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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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    Ultimate Trials 
All the Ultimate Trials are this by definition, as they are retellings of the final bosses of the raid dungeons and main stories replayed as a Harder Than Hard Boss Rush. The fights are certainly exaggerated from the truth, but it doesn't make the fights any less awesome and satisfying to conquer.

The Unending Coil of Bahamut

  • The fight starts on the hand of Bahamut, the Ragnarok Central Core, as Tempered Nael and Bahamut look bellow as you to face off against Twintania and her horde of neuro-links before chasing her off.
  • Then, "White Raven" starts playing as a pillar from Dalmund fall to the floor, changing the landscape into the simulation of the Sixth Umbral Era, as you face Tempered Nael and her monsters.
  • After her, cue a mini-Dalmund falling on top of you as "Answers" plays and Bahamut rises out of the smoke to do battle with you within his heart.
  • Teraflare. Unlike original encounter, Ultimate's version actually wipes out your party and you can't do anything about it, despite killing Twintania and Nael. Suddenly...
    Phoenix's shrill cry cuts through the pall of desperation!
    • It then it turns into a Fission Mailed, where Phoenix swoops in and strikes Bahamut, then revives your party so you can continue on.
  • Cue Bahamut responding by achieving his Golden form from sheer anger and insanity, before "Beyond Redemption" plays; the same song that played when Louisoix fought Bahamut in the Flames of Truth cinematic.
    • The in-game buff that accompanies Lohs Daih explicitly states that Bahamut's insanity have peaked, and sure enough, Bahamut will enrage casting after half a dozen Morn Afah's.
    • To top it off, the whole team gets the Phoenix Blessing buff. While it a powerful buff on its own, what makes it even more awesome (and challenging) is that the team have to avoid dying throughout the final phase to ensure they could defeat Bahamut in time before they're wiped out by enraged Morn Afahs.
  • And after all's said and done? Cue everyone cheering their victory over the Dreadwrym Primal as Phoenix soars through the air.

The Weapon's Refrain

  • Each of the primal fights play out similarly as they did in the original, but there is a slight catch to them that turns the encounter on its head. You would have to perform a key mechanic that is counter-productive to how it originally plays out to "awaken" them, which, not only gives them a power boost, also changes how their attacks work. You thought Titan was going to perform a Landslide once? Think again! Now he's turned it into a one-two ground punch that will punish players loitering around thinking their spot is safe.
  • The transition into the actual fight against Ultima Weapon, which involves the party having to execute four Limit Breaks just to survive (which is possible assuming that you've beaten the three Primals while they were awakened). After beating Titan, the entire area gets bombarded, taking the party to the ruins of The Praetorium. The bombardment leaves 6 Magitek Bits, which must be destroyed with a Magic DPS Limit Break before they all explode. Lahabrea then appears and casts Blight on the party, which must be healed by a Healing Limit Break. Undetered, Lahabrea starts casting Dark IV, which must be stopped by killing Lahabrea with a Melee DPS Limit Break. Seeing that the Warrior of Light survived through all that, Lahabrea summons the Ultima Weapon and commands it to use Ultima, which must be mitigated by a Tank Limit Break. The Ultima Weapon then proceeds the consume the three awakened Primals, transforming with each one consumed, and then unleashes a burst of aether that transforms the battlefield before proceeding to attack the party.
  • The Ultima Weapon is not only a powerful adversary to fight on its own, it also can bring the three Primals it had consumed to the battle as well. On top of this, the Ultima Weapon, will cast Ultima halfway in the battle, and like the one that was cast before the battle, it is so powerful that it has to be mitigated with a Tank Limit Break.
  • As the fight reaches enrage, a circle begins to form, slowly taking your party members one by one until it takes it turns into a Total Party Kill. If you don't win by then, you're treated with the last remaining member of the party get absolutely annihilated in a grandiose explosion. If you successfully destroy The Ultima Weapon, your reward is a scenic view of the weapon's explosive destruction.

The Epic of Alexander

  • The intro alone speaks volumes, starting with Brute Justice riding Cruise Chaser before Alexander pulls out the wings and teleport the three of them away, before dropping Living Liquid on you.
  • The enrage for Alexander Prime. While Cruise Chaser starts casting Eternal Darkness and Brute Justice spins into a pillar of flame, Prime begins casting Judgement, summoning another Alexander to smite you. Its a race to the finish, and even then, it's still not over.
  • Perfect Alexander's creation. After surviving Alexander's and his guardians attacks and Judgement, Alexander goes to the center, and opens up his chest to combine with Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser:
    Alexander Prime: I am the Creator... I will rebuild, remake, reform myself into the the ultimate state of perfection...!
    Brute Justice: Designation: Brute Justice. Standing by for assembly! (Justice deforms itself before the five mechs become lights, fusing with Prime to give him its limbs and wings)
    Cruise Chaser: Designation: Blassty. Standing by for assembly! (Chaser flies up into the sky before becoming a helmet.)
  • After the fusing is complete, the body turns white as the area is transformed into a new area encompassed by gears, while also unfolding its wings. Alexander's Badass Boast on it only highlights the epicness.
    Perfect Alexander: I am Alexander...the Assembled. Look upon the perfection that will be your destruction.
  • Perfect Alexander's Temporal Prison. You thought Woken Ultima's Citadel Buster was epic? Alexander turns starts trapping the players one by one, until all of them are placed in fancy cages. Once everyone is captured, all time except for him will stop.
  • The game's success story itself is an awesome testament in itself. It started life struggling to put its toe in the market due to a myriad of design and technical problems, but after a whirlwind of restructuring, its popularity climbed the ranks to become a mainstream juggernaut.
  • In the 2016 Moonfire Faire event, one of the quests asked the player to weaken and capture three bomb monsters to be used later on. Due to oversight from the developers, the target monsters were open to being attacked by anyone. This had led to a lot of people constantly killing the bombs due to everyone attacking them at the same time and trolls killed the bombs on purpose just to piss people off. However, some Japanese servers had its players counter the problem by having every one form a line to wait their turn at capturing the bombs so that everyone can complete the quest fairly. The idea then spread to other servers outside Japan and everyone formed their own lines to make things fair.
  • In the 2017 Frankfurt fanfest, The Primals (a band known for playing songs from the game) performed Rise, which plays in the 2nd half of the Alexander Prime fight. Halfway through the song, the whole band performs a timestop and freeze in place as if Alexander had stopped the flow of time as it does in the game.
  • For 2017's April Fools Day, Square Enix uploaded a trailer for a De-make of the Alexander raids, set up as a Tactics Ogre styled game called Tactics Alexander. The spritework and soundtrack are immensely well-done for a simple joke that could've been mere screenshots on an announcement page.
  • During one of the last live letter leading into Stormblood started showing off some of the job abilities that would be introduced. While it was all very nice, there was a collective mix of "OH MY GOD!!!", hysterical cries of "WHAT!?", and in one particular case overjoyed and downright hysterical laughter when it was revealed that Summoners were actually getting the ability to summon Bahamut.
  • A collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV was revealed at the Paris Fan Festival, with the Warrior of Light apparently going on a road trip with Noctis. Highlights of the trailer include them fighting Niflheim troops and fighting XV's version of Garuda together, with the WoL utilizing Noctis' warp strike at several points. And the very last shot of the trailer? A group of four people riding in the Regalia together before it switches to flight mode and soars off. That's right. We're getting XIV's first four-person mount in the form of Noct's Cool Car. Get in, losers. We're farming primals.
  • During the Tokyo FanFest, Yoshi-P stated the Hrothgar and Viera wouldn't have headgear displayed due to limitations in their model design. The character team, however, thought otherwise and made at least 540 or so headgear pieces fitted for them anyway, in their spare time, behind Yoshi-P's back. Now that's dedication to their work.
  • Shadowbringers is definitely throwing wide the gates of new abilities for their jobs, and this list is some of the standout examples.
    • If you thought summoning Bahamut was insane, Summoners can now summon Phoenix.
    • Dark Knight, the posterboy of the expansion, can channel their inner darkness to summon a copy of themselves to fight alongside with. And if you look at your copy's armor, it's not just a clone. You can now summon Fray to aid you in battle!
    • You know that big annoying Jump Niddhog used on you during his trial? The one with the heavy aoe damage and the impressive looking three rings? That's your level 80 dragoon skill now.
  • In February 2020, Japanese magazine NHK launched a massive popularity poll to see who were the favorite characters in the entire franchise, as chosen by several million fan votes. The biggest shock and a moment of awesome for XIV as a whole, #6 was Emet-Selch, beating out a massive majority of characters including Kefka and SEPHIROTH, cementing his place firmly as the most popular villain character in the entire FF franchise. Other contenders of note was Huarchefant at #12, just below Sephiroth, and in #20 The Crystal Exarch, just below Celes Lockhart from VI, placing three characters from XIV in the top 20 overall.
    • Something else to consider is that G'raha Tia placed at #58 on this same list. Those who have played XIV know that he and the Exarch are the same person, meaning there is a good chance the vote on him was split and his actual place in the poll could be a lot higher.
    • Also included in the article is a ranking for the franchise's games itself. Where does XIV stand? Out of the thirty shown, it made #5.
  • One for the animation team is the tail end scenes in "Reflections in Crystal", where all the Scions are getting back in shape. Never has the animations look so lively and expressive, showing the team has really stepped up their game in that department, from Alisae's dejected grumbling and slumping, to G'raha's ears and tail.
  • The trailer for Endwalker gave up something not yet seen..the twins are finally in CGI and they look amazing. A great way for Alphinaud to show off his new class, Sage!
    • The final shot is enough to send chills down one's spine, with the WoL standing tall in Paladin armor with sword and shield at the ready, not simply the Champion of Eorzea now, but a Hope Bringer for all of the Source, truly laying claim to the title "Warrior of Light".
  • The Endwalker presentation as a whole was amazing, but a few of the highlights include:
    • Naoki Yoshida crushing two rumors at once by announcing that not only was Endwalker NOT the final XIV expansion, but that he views the game as his life's work, and that he's not stepping down as director anytime soon.
    • Natsuko Ishikawa is going to be the lead writer for Endwalker. The same woman who wrote the DRK questline, and was the lead writer of Shadowbringers!


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