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People being Entertainingly Wrong in fanfiction.

Ah! My Goddess

  • Hilariously in The Vain Rose's Garden, Yoshida gives Belldandy some wildflowers as "a beautiful gift for a beautiful woman". When Belldandy informs him she's not really a woman but gets distracted by a bee, he flees thinking she's a man. After all, who would expect someone to be a goddess?



Attack on Titan

  • In Ein Riese, der Fliegen Wollte, a young Titan who's human-watching theorizes that little humans (children) are of higher status than big humans, because the former were evacuated first. Also, the leader of the human army is about the same height as a child.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • In Jet's Troubling Obsession of the The Stalking Zuko Series, Jet realizes that "Lee" is probably not a firebender since he never finds any proof of him firebending but his "uncle" Mushi is. He believes the reason Lee only reacts to Jet's accusation with annoyance because Lee is a nonbender and he attracted Jet's attention to distract him from paying attention to his uncle.


  • In Swinging Pendulum, in a discussion about Ichigo's age, which he has not disclosed, Kaien assumes that Ichigo has to be two-hundred and fifty by the way he acts, at the least be one-hundred years old. Ichigo is actually twenty years old, which would disturb Kaien greatly if he finds out since children in Soul Society are around 40 years old.
    • Kaien notes that considering Ichigo has said "Uncle Isshin" and Ichigo's father are/were worse than him, he must be nowhere near the top of Ichigo's shit-list. Ichigo is amused by the incorrect assumption that Isshin and Ichigo's father are different people.
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    • At one point, Kaien tries to tell Ichigo that there's nothing to be ashamed of for growing up in the Rukongai—a natural assumption to make, given that he almost certainly didn't grow up in Seiretei, and that he's clearly a Shiba. Ichigo doesn't bother to correct him that he grew up in the Human World, and one-hundred years in the future, at that.
  • Upon first meeting Yoruichi in Game and Bleach, Ichigo quickly realizes she's a shinigami. But because he met her in a training dungeon and knows the odds of him randomly meeting a high level shinigami are incredibly low, he initially assumes she's an NPC meant to train him in shinigami related skills.

A Certain Magical Index


Code Geass

  • Carine ne Britannia in Darwin comes to the conclusion that Zero is getting his Knightmare Frames from the same supplier as the JLF. as the two are the only terrorists to have any, and decides to wipe them out so she can find their source and use it to find Zero. In reality, Zero gets his Knightmares directly from the Ashfords.


  • FateBuild: The Mechanical Magus: Rin, Illya, and Caster all operate under the assumption that Shirou's Build Driver and Fullbottles are Mystic Codes he created to amplify his lacking magic abilities. Not that far off an assumption, but also completely wrong.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Thanks to Kaji walking into Shinji and Asuka right when they were about to kiss, Shinji becomes annoyed at the older man and how he got together with Misato. Because of this, Misato comes to the logical but incorrect conclusion that he's annoyed because he has a crush on her.
  • The premise of No Place Like Eureka, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Eureka crossover fanfic, is that Dawn gets embodied in Eureka rather than Sunnydale, using Carter and Stark's DNA instead of Buffy's. When the Eureka residents realize that something is strange about Dawn, they come to the perfectly logical — and entirely wrong — conclusion that she was born in the future and sent back in time for some inscrutable reason. Hellgods and mystical Keys aren't really on their radar...
  • Sunset Shimmer in The Bridge speculates her new friend, Irys, and their associate aren't native to the human world like she was. After seeing them head towards the school statue and disappear, she thinks they are Equestrians like her. What is actually the case is Irys and her friend, Monster X, were from the other half of the crossover.
  • In We Can Be Heroes, the remaining Scoobies learn that Xander and Cordelia are in the DC universe and there are in fact comics, cartoons, and even a television series about them. Notably, the pilot movie for the series had to base all of the Buffy characters except Xander and Cordelia off descriptions by the two. As a result, Willow is portrayed as a tall flirtatious woman and Oz is depicted as a Motor Mouth.
  • Naruto is quick to spot that Queen Amidala is actually Padme in A Village Hidden in Hope but believes she's the queen's body double rather than being the queen herself.
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For:
    • After learning how he came to the galaxy, Shaak Ti realizes that Harry Potter's long list of aliases on his Bounty Hunter Guild application was a way to let anyone else from his world potentially find him. Harry tells her he actually just did it to amuse himself.
    • Later, Jedi Master Fay wonders if Harry left so abruptly after saving her life because he not only didn't expect a reward but didn't want any recognition for it. To her dismay, Harry reveals that the event in question was so unmemorable that he doesn't even recall saving her until she mentions it was on a volcanic planet and that's only because he spent several hours fishing a gold coin out of a lava flow.
  • In The Wizard of Gotham, Batman comes to the conclusion that Poison Ivy's young new henchkid is his child by Pam during the missing time in his memories when she drugged and seduced him. To be fair, Batman's biases are showing: a boy named 'potter', an aunt named Petunia, who lives on Privet (A kind of hedge) Drive, and the lies about his parents the Dursleys fed to Harry, while believable to a young child, ring incredibly false to Batman's suspicious mind. It doesn't help that Ivy has a fragment of Lily's school-time memories Dumbledore was storing implanted in her head, and she's going by the name 'Lily Evans', which just screams assumed name.
  • How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse:
    • All over the place in regards to WOOHP's conclusions concerning Ranma Saotome. They believe he's the leader of a terrorist organization known as the Nerima Wrecking Crew and has come to America for some nefarious purpose, as opposed to trying to escape the shenanigans in Nerima. After getting to third base with him, Clover is convinced that Kodachi is Ranma's psychotic ex-girlfriend who made him go down on her but told him he sucked so she didn't have to return the favor. In reality, Ranma just experimented in his girl form.
    • Of course, Ranma makes several false assumptions as well, partially due to thinking his violent Unwanted Harem, Hilariously Abusive Childhood, and terrible friends are the norm.
    • Later, because they don't know Ranma and Ranko are the same person, Sam takes Ranko's slip ups while talking about Akane to mean she's a lesbian who had a thing for Akane but got violently rejected.
  • In FateBlack Reflection
    • Both Lancer and Gilgamesh come to the perfectly logical conclusion that Ichigo's power must come from a lost Noble Phantasm he somehow came into possession of, which makes sense from their perspective since no modern magus could ever hope to even come close to matching a Servant without one. Of course, neither of them are aware that Ichigo isn't a magus, nor do they have any idea what a Soul Reaper or Zanpakutou is.
    • The entire story as a whole pretty much revolves around this trope, with the other Master and Servant pairs making wildly wrong assumptions about Ichigo and his friends, from their morality, to the the nature of their abilities.
  • In Twice Blessed Shinobi, Shikaku concludes that the young Haruo is actually from Nara stock after seeing the kid snuggling one of the clan's deer - which would be impossible for a non-Nara - and checking the mission records, which establishes that one of his cousins was in the right town at the right moment for the boy's conception. As Shikaku is unaware of Haruo's status as a Trueborn Sage - giving him a potent affinity with animals - and true age - he's actually two years younger than recorded but was aged to enroll in the Academy - the misunderstanding is clarified only when the Nara demands clarification from the Secret Ops Captain about "his lost clansman".
  • Trying to guess Berserker's identity in Holding Back The Sea, Kayneth concludes that the godly powers over water and the invulnerability means the warrior is actually Achilles. Percy is actually a very modern demigod, being born only two years before the Fourth Grail War and invoked in his adult form only because of the Throne of Heroes' arcane working's ability to pull a hero from the future.
  • In Ninja Wizard Book 1 eight-year-old Harry Potter, after having dreams about Naruto's reality and watching The Manchurian Candidate, decides that he's being secretly trained as a sleeper agent, his babysitter, Mrs. Figg, is his handler and his late parents were actually ninjas.
  • In The Death God Alliance, after examination of an unconscious Nico, Carter concludes he's from a wealthy family who freaked out when he developed some affinity for necromancy and started to neglect the crap out of him, because what other reason could explain the obvious signs of malnutrition and the fact Nico was wandering in a park at the dead of the night? Certainly not the kid's addiction to junk food and his desire to escape his stepmother going stir-crazy. Carter and Sadie also have no context at this point that his abilities come from being the son of Hades, a god from an entirely different pantheon than their own.
  • A team of Skrulls in Scrap Value believe there're dozens of Black Widows because they arrived at a location with several of them. It's later explained that they arrived at a convention and those Black Widows were all cosplayers.
  • A Man of Iron:
    • Iron Man and Centurion being Shrouded in Myth lead many to speculate about their identity: Catelyn Stark thinks they are Benjen Stark and Jory Cassel while Tyrion Lannister is convinced Brynden and Edmure Tully are wearing the armors. Both of them dismisse Anthony Stark - a Rich Idiot With No Day Job who faithfully serves Lord Tywin - and his ward Jon - Just a Kid who couldn't keep his mouth shut if he was a vigilante.
    • When a grown-up woman is introduced to him as "Sansa Stark", Tyrion immediately wonders who was dumb enough to hire some whore to impersonate a freshly-dead, teenage girl, and is infuriated by the Small Council insisting Sansa actually came back from the grave. He's not wrong per se, the woman isn't really Sansa... but she's much worse than a mere whore.
    • The Night Queen's answer to the "who does the sellsword kill?" riddle is that all four men die, because none of them thought that the woman in the room with them may have been the real threat. Yet the first person to peg her as both dangerous and not human was Bronn, a sellsword, who came to this conclusion after meeting her once.
  • After being sent to a reflection of the world in Mirror, Mirror and warned not to eat or drink anything but water and to be at his shop at noon the next day, Ethan Rayne assumes he's dealing with the Fey, as the Fey World can only be accessed at certain times and you can't eat their food or you'll be trapped. In reality, Xander just needs to know where he is at a specific time to bring him back and because everything is reversed in a reflection world, you have to worry about having an allergic reaction to the food.
  • Alchemical Solutions shows many people confused about Taylor's new nature as a Robot Girl. The general opinion decided she was the very first traceable Case 53 (capes known for being very much inhuman and unnatural in their structure and appearance). When she confesses to a few selected people she was actually "remade" by an extradimensional helper, it leads some to conclude a Tinker stuck in a dimension pocket managed to create an AI based on "Taylor Hebert" to seek help.
  • Wrong Context Magic being in effect in Constellations, the Protectorate doesn't believe Taylor when she tells them the big white dog with superpowers is not a manifestation of her own parahuman power - they have seen capes denying their abilities or not exercising conscious control over them. It doesn't help when Taylor admits she met Sunny after losing her path in a dark forest - something which would naturally be extremely scary for a eight-year-old girl.
  • A Subtle Knife:
    • When Green Arrow - a blonde archer quite infamous for being The Casanova - introduces Artemis - a blonde archer teenage girl - as his "niece" in spite of his total lack of brothers, Edge immediately concludes they want to hide their true relation but tries to discreetly convey to Artemis his support and assurance she will become just as great as her "dad". She thought he was mocking her and is genuinely left flat-footed to learn his theory - as she doesn't consider herself a good person, she didn't see how someone could think her related this way to a hero.
    • Edge suffers from amnesia and psychic blocks were installed into his mind. Some in the League naturally think him The Mole, but he's genuinely trying to rebuild his life and do something good with it. When they later realize he comes from another universe, they correct their conclusions, but still don't know he's not from the universe his powerset sprang from.
  • In A New World in my View, when Xander/Karen Starr is accidentally exposed to sunlight by Surge, she starts moaning in a rather... interesting way. As a result, Surge believes Xander/Karen's power is to have orgasms when exposed to sunlight.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!
    • Jor-El assumes that Izuku has some knowledge of Kryptonian culture after learning that he knows what dogs are. Izuku is quick to inform him that dogs, cats, and monkeys all exist on Earth just as they did on Krypton, leading to an awkward silence between the two.
    • Jor-El also assumes that Earth's technology is so far behind Krypton's that he takes the time to explain what a video montage is to Izuku, who just rolls with it to be polite.
    • In Chapter 9, Bakugou is quick to assume that his 77 Villain Points on the entry exam secured him first place on the UA's entry exam ranking. Little does he know that Izuku blew him out of the water by scoring 175 points by spending more time helping others, which in turn inspired them to do the same. That coupled his complete lack of Rescue Points knocked him down to 10th place.
    • Like in cannon Shoto belives that Izuku is All Might's son. While in actuality he is an alien. The rumor then spreads across the school and evolves to the point that Izuku is a homunculus of all earth's greatest heroes.
  • Fate Revelation Online:
  • Amazing Fantasy:
    • After realizing that he has gotten spider-powers from the spider bite, Izuku wonders if the spider was radioactive and comes to a reasonable (but wrong) conclusion.
      Izuku: B-But how could a spider bite do this!? N-No wait, there was something wrong with that spider! Was the reason Prowler was tracking it because her employer was doing experiments on it?! Oh god... was it actually radioactive like the one from Spider-Man?! [eyes widen] Do I have cancer now?!
    • Izuku is too shaken by all of the revelations dropped into his lap by Peter to accept Peter's offer to mentor him right off the bat. He then places money on the table for their meal and for Peter to go get a bath before running out the door. When he finally stops, he wonders what Peter, who is homeless and lonely, must be thinking of Izuku for ditching him. The answer?
      Peter: Kid's smarter than I was at his age.
  • Friendly Foreign Exchange Student Spider-Man has two people at least thinking All Might is grooming Peter Parker as his successor because both are American, The Ace and gifted with similar powersets. Needless to say, Toshinari doesn't get their insinuations since he barely talks with Parker and mainly focuses on his true protégé, Izuku Midoriya.
  • In If Wishes Were Ponies, Headmaster Dumbledore thinks that the Equestrians are in fact an insular society of witches and wizards on Earth, Atlantis, rather than being from another world (and, in fact, another dimension) as they claim. This is supported by a great number of observations which are woefully several decades — or centuries — out of date by that time. Discord doesn't help correct that when he briefly appears to Dumbledore in the form of Poseidon.

Danny Phantom

  • Played for Laughs in Bloodsucker. During a biology class experiment, Star discovers Danny's abnormally low vitals. Then he inadvertently shows off his Super Strength during a gym class. The Casper High School student body, shocked by all this, conclude Danny is a vampire. Danny, not wanting them to conclude he is a ghost, goes with the flow.

DC Comics

  • In Supergirl fic Hellsister Trilogy, Linda Danvers' landlady, Mrs. Berkowitz believes Linda's new boyfriend is a shady, random guy who twenty-nine-year-old Linda has just met and clung to because she's afraid of becoming a "Christmas Cake". A sensible conclusion, furthered by the couple's secretive attitude and their unwillingness to answer simple questions like "Where does he come from?" or "Where does he work?". She's still wrong because they can't just tell her "He's a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who I met and fell in love with several weeks ago in the 31st century".
  • In chapter 15 of Inviolate,note  Lex Luthor concludes that Bruce Wayne is backing Batman... but thinks that Batman is Matches Malone (sort of true, since both are really Wayne), and that Harvey Dent wore the cowl before him (completely false, but sensible — Jim Gordon thought much the same thing at one point).
  • Bat-Wolf: After seeing a huge wolf in the park under the full moon and being unable to find Bruce in the house, an eight-year-old Dick Grayson starts to believe his guardian is actually a werewolf. He considers this "totally cool", but Bruce is horrified when he sees his ward nearing a beast able to maul him under the assumption it won't hurt him.
  • Kara of Rokyn: After hearing about Clark Kent’s strange habit of going to the restroom just before a newscast, a detective investigating his disappearance wonders if Kent might be doing drugs. Understandable mistake, since he ignores Clark needs to change into Superman.
  • I Saw Grayson Kissing Santa Claus:
    • The premise of the story is that Damian Wayne believes Santa Claus is a master criminal that has evaded capture for decades and is going to kidnap his older brother Dick Grayson to his dungeon in the North Pole and molest him (as Dick is the closest the Waynes have to a mother figure). Not helping the issue is that he went to his older brother Jason Todd for help, who decides to feed into his delusions for kicks.
    • Damian later informs his best friend Colin Wilkes of his suspicions, who, having been raised in the spirit of Christmas, doesn't believe him — initially. Then he hears a couple of carols at the orphanage he lives at and is thoroughly convinced, going as far as to attack "Santa" on Christmas Eve.
    • Midway through the story, Dick notices Damian is down and, thanks to some Selective Obliviousness and Vicariously Ambitious motives, comes to believe that Damian is being bullied for still believing in Santa Claus. He then tells Damian that Santa is real. Needless to say, that doesn't help. At all.
  • I'm Freaking Out, And I Feel Fine is about Terry McGinnis being abducted and falling through a portal into a parallel dimension - in which the local Bat-clan promptly believes he's actually a time-displaced teenage Bruce Wayne, because of the reaaally uncanny resemblance.


  • For a given value of ‘entertaining’, in the Dexter fic “Even though I’m broken, will you accept me?”, it is revealed that a recent serial killer was trying to draw out the Bay Harbor Butcher as he became convinced that the killer was still alive, but he actually captures Debra when she goes to follow up on her lead rather than Dexter.


Dragon Ball

  • In the Dragon Ball fanfic Life With You, Goku and Chi-Chi come to the conclusion that Goku saw the "Full Moon Monster" at a very young age and was so horribly traumatized by the event that the sight of the full moon has triggered blackouts ever since. Of course, they have no way of knowing that Goku was the Full Moon Monster and the Blutz Waves emitted by the Moon still affect him even after he lost his tail.

Fairy Tail

  • In Alternate Tail Series:
    • Because Fairy Tail meet Lily in Earthland first, they thought his smaller form was his normal state, while his battle form was a transformation like Take-Over. It wasn't until the Edolas Arc that he clarifies the matter.
    • Lyon believed that Azuma was going to ignite to the Tenrou Tree to destroy Fairy Tail. Of course, Lyon was unware of the Tenrou Tree's true power, which Azuma learned from Hades, AKA Precht.

The Familiar of Zero

  • Siesta and the other commoners working at Tristain Academy of Magic in Enslaved take Saito speaking their language but not being able to read or write it along with being unfamiliar with the continent's geography to mean he grew up in an isolated village, probably in the mountains, where he'd never need to learn such things. Of course, Saito's actually from another world entirely.

Final Fantasy VII

  • In The Fifth Act when Angeal finds out that Cloud is a Sephiroth clone due to his large number of S-Cells, he concludes that Cloud's desire to kill Sephiroth was a journey for self-identity and to prove himself better than the original. He couldn't be more wrong.

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In My Master Ed, based on how much and how freely Edward spends money, the way he talks brashly to everyone regardless of class, and the fact no one knows him lead Hohenheim and a vendor to wonder if he’s a member of the royal family.
    • When he finds out Edward's father is still alive, Hohenheim assumes he abandoned Ed and traveled far away.

Harry Potter

  • Practically everybody gets the wrong end of the stick at least once in Harry Potter and the Power of Paranoia, from Harry believing that Remus is in league with Death Eaters to Voldemort deciding that he and his minions have been stealth-obliviated after Harry hides his identity as the Boy-Who-Lived via a Fidelius Charm.
  • In Dark Memories, Dumbledore comes to the conclusion that Harry is in contact with Mage and HAS been in contact with him through a common link: Hagrid.
  • In Moratorium, Harry thinks Professor Quirrell is a pedophile. She's wrong.
  • In Faery Heroes there's a vigilante known as Mr. Fox going around robbing and killing Death Eaters. Amelia Bones manages to question Mr. Fox when she almost captures him after he sacks Azkaban. His comments about the Unforgivables and the spell to cast the Dark Mark being "burned into his mind" and his disgust at Death Eaters going free after the war, lead Amelia to suspect he's a muggleborn who was Obliviated improperly during the last war after his family was killed. In reality, Mr. Fox and his unknown associates are Harry, Hermione, and Luna who've been sent back in time to prevent the extinction of the Fae and kill Voldemort.
  • Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches
    • Harry Potter's brother John suffers from this twofold. First, when he's given a second chance to defeat Voldemort, John believes he's in a "Groundhog Day" Loop so when he can't win, willingly walks to his death, not knowing he was only given one second chance. Next, when John "awakens" to the timeline, he has memories of the first timeline and thinks he's in the second. In reality, he failed and is in the third timeline where Harry was sent back. He learns something's wrong when Ginny hates him and his parents talk about a mysterious Lord Slytherin.
    • Having observed Harry all year, Voldemort realizes that Harry has his memories. Since long distance time travel is thought to be impossible, he comes to the reasonable conclusion that Harry somehow absorbed the soul fragment in his scar. Likewise Lucius Malfoy, whose time as a professional duelist has given him the ability to tell a lot about a person by analyzing their casting and dueling techniques, figures out that both Lord Slytherin and Harry Potter duel like Voldemort does and assumes they're new incarnations of him from other horcruxes.
  • Seventh Horcrux: Thanks to a combination of Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, misinformation, and sheer insanity, Voldemort (as both Harry and himself) often makes widely off-mark conclusions.
    • He never sees Gilderoy Lockhart as the fraud that he is, instead interpreting his incompetency as Obfuscating Stupidity, and resorts to setting a deadly Acromantula on the man to stop him from staying on as the DADA teacher.
    • Welcomes Sirius Black into his inner circle, since the Wizarding World claims that Sirius is his right-hand man and Voldemort assumes that it's true. He rationalizes the fact that he can't remember Sirius ever being one of his followers due to his first defeat and old age, and believes that he never gave Sirius the Dark Mark because he trusted him so much that such a test of loyalty was unnecessary. Sirius lets him believe it because it allows him sabotage the Death Eaters from the inside.
    • Thought Draco and Hermione had a thing going on, and sees the same "UST" between Sirius and Snape (who, despite being on the same side, are Arch-Enemies). As a consequence, he is completely oblivious to the obvious attraction between Ron and Hermione.
    • Thinks Dumbledore went to Durmstrang after learning about his former friendship with Gellert Grindelwald, who Voldemort believes Dumbledore killed to take out competition for taking over the world. Dumbledore attended and graduated from Hogwarts (obviously) and didn't meet and befriend Grindelwald until after he was expelled from Durmstrang. Not to mention, Grindelwald is alive and currently incarcerated in his personal prison Nurmengard (though it's entirely possible that information has been kept quiet to dissuade people from trying to break him out).
  • Harry Potter's grandfather in Wind Shear listens to him explain fairly vaguely as to where he came from, including that everyone he knows are "gone, as if they never existed" because of some horrible magic someone was attempting. Charlus, knowing Harry is a Potter, concludes that an entire branch of the family was wiped out and Harry is the only one who remembers them due to interfering with the ritual that did the deed.

Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Sasaki in Kyon: Big Damn Hero tends to get hit by this trope fairly often due to her rational nature and not believing in the supernatural (having never been presented conclusive proof of time travel, aliens, etc.). For example, after witnessing Kyon's proficiency as a martial artistnote  Sasaki accurately deduces that he must have trained for years to reach that level of skill, but she makes the reasonable yet incorrect assumption he knew how to fight when they met in middle school and remained quiet about it because he's not the type to brag.

Infinity Train

  • In Lake's New Normal, Jesse's father believes that Lake (the Mirror Self of a teenage girl named Tulip) is omitting some information from her backstory, which is absolutely correct. However, he believes that the main thing she's hiding is that she forced Tulip to swap places with her, and the human is now trapped in the Mirror World serving as Lake's reflection. Lake angrily corrects him on this, saying she's probably safe back in Minnesota and that she'll give him the means to check that information.note  The real thing she's hiding is the fact that she killed two people during her journey on the train.

Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

  • Vigilante Tendency practically runs on this. A series of events leads to the vigilante group known as the Peaceful Namimori Committee taking a vacation at Mafia Land. There, they get into conflict with the Difo Family, the most powerful crime family in Asia, who, believing them to be associates of the Yakuza family Momokyokai (which they technically are, seeing as they took over their base, converted them to vigilantism, and then made them a branch of their group), demands that they give them 50% of their profits as regular tribute lest they be wiped out, and hands them their financial information. Tsuna promptly gives said information to Shoichi, who financially cripples them within a week. Since Tsuna never gave out the name of the Peaceful Namimori Committee nor did he specify what their actual occupation was, this leads to rumors of a new, unknown power in Asia — and assassins in Namimori.

The Legend of Zelda

  • In Tangled In Time Link attempts to find his father after being separated from him for seven years. His neighbors tell him that his father, Mr. Dragmire hasn't been seen since Ganondorf's takeover and that many of the men surrounding Castle Town were captured and are Ganondorf's prisoners. The last time Link saw his father was outside of Castle Town and knows that Mr.Dragmire was searching for him when they were forcibly separated. So Link and his neighbors conclude that Mr.Dragmire is one of Ganondorf's prisoners, not knowing that Mr.Dragmire is Ganondorf.
  • The famous The Legend of Zelda split timeline explanation took a lot of evidence from the games to create a working timeline, with the split happening in Ocarina of Time, due to the adventures of child and adult Link (either resulting in the Sacred Realm being protected or Ganon being sealed). Nintendo released the official timeline, which was a split timeline based on the actions of Ocarina of Time, but there was a third split that hadn't been considered, a timeline where the Hero of Time fails.

The Loud House

  • A 'entertainingly in a horror' way occured in The Nightmare House'' with Lily. Lily, being a Brainy Baby, is more aware of things than most, but she still lacks context. So, she hears her parents talking about mortgages and how having her affects them. She knows they are a looming problem, but has no idea what it is. So how does her sleeping brain interpret it: Mor-Gaj the monster.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • In Peter Parker's Field Trip (Of course it's to Stark Industries), while Peter does work for Tony Stark, the fact that Stark Industries has a policy that forbids High School students under 18 for liability reasons would have you believe that Peter could have forged the documents that act as evidence. It's the fact that they did nothing to check if they were forgeries or if Peter actually was an exception to the rule nearly has the school sued for contract violation.

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Leave For Mendeleiev: Miss Bustier worries that transferring into Ms. Mendeleiev's class has been hard on Marinette, as she can tell that Marinette's tense when she visits her classroom to help her father give a baking lesson. What she doesn't realize is that Marinette has been thriving in her new class, having gotten away from her long-time bully and being protected from her by Mendeleiev — unlike Bustier herself, who pressured Marinette to 'take the high road' and 'set a good example' by enduring Chloe's cruelty. She's not tense because of anything her new teacher did, but because she's returned to a tense environment... one that's gained a reputation for being 'the Akuma Classroom' due to how many akuma have been born from Chloe's unchecked antics.
  • In Scarlet Lady, Hawkmoth sees how she hangs back and avoids engaging "The Bubbler" and praises her strategy, believing that she was protecting her Miraculous. In reality, Scarlet just... didn't care about the Bubbler threatening to send all the guests into the atmosphere.

My Hero Academia

  • Toward A Bright Future: Class 1-B has noticed a new student hanging around Class 1-A more often, not wearing the school uniform. Vlad King, when asked, tells them to find out for themselves to teach them about information gathering, but when Monoma declares that, as a Class 1-A student, she'd be too haughty to answer any questions, he suggests kidnapping and interrogating her instead. However, when they finally get the young woman in front of them, they find out to their horror that she is Y/N, Class 1-A's teaching assistant - as in, a faculty member. Their reaction is appropriate.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The Writing on the Wall has Adventurer Archaeologist Daring Do assume that the ancient, well-defended, intimidating structure built to last forever in the middle of the desert is a tomb, and that the writing inside in multiple unknown languages is a curse meant to scare away tomb robbers. Entirely reasonable assumptions for the Adventurer Archaeologist which would serve her well otherwise, but unfortunately, the building isn't a tomb, and the writing isn't a curse.
  • Solitary Pinion
    • A 14-year-old girl is brought into Equestria and transformed into a pony. Her inability to use her new body is seen by doctors to be the result of a lifetime of abuse, and she can't tell the truth because she can't even use her own tongue.
    • Also, the pony doctors specifically discard transformation magic because Victoria is showing signs of sustaining massive internal injuries and then having them healed, which Equestrian transformation magic wouldn't produce. Whatever magic transformed Victoria evidently follows different rules.
  • Over the Edge and Through the Wood:
    • Troy is a human who finds himself in Equestria. Due to a Language Barrier, he only has limited communication with the ponies and can only make educated guesses on their society and behavior.
    • When he witnesses the Apple family at the dinner table, while he correctly pegs Granny Smith as Apple Bloom's grandmother, he assumes Applejack and Big MacIntosh are her parents instead of her siblings. He also thinks Rarity is Sweetie Belle's mother instead of her sister.
    • A cockatrice petrifies a deer and then targets Troy. Thanks to his (at the time unknown) Anti-Magic ability, the creature's stare only renders him temporarily blind instead of turning him to stone. Despite this, he manages to kill it, which then causes the deer to revert to normal. As he has no idea what a cockatrice is, he assumes it sprayed venom into his eyes, and that the deer has the ability to turn itself to stone as a defense mechanism.
  • In Hail to the King, the human in King Sombra's body makes several assumptions based on the idea that he's actually in a coma and is dreaming everything around him. His idea that Shining Armor (who identified himself as prince of the Crystal Empire) is his son makes Cadence facepalm.
  • In Sunset Shimmer Has Crabs, said former villain has crabs...... the edible, water dwelling kind, infesting her room. Everyone assumes that she has the STD type crab.
  • In Friendship is Witchcraft, when Fluttershy's attempt to free the demon Smooze fails, she starts to doubt Smooze's existence. In truth, Smooze is already free.


  • In Time and Again, Naruto's errant behavior tips Kakashi off that something's wrong with him. He eventually confronts Naruto when he thinks he's worked out Naruto's secret — he can see the future. Naruto finds the idea hilarious, probably because of how Kakashi was so near and yet so far.
  • In A Blond and a Redhead Walk Into a Chunin Exam, Naruto and Karin get into an argument about whether or not Naruto is an Uzumaki due to his blond hair. Kakashi vaguely explains to them that Naruto does have Uzumaki lineage going back generations on his mother's side, and that the reason he has blond hair is because his father's genes were more dominant. After Sakura tells her mother this, she comes to the conclusion that Naruto is actually a descendant of Hashirama Senju, the first Hokage note .
  • A Wrinkle in Time (Naruto) has many people assume numerous, logical reasons as to why Naruto, Shikamaru, and Lee are so skilled. The three, obviously unwilling to divulge that they're actually from ten years in the future, end up running with most of it.
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!!: The Hyuuga Clan believes "The Hinata Massacre" was a result of Hinata finally snapping from all the pressure put on her, scaring the shit out everybody, especially those who know they are partly to blame. In reality, Hinata, having woken up without husband Naruto in her bed and reasonably horny, rampaged her way through the Hyuuga Clan to his location, putting a tenth of the clan in the hospital in the process. She hadn't realized where she was or the fact that she had time traveled until she caught up to Naruto. Hinata finds the whole thing hilarious, and plays along with a very innocent smile on her face.
  • A Teacher's Glory:
    • Team 7 realizes they are Being Watched and counter-spy to find Hinata and Kabuto watching them. It's amusing but sensible that Sasuke believes Kabuto to be working for Itachi, but hilarious that they assume Hinata to be another of Sasuke's fangirls.
    • Later on, Team 7 goes to Ino's flower shop and requests something for new mothers. Ino first assumes that Sasuke knocked up a girl, and then guesses he got as many as three girls pregnant. In actuality, he has three cats expecting litters of kittens.
    • Ino's subject to this quite a bit. When she sees Sakura giving Haku an assessing glance she wonders if Sakura is secretly gay, and then Sakura takes offense at this and spends the next chapter freaking Ino out with blatant advances.
  • In Unbiased, Sasuke learns that Naruto is a jinchuuriki and puzzles out that Madara controlled the Kyuubi via the sharingan after obtaining his brother's eyes. Between that and knowing Itachi is after Naruto, he thinks Itachi wants Sasuke to obtain Mangekyo so he can steal his eyes and control the Kyuubi.
  • Blackkat's Reverse:
  • In LATE Naruto Sasuke puzzles through Naruto's suddenly more impressive skills, his unrealistic knowledge of others, and the teachers dislike of him and comes to the conclusion Naruto is a full-fledged shinobi sent by the Hokage to keep an eye on the class that's full of clan heirs. His knowledge and skills are due to having several years of being a shinobi under his belt. The teachers' dislike of him is because they don't want a shinobi infiltrating their class. Even Naruto's poor grades and frequent absences can be explained as being bored with classes he's already taken. In reality, Naruto's from a year in the future and everything else comes from being the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.
  • Escape From The Hokage's Hat: During his mission report to Mei on Tsunade's team, Ao comes to the conclusion that Tsunade is training Naruto since he is a Jinchuuriki and to undo his mistreatment and needing an ace in the hole after the invasion somewhat crippled Konoha (not wrong but missing the fact Tsunade did it to avoid Naruto getting banished or to make him stronger in case he does), Naruto and Hinata are too close to be teammates (because he thinks Hinata is seducing Naruto rather than the two forming a romantic relationship), Tsunade leaving the village and her rather random travelling from place to place is part of a big plan meant to confuse (yes but her plan is actually aimed at the Advisor's council and the Daimyo of Konoha rather than the rest of the villages and the random travel IS meant to confuse but as a distraction for pursuers).
  • Because she doesn't know about Shadow Clones (and has never seen more than one Naruto at a time), Sakura in The Escapologist thinks that every time she pops one of Naruto's clones, she's sending him to some far off location with a new bloodline ability.
  • For a brief time in Orochimama, Kakashi believed the woman who resembles a female Orochimaru is someone trying to frame the Sannin somehow, thinking that Orochimaru could easily pass himself off as a woman and wouldn't make such an amateur mistake as to just look like himself genderswapped.
    • Everyone assumes "Orochitama's" apparently more benevolent nature is actually part of some long term plot to manipulate others into seeing her as a benevolent ruler, such as Kabuto noting that making the change after turning into a woman allows her to more easily portray herself as an "innocent, overly busy woman". In reality, a fan of the series possessed Orochimaru right as he changed bodies for the first time and is trying to remake Sound into an actual hidden village.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars: After finding out that Misato was leading the troops captured his fleet under the orders of Shinji and Asuka, Jinnai concludes that the Nerv crew returned from Instrumentality several years ago and have spent the whole time plotting against him. It is not a illogical conclusion but it is still completely wrong because he does not know about the God-Emperor of an alternate dimension brought Shinji and Asuka's families back two months ago and lent both pilots an army to overthrow Jinnai.
  • In Thousand Shinji, when the plans of SEELE have been destroyed, Keel Lorenz thinks that Ikari is the culprit. It was true that an Ikari had destroyed their plans, but he was thinking of the wrong Ikari. It was Shinji, not Gendo, who ruined them, but he had no way to know that.
  • In The Second Try, when Asuka's synchro ratio drops, Ritsuko blames it on Asuka getting upset after Zeruel defeated her. A reasonable conclusion, since she doesn't know that Asuka "went through a hell that led to the destruction of the world, recently lost her child, then for some time her lover as well, now probably another close person, and is about to face that aforementioned hell once again."
  • In Once More with Feeling, Misato believes Kaji is peering at her cleavage when he's merely checking if she's still wearing her cross necklace. Kaji humorously notes she predictably leapt "to the wrong -but perfectly understandable- conclusion".

One Piece


  • There are several of these in the Pokemon story Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Misty assumes Ash to be a Fighting-Heart bloodliner after seeing him use Counter. This turns out to be wrong, but given the limited knowledge she had at the time, it was a logical conclusion to draw.
    • Ash assumes Team Rocket is still after Pikachu in this timeline, because he has no way of knowing about their real mission. They, of course, are only too happy to keep him in the dark.
    • After Squirtle has his memories restored, he assumes the Charmander travelling with Ash is Charizard's offspring. Of course, he had no way of guessing the truth.
    • When Iris sees Team Rocket stalking Ash, she thinks they're planning to eat him. Considering she grew up in the wild, it's understandable why she assumed that.
    • A possibly invoked example in the Gladion Interlude: Gladion's Umbreon tries to point his trainer to a group of girls in swimsuits playing at a beach. Gladion then comments that Umbreon would prefer him to peek on them rather than reading his Alphanegan Chronicles. Umbreon was actually trying to tell him that his sister Lillie was one of them, but he slips up and nods, and then realizes what Gladion said. Cue Face Palm.
    • When Serena sees Ash and Red side by side, she assumes they're cousins, and dismissed the possibility of Ash having siblings, given that such a thing never came up when she was with Ash before the series. This is assumed by Paul as well, due to them not sharing a last name.
    • Jessie and Meowth assume in the 2018 April Fools day chapter that Coprophilia means being attracted to Officer Jenny.
    • Later, they ask Giovanni if Ash is his son. Giovanni amusingly denies it, while also revealing that he does have a red-haired son somewhere else.
    • When he spots Red's Clefairy trying to approach Iris' Fraxure, Pikachu assumes the worst and tries to do a preemptive attack. They're left dumbfounded when it turns out Clefairy just wanted to apologize for his previous behavior.
    • During the adaption of movie 1, Ash doesn't have any memories of the incident, but he assumes it went perfectly well because no one died. Anyone whose seen the movies know that someone did in fact die: Ash himself.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

  • Appears everywhere in Ambition of the Red Princess. Malty regularly makes decent but inaccurate guesses about Naofumi's world such as assuming he was a Cinderlla type character due to being used to sleeping on the floor, not knowing about futons. Or hearing that Naofumi learned of her world threw a book and assumes he read a heretical version of the legend of the four cardinal heroes and that wars are fought over such things in his world. Meanwhile, Naofumi determines that the king and queen of Melormarc are a pair of Magnificent Bastards who summoned all four heroes to stave off an invasion by Stiltvelt and functionally hold the world hostage to keep the other kingdom off their backs. Even Malty, who's certain she knows otherwise starts wondering if he's right.


  • In A Monster's Marriage, Roman Torchwick's introduction has him convinced that Jaune Arc is a master crime boss and a major player in the criminal underworld. He came to this conclusion because Jaune seems to be connected to and well liked by almost every other high-ranking criminal in the city; when in reality, Jaune is an oblivious Nice Guy who met these criminals through rather mundane means or through his wife Cinder, who is an actual crime boss (though Jaune is unaware of that).
  • at least it was here: When Jaune walks into the kitchen without a shirt on, everyone sees that he has a long line of hickies along his chest. Since everyone (except Jaune) knows that Pyrrha is in love with him, they angrily order him to put a shirt on, hoping Pyrrha won't notice. They are of course unaware that Pyrrha was the one who gave him the hickies.
  • Professor Arc: The story is the result of Jaune becoming a professor at Beacon as his falsified credentials have made him seem too experienced to be a student. Much of the humor and plot is drawn from people making the wrong assumptions. Cinder draws the conclusion that Jaune is like her: a criminal with an agenda. She is technically correct in that his falsified credentials are illegal, and he has an agenda- it's just that it's nowhere near what she thinks it is.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • A significant chunk of the humor comes from... pretty much everyone running headlong into this trope. Everything from missed social cues, to characters' motivations, to their parentage is open to the wildest, most outlandish theories as each person struggles to make sense of what is going on. Such as the Running Gag of Jaune complementing people's knees (after taking Ruby's comment about her "normal knees" to mean something) or the fact that he ended up in a relationship with Yang due to assuming her joking "It's a date!" was serious.
    • The second time Ozpin reveals to Jaune the truth behind Salem, he and his associates believe that thanks to their tireless work, the last twenty-five years have seen the Grimm barely beaten back, only for Salem to launch a diabolical new plan to target children to deprive Remnant of the next generation of Huntsmen and women while seeking info on fairy tales to keep ahead of her foes. What Jaune and the audience know is that Salem has done nothing to the people of Remnant during the last twenty-five years because she's been raising kids, the "children targeting" was an attempt to get baby supplies (since stores that sell diapers are not common in the Grimmlands), and the search for fairy tales was because her kids wanted things to read.
    • Ozpin thinks that the Grimm-like humanoid "Hentacle" is hunting Jaune Arc based on how many other Grimm are going after Jaune Arc, how many other students escaped from Hentacle unharmed, and how Hentacle himself said he wasn't after Ruby during the incident where he held her hostage. But Hentacle is Jaune's Game Face, Jaune is unwilling to hurt his friends, and the Grimm after him so far were either drawn to him because of his half-Grimm nature or sent by his mother Salem to retrieve him.

Sherlock Holmes

  • In Absurdly Simple, Watson learns that a client of Holmes is being blackmailed about something that would cause a great scandal, and concludes that said client who he knows to be male, a prominent public figure, and extremely averse to Watson figuring out his true identity must be Inspector Lestrade who fits the aforementioned criteria and knows Watson personally. To which Holmes delivers this drier-than-the-Sahara gem of a line:
    Holmes: Capital, Watson. You have made a number of useful basic inferences from the facts at your disposal. The only drawback—and it is a great pity—is that every conclusion you have drawn from them is manifestly wrong.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • In Greyjoy Alla Breve, Tywin is murdered by someone using Petyr Baelish's own knife - which he had lost a few moments before the murder took place. Given his enmity with Varys the Spider, several comments made and Tyrion's (who has been taken prisoner by the North and has a legendary hatred of his father) friendship with Varys and dislike of Baelish, the latter comes up to the logically sound conclusion that Varys and Tyrion have made an alliance to kill Tywin Lannister and frame him, thus getting rid of an enemy and allowing Tyrion to claim Casterly Rock. Unfortunately, the real killer is Arya Stark, who was Tywin's cupbearer without Tywin knowing her real identity: she stole Baelish's knife without him noticing and then took advantage of being alone with Tywin to kill the man - and then Sandor Clegane helped her to erase the few existing clues so she is not found out.

Star Wars

  • An Open Secret:
    • Mace Windu takes the odd goings on at the Jedi Temple and a holonet broadcast of Anakin's and Padme's marriage to be part of a zany scheme of Anakin's and Obi-wan's to root out potential traitors. In reality, the broadcast is real and several Jedi are jockeying for position to be the godparent of their unborn child. Obi-wan wonders what it says about them that Mace easily believes they'd pull off such a stunt.
    • Later Riyu ChuChi believes Ahsoka and Obi-wan are also in a relationship with Padme and Anakin because in her culture, couples take an additional lover of each gender to both raise offspring and prevent infidelity.

Steven Universe

  • The Eye of the Storm: To keep Clancy from taking Kay's gem back to the government, Barb asks Greg to pick up the box the gem was in to hide it. Greg, however, had no idea what was in the box or that Barb and Clancy had any involvement with the Gems, so he assumed it was a gift for Sadie's birthday, and figured the safest place to hide it would be in Barb's closet; he also had no idea that as he was walking into the Miller residence, Steven, Connie, Amethyst, and Sadie were ransacking Barb's room to figure out what she was hiding.


  • While Jim is a troll disguising himself as a human in Son of the Black, Draal thinks he could be a changeling when he finds Jim's work desk covered in notes written in trollish and his various magic concoctions.

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

  • When Sakura eavesdrops on Fai and Kurogane have a discussion on Kurogane's romantic feelings for someone in Shatterheart, she draws the logical but wrong conclusion that Kurogane was in love with Fai, when they were talking about Kurogane's feelings for Syaoran.


  • In Deputy Taylor correctly deduces that Amy is gay and then incorrectly deduces Carol is a homophobe who mistakenly thinks Taylor is trying to seduce Amy. Amy finds this very amusing as Carol actually thinks Taylor will seduce Amy into villainy. Much later Danny, based on a conversation with Carol, comes to a very similar conclusion as Taylor.


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