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Magic: The Gathering has been around for a while, and it's accumulated a lot of storyline in that time. This is an index of pages for the individual Magic novels, comics, and other bits of storyline, listed roughly in chronological order by their associated expansions.

Most of them are still redlinks; if you've read them, you can help by creating and/or expanding their pages.


  • Prerevisionist novels and anthologies:
    The earlier Magic stories are referred to as "prerevisionist" and are not considered canon where they conflict with later stories.
  • Legends Cycle I
    The first Legends Cycle focuses primarily on the story of Jedit Ojanen.
  • Legends Cycle II
    This cycle introduces Nicol Bolas as the Emperor of Madara, pitting him against Tetsuo Umezawa.
  • Ice Age Cycle:
    The Ice Age cycle follows the life of Archmage Jodah, Founder of Magic during a dark age, centuries after the Brother's War.
  • Rath and Storm
    The anthology Rath and Storm is the first book of the Weatherlight saga, corresponding to the Weatherlight, Tempest, Stronghold, and Exodus expansions in the card game.
  • Artifacts Cycle:
    Corresponding to the Urza's Saga block in the card game, this cycle of prequels illuminates the truth about Urza's past, from his mortal beginnings to his involvement in the ongoing Weatherlight saga.
    • The Thran
      A prequel to the prequels that tells the origin story of Yawgmoth.
    • The Brothers' War
      Also a prequel to the prequels, this one tells the story of the Antiquities expansion, when Urza and his brother Mishra fought the eponymous war.
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    • Planeswalker
    • Time Streams
    • Bloodlines
  • Masquerade Cycle:
    The Weatherlight saga develops further as Gerrard and his crew visit the plane of Mercadia after escaping from Rath. Meanwhile, a new Evincar of Rath is crowned, and Teferi defends Jamuraa from a Keldon invasion.
  • Invasion Cycle:
    This cycle concludes the Weatherlight saga as Phyrexia launches a full-scale invasion of Dominaria (hence the title).
  • Odyssey Cycle:
    The Odyssey Cycle begins the Mirari saga. It's set on the Dominarian continent of Otaria and follows the plot of the card game's Odyssey block.
  • Onslaught Cycle:
    The Mirari saga continues with the epic four-way struggle between the forces of Akroma, Phage, Ixidor, and Kamahl.
  • Mirrodin Cycle:
    On the metallic plane of Mirrodin, we follow Glissa Sunseeker in her quest to discover the secrets of her plane and its mad golem caretaker, Memnarch.
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  • Kamigawa Cycle:
    The plane of Kamigawa is torn by a war between the mortal world and the spirit world. Princess Michiko Konda is determined to find out why, with the help of Toshiro Umezawa.
  • Ravnica Cycle:
    The Ravnica cycle follows seasoned Boros officer Agrus Kos and his friends across a series of conflicts and conspiracies that threaten to overturn the fabric of Ravnican society.
  • Time Spiral Cycle:
    The fallout from Dominaria's numerous apocalypses has destabilized time itself. Teferi and Jhoira set out to repair the time rifts that threaten to collapse the entire multiverse.
  • Lorwyn/Shadowmoor Cycle:
    Lorwyn is a world with no night. Its tie-in novels follow the stories of Ashling and Rhys as the world-altering Aurora looms closer. The Shadowmoor novels continue the story after everlasting day becomes everlasting night and the plane shows its darker side.
  • Planeswalker novels:
  • Alara Unbroken
    The tie-in novel for the Shards of Alara block follows Ajani Goldmane as he unravels the mystery of his brother's assassination, searching for revenge on those responsible. Meanwhile, the five Shards, separated long ago, are reconverging...
  • Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum
    On the plane of Zendikar, the ancient Eldrazi are awakening from their eons-long slumber. Nissa Revane and Sorin Markov team up to quest for the Eye of Ugin, where they hope to reseal them.
  • Scars Of Mirrodin The Quest For Karn
    The plane of Mirrodin is infected by the Phyrexian scourge; its creator, Karn, is trapped beneath the surface, being worshipped as the new Father of Machines. Koth, Venser, and Elspeth set out to rescue Karn and save Mirrodin from becoming New Phyrexia.
  • War of the Spark: Ravnica
    Written by Greg Weisman and concluding the Nicol Bolas arc. The Elder Dragon has initiated his final bid to regain his godhood by plotting to absorb the sparks of planeswalkers, sending his Eternal army to invade Ravnica in the process, and it's up to the Gatewatch and whatever allies they can gather to finally put an end to his schemes.

Digital Novels

  • The Secretist
    Niv-Mizzet and the rest of the Izzet guild of Ravnica are planning something, inciting paranoia among the other guilds. The planeswalker Jace Beleren gets involved; shenanigans ensue.
  • Godsend
    Elspeth Tirel travels to Theros after the fall of Mirrodin and gets wrapped up in the plans of the power-mad satyr Xenagos, who seeks to ascend to godhood; shenanigans ensue.
  • Children of the Nameless
    On Innistrad, Tacenda Verlasen's family is killed by ravenous geists. She seeks revenge against the Lord of the Manor, but he turns out to be the planeswalker Davriel Cane. Now, it is up to the two of them to solve the mystery of who sent the geists and save Tacenda's family and Davriel's nap-time.
  • The Wildered Quest
    Will and Rowan Kenrith, twin mage-knights on the plane of Eldraine, undergo their first quest: finding their father, the High King, before his absence plunges the plane into a bloody war.


  • Comic books can be found here.

Manga (Paper and Online)

In 2012, Dengeki Magazine published several side stories as part of promotion for Magic 2013. These includes:


TAP: Max's Game is a czech independent film about a group of five MTG players. While technically not official, it is endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, and a sequel is coming up.

Uncharted Realms

Since about 2014, Wizards has moved away from normal literature in lieu of publishing a weekly story on their website in the column "Uncharted Realms". Each chapter is written by a different author, and chronicles one story in the current timeline, correlating roughly with the set that is newest at that point.

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