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  • In episode 4, a man and woman who live in apartments next to each other get their brains eaten. The next morning, they're both on different ends of the political spectrum (the woman leans heavily conservative, the man heavily liberal) and they go onto message boards and start flame wars by delivering poorly-reasoned arguments in CAPSLOCK. Immediately after, they start crashing their cars into each other, provoked by the fact that the man is playing a parody of NPR, the woman is playing a conservative radio station, both at full blast.
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  • Luke Healy stages a senatorial coup by pulling together the absolute minimum number of senators needed for the vote to re-open the government, arranging for it to happen while Red and Ella are debating on TV. He succeeds, and is heralded as a hero by his constituents. Funnier is watching Wheatus and Ella running to catch the Capitol Subway in an attempt to reach the chamber, only to be turned away by security because the Subway is closed from the shutdown.
  • Laurel gets bugs on her brain, leading to the realization that, since the bugs tunnel in through the left ear, they can be driven out through stimulating the right brain (pleasure, food, motor skills, memory of songs, etc.). After nothing they do works, Gareth shows up to check on Laurel. She, Gustav, and Rochelle proceed to cure Laurel by having her seduce Gareth by singing "I Think I Love You", which results in a... ahem, "spike of dopamine" driving the bugs out.
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  • Gustav and Rochelle are sitting in on the impromptu hearing that Luke has called in light of Laurel being taken in for "enhanced interrogation techniques". Knowing how the bugs communicate on a high frequency, Gustav uses his scanner just as Wheatus is calling a vote. Hilarity Ensues, as the Senators abruptly raise both hands and frustrate the hell out of Wheatus as he tries to do a handcount. Wheatus finds himself compelled to raise both of his hands and his right hand fights to keep his left from rising, and then some Senators just get up for no reason and begin walking head-on into walls.
  • Gareth is given a dossier on Laurel, alleging that she had an affair with Michael Moore. While in the bathroom, Gareth fantasizes Michael Moore doing cunnilingus on Laurel while he's fully clothed, imitating the sex scene from Eyes Wide Shut. Then Moore looks up at the camera and smirks. Gareth promptly retches.
    Moore: Oh yeahhhh. Baby I wanna turn your swing state allllllllllll blue. Oh yeahhhh. Treat me like Flint, Michigan.
  • Each of the Previously On songs, what with their occasional indulgence in self-deprecation and dry humor.
    • Taken to new heights in the episode 11 Previously On, in which the narrator, incredibly stressed by the events of last week's episode, decides to take a break and recap the first episode of Gunsmoke instead, complete with accompanying footage.
  • In episode 11, Luke is being vetted for the CIA Director post. This involves a lot of background checks and scrutiny for any skeletons in his closet. The interviewers at one point interview Laurel when Gustav accidentally crashes it to give her news. To explain the stuff about the "infections," for the next interview, she dresses more flamboyantly, sports "Hollywood"-ish sunglasses, and shows them her issues ad from the last episode, providing a hilarious explanation - that her usage of the words "infection" and "bugs" is as metaphors.
  • Gustav's "knowing how to be black" when confronted by cops.
  • Red invites Luke into his office planning to kill him as he's done twice before. But then Luke gets a call, turns his back on Red who gets comically frustrated at Luke moving around too much for him to shoot.
  • The intro to the final episode where we finally see the singing narrator and his guitar, made funnier when Gustav shoos him away. Then at the end of the episode he's narrating everyone's epilogues, this time everyone being oblivious to his presence.

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