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    Web Animation 
Camp Camp
  • Max (Ego)
  • Nikki (Id)
  • Neil (Superego)


  • Eleenin, Kai, and Drake, the three stoic human protectors of the planet:
  • Kai is The Spock/Superego because he is a stickler for taking the most logical approach to things, and pushes those who are reluctant to follow through to do so anyway.
  • Eleenin is The McCoy/Id because she puts teamwork above logic, and she believes in the potential of everyone, even if they doubt themselves.
  • Drake is The Kirk/Ego because he'll often Take a Third Option for things, and provides backup for others.

Homestar Runner

The Most Popular Girls in School

  • Mackenzie Zales (Superego)
  • Trisha Cappelletti (Ego)
  • Brittnay Matthews (Id)

Minecraft: The N00b Adventures

  • Snake (Superego)
  • N00bly (Ego)
  • Fart Garfunkel (Id)

     Web Serial Novel 
Animas Conquest
  • Id: Kelly Norris — Loudmouth Erudite Stoner, attempts to stir things up with conspiracy theories, seemingly just for fun.
  • Ego: Kate Allegheny — Not much self-confidence or social ease, often indecisive about exactly where she stands.
  • Superego: Bridgit Berks — Skeptical, practical, and more than a little bit moralizing.


    Web Original 
Arby 'n' the Chief
  • Season 5
    • Superego: Arbiter — Intelligent, Open-minded, mostly Level-headed, but short of patience
    • Id: Master Chief — Moronic, Childish, Provocative, and VERY Close-minded
    • Ego: Greg — Friendly, Social, and Considerate towards the right person
  • Eugene's Troll Clan (Season 7)
    • Ego: Eugene — Cruel but persuasive
    • Id: Tyler — Maniacally, Sadistic, and Abusive
    • Superego: Colin — Intelligent, Advice-giving, but very short of patience

The Let's Play/Yogscast - The Blackrock Chronicle

  • Ego: Rythian — Smart and logical, the leader. However, his mood can swing either way.
  • Id: Zoey Proasheck — Strange, silly, and unpredictable.
  • Superego: Teep — Stoic and obedient.

Demo Reel

  • Superego: Tacoma — smart and sensible and starts off thinking he's above it all.
  • Id: Rebecca — slightly insane girl who deals with people thinking she's a bimbo by Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • Ego: Donnie — tries to act like everything's okay and that he's just an egotistical leech, but is really broken up by his failures and losses.

Echo Chamber

The Escapist - Extra Consideration

  • Id: Yahtzee
  • Ego: Moviebob
  • Superego: James

The three members of the The Game Station Podcast could be considered this.

  • Id: Jesse Cox bases his opinions on his gut feelings or emotions, often to the frustration of his co-hosts and viewers.
  • Superego: TotalBiscuit goes into a rage now and again, and has a few pet hates that get to him, but is usually rational.
  • Ego: Dodger seems almost as insane as Jesse most of the time, but when the podcast moves to a serious discussion she often proves to be the most calm and objective of the three.
    • During the Magicka playthrough where TotalBiscuit teamed up with the Yogscast, he played the Ego to Simon's Id and Lewis's Superego.

There are three Homestuck "skewer" bloggers on tumblr who for some reason match this pattern:

  • Id: Apparently The "Homestuck Fan Voices" blog, due to frequently lacing perfectly good criticism with personal attacks.
  • Superego: Seemingly The "Bad Homestuck RP" blog is this, for an emerging habit of actually trying to be helpful and above-board despite being, as with the other two bloggers, completely anonymous.
  • Ego: Must thus be The "Slum Troller" blog, for representing the middle ground between the other two blogs and trying to laugh at everything that comes his way.

Monster Island Buddies

  • Id: Rodan — Erratic, Short-Tempered, and always throws Tantrums
  • Ego: Godzilla — Neutral but considerate towards the right person
  • Superego: Jet-Jaguar — Kind, Caring, and always gives advice to his friends

Old Spice's ad campaigns

As of Season 12 of Red vs. Blue, we have Epsilon and his memories of the Alpha Fragments.

  • Superego: Delta — analytical and calculating, being the Alpha's logic
  • Id: Theta — emotional and childlike, being the Alpha's innocence
  • Ego: Epsilon — balances between the two, kind of a jerk. Possesses all of the Alpha's memories, and so is the closest to the original Alpha.

Sailor Nothing

  • Superego: Himei / Sailor Nothing — The Quiet One
  • Id: Shin / Sailor Truth — stubborn, obnoxious, in-your-face Plucky Girl
  • Ego: Aki / Sailor Beauty — relatively normal — emphasis on relatively

Shadow of Israphel

  • Id: Simon Lane — Resident pyromaniac; willing to do much more in the name of fun
  • Superego: Lewis Brindley — More careful but more willing to get railroaded
  • Ego: Any NPC travelling/playing with them: Forces the plot along, but goes along with whatever the other two do

Tails of Fame

  • Id: Seamus Osgranov — Impulsive, obnoxious, greedy, doesn't think anything through.
  • Superego: Douglas Kevro — Charismatic, intelligent, always plans ahead, and acts friendly and kind in public, even though he really isn't.
  • Ego: Rast Racklyn — Acts friendly and kind in public and frequently manages to think situations through before acting. But he occasionally acts brash or impulsive if someone insults him or doesn't agree with him.

    Web Comics 

The Adventures of Wiglaf and Mordred

  • Id: Mordred — self-centered, lazy, and generally only moving if there's something in it for him, often amusement
  • Superego: Wiglaf — the self described "perfect hero," and the one with an emotional need to help people
  • Ego: Driver — does most of the explanations and lampshading, the laid-back rather than lazy one

Arthur, King of Time and Space, which also contains an explicit lampshading here

  • Ego: Arthur — The laid-back leader who mediates between the other two
  • Superego: Lancelot — ultra-moral and perfectionistic
  • Id: Guenevere — confident, determined, and potentially a source of friction
Interestingly, this is almost certainly a homage to Star Trek, at least in the space arc, where Guenevere is the ship's doctor and Arthur, as king, is effectively captain of the Excalibur.


Curse Quest

  • Id: Captain Walrus — Walrus is quick to act and impulsively moves the plot forward.
  • Ego: Avalon — Avalon remains mostly calm and makes snarky remarks whenever something occurs, he is the one who chooses their quest.
  • Superego — Requiem Noctem. Requiem does not trust Avalon at all.


  • Lemmy (Id), Paul (Ego), and Sylvia (Superego).

Fletcher Apts


Furthia High

  • Bruce (Id), Ashley (Ego), and Campy (Superego).
  • Kale's Multiple Personalities form another one:
    • "Normal" Kale (Ego), Fox Kale (Id), and Mr. White (Superego).

Girl Genius

  • Gil (Id), Tarvek (Superego), and Agatha (Ego).

Gunnerkrigg Court:

  • Coyote (Ego), Reynardine (Superego), and Ysengrin (Id).

Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name

  • Hanna: Emotional but smarter than he seems, a leader, practical (Ego)
  • ...: Nigh emotionless, always cool, taking necessary action and pointing things out (Superego)
  • Conrad: Short-tempered, blustery, often does not think things through (Id)

Homestuck has a Power Trio plus one, complete with psychological reasoning:

  • John (Ego), Rose (Id), and Dave (Superego). And Jade is the Unconscious Mind.
    • In Hexane, the Drow Pimp, Asterion and Laravieve form a villainous one.
      • Drow Pimp - Id, Asterion - Ego, Laravieve - Superego.


  • Green (Id), Red (Ego), and Blue (Superego).

Irregular Webcomic!

  • Conversational Troping between the Deaths here and here, with references to other examples. They conclude that Death of Choking on a Giant Frog is the Id, Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals is the superego, and Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs is the ego.

Jerk City

  • Id: Pants — Excessively vulgar weirdo
  • Ego: Spigot — The closest thing to an all-rounder
  • Superego: Rands — Clever and intelligent

Link Education comics:

Leftover Soup

  • Max (Id), Jamie (Ego), and Ellen (Superego).


  • Id: Mell — focused on violence and BFGs
  • Superego: Dave — the worker bee who has the tech skills
  • Ego: Helen — the Mad Scientist who is their boss

While this still is in development, Nerf NOW!!

  • Id: The Artist — A hyperactive tentacle monster person who enjoys puppets.
  • Superego: The Mascot — Calm redhead who manifests as a character in whatever game is played.
  • Ego: Josue Pereira — A Brazilian with bad luck and too many choices.
    • Argumentatively, since these are not active characters in any storyline (save The Mascot), these three characters could also be heteronyms for the real-life Josue, harkening back to Fernando Pessoa, who developed the concept (and is also Portuguese).

The Order of the Stick has four:

  • The half of it left in Azure City when the Order was split up:
  • The half that escaped with the Azurite Fleet:
    • Superego: Durkon — rational, focused on their long term goal.
    • Ego: Elan — listens to everyone's point of view
    • Id: V — focused on his/her own immediate emotional needs [to be the one who saves everyone]. A rare example of a superintelligent id.
  • The main villains:
    • Superego: Redcloak — the intelligent, logical schemer
    • Id: Xykon — the gleeful homicidal maniac
    • Ego: The Monster In The Darkness — Token Good Teammate
  • The Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission, at least according to Sabine:
    • Superego: Director Lee—A devil, the one who sets the Commission's traps.
    • Id: Director Cedrik—A demon, the one who springs the traps when he feels the time is right.
    • Ego: Director Nero—A daemon, the one who keeps the others working together.

In Penny Arcade, prior to the series's beginning, there was a third roomate, Jim, who apparently filled this out for the main characters:

  • Superego: Tycho — Intelligent and snarky
  • Id: Gabe — Emotional and dimwitted
  • Ego: Jim — "Even-handed, and slow to anger"

Problem Sleuth

  • Ego: Problem Sleuth — charismatic, a born leader, balanced
  • Id: Ace Dick — brash, gluttonous, violent
  • Superego: Pickle Inspector — highly intelligent

Scandinavia and the World

  • Id: Denmark — Fun-loving party boy
  • Superego: Sweden — Logically-minded to a fault
  • Ego: Norway — Friendly camping hobbyist


  • Nikol Mimagi (Ego), Lewk (Id), and Serra Serif (Superego).

Skin Horse

  • Id: UNITY — the violence-oriented zombie
  • Superego: Tip — the psychiatrist who tries to talk things out
  • Ego: Sweetheart — the genetically-engineered superdog who is the usual team leader

Slightly Damned

  • Superego: Kieri — calm and thoughtful most of the time (but develops tendencies in the other two types)
  • Id: Buwaro — naive and impulsive
  • Ego: Rhea — keeps the other two under control


  • Id: Aubrey — Brash, impulsive, confrontational, slightly sociopathic.
  • Ego: Davan — Somewhat of a Jerkass, but much more self-controlled than Aubrey.
  • Superego: Pee-Jee — Moral (relatively), often the voice of reason.

Three Jaguars

  • Id: Artist — Impulsive, emotional, prone to rash decisions. And actually the main character/core personality.
  • Superego: Business Manager — Keeps Artist from bankrupting them.
  • Ego: Marketer — Keeps the peace between the other two roles.

Twice Blessed

  • Id: Cade Masters — the swashbuckling womanizer
  • Ego: Vadim Valntipur — the level-headed old dwarf
  • Superego: Melchior — the brainer-than-thou mage


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