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Eventually a new set of Primals will emerge, the Warriors of Light

Spoilers for Heavensward, just a heads up. We know from Good King Moggle Mog XII, Shiva, and Enkidu that anyone can be summoned in Primal form so long as there is enough belief and crystals. Then in Heavensward we learn that all Primals are created from the summoner's own imagination and are not the genuine article, removing further restrictions. Eventually, a misguided group are going to learn the arts of summoning from the Ascians, and will use them to turn themselves into the Warriors of Light, just as Iceheart became Shiva or the Archbishop became King Thordan. The template for these Primals is already present, belief. Every survivor of the Calamity remembers their saviors as the Warriors of Light, whom they can only remember as silhouetted behind a blinding light. Faceless divine figures. The Player Character/Warrior of Light will actually help this come to pass, since their heroics has only strengthened everyone's faith behind the title Warrior of Light.

  • This would be a Mirror Match with the player party, as well
    • Confirmed. While not exactly in the context suggested here. We do fight the Dissidia Warrior of Light. A primal that Elidibus takes the form of.

Ilberd will transform into a primal version of Rhalgr.

Given what he says when you encounter him in Heavensward, he is one Ascian meeting away from learning how to use himself as a catalyst to summon a primal. He's even shown signs of reaching the Despair Event Horizon. When he learns of this, he'll transform into Rhalgr in a desperate attempt to reclaim Ala Mhigo from Garlemald.

  • Plausible. We've already seen the Ala Mhigan Refugees try pulling this once early in 2.0 A Realm Reborn main story. Another theory being, he may become one of the Warriors of Darkness. And a third, he may instead try to claim Omega Weapon for himself.
  • Another sign of this being plausible, 3.4 involves the Griffon appearing and starting a new faction of the Ala Mhigo Resistance. Turns out the Griffon IS working with Elidibus, and receives a "gift" in the form of Nidhogg's frozen eyes recovered from the chasm below the Steps of Faith. Apparently this is because Elidibus finds that the Griffon holds more grief, anger, and rage than anyone else he considered giving the eyes to. Now, who do we know among the Ala Mhigan resistance members that happen to have those thing to the point they don't consider the consequences of their actions or who they choose to work with?
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  • Turns out that this one is mostly true. 3.5 does indeed confirm that Ilberd is the Griffon who received Nidhogg's eyes and the knowledge of a Primal summoning technique that uses the mass death, lingering anger, and resentment, including his own death and rage, that permeates a battlefield to create a Calamity-level Primal.

Raubahn will receive an Auto-Mail prosthetic arm from the Garlond Ironworks.
Don't see why they couldn't. Between Cid's extensive knowledge and development of Magitek, and it's probably something the Allegans could have created, so you have two sources of information right there on how to make one.

Gilgamesh will become influenced by the Odin primal
Given how the primal works in this game as well as Gilgamesh's history with the summon and his weapon, as well as the hint that Greg will appear after the Battle in the Big Keep.

Shiva, Phoenix and The Knights are not the first cases of a human becoming a Primal...The Warrior of Light is
There had been certain points at the story, Heavensward in particular, that paint the Player Character as a supernatural force. Not only are they merely immune to being brainwashed by the primals, they are able to defeat them, defeat more powerful versions of them, and defeat Bahamut and some of his siblings. When the Warriors of Light became gifted with the Echo, they were set on a path that that would end with them being Primals, or at the very least wind up having to face Evil Knockoffs of themselves.

  • Jossed. The Warrior of Light is Ascian
  • Played with as of 5.2. As Emet-Selch reveals during Shadowbringers, Hydaelyn and Zodiark are the Eldest and most powerful of Primals, summoned by the Ascians in Ancient times via willing self-sacrifice of their summoners. Their "hearts" however, are the lead invokers. Elidibus for Zodiark, and Venat for Hydaelyn. Further complicating matters is that the Elidibus that challenges the Scions is a Primal version of himself summoned by the Convocation to help calm the fear and concerns that was spreading between the Pro and Anti Zodiark factions.

The final boss of the Alexander raid series will be Alexander
Like how Bahamut was the final boss of the Binding Coil of Bahamut raids, we will eventually fight Alexander, though a smaller one, possibly piloted by Quickthinx or maybe even Mide
  • or perhaps Mide's loved one, who was revealed in the Midas segment to be trapped within Alexander's main core. Or perhaps a fusion of his essence and Alexanders fought in the core similar to how Bahamut Prime was
  • Seemingly confirmed through 3.4's patch trailer
  • Confirmed. Final boss is Alexander Prime. Alexanderception.

Alexander twisted Mide's loved one into Faust
He vanished into Alexander's core in the original Alexander summoning. It's entirely possible that the final form of the recurring mini-boss, Faust, will be revealed to be a tempered version of him.
  • Jossed. He's a spirit within Alexander's core consciousness.

Alexander twisted Mide's loved one into the Ark Primal
Alternatively, Alexander might have converted him into another Primal, much like in the Binding Coils. In this case, Ark would be the most likely candidate due to it's similarities to Alexander.
  • Jossed.

Other Beast Tribe Primals will include:
  • Gigants
    • Madiun - His original design was based on the design of the gigas' sprites.
    • Golem - Though there are some basic enemy golems, having some variation of the Golem summon would be fitting for the Gigants.
  • Mamol Ja
    • Shemhazai - Stretching it a little, but the Mamool Ja were introduced in FF XI with a special affinity for binding creatures' souls to use Blue Magic. Shemhazai's "element" in FF XII was related to souls.
  • Qiqirn
    • Yojimbo - A mercenary for hire seems fitting for a race of hoarders and thieves. And since the other business oriented race already has Alexander.
      • Jossed. He appears as a regular mercenary for hire in the Kugane Castle dungeon, as the final boss.
  • Tonberries
    • Anima - A summon mostly associated with rage and tragic suffering. The two primary traits of 14's breed of Tonberries.
    • Likely Jossed. Anima has been confimred as a trial for 6.0, but the Scholar storyline shows that the Tonberries are not only largely restored to sanity, but by level 80 have a potential cure for their condition.
  • Those Lalafell bandits from Mor Dhonna will actually summon Valefor for real at some point.
  • Cactuar
    • Gigantuar - It will be explained that Cactuar are not particularly imaginative and thus their primal is really just a big Cactuar with a mustache.
  • Alexander will create a primal version of Ark as a guardian.
    • Confirmed somewhat. Alexander's final guardian is Cruise Chaser, who is basically a carbon copy of Ark in appearance, animations, and attacks. However the being in question isn't a Primal, but rather a mechanical guardian blessed by a Primal.

There's some kind of relationship or connection between Brayflox Alltalks and Quickthinx Allthoughts
The Wind-up Goblin minion flavour text implies that Brayflox was once a member of the Illuminati and now they want her dead and the fact both of them have the All~ prefix on their last names and we know don't the entire goblin naming convention could imply they have some kind of connection like father and daughter or something. Otherwise, if that isn't true then Quickthinx is 'him' who Mide doesn't shut up about.
  • That bit about Mide was jossed as of the Midas segment as the 'him' was revealed to be her old master who was trapped in Alexander's core.

The Garleans will eventually summon a primal of their own.
Given all their research and interest in ancient Allag's methods to imprison and control Eikons, this may peak at them attempting to summon and take control over their own Primal version of Garland or Chaos (whom the empire was named after).
  • While Chaos is Jossed due to showing up in Omega, considering what happened at the end of 5.4, this might be more likely than you think...

Yda is a pureblooded Garlean
Yda's most prominent article of clothing is her visor-turban. When it is shattered in 2.55, we get a very brief shot of her bright green eyes. This and her bleach-blonde hair are shared by other pureblooded Garleans, Nero and Lucia. Additionally, when shown in the 3.1 cutscene, while they clearly show Papalymo's face, the angles go out of their way to avoid showing Yda's full face. Despite not being a Highlander, Yda has an obsession with the liberation of Ala Mhigo.
  • Alternately: Yda is a pureblooded Ala Mhigan who is trying to recover her homeland. Serving as the Good Counterpart to Ilberd (Both obsessed with liberating Ala Mhigo).
  • The second theory is correct - Yda is native to Ala Mhigo and previously had dealings with the Resistance.

There will be a Halone primal
We now have a group of fanatical believers worshiping a goddess aspected to ice (an element associated with stillness, reflecting how they yearn for things to go back to the way things were before the truth of the Dragonsong War is revealed) all they need now are some crystals and maybe some Ascian interference and presto, the first of the twelve is made flesh (sort of)
  • It's possible that this may be the boss of the Snowcloak HM dungeon that will likely arrive in 3.4, as an interesting inversion of the original where the aim was to summon Saint Shiva, Halone's enemy.

Best tribe quests of Heavensward
  • Vanu Vanu
  • Gnath
  • Moogles of Moghome
    • Confirmed by 3.3's announcement of a joint Moogle/Dragon beast quest series.
  • Dragons of Anyx Trine
    • See Moogles
  • Goblins of Idyllshire
    • Jossed by Word of God who states that Goblins will not be a beast tribe the players can interact with.

If/when Final Fantasy XI goes offline, its cast will become antagonists in Eorzea
Shantotto already dropped by and could probably return at will one day; Iroha is already stuck in Eorze and her story was all about dealing with the possibility of Vana'diel being lost forever and preventing that at all costs (XI and XIV combat are too different for her to become a samurai tutor); not to mention many elements and species from XI made it to XIV.

You think Ala Mihgans are pissed off with their exile? Shantotto has been compared to the Calamity, you want to piss her off?...

If what were once thought to be the representatives of the XIV player characters in XIV turned out to be antagonists, what's to stop FF worlds from turning on another, if Altana and Hydaelyn cannot find a way to allow both their worlds to exist in full?

The Final Boss, Zodiark

WARNING, all further spoilers will be unmarked.

By this time, I'm thoroughly convinced the Final Boss of XIV will be Zodiark, the Ascian's god. Here is the overall layout of how I envision the fight.

Eventually, the Ascian's long term plan will succeed. Hydaelyn will have exhausted all of her strength between the Primal summonings and her Warriors of Light being strengthened to combat the threat. As the planet dies out, the heroes reach their Darkest Hour trying to figure out what they can hope to do. Hydaelyn speaks, and everyone can hear it. To save her and by extension the world, they must strike down Zodiark in the same fashion. Exhaust his aether so that she can usurp him as he had usurped her. It's in this moment she sacrifices what she has left of her aether to both the Warriors of Light and Midgardsormr. Midgardsormr, enraged at the Ascians for killing his offspring along with everything else, takes his fully manifested form once again and ferries the Warriors in the vacuum of space as the planet is erased. From this vantage point, the players see a great blue mist of aether where the planet once was, only for it to turn dark as it condenses and takes the form of Zodiark. The reborn god then declares that it will kill the wyrm and its charges, "snuffing out the last of Hydaelyn's light".

The Trial takes place along Midgardsormr's giant back as Zodiark flies about all around you in space. During the fight, Sormr will lash out at Zodiark himself but will be weakened by the Ascians fighting for their god. The party has to periodically wipe out Ascian adds to keep Midgardsormr from being distracted so he can fight Zodiark properly. Like the other bosses, Zodiark will have his own One-Hit Kill, Final Eclipse, where his wings will grow into blazing trails and space will shatter into a white void. Midgardsormr needs to be free of Ascian interference so that he can call on his and Hydaelyn's strength to protect the party from this.

Minfilia is Not Quite Dead

After the Word of the Mother sends the Warrior of Light back to the "aetherial shore," she almost sounds as if she is speaking in the third person and referring to sending multiple people back. She could have released Minfilia as well.

  • Iceheart will also be revealed to survive in the same way - she didn't disperse into aether when she fought off the Garlean dreadnaught... Hydaelyn just pulled her into the aetherial sea, too.
  • More or less confirmed! At least with Minfilia. She is still the Word of the Mother, but she decided to go to the First world, where the Warriors of Darkness are from, to absorb their excess Light and save their world. There's still a possibility she could return, however...
  • Ultimately Jossed: In Shadowbringers Minfilia becomes akin to an Ascian, able to pass on her power to a reincarnation on that world, but she ultimately passes on all her power to Ryne, her third incarnation.

Unukalhai will be the main villain of the Warring Triad sidequests

Given his secretive nature, his intimate knowledge of the Triad, the established tension between him and the Garlean commander, his desire to become stronger, and the fact that there will still be room for one last update to the quest by patch 3.5, it's likely that he or his mysterious master will serve Kefka's role in the original Warring Triad story.

  • Alternately, Hydrus will hold the honor of Kefka in this tail, being a legatos to the emperor similarly to how Kefka was originally part of an empire before taking things into his own hands.
  • Jossed, Unukahlai's heart is only ever in the right place, he's unambiguously good even if his master is revealed to be an Ascian.

The mysterious, shadowy figure from the Heavensward Hildebrand quest is:
Well, there's going to be some speculation. Let's get to it.
  • A heretic whom Cyr will attempt to arrest.
  • Gilgamesh
  • Hildebrand's mother again
    • Jossed she shows up playing with Godbert in the snow.
  • Gigi's creator

Haurchefant will come back wrong.

In an interview, Yoshida said it was possible Haurchefant would return, due to the feedback he got. Knowing the game's world can be very dark, this option is entirely possible.

  • He does make a brief appearance as a spirit to help the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud remove Nidhogg's eyes from Estinien, providing support along with Iceheart. So he did "return" as Yoshida said he would.
  • Alternatively, Omega Weapon cites "the death of a comrade" as a potential way to inflict stress upon the Warrior of Light (thus increasing his or her 'performance') in the Deltascape raid. It's possible Omega might compile some version of Haurchefant to test its hypothesis...
  • A popular hypothesis I've seen that's related is The body that Zenos posesses is Haurchefant's. Haurchefant's soul may or may not be in for the ride.
  • Jossed due to the body never being confirmed to be his and he is never mentioned ever again.

Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XIV all share the same world

This may take some explaining, but if the Zelda series can do it, so can the Final Fantasy series. We know for sure that something very similar to Final Fantasy III happened in Eorzea's past, it may be that details were lost or altered along the way - or even that the version of Final Fantasy III that we got is a more simplified version of the more detailed events that are revealed in Final Fantasy XIV.

Additionally, there are hints that Final Fantasy VI occurred in the world of XIV too. There are the overt appearances of the Warring Triad and the magitek of the Garlean empire, the kingdom of Doma, references to Mog being a legendary figure among the moogles, Relm is a remembered as a figure from a fairy tale and Ultros and Typhon reappear from the void. Perhaps the return of the Warring Triad is tied to how magic returned; a kind of morphic resonance. Doma, despite its apparent destruction, survived as a name and rebuilt. Ultros and Typhon likely escaped to the void after the events of VI, which explains why they keep popping up in the same manner as Gilgamesh.

The basic timeline would be VI - III - XIV, with each game separated by millennia, perhaps more in the gap between VI and III, to account for the shifting of continents and return of magic to the world after the events of VI. The events of VI are long lost, and only in XIV is the world returning to the level of technology it used to have before Kefka destroyed the world.

  • Jossed by Word of God. While many past Final Fantasy game elements are reused/repurposed for Final Fantasy XIV, they are confirmed to be only homages to the source material and that XIV is not connected to any other world.

The Palace of the Dead in 3.3 will be a ruin of Gelmorra
It's located in the Black Shroud, and it is deep underground like the lost Duskwight city of Gelmorra. We'll finally get more lore about it, since it's scarce. And the woman in the lacy dress shown at the end of the trailer is Edda.
  • Confirmed on both counts.

It will eventually be revealed that there are still some Allagans alive
And they will come from the moon or somewhere else in space. If they were able to launch objects into space, it's possible that they had had space faring technology. Other Final Fantasies had people coming from space, so it's possible they'll make a reappearance too, showing how their people weren't all wiped out.
  • Though time travel is a possibility as well for their reappearance.
  • Confirmed in a sense. Noah, the Ancient Allagan scholar who the Crystal Tower allies named their group after, exists in the present day after the events of said questline via an artifact and a form of Gran Theft Me (he promises to return the person's body after he finishes using it to study the modern era and what remains of the legacy of his old Empire).

The song Answers is sung from the perspective of Hydaelyn.

Van Hydrus will absorb power from the Warring Triad to become the Final Boss of that questline.
Since the Warring Triad and the quests around it borrow from Final Fantasy VI, Van Hydrus is lined up to play a similar role to Kefka. As a high-ranking official in an empire, working to gain the Eikon's power for said empire, Van Hydrus will find some way to access that power but be mutated by it into the last Trial for the storyline.

We will eventually get a trial against Julyan
  • And for bonus points it will only have an extreme difficulty
    • From Fan Fest 2016: "Q: Godbert Manderville trial? Yoshida: You can't beat him. If you beat him, Julyan is the Savage difficulty version." (Please look forward to it.)

One of the new jobs next expansion will be Spellblade or Red Mage
One person shown in 3.4 to practice it is Alisaie, who summoned a magic blade to use in combat. It had a slender look, sort of like a rapier, and she continued to use magic alongside it - including a Blade of Light to defeat the Warriors of Darkness. Later, if you speak to her, she mentions taking knowledge from all schools of magic, hinting at Red Mages traditionally doing the same.
  • Confirmed as of the 2016 fanfest.

Raubahn is a Blue Mage
He's named after a Blue Mage from XI. His weapon resembles one of the Blue Mage weapons from the same game, and his attacks from the duel in Heavensward all seem to be based on monster abilities.
  • Jossed. Blue Mage was introduced with an origin tracing it back to a native civilization in the far-east that barely has gotten a foothold in eorzean culture.

The Griffon's true identity is Ilberd
Obsessed with the liberation of Ala Mhigo, distrustful of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, highly secretive, refusing to remove his mask for any reason, stated by Elidibus to be despised by the world and filled with unmatched rage and desire for vengeance. Square Enix is basically screaming it in our faces.
  • Confirmed.

Elidibus came to the Source to do what Minfilia is doing to the First world
Right before being sent off to the First, Minfilia described herself as an emissary, just like Elidibus is. He has often spoke of maintaining balance so he could be a being that traverses through the other worlds to absorb any of their excess light or darkness. It's possible that his white robes signify he has already absorbed Light from another world and intends to restore it to Hydaelyn at the Source, keeping Hydaelyn and Zodiark in equilibrium - but his goals aren't quite heroic, because he wants to achieve equilibrium by Rejoining them together, rather than keeping them apart like what Minfilia is doing. This makes Minfilia something of his Good Counterpart.

The classes/jobs of the two characters fighting in the 4.0 teaser trailer are...
  • Monks: they were mostly focusing on hand to hand combat
    • Confirmed for the Warrior of Light at least.
  • Dancer: the female character's dress and movements before the fight resemble that of a dancer.
    • Turns out it's just an unmasked Yda/Lyse wearing a different outfit and is now a Monk.
  • Red and Blue Mages: each fighter had a red and blue aura surround them towards the end of their fight.

The new Jobs for Stormblood.
  • Red Mage: Let's get the obvious one out of the way. At the 2016 Las Vegas Fan Fest, Yoshida pulled his shirt trick once again. This time his shirt was of Marvel's Scarlet Witch. He also mentioned having watched Captain America: Civil War. Most have figured that this is a signal to the Red Mage being included. (Scarlet=Red, Witch=Mage, kind of a no brainer).
    • Yoshida's also made mention that Red Mage is one of his favorite jobs in the franchise, but didn't know how to make them work with XIV's gameplay style when they were planning for HW. Since they got passed up for Heavensward it makes sense he'd try to get them in at the next possible chance.
    • CONFIRMED in the Japanese Fanfest.
  • Blue Mage: As mentioned above, there have been numerous hints both in-game and from the development team that Blue Mages are on the horizon, most recently, the speculation regarding Raubahn above.
  • Dancer: As mentioned earlier, the female character from the Stormblood reveal trailer appears to take on the style and movements of a dancer.
  • Time Mage: Time Magic plays a very heavy role in the side stories of the later Heavensward patches. These might end up being a hint that the class in on the way as well. Given how both Vivi and Alexander used Time Magic to repair themselves or other things around them, it would probably be implemented as a Healer role.
    • Unlikely, as Astrologian is fundamentally a time mage in everything but name, just with a thin layer of Astrology on top of it.
  • Samurai: They actually wanted them to be added to the game by Heavensward and foreshadowed them as soon as 2.2 when they foreshadowed Ninja, but they outright admit they shelved them in favor of working on Dark Knight because it was more thematically appropriate for Ishgard.
    • Possibly confirmed, albeit through Datamining so grain of salt. There's class strings for animations belonging to Samurai, just below strings belonging to Red Mage.

With Stormblood out, all the rest are jossed until Next expansion.

  • Blue Mage ending up being released near the end of Stormblood's cycle. Dancer is confirmed for Shadowbringers

We will eventually get a 8-man trial series (like the Warring Triad) against the Grand Company Leaders and Aymeric if he doesn't end up as one
Considering how well received the solo instance fight against Raubahn was, SE might want to capitalize on it by letting us have a more serious fight with him and by extension the rest of them their own trial.

The central theme of the game is loss, mourning, and acceptance

On both a personal level and the backstory, Eorzia is full of and haunted by loss. On a personal level, there was the massacre at the Waking Sands, The Monetarist scheme, Harchefaunt's death, Lousioux's death (if you were a 1.0 player) and Minfillia's definitive sacrifice. On a whole, there was the Calamity, Shiva's sacrifice to create peace, the murder of Ratataskr, Tiamat's revival of Bahamut as a primal, The Warrior of Darkness' loss of their home, and even minor things like Edda losing Avere.

That's ultimately where the strongest of the game's themes come from; moving on from horrible things like that. The PC managed to mourn properly and move on from the tragedies they've suffered, even if it's been a long road that's left them horribly scarred emotionally. And despite it all through and through, they've stayed Eorzia's Warrior of Light. This acceptance of loss is also noticeable in friendly Non Player Characters, Hraesvelgr's heart still aches from Shiva's loss and Ratataskr's death, but he's moved on and willing to look to the future, as are all of his children. It's the same for Ishgard as well, acceptance of the horrible things they did has helped put them on the track towards becoming something great.

On the flipside, you have those who refuse to accept loss who are treated as villains. Nidhogg still mourns, but hadn't accepted his sister's murder and still raged instead of trying to move on. Tiamat couldn't move on from Bahamut being slain and revived him as a primal, but realizing the horror of what she's done has left her time to mourn and move on, and she's treated as nothing but sympathetic now. The Warriors of Darkness lost their home and resorted to horrible, heart-shattering things to try to save what was left of it. And even Edda couldn't move on from Avere's death, making her susceptible to what's implied to be an Ascian teaching her necromancy.

  • Even more relevant as of Shadowbringers, where we learn the motivation of the Ascians. They lost their entire world, and the fourteen pieces of it are so much lesser that in their eyes it mocks the perfection that once was. So they seek to put the pieces back together, not caring that it means committing omnicide thirteen times over with a matching Calamity on the Source for each one.

The Miqo'te are unrelated to the other races
That is, the Miqo'te belong to the Felidae family, while the other races, though diverse in size and stature, belong to the primate family. There is some evidence to support this in game; the flavor text for the Fat Cat minion indicates scholars in Eorzea are beginning to suspect the same thing, though it isn't confirmed. It is known that the Miqo'te have a large imbalance favoring female births over male births, and have two distinct matriarchal and patriarchal cultures that reflect that. While inter-racial couples are still something of a taboo in Eorzea, the Miqo'te have a reputation for promiscuity. If they were closely related to the other races, they would be able to reproduce with them, and Miqo'te culture wouldn't have changed to reflect that possibility before now, either to discourage it or collapsing it completely. As it hasn't, we can only assume that they aren't related.

...and were genetically uplifted to their present state by the Allagans
Think about it. Isn't it a hell of a coincidence to get such as strongly human-like race in a completely different genetic family? While there certainly are beast tribes that undoubtedly possess sapience, including in plants, they are only vaguely human-shape at best. Shouldn't the Miqo'te be a lot more cat-like?

It is known for sure that the Allagans possessed knowledge of Miqo'te genetics, they infused royal blood into a Miqo'te bloodline in order to protect the Crystal Tower. If the above assumption is true (that Miqo'te and the other races cannot interbreed), that's a strange thing to do, unless you take into the consideration the possibility that, like the Ixali, they were being genetically engineered as a client race for the Allagans.

What form the Miqo'te took before Allagan intervention isn't known, they could have been a much more animalistic beast tribe or even created wholesale from ordinary cats. The Allagans made it a project to gift them with sapience and human-like features while preserving their unparalleled skills at hunting, but for whatever reason were unable or unwilling to remove some features like the ears, pupils, tails or gender imbalance. Then, as the Allagan empire fell, the guardians of the Crystal Tower, knowing that the Miqo'te had the instincts and the intelligence to survive, infused some of them with the blood necessary to protect it. With the Allagan empire gone, the world fell into chaos, and the Miqo'te lost the knowledge of their origin and became a race of hunters, leading us to the modern day.

Hresvelgr attacking the Heavensward cinematic wasn't an error.
That's to 3.4, we know there exist several alternate worlds as mirrors to Hydaelyn. With this knowledge, we can easily explain why Hresvelgr was leading an attack against Ishgard during the cinematic.

The cinematic takes place in an alternate world where Hresvelgr did ally himself with Nidhogg in his mission of vengeance. Hresvelgr said himself that only Shiva's calming influence on his soul kept him from being the same as his brood brother, and here we see that in one world, it simply wasn't enough to diswayed him.

  • Jossed. Devs confirmed that the dragon attacking was the wrong model used and the team had no time to correct it before release. Shadowbringers also confirms that the other shards are not just pure mirror worlds to the Source with some things swapped, but each one having a much larger difference in culture, landscape, and history.

To coincide with the swimming mechanic, 4.0 will also add a Blitzball mini-game to the Gold Saucer.
Really this one speaks for itself.
  • Alternately, blitzball will be a Garlean sport that the Ala Mhigans play and actually like.

Omega was powered by an Allagan-summoned Primal
Similar to how the illuminati summoned a primal to power Alexander, Allug may have done the same for their ultimate Eikon slayer.

  • Alexander was a gigantic Primal, not powered by one. That was the whole point; a machine that big and complex couldn't be built properly, but its sheer size was draining the land around it.
  • Second part also Jossed: Omega wasn't built by the Allagans at all, it's an alien machine that crashed into Hydaelyn and Allag tech was reverse-engineered from it.

The primal being summoned at the end of the patch 3.5 trailer is
  • Omega (see immediately above) Though possibly jossed as it appeared that Omega was being used to attack the Primal, though this doesn't rule out the possibility entirely.
    • Jossed. It was a new Primal, which the Domans dub Shinryu based on a dragon from legend. Omega is activated to fight it.

Stormblood will do for Widergelt what Heavensward did for Estinien.
  • Widergelt will play a huge role in the upcoming Stormblood storyline, especially given his identity as Prince Theodred.
  • Jossed Lyse takes on that role

A climax boss in The Bend of Time - Omega will be Illberd.
  • This is assumming that the primal summoned at the end of 3.51 is somehow related to Omega and given the fact he's a huge Karma Houdini, fans will be more than eager to properly finish him off for good.
  • Jossed. He does not appear at all.

The Bend of Time will have two story lines between regular and Savage difficulties
  • This bonus story was suggested at the fan fests, where it met much encouragement from the audience. With 3.5 complete, we now know what the two stories will be about.
  • Regular Bend of Time will focus on retrieving Omega, which will be the easier challenge because of its autonomous nature and that Cid and Nero have understanding of it enough to control or debilitate it. The Savage difficulty will focus on Shinryu, the primal Omega was sent to subdue who is even more powerful than Bahamut.
    • Jossed. The Savage raids are hypothetical fights based on battle data, although the final boss of each tier does get an extra form that doesn't appear in Normal.

Gosetsu is a Half-Human Hybrid
  • He has the body type and animations of a male Roegadyn, but his face and skin tone bear a stronger resemblance to Hyur. The easy answer is that Gosetsu has one Roegadyn parent and one Hyur parent.
    Q3: Gosetsu looks like a Roegadyn, but also looks like a big Highlander. Which race is he?
    A3: He's a Roegadyn, but one from the lands to the East. Rather than a Sea Wolf, he's closer to the Hellsguard tribe.

The Lupin, the Namazu, that tribe of Qirin in Gyr Abania and maybe those elephant men at The Azim Steepe are going to summon a primal and get a beast tribe quest
  • Well who else are we going to fight in 4.1 to 4.5?
    • Jossed - none of the above summon a Primal. Instead, Yotsuyu transforms into Tsukuyomi.

The reason Zenos' final plan was a success
  • This will contain spoilers for Stormblood, you have been warned.

  • The reason Zenos could use his "resonance" to fully control Shinryu wasn't due to the power of this experiment. Zenos was able to control the primal because it was Shinryu he chose to control. Shinryu has no personality, it's a creature of pure violence. Had Zenos attempted to merge with any other primal, likely he would have to battle with its own sense of will. Zenos was fortunate that his test subject was an Almighty Idiot.
    • Stormblood also has further revelations that Zenos is 1/4 Ascian, so his Ascian heritage along with his Resonance could have just as well dominated a stronger primal like Bahamut.

Gilgamesh will reappear within the Omega Raid series.
  • The raid takes place within the Interdimentional Rift. Even ignoring the numerous existing FF 5 references which make up the Bend of Time, Greg is frequently pulled in and out of the rift in his other cameos.
    • Jossed, Gilgamesh is returning, as part of the 4.X hildibrand content(teased in 4.1 and slated for 4.2)

Exdeath will reappear in the penultimate battle of the Bend of Time
  • Unlike every other boss in the raid series encountered before him Exdeath doesn't dissolve and vanish, but rather gets pulled into the void much like he did after his battle in Final Fantasy V. He may return (most likely the fight immediately before Omega) as Neo-Exdeath.
    • Possibly jossed, Neo Exdeath is a savage-only fight in Delta 4, so it's unlikely they would recycle an easier version of a boss they already have for whatever the final boss of the next wing is.

Each segment of the Omega raid will draw inspiration from a different Final Fantasy game
  • Seeing as the first segment already used the Big Bad of V, it's possible the next two segments will follow suit with other titles. Most likely ones tied together via the Rift, Gilgamesh, or by Omega itself.
    • Patch 4.2 did indeed draw on Final Fantasy VI, but 4.4 only had one past boss, Chaos from Final Fantasy I.

The remaining Omega raid segments will focus on Final Fantasy V's superbosses
  • Though Exdeath is already out of the way, it's still possibly the game will use the stronger villains from the game, like Enuo, or possibly even a rematch with Gilgamesh due to the Rift setting.
    • Jossed.

Theories on Omega's nature
  • So much about Omega seems mysterious, but if we look at his history as a superboss in the entirely of the franchise we can probably see a bit where it comes from. In the Dawn of Souls remake of Final Fantasy, Omega has a biography stating that he was created as an ancient weapon of the Lufenians meant to hunt and kill dragons, and mostly succeeded, which is why Bahamut is the only dragon of power the original Warriors of Light meet that isn't a feral beast.
  • Going off of this, and that Midgardsormr has a history with it, this is my thought: Omega and Middy are from the same world originally, and was created by whatever spoken lived on their planet with the intention of wiping the dragons out. While an evolving machine of limitless potential, Omega couldn't take down 'Sormr itself even when it caught up to him, but still succeeded in wiping out the dragons, making a comment about Midgardsormr's arrival on Hydaelyn take on a darker tone, he wasn't coming with seven eggs from the stars to seek a home, he was a refugee fleeing his homeworld with the last of his eggs in desperate hope to keep his race from going extinct. And Omega's goal is the same as ever, to become strong enough to take down Midgardsormr, and to that end it's used the primals, Allagans, and now the deltascape to evolve itself to try to finally achieve its prime directive.
    • As of 4.2 this backstory is confirmed nearly verbatim

Ultima may return and become the final boss to the final part of the Return to Ivalice raids
  • With the pieces and players involved in the Return to Ivalice raid, it may be possible that Jenomis cen Lexentale/Arazlam Durai may be in possession of the Virgo Auracite, otherwise known as Ultima. While his goal of translating and releasing the Durai Report is of good intent, Ultima may be influencing him to a degree and line everything up to regain its power and take shape once more, possibly setting itself up as the final boss of the raid altogether.
    • Confirmed, though she ended up possessing Ramza instead.

Legacy is not on the same world as A Realm Reborn
  • Nobody seems to have a clear answer on what actually happened in the five years between Legacy and A Realm Reborn, but despite the massive amount of damage that Bahamut was able to do in just the first couple of minutes from his escape, one truly has to wonder how anyone managed to beat him, and nobody can give any explanation whatsoever. So what if Louisoix's last ditch effort wasn't an attempt to prepare for the future, but an apology for failing to be able to do anything for the warriors who fought so hard to save Eorzea? The Archon uses the last power he has to send them to another of the worlds in hope that they can help the inhabitants of that world stop what he was unable to. The people who remember the flashes of the Warriors of Light from the Realm Reborn world are remembering their counterparts who sacrificed their life to actually defeat Bahamut in that world before he could cause nearly the kind of damage he caused in your characters' homeworld.
  • Jossed. The Calamity is one of many on the same world as explained in Shadowbringers.

Magnai was part of the Company of Heroes
  • Well where else did he get the axe from
    • Jossed. Word of God confirms that they use weapon models they think best suits a character, thus Magnai's axe is not the axe from Titan.

After 4.3 (assuming the arc of whatever is happening in Doma is finished) the MSQ will follow Magnai trying to find his Nhaama who is obviously Sadu
  • Jossed. Magnai is dropped from the MSQ as soon as his arc is finished.

Arenvald will die in a Heroic Sacrifice
  • Jossed. He doesn't do any sacrificing. So far, the last time he's appeared in the story is in the Level 80 Summoner quest.

Future ideas for Ultimate tier raids
  • Warring Triad all at once
  • After Amaterasu appears as the final boss of the Hingashi expansion or whatever; Japan's big three all at once
    • Jossed on Stormblood's final boss. The final boss of Stormblood is Elidibus in the body of Zenos yae Galvus.
  • The Eorzean Alliance leaders
  • Midgardsormr and some of his kids like Nidhogg (complete with Estinien form), Tiamat and Hraesvelgr and some of his grandkids like Tioman and Vishap
  • The Garlean generals and other important Garleans (so like Gaius, Regula, Nael and Zenos or something) but they're on foot like in Final Fantasy XII
  • The Scions; Papalymo, Y'shtola, Thancred, Moenbryda, Alisaie, Alphinaud, Urianger, Krile, Arenvald, Tataru, Minfillia and not Lyse because she's shit
  • Godbert and Julyan.
  • Rowena and Lolorito and whatever creative things they spend their gil on
  • The WoL having an emotional breakdown; so like Fray, Myste, painful memories and whatever direction the Dark Knight quests head in
  • Alexander and friends but designed like it was Gordias
    • Confirmed! The Epic of Alexander is an Alexander-themed Ultimate along with him fusing with Brute Justice and Cruise Chaser to become Perfect Alexander.
  • original characters of the devs so like Nonora rather than the Wandering Minstrel
  • Omega but even more assets ripped from Dissidia
  • The Zodiac Espers including Belial and Cuchulainn models ripped straight from Final Fantasy XII too
  • The Void Ark like the actual boat thing
  • The devs themselves
  • Another Yo-Kai Watch crossover
  • The moogles of Moghome and the Twelveswood team up and summon Good King Moggle Mog XII for good measure
  • Something original that isn't built on previous assets (but that requires too much effort)
  • A Shadowbringers-esque Ultimate which involves fighting through the gauntlet of Titania and Innocence together, then Hades and the Warrior of Light together.
  • One big free-for-all against all of your class/job trainers. The Warrior of Light, Elidibus, uses their Specters to wear down the Warrior of Darkness before their final confrontation and these are the trainers at their strongest, including Estinien fueled by the Eyes of Nidhogg.

Hydaelyn is the Big Good, Zodiark is the Big Bad... and Elidibus is the Big Neutral trying to merge them back together.
  • Elidibus is clearly different than the other Ascians, from his dress to his behavior to his preference to avoid conflict. He's also prone to talking about balance and warning others not to upset it too much one way or the other, and conspires against the Warrior of Light more as they prove more of a threat to balance. But at the same time, he's remarkably helpful to Urianger when they're looking for a way to help the Warriors of Darkness and seems like as not to undermine his black-robed fellows if it suits his purposes, not seeming to care too much when they fail or die and even mocking Lahabrea on more than a few occasions. While he might have Pragmatic Villain reasons for doing this, it could also be possible that he's not entirely on their side in the first place and is pursuing a completely different goal. As the Warriors of Darkness say, Hydaelyn and Zodiark used to be the same being in the beginning before they split and Zodiark was shattered. Elidibus wants to end the Light vs. Dark conflict altogether not by bringing about Zodiark's ascension but by merging the two back together, ending the potentially world-destroying conflict by effectively eliminating both sides. It would also explain the unusual nature of his dress, being a creature of darkness clad in white, his great concern for the balance, and his moral ambiguity and willingness to play both sides.
  • Shadowbringers more or less confirms this on a few spots. Hydaelyn was created by the Ascians who did not agree with the others summoning Zodiark to save their world. Hydaelyn defeated Zodiark and split him into several shards, the alternate worlds to the Source. The surviving Ascians are trying to revive Zodiark so that their world can be restored.

The Final Antagonist of Return to Ivalice will be...
  • The Original Ramza, who's wish for everyone to return to the land gets corrupted by the auracite.
  • Queen Remedi/Li-Grim who embodies and manifests her "son's" wishes and twists them to her own will in Tactic's Advance much like the auracite does in the raid story. And since phases 1 and 2 of the raid focused on Tactics 1 and Final Fantasy 12 respectively, TA is the likely conclusion of the Ivalice Alliance games.
  • Someone from Vagrant Story
    • Jossed. It was Ultima, the High Seraph.

A new calamity will occur before the start of 5.0.
If the end of the trailer for patch 4.4 is to be believed, a new calamity is on the way.
  • If it does happen, the Warrior of light might be the one accidentally causing it in some way. The voice in the trailer seems to directly request the Warrior to reestablish the balance, being the only one able to set things "right".
  • The reveal trailer for Shadowbringers shows things might have gotten a lot worse. The lion statue and the warrior statue from Amdapor City hard mode make their appearance; the lion engages Thancred and the warrior, Kiribu, fights the Warrior of Light. She easily puts him down no matter what job he switches to (Archer > Warrior > Dragoon > Monk > Samurai). Only when the Warrior of Light switches to Dark Knight does he have a fighting chance and the voiceover narration states that the Warrior of Light must become a Warrior of Darkness. And all of this is happening while the Warrior of Light is completely alone.
  • Jossed. The entire point of 5.0 is to prevent another calamity.

Solus's true identity is Emet-Selch.
  • It seems awfully suspicious that Gaius would bring up the name Emet-Selch when we already know of the two Ascians controlling Garlemald from the shadows. After all, Solus doesn't fit the Theme Naming of the other Ascians, and the only other Ascian who didn't follow the naming scheme was using an alias.
    • Confirmed!

Y'Shtola as "Master Matoya"?
  • In the extended trailer for Shadowbringers, we have Urianger referring to Y'Shtola as "Master Matoya". But, Master Matoya was the name of Y'Shtola's old teacher. That means one of a number of things: Either "Master Matoya" is a title and Y'Shtola inherits it or Matoya is still a name and something happens to both of them so that they end up fusing together.
    • Jossed, it's basically an alias that she uses among the Church of Night, who believe that everyone should keep their true names hidden.

The Scions in the Shadowbringers trailer aren't our Scions.
  • We are traveling to the "First Shard", one of the alternate Hydaelyns created by Zodiark's defeat. The Scions we see in the trailer, the Astrologian Urianger, Gunbreaker Thancred, and "Master Matoya" Y'shtola are all the Alternate Universe counterparts to the characters we know in the Source.
    • Jossed. They're the embodied souls of our Scions that the Crystal Exarch pulled away from the Source during the events of Stormblood.

Lahabrea's "crowning moment of idiocy" was letting Gaius van Baelsar live.
  • Solus knows exactly what Gaius is capable of, having pretended to be his closest friend for decades. Lahabrea betraying Gaius at the end of A Realm Reborn gave him the motivation to hunt down Ascians instead of continuing his attempt to conquer Eorzea. And as 4.3 showed, Gaius and his new companions have defeated at least five Ascians (two of which were red-masked and thus high-ranking). Now Elidibus and Solus have to worry about two mortals that equal them in strength and are actively working against them instead of just one.

Varis will become a primal.
  • As noted by Hien in 4.5, despite Garleans disdaining the worship of gods, they worship Varis with the fervor of one, bonus points if it's the primal version of the Emperor from 2.
    • Quite possible to happen now that he's been slain and up until then he was The Unfought...
    • Alternately... Since it took death for Zenos to awaken to his Ascian heritage, the same thing would happen to Varis, allowing the two of them to end up being a Composite Character of II's Emperor. Zenos is the Devil side while Varis is the Angel side.

Myste's form is an amalgamation of the friends the Warrior of Light has lost
  • CONFIRMED. Word of God is that Myste is based on both Haurchefant and Ysayle.

Unukalhai is another shard of our soul.
  • Ardbert is a Warrior of Light on the First and he's a shard of the WoL's soul, ergo, since Unukalhai is a Warrior of Light of the Thirteeneth, he is also. It'd be nice to put him back in the story somehow.
    • Jossed: He's a shard of Nyelbert's soul.

Hythlodaeus was the Warrior of Light's original self.
  • Notice how he's the only one aside from the WoL themselves who can sense and see Ardbert.
  • Jossed. At Gamescom 2019, Yoshi-P said that this is definitely not the case.

The Yorha:Dark Apocalypse raids send us to the bad future the Exarch came from.
  • At the end of the MSQ, the Exarch surmises that perhaps his timeline is somewhere out there. Where better to have a setting like that than in an actual Dark Apocalypse?

The final dungeon of the Shadowbringers will be set in the bad timeline.
  • If not what the previous WMG says, then why not this?

If Ryne ever crosses over to the Source, she will become Minfilia again.
  • To give the player one final gut punch at the end.

'The sound from within the earth' will be the final boss of the game.
  • In the backstory for Amaurot, it's shown that it was the fault of a 'sound from within the earth' that the Ascians began losing control of their creation magic and began accidentally creating monstrosities that led to their doom. This sound will be revealed as being the fault of some eldritch being, perhaps another Elder Primal or godlike entity, and Hydaelyn/Zodiark will willingly merge to give the Warrior of Light the blessings of light and dark to defeat it.
    • So the Final Boss will be Lavos?

Future Eden raids will run the rest of the ARR Primals
  • Since the first section of Eden involved new versions of Leviathan and Titan, we'll end up having to fight new versions of old-world primals like Shiva, Ramuh, Garuda and Ifrit. Eden Ifrit would also look more in line with his classic version and Eden Shiva could end up splitting into two bike clones that have to be brought down to prevent a raid wiping attack if not in standard mode, then in Savage.
    • Confirmed. You do fight new versions of Ramuh, Ifrit and Garuda. The latter two are fought as a tag team.
    • Also confirmed for Shiva, though the bike clones isn't a thing with her. Ryne becomes Eden Shiva and loses control of it. Her "light" form is her take of Hydaelyn and in Savage mode, her third form is Hresvelgr wrapped around her body in "dragon" form. Her raid wipe attack is a new Flood of Light.

What does the "P" in "2P" stand for?
  • Androids in NieR: Automata are named after their model (e.g. 2B is No. 2 Type B, "B" meaning "Battle"), and while 2P is a reference to 2B's Palette Swap in Soulcalibur VI, the name seems intentional and suggests the existence of Type-P, knowing Yoko Taro. Any guesses what the P means?
    • Considering the events of the Puppet's Bunker, Production maybe?
    • Or, considering the name of Puppet's Bunker, Puppet? 2B indicates that they aren't actual YoRHa, and we're likely to meet a Bigger Bad in the third raid.

The next expansion's Disciple of the Hand/Land trainers
  • Whatever happens in the post-Shadowbringers story, the next expansion will take place back in Eorzea, and new chances for the Warrior of Light to expand their crafts. The blacksmith trainer would be Gerolt, the goldsmith trainer being Godbert Manderville while the culinarian trainer would be Julyan.

The Shadowbringers Hildibrand storyline
  • While we've yet to know what shenanigans they'll end up getting to after being dragged into the First, one thing that will end up being used with great fanfare is the Great Serpent of Ronka, especially since while the Hildibrand stories start out hilarious, they end up having a Cerebus switch where things get super serious. In the G So R's case... It'll turn out to be that it was just biding its time to mutate into an 8-man trial boss that threatens creation worse than any Lightwarden.
    • Jossed. Developers stated that they will not do Hilidibrand for Shadowbringers.

Mad King Theodoric
  • We only know of the last king of Ala Mhigo as a crazed tyrant who committed a number of atrocities in his reign. He was likely a normal man until the Ascians got a hold of his mind and/or body. Doubly if it was Emet-Selch.

The villain of 6.0 will be Varis zos Galvus.
  • While it is true that he's dead, there are a couple reasons I think that this is not going to stop that character from taking villain center stage.
    • Varis had, last we spoke to him, an Allagan cloning facility that wasn't used for anything in Shadowbringers - Emet-Selch used a different body in the First and morphed it into a form resembling Solus. Allagan cloning technology was used to truly resurrect Xande - it's very possible that Varis was researching this for just such a contingency as his own death.
    • The only narratively satisfying people to take the throne in Varis's absence would be Zenos (by birthright) and Gaius (presumably after rallying the citizens around him during the civil war.) Both are complete non-options as of 5.1 - Zenos has no interest in the throne, and Gaius has been framed as Varis's killer.
    • 6.0 will likely be Garlemald. I can't imagine that Garlemald will be simply dealt with as a threat offscreen cause Zenos decided to go murder his dad - especially with the mini-dungeon bit of the Imperial Palace, whose assets I can't imagine creating without the intent to go there in the very near future. If 6.0 is Garlemald, then whoever manages to claim the throne in the chaos will likely take villain center stage.
    • All the major villains in FFXIV have a strong association with a past villain - Nael is Sephiroth, Gaius is Vayne, Thordan is Seymour, Zenos is Sephiroth, Emet-Selch is Zemus. Varis has a strong association with Emperor Mateus Palamecia - whose most famous deed was dying in an anticlimax halfway into the game before coming back as the final boss. If Varis comes back from the dead and claims villainy again, he will have done the same.
    • Looks to be jossed—the villains of 6.0 are Zenos and Fandaniel. That being said, the 8-man raid series of the expansion is entitled Pandæmonium, which has a connection with Emperor Mateus (being the name of his castle after he died), so it's not out of the realm of possibility that Varis returns in those raids.

Emet-Selch gave Vauthry the Warriors of Darkness' corpses to make the Cardinal Virtues.
  • Cylva assumes that the Ascians had some hand in their creation, but the Cardinal Virtues' bodies are a bit too fresh to have just been rotting in the ground for nearly a century before Vauthry supposedly dug them up. After all, the Warriors were convinced by the Ascians to travel to the source, so it's not out of the question that one of them was around when they offed themselves on the First to do so. It would also give an explanation for why Ardbert's body wasn't used to make a Virtue: Emet-Selch saw the shard of his friend's soul in Ardbert, and wouldn't want to desecrate his friend's memories by making their vessel into a plaything for Vauthry.

Rhitatayn will come back as a boss
  • A big armored guy with a horned helmet who was the first Garlean you fought in 2.0 that was pathetically easy. When you consider that the Garlean antagonists are patterned after previous antagonists from the series, he sounds a lot like Garland. Maybe this time he'll prove to be a challenge.

Zodiark will be released, and he'll be revealed to be an absolute asshole.
  • In order to contrast the sympathetic backstory of the Ascians, Zodiark will be completely awful. He'll reveal to Elidibus that he never intended to return the souls of Amaurot at all, before killing him after he goes over the Despair Event Horizon. It'll then be revealed that he intends to eat the souls of the inhabitants of Hydaelyn's shards before killing the Mothercrystal herself, just to spite her for getting in his way. And his final plan will be to take the souls of every living being in the multiverse just to feed his need for aether.
    • Jossed about Elidibus. He's killed in 5.3 and it's revealed the one we've known this whole time is a Primal of the original Elidibus and had been separated from Zodiark, both fighting for and against him in each Shard to usher in the Rejoining. Elidibus is also killed before he gets to see Zodiark ever reborn.

Zenos is responsible for the Sound
It's said there was a sound that turned all of the ancient Ascians so fearful it made their creation magics go so haywire leading to the apocalypse that led to the creation of not only Zodiark but Hydaelyn. The 5.2 trailer shows Zenos walking through the re-enactment of Amaurot and during this patch, if not 5.3 as well, he suffers a Villainous Breakdown so bad it travels across the ages. It would be horrifying if Emet-Selch in whatever Ascian afterlife they go to realizes his bloodline gave birth to his race's downfall.
  • Jossed. Zenos was just having a dream of the Final Days.

9S and the Machines are not actually working together and 2P is lying
  • If we follow 2P's narrative then the conclusion should be pretty simple, we are in the path of Ending D, 9S went insane for reasons unknown and is now hunting 2P because she reminds him of 2B with the aid of the Machine Network. However we are dealing with Yoko Taro here his stories are never that straightforward and one side never has the full story. To start with the 2P's narrative starts to fall apart with even a passing knowledge of the games, she never mentions YoRHa, doesn't bat an eye at the sight of the Android's gods (humanity), despite even by 2B's knowledge having never seen a human in millenia, and implies that the Androids and the Machines are working together, something neither side is even willing to consider in Automata, similarily she claims that 9S is the one controlling the Machines, something that is impossible for even a hacker as strong as 9S to do, even if we take the existence of Adam, Eve, or the Red Girls out of the equation. As if Taro wanted to put a final nail in 2P's narrative he reveals that 9S doesn't have the Logic Virus anymore and we are given hints that the Machines are being forcefully hacked by the Yo R Ha Android given their pleas for help and mercy. Finally, and perhaps more simplistic of all is that there is no P designation among Yo R Ha, and 2P's introduction is unusually informal for considering 2B's previous robotic behaviour. What each side wants is a mystery for now, but it is clear that they are not aligned and that 2P is either ignorant of said reality at best, or actively lying to the heroes for a secret agenda at worst.
    • Confirmed in 5.3. 2P was manipulating the Warrior of Light into helping her unleash the Machines onto the First, and 9S was actually trying to stop her.

Future Weapon battles
Since it's shown at the end of the Ruby Weapon questline that Sapphire is next and that the VI Ith Legion is willing to use previously killed officers in Oversouls like they used Nael van Darnus. Sapphire could end up using Regula van Hydrus with callbacks to the Warring Triad and Emerald Weapon being Grynewaht using callbacks to not just Shinryu, but also Susano and Tsukuyomi, and it would be all his namedays have come at once to get one final shot from the dead at the Warrior of Light.
  • Confirmed on Sapphire being Regula, though it’s less Warring Triad since it turns out to be a Flawed Prototype.
  • Jossed on Emerald being Grynewaht. It's Gaius from his invasion of Werlyt.
  • The Diamond Weapon will be piloted by Valens van Varro during the final chapter of the story, its Oversoul being Livia sas Junis, who has been dead since Castrum Meridianum in A Realm Reborn. Just to make sure its a one hell of a Climax Boss, even after beating it with G-Warrior, the Warrior has to go down on foot and disable it. Just for added pain, Gaius has to be the one to fully destroy Diamond Weapon/Livia to put her to rest once and for all.
  • Jossed on Livia. Valens is wanting to make Diamond Weapon's data be Zenos yae Galvus's.

The Next Weapon Battle will be an homage to Combining Mecha or Transforming Mecha
Since previous Weapon Battles have had elements of Eva and Gundam it would not be surprising that they keep this trend going and give the G-Warrior either a combined form a la GaoGaiGar or a transformable form a la Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Also giving the player the chance for either a Drop the Hammer attack or a Macross Missile Massacre would be a lot of fun.
  • More specifically, 5.5 against the final weapon will have the G-Warrior combine with or be upgraded with parts of the previously destroyed weapons either before or after having to fight the last weapon as a trial encounter.

Gaia is a preview of the Time Mage job
Gaia's magic has involved delayed reaction spells and turning her opponents into time bombs. When the Warrior of Light becomes a Time Mage by getting their own crystal, they can not only use the same kind of skills Gaia did, but also use buffs to give faster action speed and cooldowns as well.

The final form of the Shadowbringers Gunbreaker relic weapon will be the Lionheart
Since the gunbreaker job is modeled after Squall in Final Fantasy VIII, especially with the first form based on the Revolver, Squall's first weapon, it's likely the final form of the relic weapon for gunbreakers.
  • Keep in mind that Gunbreakers have a Weathered Lion Heart as an i480 gunblade. It's got the namesake, but isn't the actual weapon.

Gerolt and Grenoldt are two pieces of an Ancient soul.
The crafting system is just an extremely watered down version of creation magic, but these two are the best of the best. Clearly these two would've been the best blacksmith in Amaurot. And they weren't on the Convocation because, A. they hate working with other people: Grenolt moved to the bottom of the ocean to focus on his craft, and Gerolt regularly has to be bribed to work with the Warrior of Light in the Relic weapon quests and he's expressed disdain about the Ul'dahn Syndicate; B. they specialize in weapons and armor, which would've had no practical use in the utopian Amaurot.

Gerolt will get to finally pay off every last red gil to Rowena by the time of the final expansion
Of course getting to do so is tricky since it would involve a rather insane Warrior of Light to make each and every full level relic weapon across every expansion. Not only would it be a Throw the Dog a Bone moment for Gerolt, but it would give a title that only 0.001% of players in the game will ever get as well as a mount.

Every class going forward will get Zodiac, Anima, Eureka and Resistance relic versions
While it would be a lot of work both for the players to go through the process in each relic series as well as the developers to backport older weapons for newer classes, it would still tie into the previous WMG of "make every relic weapon for every class" achievement. And that includes Blue Mage and whatever Limited Jobs are made by the time the game's final expansion is released.

FF11's world, as different as it is, is another Shard
Especially if it turns out that 11's Adventurer is another piece of the Wo L's soul.

Anogg and Konogg are the game's equivalent of Devola and Popola.
All snarking and bombs aside, there's going to be a point where One of the twins ends up dying either by 9S's hands or another villain in the YoRHa Dark Apocalypse storyline and have their "NO ONE STOOOOOPS!" moment.
  • We see an unmasked Anogg in 5.4, and she appears to be a redhead, at least.

In 5.5's main story, Fandaniel will pull both a You Have Failed Me and You Have Outlived Your Usefulness on Zenos.
Zenos only sees taking over his own empire as a means to an end: to have an unsullied hunt for his "friend," the Warrior of Light. Not only will the Warrior prove stronger, but Fandaniel will show that this was all a Xanatos Gambit in the end that if either the Warrior or Zenos killed each other, he'd pick off the winner of the fight and use the chaos to bring about the Eight Calamity since Black Rose is now off the table.
  • Jossed. The "Endwalker" trailer shows that both of them are going to be around for 6.0's main story.

Fandaniel was "Lahabrea's mistake."
One thing that's noticed during the Ultima Weapon battle is that there's a ball of light seen fluttering about during the tracking shot before the party fights it after Lahabrea makes it cast Ultima, destroying the Praetorium. Unknown to the Garlean Empire outside of Emperor Solus/Emet-Selch, then Emperor Varis, this was where Fandaniel was sealed up since he's too much of a wild card by even Ascian standards.

The white androids and the entire series of events of the YoRHa Raids were caused by Machine Lifeforms trying to replicate human birth and it backfiring hard.
  • From the Portable Archive records, we can see that the Machine Lifeforms were developing curiosity over the process of birth, and it's highly likely that they would begin to experiment with it. This would result in the development of the White Androids and the mannequin-like beings, who would turn on the Machine Lifeforms for their own goals...whatever they may be.

The Heroes' Gauntlet bosses are previews of classes for 6.0
The Spectral Thief, Necromancer and Berserker are potential new classes for the next expansion after Shadowbringers. The Thief would be an offshoot of the Rogue class. Necromancer would be an offshoot of Thaumaturge, going into darker arts than the Black Mage would have. Berserker, however, is basically a combination of different classes. The Inner Beast of the Warrior, the leaping jump damage of a Dragoon and the BFS of a Dark Knight.

The final battle theme against Zenos in 5.5 will be a Dark Reprise of the Shadowbringers theme as well as a combination of The Worm's Tail.
Whereas the theme music against the Warrior of Light is a Triumphant Reprise that's about giving hope, this theme will about spreading despair.

Part 3 of the YoRHa raid
While exploring the ruins of the Puppet's Bunker, besides digging up files in the base, one thing is revealed if you look at the monitor where the 905-P boss fight was. There are two white-clad androids left unaccounted for. They'll most likely be the ones who bring out the Tower, which was The Very Definitely Final Dungeon in NieR: Automata.
  • Confirmed. The Tower is the final part of the YoRHa raid series.

When 9S wakes up, he'll say he has nothing to report.
It would be a shoutout to one of 9S's English voice actor's more memetic roles.

Zenos has already either absorbed or otherwise incapacitated Zodiark.
Last we saw Zenos and Fandaniel in 5.2 they were in an imperial battleship heading towards a place unknown. Then fast forward to 5.3 and we learn that Elidibus is Zodiark's heart who has somehow separated himself and become a primal to guide the Ascians. Then we promptly kill him this patch. That is bound to negatively affect Zodiark himself, and would leave him particularly vulnerable to Zenos's resonant ability. And in 5.3 we see Zenos and Fandaniel suddenly back in the Imperial palace despite having just left it to pursue Zodiark, in the throne room utterly pitch black. Rule of Symbolism perhaps foreshadowing that Zenos has absorbed Zodiark's power? And clearly, we missed a step in Zenos's and Fandaniel's journey, with Fandaniel expressing surprise that Elidibus didn't try to stop their actions. What could these actions be? Well looking at the evidence, it clearly must have involved Zodiark since that was where they were headed, and Elidibus would have clearly intervened if Zodiark himself was at risk. And considering Fandaniel is calling Zenos "His Radiance" despite not formally assuming the throne, may be a double meaning in that Zenos triumphing over Zodiark either through absorbing or incapacitation, would make Zenos the new master of the Ascians.

Next Eden Primal would be King Moggle Mog combined with King Thordan
Not sure how that would work since it seems they got all of the elements. Perhaps it would be an attempt to revive the moogle species since they aren't spotted in the First.
  • There actually is precisely one moogle seen in Norvrandt: Nutsy, leader of the regional hunting clan.

Final Fantasy XI and it's setting, Vana'diel, is one of the 13 reflections of the Source
Not only are the playable races in FFXI nearly a carbon copy of the ones in FFXIV, but some of the monsters models are nearly the exact same. Furthermore, when Iroha finds herself in Eorzea during "A Maiden's Rhapsody," the text explicitly states that she's not only found herself in another world, but that the Warrior of Light eerily reminds her of her master. It very well could be that Iroha was somehow transported to Eorzea similar to how the Scions were transported to The First and that the Adventurer (the player character of FFXI) is part of the Warrior of Light's sundered soul like Ardbert was.

The 6.x 8-man raids will be Primals of the Twelve.
With the assumption that 6.0 will take place in Garlemald, there's a chance that the Eorzean Alliance or a radical splinter group may actually take Gaius' advice from the Praetorium and summon the Twelve to fight on their behalf. Of course, this will go horribly wrong, and the Warrior of Light will be called in to destroy these violent replicas of Eorzea's gods.
  • Jossed. One of the hints shown is of an Ascian with Lahabrea's mask in a place called Pandaemonium.

It would be interesting, to say the least. The Twelve themselves mostly exist as background lore, so seeing them make a physical appearance would be very satisfying.

Even in 6.0, there's still going to be adventures in the First
Whether it's a new world event, raid series or deep dungeon, there'll always be some reason for the Warrior of Light/Darkness to keep coming back.
  • Definitely looking like it since 5.4 has a series of quests that set up a new arc involving the New Warriors of Light and Unukalhai.
  • Alternatively, it will be a return point in 6.1 - the past stories have involved few detours to prior locales in the main game, with Heavensward standing out as the most heavily involved but even then only lasting a couple quests in total, Stormblood only returning to ARR areas in transition between Gyr Abania and Othard, and Shadowbringers not involving any canon return until the patches. However, the patches have always included returns to past locales, and that seems likely to continue.

Throughout 6.0, it will be revealed that Fandaniel was the one responsible for the Sound that caused the Final Days of Amaurot.
Since his plan in 5.4 has towers that he has to invoke the Final Days on the Source, he'll also try it again on the First to finish the job that Emet-Selch and Elidibus started. Since many of the Ascians' real names so far have been based on Classical Mythology, his name will be Zeus to clash with Emet-Selch's Hades.

The final trial of the Sorrow of Werlyt series

With the G-Warrior still undergoing repairs and apparently due to recieve some upgrades, plus the general factor of not wanting to let it simply go to waste, a showdown between the G-Warrior and the Diamond Weapon seems all but inevitable. However, there still needs to be a trial and Extreme trial for 5.5, and while it's possible that SE will break with their previously established pattern and tie them into either the MSQ or another sidequest chain, it's far more likely to end up as part of the Sorrow chain. So instead, the writers Take a Third Option: 5.5's quests open up with a solo duty where you put paid to the final Weapon, but in the process the G-Warrior is thrashed, and with the Garleans closing in, the Resistance is left with no choice but to airlift you out of there and blast the wreck to hell and gone so as to deny Valens any sort of prize. Except, naturally, that doesn't work, and sometime later the VIIth Legion launches the inevitable counterattack on Terncliff, led by our favorite Mad Scientist Valens piloting the refitted and appropriately repainted G-Warrior. Time to gather up seven of your best friends (or just DF randos)!

The Grotesquerie Queen will be the final boss of the Nier Automata raid

With the recent bombshell that was dropped in 5.4 a question arises, who is going to be the final boss of the raid? In Automata's side most of the major characters that would be able to take the title have already been fought, 9S, Engels, or are either not available or unwilling to fight the party, Adam and Eve, the Red Girls, 2B. The answer may very well have been revealed in 5.4 to be a Grotesquerie Queen, the appearance of the Seed of Resurrection is a horrible thing to happen, if the events of the Drakengard series are anything to go by, and the fact that it spat out something that resembles Anogg makes it all the worse. Fighting an Anogg shaped Grotesquerie Queen fulfills the Yoko Taro story trope of fighting one of, or possibly both, twins, may very well cause the "No one stops" moment and creates a powerful oponent to be the final boss.

  • Looking pretty Jossed! The trailer for 5.5 shows it's the Red Girls.
  • Turns out only semi-Jossed, the Red Girls fused with the Seed of Creation to create their own version of a Grotesquerie Queen called the False Idol and Her Inflorescence and create a new world.

Alternatively the sphere isn't a Seed of Destruction

While the possibility of fighting a Grotesquerie Queen as a final boss sounds awesome there is another possibility with what was shown in 5.4. Yoko Taro is a known Troll and one that delights on using hints from previous games to subvert expectations and there is something strange with this particular Seed, if it is one, Annog's behavior is strange because, as Furiae so nightmarishly demostrated in Drakengard, those who are revived by the Seeds of Redemption/Destruction become monstrous parodies of their former selves with an insatiable desire to kill all living beings but, other than an inability to speak the language of the First, Annog's behavior didn't change in the slightest to the point that no one, not even her own brother questioned if this was the real Annog. It may be possible that the Machine Network is using whatever knowledge it has of the Drakengard world to create a Seed of Redemption of their own in an attempt to understand the existance and intention of God, as the humans did before them.

  • Confirmed The seed is a creation of the Network with the intention of recreating the Grotesquerie Queen seen in Tokyo millenia ago and create a new world, they succeed in opening a portal and create a new Queen but are promptly foiled by the [WoL], [2B], [9S] and Annog.

Gaius will end up performing a Redemption Equals Death/Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the Sorrow of Werlyt storyline
He's spent the last couple expansions as the Shadowhunter, but while the Warrior of Light is fighting the Diamond Weapon, he puts on the armor of the Black Wolf one last time to Hold the Line against any reinforcements and show why he was so feared, and why Emperor Varis handpicked him to begin with. Just for even harsher Tear Jerker sake, it'll also be one last homage to the ending of Crisis Core, and worse.... No matter how many you take down, he's going to end up taking all but three faceless mooks down with him.

Song predictions for Part 3 of the YoRHa Raid
Since this is the final part of the Nier Automata crossover, and likely crossing over into Drakengard, all bets are off now, even if where it's used may not make sense.
  • "A Beautiful Song."
  • "The Tower."
  • "Wretched Weaponry."
  • An FF 14-remix of "Birth of a Wish."
  • If the Grotesquerie Queen is involved, then some combination of "The Final Song" from Drakengard 3 and Shadowbringers' main theme.
    • All jossed. We got Emil-Despair, Mourning, Posessed by Disease and a remix of Kainé with Final Fantasy. Shame. would have liked Birth of a Wish in here.

When Final Fantasy XVI is released, we'll be quickly introduced to the XVIth Legion
Whether they'll play as part of a new raid series, battleground or part of the focus for 7.0.

The leader of the Dalmascan resistance is an Ascian
Their leader is allegedly Ashe, who died 20 years ago but some characters refer to her as if she was still alive. What could be possible is that an Ascian took control of her body possibly retaining her original form throughout the years.

Pandaemonium is where all the Ascians that the Warrior of Light has killed go when they die
However the battle against the Warrior and Zenos ends, it will definitely tear a hole into a new dimension that involves every last Ascian that has been fought and killed by the Warrior of Light over their storied career, allowing them to have one last chance to settle the score, especially Lahabrea who has been dead since Heavensward, and also finally give some much needed character development to Igeyorhm who barely got any, but allow them to reveal their true names and forms. Emet-Selch and Elidibus would be more allied, having tried their damnedest to kill the Warrior and know they'll pull the impossible out. One of the opponents they'll go against is Mitron, who'll test to see if you're still worthy of protecting Loghrif, aka Gaia. By the end of it, the place will turn out to be corrupted by the long-dead Emperor Varis zos Galvus, who's still part-Ascian by way of being the grandson of Emperor Solos zos Galvus, allowing him to be the Expy of Emperor Palamecia.
  • Pandemonium was a hell gate in II.

Beast Tribes in Endwalker will include
  • Matanga: These were confirmed with the reveal and are only here for organization and comfirmation sake.
  • Hummingways: Between the players going to the moon, the description of the Namingway minion, and Yoshi-P not so subtly teasing them in the Beast Tribe showcase by drawing special attention to the fact that a certain iconic Final Fantasy race comes from the moon.
  • PuPu, since they are basically aliens.

The letter Z will be important among the antagonists, Fandaniel’s true name is Zemus, and Zeromus will be the final boss
Zenos’ plans involve Zodiark, and during the final confrontation Zemus will fuse with Zodiark and will become Zeromus.

Tsukoyomi will appear
Rather than looking like Yotsuyu, this will be the “true” Tsukoyomi, and instead of a foe, will be a major ally in the moon.

Endwalker will call back to IV
As Endwalker is the fourth expansion, they weren’t exactly subtle about the FFIV references, and many call backs and characters will appear, for example, an ally named Cecil and a recurring antagonist named Golbez.
  • Maybe not explicitly named such characters, but they would be more Expies of said characters. Since Alphinaud and Alisaie have been the twin casters, they'll be the gender reversed roles of Palom and Porom. Since Estinien is now confirmed to be a Trust member, he'll be Kain. Unless Lyse or Widargelt finally makes the jump to Trust, one of them will be Yang.
  • If Gaius is still alive after the Sorrow of Werlyt, he'll go through Cecil's Paladin arc where he confronts his inner darkness represented by his Legatus armor. He learns to let go of his hate and anger, allowing himself to be purged of his darkness before becoming a Garlean-esque paladin with technology to compensate for no aether.

There will never be any male viera or female hrothgar, playable or otherwise
It's been one of the most requested things in every Live Letter stream is to announce if and when there's gonna be playable male viera and/or female hrothgar, the two of them only existing as All There in the Manual.

Gauis will be the next Scion/Trust Member after Estinien
After all is said and done, Gauis really did change for the better, and his experiences since Stormblood has made him realize he can still atone. And in a refreshing change of pace, it will be a Redemption Equals Life and he will fully commit to the cause of protecting Eorza, joining the Scions as a new man, better than ever. In a side note, he will probably fill the tank job in Trust.

Anima is going to be Zenos' mum
Well who else's mum is she going to be?

Garlemald will continue to be a threat after Endwalker
Note that Yoshida said Endwalker will conclude the Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc and said nothing about the Garleans. There are unknown members of the imperial family and it's unlikely any of them are going to give up their power. So if Garlemald does survive, it could be fractured as well.

The starter villain of Endwalker is... Zenos
We all know Fandaniel is the one with the cards in this expansion, "cooperating" with Zenos' rather mundane plan for a rematch with the Warrior of Light. However, while Zenos' power is fairly stable, the Warrior of Light's experiences in the first, powered up by Arbert's merging with your soul, as well as being Azem in the past life, means your power has advanced to a level too great for Zenos to match and he is utterly defeated in the first part of Endwalker, without too much fanfare. This then paves the way for Fandaniel to take center stage. Fadaniel might even finish him off for good measure just to prove a point.

Elidibus' true name is Hermes.
Emet-Selch's true name is Hades, and Gaia is revealed to be Ascian as well. Her lover Mitron, also an Ascian, is named Artemis. Given that admittedly small sample size they seem to be following names of Greek gods; this troper theorizes that therefore Elidibus' true name is Hermes, after the Greek god of messengers and heralds. He was also canonically the youngest of the Olympians, as Elidibus was the youngest of the Convocation.
  • Also, the WoL/Azem's original name was either Apollo, following the sun symbolism, or Dionysus, because he was a wandering god and in the side story he seems to be very fond of grapes.

Lahabrea's true name is Thanatos.
As the above WMG pointed out, the true names of the Ascians revealed have all been the names of Greek Gods. Lahabrea is slated to return in Endwalker as the main antagonist of the Pandemonium raid series. Lahabrea has been dead since Heavensward and Pandemonium is the palace of Hell itself in Paradise Lost and Final Fantasy II. It seems fitting that Lahabrea would be named after the Greek god of death.

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