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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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     General Gameplay 
  • There's some hidden gems within the interface itself. When adjusting the chat settings, the preview window shows how the chat looks on specific channels. The preview window for tells makes Cloud look like a pervert.
    Cloud: Nice shirt.
    Tifa: Eyes up here, Cloud.
    • In fact, the majority of chat setting previews are in this same vein, making the player out to be a borderline Mary Sue, while making Cloud look like a grade-A Butt-Monkey. For example, the "own/others' synthesis notifications":
    You synthesize a suit of diamond armor.
    Cloud Strife synthesizes a boiled egg.
    • Or "damage dealt by you/others":
    You hit the Shadow Lord for 9999 damage.
    Cloud Strife hits the little ladybug for 2 damage.
  • For those who have purchased the 2016 Fanfest stream, they received either a Rikku, Lulu, or Yuna minion (Depending on which stream you buy) and four Dreams of the Fayth. The last lines in the letter you receive with the aforementioned items?
    May they help you forget the echoes of Tidus's maniacal laughter. If that's even possible.
  • For those who pre-ordered Stormblood, they received Ala Mhigo Earrings and a wind-up red mage minion as a bonus. Once again, the last line in the letter accompanying them is pretty funny.
    May they help you forget all about blue mage.note 
  • The Minion obtained from the Alphascape battle is the OMG. Flavor text: Weird. Technological. Fascinating.
  • After the introduction of flying, how does the Adamantoise mount fly? By retracting into its shell, spouting flames out of where their head and limbs used to be and spinning in a circle.
  • A question that everyone had regarding the Regalia, the Cool Car mount from the Final Fantasy XV crossover event, was how exactly Lalafells would be able to drive them, considering their diminutive statures. The answer? They stand up in the driver's seat to see over the steering column!
  • What's the reward for unlocking the True Blue achievement? A Morbol mount, with the player being held by one of its vines. It even comes with its signature Bad Breath move as a mount action, with the rider directly in the line of fire of the attack, causing them to cover their nose to protect themselves from the stench.
  • The physics on cloth, capes, and similar fabrics aren't that good due to their frequent clipping and some poofy sleeves don't flutter or move at all. The wedding dress takes the cake where if said player wears the dress and lies down on a bed, the dress will poof out like a tent.
  • Some quests actually require you to say something in the /say. The game will check for the key words... but not anything that will give actual context to the words! Cue players saying either absolute gibberish or something worse, just because the game accepts it. Or Melon and watch as it accepts it as a valid 'use' of the phrase.
  • Blue Magic makes players an absolute wildcard in combat, able to replicate spells and skills used by monsters. As a result, some spells make the caster look ridiculous and silly.
    • Flying Sardine makes you spit fish at something and having a paltry 10 potency. That's not its intended use, though, as it is the Blue Mage's "interrupt" spell, akin to Interject or Head Graze. After all, you would be stunned speechless getting a fish to the face.
    • Flying Frenzy is, to put it bluntly, a belly flop.
  • In retrospect, the entire debacle of 1.0 is quite funny. A great summary of all the issues and how badly it was initially handled is parodied here.
  • The release of the 1.0 version of FFXIV had many issues as everyone knows, but one that was Japanese only was chocobos were called "horsebirds" because the outsourcee used it as placeholder and forgot to change it. This caused a massive outcry within the Japanese fandom and eventually they renamed them back to chocobos (the English translation went with "chocobo" from the start). References to the old name are littered throughout the game in goofy ways, even in the English translation, with moments such as the Doman refugees who had never seen a chocobo before referring to them as horsebirds, or one line the Warrior of Light can say during the Stormblood Hildibrand quest that they are broke due to a gambling addiction, betting on horsebirds specifically. Somewhat amusing if you don't know the history behind the term, even funnier if you do.
  • During Wrestlemania 33, Final Fantasy XIV was one of the many things sponsoring the event. What did Squeenix do to make the most of it? Oh, nothing much, just get The New Day to dress up as some of their classes proudly!
  • For 2018's April Fools, the creators unveiled a new app; Final Fantasy XIV: Gathering Outdoors. An interesting concept on its own, where users can use their smartphones to gather resources for their characters while they're not at their computer, but it's propelled to a new height by the revelation that the only way to guarantee the gathering is successful is to put your phone on a selfie stick-like contraption and then swing it at rocks, trees and lakes.
  • For the release of the Companion App for mobile, Square collaborated with a Japanese police department a PSA [1] (and then later released a subbed version of said PSA) about cautioning players to be aware of their surroundings while on their phone. The drive the point in, they show a Lalafell on his phone getting into all sorts of mishaps; first he is walking down the streets of Ul'dah when he bumps into Ungust (a minor villain in the early 2.0 story) and is chased by his men. In the next scene, the same Lalafell is walking through Corethas when he gets run over by a Garlean driving a Magtiek Reaper and is sent flying before the camera cuts back to the Garlean who is also on his phone and winds up crashing into a wall. In another scene, the same Lalafell is too busy on his phone while his party is trying to fight Titan. Said Lalafell is hit by Titan's Landside attack and goes sailing down into the pit below. In the final scene, he finally puts away his phone as he flies on his chocobo towards the sunset.
  • For April Fools' Day 2019, Square released a joke advertisement for an Omega home assistant.
Boy: Omega, tell me a joke.
Omega: You were adopted.
  • From the same video;
Dad: Omega, play romantic music.
Omega: Calculating.
[Omega proceeds to play "eScape", its own theme.]
Hannibal: Hey, you don't need that sword man! You're not the Warrior of Darkness!
Tom: Yes I am! Look at my sword!
Hannibal: You're from West London! That's the really nice part of London! Relax, man!
  • In the 2014 Fan Fest, a fan asked Yoshida if there were any plans to make Stoneskin be applicable on the whole party instead having to cast it one player at a time. Yoshida pretended to be exasperated by holding a pretend controller, pressing a few buttons, shouting "NEXT!", and repeating a few times to show how annoying single target Stoneskin was. The patch following the Fan Fest added Stoneskin II to address the issue.
  • In China, one of the cross promotions involved receiving a code for a Fat Black Chocobo mount by eating at KFC. The catch? You need to finish a Family Deal for Four, in the establishment, in one sitting, for one code. People going for the mount proceeded to treat it much like a raid instance in itself, and traded advice on how to best tackle the situation. Someone even alleged that when they went to the bathroom, the found the staff had emptied the table when they came back, and then brought out a fresh order to start all over.
    You MUST distribute the damage from the Pepsi, don't let it stack...
  • The first live letter for Patch 5.1 at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 was largely dominated by the upcoming release of YoRHa Dark Apocalypse. As a result much of it involved the FFXIV and Nier teams talking on stage about how it came to be. There are quite a few gems out of it. Some highlights include...
    • Yoshida has a tradition where if he wants to do a collaboration with another series he invites the key people behind the series in question out for a steak dinner to talk about it. Yoko Taro stated that until that happened he was convinced the FFXIV team didn't like them as at that point they had done a collab with Garo, Yokai Watch, and just about everything else except for Nier Automata.
    • Yoshida and Yoko Taro have a brief back and forth about if Square Enix is stingy or not.
  • The second live letter for 5.1 ends on the preview for the third Ultimate fight, the Epic of Alexander. It looks like an epic showdown against Alexander Prime, Cruise Chaser, and Brute Justice (who ratchets up the hype dial by riding Cruise Chaser into the arena), which is pretty much what all the high-end raiders wanted since Ultima's Refrain. And which of these hulking bosses do we fight first? None of them. In the game's best example of a Bait-and-Switch to date, all three of the bosses warp away and are replaced with... a little metal ball containing water. Cue equal parts laughter and horror from the entire playerbase as they realize the Epic of Alexander starts with Living Liquid, whose Savage fight is the most notorious raid static killer in the game. Earn Your Fun seems to be in full effect.
    • It got better when the fight went live. Similar to The Weapon's Refrain, there is a mechanic in the fight that runs contrary to what you'd think would keep the party alive. The trouble is, the hint for this mechanic is not in the fight itself, but rather the Alexander story lore: that Shanoa is the keeper of the Enigma Codex and was secretly sent by Alexander to help the Warrior of Light defeat him. Shanoa appears in the Epic of Alexander, and doing its mechanic in a certain way gives you the Enigma Codex buff, which enables you to survive the last phase of the fight. The kicker here is that many hardcore raiders take a Play the Game, Skip the Story approach to just charge into content as fast as possible, and thus would never figure this out themselves; the group that got World First only pieced it together from a datamine and invoking Try Everything. The writers got their revenge this day.
    • Another good "gotcha" from the dev team happens during the Dual Boss phase with Cruise Chaser and Brute Justice, namely the attack that Brute Justice opens the phase with: Judgment Nisi. This is Manipulator's attack, the boss of A4S, and said boss doesn't even appear in the fight. For context, many players who cleared A4S would opt to skip Judgment Nisi entirely by letting players die and then reviving everyone with a Healer Limit Break. Not only is this "strategy" not possible in TEA due to how Brute Justice's mechanics work, but Judgment Nisi was made even worse by requiring the whole party to handle the mechanic, whereas in A4S only half the party was needed. The developers of A4S got their revenge too.


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