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From the TV series:

  • From "Kitty Karry-All is Missing":
    Bobby: Now let's see...if I was a doll, where would I go?
    Greg: To me, sweetheart!
  • Peter as a Sunflower Girl.
  • From "Law and Disorder". Carol and Alice arrive home to find Bobby trapped in the suds from the washing machine:
    Alice: Mrs. Brady? The suds are calling you!
  • Bobby's nightmare in "Bobby's Hero" has him telling Jesse James that he wrote a paper about him and then apologizes since he got a C+ for it.

From the movies:

  • After Jan worries about having to make new friends if they have to move to a new town:
    Marcia: But Jan, you don't have any friends.
  • After Grandma finally makes Jan's psychotic inner voices go away by acknowledging her, the inner voices are passed on to Cindy.
    • How Grandma makes Jan's voices leave in the first place:
      Grandma: Jan, cut the crap!
  • From the sequel, when Roy/Trevor and Carol arrive in Hawaii, the travel agent tells them they're very open-minded on the Islands, and have liberal policies regarding gay people; Carol, stuck in the 70s, takes the term "gay" as happy:
    Carol: I wish I could be gay again... and I would be if I was with Marcia... and Jan... and Cindy...
    Roy/Trevor: And Alice.
    Carol: And Alice?
  • Jan's nightmare:
    Marcia Brady: (in Jan's thought) But Jan, you don't have friends. You're just jealous Jan.
    Jan wakes up, holds a pair of scissors like a knife, and starts to cut Marcia's hair
    Cindy Brady: Jan, what are you doing?
    Jan Brady: Go back to sleep Cindy!
    Cindy Brady: Jan don't. Marcia's hair is so beautiful.
    Jan Brady: Exactly. That's why I'm gonna make alot of money when I sell it.
    Jan continues to cut Marcia's hair and laughs psychotically then Cindy screams followed by Carol and Alice coming into the room
    Carol Brady: Jan, what are you doing?
    Marcia's got a new hairdo
    Carol Brady: Oh Marcia, I love your hair!
    Alice: What a groovy hairdo!
    Cindy Brady: Oh, you're so beautiful!
    Jan Brady: No! She was supposed to look bad! No! No!
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  • The Flight Attendant's response to That Reminds Me of a Song.
    To those of you singing and dancing in the aisles, please sit down and shut up.

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