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Ace Attorney:

  • The (former) friend-trio Edgeworth-Wright-Butz greatly evokes this, even though we never really see the three of them in action together.
    • Superego: Miles Edgeworth — A rather serious person and great logical thinker, described as a "bookworm" by Larry, who, both, prior to his Face–Heel Turn and after his Heel–Face Turn 15 years later is driven by the desire to uncover the truth and serve justice, saving the innocent and punishing the guilty. Also prone to hold a speech now or then.
    • Ego: Phoenix Wright — Obsessed with helping others to the point of basing his whole education and career around the possibility to slap some sense into a friend he knew for barely 8 months in grade school, but also a great Deadpan Snarker inside and professional Butt-Monkey, who is often shown to be afraid of accidentally making a "too" wrong choice during one of his Indy Ploys.
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    • Id: Larry Butz — A Casanova Wannabe and renowned troublemaker, who mistakes every hint of attraction to a girl for "True Love", demands his desire to be fulfilled and reacts almost hysterical to rejection.


  • Seraphim Lords:
    • Ego: Ariel — Thoughtful and amiable. Is disappointed that Azphel's recklessness ruined the peace talks with the Balaur. Leader of the Seraphim Lords.
    • Superego: Nezekan — Contemplative, but decisive. Lawful Good. Nezekan is reserved and tolerant, but adamant once he reaches a conclusion.
    • Id: Vaizel — Playful, selfish, and cunning. Often goes off on his own in disguise to hang out with ordinary humans, and sometimes neglects his duties.

    • Ego: Ariel
    • Id: Kaisinel — A dark and enigmatic Blood Knight who is focused on getting revenge on Shedim Lady Lumiel for embarrassing him in battle. He's a girl in Korea. (Id)
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    • Superego: Yustiel — The Heart of the group. Gentle and caring, she's most interested in peace and reconciliation.

  • Shedim Lords:
    • Ego: Azphel — A decisive perfectionist who holds himself and his subordinates to high standards. Hates Ariel for being too weak-willed to continue the fight against the Balaur and believes that Ariel has failed in her duties. Leader of the Shedim Lords
    • Id: Zikel — Azphel's right hand. Once a friendly rival of Nezekan, they have fallen out of favor with one another. Zikel is violent, arrogant, and lacks self-control. Somewhat of a Reckless Sidekick, as he was partially responsible for the events that ignited the abyss war.
    • Superego: Marchutan — Quiet, respectful, and completely stoic. Also The Big Guy. Prefers rational planning rather than Zikel's impulsiveness.

    • Ego: Azphel
    • Superego: Triniel — Composed and calculating, she prefers to strike precisely and accurately. Has a cold indifferent personality.
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    • Id: Lumiel — Not much is known about her since she joined the Shedim Lords, but according to accounts from before the cataclysm, she is curious, innocent, and mischievous. Pursues magic studies with the same curiosity that a Playful Hacker applies to computer security.
      Note that the Seraphim Lords and Shedim Lords each have one member whose personality traits best fit those of the other group as a way to show that Light Is Not Good and Dark Is Not Evil.

A huge theme in ALTER EGO.

  • Superego: Ego Rex - during the SUPER EGO route, Es is erased from existence and Ego Rex takes over.
  • Id: Es - during the ID route, Es stops reining her impulses and goes crazy. Her name is the original term Freud used for the Id. (das Es)
  • Ego: The Player Character/wanderer. It should be noted that during the EGO/ALTER EGO route, no strange whispers start appearing.

Perhaps the most core group of characters to the story of Baldur's Gate:

  • Id: Minsc — Butt-kicking for goodness!
  • Superego: Jaheira — Be careful, child.
  • Ego: The Protagonist: Quiet, both of you!
A few other trios naturally form from the npc's:
  • Id: Anomen — Hot-heated, stubborn, and proud to a fault.
  • Superego: Cernd — Detached, enigmatic, rational.
  • Ego: Keldorn — Older, weary, driven.
And of the romanceable female characters:
  • Id: Aerie — Driven to do the right thing, no matter what.
  • Superego: Viconia — Bitterness tempered by calculated ruthlessness.
  • Ego: Jaheira — Honest, mixes regret with firm reason.
You can categorize the evil npcs the same way:
  • Superego: Edwin Odesseiron — Brilliant, rational-logical, scheming.
  • Id: Korgan Bloodaxe — Passionate, violent, impulsive, mercurial.
  • Ego: Sarevok (or the protagonist, depending) — Has elements of both, mediates between the two.

Baten Kaitos Origins:

  • Id: Milly — Impulsive sheltered girl who is eager to see the world.
  • Superego: Guillo — Deadpan Snarker puppet thing who often acts as the voice of reason.
  • Ego: Sagi — Young protagonist who often has to sort the other two out when they quarrel.


  • The Heroes:
  • The Villains:
    • Id: Terumi — Hammy, sadistic psychopath and rival to Ragna.
    • Ego: Izanami — Commands the two and keeps them together.
    • Superego: Relius — Cold logical sociopath.
  • The Academy Girls:
    • Id: Makoto — Energetic, eccentric, and scatter-brained. Cares greatly about her friends.
    • Ego: Noel — Emotional and has a fragile self-esteem, but at least tries to keep herself under control. Tends to just go along with others.
    • Superego: Tsubaki — Level-headed and pleasantly courteous. Was an honour student.
  • Sector Seven:
    • Id: Kokonoe — Eccentric, fiery, and driven by revenge.
    • Ego: Makoto — Fits in between the two.
    • Superego: Tager — A professional, experienced soldier.
  • The Murakumo Units:
    • Id: Nu-13 — Emotionally volatile, obsessed with Ragna.
    • Ego: Mu-12 — Much more emotional than Lambda but much less volatile than Nu.
    • Superego: Lambda-11 — Emotionless, does only what she is told.
  • Terumi and his vessels:

The Bouncer:

  • Ego: Sion — The friendly, yet confused protagonist
  • Id: Kou — The sarcastic loudmouth
  • Superego: Volt — The silent giant

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - The McCall Brothers

  • Id: Ray, wild and aggressive elder brother
  • Ego: Thomas, less aggressive than Ray, but not as moral as William
  • Superego: William, religious pacifist constantly attempting to lead his brothers away from the path of violence

Catherine - Vincent's Love Interests

  • Id: Catherine, she's the Chaotic Yandere. She acts as Vincent's desire.
  • Superego: Katherine, she's the Lawful Control Freak. She acts as Vincent's responsibility.
  • Ego: Qatherine "Rin", she's actually he's the Innocent and The Klutz. She acts as Vincent's neutral between desire and responsibility.

Dead Rising:

  • Id: Frank West — Impulsive, eager for the big scoop, has more concern for results than authority
  • Superego: Jessie — Takes her job very seriously, trying to stick to her regulations despite the circumstances
  • Ego: Brad — Firmly serious, takes his job very seriously but does realize that saving lives is the most important

Detroit: Become Human has the three main characters even though they haven't gotten much screen time together.

  • Id: Markus — Rebellious, has the desire to free his fellow androids
  • Superego: Connor — Stoic, takes his job seriously, hunts down androids who deviated from their programming
  • Ego: Kara — Designed as a maid, inexperienced in combat

Dm C Devil May Cry:

  • Id: Dante, aggressive, anti-social, crass.
  • Superego: Vergil, strategic, tactical, ruthless, sees the human world.
  • Ego: Kat, kind, gentle, the most emotionally mature.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness:

  • Id: Laharl — Ambitious and irritable Noble Demon
  • Superego: Flonne — Laharl's self-appointed guardian angel and Love Freak
  • Ego: Etna — Deadpan Snarker that is usually the first to call either of them on their immaturity
    • Along with them, there's Gordon, Jennifer, and Thursday.
      • Id: Gordon — A loud and over the top defender of Earth who rarely thinks things through.
      • Superego: Jennifer — Gordon's genius Hyper-Competent Sidekick who's far closer to reality than Gordon, but can often let her imagination get the better of her.
      • Ego: Thursday — The calm super robot and Deadpan Snarker who, like Etna to Laharl and Flonne, will often call Jennifer or Gordon on their immaturity.

Dragon Age: Origins, of your starting team:

  • Ego: The Warden as the Player Character will usually be this.
  • Id: Alistair — likable, dorky Manchild, very much into saving kittens from trees and dislikes ruthless choices.
  • Superego: Morrigan — Mostly ruthless for pragmatic reasons, motivated by power and survival. Plus one odd puppy kicking moment.

Dragon Age II, the actual three personality types of the Player Character:

  • Ego: Diplomatic!Hawke — just what you would expect from a diplomatic type.
  • Id: Snarky!Hawke — what with being a Cloudcuckoolander and rather spontaneous, often saying completely inappropriate things on a whim.
  • Superego: Aggressive!Hawke — because although the aggressiveness is somewhat unpredictable, this personality type usually voices ruthless and/or practical opinions, and its other form (Direct!Hawke) is a counterpoint to Snarky!Hawke's silliness.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, characters are sorted into four groups of three:

  • The Warriors
    • Superego - Cassanda: Logical, honorable, pragmatic, Paladin
    • Ego - Blackwall: Has a dark side to him but is not as emotional as Bull nor as clear-headed as Cassandra
    • Id - Iron Bull: Hedonistic, emotional Blood Knight
  • The Rogues
    • Superego - Cole: Methodical, trouble understanding emotions, driven by a single purpose
    • Ego - Varric: Team Dad, Nice Guy, easily the most emotionally and morally balanced of the rogues
    • Id - Sera: Emotional, impulsive, Hot-Blooded, and rebellious
  • The Mages
    • Superego - Solas/Vivienne could both fit under this title, as both are scheming, unflappable, and cold - although Solas is much more prone to showing emotion than Vivienne
    • Id - Dorian: Emotional, sensitive, outgoing, and charismatic
  • The Advisors
    • Superego - Leliana: Calculating, stoic spymaster
    • Ego - Josephine: Level-headed, friendly diplomat
    • Id - Cullen: Emotional, insecure, militaristic commander

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and The Blight Below has the three main characters form up this trio nicely.

  • Superego: Luceus, the Male Player Character, who always thinks up strategies before taking any action and is the most skeptical of the three.
  • Id: Aurora, The Female Player Character, who would much rather leap in and start slashing than listen to her comrade's long-winded plans and always is the first to help someone in need.
  • Ego: King Doric, as boisterous as he is wise, listens to both his captains' points of view before declaring the plan of action and leading the way.

The Elder Scrolls:In the series backstory, according to the popular Merger of Souls theory regarding the apotheosis of Talos, the three (main) beings who combined to form Talos fit the trio.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, The Tribunal, a trio of Physical Gods who've stolen divine power from the still-beating heart of the dead creator god Lorkhan.

Eternal Darkness has its Ancients, a set of gods who despite being mortal enemies have three so closely associated they fit here nicely:

  • Id: Chattur'gah — God of Strength and Matter, brutal and the least mind-focused, overpowers Xel'lotath.
  • Ego: Ulyaoth — God of Magic and Spirit, the most intelligent - and arrogant about it, overpowers Chattur'gah.
  • Superego: Xel'lotath — Goddess of Sanity and Insanity, brooding and, quite suitably, insane, overpowers Ulyaoth. It's hinted that there are in fact five Ancients.
Exit Fate:
  • Superego: Daniel — Calm, rational, idealistic, and determined to solve the world's problems without fighting.
  • Ego: Angel — Level-headed, loyal, and often the mediator between Daniel and Jovian.
  • Id: Jovian — Enthusiastic, sometimes impulsive, and a little hotheaded.

Fable II has the three Heroes:

  • Id: Reaver, a pirate that is obsessed with material wealth and earthly pleasures
  • Ego: Garth, a brilliant scholar that, while snarky, can offer sound advice
  • Superego: Hammer, a former monk that is fully committed to doing good

Far Cry 4:

  • Id: Amita — Vengeful, Angry, and willing to sacrifice the innocent for a quick victory.
  • Ego: Ajay Ghale — Affable, guilty, but willing to take another's life for revenge.
  • Superego: Sabal — Traditional, steady, altruistic, very guilty if innocents die even if it was the only way.

Final Fantasy:

  • Final Fantasy VII:
    • Id: Barrett Wallace — Loud, Commanding, can be calm but is very much a man of action.
    • Superego: Cloud Strife — Aloof, Calm, initially only in it for the money.
    • Ego: Tifa Lockheart — Hopeful despite her emotional issues, good moral center to characters such as Cloud.

  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children:
    • Id: Loz, being a Manchild with simplistic emotions.
    • Ego: Kadaj, being the comparatively level-headed leader but prone to fits of rage and anger.
    • Superego: Yazoo, being always calm and collected.

  • Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core:
    • Id: Genesis — The poetic and philosophical one, he's prideful, arrogant, and jealous of Sephiroth's fame.
    • Superego: Sephiroth — The Stoic who maintains a calm, professional demeanor under any circumstances, even in the heat of battle.
    • Ego: Angeal — The mediator who values honor and discipline, but has a casual and friendly side.
    • These classifications are made quite clear in the FMV sequence of the three sparring—Genesis goes all out trying to overpower Sephiroth, who calmly repels him without even breaking a sweat, and the two are eventually stopped by Angeal when it begins to get out of hand.

  • Final Fantasy VIII:
    • Id: Laguna Loire — A smart yet impulsive and offbeat man who often makes reckless decisions.
    • Superego: Kiros Seagill — Level-headed Deadpan Snarker who most often tries to get Laguna's head out of the clouds and back onto the mission at hand.
    • Ego: Ward Zabac — Respects the other two's opinions but will side with whoever's actually making sense.

  • Final Fantasy X: The main cast doesn't have a strong example (you could argue for Tidus-Yuna-Auron) but looking at the pilgrimage of Tidus' and Yuna's fathers gives a great example.
    • Id: Jecht — The headstrong and impulsive jerk, who mellows a bit by the end of their journey.
    • Superego: Auron — Has a strong sense of tradition and decorum, and is exasperated by Jecht's antics.
    • Ego: Braska — He has some traits of the Superego (quiet, thoughtful, logical), but his main role is in mediating between Jecht and Auron.

    • Final Fantasy X-2:
      • Ego: Yuna — Leader (tending to Id occasionally)
      • Id: Rikku — Genki Girl ditz.
      • Superego: Paine — Snarky monotone warrior.

  • Final Fantasy XII. Though the main cast consists of six-party members, Vaan and Penelo are Tagalong Kids, and Fran isn't given much spotlight. With them aside, the remaining three consist of:
    • Id: Ashe — The Hero in practice who swore to see Dalmasca restored. A bit of a bitch when first met and often has harsh words for the Empire. Her desire for revenge and the power to fulfill it drives much of the plot, several times she's called out on blindly pursuing vengeance. (but Character Development turns her into the Ego by the end of the game)
    • Superego: Basch — Ashe's bodyguard who swore to protect her, he's The Stoic and is silently devoted to doing anything he can to see her safe. In the meantime, he's calm, rational, and level-headed, acts as Ashe's voice of reason in her more heated moments and keeps his emotions close to the vest.
    • Ego: Balthier — A Sky Pirate and Gentleman Thief, he acts based on his desires and is concerned with his own interests. However, he tempers it with wit and cunning, has his own personal set of standards and morals that he keeps to, and is fundamentally a good man.

  • Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015) have a side-story called Secretum with the Warriors of Materia:
    • Id: Tidus — Cheerful and headstrong, is the first willing to help out the amnesiac guy aka Locke.
    • Superego: Squall — Cynical and cool, immediately suspicious of the amnesiac guy aka Locke.
    • Ego: Cloud — Calm and rational, often having to mediate between the two.

Final Fight:

  • Ego: Haggar — Authoritative but is more concerned with taking care of those he cares for than following the rules
  • Superego: Guy — Calm and studious ninja whom takes his role as a Bushin Ryu master very seriously
  • Id: Cody — Hot-Blooded and very eager for a fight, very easy to anger, later goes to prison

Final Fight 2:

  • Ego: Haggar, as always
  • Id: Maki — Hotheaded and loves fighting
  • Superego: Carlos — Dedicated to his martial art studies

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance:

  • Ego: Ike — At various points in the story, Ike will have to make an important decision and will consult his deputy commander, Titania, and his staff officer, Soren.
  • Id: Titania — She tends to appeal to Ike's emotional side, opting to face the Daein Army while vastly outnumbered in order to protect Elincia. Of course, she could probably take them all on by herself anyway.
  • Superego: Soren — As the strategist of the Greil Mercenaries, Soren is inclined to work towards the benefit of Ike, and only Ike, even if that means suggesting some morally questionable courses of action, such as handing over the princess and hiring Volke.

Fire Emblem Awakening:

  • Id: Chrom — Has a strong sense of justice, to the point of neglecting his own safety at times in order to help others.
  • Ego: Robin/the Avatar — The smart guy/gal in charge of keeping not only the other two working together, but also the rest of the army.
  • Superego: "Marth"/Lucina — Has a keen knowledge of future events considering they're recent history to her, and strives to stop the end of the world no matter what has to be done along the way.

Fire Emblem Fates:

  • Prince Ryoma and his retainers:
    • Id: Saizo — Hot-Blooded, easily angered, neglects his own safety during fights to the point where his personal skill reflects it (if he's badly hurt, his attack will do extra damage to enemies).
    • Ego: Ryoma himself — While just as hot-blooded and fierce as Saizo, he's also shown to be pragmatic and thoughtful at several points in the story.
    • Superego: Kagero — Calm and composed, rarely ever loses her cool even when being held captive in all three paths. She's also the one to keep her more emotional partner in line.

  • Prince Xander and his retainers:
    • Id: Peri — Childish and bloodthirsty, quick to tears and easy to anger. She even wears her hair in Girlish Pigtails to add to the effect.
    • Ego: Laslow — A flirt who's easily embarrassed, but has a strong work ethic and loyalty to his prince.
    • Superego: Xander — Serious to a fault to mask his shaky confidence in himself, puts work above everything else.

  • Princess Sakura and her retainers:
    • Id: Hana — Tomboyish samurai who can be reckless in battle and can't sit still for very long.
    • Ego: Sakura — Shy and a little insecure, but level-headed and does her best to make sure her retainers take care of themselves and is the one to stop their arguing during their introduction scene.
    • Superego: Subaki — Fussy perfectionist who obsesses over the details and fears not being loved if he fails.

  • The maids and butler trio that serve Corrin:
    • Id: Felicia — Clumsy and emotional, follows her heart.
    • Ego: Jakob — A Sugar-and-Ice Personality who takes his duties seriously, but will be kind and devoted to his wife if he marries, and isn't above showing emotions in his other supports.
    • Superego: Flora — The Dutiful Daughter almost to a fault, will do as she's told without question and willfully sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of others.

  • The ¡Three Amigos!, Odin, Selena, and Laslow from the Nohr kingdom who are actually Owain, Severa, and Inigo respectfully from Fire Emblem Awakening:
    • Id: Odin — The Hot-Blooded, hammy, and emotional dark mage who make himself grandiose with his magic.
    • Ego: Selena — A boisterous Tsundere with some level-headedness and a sharp tongue.
    • Superego: Laslow — The more calm and rational of the three who puts into consideration other people's needs.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

  • The main three lords can be this:
    • Id: Dimitri — The most emotional of the three lords who holds a code of chivalry and honor while fighting his own inner demons due to Survivor Guilt.
    • Ego: Claude — The balancer between Dimitri's brashness and Edelgard's level-headedness.
    • Superego: Edelgard — The most rational and logical of the three lords who evaluates her surroundings before acting.

Grand Theft Auto V:

  • Ego: Franklin — The young upstart, is mentored by Michael and Trevor. Tends to mediate during group disputes.
  • Superego: Michael — Group's leader and strategist. Also a Retired Badass and the only one of the three who wants to move on from a life of crime.
  • Id: Trevor — Ax-Crazy, impulsive, unpredictable, driven entirely by emotion and/or libido.


  • Halo 3:
    • Id: The Arbiter — Driven by rage against the Prophets' betrayal, hunting Truth for revenge, and honor.
    • Ego: Sgt. Johnson — His professionalism as a soldier and ability to mediate certain factions are combined with his loud demeanor and fondness for shotguns.
    • Superego: Master Chief — Cool as the other side of the pillow, stoic as can be, and all work.

Heavy Rain: If you discount Scott Shelby with the revelation that he's the Origami Killer...

  • Id: Ethan Mars — Emotional desire to save his son, can be short-tempered
  • Superego: Norman Jayden — Smart, logical, and barely gets emotional
  • Ego: Madison Paige — Calm headed and strategic, goes with being a journalist

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream: shown at the endgame, when the 5 humans are sent into cyberspace

  • AM's primary components, labeled after this.
    • Id: The seat of AM's emotions, corrupted to only know the joys of killing.
    • Ego: The logical side of AM's functions, which talks in a robotic manner
    • Superego: A calm, calculating entity designed to predict long-term outcomes, and the only one not interested in harming people.

  • The three entities working against AM
    • Id: The Chinese supercomputer, who acts as a trickster
    • Ego: Surgat, a rogue program that acts as AM's conscience, taking the form of a demon
    • Superego: The Russian supercomputer

The King of Fighters: The series uses this trope on a VERY regular basis in which even if you limit yourself to KOF introduced characters only there would still be a load of teams as these are just a few examples...

  • Original Team Japan
    • Id: Kyo — Eager for a fight, can be Hot-Blooded, known for taunting opponents
    • Superego: Benimaru — Calm, Normally easygoing, likes to play up his "Smooth Ladies Man" image
    • Ego: Daimon — Firm and old fashioned, often plays Team Dad to those such as Kyo and Benimaru

  • Original Fatal Fury Team
    • Id: Joe — Hot-Blooded and a Boisterous Bruiser, also has a slight lecherous side especially towards Lilly Kane
    • Ego: Terry — While he's much of a Boisterous Bruiser just as Joe is, he's also shown to be level-headed
    • Superego: Andy — The one who has the coldest attitude out of the team, also very serious in fights

  • Original Kyokugenryu Team — Combo Trio:
    • Id: Robert — Lecherous & lazy rich guy, also a close rival to Ryo
    • Ego: Ryo — A Spirited Competitor who's very dedicated to training and fighting, and a rather nice guy
    • Superego: Takuma — The Mentor of the group, the one who stops Ryo & Robert from butting heads against each other

  • Original Women's Team
    • Id: Yuri — Energetic Genki Girl, often the most childish of the group, easy to anger
    • Ego: Mai — Cool Big Sis, can be quite dedicated to goals (especially finding Andy), can be a bit of an exhibitionist
    • Superego: King — Team Mom, Is often in charge of the finances, normally the leader of the group

  • Original Psycho Soldiers Team
    • Ego: Athena — a cheerful Idol Singer who can also be rather levelheaded and perceptive of other people's feelings
    • Id: Kensou — a Hot-Blooded teen with huge appetite and equally huge crush on Athena
    • Superego: Chin — who may look easygoing but is rather serious about the other two's training and behaviors

  • Original Team Korea
    • Id: Chang — Loud Dumb Muscle, Boisterous Bruiser, occasional lecherous side
    • Superego: Choi — Is the smarter and calmer of the two criminals, occasionally plans to get free from Kim
    • Ego: Kim — Very much in control (even if his methods are a bit extreme), has a very proud sense of justice and leadership

  • Original Ikari Warriors
    • Id: Ralf — Hot-Blooded, very eager for a fight, quick to anger
    • Superego: Clark — Calm, stoic, loyal, and dependable Soldier
    • Ego: Heidern — Calm but very firm authoritative leader
      • Later games have Leona in place of her adoptive father, where she takes the Superego role and Clark takes the Ego role. XI has Whip briefly taking over Leona's role; she in particular tends to butt heads with Ralf a lot.

  • '95 Rivals Team
    • Ego: Iori — Very angry and brooding with LOTS of issues, but tends to mask them with cold attitude
    • Id: Billy — Your typical British thug, loudmouthed and fierce
    • Superego: Eiji — your typical no-nonsense ninja

  • '96 Yagami Team
    • Ego: Iori — Very angry and brooding with LOTS of issues, but tends to mask them with cold attitude
    • Id: Vice — Temperamental streak a mile wide, very violent and sadistic
    • Superego: Mature — Calmest and the most rational of the trio here

  • '96 Boss Team
    • Ego: Geese — the leader of the team, cunning yet eager to trample on his opponents
    • Superego: Krauser — Geese's half-brother who's brutal in the ring but a personable, nice person outside of it
    • Id: Mr. Big — Geese's underling who's more obsessed with being a mob boss and anything that goes with it

  • '97 New Faces Team
    • Id: Yashiro — a hardy man with equally strong spirit
    • Ego: Shermie — playful and flirty
    • Superego: Chris — the calmest of the three (despite being the youngest)

  • The Sacred Treasures Team whenever they go along
    • Ego: Kyo — Eager for a fight, can be Hot-Blooded, known for taunting opponents
    • Id: Iori — Very angry and brooding with LOTS of issues, but tends to mask them with cold attitude
    • Superego: Chizuru — Team Mom of the group and the one who brings both Kyo & Iori into working together to seal Orochi
      • Later on Shingo takes the role of Chizuru in XI.

  • K' Team 2003-recent — Combo Trio:
    • Superego: K' — While he deeply cares for his teammates, he's cold and tends to talk harshly
    • Id: Kula — Cheerful & outgoing young girl, tends to light up the team
    • Ego: Maxima — Team Dad and voice of reason, also usually the most calculating

  • Tales of Ash's Hero Team
    • Ego: Ash Crimson — an enigmatic hero who likes teasing friends and opponents alike; also glues the team together (via manipulating them, that is)
    • Id: Shen Woo — a street brawler who's eager to fight and face strong opponents
    • Superego: Duo Lon — a cold, solemn man from a clan of assassins who's looking for his father
      • XI has Duo Lon stepping out onto another team and new character Oswald taking on the same role. XIII has Ash himself stepping out to do his own thing and Elisabeth (his big foster sister) taking on the same role.

  • XIV's China Team
    • Superego: Shun'ei — a brooding teenager with strange powers he barely understands
    • Id: Meitenkun — a lazy yet surprisingly strong boy who'd rather sleep than fight
    • Ego: Tung Fu Rue — their Old Master who guides the team

  • Official Invitation Team
    • Id: Sylvie — a playfully sadistic former NESTS (a cartel organization) agent who wears colorful clothing
    • Superego: Kukri — a mysterious man with dark disposition and biting insults
    • Ego: Mian — a rather normal girl who's also too shy to show her face

  • Another World Team
    • Ego: Nakoruru — the team leader who cares about the impending threat that the world's about to face, yet can also be cheerful when she sees fit
    • Id: Mui Mui — a young Chinese girl with loud voice, big appetite, and high spirits
    • Superego: Love Heart — a calm and cool young woman who's most determined in finding the way to turn everything normal

There are plenty of other teams and while certain characters remain consistent in which roles they play in the Trio, plenty of characters play different roles when they are in different teams.

Kingdom Hearts: The series makes a theme of this trope, with most of the main cast belonging to at least one trio, and the sword/shield/staff analogies in each (even if the sword/shield/staff trinity don't always correspond to the ego/id/superego)

  • Kingdom Hearts
    • Main Heroes:
      • Id: Sora — Impulsive and Passionate
      • Superego: Donald Duck — High-strung and Skeptical
      • Ego: Goofy — Mediator between the two, often voice of reason
    • Destiny Island Trio:
      • Id: Sora — Well-meaning but impulsive.
      • Superego: Riku — Plans and calculates.
      • Ego: Kairi — The moral center.
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days
    • Id: Roxas — Naive and Impulsive
    • Ego: Xion — Voice of reason
    • Superego: Axel — Cold and Calculative
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    • Combo Trio:
      • Id + Superego: Terra — Goal-driven and calculated; but also anger-prone, has a hard time controlling his darkness.
      • Id + Ego: Ven — Impulsive and emotion-driven, but later caught in the middle of Aqua and Terra's conflict.
      • Ego + Superego: Aqua — The balance between the two, but sometimes her goals get in the way. Voice of reason and, as the story progresses, moral compass of the trio. Follows Eraqus's orders to the letter.
    • Villain Trio:
      • Superego: Master Xehanort — Cold and calculating Chessmaster.
      • Id: Vanitas — Ax-Crazy, being of pure darkness.
      • Ego: Braig/Xigbar — Falls somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. He's an Affably Evil Jerkass who enjoys Trolling other characters, but he's also the one who ensures the success of Master Xehanort's Evil Plan after the latter loses his memories.
    • The three most prominent incarnations of Xehanort throughout the games:
      • Id: Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness — Loud, bombastic, and the biggest Large Ham, but is seemingly the most moralistic.
      • Ego: Xemnas — Unemotional, stoic Cold Ham, but come Kingdom Hearts 3, has the most emotional reaction to the weight of his actions.
      • Superego: Young Xehanort — Mostly cool and collected, and the least hammy of the trio. Has the least fazed reaction to his death in Kingdom Hearts 3.


  • Id: King Dedede — Gluttonous and inconsiderate.
  • Ego: Kirby — Also gluttonous, but innocent and child-like.
  • Superego: Meta Knight: Smart, pragmatic and honorable.

Knights of the Old Republic

  • Carth (Id), The Player (Ego), and Bastila (Superego).

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords:

  • Atton/HK-47/Mandalore/G0-T0 (Id), the Player (Ego), and Kriea/Handmaiden/Disciple/Visas/T3-M4 (Superego).
  • The three head Dark Lords of the Sith Triumvirate.

League of Legends - The Kinkou Order ninjas, especially in terms of how to deal with their Arch-Enemy Zed.

  • Id: Kennen — He's the youngest, most hyperactive member, and also serves as The Heart, he's willing to give the evil ninja Zed forgiveness... if he genuinely asked them.
  • Superego: Akali — Rigorously trained ever since young age to 'Do what must be done, regardless of the cost', she's the one who will probably do amoral things to protect balance... and also wants Zed dead no matter the cost, considering him unworthy of forgiveness.
  • Ego: Shen — He's the leader of the Kinkou Order and always have the final say in their decisions, as his job is to preserve balance and making the fairest decisions. He's thinking of an alternate way to deal with Zed.

Legend of Legaia invokes this with the player party

  • Ego: Vahn — Although he shows only limited personality, he's clearly presented as being straightforward, steadfast, and heroic
  • Id: Noa — She is both hyper and impulsive - a girl literally raised by a wolf (who was a Ra-Seru). She shows little regard for social convention beyond her often simple views of right or wrong.
  • Superego: Gala — Always the one to admonish Noa when she gets out of hand, Gala is the most intellectual and disciplined of the group, as he was raised a Warrior Monk.

The Legend of Zelda, even though one of the three is the villain. Probably played straight with the goddesses, who represent each of them. It's even kind of lampshaded because of the Triforce.

  • Ego: Link — Courage.
  • Superego: Zelda — Wisdom.
  • Id: Ganondorf — Power.

Mask of the Betrayer:

  • Id: Gann — Whimsical, obsessive sexuality.
  • Ego: Safiya — Honestly doesn't care much about the eccentricities of her allies, much more moderate in outlook.
  • Superego: Okku (or maybe Kaelyn) — Honorable and respectful.

Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story is a game with Loads and Loads of Characters, and it's generally expected that the magical girls will work in teams. But there a couple of examples that fit into this trope:

  • Momoko's team:
    • Id: Rena — the brash and sharp-tongued Tsundere of the group.
    • Ego: Momoko — the Team Mom who serves as the mediator between Rena and Kaede.
    • Superego: Kaede — the most kindhearted, shy, and the most reserved of the group.
  • And so the Azalea Blooms event:
    • Id: Ayame Mikuri - The youngest of the three girls in the orphanage who happens to be the most emotional of them
    • Ego: Hazuki Yusa - Shares both the cheerfulness of Ayame and the level-headedness of Konoha.
    • Superego: Konoha Shizumi - The most level-headed of the three girls who has strong distrust with other magical girls except for Ayame and Hazuki.

Mass Effect - the human party

  • Id: Ashley — Red-blooded, religious, and the single strongest fighter in the party except a Soldier Shepard, with a Hair-Trigger Temper. Impulsive and not afraid to speak her mind.
  • Ego: Shepard — Both Paragon and Renegade are a balance between the two.
  • Superego: Kaidan — Calm, tries to think things through, and doesn't let his emotions get in the way of missions.

Mass Effect 1 -and the aliens

  • Id: Wrex — Sarcastic, impulsive, and easily angered.
  • Ego: Garrus/Tali — Moderators, balanced personalities (Tali leaning towards the Superego and Garrus leaning towards the Id).
  • Superego: Liara — Compassionate and calm.

Mass Effect 1 - The villains

  • Id: Saren — Impulsive, violent, and volatile, as well as completely dominated by his feelings and later those of Sovereign.
  • Ego: Benezia — Tries to moderate her compatriots and fight Saren's or, rather, Sovereign's, influence.
  • Superego: Sovereign — Operates entirely on a logic that is impossible for beings of flesh to understand.

Mass Effect 2 - "Team Cerberus"

  • Id: Shepard — Just woke up after being dead for two years, and is highly confused and off-balance.
  • Ego: Jacob — Careful, cautious, and something of a moderating influence, though he's still a very warm and friendly person.
  • Superego: Miranda — Calm, cold, and overly logical.

Mass Effect 2 - "Team Shepard" (Fan Nickname for Shepard, Garrus, and Tali)

  • Ego: Shepard — No matter how you play, both Renegade and Paragon are a balance between the two.
  • Id: Garrus — During the two years between the first and second games, Garrus threw out all rules and regulations to become a vigilante and hunt down the galaxy's worst criminals.
  • Superego: Tali — Though she does occasionally act on her impulses (her interactions with Legion and her romance with Shepard, for example) she generally takes a "needs of the many" approach, even if it involves facing exile and / or covering up her father's war crimes.

Mass Effect 3 - The three Alliance authority figures (Anderson, Udina, and Hackett)

  • Id: Udina — Emotional, irrational, hates not getting his own way, but will fight tooth and nail for what he thinks is right (for him).
  • Ego: Anderson — Mostly moderate, but capable of being quite emotional, prefers to be on the front lines, but often hamstrung by political constraints.
  • Superego: Hackett — Eternally unflappable, doesn't get mad, only disappointed, plays by the rules, but sees the value in breaking them and looks the other way when necessary.

Mass Effect 3: Omega

  • Ego: Shepard — As usual, stuck in the middle. Has principles, but no prior emotional connection to the situation on Omega, allowing them to make balanced decisions.
  • Id: Aria — Extremely passionate. Motivated primarily by revenge and hatred; willing to sacrifice both her own resources and the civilian population at every opportunity.
  • Superego: Nyreen — Guided by a strict moral and practical code. Unwilling to do things the easy or fast but costly way; places the welfare of others above herself.

Mega Man:

  • The three main robots:
    • Ego: Rock/Mega Man — energetic but reasonable
    • Superego: Blues/Proto Man — silent and stoic
    • Id: Forte/Bass — vengeful and obsessive
  • The Doctors are also identifiable as such:
    • Wily (Id), Light (Superego), and Cossack (Ego).

Mega Man Legends:

  • The Casketts:
    • Id: Volnutt-Trigger — the main character, can goof off during missions
    • Superego: Roll Caskett — Mission Control, tries to keep Volnutt-Trigger on track
    • Ego: Barrell Caskett — The leader of the Casketts
  • The Bonnes:
    • Ego: Teisel — The leader of the Bonne family pirates (Ego)
    • Id: Tron — builds all robots and machines for them, in love with Volnutt-Trigger, has a bad temper
    • Superego: Bon — Unable to talk to Teisel and Tron

Mega Man Battle Network

  • Lan, Dex, Chaud, Maylu/Mayl, and Yai
    • Id: Lan and Dex — Hotheaded, very proud, loves to netbattle
    • Ego: Maylu/Mayl and Yai — tries to keep the boys from fighting
    • Superego: Chaud — Acts calm, cool, and collected, always there to tell Lan when he messed up
  • the above's netnavi's
    • Id: Gutsman.EXE — exactly like Dex
    • Ego: Megaman.EXE, Roll.EXE, Glyde.EXE — Megaman is more reasonable than Lan, the other two act like their operators
    • Superego: Protoman.EXE: Like Chaud, he is always there to tell MegaMan.EXE when he messed up

Mega Man Star Force:

  • Luna and the boys:
    • Depends on what's happening at the present time, but there are 3 lineups
  • Lineup 1
    • Superego: Luna — The leader of the group of four, tries to get Geo to come to school in the 1st game
    • Id: Bud — Loves to eat, a follower of the latest fads
    • Ego: Zack/ Geo — Quiet and shy, but not afraid to speak their minds and tell the other two what they think
  • Lineup 2:
    • Superego: Luna — Reduced to being the damsel in distress
    • Id: Bud/ Zack — Clueless as to what's going on
    • Ego: Geo — Remains calm, cool, and collected as he is forced to take charge of the situation as the other 3 are Freaking Out
  • Lineup 3:
    • Ego: Geo — Takes charge of the situation but is still not afraid to tell Bud and Zack what he thinks (Ego, leaning towards Superego)
    • Id: Bud — The second in command, but he doesn't know what to do when Luna isn't around
    • Superego: Zack — Normally sides with Bud (Superego, leaning towards Id)
  • Geo, Omega-Xis and Mega Man Geo-Omega:
    • Ego: Geo Stelar — The voice of reason
    • Id: Omega-Xis — Acts without thinking, requires Geo to pull him back
    • Superego: Mega Man Geo-Omega — a combo of the other two, but the main head (Geo) is in charge
  • Pat, Rey, and Gemini Spark:
    • Superego: Pat (human) — Nice and doesn't want to cause trouble.
    • Id: Rey — Beats up people and wants revenge on his parents, but he protects Pat from danger. (Id, sometimes Ego)
    • Ego: Gemini Spark — Reluctant, but goes with what Rey says. (Ego, leaning towards Id)

Mega Man X Combo Trio:

  • Ego: X — Is usually the one who has deep thoughts about most things happened around. But on the other side, he's a pacifist who's quite emotional, especially about fighting, and frequently thinks about all the enemies he fights.
  • Superego: Zero — The coldest of the bunch, only concerned in missions, likes to take shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach. It's all a facade, though.
  • Id: Axl — Likes to get on X's and Zero's nerves, and is also very eager and interested in fighting; but also the warmest of the three.

Mega Man Zero:

  • La Résistance Combo Trio:
    • Zero (Superego), Ciel and Cyber-Elf X (Ego), and soldiers Zero rescues and Elpizo (Id).
  • The Four Guardians, Phantom being a little bit of everything:
    • Id: Fefnir — the impetuous Blood Knight, hands down.
    • Superego: Harpuia, the most respectable Guardian, the moral compass, and most similar to X.
    • Ego: Leviathan — the playful, but also cooperative, the glue that holds the team together.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty:

  • Ego: Snake — Cool, calm, and collected. The one with the most field experience. He's a Big Brother Mentor to Raiden and keeps Otacon focused on what's important.
  • Superego: Otacon — The genius computer expert of the group, making all of the logistical decisions.
  • Id: Raiden — The rookie in the field, still trying to learn to handle his emotions in the field and reconcile his duty with his love for Rose.

  • Les Enfants Terribles
    • Id: Liquid Snake — Large Ham Psychopathic Manchild who is brash and impulsive. He cares about nothing more than petty revenge for his brother Solid Snake getting better genes than him which he's actually wrong about anyway. His motivations are, in his own words, "I'll (just) do what my genes tell me."
    • Superego: Solidus Snake — Cold, calculating Well-Intentioned Extremist with a level of cunning that even let him become the President of the United States. However, his lack of compassion leads him to cold-hearted actions such as attempting to nuke Manhattan and killing Olga Gurlukovich just because she wasn't willing to sacrifice her child for his cause.
    • Ego: Solid Snake — Philosophical, yet genuinely cares about his close friends such as Otacon, Gray Fox, and Raiden. This makes him the only heroic child of Big Boss because Liquid lacks his maturity and Solidus lacks his compassion.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:
    • Id: Kazuhira Miller — Quickest to anger, most driven by revenge, wants Snake to kill even when he doesn't have to (such as Quiet).
    • Superego: Ocelot — Even with his Magnificent Bastard qualities from the rest of the series HEAVILY toned down, he still remains the calmest and most rational thinker of the group and often serves as a voice of reason for Snake.
    • Ego: Venom Snake — Balances Miller's emotional appeals with Ocelot's logical appeals and tends to be the final decision-maker as The Leader.


  • Factions
    • Superego: The Chozo, a since-departed ancient race of advanced, enlightened beings
    • Id: The Metroids, a genetically engineered species of semi-sentient, high-energy super-monsters
    • Ego: Humans, somewhere between the two extremes. By the time Fusion begins, Samus represents all three groups (not including the Space Pirates, of course).
  • Space Pirate Leadership
    • Id: Kraid — a massive, raging beast whose main contribution to the Space Pirate forces is sheer muscle
    • Ego: Ridley — probably the series's closest thing to an individual Big Bad, whose sadistic bloodlust is balanced out by his brilliant tactical and leadership skills
    • Superego: Mother Brain — a malevolent supercomputer (built by the aforementioned Chozo, no less), coldly manipulating her subordinates for the sake of her dispassionate aim to "set the universe back to zero"
  • Aether conflict
    • Superego: Luminoth — a peace-loving, technologically advanced race similar to the Chozo (Superego)
    • Id: Ing — transdimensional shadow monsters with no technology of their own, but the power of Demonic Possession and a fierce desire for galactic domination
    • Ego: Space Pirates / Galactic Federation / Samus, a third party caught between the other two warring sidesnote 


  • Superego: Sirrus — Calculating manipulative mastermind. When he and Achenar went rampant through their father's Ages, he satisfied his greed by heavily taxing his subjects.
  • Id: Achenar — Lunatic. Had ape people sacrificed to him. Enjoys macabre decor. Has a torture chamber.
  • Ego: Atrus — Logically minded but burdened with the death of his race. Writes Ages for himself, but strives to be worthy of his ancestors' legacy.

Myst IV Revelations:

  • Superego: Achenar — After being imprisoned in Haven, he had twenty years to realize what he'd become and how to change. Actually felt guilty after eradicating an entire species.
  • Id: Sirrus — Spent twenty years mastering his environment and hopefully redeeming himself in his father's eyes, but when his plans failed, he snapped and began planning his revenge.
  • Ego: Atrus — Same as ever.

Narcissu: Side 2nd:

  • Id: Himeko — Impulsive, fun-loving, skips out on Sunday Mass to work on her Eunos
  • Superego: Chihiro — The good Catholic girl, quiet and demure, always quick to nag Himeko about her behavior
  • Ego: Setsumi — Gets along well with both of the other two, able to see both sides, used as a go-between

Need for Speed Payback:

  • Id: Mac — Former street kid from London, drives fast for the thrill of it
  • Superego: Jess — The wheelman (or better, wheelwoman) for hire with a methodical, collected attitude.
  • Ego: Tyler — The protagonist who is out for revenge yet reconciles the two sides when push comes to shove.

Neverwinter Nights:

  • Shadows of Undrentide:
    • Superego: Dorna — Calm, tries to work things through logically
    • Ego: The Player — Reins in the excesses of his/her teammates (hopefully)
    • Id: Xanos — Boisterous, grandiose, a bit of a braggart

  • Hordes of the Underdark:
    • Superego: Nathyrra/Valen — Both work to remain calm and detached, and to rise above their base instincts
    • Ego: The Player — Reins in the excesses of his/her teammates (hopefully)
    • Id: Deekin/Aribeth — Both are ruled by instinct and emotion over logic

Neverwinter Nights 2:

  • Id: Khelgar — Egotistical, combat-obsessed, kills things at the drop of a hat
  • Ego: Neeshka — More reasonable, tries to rein in the excessive habits of her teammates
  • Superego: Elanee — Calm, collected, sometimes overly logical


  • Id: Issun — The short-tempered, Chivalrous Pervert
  • Ego: Ammy — The quiet, calm, mild-mannered enabler
  • Superego: Sakuya — The mastermind behind their actions

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: The Shadow Sirens

Penny Arcade Adventures:

  • Superego: Tycho is the occult expert and brains of the Agency.
  • Id: Gabe is the book dumb bare-knuckle brawler who relies on impulse.
  • Ego: The player character can alternate between agreeing with either member or striking a balance.



  • The Lake Trio from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
    • Ego: Azelf — Representing omnipotence and willpower
    • Superego: Uxie — Representing omniscience and knowledge
    • Id: Mesprit — Representing omnipresence and emotion
  • The main characters of Black and White:
    • Ego: Hilbert/Hilda — Main character, "leader" of the group.
    • Id: Bianca — Energetic, upbeat, and optimistic, likes to have fun.
    • Superego: Cheren — Calculating and a stickler for the rules.
  • The Tao Trio, also from Black and White:
    • Superego: Reshiram — Represents truth and yang
    • Id: Zekrom — Represents ideals and yin
    • Ego: Kyurem — Represents the boundary/balance between yin and yang, as well as Reshiram and Zekrom themselves. It should be noted that Kyurem also forms a power trio with itself, with its alternate forms Black Kyurem (Id, derived from Zekrom) and White Kyurem (Superego, derived from Reshiram).

  • Portal:
    • Id: Wheatley — Impulsive, illogical, betrays Chell in favor of power
    • Superego: GLaDOS — Cold, logical, most likely contains the majority of the world's knowledge stores within her databases, and almost omniscient
    • Ego: Chell — She never gives up when trying to defeat GLaDOS, but when Wheatley becomes evil she is willing to team up with her to stop him.

Psychonauts has a literal example in Gloria's Theater. Becky is Gloria's superego, desperately trying to maintain order and control over Bonita and the rest of the production. The Phantom aka Jasper is her id, constantly trying to derail her. And Bonita Soleil is her ego, the most balanced one.

Rival Schools:

  • Taiyo High:
    • Id: Batsu: Hot-headed, brash
    • Ego: Hinata: Reasonable and outgoing
    • Superego: Kyosuke — Stickler for rules and regulations
  • Gorin High:
    • Id: Shoma — Stubborn, loud, argues with Natsu
    • Superego: Natsu — Moral, concerned with neatness, argues with Shoma
    • Ego: Roberto — Reasonable, cool-headed, has to mediate Shoma and Natsu's arguments
  • Gedo High
    • Superego: Edge — Troublemaker, concerned about falling behind in school
    • Id: Gan — Obsessed with food
    • Ego: Daigo — Leader of school's gang
  • Seijyun Girls High:
    • Ego: Akira — Calm, rational, able to deal with both Zaki's gang and the gang lead by her brother
    • Superego: Yurika — Polite, neat freak, concerned with morals of her mission
    • Id: Zaki — Gang leader, confrontational
  • Pacific High:
    • Ego: Roy — Determined to work on improving relations between countries through cooperation
    • Id: Tiffany — Obsessed about impressing the opposite gender
    • Superego: Boman — Deeply religious, concerned about morals and spirituality

Sabres of Infinity:

  • Id: Elson — Social, emotional, and places a high priority on honourable military conduct, even at the expense of strategy.
  • Superego: Cazarosta — Isolationist, stoic, and places strategic results over any perceptions of morality.
  • Ego: Protagonist — Variable, but most likely to end up as a balance between the two extremes.

Sengoku Basara:

  • Sanada Yukimura: (Id), Date Masamune (Ego), and Katakura Kojuro (Superego).

Shin Megami Tensei has a classic case of this in the beginning, though eventually things get worse and the player, as the Ego, is forced to either side with one of the remaining members of the trio against the other, or reject them both. Anyway, while the trio's still together, it goes...

  • Law Hero (Superego), Neutral Hero (Ego), and Chaos Hero (Id).

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey has a similar case:

  • Superego: Zelenin — A scientist who often acts as a voice of reason, but refuses to even consider things that violate her principles. Winds up as the main representative of the Law faction.
  • Id: Jimenez — A Hot-Blooded Jerkass who thinks everyone should be allowed to do what they want. Ends up as the Chaos hero.
  • Ego: Arthur — The ship's computer, which is completely rational and always prioritizes the crew's and humanity's survival above all else.
The protagonist can side with any of the three, depending on his decisions.

Devil Survivor 2 has this in its main trio:

  • Superego: Io, despite how badly the new world shakes her, is quick to adapt to the fact that fighting is often the only option she has, and comes around to the idea that extreme solutions may be necessary in the chaos.
  • Ego: The main character can go either way, though tends to have options to remain cool under pressure as well as to show his emotions. He also tends to act as a mediator whenever the party fractures.
  • Id: Daichi adapts poorly to the new world until and beyond the very end, emotional, hysterical, and tearful in the face of violence. Wants to return to the way things were even when everyone else believes that isn't possible.

Solatorobo plays with this one two ways with the heroes:

Sonic the Hedgehog Combo Trio:

  • Id: Sonic — Strong sense of justice and helping others, but impatient and impulsive
  • Ego: Tails — Mediator, holds things in check and notices things his companions do not
  • Superego: Knuckles — Strong sense of duty and commitment, but highly susceptible to manipulation and incredibly hard to gain trust from.

Sonic Heroes: Pretty much all of the other characters are broken up into their own Freudian Trios:

  • Team Dark:
    • Id: Shadow — Brooding and spiteful.
    • Ego: Rouge — Manipulative, but can work with anything she needs to get the job done.
    • Superego: Omega — Computerized thinking. (In Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman fits the same role being a mastermind)
  • Team Rose:
    • Id: Amy Rose — Smart but incredibly protective and vengeful.
    • Superego: Big the Cat — Stupid and strong, almost childlike.
    • Ego: Cream the Rabbit — Naive but understanding, holds the group together.
  • Team Chaotix:
    • Superego: Espio the Chameleon — Quiet but brilliant loner.
    • Ego: Vector the Crocodile — Loud-mouthed and easy to anger, but dedicated leader with the best deductive skills out of the group.
    • Id: Charmy Bee — Upbeat, hyperactive, and will often get on the nerves of his teammates.

Sonic Riders:

  • The Babylon Rogues:
    • Id: Jet — Greedy, arrogant, and self-centered leader.
    • Superego: Wave — Intelligent in Extreme Gear, irritation of Storm's stupidity and Jet's irresponsibility.
    • Ego: Storm — Clumsy and stutters a lot, but shows great loyalty to Jet.

Soul Series Like many other Fighting Game series' this series also has examples like this...

(Kilik's Team)

  • Superego: Kilik — Studious Young Monk who is rather regretful about his past
  • Id: Xianghua — Cheerful, Energetic, and Hopeful even if she does have some romantic issues with Kilik
  • Ego: Maxi — Despite his anger issues about his dead crew is a fairly amiable guy who is a bit of an older brother figure to Kilik and Xianghua

(The Shop Girls of Soul Calibur 3)

  • Id: Lynette — Cheerful, Friendly, the most Childish of the three
  • Superego: Hualin — Friendly, but the most intellectual and studious of the three
  • Ego: Valeria — Friendly and easygoing and also a bit of a flirt with her Absolute Cleavage

Spirit Hunter: NG:

  • The First Team:
    • Id: Kaoru — an energetic Idol Singer with a fervent love for the supernatural.
    • Superego: Seiji — a cruel-minded sceptic who uses social manipulation to get his way.
    • Ego: Akira — a stoic fighter who's more pragmatic than Kaoru, but more willing to deal with the supernatural than Seiji, and thus mediates between the two when their differing viewpoints cause them to bicker.
  • The Second Team:
    • Id: Ban — an unethical gambling addict who can be reckless and over-the-top in his pursuit for information.
    • Superego: Rosé — a mysterious, sneaky woman who's as calm and collected as can be.
    • Ego: Akira, again — his stoicism balances out against Ban's emotional side, while his proclivity for violence contrasts him with Rosé.

Street Fighter:(Ryu, Ken, and Gouken)

  • Superego: Ryu — Calm and very studious man who takes his training very seriously in which sometimes he takes it too seriously
  • Id: Ken — Friendly, flirty and easy-going, not truly arrogant but the most boisterous of the three, Is only serious when the situation really demands him to be
  • Ego: Gouken — Firm, authoritative but a warm fatherly figure

(Dan, Blanka and Sakura)

  • Id: Dan — Loud-mouthed lovable goofball, likes to think he is a serious martial artist but is usually anything but serious
  • Superego: Sakura — Energetic and youthful but tries really hard to be a studious martial artist like Ryu
  • Ego: Blanka — Loud and energetic but while he does take things more seriously than Dan he doesn't do that as much as Sakura though

(Ibuki, Makoto, Elena)

  • Id: Ibuki — Friendly, energetic, fun-loving, flirty, only serious in her exams
  • Superego: Makoto — Very studious and dedicated, trains diligently, occasionally temperamental
  • Ego: Elena — Friendly, easy-going, only fights for fun, peaceful, loves to make friends

(Shadaloo, after Sagat quits)

  • Superego: M. Bison — Calm, calculating, strategic
  • Ego: Vega — Vain, psychopathic, self-loving
  • Id: Balrog — Hyper-aggressive, greedy, vulgar

The Wind sisters from Strider, more so in Strider (2014) than in older games since two of them now have characterization:

  • Id: P/Bei Pooh is the most carefree and reckless of the trio, fighting on her own and taking pleasure in murdering.
  • Superego: Ton(g) Pooh is the leader of the trio, imparting her master's orders and pushing them forward as a team.
  • Ego: Nang Pooh is the "foundation" of the team and the one who takes great efforts in keeping her sisters under check while in the heat of battle.

Suikoden III:

  • Main characters:
  • Previous true rune bearers
    • Flame Champion (Id), Wyatt (Ego), and Geddoe (Superego).

Secret of Mana:

Space Channel 5:

  • Ego: Ulala — The Hero, driven and generous with dramatic tendencies (that in fact aren't uncommon among characters from her series, to be fair).
  • Id: Pudding — Ulala's rival-turned sidekick, jealous and an attention seeker.
  • Superego: Jaguar — Reporter who saved Ulala's life when she was a child turned rogue who calls himself the "voice of truth."

StarCraft: Not a typical "character" power trio as such, but the different races do have elements of the different characters described above.

  • Superego: Protoss — Highly structured society, strong rules and customs. Tends to be the most righteous.
  • Id: Zerg — Driven by instinct, with an overall goal of absorbing other life-forms and evolving into biological perfection.
  • Ego: Terrans — Have people who can go both directions. Most Terrans seem focused on achieving goals.

StarCraft II:

  • Raynor's Raiders (Wings of Liberty):
    • Superego: Matt Horner — Focused on the goals of the revolution - freedom, etc., not revenge against Mengsk or the Dominion.
    • Id: Tychus Findlay — Just there to fight and have fun.
    • Ego: Jim Raynor — The balance between Horner and Findlay. Wants to see the revolution reach its goals, but also wants revenge on Mengsk.
  • Kerrigan's Swarm (Heart of the Swarm):
    • Superego: Alexei Stukov — Acts as voice of reason to Kerrigan and offers her insights as a fellow infested human.
    • Id: Zagara — Terse, rude and bloodthirsty, she enjoys Kerrigan's rampage of revenge a little too much at times.
    • Ego: Sarah Kerrigan — Torn between wanting to crush Mengsk and the Dominion out of revenge, and keeping the Zerg swarm in check in order to atone for her past crimes.
  • The Daelaam (Legacy of the Void):
    • Superego: Karax — Logical and scientific, his generally calm demeanour sets him apart from the bigger (and weirder) personalities that make up Artanis's alliance.
    • Id: Alarak — Venal, self-serving, and comically chaotic, he constantly tries to get Artanis to Do Wrong, Right.
    • Ego: Artanis — The only one who can pull the disparate factions of the fractured Protoss empire together, and maybe keep them all from killing each other just for the hell of it as they fight to stop Amon.
  • The endgame alliance:
    • Superego: Artanis — Stoic, fair-minded and focused. His rigidness is both a strentgh and a weakness and tends to cause as many problems as it solves.
    • Id: Kerrigan — Emotional, conflicted, and direct. Her moral flexibility allows her to consider more options for victory, but often leads to her making poor choices.
    • Ego: Raynor — Charismatic, humble, and sincere. His love and friendship for both Kerrigan and Artanis bridges the gap between them and helps all three of them achive a complete victory by working together.

Star Fox: The Star Wolf trio:

  • Id: Wolf O'Donnell — Hot-headed, easily angered, but honorable and skilled.
  • Superego: Leon Powalski — Cold, calculative, secretive.
  • Ego: Panther Caroso — Seems to get along with others, and respects minority.

  • In Super Mario Bros., this applies generally to the three Princesses:
    • Id: Daisy - Her characterization reveals her to be driven by desire, favoring cunning and passion to get what she wants.
    • Superego: Rosalina - Moral, selfless, and pacifist, she is willing to forgo her own happiness if others can be happy in her stead.
    • Ego: Peach - She is fully capable of taking either path of her own volition through her influence.
  • This also applies to the three plumbers:
    • Superego: Luigi - Timid, cautious, and shown to be more self-restrained than his older brother, but also brave and heroic when the time calls for it.
    • Ego: Mario - Although short-tempered, albeit a little impulsive and competitive at times, he is mostly a kind-hearted and brave hero with a cheerful demeanor and a positive and humble attitude overall, willing to help those in need without hesitation.
    • Id: Wario - Crude, greedy, and hot-tempered, but is shown to help others at times (if not for his own benefit).

Super Robot Wars:

Tales of the Abyss has one in the Keterburg Trio:

  • Superego: Jade is cold, calculating, eminently logical, and thoroughly Lawful.
  • Id: Dist is erratic, prone to emotional outbursts, immature, and self-centered.
  • Ego: Peony is selfish in a lot of little ways, but in the grand scheme of things, he's dedicated to the good of his country. He also keeps trying to make his childhood friends get along with each other despite their history and differences.

Team Fortress 2: Pyro, Soldier and Heavy as Id, Scout, Demoman and Sniper as Ego, and Engineer, Medic and Spy as Superego.

Tekken - Though we never see all 3 of them together in-game and everyone's off fighting their own battles, these 3 have been seen in some promotional work.

  • Superego: Jin — Calm and calculating, despite his paternal heritage. (Superego, though he does become Id when involved with family matters or in Devil mode)
  • Ego: Xiaoyu — Tries to keep Jin in line and sane, but is also very energetic.
  • Id: Hwoarang — Always gets into fights much to his master Baek's behest, and is always seeking a rematch with Jin.

Touhou Project:

  • Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom:
    • Marisa (Id), Reimu (Ego), and Sakuya (Superego).
  • Undefined Fantastic Object has Sanae in place of Sakuya.
    • Debatable. Especially for Sanae, where in one path she becomes "obsessed" with youkai hunting.
  • The Magician Trio, in fanon:
    • Superego: Patchouli — Deadpan Snarker Badass Bookworm whose library is the common hangout for the other two and whose books are frequently "borrowed" by Marisa.
    • Ego: Alice — Calm, collected, and levelheaded, although fanon often portrays her as being jealous of Patchouli getting Marisa's attention.
    • Id: Marisa — Rude, Hot-Blooded, and a notorious thief, yet fanon portrays her as a girl magnet and essentially the one who Patchouli and Alice frequently fight over.

The Ultima series - Though the Avatar and Companions can be shuffled a number of ways, the trio that stands out are The Avatar, Iolo, and Shamino. The majority of the games begin with the three of them together, and in all games Iolo and Shamino receive more dialog and plot significance.

  • Id: Iolo — Bard and the model of Compassion. Tends to instinct and occasional crankiness, artistic temperament, and the only character with a lifelong love through the series.
  • Superego: Shamino — Ranger and the model of Spirituality. Though he can be a man of action, tends toward meditation, communion with nature and the higher order of human consciousness.
  • Ego: Avatar — The Avatar is the role model of all the Virtues, and seeks to apply them in practical example for problem-solving.

Undertale - The three children at narrative heart (no pun intended) of the game from a Freudian Trio:

  • Id: Chara — Manifests only if the player takes a violent route through the game.
  • Superego: Asriel — Manifests only if the player takes a peaceful route through the game.
  • Ego: Frisk — The only character who can bridge the gap between Chara and Asriel.

Valkyrie Profile - The conflicting natures of the three valkyries is not the focus, but it is a central part of their development, especially in the second game. They are even described as separate components of one greater being.

  • Superego: Hrist — Harsh, dutiful, gets the job done (labeled by Freya as the secondary ego).
  • Ego: Lenneth — Balanced (labeled by Freya as the primary ego).
  • Id: Silmeria — Emotional, rebellious

The World Ends with You:

  • Neku's Partners
    • Id: Beat — Tends to rely on brute force, often gets mocked for his lack of critical thinking skills by pretty much everyone, even himself sometimes, and for good reason.
    • Superego: Joshua — Most detached from how other people feel, and secretly The Chessmaster of the entire game to boot.
    • Ego: Shiki — Appeals to both Neku's humanity and his logic to do the right things.

  • Game Masters

World of Warcraft - The major racial leaders of the various factions.

  • The Horde
    • Ego: Thrall — Charismatic and far-sighted leader struggling mightily to redeem his race and do the right thing, in spite of impossible odds. Balances the necessities of the Horde with the demands of its people.
    • Superego: Sylvanas Windrunner — Coldly calculating Dark Lady of the Forsaken, breaking her quiet brooding only rarely in moments of extreme hatred and loss, over the terrible events that have created her newfound people.
    • Id: Garrosh Hellscream — Brash, arrogant young orc with a sense of invincibility-both personal, and of the Horde. Extremely aggressive, often disregarding the counsel of Thrall and the other leaders to act with caution and reason.
  • The Alliance
    • Id: Varian Wrynn — Hotheaded human king with a vendetta against the Horde, orcs in particular. Slow to use reason or negotiation, but not without, and often violent. Having two minds in one body, sometimes approaches situations with unpredictable sense of honor. Some traces of Superego but mostly Id.
    • Superego: Prophet Velen — Quiet, methodical leader gifted with prescience and wisdom, carefully plotting the best course for his people and the rest of the world, no matter what happens.
    • Ego: Tyrande Whisperwind — Struggles to deal with internal problems before worrying about the Alliance and attempting to guide the night elves through the new series of endless wars with diligence and respect for the old ways.
  • Northrend Forces
    • Id: Tirion Fordring (Argent Crusade) — Trusts in the light and the forces of righteousness with unshakable faith, refusing to employ questionable means on account of the moral ambiguity. Perhaps the single greatest paladin alive.
    • Superego: Darion Morgraine (Knights of the Ebon Blade) — Ruthlessly pragmatic fallen hero, liberated from the Lich King's control but still employs all the dark and forbidden knowledge and techniques he learned as a death knight. Does not recognize or value such follies as honor, righteousness, or valor. Only results count.
    • Ego: Alexstrasza (Wyrmrest Accord) — Operates by unknowable rules, wielding an Omniscient Morality License, but also deeply compassionate, and willing to work even with races that have done horrific wrongs to dragonkind.
  • Player Versus Environment (PvE) Groups
    • Ego: Tank — Initiates the fight and holds the attention of enemies.
    • Id: DPS — Inflicts most of the damage on the boss.
    • Superego: Healer — Heals damage received by the group.

Warcraft 3 has a few as well

  • Night Elf leaders, Reign of chaos
    • Superego: Tyrande — strong sense of who should or shouldn't be allowed in the forest, more traditional.
    • Ego: Furion — More flexible, willing to work with outsiders.
    • Id: Illidan — Seems somewhat erratically driven by a desire for power and anger.

  • Orc leaders, Reign of chaos
    • Id: Grom Hellscream — Aggressive, would rather fight than negotiate.
    • Superego: Cairne — Calmer, more protective of others.
    • Ego: thrall — Handles pressures from both directions.

  • Human leaders, Reign of chaos.
    • Id: Arthas — Impulsive, driven by a desire for revenge.
    • Superego: Uther — Moralistic, follows laws and customs quite closely.
    • Ego: Jaina — Ends up in the middle, personality-wise. Unlike most examples, she is in a lot of ways less powerful than the superego and id, but she does make a major decision after seeing both of the other two make arguments and decisions.

  • Night elf leaders, Frozen throne
    • Id: Maiev — Becomes obsessed with tracking down Illidan.
    • Superego: Tyrande — the one who most remembers previous alliances and morality (see missions 6-8).
    • Ego: Furion — Seems to end up making most of the overall decisions. Also is again the most flexible.

Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War - The three warring factions on Davinuus:

  • Superego: Eldar — Puritanically devoted to the Path, to the point of suppressing almost all emotions. As such, both principled and coldly logical.
  • Id: Tyranid — Intelligent and devious, but fundamentally dominated by appetite, and the need to devour everything.
  • Ego: Imperium — Passionately dedicated to the service of the Emperor, emotional but committed to order.
    • One could argue that the three subdivisions among the Imperial forces, the Imperial Guard, the Space Marines, and the Sisters of Battle, form a sub-trio, but the game itself does not really develop the personalities of the three Imperial forces to that extent, so one would have to draw on knowledge from the rest of the setting. In that case, the Space Marines would probably be the superego, the Sisters of Battle would probably be the id, and the Imperial Guard would probably be the ego.

Warriors Orochi:

  • You can choose to set up your team of 3 officers like this given the series' swap-in battle system, but Warriors Orochi 3 starts the player with a team of three officers set up in this way.
    • Ma Chao, hotblooded and emotional warrior (Id)
    • Sima Zhao, anxious but reassuring mediator (Ego)
    • Hanbei Takenaka, laid-back and logical strategist (Superego)


  • Superego: Fei (The coward persona) — clings to a semblance of emotional stability
  • Id: Id — Chaotic, vengeful, seeks emotional release in the destruction of all that is around him
  • Ego: Fei (the avatar) — Stable, seeks a peaceful solution, but will get involved and reach out


  • Id: Shion — Emotional, friendly, and has her own personal issues
  • Ego: MOMO — Balanced, being in the middle
  • Superego: KOS-MOS — Stoic, gives out cold logic at times

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