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You can barely go two yalms in Eorzea without running into a Shout-Out, Pun, or Punny Shout-Out. To name a few of them:

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    Mob and NPC Names 
  • The Warrior Job quests are all given to you by a Roegadyn named Curious Gorge.
  • Your Pugilist questgiver in Ul'dah is Hamon Holyfist, and in personality he's a loving callback to Joseph Joestar circa parts 3 and 4.
  • Near Little Ala Mhigo, there is a camp of enemies called the Corpse Brigade. They even wear the same shade of green that said faction wore in Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • The leader of the millers in the "Poor Maid's" FATE chain in La Noscea is named Rabid Ratata.
  • One of the Elite Marks in Western La Noscea is a crab named Dark Helmet.
  • The first boss of the Keeper Of The Lake is named Einhänder. And if you know the game that references, then you'll have a good idea of his main gimmick - namely, that he will switch out weapons that he carries underneath, from a bar to a minigun to a cannon. Later on, during the final boss fight of Keeper of the Lake, and much later on, in Heavensward in the Sea of Clouds region, you'll find the same style of enemy mobs that appear named "Astrea" and "Endymion". Both are the name of the actual ships players controlled in Einhander.
  • Within the Antitower, there is a Spriggan boss called "Ziggy", accompanied by a number of adds it spawns called "Stardust". This is especially notable because this boss came out in patch 3.2, the first since Bowie's passing.
  • Mentioned below, the recurring bosses of the Midas portion of Alexander have slightly altered versions of the names of the Combaticons. Onslaught-Onslaughter, Brawl-Brawler, Vortex-Vortexer, Swindle-Swindler, Blast Off-Blaster and finally Bruticus-Brute Justice.
  • One of the potential NPC racers in the Chocobo Race is Legally Yellow.
  • 2016's Moonfire Faire centers around a Sentai trio called the Posing Rangers. The name of the team, premise and explosions may bring Super Sentai or Power Rangers to mind.
  • The boss of Alexander: The Heart of the Creator, the Ark summon from IX, was renamed Cruise Chaser, and has the designation "Blassty." This is a shout-out to the 1986 game Cruise Chaser Blassty which the Ark summon was originally a reference to in the first place.
  • Similar to the FATE above, you can recruit a Hellsguard named "Careless Whisper" to your adventurer squadron.
  • Late in the main scenario of Stormblood, you can find an NPC named Odo.
  • The second boss of the Yorha raids, named Hobbes, seems to be a reference to GLaDOS from Portal in that it looks a lot like her in the way it hangs from the ceiling, with a core sticking at the end of an angled body, and it's whole existence is to perform dangerous testing on whoever enters its lair. It is even polite with you even as it attempts to kill you.
  • An "untamed shrew" is a random low-level mob appearing in Thanalan.

  • One of the attacks used in the final fight for Tam-tara Deepcroft Hard Mode is Red Wedding.
  • The final boss of Hullbreaker Isle is a Kraken, who uses an attack called At World's End.
    • Continues on into Sastasha (Hard), where the Kraken is summoned by a pirate (who thanks to a mutation resembles Davy Jones) shouting "Release the Kraken!" and a new attack from the Kraken being called "On Stranger Tides"
  • A level 48 Culinarian's Frying pan tool is named Hells' Kitchen.
  • The scene in the main scenario where Nabriales stops Moenbryda's axe effortlessly and with a single finger is very reminiscent of Aizen's reveal as Big Bad in Bleach
  • Godbert Manderville in the course of the 'Her Last Vow quest line reveals is own version of the melee Limit Break 2 Bladedance, with a Giant Golden Hammer that engulfs the enemies in a golden light.
  • A golden saucer quest is called "So You Think You Can Ride This Chocobo", referring to the lyrics of the Crazy Chocobo song from Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  • The Monk's One Ilm Punch is an Eorzean flavored shout out to Bruce Lee 's famous One Inch Punch, complete with Bruce Lee-esque posturing afterward.
  • On Ul'dah you can find Ino and Sakura talking to some guy.
  • Cid Garlond's personal airship is named The Enterprise.
    • After some significant upgrades, he later rechristens the ship The Excelsior.
  • Before accepting the quest "Bolt, Chain, an Island", the bit of text in the description reads, "Alphinaud loves it when a plan comes together."
  • The Twintania mount has an "attack" (does no damage since every mount with an attack ability is just for show) called Aerial Combat Maneuvers and its info box simply says "Do a barrel roll!" Twintania even does said barrel roll when you command her to do it.
  • Jandelaine, the Aesthetician, strikes some poses that wouldn't be out of place in a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure scene.
  • The Dark Knight's Living Dead buff will protect the player from being knocked out and they gain a zombie like debuff should they suffer a blow that would have put them down. The debuff is called Walking Dead.
  • The Dusk Vigil dungeon contains a number of references to the Night Watch from A Song of Ice and Fire. The dungeon is a huge ice-crusted wall of a fortress in the frozen north, similar to the Wall. The dungeon's name, "Dusk Vigil" means the same thing as "Night Watch". The dungeon is filled with undead, icy zombies of the former defenders, similar to the Others the Night Watch are meant to defend the realm from. The quest to unlock the Dusk Vigil is titled "For All The Nights To Come", which is the last line of the Night Watch's oath. In addition to that, the last boss of the Dusk Vigil has an attack named "Winds Of Winter".
  • The final level 60 quest for Culinarian ends up with a pure tribute to a Shokugeki in Food Wars!.
  • In the Antitower, the First Boss's lines include "The Lovers...The Dreamers...And Me! and "it's not easy being..." It should be noted that the enemy in question is a singing frog.
    • Relatedly, the second boss, named Ziggy, summons meteors labeled as Stardust.
  • Alexander: Midas gets a homage to Humongous Mecha and Tokukatsu shows like Super Sentai, Power Rangers and Voltron on the 4th floor, but a specific reference is to an obscure group of Transformers, the Combaticons. From the names of the bosses all the way to the Combining Mecha gimmick.
  • During the Hildibrand quests in Heavensward, Nashu mistakes gazebos for some form of dreadful beast.
  • Several achievement chains for the Mentor Roulette are titled "I Hope Mentor Notices Me", which is taken from the popular meme "Notice Me, Senpai!" with Senpai being a similar title for mentor.
  • For Little Ladies' Day 2016, the players are introduced to a group of, effectively, Eorzean Idol Singers who are on the rise in popularity. The name of the Lalafell member is Ulala.
  • When fighting Mistbeard in Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), he will occasionally shout "The legend never dies!" He even wears a similar mask.
  • The description for Patch 3.3's Stone, Sky, & Sea: The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage: "He who harkens to rambling bard's ballad of man who was dragon man who was maybe just dragon obsessed with burning people and thatched-roof cottages is either great warrior or great fool."
  • Gaius van Baelsar resembles Grahf quite a bit.
  • The Palace of the Dead shares its name with the one found in Tactics Ogre. The trailer for the Soul Surrender patch cements this reference further by using the same exact soundtrack.
  • The Hildibrand quests in 3.4 require you to steal an old man's armor and pants. When handing them in as proof, the latter of the two has the description "The old grey mare, she ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be..."
  • An obscure one; the Au Ra Bairon tribe is described as a desert tribe who "are all trained from a very young age to collect and drink their own bodily fluids."
  • In the boss battle against Susano, the Lord of Revel will become a giant and swing his giant sword down on the party. One of the party members will have to stop the blade in a Button Mashing segment which shows that player holding the giant sword up themselves. The scenario and game mechanic bear similarities to the first boss of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The comparison has been noticed.
  • In the Ruby Seas area, there is the wreck of the Kobayashi Maru in the North West corner of the map.
  • In PvP, the 'Dueling Circle' is actually a square. Yoshi-P kinda had to ask why.
  • At the hot springs in Kugane, you can find a roegadyn standing around in nothing but a subligar saying "It feels like I'm wearing ''nothing'' at all!". A nearby hyur looks away as he mutters "...Stupid sexy roegadyn..."
  • Examining the Wind-Up Dezul Qualan has this text.
    "Dezul Qualan began crafting war dirigibles after having a vision of ninety-nine red balloons floating over the Black Shroud."
  • One of the attacks Byakko uses in his fight is called "Sweep the Leg", referring to the illegal move attempted to be used on Daniel in The Karate Kid
  • In the sidequest "Crazy About Crystals", you are tasked with killing nixes, which are giant frogs. After you do, your questlog notes "What happens when you hit nixes with sharp metal objects? The same thing that happens to everything else."
  • One of Shiva's attacks is Agrias' Heavenly Strike.
  • In the duty Baelsar's Wall, one of the bosses is a prototype Magitech Armor. Though the magitech armors you see throughout the game are based off the magitech armor concept art from Final Fantasy 6, this particular boss is based off the actual sprite that appeared in game, complete with clawed arms.
  • In one quest where you help carry bags full of mined leftovers for someone, the item description for said bags says "You load ten and six tonze, what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt..."
  • A minion you can get in Kugane is called Wind-up Meateater with the flavor text "Watch out, boys, he'll (literally) chew you up."
  • A quest in Yangxia is called "Tiger Blood."
  • The promo art for FF 14 being on Windows 8 shows all the characters for the standard jobs positioned in a circle looking up. It's very similar to the cover of the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre. Bonus points since the same artist did the art for both games.
  • A lot of armor sets are direct references to Tactics Ogre. Dragoon for instance has the Valerian and Rune Fencer sets which look exactly like the Dragoon and Rune Fencer classes from Tactics Ogre respectively.
  • The High Seraph Ultima's incantation for calling minions is the same one used for the Summon Darkness spell in Tactics Ogre.
  • The Minion "OMG" (A Wind-Up Toy of Omega Weapon) has for its Description: "Weird. Technological. Fascinating." Yes, it's WTF. It also has a flamethrower it uses sometimes. Literally, it's a OMGWTFBBQ.
  • One of the new furniture items is a Brick Garden Circle, the description says "All these squares make a circle."
  • One of the minions you can get is a Shi Tzu puppy named Gestahl, in acknowledgement that the emperor of the same name in Final Fantasy VI really did look like a dog-headed person.
  • In the climax of the allied beastmen quest in Stormblood, Nhaza'a Jaab gets thrown into the water as he escapes. A shark approaches him from behind with the accompanying Scare Chord music.
  • The last quest in Hildibrand's Stormblood story involves a drug called Dewprism.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but during one particular massive jump in the Ridorana Lighthouse, one of the Moogles who accompanies the 24 adventurers to the lighthouse can be overheard singing, "But I would climb 500 yalms...~"
  • A clear-cut musical reference exists in Dohn Mheg, where the soundtrack pulls inspiration from Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Faeries.
  • In the Shadowbringers dungeon The Qitana Ravel, as the party moves outside above a waterfall after defeating the second boss, directly ahead is an enormous tree within a large forest, in front of which passes a flight of bright red birds. The scene makes a lovely visual reference to the title screen of Secret of Mana.
  • Late in the Shadowbringers main story, the WoL arrives at a village of dwarves who all wear large horned helmets that conceal their faces, except for their eyes, which glow yellow, and their fluffy white beards. In one sidequest, the WoL must find a dwarf's hammer, which they learn originally belonged to a dwarven smith named Watt.
  • While melodically the music for Thornmarch and Good King Moggle Mog XII's - may his pom pom be ever fluffy - theme is merely a Dark Reprise of the classic Moogle Theme used in the series since FFV, the orchestration as well as the chanting verses make parts of it nearly identical to "This Is Halloween"
  • You can obtain Red Hare as a mount.
  • One of the randomly generated surnames you can get for a Highlander Hyur is Redwyne.
  • Sometime during Stormblood, the Laurel item had its flavor text edited to include "or as it is known by some, the yanny bush." This is in reference to a viral argument about a soundclip sounding like "yanny" to one half of the users while the other heard "laurel".
  • The daytime background music track for Il Mheg, land of the faeries, is titled "Fierce and Free", which is almost a direct quote from one of the faeries in Legend (1985).
  • The final zone of Shadowbringers is The Tempest. To make the reference very clear, the areas within include the Caliban Gorge and the Trinculo Shelf, and the background music is titled "Full Fathom Five".
  • The Sorrow of Werlyt quest chain seems to be a love letter to old school giant robot anime.
    • The first quest has you fighting a standard trial encounter which appears to be a Mythology Gag to Final Fantasy VII with the Ruby weapon. Then the second phase happens and a Giant white, naked Nael Van Darnus appears from the wreckage, sprouts wings and attacks you with a Giant Red Moon. Two of the attacks are even called Impacts.
    • The 5.3 story has many allusions to Gundam. The player gets to pilot an Ironworks-refitted Allagan warmachina of their own which Cid has lovingly named "G-Warrior", and when it sorties into battle, it strikes the same iconic pose as the ZZ Gundam.
      • While it is a loving reference to the franchise, it appears the G-Warrior references Mobile Suit Gundam 00 very heavily. Specifically the the Gundam 00 Raiser. It has a booster pack added that looks very much like the 0-Raiser, Pyretic Booster increases damage and speed at the cost of HP and has the added benefit of turning the G-Warrior bright red, not unlike Gundam 00's Trans-Am system. The coloration of the G-Warrior is more like the Gundam 00's than the original Gundam.
    • Some of your dialog options before starting the duty are I Have Control, G-Warrior, Engage! and Understood.

    Legacy specific 
  • In Ul'dah at "The Platinum Mirage", a Mammet will tell your fortune. After analyzing you, he can tell you "The answer... is 42."
  • In the Twelveswood surrounding Gridania, there is a type of Galago (monkey-creatures) called "Curious Galago".
  • The Quests for the battles against Ifrit in 1.0 were called "It Kills With Fire" and "Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It". The latter is reused as the unlocking quest for Ifrit (Extreme) in ARR.
  • In a city to the west of Limsa, there's a Roegadyn named "Immodest Mouse".
    • Immodest Mouse returns in Stormblood, as a farmer on the outskirts of a village in the Peaks.


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