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Literature / Animas Conquest

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Anima's Conquest is a fairly new web serial. The version of it that went up in May of 2013 was removed for editing and restarted anew in January 2014.

The plot summary (taken from the author's blog) is as follows:

"Kate Allegheny and Kelly Norris are college students. While they are both talented individuals, they prefer to pursue their hobbies over their studies. One day, Kate and Kelly get a hold of a rare designer drug called Proteus, and share it among their friends. Things are never quite the same after that - they and their friends begin experiencing a bizarre array of symptoms and after-effects. These symptoms are declared an epidemic on campus. An investigation into the origins of the drug turn up some shocking results."


Also featured in the story so far is an extremely insular cult known as the Salva Family - a man who found out about an ancient prophecy decided his young daughter was a major player in it and built a new following around her. Whether or not there is any truth to his beliefs remains to be seen.

It can be read here: