes and leave it at that.
  • Jossed due to Ted being paralyzed.
    • Yes, Ted being paralyzed wouldn't have completely ruled this out, but the idea of using the company as a front would be profoundly ridiculous. Beneke Fabricators is not an all (or even largely)-cash business. A company like Beneke's generally does most if not all of its business in credit cards and business checks, so there's all that pesky documentation that needs doctoring (which was already a big problem for Ted, and it would be even worse for Walt). Assume for the moment Walt and Skyler were both complete idiots and overlooked that ... how does Ted fit in? Ted's a bit of an upper-class twit. When called out by Skyler on the BS of discrepancies in his books being "honest mistakes", Ted tried to claim that he was cooking the books to keep the company in business. However, it's pretty clear that what's really going on is that Ted is siphoning money meant to be used pay off corporate taxes in order to fund his extravagant lifestyle. Ted brings nothing to the table but liabilities (legal, financial, emotional, the whole works), so even if the Whites could somehow make Beneke Fabricators work as a money laundering scheme, keeping Ted around would be the worst thing they could do. The best option would be to force him out of the company, or, worse, kill him.
How it will end
  • Jesse will kill Walter after finding out the details of Jane's death.
    • Alternatively, Jesse will get the chance, but will let Walt suffer in his own inflicted hell while Jesse seeks his own actual redemption
    • The finale confirms the latter theory, although the suffering didn't last long.
  • Meth lab explosion.
  • Walt's meth is so good that every drug addict in the US is on it. The demand outstrips supply and there's anarchy. Walt's attempt to provide for his wife and family and manages to destablise the US into drug fuelled chaos, the DEA and police over-run. Think Gotham City at it's worst, for the whole USA
    • TL;DR: Walt turns USA into Mexico
    • This would seem logical...except, in the mid-way finale of Season 5, we learn that if Walt ever goes back to cooking meth full-time (which he may or may not) his plan is to team with Lydia to sell it in the Czech Republic.
  • With a Distant Finale, where a teenaged Holly White goes to visit her estranged father in prison, wrestling with the idea that a man that she barely knows destroyed his life out of love for her.
  • In a final showdown with Hank and the DEA, one of Walt's improvised explosives ignites and ostensibly incinerates him, but the remains left by the fire are so badly damaged that a positive ID can't be made. Cut to a nameless American city where a dealer is slinging crystal in some back alley. Business is brisk but then slowly the alley clears. Before the dealer can notice something's up, a homemade gas bomb drops, flooding the alley with a toxic chemical cloud. Choking and half blind the dealer runs from the alley and comes face to face with HEISENBERG, who says: Stay Out Of My Territory. Smash cut to credits.
  • Walt is killed by Hank who retires and vanishes, Skyler, Junior and Holly live freely receiving anonymous donations. Heisenberg's legend lives on. The show ends with Jesse commenting to the One-eyed Bear that powers of an emperor makes people estranged.
  • Everyone dies except for Walt. The series began with Walt expecting to die; if he hadn't thought he was going to die, he might not have ever started making meth in the first place. It'd be major irony if he's the one to survive.
  • All Jossed. The series ends with Walt going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Jack's gang to rescue Jesse, and ultimately pulling a Redemption Equals Death.

Gus is going to die by the end of the fourth season
  • During Salud, we see Gus bring an expensive tequila to the cartel. Don Eladio and his capos all partake. Eladio offers some to both Jesse and Gus. Gus says Jesse cannot drink, but doesn't seem to refuse himself. Later on, Gus leaves to the washroom, and throws up. During this time, all of the cartel keels over dead. Then, as they leave, Gus falls over and has trouble getting to the getaway vehicle. Obviously, Gus did not vomit out all of the poison as was his intention. Ergo, he dies.
    • As it turns out Gus foresaw that activated charcoal + vomiting wouldn't be enough to prevent the poison, so he had a clandestine hospital set up. However, it's still very likely that Gus will die since Walt is now backed into a corner and previews suggest he's gonna go Heisenberg on him.
      • Confirmed, though not via the method described in the WMG.

Walt is a realistic take on the archetype comic book supervillain.
  • Walt uses inventive weaponry utilized from his area of expertise (the poisonous gas in the pilot, the crystal bombs in Tuco's office), he feels his life's work was stolen and he was cheated out of success by Elliot, and hangs out with a mentally inferior lackey. He even has an Alliterative Name.
    • In the Season 4 finale I assumed that Gus' face was SUPPOSED to be evocative of Two-Face.

Walt will have (or already has had) a relapse.
  • We only have his word that he is still in remission and we know how it took nearly a month to confess his initial diagnosis. In season 4, episode 11, his familiar "cancer cough" seems to have made a comeback.
    • Also, Gus didn't threaten Walter's life in their confrontation, he threatened his wife and children. It's been established that Gus has the medical information of his most important employees (seeing how his impromptu medical clinic earlier in the same episode had the correct blood types on hand for everyone who got wounded during the escape from the cartels' compound), so Gus would know if Walter's cancer has returned. Gus knows Walter is a dead man and threatening to kill him would accomplish nothing, so threatening his family is the only way to go.
    • Brain Metastases (secondary cancer spreading from the lungs) could explain his increasingly impulsive and erratic behaviour throughout season 4.
    • Between Skyler's recent heavier smoking and her explicit desire for Walt's cancer to come back, this is becoming more likely.
  • Confirmed!

Ted was not trying to run away.
  • He actually just really wanted an orange and got a little too excited.

Brock wasn't poisoned.
  • He has an unrelated illness and Jesse simply lost the ricin cigarette. Gus the chestmaster wouldn't have relied on such a poorly thought out plan. Walt is simply so paranoid that he invented the whole scenario which Jessie immediately believed due his feelings of guilt.
    • It was Lily of the Valley toxin.
Albuquerque is actually Hell.
  • " Breaking Bad" is some sort of modern counterpart to "Paradise Lost" and each main character represents a deadly sin.
  • Walter = Pride
  • Gus = Anger
    • Alternatively, Tuco = Anger. Gus rarely acts out whereas anger is basically Tuco's defining character trait.
      • I would say that Gus does represent Wrath as a deadly sin (which is the proper sin, not "Anger"). Tuco is a minor character compared to Gus. And the way that Gus eventually lets himself be killed, even though he's so intelligent, is through the sin of Wrath. He may have a cool and collected form of it, but make no mistake, everything he does is fueled by wrath toward Hector Salamanca. That is the only reason why, when one of his henchmen offers to take out Hector, Gus insists that he must do it himself, which exposes him to his death. According to some sources, anger is more of a simple transitory emotion (which Tuco embodies), but wrath implies a directed vengeance over a long period of time, which is the defining trait of Gus.
  • Skyler = Lust
  • Ted = Greed
  • Jesse = Sloth
  • Marie = Envy
  • Saul = Gluttony (?)
    • Two of his employees are overweight and Saul ain't exactly thin. So if he's not Gluttony, he's at least an enabler.
      • Its confirmed in Season 5b that Saul actually wears a bullet-proof vest at all times, thus explaining why he "ain't exactly thin."
    • I'd say Jesse is a candidate for Gluttony. Gluttony is indulgence, so his drug binges could definitely count.
    • Walt Jr. represents Gluttony. This explains his unending love of breakfast, obviously.

Walt and Jesse are playing idiot catch, Mike will be back:
  • Its been established that Mike has no qualms wiring houses for sound, and this was for Saul. Gus is paranoid enough ("he's like a scared rabbit") to want to be able to know everything that goes on with his high-risk employees. Walt was well aware of this at the end of Season 3 in "Fly", thinking the lab was wired for sound, and in "Full Measures", going so far to believe that even Saul's car was bugged, so they had to play like nothing was going on until they got to a secure place to discuss business. This season, its suddenly no longer an issue, and not because the danger has leveled out, but because they magically forgot about the whole paranoia. It gets worse: They've discussed EVERYTHING in either Walt or Jesse's house. This includes:
    • Conspiring to kill Gus with the snub nose
    • Their relationship issues and trust
    • The ricin cigarette
    • Walt (off-screen) explaining to Jesse the plan in "End-Times" to kill Gus
    • Walt practicing the bomb detonation
To top it all off, Walt doesn't even realize he's got the idiot ball glued to his hand when he comes to the realization that Gus has always been one step ahead of him because he's smart (and has microphones), and SAYS IT OUT LOUD TO JESSE. Is it any wonder Gus didn't get in the car? He knows everything Walt knows. Gus has to know that Jesse is no longer reliable, and is just playing along long enough to get back for harming Brock. Its going to end up being revealed that he's had their houses bugged the entire time.
  • Also Mike's been written out to conveniently, he's going to come back up, perhaps even upset that he was forgotten (there was a really poetic shot with Jesse slipping on the Mikes blood since he was the only one trying to help him out). He has a granddaughter (see my WMG above about that), and Gus has been critically harming children to manipulate the only man who saved him, who be befriended before. The previews have historically been full of lies, but there was a "we've been caught" situation, as if someone came forward with info. My guess is Mike.

How Brock was poisoned:
  • Okay, so the "Lily of the Valley" twist was brilliant, but how the hell did Walt plan this borderline Gambit Roulette? He had to tip Jesse off to suspect the ricin, which (presumably) only he and Walt knew about. When did he get the ricin cigarette off Jesse? When Saul Goodman randomly called Jesse into his office to collect his cash, and Huell patted him down (where he never had before) and proceeded to very subtly pocket something. Walt probably asked Saul to do this one last thing before he vanished like a fart in the wind (not knowing he would need him again and have to shell out $25,000 to his assistant for it). All that was left was for Walt to plant the poison. The man planted a bomb on Gus's car on a high floor of a parking garage and made it to the rooftop of another building with a view (and put down a blanket for his bad knees, ha!) within the short time frame Gus was inside the hospital. It's not implausible Walt could have laced something the boy ate with the toxic plant.

The conglomerate that owns Pollos Hermanos is owned by Gus's father or grandfather, an escaped Nazi war criminal
  • Consider what we know of Gustavo Fring. He's a native of South America, he's presumably around the same age as Giancarlo Esposito (53 as of 2011), and at least a few of the higher-ups in the Mexican Cartel are unable to do much more than try to scare him into subordination, unable or unwilling to kill him because of "who he is" (suggesting that they're afraid of retaliation that their association with the cartel cannot protect them from). His businesses, both legal and illegal, are owned and funded by an enormous German conglomerate called Madrigal Electromotive. He had more than enough wealth to fund Maximino's entire education, start a successful Los Pollos Hermanos chain, and begin producing a quantity of meth in Mexico, all prior to their fateful meeting with the cartel. And finally - no one, not even his closest and most trusted associates, can find any information on him at all. Max and Hank both did a thorough background investigation using Chile's records and came up with, for lack of a better term, diddly squat. What if Gus wasn't originally FROM Chile? What if he merely settled there after moving from his home country of neighboring Argentina, where it's long been rumored several high-ranking Nazi officials escaped to after the fall of the Third Reich?
Madrigal Electromotive may have been founded in Germany before or even during the Reich, with its owner being a Nazi official or sympathizer. If his progenitor brought a significant amount of wealth with him during his flight, that wealth has had 60 years to accumulate and be invested in a number of legal businesses, comprised of several industries (manufacturing, R&D, medicine, industrial, maybe even military, hence the sort-of-not-really-nickname of 'Generalissimo'). He's about the right age to be the son of such a person. A relative who runs a company of M.E.'s size would also explain his keen business acumen at such a young age.This conglomerate funded the ENTIRETY of Gus's operations, and yet, as Hank discovered, nothing appears to have been paid for in any way. Whoever was backing Gus's operation was doing so either without compensation, or was taking a cut of the presumably sizable profits from all of his ventures and laundering the rest. Now that their cash cow is gone, this sleeping (and so far silent) giant will be looking a reckoning that not even Walter White's giant, increasingly-evil brain will be able to get him out of. Best of luck to you, Heisenberg.
  • For the most part, it's plausible, at least as far as Gus's pre-Mexico background is concerned. What really happened though is that he didn't get into contact with Madrigal until he got ready to stop being distributor for the Mexican cartels and start being the producer and distributor on the north side of the border, at which point he used Schuler and Lydia as contacts to supply him with methylamine for the lab.
Tuco doesn't like people talking for him...
...Because Hector and his cousins used to do it all the time when he was younger.

Walter White suffers from a Self-Defeating Personality Disorder
Take a look at the diagnostic criteria here[1]

The basic gist of it is that Walter White unconsciously does things that make him and the people around him feel worse. He makes excessive self-sacrifices for his family that they do not want, he associates with people who are unreliable and lead to disappointment (Jesse, mainly in seasons 1 and 2), he refuses help when it's offered to him, he incites angry responses from Jesse and then feels hurt and apologetic afterwards, he , etc. Even in his past, he apparently turned down a lucrative business opportunity with his friends Eliot and Gretchen Schwartz over a seemingly minor disagreement, and ultimately ended up working as a high school teacher.

Perhaps the strongest evidence comes from episode episode 10 of season 2, titled "Over". In it, things are suddenly going very well for Walt - He and Jesse have produced a massive amount of meth that is ready to sell, his cancer is in remission, and his friends and family throw him a party. However, instead of being happy he seems depressed and angry. He ends up getting drunk and sabotaging the entire event, as I'm sure you all remember. He even has one quote during this party that I think sums up his entire outlook on life: "It's kind of funny. When I got my diagnosis - cancer - I said to myself 'why me?'. And then, the other day when I got the good news, I said the same thing."

Hank is sterile.
The reason why Hank and Marie don't have kids, as well as the reason why Hank was so grouchy and mean towards her after his paralysis.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense if Marie was infertile, then? It would also explain why she is so eager to take in Holly and is especially fond of her.
    • Marie's kleptomaniac tendencies lead her to try to steal their children when she can think of a good reason.

Gretchen and Walt were more than friends.
We are told that Walter was one of the founders of Grey Matter, until he left after a disagreement. All involved parties either don't speak about this or are extremely vague. When they meet after many years, Gretchen is married to Elliott. All three original founders take great pains to pretend that everything is OK between them and Elliott even tries to convince Walter to work with them again. The event isn't even mentioned then.

The flashback in "…And the Bag's in the River" implies at least some romantic tension between Gretchen and Walter. If she chose Elliott over him, this would be probably the thing that could prompt him to leave the budding company and cut off all ties with his former friends. Now that Walter is happily married, they conclude that he probably should have gone over it right now, inviting him to Elliott's birthday.

  • I'm pretty sure that as of their conversation in "Peekaboo" this is explicitly the case. She criticizes Walt for leaving her during a fourth of July visit to her family, which seems to make it pretty clear that they were romantically involved.
    • Alternately, Walt and Gretchen were an item and Walt was the one Gretchen had feelings for. But due to their falling out, perhaps over something she said or did (perhaps involving Elliot) that Walt misinterpreted as a betrayal (Gretchen implies that Walter's side of the story may not be accurate), she started hooking up with Elliot and eventually settled for him. She's quick to come to Walt's aid when she learns he has cancer not just because he's an old friend, but because she still has a thing for him to an extent.

Gustavo Fring is really Buggin' Out from Do the Right Thing
Perhaps, after Buggin' Out was arrested in the end of the movie, when he was released he finally realized he won't take shit from anyone again. He became a Scary Black Man and The Chessmaster. He also finally fulfilled his mission to one upping Sal by opening his own restaurant, not a pizzeria, but chicken restaurants. I just can see Gus as Buggin' Out after taking massive level of badass.

Walt's cancer has been completely cured.
Walt is completely cancer free because of exposure to the chemicals of his particular meth formula. He realizes this, but Hank shoots him to death before he could tell the world that he's found a cure for cancer. Because it would be too embarrassing to reveal that not only has 'Heisenberg' has been right under his nose the whole time, he got the idea to make meth from Hank in the first place!
  • Nope, jossed.

Walt was in hiding from the DEA in the Time Skip
  • In the Cold Open he is using a different identity, sports an unkempt beard and hair and does not have his wedding band, with the mid season finale's Stinger showing Hank finally knows his secret this could be used to suspect he disappeared most likely using Saul's connections to narrowly escape. The purchase of the M60 could mean that this could be the series finale episode or at least very close to and he's going to fight someone off, most likely being the DEA, finally catching up to him.
    • Partly confirmed. He was in fact hiding from the DEA with the help of Saul's "identity eraser" guy, but Hank was dead by this point. The M60 was for Jack and his crew. He wore his wedding band on a string around his neck because his finger became too bony for it to fit.

The teasers of "Live Free or Die" and "Blood Money" are a massive Red Herring
  • There are several perfectly innocuous explanations for the apparently dire state of Walt's life in the one-year Flash Forward:
    • Walt coughing and popping a pill (he just has a bad cough and is taking medication for it).
    • Giving the waitress a huge tip (he has more money than he can count).
    • Going by "Lambert" instead of "White" (he's become a feminist and taken Skyler's maiden name).
    • Spending his birthday alone at Denny's (Skyler's bacon sucks).
    • Purchasing a machine gun (he's just going to use it on Lydia).
    • Not having his wedding band (he tried to skip it across Lake Michigan).
    • Just generally looking and acting miserable (his razor is broken).
    • The White residence being abandoned and derelict (they moved away because of asbestos, which also explains Walt's cancer relapse).
    • The name "Heisenberg" being clearly graffitied in the house (the kids are just doing that everywhere, keeping their idol's name alive).
    • Walt retrieving the ricin vial (again, Lydia).
    • Carol being shocked/terrified to see Walt (she mistook him for Gordon Freeman).
  • Even the date might be a Red Herring. It's a little hard to believe that his fake ID has the same date of birth as Walt. Maybe the scene takes place just a few weeks or months from "now". Hair can grow fast. And for all we know, it could be a wig.
  • Well, I was right on one count.

Gus Fring is the Mirror Universe Barack Obama
  • The two men have no meaningful differences in appearance or personality, except that one is evil and the other is not. Fring does not, of course, have a goatee, but keep in mind that he is attempting to hide the fact that he is evil from the world. If he had grown a goatee people might have caught on. Therefore, either "Breaking Bad" takes place in the Mirror Universe parallel to our own, or Fring has traveled from the Mirror Universe to one where replacing Obama would have gone unnoticed.
    • Fring wasn't born in the United States which makes him incapable of running for President, America might over look a misplaced birth certificate, but it's going to be hard to replace Obama with that accent.

When confronted by Hank, Walt is going to say that Walter Whitman's book was given to him by Gretchen
  • For all we know her maiden name could start with B. Hank will probably not believe it, but it could buy Walt some time.
    • Hank is too smart to confront Walt until he's got an inescapable case.

Junior is Ted's son, not Walt's.
Ted did make that crack about "good genes," and Junior certainly does look a lot like him. More to the point, how else could a blue-eyed dad and a green-eyed mom have a brown-eyed kid? Interesting because if it's true, then genetically speaking, can we really think for a second that Walt hasn't worked it out?

The show ends with Walt's cancer cured, and him giving up drug dealing, and retiring to luxury and wealth with his family, with pretty much everyone who could tie him to Heisenberg dead.
...because you have to admit, it would ironically be the ULTIMATE Downer Ending.
  • Jossed. Walt pulls a Redemption Equals Death after rescuing Jesse from Jack's gang and taking a stray round to the gut in the ensuing bullet storm. By the end of the series, Heisenberg's identity has been revealed, and Walt's family has completely disowned him.

Lydia is a mole.
  • When planning the train heist, Lydia provides information about the security protocols in place (specifically, she knows about the "dead zone" where they can stop the train without automatically setting off an alert). This in itself doesn't seem too out of place (although it turns out that her being privy to the information is a massive security risk), but she makes a point of immediately explaining how she knows this information, without being prompted. Also, her explanation is somewhat vague. Seems like a cover.
  • Jossed. Lydia takes over the business when Walt retires. She even is present when the "Wolverine-looking bastard" gets whacked for messing up the product and bringing it to it's lowest potency ever.

Donald Margolis' fate will be revealed in Season 5B.
If he's not dead, then he's walking the earth and seeking restitution for Jane's death, which will lead to him learning the truth and taking revenge on Walt. Either that or he's a vegetable.

The show will end with Walt being killed by those two guys from "Over."
They got sick of staying out of his territory.

Jesse will work for the DEA at the end of the series.
He'll serve as a paid consultant due to his new expertise and experience in the meth business.

Gustavo Fring came back as Tom Neville in Revolution.
  • Gustavo Fring did die at the end of season 4. However, he got reincarnated as Tom Neville in a different time and place. He retains a number of qualities of his old life, but he doesn't really remember his old life.

Skyler caused Walt Jr's Cerebral Palsy
She's shown that she isn't opposed to smoking while pregnant. And I wouldn't put it past her character.
  • She only started to smoke during this pregnancy after she was aware of what Walt was up to. I think it's pretty clear that this is Oo C and a manifestation of the stress caused by being trapped living with a man she is afraid of.
  • No one really knows what causes cerebral palsy, but in any case, smoking three cigarettes isn't going to do any damage either way. And I don't know why you "wouldn't put it past her character"; she hasn't done anything to indicate she doesn't care about her children.
    • Well, there's smoking while pregnant. The NIH has done a study (published Oct 2013) that demonstrated a link between mothers who smoke 10 cigarettes or more per day and infants born with spastic CP, with an adjusted hazard ratio of 1.8. Skyler's not smoking that much now, but we have no idea how much she might have smoked before Junior was born.
    • In the second episode of the first season, Walt mentions thalidomide causing birth defects. Perhaps a Freudian Slip on Walt's part?

Walter is going to commit suicide when confronted by the DEA
Doesn't seem that outlandish considering that over the course of the series he has shown to be a bit of a Death Seeker, but really only at times where he fears that he himself will have to confront the consequences of his actions. And as a side note it might be from the resin since also throughout the series it has been shown but never properly used. Unless if it's a red herring, the only person that Walter could make sure it works successfully on is himself, and he would drop dead either right before they caught him or as he is awaiting trial.
  • Sort of confirmed? In the finale, Walt takes a bullet for Jesse while massacring the Neo-Nazis. He lets Jesse escape while Walt stays behind in their meth lab. He bleeds out on the floor and dies just as the police arrive.

Mike is the one who tracked Walt down for Saul in "Better Call Saul".
When Saul confronts Walt in his classroom, he says that he was able to find him through a private detective. And, since Mike would obviously be Saul's go-to-guy for a job like this, it seems reasonable to assume that Mike was the one who managed to identify Walt as Heisenberg.

Jesse will kill Walt in the Season Finale and finally be able to find peace.
It's the closest option we have to a Happy Ending as Jesse is one of the best characters morally and the closest thing to a hero the series has.
  • Jossed. Jesse passes up a chance to kill Walt before driving to freedom. His post-finale fate is left rather ambiguous, but he is at least free of Jack's gang.

Walt kills Todd.
One of the Season 5B episodes is titled "Rabid Dog", and it's been established that Todd has some Psychopathic Manchild qualities. The last time an episode had the word "dog" in its title, it was a reference to Jesse killing Gale. Also, one of the promotional photos for 5B is of Walt and Jesse standing over a grave.
  • Jossed. Jesse kills Todd, and Walt kills Jack.

Walt betrays Skyler.
  • Word of God says there's at least one more unforgivable act coming from Walt, and the only group he hasn't betrayed so far is his family. It's hard to see him screwing over Walt Jr. or Holly, but his behavior in "Fifty-One" made me think he could leave her at the mercy of the IRS or DEA.
    • There is possible foreshadowing that he will kill her in the flash forward. He has been shown to take on habits of people he's killed: e.g. cutting the crusts off sandwiches (like Krazy-8), putting down a towel in the bathroom before vomiting (like Gus), having his drinks on the rocks. In the Denny's he is arranging his bacon to show his age on his birthday. Skyler is the one who did that.
    • Jossed.
Gus worked for Augusto Pinochet.
  • Gus did something in Chile that needed covering up, and he had the resources to either create an ID that fooled the US State department and ICE, or destroy all records of his life in Chile. If he worked for the Pinochet regime, they could have made that happen, and provide him with appropriate documents to enter Mexico.

Breaking Bad will end with a cut to bl

The fact that Skyler is a writer will come into play in the finale
  • In the end Walt is killed and Skyler goes to jail, all of their drug money being seized. While in prison, Skyler writes a book about her and Walt's exploits, titled Breaking Bad of course. In a cruel twist of fate, the book because and instant best-seller, giving Walt Jr. and Holly enough money to live comfortably
    • Jossed, though the fact that she is a writer came into play much earlier in the series

Walt was in fact killed by Krazy-8, not the other way around
  • After Walt died Skyler write a novel imagining what would have happened to Walt had he continued down his path. Everything in the show at and after Krazy-8's death is simply from Skyler's novel, written in an attempt to understand and come to terms with Walt's actions.

The Show Will Turn Out To Be A Series Of Stories Written By Teenage Jesse To Amuse His Classmates
  • Walt will discover the story and realize that Jesse has true potential as a writer, he helps Jesse publish the Stories, they both get rich, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Walt Jr will be dead by series end
  • My reasoning here is a bit meta. An official promo for the last half of Season 5 consists of clips from the show, and a voiceover of Bryan Cranston reading the sonnet "Ozymandias". The title character of the sonnet was a powerful man whose legacy no longer exists. What's Walt's legacy? The meth formula, a bunch of money that will probably be confiscated by the feds ... and Walt Jr.

The REAL reason why Walt left Gray Matter
  • Will be shown in a flashback or, at least made cannon when his REAL nature pre-meth cooking is revealed, and it will show that he wasn't a complete saint before it and that he was actually being an Unreliable Narrator when talking about why he left.
    • Going along with this, it'll be something that, had it been revealed earlier, would have made Walt's moral decay much more predictable.

Walt was making crocodile tears when he told Junior his father story, which may also have been a lie.
  • It was all to reinforce his alibi about the casino then distract Junior with a much heavier subject.

No one will get the money Walt stashed in "Buried"
  • I personally think the showrunners would be cruel enough to let everything Walt did be for nothing. Walt will die before telling anyone where the money is, the coordinates he marked will be lost, the DEA and drug cartel's search for it will end in failure, and it will be forgotten.
    • Could possibly incorporate a flash-forward into like fifty years in the future when an impoverished Mexican family winds up unearthing the fortune by accident. An old man named Jesse Pinkman will hear about it on the news and laugh his ass off, confusing his family members.
    • Jossed as of Ozymandias
      • However, since Walt killed Jack's whole crew before finding out where they had stashed the money, it's still hidden or buried somewhere.

Jesse will find about the lily of the valley from Hank.
  • The latest episode ("Buried") ends with Hank about to interrogate Jesse about Walt. Jesse probably refuses to say anything, but what if Hank brings up the poisoning of Brock and asks what was that all about? Remember, Jesse was questioned by the cops about Brock, so Hank probably knows about the whole incident. Jesse then says, it was nothing, the kid had just accidentally eaten some lily of the valley berries. This makes something in Hank's brain click: he'd seen a lily of the valley in the backyard of Walt and Skyler. Hank probably wouldn't have recognized it otherwise, but as you may recall the lily of the valley had one of those labels used to identify plants, so that's why Hank remembers it. Now, lily of the valley is not native to New Mexico, so all this seems too convenient to be a mere coincidence. Hanks tells Jesse about Walt's plant, and Jesse finally figures out what Walt had done. (Remember that Jesse had already suspected Walt of poisoning Brock, before Walt was able to convince him it was Gus.) After this, he's now ready to co-operate with Hank to bring Walt down.
    • Largely jossed. Hank's encounter with Jesse is quickly cut short by Saul, and while Jesse does find out who was behind the poisoning, it spurs him not to join Hank (who he still despises for beating him up in season three) but to try and burn Walt's house down.

Skyler will be diagnosed with lung cancer.
She's a smoker, and the tragedy of it would be killer.

Walt will use Saul's guy to disappear without his family.
Things get so hot in Albuquerque that Walt has no choice but to use Saul's guy, but circumstances make it so he can't bring his family along (too much heat, not enough money, they're already dead, etc.) and is forced to abandon them. Cut to the flashforwards, where Walt decides he's going to liberate his family and arms himself with weapons in order to fight the DEA or Lydia and Todd's gang or Jesse or whomever.
  • Confirmed. As of "Ozymandias", Walt's family wants nothing to do with him and think he killed Hank.

The real reason Walt didn't want Hank killed
is because he knew that his family would suspect him of doing it - as indeed they do. Walt probably was told at one point the fable of the boy who cried wolf (a guy repeatedly cries out the sightings of a wolf even though there is no wolf; in time, no one believes him, so subsequently when he does see a wolf, no one takes his cries seriously and he is eaten). In those final minutes before Hank was executed by Jack Welker, Walt already realized how it could affect him: he has told so many lies to his own family that they probably won't believe the one truth he is saying, even though he wouldn't kill family. However, he also realizes this does buy him some free time, and because of it, does not bother insisting to his family that he didn't kill Hank. Of course, mentioning that he called in hitmen to kill Jesse, as it would probably cause them to come after him, didn't help matters.

Jesse is going to try and destroy Walt's money.

  • The ending of "Rabid Dog" has Jesse come up with an idea to "get" Walt. Walt's reaction (hire Todd) implies that he believes that Pinkman will go after his family.....But what if he's intentionally trying to throw Walt off, in order to get him to slip up?
    • Jossed, but on the right track. Jesse pretends to start destroying the money in order to trick Walt into going to where it's buried.

Jesse and Mike have a Looper thing going on
Down on his luck and desperate for a second chance, Jesse was one of the first people to voluntarily test the 'Looper' time-travel technology on behalf of the criminals running it (when it was invented in 2074, he was just entering his 60s). When he emerged back in the 1990s/2000s, he approached a young couple under the surname Ehrmantraut, claiming to be the long-lost father of the husband, who had thought he was an orphan.

"Mike", knowing that the future couldn't be altered, then went about becoming Gus Fring's go-to man and crossing the paths of Walter White and his younger self. He spent his spare time raising an adorable "granddaughter", content in the knowledge that one kid would have a happy childhood thanks to him. Before his inevitable death he instructed Jesse to give the 2.5 Mil that Walt would give him to Kaylee Ehrmantraut, hence Jesse telling Saul "It's what Mike wanted".

Later, as he settled into the identity of "Mike", he was frequently tempted to get rid of Walt and save the future (e.g. at the end of Season 2 when he tries to talk Walt out of the criminal underworld, or the beginning of Season 5: "I am done listening to this asshole talk!"), but was almost always talked out of it, unwittingly, by his younger self. Nevertheless, as a kind of dark joke he kept referring to Walt as "Walter" - the polar opposite of Jesse's respectful "Mr. White".

  • Note: five minutes after this, I found that one of the series' best episodes - "Fly" - was directed by Rian Johnson.
  • How the heck is Jesse "just entering his 60s" in 2074? The events of the series start in 2008, and it's safe to assume Jesse is at least 20 years old by then (Aaron Paul was 28, but Jesse could be younger than his actor), meaning that he was born in 1988 or earlier. That would mean that if he's still alive in 2076, he'd be at least 88 - much older than Mike.

Walt will fake his own death.
  • The call for Todd's uncle at the end of Rabid Dog was a classic misdirection to trick the audience into thinking Jesse will be killed. Instead, Walt will lure Hank and Jesse to a place (while at the same time keeping his family hidden) and have Todd and his bunch of goons do a drive-by or something right in front of their eyes. As Walt is also a chemist, he probably knows a chemical that can slow down heartbeats (or make pulses undetectable) to further give the illusion that he is dead. The public will be revealed as to who Heisenberg is, forcing Jesse to stay silent as to not incriminate himself and leaving Hank and Marie with a hollow victory. At the same time, Skyler and the kids will be given new identities earlier prepared by Saul Goodman and relocate to somewhere else (New Hampshire is my likely guess). Walt will join them, and spend a year there until some events back in Albuquerque forces him to go back heavily arm. Some pieces of evidence that supports this theory:

    • The third to last episode is titled "Ozymandias". The official synopsis says "Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances." This makes sense considering the fact that Walt has died in the eyes of every other supporting character. Ozymandias was also a poem focused on the fall of empires and kings, and Walt's "death" also means his fall and retirement from as the Meth kingpin.
    • The second to last episode is titled "Granite State". The official synopsis says "Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion." Considering that the beginning of "Live Free or Die" is set a year from the current season, it would make sense that Walt has a plan to fake his death, then finally comeback not as Walter White but Heisenberg. Granite State is also known as New Hampshire, which is where Walt's fake ID is from during the flash-forward of "Live Free or Die".
    • Walt returning a year later to Albuquerque from the flash-forward in episode 1 shows that he seems to realize that his cancer has already won and has stopped chemo, which makes sense considering he has hair on his head now and the doctor in season 1 explained how he had only one year max to live.
    • Walt entering his derelict house in "Blood Money" in the flash-forward makes it clear that the house has been vacated for a while. Even if Skyler or any of the family members died (and they don't except for Hank, and Walt himself), there would be no reason for the house to be in such a terrible condition...unless it has been purposefully abandoned. Public knowledge of the activities of the White household would also probably lead to massive destruction or staking by the police for information, and I doubt real estates want to sell a house that had been previously linked to a meth dealer. In turn, this would lead to being a good place for teens to graffiti and to highlight the great Heisenberg. This would also explain the reaction from Carol, Walt's neighbor, when she sees her. It's out of shock, not surprise.
      • It might happen (though it's unlikely), but so far the "Walt calls Todd to fake his death" part of makes it Jossed - turns out, Walt really called Todd to ice Jesse.
  • Jossed. Walt dies in the final scene, and it's indeed genuine. He catches a very real stray round in the final showdown with Jack's crew, and he's last seen as the police are converging on his corpse.
    • However, the stuff about the derelict house seems to be true. The implication seems to be that Skyler and the children moved out of the house shortly after she was threatened by the Neo-Nazis, and the house remains in good condition until angry vandals come by to trash the place. These vandals are unnamed but are implied to be, at least in part, angry residents ticked off at how Heisenberg's activities have affected them. And the extent of the destruction denotes an emotional involvement by the vandals — scrawling "Heisenberg" on the walls, smashing mirrors, ripping out appliances and utilities, and even burning some things. Based on the flash-forwards, it appears that the City of Albuquerque seizes the property, which explains why it's shown fenced off, near-condemned, and awaiting auction. Besides all the damage to the house, the abandoned pool is used by a group of local skateboarders as a small skate-park.

Uncle Jack will be the final opponent for Walt.
Uncle Jack's role is getting more and more prominent as these episodes go on, and his dealings with Walt have become more troublesome. They seem to be setting up something big with him, and I think that it's for him to be Walt's final opponent. Jack and his neo-nazis will kill Hank in the shootout and what we see in the call forward is Walt returning for revenge, armed and dangerous.
  • Confirmed. After wiping out Jack's crew with a remotely triggered M60, Walt's final act is to put a bullet between Jack's eyes.

Uncle Jack and his crew all took a bump of meth before rolling out to To'hajiilee.
This would be a logical explanation for the Imperial Storm Trooper Marksmanship Academy aim displayed there, as well as that strange expression Todd was making.
  • Their terrible accuracy isn't that far-fetched. Todd's handgun isn't very accurate past super-close range. However, that AA-12 shotgun should have torn everything in front of it to shreds, including Walt.

Walt will end up killing Jesse, and, as usual, takes on one of his traits.
This will lead him to shout "Say hello to my little friend, BITCH!" as he mows down Uncle Jack and his crew.

Walt will kill a family member
Possibly Jr. It would be ironic if his attempt to help his family ends with him killing them.
  • Kinda: No one in Walt's immediate family dies, but his actions do end up leading to Hank's death.

Jesse will be the final boss.
Walt takes out the Nazis with his big ol' gun, finds Jesse, and frees him, but Jesse hates Walt a million times more than he ever did before. Poisoning Brock and letting Jane die and selling him out to this nightmarish hell Jack's gang has created for him? There's no way he could face Walt without one of them dying.
  • Jossed. Walt gives Jesse a gun and straight-up tells Jesse to kill him, but Jesse chooses not to after realizing that Walt earnestly regrets everything that he did to him.

Going off this theory, Walt will goad Jesse into killing him.
A constant aspect of the Walt-Jesse dynamic has been manipulation, wouldn't it be excellent if it ended with one last manipulation on Walt's part?
  • Subverted, Walt does try to get Jesse to shoot him, but Jesse drops the gun and walks off.

The second to last episode.
Will start with Walt returning a year after the end of the third to last episode.
  • Jossed.

Walt intends to smoke the ricin cigarette himself.
An M60 machine gun and a poison cigarette are two pretty disparate methods of killing. Walt retrieved the cigarette because after he's done what he's planning to do, he'll have no reason to keep on living.
  • This is quibbling over details, but the ricin hasn't been in a cigarette for most of a season now. It's just in a little glass vial. More to the point, though, this seems unlikely because the cancer's quickly killing him, anyway.
  • Nope. It's used on Lydia.

Walt is put in Witness Protection
Walt is put in Witness Protection after the finale and assumes the identity of Dr. Tim Waltey, New York dentist, from Jersey.

Everybody dies.
Bryan Cranston said so.
  • Well, as of the final episode, this is not the case with Jesse and Saul (who have both changed identities and moved away), Skyler (who may be going to prison), Walt Jr. and Holly (who may end up in custody), Marie, (who will probably be questioned about what she knows about Hank's death since he told her who Heisenberg was) Elliott and Gretchen (who will give the money to Walt Jr.).]]

Walt's last hurrah is to rescue Jesse from the Nazis.
He pretends to kidnap Lydia and offers to trade her to Todd as a sex slave if he releases Jesse. Once he's out safely, Walt opens fire with his M60 and kills Jack's entire crew. After they get new identities from Ed, Jesse goes on to adopt Brock and Lydia, having fallen in love with him, goes with Walt to live in the cabin in New Hampshire until he dies. Also he leaves a ricin-laced bottle of Champagne at Elliot and Gretchen's house.
  • Half-confirmed. The part about Walt rescuing Jesse from the Nazis is right, but Lydia isn't present during the final shootout, Walt dies in the final shootout, and Jesse is last seen driving to freedom through the front gate of the compound. And Lydia is the one who gets poisoned with the ricin (Walt slips it into her tea). Walt also didn't go there to rescue Jesse, he intended to kill everyone there including Jesse until he saw Jesse in chains, realising he was a prisoner rather than a partner, and changing his mind.

Jesse will have an Earn Your Happy Ending type ending in the end.
  • Semi-confirmed? While Jesse does definitely escape from Jack's gang, his post-finale fate is left rather ambiguous. He's last seen driving through the front gate of Jack's compound while cackling maniacally, indicating that he might not be in the best mental state.
    • YMMV. That seemed more like ecstatic, "I-can't-believe-I'm-alive" laughter to me.
    • The implication is that he's leaving town with a new identity and Walt has placed himself in the meth lab so Jesse doesn't get suspected of cooking any more.
    • Confirmed. It will happen in El Camino.

Walt will be killed in a massive shootout with police in the final episode.
Look. His empire has collapsed, the police are on his tail, he's dying of cancer-sure, some people say he might commit suicide, but it would be nice to have him grab a pistol/rifle/SMG/M60 and go down fighting. Because, in movies, TV, books and, sometimes in real life, gangsters often go down fighting.
  • Jossed. The last big action sequence has Jack's gang being slaughtered by a remotely triggered M60. Walt catches a stray round during said scene, and he quietly bleeds to death seconds before the police arrive and converge on his corpse.

Lydia will get it worse than everyone else during Walt's M60 Rampage.
Lydia has gotten away Scott free with a lot since her debut episode. However what we all know from Gus, Tuco and others that have stood against Walt is that you do not make this simple mistake: She tried to have Skyler and to an extent the rest of his family murdered. He will catch wind of it and maybe she might taunt him with it. You can pretty much see where I am going with this.
  • Semi-jossed. She's not present during Walt's M60 rampage, but the final scene reveals that Walt poisoned her with the ricin.
  • Walt had always wanted to kill her but did not do so out of respect for her daughter. It becomes personal when it becomes clear she is conspiring with Todd to kill Walt's family.

The housewife from the pilot episode is Purity from Screwballs
Luckily she was still able to live a normal life after the "incident". Sort of.

Walt and Lydia are still alive.
Lydia was poisoned with ricin, but since she's found out about it, couldn't she get it treated? The CDC FAQ on ricin says that while there is no antidote, its effects can be treated to some extent. And as for Walt... he was shot, sure, but is a bullet to the right lung really going to kill him that quickly? An entire SWAT force showed up literally as he fell to the ground- couldn't they get him to medical treatment, and even provide rudimentary help themselves? Remember, the police still have a lot of questions about Heisenberg's empire, so it's safe to assume they'd prefer him alive to dead.
  • Ricin can be treated, but as far as I'm aware, once the symptoms start showing and it enters the bloodstream, you're doomed. And you have to realize that this is pretty much pure weapons-grade ricin extracted by a master chemist, not those shitty castor beans that get mailed to President Obama every few months. In other words, Lydia is fucked and probably keeled over less than a day later, or committed suicide. As for Walt, there was a good ten minutes between when Walt was shot and when he collapses, and he had already lost a ton of blood. Even if there was an ambulance waiting right outside, it would have been too little too late.
  • It's POSSIBLE that Walt could've lived and been killed by the returning lung cancer before he could be tried. A theory goes that bullets of the caliber used by the M60 would've left an exit wound in Walter's body, meaning that the injury Walt received wasn't a direct bullet wound, or at the very least a ricocheted round, but rather a nonfatal shrapnel wound to his right side, that did not damage any essential organs, blood vessels, etc. This person also pointed out that Walt's lung cancer was back, and some studies have shown that lung cancer patients are often able to heal cuts and wounds much more quickly than someone without, which means Walt's cancer probably kept the injury from being worse. Furthermore, the police arrive shortly after he passes out, and at least one of those first police cruisers on scene would have to have a standard issue trauma kitnote , not to mention some of the cops on scene, both regular and SWAT (SWAT would be there due to Walt being there, or someone reporting machine gun fire there) have some medical training. Meaning, maybe Walt does live on, and it can be implied that maybe he survived at least long enough to be arraigned, and thus died in jail while awaiting trial. It is possible his cancer killed him, but then again, a look at the official shooting script for the scene makes it clear that in Vince Gilligan's mind, Walt died at the Neo-Nazis' lab, not in an ambulance, a hospital room, or a jail cell.

Mike's granddaughter and Brock will be put in a foster home.
  • That doesn't make sense, especially with Mike's grand daughter. There is no reason to think he is her legal guardian, he's even shown dropping her off at a house, presumably her parents'. And Brock would most likely be put into his grandmother's custody, who is introduced in the same episode as Brock and later seen when he's in the hospital.
    • Indeed, in Better Call Saul, it's revealed that Mike's granddaughter is actually in the custody of her mother, Mike's daughter-in-law Stacey. Theory's jossed.

Hank is the one who likes purple
Although purple is associated with Marie, Hank is often seen wearing purple himself, and Marie is not shown wearing purple after his death

Skyler, Walt Jr., and Marie have eventually forgiven Walt.

Maybe. Walt Jr. felt betrayed when he found out his father was Heisenberg, so, there's that....

Jesse Pinkman will get his own Spin-Off that will be Lighter and Softer than Breaking Bad.

Two joke theories:
First one, from Entertainment Weekly(.com)'s review of the finale: "Jesse keeps driving until he develops a need... a Need for Speed" — Jesse trades drug dealing for street racing. Second one: The "young man from New Mexico"'s appearance on Saturday Night Live was an accidental(?) hint for the finale:
Jesse: So I have this friend, and he got sick, like cancer sick
"Obama": And keep in mind, he was a teacher with a family.
Jesse: He was. (emphasis's mine)
revealing Jesse survived, he didn't kill Walt, considered Walt a friend (instead of, say, "acquaintance" or "former high school teacher"), and Walt is likely dead (note: I don't know if Jesse knew how serious Walt's injury was).
Walt isn't really dead, just like Spike From Cowboy Bebop

Jesse knows where the Nazis are keeping Walt's money.
They probably didn't think telling him would be a big deal.

  • Maybe he'll use that money so he can use the disappearer's services.
Walt is Gordon Freeman.
  • Think about it. They're both from New Mexico, they're both scientists, and they even look like eachother.
    • Confirmed! Or not.

Jesse Pinkman eventually becomes a high school chemistry teacher.
  • Being a woodwork teacher is more possible.
  • Jesse has developed considerable chemistry skill of his own, working with Mr. White. He will have to build a new identity anyway, so he might as well give himself a college degree.

Similar to the above WMG, Jesse goes on to be a pharmacist.
  • Not only would he have an academic advantage from his meth salad days, but it would help absolve his guilt from the people he believed he hurt from his life in the drug business (especially Jane).

Flynn will grow up to be Keyser Soze
  • Both have Cerebral Palsy, both go by different names and both know how to be emotional at the drop of a hat.

Walt's confession to Skyler was, in fact, a lie.
In fact, a lot of what he did leading up to the end, as he became more outright villainous, was a ruse. He actively sought to distance Skyler and Walt Jr. emotionally from him so they would eventually free themselves from his activities, and not feel bad about his death, which by that point he was going to ensure would happen.

It really was about getting Walt Jr. his trust fund (which he should have in the end) at the beginning, but the complications required more finnagling.

'Felina' was all a fantasy.
Walter never left that cabin in New Hampshire. He didn't have the strength or ultimately the guts. Instead, as he was dying, he fantasised about how he would have liked it all to end. A fantasy in which even the little things go his way – finding the car keys at the beginning as if they’re falling from heaven, being cool enough to punch the snow off the window. Thinking of Marty Robbin’s country song ‘Feleena’, he dreamed of being the cowboy who rides back into town and saves the day.

His fantasy shows his longing to:

Make peace with Skyler and see Holly again Leave his money to Walt. Jr Show Gretchen and Elliot his ‘achievement’ and gain their respect through fear Avenge Hank’s death Stop the Neo-Nazi’s production and distribution of his trademark Blue Meth Build a MacGyver contraption as a solution, like he used to Save Jessie, who becomes suddenly happy and life affirmed Die heroically by taking a bullet for Jesse, not from cancer Feel redeemed and die amongst his first love - chemistry

This explains why everything in the episode is almost…too neat. Too tidy. It’s in his head. However, in reality, he’s too weak to move from the cancer, his family are now worse off, Jesse is probably dead and the Blue Meth is dominated by the Neo-Nazis.

Have an A1 day indeed.

  • Jossed. Vince Gilligan has debunked this general idea, explaining that Walter could not possibly have known several things that happened, like Jesse being held in captivity or Andrea's death.

Walt's ego refuses to let him see he can be wrong
At least until the very end, but throughout the series he has numerous times where he can apologise to a person and never takes them, except in rare cases. In most of these cases, he seems to not only ignore the opportunity to say sorry, but unconsciously rubs the fact he's not doing so in the other person's face. In IFT, when Skyler comes home from work, he cheerily mentions their conversation earlier and acts as if she's completely forgiven him, even though all he did was show her how much money he had and say it would be all for nothing if she didn't let him move back in. After killing the two dealers, Walt goes to Gus acting smug and even accuses him of killing a child. Hell, when he's reading Skyler's fabricated story about the gambling, he sneers at how remorseful and apologetic he's supposed to be.

Lydia is Jane's mother.
First, look at Jane Margolis. Then look at Donald Margolis and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. Jane looks like she could be their daughter (the black hair and blue eyes she inherited from Lydia). It is likely Donald and Lydia were once married and had Jane. Knowing Lydia's cold personality, they divorced and Lydia wanted nothing to do with her ex-husband and troubled daughter. After she divorced Donald, she remarried and had a second daughter, who compensated for Jane being a "failure." This is similar to how Jesse's parents view Jake in comparison to Jesse. Lydia's second marriage soon ended as well. We don't see Lydia onscreen until almost a year after Jane's death, explaining why we never see her mourn over Jane and why Walt and Jesse never connect the dots. Also, Jane being Lydia's daughter works thematically, as both characters die throwing up in bed due to a poisonous substance, and both of them are killed by Walt in a way that will not be traced back to him.
  • Lydia's in her mid or late 30s when she's on screen and Jane is 26 at the time of her death, so it is a bit stretched. Also, in real life, there's only a five and a half year age gap between Krysten Ritter (Jane) and Laura Fraser (Lydia). Now, for Jane to be Lydia's daughter, Lydia would have to be at least 48 to 50 years old, or at least 13-some years older than Laura Fraser.


Lydia is Jane's half-sister.

Since Jane and Lydia both have black hair and blue eyes, it's possible they share one or two parents. Either they're full-blooded sisters, and Lydia got cast out at some point (the news reports on Wayfarer 515 at the start of "No Mas" say that Jane was Don Margolis's only child), or they share one parent. If they share a parent, I would say it had to be the mother. This woman, whoever her name was, had Lydia with her first husband, then either divorced him or he died, then she married Don Margolis and conceived Jane. Part of the reason I'd say the mother is the shared parent is because, again, the news reports say that Jane was Don Margolis's only child.

The reason I think this is simply because 1) as mentioned above, Laura Fraser is only five years older than Krysten Ritter in real life. Furthermore, the idea of Lydia and Don being a couple is kinda put off because John de Lancie (Don) is old enough to also be Laura Fraser's father. Thus, it makes more sense to argue that Lydia and Jane were half-siblings that shared a mother.

The events of Pokémon are all Brock's poisoned-induced hallucination.
Why else would a character with the same name as a Nintendo character, be playing PlayStation instead of Nintendo?

Gus's eyesight is so bad that he can't tell the difference between people and boxes.

Walt would not have been able to stop on his own.
Had he not been bleeding to death Walt would have tried to escape after he found Jack's lab.He would have forgotten all the lessons he had learned, still unable to resist the temptation to go back to the power and profit of the Heisenberg drug empire.

Walt knew that Jesse had talent for chemistry right at the beginning
It's clear that Jesse didn't take school that seriously. However, he might have found lab classes and experiments interesting, and have done well on that point. He's worked with Walt as Heisenberg's partner in crime for less than a year. In that time, Jesse has proven himself to capable of cooking better quality meth than what Gale Boetticher or the cartel's cook Benicio Fuentes can produce. Put it another way, you have a high school dropout producing meth at a higher quality than that produced by two different meth cooks who have college degrees and more education and experience than Jesse ever had.

Had Jesse actually applied himself in school, he might have become a legitimately great chemist on his own.

Hank is the real protagonist and Walt is just a Decoy Protagonist.
The show is really about a DEA agent who is married to a kleptomaniac and tries to figure out the identity of a meth dealer called Heisenberg. What he does not know is that Heisenberg is actually his brother-in-law, and viewers have to wait and see how long it takes for Hank to figure it out and whether or not he delivers justice in the end. After he dies, we are shown the consequences of his death, which ruin the life of antagonist Walter White as a form of comeuppance.
  • If that were true, wouldn't Hank have a lot more screentime?

Reasons for Walt removing the watch.

  • He planned on killing Jesse, and taking off the watch symbolized the end of their partnership.
  • He knew that he would die and was running out of time.

Gale wanted a romantic relationship with Walter.
This is why he felt so crushed when Walter replaced him.

Walter White is gay for Jesse Pinkman.
"Yeah no, Mr. White's gay for me. Everyone knows that." - Jesse Pinkman

Badger and Skinny Pete will have a spinoff.
It will be called Breaking Badger.

Brandon "Badger" Mayhew and "Skinny" Pete are named after Peter Mayhew.
As in the actor who played Chewbacca. Badger is a Star Wars fan, and his crossbow reminds me of Chewbacca's bowcaster.

This is an alternate universe of Fringe.
Like Walter Bishop, Walter White gets his own lab when he starts working for Gustavo Fring, who may be an analog of Phillip Broyles, head of the Fringe division. Plus, you cannot spell "Fringe" without "Fring."

This is a DC universe.
Walter White is an amalgamation of Lex Luthor (Jesse says he looks like him because he is bald), James Gordon (Bryan Cranston voiced him in Batman: Year One, and Walt has the facial hair), The Joker (because of the laugh scene), Poison Ivy (because he used Lily of the Valley when poisoning Brock), Bane (because Breaking Bat and he broke Mike), Scarface (because the Heisenberg side is in control sometimes), and the Ventriloquist (because Walt goes along with his Heisenberg side). Walter Jr. is like Oracle because he is unable to walk normally and has worked with computer-related stuff. Skyler is like Gordon's wife Barbara and baby Holly is like baby James. Gustavo Fring is Harvey Dent because of what happens to half of his face. Mike Ehrmantraut is Batman / Bruce Wayne because he is good at being a private investigator. Jesse Pinkman is like Jason Todd because he was (metaphorically) killed by The Joker and then brought back to life.

Louis gives Walter Jr. marijuana.
Because RJ Mitte said so.

Walter Jr. is the mastermind behind the whole show.
Somehow, he made sure that the drug bust seen on the news took place so that Walt would see it on the news on his 50th birthday, a day on which Walter Jr. knew that his father could have a mid-life crisis that would provoke him into making a lot of money to get Walter Jr. a new car and college money. The cancer made it all easier. Walter Jr. refused the money in the penultimate episode to throw off suspicion because he knew that his father would get it to him one way or another.

When Walter Jr. said that he liked black coffee...
His dad replied, "Black. I like it." Walter White Sr. was really saying that he liked his new assistant Tyrus, who is black.

This is the same universe as Grand Theft Auto.
The premise seems like it could suit a GTA game. Los Pollos may as well be Cluckin' Bell's competition. Venezia's Pizza is competition for The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

Heisenberg is Walter White's Dark Passenger.
Just like Dexter Morgan's.
  • This actually makes a lot of sense, once the show's flashbacks are taken into account. In two notable flashbacks - Walt with Gretchen at Grey Matter, and him house-shopping with Skyler - he's very arrogant, and acts a lot more like Heisenberg than the beaten down milquetoast we meet in the pilot. It's as if the seeds for Heisenberg were planted long before the events of the pilot.

Mike used to be Deputy Director of the FBI.
Back in the days when he went by the codename "Max Adams." In 2007, he helped out with the Bay Harbor Butcher case. By March 2009, he was a private investigator working with Saul Goodman and Gustavo Fring.
  • Would be a nice allusion to tie these two roles of Jonathan Banks together, but nope. Mike was in law enforcement, but it was in the Philadelphia Police Department, and Better Call Saul shows that he's lived in Albuquerque since early 2002.
Mike Ehrmantraut faked his death.
Walter tried shooting him, but Mike avoided the bullet and put fake blood on himself to make Walter stop shooting. As he sat by the stream, a duck passed by, giving him inspiration for a cartoon character whom he would later draw as he taught at Greendale Community College under the alias Buzz Hickey.

The show had inspiration from the U2 song "Bad."
Obviously, the show's title includes the word "Bad." It also contains the word "Breaking," which is reminiscent of the lyric, "See you break, break away." One of the song's lyrics is, "True colors fly in blue and black." The show contains Blue Sky meth and darkness (as well as black coffee). The subsequent lyric, "Colors crash, collide in bloodshot eyes," may have inspired White and Pinkman crashing into each other by fighting every now and then. Walt's line in the pilot, "I am wide awake," is reminiscent of the lyric, "I'm wide awake."

If you play this song right after Walt says, "Goodbye, Lydia," in "Felina," the lyrics, "See you walk, walk away, Into the night," are sung as Walt walks during nighttime. The lyrics, "If I could through myself, Set your spirit free," remind me of Walt freeing Jesse from the Nazis. The lyrics, "To let it go, and so to fade away," are sung right after Walt lets go of the lab equipment and falls dying on the floor. The lyrics, "I'm wide awake, I'm not sleeping," are sung as Walt lies dead on the floor with open eyes.

What Todd was going to say to Walter before being cut off mid-sentence getting killed by Jesse.
  • "Mr. White, where do babies come from?"
  • "Mr. White, are you Santa Claus?"
  • "Mr. White, what's your first name?"
  • "Mr. White, are you Heisenberg?"
  • "Mr. White, you're a badass!"
  • "Mr. White, are you Breaking Bad?"
  • "Mr. White, you missed Jesse completely!"
  • "Mr. White, are you mad about something?"
  • "Mr. White, did I do something wrong?"
  • "Mr. White, you have to help me! Jesse is trying to kill me!
  • "Mr. White, is that a New Hampshire license plate?"
  • "Mr. White, what happened to your watch?"
  • "Mr. White, why do you always wear green?"
  • "Mr. White, someone put a machine gun on your car!"
  • "Mr. White, I don't see anyone out there!"
  • "Mr. White, invisible people were shooting at us!"
  • "Mr. White, I don't think you locked your car."
  • "Mr. White, how long did it take you to grow your hair back?"
  • "Mr. White, did you find the cure for baldness and cancer?"
  • "Mr. White, I have the cure for cancer."
  • "Mr. White, your family have all forgiven you. They love you again!"
  • "Mr. White, I know Gus' entire backstory.
  • "Mr. White, Gus Fring is actually Barack Obama's long-lost twin brother."
  • "Mr. White, Walter Jr. was behind everything."
  • "Mr. White, I fucked Ted."
  • "Mr. White, Ted is Holly's father."
  • "Mr. White, I am Holly's father."
  • "Mr. White, I am really Matt Damon."
  • "Mr. White, I am your illegitimate son."
  • "Mr. White, I am your father."
  • "Mr. White, I love you."
  • "Mr. White, I'm gay — for you."
  • "Mr. White, are you the dad from Malcolm in the Middle?"
  • "Mr. White, I think that this might be a TV show."
  • "Mr. White is fictional. You got too into character, Mr. Cranston! Why did you bring a real machine gun? And Aaron, stop acting like you sincerely want to kill me! It's creeping me out. I'm an actor, remember? I never killed anyone!"
  • "Mr. White, should I say 'hello' to your little frien'?"
  • "Mr. White, I'm a Time Lord."
  • "Mr. White, inception has been performed on you. If you die in this dream, then you will go into limbo."
  • "Mr. White, Los Pollos Hermanos was cooking people!"
  • "Mr. White, Lydia is a banshee."
  • "Mr. White, Lydia is Scottish."
  • "Mr. White, Skynet was created by Drew, Andrea, Sonia, and Jesse."
  • "Mr. White, we are all infected."
  • "Mr. White, Jigsaw's apprentice is testing us! He will go after your family if I die!"
  • "Mr. White, you haven't destroyed our whole gang! When our friends from the other side of the state hear about this, they'll avenge us! They'll kill you and what remains of your family!"
  • "Mr. White, I know where Saul is! He's up to no good, man!"
  • "Mr. White, Huell is still in the motel."
  • "Mr. White, I watched Jane die."
  • "Mr. White, Jesse has been manipulating you all this time."
  • "Mr. White, those guys hypnotized me into becoming a sociopath and said that I would snap out of it when I hear the sound of a machine gun!"
  • "Mr. White, I'm Jesse's son from the future. Those bitches reprogrammed my mind so that I would do bad things, but I'm free now! Yo Dad, we're free! Let's go get a drink!"
  • "Mr. White, Mystique killed Jesse and took his place."
  • "Mr. White, we freed Jesse months ago. We cloned him, but this clone has serial killer tendencies. He must not be freed!"
  • "Mr. White, I am Jesse. I developed a mutation that allowed me to switch bodies with Todd."
  • "Mr. White, Jesse, I'm Ashton Kutcher and you have been Punk'd! We stopped making episodes after 2007 to focus on this 2-year-long prank. You never really had cancer! Everyone was in on it! Ted never slept with Skyler, and he's not disabled! Mike pretended to get shot and die, Hank and Gomie are still alive, Drew is still alive, Combo is still alive, Andrea is still alive, Jane is still alive, and those planes that crashed were remote-controlled and had no real bodies! Of course, we did not expect that you guys would kill Emilio, Crazy Eight, the Salamancas, Gale, Tyrus, Gus, and these guys in this room..."
  • "Mr. White, HOW THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?!!"
  • "Mr. White, can you see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?"
  • "Mr. White, Jesse won't let you get away with this! He loves it here! Did he ever get free ice cream and pizza working for you? I don't think so!"
  • "Mr. White, I know the truth behind UFOs, JFK, 9/11, Benghazi, Epstein, Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Elvis!"
  • "Mr. White, the crazy theories on TV Tropes are all true!"
  • "Mr. White, Say My Name."
  • "Mr. White, Walter Jr. really loves breakfast."
  • "Mr. White, have you accepted Jesus as your lord and savior?"
  • "Mr. White, I don't feel so good..."
  • "Mr. White, I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative!"
  • "Mr. White, none of what you see is real, you're just having a nightmare. You're not a cancer-stricken drug dealer who has lost all of his friends and family. When you wake up, you'll be back to your safe, boring, decent life as a schoolteacher."
  • "Mr. White, Saul is getting his own show."
  • "Mr. White, Jesse is getting his own movie."
  • "Mr. White, did you know that I somehow gained a huge amount of weight during the last several months since I last saw you? And even I'm not really sure how I lost all of it!"
  • "Mr. White, Skyler's about to make a contract with Kyubey in order to turn back time and prevent you from ever getting involved in meth production! You better go stop her!"
  • "Mr. White, I need(ed) you."
  • "Mr. White, The Walrus Was Paul."
  • "Mr. White, [[Advertising/GEICO I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico]]."
  • "Mr. White, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"
  • "Mr. White, I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!"
  • "Mr. White, which end is the right end to start eating a chocolate cornet, the fat end or the thin end?"
  • "Mr. White, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?"
  • "Mr. White, is that a machine gun in your car?"
  • "Mr. White, what the fuck did you do?"
  • "Mr. White, you son of a bitch, I'm gonna kill you!"
  • And since we'll never know what he was going to say, he retroactively exists in a postmortem quantum superstate of having been about to say all of the above.

Walter White is based on Walt Disney.
Walt Disney financed his franchise by selling drugs. Walter White is named after him but with a different last name and altered story because Disney would not allow the true story to be told.

Saul Goodman is the son or grandson of Saul Goodman.
But Saul Goodman's real name is James McGill. Maybe he's affiliated somehow?

Walter Jr. grows up to become a cop.
After all the horrible things his dad did come to light, and given his closeness to Hank, Junior feels the only way to repair what happened is to give back and work for the DEA. He'll probably legally change his name in the process. Not trying to say Junior somehow becomes a cop on another show, just how I legitimately see the character's future unfolding.
  • It's unlikely he could be a cop due to his condition. That is to say, Walt Jr. could never drive around in a patrol car and do all that stuff because you pretty much need two perfectly good legs to be a cop. However, consdiering how Marie seems to be on good terms with most of Hank's co-workers, it's reasonable to think that Ramey, as Hank's former boss, might take pity on Walt Jr. and give him some sort of small position like a clerk, and if he's even half as smart as his father he could prove himself and work up to being a detective or consultant of some kind, even if his cerebral palsy confines him to desk work at the office as opposed to out in the field.

Holly grows up to be totally ashamed of her late father.
By the time she's old enough to understand, Holly will only know that her father was a drug-dealing gangster with a penchant for inventive murder.
  • Walt Jr. was also very angry about the revelation of his father's criminal activities, especially the (false) allegation that he killed Hank. It's unknown if he ever forgives Walt Sr.
  • Alternatively, she could be fascinated by her late pop and try to learn more about him, to her brother and mother's chagrin and distress.

The Blue Sky meth was successful due to marketing.
At one point, even Jesse questioned if meth addicts cared about how pure their drugs were. The drug dealers would have to convince their customers that Blue Sky was somehow superior to other meth, such as giving a better high or something like that.

Blue Sky was actually somewhat of a scam the whole time.
I think that somewhere on this wiki, it stated that in real life, chemically pure methamphetamine is actually transparent or white instead of blue. There was a step left out from all the cooking montages, which was Walt's greatest secret — he just added blue food coloring.
  • Makes sense, too. In real life, several meth cooks have started using dye to color their meth blue to match the show's meth, so it wouldn't be a surprise if blue dye was what Walt was doing.

Badger and Skinny Pete really are hitmen
For all we know, this could've been a secret they've been keeping from others, not unlike how Walt was trying to hide his meth making from his family.

Walt, Jesse, and some other important characters from Breaking Bad will make cameo appearances in Better Call Saul.
This spin-off series will be a prequel set before Saul meets Walt and Jesse, although it doesn't completely rule out them making some kind of appearance.

The X-Files indirectly led to the cast and crew of Breaking Bad
Vince Gilligan was once a writer and producer for this show, while Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul both had acting roles in a few episodes. Something tells me that this isn't a coincidence...
  • But then again it might be a coincidence, as there's only so many people who work in the film and television industry.

Better Call Saul will eventually lead to the events of Breaking Bad.
As this new spinoff show is confirmed to be a prequel, this is a possibility.

Walter White is the Master
He is the one who knocks.

Walter White is a Time Lord
Just to add to the guess above, and because this wasn't here yet.

Mike knew early on that Walt was the loose wheel that could ruin everything.
Mike is almost always completely stoic and even when terrible shit is happening to him, he never gets angry. Walt is the only thing that seems to actually piss him off, even long before Walt began interfering too much with the business. I get the feeling he knew earlier than anyone else that Walt could be the loose cannon that could ruin their entire operation if not taken out sooner.
  • Better Call Saul seems to lend credence to this theory. When you consider the criminals Mike worked with prior to meeting Gus, Gus seems like a great criminal because he acts professionally, whereas all the other guys Mike did business with all had flaws that were more liabilities than pluses (Daniel Warmold's spending recklessness, Nacho's reputation for somewhat impulsive decisions, Hector threatening Mike's granddaughter and killing a civilian that stumbled upon the aftermath of Mike's attack on Hector's truck, etc.). Walt reminds Mike of those old guys.

Gus was bluffing when he threatened to kill Walt's entire family.
It was said under Alternative Character Interpretation on YMMV that the rival drug dealers may or may not have murdered Tomas Cantillo under orders. If Tomas wasn't murdered on Gus's orders, that makes it entirely possible that perhaps the threat to kill Walt's family was a bluff. In "Full Measures," I think, Gus is highly offended when Walt suggests he may have had a hand in Tomas's death. If his reaction was indeed genuine, then Gus's threat against Walt's family was a bluff. He just didn't expect Walt to actually do something about it by killing him.

  • Furthermore, it could be possible that when Gus said, "In the meantime, there's the matter of your brother-in-law. He is a problem you promised to resolve. You have failed. Now it's left to me to deal with him," that was also a bluff. In "Hermanos," it's made clear that Hank was the only DEA agent who still believed Gus was a drug lord since Merkert, Gomez and Tim Roberts all bought the false statements Gus gave them in questioning. In the previous season, Gus redirected the Cousins to attack Hank and manipulated things so that the border would get shut down and he could corner the market, and he did this knowing full well that targeting a cop would lead to a crackdown. Thus, in season 4, when Gus made the remark "Now it's left to me to deal with him," he wasn't actually planning to kill Hank. I assume Gus knew that if Hank died, there would be an investigation, and this investigation undoubtedly would have linked back to the Boetticher case, and in time, get linked back to Gus.

"Heisenberg" is the result of a declining mental health.
Walt's at that age where mental health starts to take a turn downhill. Thus, based on the evidence we see, his becoming Heisenberg could have happened as a result of:
  • Some kind of schizophrenia/split-personality/whatever telling him to lead a double life as a criminal.
  • His lung cancer beginning to contaminate the rest of his body, all the way up to his brain.
  • A mid-life crisis gone horribly wrong, along with becoming a little bit senile.

Better Call Saul may eventually end with Saul Goodman's new life in Nebraska.
And possibly other characters from the original Breaking Bad series (i.e. the surviving White/Schrader family, Jesse and his own family and friends, etc.) may also get their own epilogues. It'll be even better as everyone should look visibly older after at least several years.
  • Jossed; Saul's Nebraska life is shown in the first of Better Call Saul; he's living in Omaha under the name "Gene", and is indeed working at a Cinnabon store, nostalgically longing for his lawyer life.

Walter is secretly the owner of Blue Sky Studios.
You think it's a coincidence that there's an animation studio for children's films with the name of Walt's product? Do you think a man like Walt would allow someone else to use the name? Blue Sky Studios is actually first and foremost a front for Walt's money laundering of his drug profits, which may explain something about the average quality of their films.

Walter White, Hal Wilkerson, Ned Flanders, and Gordon Freeman are the same person.
We haven't had a ridiculous crossover theory in a while.

Skyler's had tax issues in the past
Seems to me like a possible explanation for how she knows so much about how the IRS investigates tax fraud when Ted comes to her with the summons, and her detailed explanation of how the IRS gets an 80% conviction rate on tax fraud.

Lydia used to be married to Gus
I think Gus might have been married at one point, but broke it off after he started building his drug empire. I believe he might have been with Lydia. They always seem like they could have been a couple to me and Kiira is hers and Gus's daughter.

At any rate, even if the spouse wasn't Lydia, I think the idea of Gus having an estranged wife is very plausible. He may have supported her financially and sees the kids every now and then but probably isn't a big part of their lives because he doesn't want to put them at risk. Maybe Lydia and Gus did have something going at some point. However, she didn't seem too emotionally troubled by his death, though. She was more afraid of being exposed/killed for her role in the conspiracy. Unless she's really good at bottling emotions.

Plus, there was nothing the filmmakers did to make you think Gus was capable of fabricating kids, especially because no tricks were played to make the viewer think that. If they wanted to show Gus was capable of going to Toys 'R Us to buy some toys to scatter around his living room before Walt came over, then they would have. So estranged or divorced with kids is what I think the writers were going for, and I thought it was pretty easy to reason that based on what we saw on the screen.

Also, Gus gives Walt this large speech about how a man provides for his family. Now, one could easily interpret this one way by saying that Gus is manipulating Walt by appealing to Walt's family motivations (and that very well could have been true). However, it's also entirely possible that Gus is speaking from the heart as a family man himself. He conveys an incredible amount of conviction in that scene. The way he says, "What does a man do? He PROVIDES. A man PROVIDES for his family."

Ted's business was involved in money laundering
There's a part of me that thinks that part of the "books being cooked" storyline at Ted's place was a part of a money laundering scheme. This other party gives money to Ted for nonexistent purchases and he gives money to them for nonexistent supplies and wages, neither of which really exist except on paper, but it gets the money into the system. With a business that is losing money anyway, this happens without having to pay excessive taxes of the profits which barely exist. Saul might have a part in this, which could explain how Mike showed up out of the blue to grab up Walt (the logic is that Mike was making sure the laundering was going like clockwork).

Mike was the one who called Hank to tip him off to the hit
Better Call Saul establishes that Mike harbors a grudge against the Salamancas ever since they threatened Kaylee's life. Knowing that, I think Mike played more in the attempt on Hank than just finishing off Leonel at the hospital: I think Mike was there in that parking lot, watching the whole situation, and it was he who gave Hank the warning call to create the bloodbath that more or less happened as it did. Mike then just watched as the Cousins attacked and were taken out by Hank. Once Hank killed Marco, Mike emerged, acting like a bystander and was the first to call 911. He then called Gus while Hank was being loaded into the ambulance, and reported it was a success.

I also believe that had the Cousins succeeded in killing Hank, that Mike would have then taken both of them out right then and there. He gets to look like a hero, Gus profits from the publicity, and his empire is still secure.

Jesse bought Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to punish himself.
During Jesse's spiral into self-destruction following his killing Gale, he is shown having an Xbox 360 with various games. Later, he is shown playing Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) with Brock. While his playing with his girlfriend's son is a sweet gesture, it's entirely likely that he had purchased one of the worst games in the Sonic series as a means to punish himself, along with allowing his home to become a drug-infested squatting hovel.

Walt wasn't being sincere when he said he went into the meth business for himself
He said it because he knew Skyler was tired of hearing him say it was for the family because he was not in the mood to argue with her. He sounded like he was ad-libbing, struggling to find the right words.

Hal could have easily compared Jesse to Francis, so we can assume that Francis hasn't yet reached the age where he becomes a juvenile delinquent.

Gale unwittingly saved Walt's life.
Knowing Fring's dark side and cautious nature, it's not out of the blue to assume that Gus Fring intended to kill Walt some time after their first botched meeting in Mandala. What gives this theory credence is a particularly ominous line uttered by Gus in Box Cutter: "You do not have any competition, not as far as I'm concerned." Coming from the speaker, this suggests that Gus pegged Walter (and Jesse) as loose ends — but Gale ultimately talked Gus into giving Walter a second chance, saving their lives.

Hector cares so much about family because he believes that it's the safest way to retire as a criminal
As soon as you grow old and weak, your rivals can move freely against you. Hector knows this, and he tries to avoid it by getting his family into the cartel and teaching them to love each other. This way, even if he grows weak, no one would dare do anything because his family would always be there to protect him.

Todd didn't actually kill Andrea, he only made it look like he did to put Jessie in his place
That gunshot didn't sound like a silenced handgun, it sounded more like a BB gun, and killing someone in public like that seems like an incredibly stupid risk for Todd to take on the off chance that someone sees it, calls the cops and busts their entire operation, so it makes more sense that he manipulated Jessie into thinking she's dead so he won't try and escape again (the fact that Brock isn't seen or mentioned at all in the series finale seems to indicate as much).

Skyler kills herself after Felina
She's emotionally a wreck, her sister probably hates her and she's about to find out her husband's dead, not to mention the two years of agony she's been through. Couple that with the fact her silhouette when Walter checks on Holly for the last time looks like she's been hung, and I wouldn't be surprised if the trauma all gets too much for her.

A spin-off series will follow Walt Jr./Flynn.
If there's ever a spin-off series, it will deal with Walt Jr./Flynn's life post Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul events. It will deal with him trying to move on from the events depicted in both series, with him still having to deal with the fallout of Walter's actions.

The Dealers didn't kill Tomas
After kicking him out of the gang, someone else killed Tomas, knowing that he was no longer connected. Whether or not this the Dealer's idea is not clear.

Donald Margolis is a Recovered Addict
Jane isn't the only drug user in the house, he is taking her to meetings because they are his meetings as well. He is so angry at her and Jesse because his own sobriety is teetering on the edge. He goes back to work because being a Workaholic is an Addiction Displacement.

Joker theory: Hank was the SWAT Commander seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day
After the events of the movie, Hank retired from the LAPD, moved to Albuquerque, got a job at the DEA, and married Marie.

Dr. Chavez, the therapist Walt saw after his "fugue state," and Pamela Orbic, the divorce attorney Skyler consulted, are married.
After the series finale, they come to realize that they each met one half of the couple at the center of the largest drug empire in the southwest and learned details about them that would not become public for over a year.