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  • The Boys:
  • The Girls:
    • Id: Caitlin — In Love with Love, very kind but often completely clueless. Typically Once an Episode she ends up crying so much over something minor that her mascara runs.
    • Ego: Nikki — Immature when it comes to her job, which she somehow keeps despite not caring about it at all, yet very mature for her age otherwise with a very developed Deadpan Snarker sense of humor, and can often find herself as the Only Sane Woman in the group.
    • Superego: Jen — Easily the most responsible girl in the group, she takes her job and her life very seriously and is very motivated to do well. Like Wyatt and Nikki, she often finds herself as the Only Sane Woman due to caring more about the things that really matter.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

  • Ego: Ickis — Main character, ability to scare by growing to tremendous size is affected by his confidence which varies greatly depending on outside influence.
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  • Id: Krumm — Slothful, gluttenous, rife with body odour and with all the other flaws of unrestrained children.
  • Superego: Oblina — Smart, motivated and studious, often trying to get the other two to pull themselves together. Kind of like if Hermione Granger was a black and white talking candy cane.

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

  • Superego: Jimmy — Intelligent, stubborn.
  • Id: Sheen — Immature, stubborn, crazy.
  • Ego: Carl — Timid, reasonable, and reluctant. (Id at times)

The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

  • Ego: Teddy — Leader who wants to be everyone’s friend.
  • Id: Grubby — Bumbling comic relief who loves food.
  • Superego: Gimmick — Approaching things scientifically.

Adventure Time

  • Ego: Finn — The Hero who wants to help people.
  • Id: Jake — Dim-witted sidekick who loves goofing off at home.
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  • Superego: Princess Bubblegum — Logical perspective.

Alvin and the Chipmunks:

  • Id: Alvin — Passion
  • Superego: Simon — Reason
  • Ego: Theodore — Kindness


  • The Warner Siblings
    • Ego: Yakko
    • Superego: Wakko
    • Id: Dot
  • The Main Grownups
    • Id: Thaddeus Plotz
    • Superego: Dr. Scratchensniff
    • Ego: Hello Nurse
  • The Goodfeathers

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • Id: Master Shake — Harmful to himself & others, especially Meatwad. Mocks his roommates every chance he gets.
  • Superego: Frylock — Scientific genius. Tries to maintain order.
  • Ego: Meatwad — Innocent, but takes on bad habits from Shake.

Atomic Betty

  • Ego: Betty — Serves as the voice of reason between Sparky and X-5's frequent bickering.
  • Id: Sparky — Ditzy, eccentric goofball who tends to think more with his stomach.
  • Superego: X-5 — Sardonic and logical, but also distant and unemotional.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

  • The Gaang before they picked up Toph:
    • Superego: Sokka — Bossy, Deadpan Snarker, rigid , enjoys planning, tries to declare himself leader of the group while pointing out the obvious clumsiness of Aang.
    • Id: Aang — Avatar or not, he is to all the effects a hyperactive, playful and mischievous kid and acts more by emotion than logic and is an All-Loving Hero to boot. In the start, also was a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander.
    • Ego: Katara — Id leanings; acts more by emotion than logic, but less than Aang.
    • By the time Season 3 comes about, Aang and Katara have switched places.
    • The men in the Gaang also form a Freudian Trio with Zuko as the Id.
  • Azula's trio:

Avatar: The Legend of Korra:

  • Team Avatar before being joined by Asami.
    • Id: Korra — A brash and impulsive Destructive Savior who likes to pick fights and often acts before she thinks things through.
    • Superego: Mako — A serious Control Freak who keeps his life in strict order and focuses intensely on his goals, out of fear of being turned back out on the streets.
    • Ego: Bolin — A laid-back charmer who loves a good time and good laughs, but isn't afraid of hard work.
  • Aang and Katara's adult children
    • Superego: Tenzin — Airbender, leader of the Air Temple
      • Tenzin's kids: Jinora, friend of the spirits and Airbending Master (Superego); Ikki, only sane girl (Ego); Meelo, Bratty Half-Pint (Id; there's also baby Rohan who's this by default).
    • Ego: Kya — Waterbender, free spirit
    • Id: Bumi — Non-bender until he gains airbending powers in season 3, Commander Bad Ass Boisterous Bruiser

The Backyardigans: the boys

Batman: The Animated Series, the cops:

  • Superego: Commissioner Gordon — fatherly and prone to see the bigger picture (Ego on occasions)
  • Id: Detective Harvey Bullock — brash, distrustful, Big Eater Cowboy Cop
  • Ego: Officer Renee Montoya — Occasionally Superego as a By-the-Book Cop, but being a field officer, more grounded in reality than Gordon

Ben 10

  • Id: Ben Tennyson — Over-eager superhero.
  • Superego: Gwen Tennyson — Brainy, understated, occasionally snarky.
  • Ego: Grandpa Max — Authority, knowledge, parental figure, former MIB-type.

Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • Ego: Ben — Starts off as Superego; as the leader, tries to do what the hero sees as right, though it may backfire.
  • Superego: Gwen — Starts off as Ego; smart, voice of reason, gets along well with both.
  • Id: Kevin Levin — Cocky, daring, an ex-villain.

Eventually, Ben finds out that one of his forms, Alien X, takes this concept a little too literally...

  • Superego: Serena — Voice of love and compassionate.
  • Id: Bellicus — Voice of rage and aggression.
  • Ego: Ben — Voice of reason, "tie-breaker."

Biker Mice from Mars:

  • Id: Vinnie — Fun-loving party animal and wise-cracker, who acts first and apologises later. Always has a grin, even when in pain. Colour scheme: white.
  • Superego: Modo — Preaches traditional moral values and quotes the wisdom of his grandmother. Gentle-hearted giant whose anger is usually brought on by reflecting on the actions of others. Chooses to wait and plan rather than rushing in. Colour scheme: grey.
  • Ego: Throttle — Cool, wry, with a soft-spot and great understanding for his bros, but with a keen eye for the middle ground between them. Warm-hearted and fun-loving, but in moderation, and serious and commanding as the situation demands. He will generally hold the veto vote between the paths of action suggested by the two extremes. Colour scheme: yellow

The Boondocks:

  • Superego: Huey — Moralizing leftist
  • Id: Riley — Gangster thug wannabe
  • Ego: Robert — Balance

Camp Lakebottom

  • The campers:
    • McGee (Ego), Squirt (Id), and Gretchen (Superego).
  • The staff:
    • Sawyer (Ego), Rosebud (Id), and Armand (Superego).

Catscratch; Word of God even mentioned this in the Not Just Cartoons...Nicktoons book.

  • Id: Mr. Blik — Scheming money-grubber
  • Ego: Waffle — Good-natured guy in the middle
  • Superego: Gordon — Honorable


  • Ego: Rudy Tabootie — Reasonable and well-meaning, although prone to not thinkings through and being a bit book-dumb.
  • Superego: Penny Sanchez — Intelligent and precocious.
  • Id: Snap — Scrappy and feisty.

Clarence; invoked in the character bios

  • Id: Clarence — Impulsive adventurer
  • Ego: Sumo — Wild guy with occasional wise moments
  • Superego: Jeff — Intellectual


  • Id: Chowder — Scatterbrained apprentice who's a Big Eater who does his best to be a chef.
  • Ego: Mung Daal — Professional chef, but is a Casanova Wannabe.
  • Superego: Schnitzel — More level-headed and No Respect Guy.

Danny Phantom

  • Ego: Danny Fenton/Phantom — Leader, usually caught in middle
  • Superego: Sam Manson — Rational, levelheaded, cool and cynical
  • Id: Tucker Foley — Fun-loving, comic relief, always tempted by his vice

Daria: Lawndale High Faculty

  • Ego: Ms. Janet Barch — More level headed than DeMartino in contrast to his overreacting her response to the idiocy going on in the school was more deadpan though can be irrational with her hatred of the male gender, with one exception of course
  • Superego: Mr. Timothy O'Neill — Overly cautious, avoids conflict whenever possible but is very patient when dealing with his colleagues
  • Id: Mr. Anthony De Martino — While intelligent, he's neurotic, Hot-Blooded and very impulsive


  • Id: Luci. A literal demon from hell that is always pushing Bean to make decisions based on how fun they are and embrace her primal urges, which include wreaking havoc, drinking and screwing.
  • Ego: Bean. She's a hedonistic and selfish princess who likes to have fun much more than what she likes to do her royal duties, but she also has a moral compass — even if an unpredictable one —, and many times tries to do the right thing while having fun.
  • Superego: Elfo, a nice guy that tries to steer Bean clear from Luci's influence over her and remember her of her own positive traits.

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds:

  • Ego: Porthos — leader and mediator
  • Id: Athos — hotheaded man of action and appetite
  • Superego: Aramis — refined aesthete

Duck Dodgers

DuckTales (2017)

  • Ego: Louie - The Fixer. The Schemer, but able to improvise. Mixes Dewey's enthusiasm with Huey's head for strategy.
  • Superego: Huey - the responsible older brother. Maker of schedules. The only Junior Woodchuck this time.
  • Id: Dewey - the adventurous one, most likely to jump into danger or try something for the heck of it.
  • Dewey and Louie can switch between being Id and Ego depending on the situation. If the episode focuses on adventuring, the Freudian Trio is laid out as above. If the episode revolves around working, Dewey plays the Ego (being driven, competitive and motivated) when compared to Louie's lazy, pleasure-seeking Id.

The episode "Terror of the Terra-firmians" incorporates new character Lena into the mix:

  • Id: Webby, who believes in the possible existence of Terra-firmians even without proof.
  • Superego: Huey, who will not accept such claims unless he has solid proof - and also gets paralyzed when confronted with his fears of the unknown.
  • Ego: Lena, who wants to believe in the existence of Terra-firmians along with Webby, but points out that the younger duckling doesn't help her case by utilizing fanfiction as "evidence". Louie takes up the role of the Ego when Lena goes off with Mrs. Beakley in the second and third acts of the episode, playing peacemaker between Webby and Huey.

Ed, Edd n Eddy:

  • Id: Ed — Physicality personified, dumb, wildly emotional, muscle
  • Superego: Edd — Neat freak, The Smart Guy, thoughtful brainiac
  • Ego: Eddy — Schemer, the leader, ruled by his desires, most goal driven
    • Eddy is the ego and Ed is the id. Ed is totally physical, and lives in the moment. Superstitious and prone to flights of fancy. He lives through his raw senses in an unsophisticated way, without thought or planning more than the other two in the ensemble. He's also the most wildly emotional. Eddy is the planner, he's goal driven, and the most aspiring and ambitious of the trio, providing the impetus for action in all their adventures. Haphazardly putting the objective of jawbreakers before all else and putting his friends and others in the cul-de-sac to work in his schemes. More over he's also the decision maker of the group and most competitive. Edd is the super-ego hands down, being morally scrupulous, intelligent, conscientious and thoughtful. Together they are something like: Ed: the body; Edd: the mind; and Eddy: the personality.

The Fairly OddParents

  • Timmy (Ego), Cosmo (Id), and Wanda (Superego).

Family Guy (first three seasons, not taking in later characterization)

  • Id: Peter — Impulsive, moronic, Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Superego: Brian — Intellectual, snarky, and ultimately tries to talk Peter down to earth.
  • Ego: Lois — Smart and kind, but also prone to moments of selfishness and impulsiveness (albeit not as frequently as Peter).

Among Peter's gang (first 8 seasons)

  • Id: Quagmire — Fifties-styled sex maniac and pervert.
  • Superego: Cleveland — Calm, tries to keep sanity within the quartet during one of Peter's schemes.
  • Ego: Joe — Keeps sanity like Cleveland, but also passionate and a quick-thinking cop.


Gargoyles loves to mess around with this:The "Trio"

  • Broadway (Id), Lexington (Ego, leading to Superego), and Brooklyn (Superego).

G.I. Joe The Cobra ruling triumvirate:

  • Id: Cobra Commander — Likes everything his way, he makes fun of his captives and is eager to use the latest weapon just for fun.
  • Superego: Destro — Tries to keep a sort of order among Cobra and chastises the Commander's more eccentric plans.
  • Ego: Baroness — Her loyalty is divided between her Commander and her beloved Destro and mediates between both.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series:

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

  • Ego: Grim — More or less trying to survive being stuck with two insufferable children.
  • Id: Billy — Stupid and impulsive.
  • Superego: Mandy — Intelligent and deadpan.

Harvey Beaks

  • Superego: Harvey — Cautious and thoughtful.
  • Ego: Fee — Rough but caring.
  • Id: Foo — Eccentric and carefree.

Harvey Street Kids

  • Id: Audrey
  • Ego: Lotta
  • Superego: Dot

Hey Arnold!

  • Arnold (Superego), Helga (Id) and Gerald (Ego).


  • Ego: Frida — somewhere in-between Hilda and David.
  • Id: Hilda — easily excitable and somewhat emotional.
  • Superego: David — meek and reserved, yet logical and rational.

Home on the Range

  • Ego: Maggie — in the middle
  • Superego: Mrs. Calloway — the stern, proper one
  • Id: Gracie — the ditzy fun lover

I Am Weasel

  • Superego: IM Weasel — The cool, rational one
  • Id: IR Baboon — The reckless one
  • Ego: Red Guy (Id too, sometimes)

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Ego: Jackie — The usual voice of reason in the group; kind and intelligent.
  • Id: Jade — Impulsive, reckless, and adventurous.
  • Superego: Uncle — Very cranky but also very knowledgeable.

The Dark Hand Enforcers:

  • Finn (Id), Ratso (Superego), and Chow (Ego).

Jimmy Two-Shoes

  • Ego: Jimmy — Fun-loving, optimistic, often tries to make peace between Beezy and Heloise; but can think before he acts, often oblivious to faults of others. (Some Id and Superego qualities)
  • Id: Beezy — Lazy, a glutton, and doesn't follow his father's steps.
  • Superego: Heloise — Intelligent, only calm around Jimmy and looks out for him due to her crush, but is easily angered, sadistic, and tries hard to be nice (Some Id and Ego qualities)

Johnny Test

  • Johnny (Id), Dukey (Superego), and Susan & Mary (Ego).

Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures:

  • Id: Jonny — Fun-loving, impulsive, reckless, emotion-driven
  • Superego: Hadji — Responsible, mature, logical, is into science and tech
  • Ego: Jessie — Also emotional and fun-loving, yet rational, likes science and is more mature than Jonny

Josie and the Pussycats first tier

  • Ego: Josie — Team leader who takes into consideration both Valerie's reasoning and Melody's intuition.
  • Superego: Valerie — Conscientious and intelligent.
  • Id: Melody — The Ditz but highly intuitive.

Josie and the Pussycats second tier

  • Ego: Alan — Team leader who mediates between Alexandria and Alexander.
  • Superego: Alexander — Comically thrifty and structured.
  • Id: Alexandria — the Alpha Bitch whose favorite target of insult is Melody (but Melody never notices or cares).


  • Id: Peter — immature, often in trouble for it.
  • Superego: Judy — smart "Brain Queen", tries to control Peter.
  • Ego: Alan — mediates between them to stay on the survival track.

Justice League

  • Id: Superman — Going after Darkseid to kill him in "Twilight" and letting Luthor mess with his head in season 4.
  • Ego: Wonder Woman — Passionate but reasonable.
  • Superego: Batman — Keeping a cooler head than the other two and figuring out Project Cadmus was plotting against them in season 4.
    • Various episodes also have 3-leaguer teams that end up going this way. Martian Manhunter actively sets them up like this:
    Initiation: Supergirl (Ego), Green Lantern & Captain Atom (Superego), and Green Arrow (Id).
    Hawk and Dove: Wonder Woman (Ego), Dove (Superego), Hawk (Id).
    This Little Piggy: Batman (Ego), Zatanna (Superego), B'Wanna Beast (Id).
    Fearful Symmetry: Supergirl (Ego), Green Arrow (Superego), The Question (Id... Sort of).
    Once And Future Thing Part One: Green Lantern (Ego), Batman (Superego), Wonder Woman (Id).
    Once And Future Thing Part Two: Batman (Ego), Future Bruce Wayne (Superego, and a mean one), Terry (Id).
    Cat and the Canary: Wildcat (Ego), Black Canary (Superego), Green Arrow (Id).
    The Ties That Bind: Mr. Miracle and Big Barda (Ego), J'onn J'onzz (Superego), Flash (Id).
    Clash: Captain Marvel (Ego), Batman (Superego), Superman (Id).
    Mystery in Space: Hawkgirl (Ego), Vixen (Superego), Vigilante (Id).
    Question Authority: Superman (Ego), Captain Atom (Superego), Huntress (Id).
    I Am Legion: Fire (Ego), Shayera (Superego), Flash (Id).
    Shadow of the Hawk: Shayera (Ego), Batman (Superego), Carter (Id).
    Flash and Substance: Flash (Ego), Batman (Superego), Orion (Id).
    Great Brain Robbery: Green Lantern (Ego), Dr. Fate (Superego), Luthor!Flash (Id).
    Far from Home: Supergirl (Ego), Green Lantern/Brainiac V (Superego), Green Arrow (Id).
    Ancient History: Green Lantern (Ego), Hawkman (Superego), Shayera (Id).
    Destroyer: Batman (Ego), Luthor (Superego), Superman (Id).

Littlest Pet Shop (2012) (The male pets):

  • Superego: Russell
  • Id: Sunil
  • Ego: Vinnie

Martin Mystery

  • Id: Martin — Prankster, hyperactive believer
  • Ego: Java — In-between, adventurous
  • Superego: Diana — Intellectual skeptic

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

  • Id: Flapjack — Adventurous keet.
  • Ego: K'nuckles — Older Anti-Role Model. (Tending towards Id)
  • Superego: Bubbie — Sensible Team Mom.

Max Steel, the three main female characters

  • Superego: Rachel Leeds — Straight-laced rule follower.
  • Id: Kat Ryan — Impulsive, snarky, speaks her mind.
  • Ego: Laura Chen — The normal one of the three, typical Girl Next Door.
    • Max/Josh himself tends to vary between Ego and Id: if he's partnered with Rachel he's more Ego; if he's partnered with Kat he's more Id.

Megas XLR:

  • Id: Coop — Impulsive Genius Ditz, usually the one to get them in trouble.
  • Superego: Kiva — Always trying to hold Coop back from his id-riffic rampages.
  • Ego: Jamie — A fairly normal guy (if unambitious), although he isn't completely immune to flights of fancy. At the very least, he sometimes tries to talk Coop out of his more dangerous exploits, in favor of going to look for the Planet Of Sexy Women.

Mickey Mouse:

  • Ego: Mickey — The everyman.
  • Id: Donald — Temperamental with Hair-Trigger Temper and impulsive.
  • Superego: Goofy — The most calm and restrained of the trio(although also very dim-witted).

Mighty Max

  • Ego: Max — The hero, not as intelligent as Virgil or as strong as Norman, but good at thinking on his feet and often acts as mediator between the other two.
  • Id: Norman — The guardian, a superstrong Blood Knight whose reckless nature sometimes gets him hit by The Worf Effect.
  • Superego: Virgil — The mentor, short and physically weak but also highly intelligent, even capable of predicting the future with near perfect accuracy by using applied mathematics.

Mike, Lu & Og

  • The kids:
    • Ego: Mike — Blithe, adventurous, caring, curious.
    • Id: Lu — Bratty, loud, stubborn, impatient.
    • Superego: Og — Intelligent, philosophical, quiet.
  • The Philosophical Society:
    • Ego: Goat — Authoritative, considerate
    • Id: Pig — Irritable, lazy, gluttonous
    • Superego: Spiney — Timid, neurotic, soft-spoken

Monsters vs. Aliens

  • Dr. Cockroach (Superego), Missing Link (Ego), and B.O.B. (Id).

Mr. Bogus:

  • Ego: Bogus — Dominant and determined.
  • Id: Brattus — Rambunctious and exciteable.
  • Superego: Tommy — Logic-minded and thinking things through.

Or when Bogus teams up with his enemies Ratty and Mole in an Enemy Mine moment:

¡Mucha Lucha!:

  • Ego: Rikochet — Brave, ambitious, values friendship and honour.
  • Superego: Buena Girl — Smart, uptight, feels a necessity to follow the rules with no exception.
  • Id: The Flea — Often selfish, two-faced and egocentric.

The New Batman Adventures: In "Judgement Day," Two-Face gains a third personality, making him a one-man Freudian Trio:

  • Ego: Harvey Dent — Normal personality that is timid and easily bossed around
  • Id: "Big Bad Harv" — Violent criminal made from years of repressed anger
  • Superego: The Judge — Violent vigilante obsessed with justice (with a court theme to match) that ultimately plans to kill his bad side (i.e. 'himself''), probably created by guilt from normal side

Ōban Star-Racers:

  • Id: Jordan
  • Ego: Molly
  • Superego: Aikka

Packages from Planet X

  • Dan (Ego), Troll (Id), and Amanda (Superego).

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

  • Pac (Id), Spiral (Ego), and Cylindria (Superego).

Phineas and Ferb

  • Phineas (Ego), Ferb (Superego) and Candace (Id)
  • Isabella (Ego), Baljeet (Superego) and Buford (Id)

The Powerpuff Girls:

  • Superego: Blossom — "commander and the leader"
  • Ego: Bubbles — "the joy and the laughter"
  • Id: Buttercup — "the toughest fighter"

The Problem Solverz:

  • Superego: Roba — "Oh hi!"
  • Ego: Horace — "And I'm Horace. You've known me the longest."

The Raccoons:

  • Id: Bert — Fun-loving and flighty
  • Superego: Ralph — Responsible and logical
  • Ego: Melissa — Balance, common sense

Ready Jet Go!!:

  • Id: Sydney — Unlike Sean, Sydney wants to become a successful science fiction author and is more into science fiction and Greek mythology. She is also more emotional, kind, and loving than any of the group.
  • Superego: Sean — Sean is studious and smart, and wants to grow up to be a great scientist and lead the first human mission to Mars. Sean is also concerned about his grades most of the time and uses the Scientific Method, as well as logical reasoning, to solve problems. Due to this, he has a terrible imagination.
  • Ego: Jet — While Sean and Sydney are polar opposites, Jet is one of the sole reasons why they hang together and the arrival of Jet pretty much brought them together. Jet is talented at acting, singing, and dancing, and is curious about everything, especially Earth. Jet is also kind and generous, and always has a positive attitude and great leadership skills.

Regular Show:

  • Id: Rigby — Impulsive and messy
  • Superego: Mordecai — Sensible and calm
  • Ego: Benson — Responsible yet shot-tempered

Rex the Runt:

  • Ego: Rex — The protagonist, who must deal with his own needs and strange pressing situations
  • Superego: Wendy — The voice of reason, but got suckered into a high-profile cult one time
  • Id: Bad Bob — Has an eyepatch and a very large gun

Rocket Monkeys:

  • Wally (Id), Gus (Ego), and YAY-OK (Superego).

Rocko's Modern Life:

  • Ego: Rocko — Mature and common sense
  • Id: Heffer — Food-loving and reckless
  • Superego: Filbert — Responsible and logical

The Simpsons:

  • Bart/Homer (Id)
  • Lisa/Marge (Superego)
  • Maggie (Ego, although there isn't much to go by).

With the exclusion of Kenny and Butters, the main characters of South Park can qualify as this, especially in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow".

  • Ego: Stan — Logical but emotional, empathetic, can cause trouble but tries to do the right thing.
  • Superego: Kyle — Intelligent, analytical, will go to extreme measures to set things right.
  • Id: Cartman — Jerkass, has little to no sympathy, always causes trouble to get what he wants.

Steven Universe: Sans Steven, The Crystal Gems make up a Freudian Trio:

  • Ego: Garnet, most concerned with the day to day, and in possession of her own Id and Superego with Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Id: Amethyst, hungry for life, doesn't like to do much deep thinking, as it depresses her.
  • Superego: Pearl, the most rule and protocol-oriented of the gems.
    • The Diamonds were also designed to be as such.would often mediate between her and Yellow
      • Ego: Blue, was known to spoil Pink the most and
      • Id: Pink, prior to her Heel–Face Turn was impulsive, craved stimulation and experience, demanding and self centred.
      • Superego: Yellow, very obsessed with the rules of Homeworld

Superman: The Animated Series: In "Knight Time", Bane, The Riddler, and The Mad Hatter were planning on wreaking havoc on Gotham City before being stopped by Superman posing as Batman and Robin.

  • Ego: The Riddler — "Anyone we wish to imprison, you, Riddler, will entrap."
  • Superego: The Mad Hatter — "Any from whom we require allegiance, you, Hatter, will control."
  • Id: Bane — "[A]ny that stand in our way, I will break!"

Sym-Bionic Titan:

  • Ego: Ilana — Loving, caring, and willing to go out of her way to save people, but also applies logic and critical thinking before rushing in.
  • Id: Lance — Hot-Blooded, angsty, and definitely shoot-first-ask-questions-later, especially in the beginning.
  • Superego: Octus — Calm, authoritative, driven by logic, and... well, robotic (duh).


  • Superego: God , A complete asshole devoted solely to his timetable of Armageddon no deviation will be tolerated all his angels have no free will .
  • Ego: Spawn , not against using evil sadistic methods to get stuff done, but in the end will sacrifice himself for his code of altruism.
  • Id: Lucifer , A complete asshole who seeks to destroy all things God makes without deviation. All his demons have an inborn need for sadistic sexual release.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Ego), Patrick Star (Id), Squidward Tentacles (Superego).

Tangled: The Series

  • Rapunzel (Ego), Eugene (Superego) and Cassandra (Id).

Thomas the Tank Engine:

  • The tank engines:
    • Id: Percy — Youthful and mischievous.
    • Ego: Thomas — Sometimes mischievous, but more mature than Percy.
    • Superego: Toby — Mature, wise, well behaved.
  • The tender engines:
    • Id: James — Headstrong, temperamental and arrogant.
    • Ego: Henry — Warm-hearted, reasonably well behaved.
    • Superego: Gordon — Stern, uncompromising, clashes with James.

Time Squad

  • Buck Tuddrussel (Id), Larry 3000 (Superego), and Otto (Ego).

Totally Spies!

  • Superego: Sam — intellectual, calculating, level-headed
  • Id: Clover — shopaholic, boy-crazy, short-tempered,
  • Ego: Alex — the most normal and plain of the three

Transformers Animated — Blitzwing is the power trio.

  • Superego: Icy — calm, collected, rational
  • Id: Hothead — aggressive, uncontrolled, passionate
  • Ego: Random — creative, flexible, moderates between the first two

Also the three Academy Bots:

  • Id: Sentinel Prime — impulsive, arrogant, self-centered Jerkass
  • Superego: Optimus Prime — Strict, responsible, plays by the rules, quarrels with Sentinel
  • Ego: Elita One (Before she became Blackarachnia and allied with the Decepticons) — Sweet, curious, mediates between Optimus and Sentinel

Transformers Cybertron had a few:Autobots:


  • Coby
  • Lori
  • Bud


  • Megatron
  • Starscream (later replaced by Scourge after a successful betrayal)
  • Thundercracker - Dumb hick who can still cause damage.

Transformers Armada had three sets:

The bad guys too:

  • Ego: Demolishor — Dim, but relatively sane
  • Superego: Starscream (with some Id tendencies) — Something of a Noble Demon
  • Id: Cyclonus — Somewhat Ax-Crazy

And the human sidekicks....

  • Ego: Rad — the leader
  • Superego: Alexis — the "sensible" one
  • Id: Carlos — the most emotional

Beast Wars — The three Maximals in charge.

  • Ego: Optimus — Level-headed and flexible, but can lose his temper and be aggressive.
  • Superego: Rhinox — Logical, rational, calm and quiet.
  • Id: Rattrap — Hot-headed, self-indulgent and insulting.

The Transformers — The Decepticon top brass.

  • War Dawn
    • Megatron (Id), Soundwave (Superego), and Shockwave (Ego).
  • Pre-movie
  • From The Transformers: The Movie on:
    • Id: Galvatron — Easily the most impulsive and violent of the trio
    • Superego: Cyclonus — Logical and patient, but does show some ego traits as he reasons between Galvatron and Scourge
    • Ego: Scourge — Usually level headed but more prone to act on his emotions though not to the level of Galvatron

Transformers: Prime has several examples.

  • The Autobots:
    • Superego: Optimus — Generally the most logical and level-headed of the group.
    • Ego: Ratchet — Smart, but also pessimistic and neurotic.
    • Id + Ego: Arcee — Somewhat hotheaded but nonetheless capable.
    • Id: Bulkhead/Bumblebee — The Big Guy and The Chick, respectively.
  • The Wreckers (in season three)
    • Id: Wheeljack — bomb-happy Samurai Cowboy and self-proclaimed loner who chafes under authority.
    • Superego: Ultra Magnus — stoic, strategic and very by-the-book; given command of the Wreckers during the war specifically to keep a tighter leash on them.
    • Ego: Bulkhead — very much a Wrecker, but more respectful of the higher-ups than Wheeljack.
  • The humans:
    • Ego: Jack — the 'responsible' one
    • Id: Miko — impulsive, loud, borderline adrenaline junkie
    • Superego: Raf — the smart one and least inclined to run off on their own
  • The Decepticons:
    • Ego: Megatron — tyrannical but calculating
    • Id: Starscream — emotive, cowardly and prone to carrying the Villain Ball
    • Superego: Soundwave — cold, calculating, and utterly expressionless


  • Chloe (Ego), Tut (Id), and Luxor (Superego).

Twelve Forever

  • Id: Reggie — Energetic, passionate, imaginative, and persistently seeking things to do.
  • Superego: Esther — Intelligent, grounded in reality and somewhat more reserved than Reggie.
  • Ego: Todd — The in-between, but very willing to go with the flow.

The Venture Bros.: One episode sees Dr. Orpheus travel into a comatose Rusty's subconcious, where he runs into manifestations of these:

Wander over Yonder: Had the show been able to continue, the creator’s intentions were to complete this trifecta with each main threat of the season:

  • Lord Hater is Id. Very emotional, very impulsive manchild who just puts on the act because he longs for admiration.
  • Lord Dominator is Ego. Rough and tough on the outside, but nothing more than a petty woman who loves bullying people on the inside.
  • The unknown threat in the currently cancelled third season would be Superego. A character and/or force that would encompass both the sympathetic drive of Hater and the destructive, intimidating sting of Dominator.

We Bare Bears:

  • Id: Grizzly — Jovial, loud, driven by temporary interests, and always ready to have fun.
  • Superego: Panda — Nervous and neurotic, always worried about safety, and a classic hypochondriac.
  • Ego: Ice Bear — Calm and wise, but also a risk-taker, and generally the peace-keeper.

Wild West COW Boys Of Moo Mesa:

  • Id: The Cowlarado Kid — Impulsive, lively, ruled by his heart and sexual urges, often prone to wild leaps of fancy.
  • Superego: Dacowta — Slow and steady, extremely level-headed and serious traditionalist.
  • Ego: Marshall Moo Montana — Warm-hearted and fun-loving, but in moderation, and serious and commanding as the situation demands. Fulfills the Captain Kirk role.
    • Interestingly, this trio adopts a colour scheme for each character: yellow for the neutral Marshall, cool grey for Dacowta, and warm cream for Cowlarado. This scheme is revisited in Biker Mice from Mars.

Winx Club The Trix

  • Ego: Icy — The leader. In comparison to her sisters, she is more aggressive than Darcy, but calmer than Stormy.
  • Superego: Darcy — Usually the calmest and most collected of the three.
  • Id: Stormy — The most impulsive and violent.

The male monks in Xiaolin Showdown

  • Omi (Superego), Raimundo (Id) and Clay (Ego).

X-Men: Evolution:

  • Male teens:
    • Scott Summers aka Cyclops (Superego), Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler (Ego), and Evan Daniels aka Spyke (Id).
  • Female teens:
    • Jean Grey (Ego), Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat (Id), and Rogue (Superego).
  • Xavier Institute adults:
    • Professor Xavier (Ego), Wolverine (Id), and Storm (Superego).


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