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  • Mobile Fighter Evangelion sees this does to a number of characters:
  • Calvin in Kingdom Crossovers seems to have had his personality pulled from The Calvinverse, being a focused Gadgeteer Genius badass rather than the normal, hyperactive little boy he was in Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Oobleck in Ruby and Nora. While an eccentric man in canon, this Oobleck lacks all of the seriousness and professionalism of his canon counterpart, instead making him a Plucky Comic Relief.
  • Sora undergoes a radical change of personality in Digimon Adventure 02: The Story We Never Told compared to her original Digimon Adventure 02 counterpart. In canon, she adopts a more girlish personality after her original adventure like playing tennis instead of soccer, becoming Yamato Nadeshiko flower seller with little trace of her tomboyish personality, and as an adult, become a fashion designer. Here, she's a literal Fiery Redhead, becoming the captain of the girls soccer team, slapping Yolei when she gets hysterical, gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech facing down Gargomon, and straight up punching Yolei, who was being a bitch and ridiculing Sora over her parents and her feelings for Tai.
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  • Corrin Reacts: Quite a few characters, but Corrin and Silas in particular. Silas is more outgoing and excitable to act as the calmer and easygoing Kaze's Foil, while Corrin is less of a Sheltered Aristocrat than in canon and more of a savvy, clever planner. He also ends up being the leader of the Antic Order.
  • The Black Emperor: Because of the "Milly Effect", Lelouch is less angsty and more playful, and has a rather strong perverted side.
  • Clementine in Old Scars. While she is still the adorable badass we all know and love, she has become less tough and acts more like the child she is.
  • In The Stalking Zuko Series, there are a few examples, and some of the ones that don't fall into other tropes are as follows.
    • Hakoda's significantly more involved in his children's lives after the end of canon, for better or worse. This ranges from embarrassing but well-intentioned attempts to be a "cool dad," to trying to get Zuko to break up with Katara.
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    • Downplayed with Pakku. He has mellowed out since "The Waterbending Masters," but still is fairly conservative in terms of his beliefs, such as that the Water Tribes' patriarchy isn't going to change in Katara's lifetime, and opposition to marrying foriegners.
    • Suki isn't content to simply be Sokka's girlfriend, and strives to serve as the Team Mom for the Gaang.
    • Katara herself is implied to be less hostile to Zuko than canon showed her as being between "The Western Air Temple" and "The Southern Raiders," with her hostility toward Zuko after the initial battle in the latter episode being Anger Born of Worry.
  • In Influence Out of Normality, Xander is changed from Book Dumb to Brilliant, but Lazy while Willow is a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, particularly towards Xander. He notes at one point that Cordelia usually doesn't mean the mean things she says, while Willow always means it if she says something cruel.
  • Ranma is considerably more polite and responsible in Anything Goes Game Changer due to a chance meeting with Miya Asama and her agreement to become his sparring partner in exchange for acting as a handyman for her inn.
    • Downplayed with Genma who, due to having to train more to keep up with Ranma, has regained his pride as a martial artist. Ranma notes he's still far from The Paragon but he's a much better person than he'd otherwise have been.
    • Because Ranma sent a postcard to Ryoga, who also managed to get in contact with Miya, he knows Ranma didn't abandon their fight and so didn't follow him to China. As a consequence, Ryoga not only doesn't have a curse, he's a Friendly Rival to Ranma rather than an outright enemy.
  • A Brighter Dark does this for numerous members of the Fire Emblem Fates story. The exclusion of Anankos allows readers to see a Garon who is less Omnicidal Maniac and more Well-Intentioned Extremist, living by an I Did What I Had to Do philosophy even at the expense of his familial relationships.
  • Akane in Ranma Saotome, Chi Master drops her Tsundere attitude and becomes a genuine Nice Girl after Ranma cleanses her of her anger-induced chi. Ranma himself is less misogynistic and antagonistic due to his Guru cleansing him a couple years before the story's start.
  • Rumplestiltskin in A Different Fate displays much more of a temper, resorting to tirades and destruction of his own property if anything sets him off.
  • We Are The Chatroom Gems has quite a few cases of this:
  • As Dark Mage of Ylisse herself notes, there are significant differences in how she portrays Yellow Diamond and her Pearl (who will be referred to as Limone) from fic to fic.
    • Mafia!Yellow is a villainous figure, but has some redeeming qualities. Chatroom!Yellow is an abusive, homophobic, unrepentantly vile woman whose only redeeming quality is her love for her birth daughter. Arcane!Yellow is someone driven to a murderous rage by circumstance. And finally, Wings!Yellow is a broken shell of a woman who, though snarky, actually wants to help people.
    • Mafia!Limone is a good girl gone bad. Chatroom!Limone is a child who acts like a brat because she doesn't know any better yet. Arcane!Limone is an outright murderer, though she can still change. Last but not least, Wings!Limone is ashamed of who she is and hides it pretending to be a jerk.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has done this to several characters:
  • In the Lucky Star fanfic Starbound, Mondo, originating from Mon Colle Knights as simply upbeat and casual, is flanderized to be "cool", in direct contrast to Miyuki upon first meeting her and appearing himself. His habit of hitting up on girls is also gone, even though he does brag to two different parties about having spent a night with a whole bunch of girls at Rokuna's house.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse): Several, due to the nature of the premise of the story.
    • Oliver Queen is a Nice Guy, compared to the Jerk with a Heart of Gold he is in canon. He's also not a playboy in this timeline, largely because he was stranded on Lian Yu before he could really get into the 'party boy' lifestyle, and had his emotional growth in that area stunted.
    • Barry Allen is The Gadfly, being far more confident and abrasive than he is in canon; nowhere near the socially awkward geek that is his canon portrayal. He's also far more comfortable with the 'gray' and 'dark' aspects of being a vigilante.
    • Kara Danvers is more maternal and mature than her canon counterpart, due to being able to fulfill her role as Kal-El's caretaker, and, like Barry, is much darker. That being said, of the three leads, she is the closest to her canon portrayal.
    • Laurel Lance is more-or-less the same person she is in canon, though she is a far kinder and understanding to Oliver than she was in Arrow — mainly because, in this timeline, she and Oliver did not date prior to his disappearance. The same applies to Quentin Lance, who is still fond of Oliver since he never cheated on Laurel with Sara, or took Sara on the Gambit with him.
    • Speaking of Sara, on top of being Demoted to Extra, she's also a lot more lighthearted, since she never became a member of the League of Assassins.
    • Thea Queen, instead of being a Bratty Teenage Daughter, is instead a lot more down-to-earth and a bit sheltered thanks to her parents' overprotectiveness after Oliver's disappearance.
    • Iris West is a lot more colder and withdrawn, due to Barry's disappearance and her estrangement with her father. That being said, she starts reverting back to a personality closer to her canon one thanks to Barry's return.
    • Eddie Thawne is a lot more hostile to Barry, perceiving him as more of a threat to his relationship with Iris than his canon counterpart did, and Barry's new personality isn't helping matters. He's also a lot more obsessed with catching the Flash than he was in canon due to the Flash being less "superhero" and more "vigilante", which puts a strain on his relationship with Iris.
    • Slade Wilson is closer to his post-Season Five portrayal straight from the beginning, due to be injecting with a serum that negated the Mirakuru's insanity-inducing effects.
  • Continuance does this with a few Persona 4 characters
  • Damian Wayne still displays shades of being a Spoiled Brat when introduced in The Changeling Sequence, but not as entrenched as his canon portrayal since he's implied to be younger. Jason managing to healthily bond with him and the trauma resulting from his mother's apparent death further help to transform him into a reserved, more affectionate child whose integration into the Batfam proceeds smoother.
  • Heimatfront ends up with very different portrayals of a few characters, largely the result of taking place during World War II, rather than during a high school sports tournament in which no one's supposed to get hurt.
    • Maria Nitzschmann/Miho Nishizumi. Miho is a somewhat shy and not entirely confident girl who wants friends, but also happens to be a highly talented tank commander. Maria, however, is somewhat wary toward Saori and Hana's counterparts at first, since she realizes that people do often turn in their friends for possible disloyalty in Nazi Germany. While Maria is as kind as Miho is, in the scene in which Meike (aka Mako) hears of her grandmother's collapse, she's unable to go over to comfort Meike, due to feeling the need to keep a certain distance from her subordinate in this situation.
    • Anzu Kadotani/Anja Konigsberg. Anzu is a cheerful but lazy Student Council President who despite appearing to have a devil-may-care attitude, can be serious, as well as highly competent, when the chips are down. Anja, however, is far more consistently serious and cold, considering the circumstances, such as when she bluntly tells Meike (aka Mako) that she doesn't have time to think about whether to go home or stay with the BDM girls and continue fighting.
    • The Porsche Tiger's crew. In canon, they're a group of female auto enthusiasts. In the fanfic, they're composed of some male army members who aren't happy about taking orders from a woman.
  • Of Blood And Steel has a significantly different portrayal of Erwin than Girls und Panzer canon. In canon, Erwin doesn't have much of a personality besides her love of history, and seems fairly unflappable. In the fic, she's bitter about her father's death forcing her family into poverty, doesn't get along with her mother, is bored and listless about everything besides tankery and clashes with Jackie over who gets to lead the teamnote , making her more of a standard teenager. In the fic, Erwin is, albeit reluctantly, forced to leave her iconic hat and jacket at home in order to fit in, contrary to how she continued wearing them in spite of Sodoko's objections (unlike Oarai, Raven's Peak does not have a uniform).
  • Azumanga Und Panzer
    • Miho, in addition to being stronger willed than in canon, is also a bit more bitter when it comes to her mother. By comparison, in canon, she respects her mother, and doesn't seem to have any hard feelings toward her, even if Miho's a bit intimidated by Shiho.
    • In canon, Ami is highly laid back and stops appearing as Oarai's teacher halfway through the anime. In this fic, Ami is a highly strict Stern Teacher who insists that her students keep their grades up in addition to performing well in tankery.
  • Weight of the World: Due to the series being written before Volume 5 came out, Adam and Raven's personalities differ from canon.
    • Adam is a compelling leader, former Well-Intentioned Extremist, and less Ax-Crazy instead of the General Failure Psycho Ex-Boyfriend from the show. He is so compelling and charismatic in fact that his Semblance allows him to manipulate Blake's Menagerie Faunus into attacking her and each other instead of the White Fang. He never had a romantic relationship or interest towards Blake, which removes the Yandere aspect of his character completely.
    • Raven is A Lighter Shade of Black Social Darwinist with a strategic intellect who refuses to fight for Ozpin because of how Summer Rose died. She is unwavering in her beliefs and acts solely in the interest of her tribe, others' opinions be damned. In canon, Raven is a Dirty Coward who has no defensible reason for abandoning the fight against Salem and flees in tears when Yang tells her how terrible she is.
  • We have this with Satsuki from Maim de Maim. In canon, you can't say that she was the nicest, nor could you say she could lighthearted but, in this fic, she's actually one of the sweetest, silliest, and an all around most kindhearted person one can meet, on top of a being a stoner and a pacifist. This also occurs for Ryuuko, who, in canon, was more a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, while in this fic, she's meaner, an a drinker, a tyrant, and a spoiled brat but, like canon, her more negative traits mellowed with Character Development.
  • In Scarlet Lady, Adrien winds up becoming much snarkier and more rebellious due to having a different partner. While Ladybug is dutiful and takes her responsibilities seriously, Scarlet Lady is a self-absorbed Attention Whore who expects Chat Noir to handle all the fighting while she gets all the glory. Thus, Chat Noir doesn't get to joke around as much as he does in Miraculous Ladybug, takes fighting more seriously, and lets his frustration leak into his public life, changing how he deals with his overbearing-yet-absent father and Chloe's antics.
  • Princess Of Konoha: Due to plot reasons, Hinata is a stoic Emotionless Girl instead of a Shrinking Violet.
  • Fur And Photography: Max was very introverted in the game. Here, being an alpha werewolf with her own support group and a history of leadership to a pack in Seattle have given her a much needed confidence boost, slapping around Nathan whenever he gets out of line and intimidating Victoria whenever she tries starting something.
    • While Nathan is still an unstable Jerkass, here he seems to be more self-aware and is genuinely looking for help. He even apologizes to Kate when he finds out that she knew he was a vampire and didn't begrudge him for it.


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