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The character sheet for Power Rangers GPX is already massive enough that the Rangers themselves needed to be moved to a seperate page.

The Rangers as a team

  • Badass Crew
  • The Chosen Many: Project Ranger trained thousands of kids from ages 8 to 14, over the course of 10+ years. The ones who became Power Rangers were in essence the best of the lot.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Once Gina is revealed to be an elf, and then when Arquen and Eruvanda come to them.
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  • Multinational Team: Sean, Rob, Marty and Ritchie are American, Kevin is Irish, Maria is Venezuelan, Aaron is South African and Daisuke and Hitomi are Japanese. Arquen is an elf.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits: A hockey player, a former Irish Defense Forces soldier, an heir and his sister, an exile, a college student a former United States Marine, another college student, another hockey player and a defected enemy fight aliens, elves and alchemists.
  • True Companions
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: They will insult each other every now and then but when shit hits the fan, they will stick up for each other.

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Sean O' Callahan / GPX Red

Nationality: American

Hometown: Chicago

The leader of the GPX Rangers, Sean is the former captain of a junior ice hockey team. Due to the fact that he became Red Ranger instead of Daisuke, the two have a hate / hate relationship. Initially skeptical, he eventually warms up to his job and comes to embrace it (or, in his words, "have hot, sweaty sex with it"). Unlike many Red Rangers, he's hot-headed, temperamental, foul-mouthed and rude. However, he makes up for it by being not just an inspiring and effective leader, but by warming up to his teammates.

  • First Guy Wins: Okay, he was arguing over the hotel with Kevin, but he was one of the first people Maria met in Japan.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Yeah, he's a VERY skilled and agile martial artist, but when it gets down to it, he can fight like a street brawler.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper especially early on. He's grown out of it for the most part, but it's still there; related to Fighting Irish.


Kevin O' Donnell / GPX Blue

Nationality: Irish

Hometown: Dublin

A friend of Sean's prior to coming to Tokyo. He is a former member of the Irish Defense Forces. He acts sort of as a counter for Sean. He's a good second-in-command who has good leadership skills, although the others don't follow along, much to his irritation. Recent Character Development is showing his intellectual side, including his becoming a teacher in an alternate universe.


Mandla Aaron Ndebele / GPX Green #2

Nationality: South African

Hometown: Johannesburg

Daisuke's replacement as the Green Ranger. He's a college student who seemed reluctant to be a Ranger. He wants to help out the people of the townships, but Ranger duty interrupted it. He tends to be more sarcastic and irritating to Sean, more of a combative Lancer than Kevin, but unlike Daisuke, he's not rebellious.


Daisuke Miyazawa / GPX Green #1

Nationality: Japanese

Hometown: Kyoto

The older of the Miyazawa siblings. The son of a wealthy family, Daisuke had been promised a position of leadership in the Rangers. However, he is angered when Sean is made Red Ranger. Eventually, after the other Rangers are nearly killed, he recognizes his flaws and leaves the team. Due to his upbringing, he's aloof and looks down on the others until his departure.


General Arquen / GPX Green #3

The first of the generals the Rangers will face until he defects. He later joins the Power Rangers in a temporary role.


Maria Aparicio / GPX Yellow

Nationality: Venezuelan

Hometown: Caracas

Full name Maria Juanita Aparicio Rodriguez. The first lady to be introduced. She's a tough, no-nonsense lady from Venezuela (but has been living in Brazil for the past 3 years for unknown reasons) with a sarcastic streak. She acts as the reasonable figure of the team. She acts as Hitomi's best friend within the team and acts a third leader at times. She's also Bi.



Hitomi Miyazawa / GPX Pink

Nationality: Japanese

Hometown: Kyoto

The other, younger Miyazawa sibling. Unlike her brother, she doesn't have much of an ego, instead trying to make friends with Sean, Kevin and Maria. Unfortunately, she has confidence issues that tend to compromise her fights. She's an energetic young woman, but a little push can bring out her dark side. While she can be naive, she is also a very intelligent young woman.


Robert "Rob" Jackson/GPX Silver

Nationality: American

Place of Residence: Orlando, Florida/Carbondale, Illinois/Madison, Wisconsin

Bridget's husband and Sean's brother-in-law. He hasn't been developed yet, so tropes are coming. Eventually, it's revealed he's the Silver Ranger. In GPX SIU, he is an SIU police officer. He tries to act reasonable, but his inexperience as a Ranger sometimes betrays him. Unlike the others, he was not trained by Project Ranger, but was considered for it, but was too old for the Project. However, Marine training more than makes up for it.


Marty McAuliffe/GPX Gold (In SIU)

Nationality: American

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

A GPX SIU-only character (at first), he's a friend of Sean's from Chicago and a former teammate. Well, not SIU-only anymore, as he now appears in Supercharged. Like Rob, he was not trained by Project Ranger and has very little knowledge of martial arts. However, he does his best to try. In Supercharged and by extension the main continuity, he is not a Ranger.


Ritchie Metoxen/GPX Gold (In Supercharged)

Nationality: American

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin

One of Sean's teammates on the Badger hockey team, of full-booded Native American descent. He is soon discovered to be a Project Ranger trainee, although purely by accident. Just minutes after this discovery he's given the Gold Ranger morpher and joins the team. He's cold and uncaring at first, but it's later revealed that he has a more dorky and high-strung personality.


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