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Just another unemployed, easily irritable, depressed troper that tries to find meaning within his life by either finding tropes to associate with videogames, or fights like a rooster to sate his own existential void.

Basic Info

  • Screen Name: Formerly Zero Dozer. Since 2017, adopted the nickname Incinerate
  • Real Name: Christiano Lopes
  • Gender: Male, obviously
  • Birthday: 22/12/1987 (30YO as of this writing)
  • Nationality: Brazilian, to my endless shame
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  • Occupation: Aspie with no chances on the working market. Aspiring writer and Character Designer tho
  • Hobbies: Videogames and drawing since age 7
  • Political Alignment: Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist
  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • What I Hate: People say the challenge is to list what I don't hate

Is there something I actually like? Well, there is:

    Anime and Manga 




    Video Games 
This one will take me ages to complete...

    Western Animation 


Notable tropes applying to me:

    My Opinions of Myself 

    People's Opinions of Me 

    Contributions to TV Tropes 

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