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  • Many characters sport elements of mob movie archetypes—for instance, Ardyn's wardrobe is based on Al Capone's.
  • The game's first trailer quotes a line from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2: "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
    • In Episode Prompto, the scene where Prompto contemplates burning off his barcode is titled "Out, Damn'd Spot!"
  • The bounty for Deadeye in Episode Duscae describes him as "purple [and] people-eating", referencing the song by Sheb Wooley.
  • A rock formation in Episode Duscae resembles Pride Rock.
    • When getting out of the car on the road in XV, Prompto will sometimes quip "Takin' a walk on the wild side?"
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  • When attacked by the Naga in Fociaugh Hollow, Prompto utters "Snakes. Why Did It Have to Be Snakes??!"
  • Gladio's greatsword appears to be greatly inspired by the Guild Sunderer from Guild Wars 2.
  • The magical barrier protecting Lucis from invaders is named the Wall.
    • In addition, one of the in-game hint boxes warning you against driving at night tells you that "the night is dark and full of daemons".
    • The ten-year period in which Eos is in total darkness is called the Long Night.
  • In Keycatrich Trench, while talking about its use as a shelter during the war, Noct references Edwin Starr: "Wars. Huh, what are they good for?"
  • The trophy for performing a link-strike for the first time is called Noct You Like a Hurricane.
  • The first time the Regalia Type-F takes off, Noctis comments that where they are going, they don't need roads.
  • When coming across a huge locked door, Prompto remarks that they could need "a magical key that could unlock any door, like in the video games."
  • Some "heal a hunter in distress" sidequests that randomly come up while exploring the map are shout-outs to songs from animated films ("Conceal, Don't Feel", "Poor Misfortunate Soul" and "When you Believe", to name a few).
    • The Flavor Text for the unlockable Tundra Attire from Episode Prompto tells you to "let the cold know it never bothered you anyway".
  • One "broken-down car" sidequest is titled "Dude, Where's My Car?"
  • In one of Prompto's first Tours, The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead, he will say "...and if you don't start showing some proper respect, you're gonna have a bad time."
  • During the photoshoot Tour where Prompto wants Noctis to strike a pose, the "Ultimate Pose" is Caesar Zeppeli's iconic pose from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • When initiating Prompto's Tour at Spelcray Haven, he will say to Noct: "Help me, Noctis--you're my only hope!"
    • His third photoshoot during that Tour has Prompto telling Noctis to say, "Fuzzy pickles!"
  • Female NPCs in Lestallum may remark that the food "tastes like burning".
    • The description for the Gralean Medal of Distinction reads "An award presented to citizens of the imperial capital in honor of outstanding achievements in the field of excellence".
  • The toughest bee-type enemy in the game is named Killer Queen.
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  • When entering a dungeon or at nightfall, Prompto might randomly shout out "Illuminate!" when turning the flashlights on. Even Noct calls him a nerd for that one.
  • During the final Dino quest Prompto will say: "Please, sir, I want some ore!"
  • The Moogle Chocobo Festival DLC features sidequests named "The Brothers Kupomazov" and "Waiting for Maagho".
  • When fighting overworld creatures, Prompto will sometimes sing "We're in the money, we're in the money".
  • While taking pictures at the Moogle Carnival, Carbuncle would mimic Prompto's catchphrases, claiming to be "serving Prompto realness".
  • The Royal Arm Greatsword of the Tall has a chainsaw blade. Its Flavor Text advises you to "Rip and tear".
  • Kimya's speech pattern is reminiscent of Yoda's.
    • The second part of the Assassin's Festival DLC's main quest was titled "A Disturbance in the Festival".
  • When Noct corners Loqi during the Assassin's Festival's main quest, he remarks that he's "your friendly neighborhood assassin." In the Japanese version, he instead says that he's just a passing-through assassin.note 
  • One of Vyv's photo sidequests during the Assassin's Festival requires you to photograph a cat named Snowball, so named "because its fur is pretty and white."
  • One Hunt is titled "A Fistful of Gil", which requires you to kill a Daemon named Yojimbo.
  • Ignis's Tour at Cotisse Haven is titled "Stirred, not Shaken."
  • Tonberry Knights and Master Tonberries have green skin, wear a rough grey cape, barely come up to a human's knee and shuffle along like a decrepit old man most of the time... until they suddenly whip out a freaking Laser Blade and start flipping and summersaulting around like a squirrel on Speed, cutting apart anything in their way. Now where have we seen that before?
  • One of the Machinery weapons is called the Drillbreaker and it's strong against mechs.
  • The "Iron Shelf" series of cookbooks is one to Iron Chef.
  • The main-game quest that leads to the Terra Wars crossover level is called "Close Encounters of the Terra Kind".
  • Episode Gladio takes place in a crumbling, ancient tomb complex overrun with lanky, withered undead knights, dragons and other punishingly difficult monsters and heavily emphasizes the parry mechanic. Truly, it is the Dark Souls of FFXV DLC.
  • The battle with Leviathan seems familiar to the battle against Perfect Chaos. Noctis even has a Super Mode when battling her.
  • When first approaching Altissia via the Royal Vessel in Chapter 9, Prompto will remark "All work and no play...", with Noct replying "makes Ignis a dull boy."
  • The Flavor Text for the Leiden Potato has the phrase "boil it, mash it, or stick it in a stew".
  • When Aranea asks Ignis about his injury in Chapter 12, Ignis replies that it is "just a flesh wound".
  • One quest in Comrades is titled "Driving Miss Cindy".
  • The achievement for meeting the Crow's Nest Chef as a cook in Comrades is called "Come Back, Kenny".
  • A recruiting poster at EXINERIS power plant in Comrades has the phrase "to boldly go where no [engineer] has gone before."
  • During the normal ending of Episode Ignis, Ignis tells Noctis to let his friends to "share the load". A famous line from The Lord of the Rings, also spoken by a character with Undying Loyalty to the hero.

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