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The Character Sheet for the Fanfic Power Rangers GPX.


The Rangers themselves are so Trope Overdosed they needed to be moved to their own page, Power Rangers GPX The Rangers.

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    Cast-wide tropes 


Colonel Alan Greene

Nationaly: American

The military leader of Project Ranger. He is a rational man who prefers to think things through instead of rushing into things blindly.

Yuusuke Godai A.K.A. "Godai-san"

The owner of a sumo food restaurant that the Rangers meet after morphing for the first time. He eventually lets them stay at the inn he owns near Mount Fuji during the final arc of Part 1.

Hikari Godai

Godai-san's wife. She's a little Closer to Earth but just as caring as Godai-san. She's also a nurse who helps bandage up the Rangers.


A little boy who Sean saves early in the story. Eventually, he plays an unwitting part in the plot when Zordonian general Phaedos kidnaps him.


Daisuke and Hitomi's bodyguard. He isn't seen much after the second episode until chapter 15.

Bridget Jackson

Sean's older sister who lives in Orlando with her husband Rob. She helps the Rangers move in to their new house. She has two children, Allie and Cassie.

Allie Jackson

Sean's three/four-year-old niece.

Tomas "Tommy" O' Callahan

Sean's little brother. He's in Orlando with Bridget because their dad (As in Sean's, Bridget's and Tommy's dad) dumped him with Bridget.

Klaudia O'Callahan

Sean's mom. She only appears in the first chapter of the SIU prequel, but is mentioned in other chapters.

Barack Obama

Since we already know who he is, there isn't much to discuss. He's an off-screen character and will likely remain that way.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He gives the Rangers the go-ahead to operate on American soil after some deliberation (and probably seeing the Zordonians attack on national television).

Choushinsei Flashman

A second team of Rangers who pop up in episode 19. They don't get off to a good start with the GPX rangers.

Tom Maelstrom

The director of Strategic Worldwide Organization of Reconnaissance and Defense, aka S.W.O.R.D. He first shows up in episode 25 with a proposition for Col. Greene.

Adam Park

A former Power Ranger who jumps in at the nick of time to save the Rangers from Sirius. All character traits from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo'' belong in those pages.

Jimmy O'Callahan

Sean's Canadian cousin and his teammate on the Badger hockey team.

  • Canada, Eh?: Downplayed, but he uses the term "Rink Rat" on occasion.
  • The Captain: Of the Badger hockey team
  • Chivalrous Pervert
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Everyone Can See It: He's the first one to notice that there's something going on between Gina and Hitomi. Sean was unhappy at first, but he may have a point.
  • Expy: Given his more laid-back disposition compared to Sean, it could be said that he and Sean are essentially Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.
  • Muggle Best Friend: Until he found out he was part of the secret.
  • Secret Chaser: After hearing his voice, he figured out pretty quickly that Sean was indeed the Red Ranger. He confronted Sean about it and eventually found out that he too is a Project Ranger trainee.

Gina Fox

A friend of Hitomi who goes to her high school. She is also an elf.

Russell Fox / Rusco

Gina's father. He is a former elf officer who defected after being threatened by Ragnar.

Janet Redwater

A Mohawk woman from Ontario, who mainly serves as Ritchie's Love Interest but later helps out with the plot.

Queen Eruvanda II

The Queen of the Elves.

Sakura Miyazawa

The matriarch of the Miyazawa family and one of the major sponsors of Project Ranger.

    The Zordonian Empire 

The Zordonian Empire

Emperor Rashon

The leader of the Zordonian Empire. Not much is known of him but it's hinted he commands respect from billions of beings, including his own soldiers.


Rashon's brother and second-in-command. Not much else is known about him, either, but he seems to coordinate the Zordonians' attacks.


Unlike Rashon and Eltar, she's actually given some character development. She becomes the rival of Maria and Hitomi and fights them a couple times over the course of the story.


The muscle of the Zordonians. He thinks almost entirely of destruction, never thinking about anything but smashing things. He fights the Rangers from time to time, getting beat only once. Unlike the other Zordonians, he's not based on any other Sailor Moon villain.

The Four

The four greatest Zordonian generals. They are tasked with beating the Rangers by their Emperor Rashon.


The first Zordonian general the Rangers face. He is smug, usually sporting some kind of smirk on his face. His plan is to separate the Rangers and he almost succeeds.

Kalderon / Marcus Schneider

The second Zordonian general the Rangers will face. He has currently been charged with defeating them, but hasn't done much yet.


The third Zordonian general, this one has yet to face the Rangers.


The fourth Zordonian general, and apparently the best.




Ragnar the Terrible

The racist, fascist Big Bad of Supercharged.

Floki AKA "Hoodie"

One of Ragnar's flunkies.

General Túrelie

The second general the Rangers are currently facing.

King Eärello

Eruvanda's cousin and the one who takes over the throne after she abdicates.

Field Marshal Ingvar

Ragnar's second-in-command, who's more intense than he is.

Colonel Tiris

One of Arquen's subordinates.


    The Ouroboros Society 

Ouroboros Society

The villains in GPX SIU. They are an alchemical society, but other than that, not much is known about them.


The Big Bad of GPX SIU. Not much is known about him.


Drake's second-in-command.


An alchemist working for the Ouroboros Society. He creates the monsters


A field general for the Ouroboros Society. He's the first enemy the Rangers face in the new semester. However, after failing time and time again, he tries to get revenge on the Rangers... and dies in the process.


Drake's girlfriend. She has yet to really make an impact on the plot.


An assassin who appears to be a mercenary who travels around killing people.



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