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Headscratchers / Final Fantasy XIV

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  • The Warrior of Light's knowledge of Y'shtola's blindness, and response to it. When the Warrior finds out from Y'mhitra, she asks them to speak to her about it and try to remind her not to push herself too hard. Based on the rest of the conversation, we ostensibly agree to do so. However, the requested conversation never actually takes place. This is literally the only time in the entire game someone has asked the Warrior to do something in good faith and they don't immediately turn around and hop to it. It gets even weirder when you realize that they'll apparently help complete strangers with all manner of drudgery without any sort of motivation beyond being a generally nice person, but will apparently indefinitely ignore a request made by one trusted adventuring companion to intervene on behalf of another.
    • From an out-of-universe standpoint, the reason the conversation doesn't take place makes sense because it's part of a sidequest. It would be weird to have Y'mhitra express concern about Y'shtola's eyes only for the Warrior to toddle on over and "warn her to take it easy" on a problem that may have already been solved, depending on when a given player actually does the quest. But that just begs the question of why the authors decided to tell the Warrior about it at all, since it results in a) Y'mhitra looking like a worrywart over a problem that isn't an issue anymore, or b) makes the Warrior look like an uncaring jackass who can't be bothered to make the minimum effort to prevent their friend dying a slow, painful, and above all unnecessary death.
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  • How in Eorzea do those Ala Mhigan Skulls even use their swords? I can buy that their swords are kind of an exaggerated Khopesh, Falchion, or Scimitar. But the way they're shaped, there's no feasible way they could be drawn unless they are slid out from the side (like some Khopesh scabbards).
  • Considering that FF 1's Warrior of Light and his three companions ended the time loop which erased what they did from history, how does the residents of Hydaelyn have the knowledge of his legend to make minions of him and two of his other companions, replicate his armor, turn into a primal version of him (which is why I'm not simply writing it off as easter egg stuff and bizarrely enough replicate his hair?
    • I don't have a straight answer but you're going tot have to ask Final Fantasy the same question because even when they stopped the time loop, the people still know enough about what happened to form legends around the heroes. My guess? They know it happened, they just don't know who was behind it and all they can do is make a guess on what they look like.
  • I don't exactly understand the appeal of the Blue Mage. It is a class made for solo play. Fair enough, but you can only do content from ARR but now Stormblood. By the time you can unlock the Blue Mage, you have no need of anything from those zones. You can't New Game Plus them. On top of that, the game is highly soloable enough as is with the Duty Finder basically making it a drop in multiplayer. Finally, you have to use the party finder to unlock some blue mage abilities which... what? Doesn't that defeat the point of it being a class made for solo play?
    • In a word: novelty. Blue Mages go around and collect spells like how you could collect Triple Triad cards and certain people are into that.
    • I just discovered this now: You're allowed to take Blue Mages to treasure map dungeons which will level sync. Their overpowered spells can be helpful when you can't find eight people to do it with.

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