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     Jinnai Shinobu
Click here to see Perfect Shinobu 

One of the three protagonists and the main character of the novels, Shinobu is an Ordinary High-School Student living in Noukotsu Village, one of Japan's Intellectual Villages. The only son of a famous family dedicated to brewery, Shinobu has the unusual trait of attracting Youkai and all kinds of supernatural trouble, which includes continuously stumbling into Packages, crimes using the power of a Youkai.

Provides examples of:

  • Always Save the Girl: Shinobu didn't save the world in Volume 9; he saved Yukari and the rest was just a side effect.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Shinobu is rather knowledgeable about youkai lore, which is a great help when he has to figure out the weakness in a Package. While some of this is expected of a teenager who has lived all his life in an Intellectual village, even Hiro, a fellow kid in the village who has also had continuous contact with youkai, defers to him when they discuss what an Oomukade is.
  • Bad Future: Volume 5 Side-A, ten years later: the world is in the middle of a combined energy crisis and food shortage, the only proposed solutions are mining the Moon or Mars, both of which are impossible with their current technology. Oh, and Shinobu's a Mad Scientist who actually manages to kill Mai.
  • Bedmate Reveal: A particularly funny one since the revealer isn't sleeping (just distracted). After reading his Singer Song Liar story, Shinobu realizes that he's being used as a pillow by Hafuri and Hishigami Mai.
  • Berserk Button: Anyone legitimely threatening Yukari. The Aburatori absorbing Yukari is one of the few times we see Shinobu incredibly angry, to the point he says he doesn't care about the Aburatori's fate in the slightest when previously he had helped even deadly Youkai that had almost killed him like the Shichinin Misaki.
  • Chick Magnet: Shinobu not only attracts the attentions of youkai like Yukari, Yuki Onna and the small Furutsubaki; he also appears to have some degree of popularity with human girls in his school, having had at least two former relationships, one of them being his childhood friend Nagisa. He was also seen checking through several love letters on one occasion.
  • Class Representative: Surprisingly, Shinobu is the class representative and thus his homeroom teacher delegates some tasks to him, like dealing with problem students like Madoka.
  • Delinquent Hair: Shinobu dyes his hair blond, his natural hair color is black.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Saiki Kazu described Shinobu's ability as "the ability to neutralize the fear and create a bond, giving him great affinity with any Youkai", similar to Ranzono Sachi’s affinity with animal Youkai and her ability to summon them, but more indiscriminate and covering a wider range. It has been noted by Yukari that Shinobu is completely unaware of the forbidden line that everyone else can naturally sense. For example, as a child, despite finding places such as a school at night, an abandoned hospital, or a sealed-off tunnel scary, he would never think of turning back. This trait not only makes Shinobu immune to the fear Youkai and the supernatural normally cause on people, he's also immune to techniques that try to use fear against him. Saiki Kazu's killing intent technique, which can paralyze, cause difficulty breathing and almost knock out experienced specialists such as Hishigami Mai and Illness Magic User, completely failed to affect Shinobu. Not only that, Shinobu's nearby allies were also capable of acting normally thanks to their bond with Shinobu. According to Kazu, if Shinobu were to be able to wield it consciously, he would individually have been able to recreate the phenomenon known as Hyakki Yakou (A hundred different species of Youkai marching as one). This was proven when child Shinobu considered someone an enemy for the first time after they hurt Yukari in front of him. His cries of despair gathered the attention of thousands of his Youkai friends, turning them into a living avalanche and a frenzied mob that chased down and tore the offender apart.
  • Japanese Delinquents: subverted, despite looking like an stereotypical japanese delinquent thanks to his dyed hair, Shinobu is actually a good student and the class representative, which was lampshaded by Yukari. The only person who has been bothered by his hair is his homeroom teacher, likely because her timid personality.
  • Made of Iron: Shinobu is very resilient to damage and pain, to the point Hishigami Mai commented he might have what it takes to thoroughly remodel his own body like she did.
  • Noodle Incident: Shinobu has several, like the time he was nearly drowned by a mermaid who sent him a love letter, a middle school incident that led to a fight with real swords and drove his childhood friend Nagisa to become a yandere, and the reason said friend has stabbed him. Twice.
  • Oblivious to Love: As the small Furutsubaki complained to Hiro, Shinobu is half the time filled with lust and half the time completely clueless towards any female's interest on him.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: Besides his trait of attracting youkai and other supernatural creatures Shinobu is a completely normal teenager.
  • Tsundere: Jinnai Shinobu to all youkai, but particularly his Zashiki Warashi.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Young Shinobu adored youkai as much as they adore him. All youkai. His attempt to save the Aburatori in the original timeline nearly got him killed.

     Zashiki Warashi Yukari 

Hyakki Yakou Prototype Ver. 39 Zashiki Warashi
Click here for her Bloodstained Zashiki Warashi form 

One of the main protagonist of The Zashiki Warashi Of Intellectual Village, she is the titular Zashiki-warashi. She lives with Shinobu, as she joined the Jinnai household a hundred years before the start of the series. Yukari grew attached to Shinobu, and his influence led to her developing a love for hi-tech entertainment and videogames while also causing her to be visible to anyone (since Zashiki Warashi are usually only visible to children).

Provides examples of:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Narrates the entire first chapter of the fourth volume instead of Shinobu.
  • Composite Character: As a Zashiki Warashi, Yukari is a Youkai born of the collection of dead babies and young children killed by their parents during famines.
  • Doom Magnet: A Zashiki Warashi can emit a "misfortune aura", when they leave a house that is declining. For a Bloodstained Zashiki Warashi such as Yukari, she sometimes ominously predicts the deaths of all family members in a fire or by mysterious food poisoning. Due to her powers having been boosted, the misfortune brought by Yukari isn't limited to a single household or even the country of Japan, it affects all of humanity. This misfortune is something Yukari causes unconsciously and can't be controlled, and it will automatically pile up coincidences and small amounts of bad luck to manipulate people who are planning to cause her harm.
  • Eldritch Location: In her Bloodstained Zashiki Warashi form, Yukari transported herself and Shinobu to a mysterious place, where the entire world seems to become a bright crimson tatami mat floor, as if soaked with fresh blood, that stretches beyond the horizon under a pitch black sky. The only light sources are the flames on tall candlesticks lined up at even intervals as far as the eye can see. Due to Zashiki Warashi acting as "controllers" or "terminals" of destiny, Shinobu believed that he and Yukari had been dragged up from the normal world to a higher "stage" where the "destiny server" lurks. Shinobu considered possible that he couldn’t properly grasp what the place was using his five human senses, and that the psychedelic image was the resources his mind could throw together to interpret it, as the place is probably beyond what the human mind can comprehend.
  • First Girl Wins: Shinobu and Yukari ends up together when he finally admits his feelings for her.
  • Good Luck Charm: According to folklore a zashiki warashi brings good luck to a house and their disappearance brings bad luck. Subverted when Yukari explains it's the other way around. A zashiki warashi will reside at a house experiencing good fortune but when it begins to enter a decline they will depart. To the residents it seems as though she took away the luck which they had already lost.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation: Sometimes, she sports one.
  • House Fey: As with the rest of her species, Yukari is a spirit that haunts a household. She used to be more mysterious and not appear where visible but was lured out by Shinobu when he was a child.
  • Impossibly-Low Neckline: Sometimes, her choice of wardrobe gives good view of her upper bosom.
  • In Mysterious Ways: How her Ver. 39 power functions, causing minor quirks in fate that disrupt any enemies without obviously being her power.
  • Interspecies Romance: Her and Shinobu. They even become the first recognized Human-Youkai marriage when the Japanese Constitution is amended to permit them at the end of the series.
  • Lady in Red: Yukari's favorite color is red, and she inevitably wears a red kimono given the chance. This trope applies when it's revealed this is a characteristic of a sub-variant of her species, the Bloodstained Zashiki Warashi who brings deadly misfortune on departing such as her former home burning down.
  • Logical Weakness: As a spirit born from a collection of children murdered by their parents, she is naturally weak to the Aburatori, a spirit born from the abusive feelings of parents who killed their children. This also renders her vulnerable to a mystical zombie plague which transforms those who die.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Once again, her and Shinobu.
  • Meaningful Rename: Yukari was the name Shinobu's parents would have given him if he was born a girl. Since they didn't need it, Yukari took it.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She has little concern for doffing her outfit to tease Shinobu.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Yukari is far more physically developed than one would expect of a spirit known as a "guest room child".
  • Reality Warper: By sacrificing her powers, Yukari can create a new nonexistent destiny, thus making the impossible possible. She used it once in the past to save Shinobu, before regaining her powers when he Time Travel to the past and changed the event that resulted in her losing her powers. The ultimate expression of her Ver. 39 is explored in the final volume when it nearly brings about the end of the world.
  • Sadistic Choice: Ten years prior to the story, the Zashiki Warashi was told she could save children who had had their organs mystically harvested, or she could save the beneficiaries of those transplants. A young Shinobu was a victim of the harvesting, making the choice that much more painful. She chose to save them all, at the cost of her powers.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: When Ver. 39 is active the skulls of the murdered children she represents shift through her hair and along her face.
  • Super Strength: Like most Youkai. Her kick sent someone flying through two or three fairly thick trees.
  • Whole Episode Flashback: The first chapter of Volume 4 recounts her previously close relationship with Shinobu when he was a child and how she lost her powers to save him from an incident.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: Yukari's ability as a Zashiki Warashi was boosted by Hyakki Yakou during their experiments to create a Youkai that would be able to create a new destiny from nothing and freely rewrite the world and do the impossible, allowing her to fight against destiny and achieve any of the possible destinies. Circumstances and events do not matter, as long as Yukari fights the naturally occuring destiny, everything around her will be manipulated and correct itself to bring about the result she desires.
  • You Are Number 6: Youkai are registered with the Japanese government, the numbers they're assigned are the closest thing some of them have to a name. The Zashiki Warashi is #36110054Ra2.
  • Youkai
  • Zashiki-warashi: They are attached to a household, and are said to protect the house and bring good fortune, to sneak into the futon of the family members and to play harmless pranks, all the while only being seen by children or as a shadow near a corner. However, when the household is declining, the Zashiki Warashi will leave them, and misfortune will befall them.

     Uchimaku Hayabusa

One of the main protagonist of The Zashiki Warashi Of Intellectual Village. Formerly known as Jinnai Hayabusa, he's the uncle of Shinobu. Like him, Hayabusa has a peculiar trait that often causes him to be antagonized by Youkai and makes him a prime target of their teasing and jokes. Fed up with this situation, Hayabusa left Noukotsu Village for the city (as Youkai usually don't like urban areas) and changed his family name. Due to his strong sense of justice and desire to help people, Hayabusa ended up joining the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department as a detective of Investigation Department 1, dealing with murders and similar crimes. Followed by his Abhorrent Admirer Hishigami Enbi, they work together to solve several complicated cases and deal with multiple Packages.

Provides examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: Poor guy gets disrespected by his department, Enbi, Youkais in general, and most people he comes across.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Most of the time. He genuinely does good police work by sticking to the rules, but circumstances tend to force him to work around the rules or outright transgress them.
  • Combat Pragmatist: As Hayabusa isn't exactly the most imposing member of the cast, he has to resort to a lot of dirty tricks to survive in direct confrontations.
  • Cool Uncle
  • Declaration of Protection: Hayabusa makes his goal at the end of the series to rescue all the Hishigami Women, so that they can restrain their destructive side and live a normal life like Enbi.
  • Fair Cop
  • Hot-Blooded: Lampshaded on various occasions.
  • Made of Iron: Just like his nephew. He once jumped from a third floor into a car and wasn't particularly slowed down.
  • Police Are Useless: Subverted, Hayabusa generally isn't.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Shed the Family Name: He legally changed his family name upon arriving in Tokyo, just so he could be sure not to be associated with the Jinnai brewery and by extension Intellectual Villages.
  • Unwanted Harem: By the end of the series, Hayabusa has one in the form of all the middle school girls he has saved, to his chagrin. Enbi is not amused.
    • And, in a later side-story, it now includes many Hishigami Women who don't mind sharing him among them. Again to his chagrin.
  • The Watson: Uchimaku Hayabusa to Hishigami Enbi's Holmes, where youkai are concernednote . Amusing since he's the narrator and main character of his own segments, but explained by his Youkai antagonizing aura having left him with an aversion to them. Police detective Uchimaku Hayabusa is entirely competent in his field. Unfortunately, he's involved in youkai-related mysteries, so his chapters have him acting as this for the more supernaturally invovled Enbi.

     Hishigami Enbi 

Mystery Freak

Enbi who Destroys Humans
Click here to see the past Enbi 

One of the main protagonist of The Zashiki Warashi Of Intellectual Village. The younger sister of Hishigami Mai, like all other women of the Hishigami family, Enbi is believed to bring disaster and destruction to those who meet her. Enbi works as a detective, a "mystery freak" who butts in and solves cases the police is having trouble with. She was once a ruthless and cold person that manipulated both innocent and guilty alike to expose and capture criminals, but her meeting with Uchimaku Hayabusa and subsequent falling in love with him during one of her cases changed her, making her restrain her nature as a Hishigami woman and focusing on the deductive reasoning side of her specialty to work as a detective.

Provides examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: To Hayabusa. She's actually quite attractive, and if her sister is any indication, she'll grow up to be an exceptionally lovely woman. Unfortunately she has No Social Skills and is also in middle school.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Narrates the second chapter of the fourth volume instead of Hayabusa.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She easily falls into a jealous anger each time Hayabusa is interacting with older women to whom he shows attraction to or when another girl falls in love with him.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Enbi is on the tail end of her defrosting after Hayabusa's genuine idealism, even in the face of death, awoke the young girl inside the Hishigami woman.
  • Hopeless Suitor: Enbi to Hayabusa. It's not just the age gap, she's completely hopeless when it comes to human interaction that doesn't involve a murder investigation.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Enbi to the detective.
  • Little Miss Badass: She's the youngest of the protagonists but is also one of the smartest and completely willing to run head long into danger. And if she were ever to actually start fighting, she'd be a global disaster.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Enbi assumes a suitably skimpy outfit, most often some bikini variant, will help her catch Hayabusa's attention. She doesn't quite understand that he's not interested because she's a child.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Enbi who Destroys Humans.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: It has been said that if she stopped holding back and her talents were to blossom, she would be able to wipe out a full fourth of the Earth's population.
  • Precocious Crush: Middle-schooler Hishigami Enbi for Uchimaku Hayabusa, much to his dismay. She's constantly trying (and failing) to seduce him.
  • Stripperiffic: She wears swimsuits as casualwear, and switches to a bunny outfit in volume 5.
  • World's Best Warrior: As a Hishigami woman, Enbi is the "human combat expert": she's second to none fighting humans. It has been said that if she stopped holding back and her talents were to blossom, she would be able to wipe out a full fourth of the Earth's population and kill the likes of Hishigami Mai in an instant.

     Hishigami Mai 

Mai who Destroys Truth

"True. Humans too are a type of monster. Hadn’t you heard? Now, then. I am stronger than the Deadly Dragon Princess. I am designed to be, so that is a definite fact. So what can you do against a monster like that?"

One of the main protagonist of The Zashiki Warashi Of Intellectual Village. The older sister of Hishigami Enbi, she, like all other women of the Hishigami family, is believed to bring disaster and destruction to those who meet her, as such Mai specializes in "playing the part"; the use of bluffs, misdirection and dirty tricks to destroy the truth. Mai is a freelance specialist that usually takes contracts from Hyakki Yakou, the biggest paranormal organization in Japan and one of the most important groups in the world when it comes to the supernatural.

Provides examples of:

  • Casual Danger Dialogue: Most of everything Mai says. Shinobu's not bad either, but he's got a ways to go.
  • Cuteness Overload: Mai has a soft spot for harmless Youkai such as the Sunekosuri or Hiro's Lantern and Umbrella tsukumogami. She herself admits that she tends to lose all self-control with them, to the Sunekosuri's chagrin.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Mai has thoroughly remodeled, developed and modified her own body in order to acquire the specs necessary to defeat Youkai with her own body. As a result, she displays superhuman strength, speed and durability, though she can hurt her own body if she goes all out. She can bypass Youkai and other supernatural beings' invulnerabilities to normal physical damage and kill them with her bare hands.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Anything that makes Mai pull out the Deadly Dragon Princess has crossed it. Making her use a gun means she's 80% of the way there.
  • Hitman with a Heart: She'll never admit it, and spends entire pages monologing how it's not true, but her actions prove that Mai is not as heartless as her words or her reputation say. She never considers killing an American diplomat and his Gentle Giant bodyguard, and even offers the former a possible solution to avoid a Dying Curse he picked up while averting a food crisis in a third world country.
    • Despite all her claims and sometimes critics of good-natured people who earnestly want to save others, Mai has a soft spot for them. Not only did this motivate her to offer help to the aforementioned American diplomat, she was also moved by the fusion of an Umibozou an a family god of the Amemura family and was jealous of the Sunekosuri being able to honestly defend people from the Scarlet Peach User.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Many people mistakenly assume Mai's power is completely reliant on her Shikigami, the Deadly Dragon Princess. In reality Mai only uses it as a convenient tool; she's more than strong enough to destroy the Shikigami with just her own fists.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Is almost never seen wearing anything other than a tank top and short pants.
  • Perception Filter: Mai can use a technique that erases her presence from the people she chooses, leaving them unable to see her or sense her in any other way, apparently until she attacks them. This technique is so effective that even Tselika, one of the strongest demons in the world and someone who can feel a soul's wavelength and desire, was unable to notice her.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Hishigami Mai. Enbi has the capacity, but is suppressing her nature after falling in love. Actually every woman born to her family, to the point where daughters are killed as a preventative measure. Exactly how two Hishigami women survived and escaped has yet to be said.
  • She Can Rebuild Herself: Mai carries a special kit disguised as makeup tools that allows her to repair her body to the point no trace of the injuries is left, such as perfectly reattaching her arm, sewing up her upper body together after being slashed multiple times or quickly healing broken legs.
  • Shipper on Deck: Hishigami Mai is apparently very supportive of her sister's seduction of an adult man. She still wonders why they can't just get married already.
  • Super Speed: She can be ridiculously fast, to the point she could chase after a sports car in a mountain road and have casually dodged several consecutive gunshots.
  • Super Strength: She has superhuman strength, being able to easily kill Youkai and humans by piercing their bodies with her bare hands and can knock inwards a thick locked military door.
  • Super Toughness: Mai has a slight higher than average superhuman durability, though she can still hurt herself if she goes all out with her superhuman strength.


This Sunekosuri joined Hyakki Yakou in search of his missing wife, and he became the partner assigned to Hishigami Mai by the organization to supervise her during her missions.

Provides examples of:

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Narrates the third chapter of the fourth volume, which are usually Mai's chapters.
  • Canine Companion: Hishigami Mai's cute sidekick.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Normally Sunekosuri is a harmless Youkai who only has the athletic ability of a small dog. However, when he's performing his role as a Youkai, his movements reach the supernatural, allowing him to vanish from human sight and reach someone's shin without them noticing. He can move from shin to shin in crowds and maintain this kind of speed for a longer time.
  • Super Speed: When moving to rub against a person's shins, he can reach speeds that even people trained in fighting youkai can have trouble tracking.
  • Youkai: Sunekosuri resemble small toy-like shiba inu. They are harmless Youkai, the only thing they do is rub their cheeks against the shins of travelers to surprise them.

Jinnai Household

     Yuki Onna Hyou

Hyou, usually only referred to as Yuki Onna, is a member of the eponymous female Youkai species, usually appearing before humans as inhuman beauties in the middle of a snowstorm. She left her mountain to search for a human man to marry, but in the way she got involved with a criminal group that used her for a Package. After being freed by Jinnai Shinobu, she started living with the Jinnai family.

  • An Ice Person: As a Yuki Onna, she can freely manipulate the cold and ice. Unlike other members of her species however, she can't make proper snow, but she's unusually skilled in freezing things and creating ice, being able to bring down blocks of ice during the summer.
  • You Are Number 6: Youkai are registered with the Japanese government, the numbers they're assigned are the closest thing some of them have to a name. The Yuki Onna first introduces herself to Shinobu as #58902385Ra4.
  • Youkai


A two-tailed cat Youkai who happened upon the Jinnai household and took up residence as a guest. Despite her benign appearance and behaving like a household pet, she is still a deadly youkai.

  • Hates Being Touched: Bluntly threatens to kill Shinobu if he touches her tail.
  • Killer Rabbit: She looks like a normal cat aside from her second tail, but is a deadly youkai who previously acted as the execution force for a criminal group.

     Succubus Henrietta 

A Western demon instead of a Youkai, she was summoned by the European Security Force, a paranormal community based around desire, and she took over the entire organization. However, she inadvertently drew the attention of Hyakki Yakou, so she escaped them by tricking Jinnai Shinobu into becoming her master, as Hafuri, the leader of Hyakki Yakou, owed him a debt and would not move against him.

  • Dream Weaver: As a Succubus, Henrietta is capable of manipulating human dreams and make humans experience whatever she desires as they sleep. She can also make a human fall asleep in less than 10 seconds.
  • Gender Bender: Though never demonstrated, she has mentioned the fact that Succubi and Incubi are the same existence, and can apparently switch from one form to the other.
  • Horny Devils
  • Our Demons Are Different
  • Stripperiffic
Furutsubaki (big) (to the right) and Furutsubaki (small) (to the left)

A species of tree Youkai, two Furutsubaki appear in the series, identified as Furutsubaki (big) and Furutsubaki (small), both of them living with the Jinnai family. Furutsubaki (big) was brought to the house by Shinobu's youkai-loving mother, and Furutsubaki (small) was the Furutsubaki turned into a demon familiar by the witch Marguerite Steinhols until she was rescued by Shinobu and the others.

  • Plant Person
  • Youkai: Furutsubaki are Japanese camelia trees that have built up great power over the years. Thus, they have gained the ability to transform into beautiful women. They sometimes seduce humans and are sensitive and understanding of human emotion, being able to tell when humans are in love.
See the Aburatori
See Other Youkai
     Marguerite Steinhols 
See Other Humans

Hyakki Yakou

     Hyakki Yakou as a whole

A powerful organization whose duty since ancient times is the policing of Youkai and Youkai-related crimes throughout Japan. They operate in the shadows and employ a number of humans with powers that let them stand on equal ground with Youkai.

  • Elite Four: The Top Five members of Hyakki Yakou, who are the most powerful official members of the organization, each of them considered a monster that holds power enough that they could conquer a continent.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: As noted in Volume 1, the organization's power has been in heavy decline recently. The fact that they are headquartered in a massive flying wing is only impressive until one realizes this means they can no longer maintain a safe base on the ground.
  • The Wild Hunt: The organization's name comes from the Japanese version of the Wild Hunt, the Hyakki Yakou (litterally "Night Parade of One Hundred Demons").

Hafuri is the ten-year old child leader of Hyakki Yakou, the biggest Japanese supernatural organization. She was made the leader after her father Majina, the former leader, was assassinated, as bloodlines hold a lot of weight in the organization. Unlike the more traditional sections of Hyakki Yakou, Hafuri believes in a future where humans and Youkai can live together, which makes her sympathize with Jinnai Shinobu.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: As Hyakki Yakou is bound to follow her family's bloodline, as the last surviving member of her family she became the organization's leader.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: As the daughter of Majina and Mei, Hafuri is half-human, half-Zashiki Warashi.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name means ‘celebration’, to signify her father's goal of his family living happily without worrying about the powers Hafuri possesses as a half Zashiki Warashi.
  • Only One Name: We only know her first name.
  • Parental Abandonment: Both her parents, the original leaders of Hyakki Yakou, died before the series began, assassinated by a rival faction within the organization. As a result of Shinobu's time travelling, they survive in the altered timeline and come take back the organization from their daughter's hands.
  • Yakuza Princess: With the Hyakki Yakou being a largely benevolent version of a supernatural yakuza, Hafuri is the heir to its leadership.

The Sunekosuri's son.

     Illness Magic User

The Illness Magic User is one of the Top Five members of Hyakki Yakou, the five most powerful official members of Hyakki Yakou, each of them considered a monster that holds power that would allow one to conquer a continent if used correctly. While he sided with the traditional faction of the organization which fought against Hafuri during the coup d'état in Volume 1, he only did this because he truly believed it to be the best path for the organizaition. His role is that of a walking strategic weapon.

He is also the older brother of the Venom Clairvoyant

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Shares the narration with Hishigami Mai in the sixth volume.
  • Easily Forgiven: He is quickly brought back into Hyakki Yakou despite having been one of those who wanted to overthrow Hafuri.
  • Mistakenfor Pedophile After telling the Byouki User that he would become the special someone she never had, Mai jokes that the whole incident was just to find him a wife. Later in a different incident his own sister worries that he has strayed from the proper path after he went out of his way to save two very young girls.
  • No Name Given: He is only ever called "the Illness Magic User" in the series.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He's stated to be capable of covering half of Europe in disease when he has the support of Hyakki Yakou's satellite network, himself commenting that's nothing compared to what he can accomplish with the help of his sister's clairvoyance.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Hafuri, to the point it causes Hishigami Mai to jokingly call him a modern samurai on multiple occasions.

     Venom Clairvoyant

The Venom Clairvoyant is one of the Top Five members of Hyakki Yakou, each of them considered a monster that holds power that would allow one to conquer a continent if used correctly. Her role is that of an ultimate observation equipment, and she's the younger sister of the Illness Magic User.

  • Big Brother Worship: Towards the Illness Magic User.
  • Combat Clairvoyance: Using the tales of insects warning of incoming danger, she has raised multiple insects inside her own body, giving her a powerful clairvoyance ability that allows her to predict the future and easily evade enemy attacks despite her blindness. She can also use this to predict how the enemy will try to stop or dodge her attacks to slip past their defenses.
  • Guns Akimbo: She wields two old German handguns decorated with bells and string.
  • No Name Given: Like the other members of the Top Five.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Her clairvoyance allows her to perceive changes in history and destiny, as she could warn Hyakki Yakou that the Aburatori was changing the timeline by interfering with the past.

     Supernatural Trainer

One of the Top Five members of Hyakki Yakou, his role is that of a special military advisor.

  • Mentor Archetype: The Supernatural Trainer has the power to instantly teach all of his targets martial arts, academics and superhuman combat techniques such as unbelievable strength or the ability to jump extreme distances, based on tales of Youkai teaching humans the superhuman techniques of the gods, such as the Tengu that trained Ushiwakamaru, the Yamanba that trained Kintarou, and the fox that trained Abe no Seimei. If he assists an army, every single soldier will become a match for countless enemy soldiers.
  • No Name Given: Like the other members of the Top Five.

     Passionate Predator

One of the Top Five members of Hyakki Yakou, her role is that of a precision guided weapon.

  • Breath Weapon: By broadly interpreting and twisting the negative emotions of women seen in legends such as Kiyohime, her immense jealousy and hatred becomes a blazing curse in the shape of a powerful flame breath that automatically chases the enemy for a while and can branch into multiple fire streams to attack the target like a cluster of missiles.
  • No Name Given: Like the other members of the Top Five.
  • Woman Scorned: The basis of her powers.

     Heirloom Trascender

One of the Top Five members of Hyakki Yakou, his role is that of a paranormal weapon designer and developer.

  • No Name Given: Like the other members of the Top Five.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: The Heirloom Trasncender can "perfect" anything (be it a sword, a spear, a cat, a dog, etc.) and make it part of the paranormal.


Majina is the father of Hafuri and the previous leader of Hyakki Yakou. Despite his desire to make the organization less extremist and his attempts to push forwards laws to protect Youkai from abuse, he and his wife were assassinated.

After Shinobu's travel to the past changed history, the two survived the attempt on their lives and hid from the world so as to not distort the flow of history. He would reappear after the Aoandon group was defeated to reclaim the leadership of Hyakki Yakou from Hafuri.

  • First-Name Basis: He prefers people using his first name, as, according to him, his family name "is treated like an heirloom sword".
  • Meaningful Name: His name means 'curse', which is also his speciality.
  • Only One Name: Like his daughter, we only know his first name.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He causes a Zombie Apocalypse throughout Japan, all to gather forces to oppose the Bloodstained Zashiki Warashi and save the world even if he had to become a criminal to do so.


Hyakki Yakou Special-Made Ver. 40 Zashiki Warashi

A Zashiki Warashi, the wife of Majina and Hafuri's mother. She and Majina were assassinated in the original timeline, but after Shinobu's journey to the past changed history, the two survived the attempt on their lives and hid from the world so as to not distort the flow of history. While they were in hiding they managed to replicate the project that had boosted Yukari's power, this time completing it and achieving its final goal. However, Mei became "too perfect" as a Zashiki Warashi, apparently losing all of her emotions and will, only following Majina silently to protect him.

The missing wife of Sunekosuri.
  • Casting a Shadow: Majina is able to revert Ohatsu to her basic concept, "unseen dangers in the dark". This manifests as a lightning fast living shadow which can instantly kill a human.
  • Youkai

     Hishigami Shikimi 
See under Hishigami Group

Hishigami Group

     Hishigami Group as a whole
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: The Hishigami Men always act in a way that is reasonable according to the public concept of reasonableness. When the public's behavior becomes irrational by normal standards, what is "reasonable" changes and the Hishigami change to match, even if that leads to destruction.
  • History Repeats: The relationship between the Hishigami Men and Women is one of creation and destruction. The Men build up great empires but when they go out of control and threaten Japan the Women destroy it.
  • In the Blood: Their family has run some of the largest companies in the country and even the world since their founding.
  • Mega-Corp: With 58 companies in 9 divisions and more than 200,000 employees in total.

     Hishigami Shikimi

Hishigami Shikimi is the founder of the Hishigami line. Having lived for centuries due to her eternal youth technique, she ended up joining Majina's Hyakki Yakou due to a desire to be useful to someone else instead of merely bringing destruction.

  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Shikimi desires nothing more than to be useful to somebody else just once in her life.
  • Fountain of Youth: Shikimi has an eternal youth technique that has allowed her to live for more than 1000 years. However, she has mentioned the technique is a little too effective, as over the centuries she has grown younger and smaller.
  • Older Than They Look: Over 1000 years old, but looks like a little girl.
  • One Woman Army: She's the fighter with the most amount of raw power in the series: under the right conditions, her ability can cover an entire city or region at once, and she can then instantly kill every single soldier standing there. However, as her powers are more suited for war than for one-on-one battles, her firepower is so great and she specializes so much in taking on large groups that accurately targeting a single person is difficult for her.
  • Our Ancestors Are Superheroes
  • Pintsized Powerhouse
  • Really 700 Years Old: She's over 1000 years old.
  • War God: Her specialty as a Hishigami woman is war, also making her really skilled at fighting Youkai.
  • World's Strongest Man: Possibly one of the strongest characters in the series, up there with Tselika the Archdemon and the Bloodstained Zashiki Warashi.

     Hishigami Kyou 
An Hishigami Man, the third in line to the head of the family. Older brother of Mai and Enbi.

     Hishigami Ama 

Ama who Destroys Hope

Hishigami Ama is one of the women of the Hishigami family. Ama has a different origin than other Hishigami Women. She was already a Hishigami Woman, but she also had the traits of one artificially written on top of that using Youkai medicine, in an attempt of the men of the family to increase her power and make her a Hishigami Woman who would destroy nothing. While initially she was the only woman accepted and welcomed by the male side of the family, the project failed and she was also abandoned by them.

  • Chained by Fashion: For some reason, her feet are chained to iron balls.
  • Super Speed: She is much faster than a normal human, even while chained to iron balls.

     Hishigami Kuji 

Kuji who Destroys Trust

Hishigami Kuji has a different origin than other Hishigami Women. She used to be a Hishigami Man, but she had a sex change done and forcefully joined the ranks of the ostracized Hishigami Women.

  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: As a result of her trait.
  • Easy Sex Change
  • Rule of Symbolism: Her surgery included the change undergone through time in Japanese legends by the Youkai known as a Mermaid, who went from a giant salamander, to a fish with a human head, and eventually became the familiar image of a beautiful girl with a fish tail for a lower body.

     Hishigami Yume 

Yume who Destroys Ethics

Hishigami Yume is one of the women of the Hishigami family. Like all the other women of the family, Yume is believed to bring disaster and destruction to those who meet her, her specialty as a Hishigami Woman being destroying ethics

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Despite her unassuming appearance, her trait allows her intimidate and overpower her normally "rebellious and ill suited for working as a group" older sisters into behaving and working with each other.

     Hishigami Yuu 

Yuu who Destroys Systems

Hishigami Yuu is one of the women of the Hishigami family, believed to bring disaster and destruction to those who meet her. She is described as a "brawny combat type that’s obsessed with weird old Soviet weapons".

     Hishigami Shitsu 

Shitsu who Destroys Education

Hishigami Shitsu is one of the women of the Hishigami family, her specialty as a Hishigami woman being destroying education. She has caused the destruction of several schools in unfortunate accidents despite her intentions of acting as a good teacher.

  • Blow You Away: Shitsu uses the legend of Ushikawamaru and a Tengu's fan to create an artificial tornado capable of lifting heavy pieces of concrete and throwing them at large distances as a bombardment technique, though it isn't very accurate.
  • Hot Teacher

     Hishigami Arata 

Arata who Destroys Tradition

Hishigami Arata is one of the women of the Hishigami family. Her specialty as a Hishigami woman is destroying tradition.

  • Kimono Fanservice
  • Sonic Stunner: Arata carries a small directional shockwave cannon hidden in her sleeve. While originally a nonlethal suppression device that is considered to be adopted by the police, Arata uses a Youkai known as a Yamabiko (A Youkai related to sound which was created to explain the phenomenon of echo) to boost the cannon to lethal levels.

     Hishigami Arawa 

Arawa who Destroys Birth

     Hishigami Taga 

Taga who Destroys Faith

     Hishigami Rou 

Rou who Destroys Finances

     Hishigami Raku 

Raku who Destroys Health

Other Humans

     Kotemitsu Madoka

A rich classmate of Shinobu.

  • Belated Love Epiphany: She didn't realize she had fallen in love with Shinobu until after he gets together with Yukari.
  • Black Sheep: Of the Kotemitsu family. Their goal is and has always been to do everything in their power to keep the the value of the Japanese yen high without amassing a fortune for themselves, but Madoka left the family because she wanted to become rich.
  • Playing Card Motifs: Called "the joker" of the Kotemitsu family by Seika.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Shinobu's classmate Kotemitsu Madoka in a nutshell.


Nagisa is Jinnai Shinobu's childhood friend, classmate and ex-girlfriend, who's also claimed by him to be in the top three of the world’s yandere rankings.

  • Childhood Friend Romance: Her and Shinobu went out in middle school.
  • Girl with Psycho Weapon: Nagisa is a cute girl which does not match well with her sword-length meat cleaver named "Namagusa" in Volume 8.
  • I Have Many Names: Nagisa has gone through countless nicknames in the school as she switches her preferred yandere weapon, such as "Scissors Girl" or "Chisel Girl".
  • Improbable Weapon User
  • Knife Nut: She is extremely skilled at using several cutting weapons and tools, such as scissors, chisels, wires, swords, shovels, etc. Apparently, accidentally seeing her parents at work in their meat processing facility would help her develop a talent for gory techniques.
  • Named Weapons: The cattle cleaver that Nagisa found and used as a weapon during the zombie incident in Volume 8 has its name "Namagusa" printed on the base, an archaic term for killing and meat-eating.
  • The One That Got Away: In Volume 8 she tells Shinobu that deep down she suspects she's always been chasing his shadow when dating other boys.
  • Only One Name: We only know her first name.
  • Shovel Strike: During the zombie incident she uses a shovel with terrifying proficiency up until the handle snaps.
  • Stronger Than They Look: She wields her meat cleaver, which is as long as a sword but significantly thicker and thus heavier, with ease and is able to remove zombie heads with no sign of fatigue.
  • Yandere: She is incredibly possessive and demanding of any boyfriends, with her noting that sending less than 100 e-mails per day was an act of restraint on her part. Her disdain for previous boyfriends makes Shinobu worry their bodies have already been disposed of.

     Yonesaki Hiro
Click here to see Hiro and his Youkai 

A kid living in Noukotsu Village. He's the son of a family owning a used goods store that will fix just about anything except for electronics. Due to their expertise, their home contains a lot of Tsukumogami, an object that has become alive as a Youkai after reaching their 100th birthday. His first appearance was as the target of a Shichinin Misaki, a powerful deadly Youkai, in Volume 2. He would be saved by Shinobu, and would later support him in the sixth volume's first chapter, where the two join forces with an Oomukade to stop Ranzono Sachi's Package.

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Shares the narration with Shinobu in Volume 6.
  • Ascended Extra: From a victim in an earlier volume to a hero in his own right.
  • Instant Knots: He can use Jatai and Kosode-no-Te, two of the Youkai that belong to his family, with Jatai as a sash wrapped around his right arm and Kosode-no-Te as a cursed kimono wrapped around his left one, to bind and restrain an opponent.
  • Kid Hero

     Hachikawa Tomoe 
Classmate of Hishigami Enbi. Daughter of Toujou Miyabi, a cop who was killed and impersonated by a member of Akki Rasetsu, she met and was saved by Hayabusa from the impersonator.

     Tsumada Mio 
A middle schooler, she is Tomoe's neighbor. Due to an incident in which she was exposed to one hundred, one thousand, or even more Youkai known as Jinmensou, symbols of lies, as a side effect, whenever three or more people are gathered, herself included, she can become indistinguishable from others and her presence vanishes.

     Anemura Kaede 
Member of Tarot Girls 22, the most popular idol group in Japan, whose most distinguishing feature is that each girl represents a tarot card and the group is divided between the Major Arcana group (primary group made up of 22 girls from the Fool to the Universe) and the Minor Arcana group (second group of 56 girls that had 14 each of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Coins). Kaede represents the Empress.

An online idol, who pretends to be an Esper as part of her gimmick. Her real name is Amagoi Haruka.

     Atou Minori 

     Tsugawa San 

     Sotobori Gaku 
Sotobori Gaku is one of Uchimaku Hayabusa's coworkers, a police officer working in the organized crime countermeasures division. Jokingly referred to as a tank by those who know him, Gaku is a fifth dan in judo and has helped Hayabusa in some of his cases.
  • Badass Normal: He can bend a luxury car's bumper with a casual kick.

     Mishima Jun 
The Chief Superintendent of Japan's National Police Agency.

     Houjou Touji 
Houjou Touji is one of the main members of Akki Rasetsu, a Japanese paranormal organization with thousands of members. He and other members exterminated the old leaders and took over the organization to continue their personal projects. After visiting Noukotsu Village for a side project, Houjo started his experiment in Kyoto, where he was confronted by Hishigami Mai.
  • Spooky Painting: His power as a Youkai artist. He mass produces Youkai art that creates sinister curses. Art depicting Youkai or ghosts will possess strange power in and of itself, and Touji uses that trait to give power to normal scraps of paper and attack the enemy with curses. Additionally, if someone treats his art roughly, they'll suffer a terrible fate, as the curse will double if the enemy destroys them.

A member of Akki Rasetsu, a Japanese paranormal organization, Toujou killed and impersonated Toujou Miyabi, a detective that was investigating a case of a missing girl in order to find her first, as she could prove to be a valuable test subject due to her unique encounter with a Youkai known as Jinmensou. He came to blows with Uchimaku Hayabusa once the detective started looking for the missing girl and began to realize something was off about the situation.
  • Blood Magic: Toujou managed to bind an Inugami, a type of Youkai normally bound to a bloodline, to himself using a bone marrow transplant bought from a family who had an Inugami, thus fusing with the Youkai. His blood is literally the controller for his Inugami, allowing him to instruct it to attack the enemy, who will be assaulted by a formless great beast. But, if he loses a lot of blood, the Inugami will become restless. Enough blood loss and Toujou will become unable to further use the Inugami until he recovers.

     Saijou Ai 
One of the last antagonist of Volume 2, Saijou Ai is one of the main members of Akki Rasetsu, who took over the organization from its old leaders with Houjou Touji and Toujou to continue their personal projects. After the deaths of Toujou and Houjou, Ai travelled to Noukotsu Village and set up a Package around the spider Youkai Jorougumo and an enslaved Hishigami Mai upon the heroes, intending to kill them as she kidnapped some Youkai living in the village for her plans.
  • People Puppets: Ai's main magic is using Kosode-no-Te cursed charms, hundreds of copies in the form of small cheap magic paper charms of the Youkai of the same name that takes the shape of a kimono that curses anyone who wears it. She can bind the body of anyone covered by the charms, forcing them to follow her orders.

     Marguerite Steinhols
Click here to see her possessed by Tselika 
Click here to see her fusioned with Henrietta 

An Australian Witch and the final antagonist of the second volume. She was sent to Japan with the mission of finding a powerful being, preferrably an old god, make a contract with them and use their power to pacify an aboriginal god that was going in a rampage in Australia. However, while she was in Japan she found a traditional European demon, the Succubus, under a contract with Jinnai Shinobu, so she switched targets to her.

She would later reappear in Volume 7, her body possessed by a powerful archdemon, only to be rescued by Shinobu and later become a freeloader at his house.

  • Fusion Dance: She is able to temporarily fuse with the Succubus in Volume 9 in order to help construct Shinobu's Package.
  • Hot Witch
  • Out-Gambitted: In the end, Marguerite was tricked into summoning Tselika, a demon far outside her abilities, and she had her soul ripped from her body and dragged to Hell.
  • Powers via Possession: Instead of using a Package that builds a Youkai’s power into a system, Witches bring a portion of a demon’s power into themselves.
  • Stripperiffic: Her body while possesed leave little to the imagination.
  • Transformation of the Possessed: Both times she is possessed, she is given the demon's physical attributes (wings, scales, tails, horns, etc.)

     Kawabata Megumi

An old woman who has been living for over 100 years in Zenmetsu Village and the main antagonist responsible for the events of Volume 3. Originally sent as a spy to the Four Mountains village to split the villagers apart and cause internal conflict, she took over and modified the village's Toubyou Package by mixing it with the Orochi to try to give birth to a third Youkai, the Aoandon, by gathering participants from the outside world to complete the Hyakumonogatari, the telling of 100 ghost stories. She passes herself off as a seventeen-year-old prisonner of the corporate prison named Suzukawa Izumi.

  • Absurd Cutting Power: Kusanagi easily slices through several cars, Hishigami Mai's body and through entire rooms and multiple machines of a factory.
  • Institutional Apparel: Her clothes as part of her cover.
  • Older Than They Look: She's over 100 years old, but used her magic to look 17.
  • Public Domain Artifact: By burying a sake container in a replica of the giant serpent Yamata no Orochi made of thousands of Toubyou joined together, Megumi can follow the diagram of its defeat and forcefully draw out the power of one of the Three Sacred Treasures, the Kusanagi sword.
  • Shapeshifting: Megumi is capable of assuming the physical appearance. When she's revealing herself her skin peels off to reveal her true face.

     Nameless Assassin 
An unnamed legendary assassin that Hishigami Mai is sent to eliminate due to the numerous people he's been killing without taking official jobs.
  • Implausible Fencing Powers: Using his mastery of swordsmanship, he turns a bamboo whittled down to look like a sword into an easily disposable weapon that is light enough that he can strike five times in a single breath.
  • No Name Given

     Scarlet Peach User

The Scarlet Peach User is an unnamed freelance specialist responsible for a series of events aimed to kill Hishigami Mai, out of desire to remove her as competition in their line of business.

Her powers include a fire altar based on the legend of Momotarou, whose extermination of the oni is the simplest symbolism there is when it comes to killing Youkai.

  • Cyborg: The fire altar created by the Scarlet Peach User implanting scented wood inside her own body is compared to a cyborg made with traditional Japanese mechanisms due to how it strengthen her skeleton.
  • Instant Armor: Her Shikigami takes the form of a tranforming suit of armor that appears around the user, creating arms several dozen meters long to punch and similar legs to kick or stomp. However, the armor is used entirely for attacking and doesn't protect the user from harm. It also can only display its full power against Youkai.
  • No Name Given
  • Man of Kryptonite: Well, Woman of Kryptonite: Her namesake come from the fact the fire altar inside her fills the air with the gentle and sweet aroma of peaches, creating a field where Youkai are weakened and stripped of their usual invulnerability, making it so that they can be killed with normal methods.

     Kozakura Sobiki 
Kozakura Sobiki is a hardware cracker that was hired by the citizens of Goldmine Island to perform some work to modify an existing government Package. She ended up confronting Uchimaku Hayabusa and Hishigami Enbi in Volume 4.

     Kotemitsu Seika 
The #1 troubleshooter of the Kotemitsu family. A relative of Madoka, with whom she has a strained relationship.

     Sid Clouds

Sid Clouds is the main antagonist of the fifth volume. One of the two CIA agents assigned to the operation in Goldmine Island to combat a mysterious threat, Sid is a famous CIA agent and an occult expert who specializes in weaponizing the local oddities of wherever he’s infiltrating, focusing in total offense. He's the superior of Hasukawa Yumi.

  • Empowered Badass Normal: He possesses the Obou-Jikara, the superhuman strength gained by those who suceed at the deadly trial of the youkai known as Ubume. His body is as such enhanced: his muscles are stated to be tougher than a concrete pillar, normal bullets just bounce back harmlessly upon hitting him and he can survive small explosions. However, he shares the Ubume's weakness: weapons forged from the same carbon steel as a Japanese sword will bypass this enhanced durability.
  • Meaningful Name: Not his, but of the growing threat the CIA infiltrated Japan to stop: Blue Light. At first, Shinobu is puzzled about what it means, before he realizes at the end of the volume that it is a literal English translation of Aoandon.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Thanks to his use of the Ubume Package, Sid can survive incredibly grievous injuries without dying. He survived having his spine broken and being shot in the head, chest and gut. He even continued living after being crushed into a red stain after Mai disrupted his Package, if Yumi's words on him still being her boss in the last volume of the series is to be believed.

     Hasukawa Yumi

One of the two CIA agents assigned to the operation in Goldmine Island in Volume 5. Yumi was in control of the Amanojaku Package that was the core of the operation. While she is the subordinate of Sid Clouds, he considers her to be more powerful than him.

     Ranzono Sachi

A genius kid writing for Autofocus, an online fashion magazine. She's also a Kasane_12, a kid forced by her parents and other adults to wear makeup and specific clothes to look more mature. Her friendship with a small group of animal Youkai she met in a city shrine eased the pressure she felt and helped her depression, but her parents and other adults were disgusted by the monstrous appearances of Youkai. Believing her to be manipulated by them, they chased them away from their home. Sachi was enraged by this and vowed to avenge her friends and make a new place for them. She is an antagonist in Volume 6.

  • Child Prodigy: She's a genius, as she was part of Medical Camp, a manmade genius project artificially remaking the structure of kids' brains through trauma disconnection.
  • Pest Controller: The Youkai she summons include a Tsuchigumo (Spider measuring several meters across), a Uwabami (Serpent easily over ten meters long), a Gama (Giant frog with horns growing from its head), a Sarugami (Giant monkey that simply abducts and kills people), Tesso (A swarm of eighty-four thousand mice that devours wood and paper), Takebunkani (Giant crab), and others.
  • The Beastmaster: She has an extraordinary affinity with animal and bug type Youkai, allowing her to casually summon countless Youkai to her side without any kind of sacrifice or ritual just by calling them.

     Arson Thief

The Arson Thief is one of the members of Shinshou Hitsubatsu, a supernatural vigilante group that seeks to punish those who use Youkai and supernatural means to commit crimes. She is in charge of gathering supplies for the organization, specializing in breaking in, killing witnesses while stealing all she needs and starting a fire to cover her tracks as she's escaping.

  • Chainsaw Good: She wields an electric circular saw with an edge made out of human teeth. The saw can also be attached to a long synthetic fiber leash, allowing her to whip the saw around her.
  • Fiery Coverup: Her modus operandi and from where she gets her nickname.
  • No Name Given
  • Playing with Fire: Using a Kitsunebi Package (the legend of foxes striking human bones together to create a bewitching flame), she produces orange sparks by hitting her saw against solid surfaces and control the resulting flames and use the various traits of all types of flames: burning, consuming oxygen, gathering people’s attention, jumping from object to object, bursting out like a trap when a door is opened, etc.
  • Stupidity-Inducing Attack: The Arson Thief secretly weaves hypnotizing flames that lead people to hallucinate into battle to slowly invade the brain of her opponent, until she makes them simply stand there meaninglessly while she kills them.
  • Vigilante Woman

     Byouki User

The Byouki User is one of the members of Shinshou Hitsubatsu, a supernatural vigilante group. Her role is to use her Byouki, a cat Youkai, to possess the criminal and have them commit another crime, sending the criminal back to court until they finally receive the death penalty. She's an antagonist in the Illness Magic User's chapter in Volume 6 before being recruited by the Aoandon at the end of the volume.

  • Animal-Eared Headband: She has cat ears on her hoodie.
  • Bandage Babe: Wears bandages over a leg and an eye for unknown reasons.
  • Casting a Shadow: When the Byouki is activated, dark shadows sweep out in every direction from the Byouki User’s feet and form an army of tens of thousands of shadow copies of the Byouki User, which wears down the enemy with its endless numbers and tears them to pieces.
  • Framing the Guilty Party: A supernatural version: as a type of Toori-Ma (a paranormal phenomenon), the Byouki can possess people by entering their shadow, drive them insane and reveal their violent side by making them kill indiscriminately, which she uses to make criminal commit more crimes.
  • I'm Melting!: The Byouki User can use her ability to dissolve/melt people down to the bone.
  • Love at First Punch: After being defeated by the Illness Magic User and he shows her mercy, she develops something of a Precocious Crush.
  • No Name Given
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: She implanted her Byouki into the other members of her organization so that it automatically activates and kills them if they decide to reveal the organization's secrets.

     Saiki Kazu 

Youkai S@ik1 KAzU

Saiki Kazu was a fomer child assassin who, after being used by the Yakuza to kill an honest cop who was trying to save him,dedicated his life to obtaining revenge on the organization. When he got older he became a specialist and fortune teller. He infiltrated the organization and took control of one of their Packages, which he used to dismantle it and bring all of the members to justice. With his life's goal fulfilled he contemplated suicide, but his attempt was stopped by the Aoandon, who convinced him to join her group so as to ensure a more powerful justice would be created in the world and what had happened to him wouldn't happen a second time.

  • Combo Platter Powers: These are the traits Saiki Kazu added to himself before being defeated.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: As a former child assassin for the Yakuza, it is a given.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: To the point he contemplated suicide before the Aoandon offered him a new purpose.
  • Imagination-Based Superpower: His true power. It is similar to how, in the past, some Youkai that had been invented by a well known illustrator and put into a Youkai encyclopedia actually began existing in the real world. Unlike the Aoandon's Package that uses a trick to create infinite phenomena from a finite stock, Saiki Kazu's options are infinite from the beginning.
  • Killing Intent: He is able to project a murderous intent so powerful even experienced fighters and specialists like Hishigami Mai and the Illness Magic User are left paralyzed and have difficulty breathing, not blacking out only due to their respective supernatural powers. This aura afffects even Youkai like the Sunekosuri.
  • Not Quite Human: Unlike normal specialists that use the traits of an existing Youkai to build up a Package, Saiki Kazu can use his own flesh and blood to create a brand new Youkai from scratch, turning himself into an extremely powerful Youkai he calls S@ik1 KAzU in the process.
  • Story-Breaker Power: He can add whatever abilities and traits he likes to himself as S@ik1 KAzU, endlessly building up his strengths and removing his weaknesses at will.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: His desire to prevent children from going through what he did is a noble goal. His methods? Not so noble.

Other Youkai

     Deadly Dragon Princess 
A Shikigami (an artificial Youkai) put together by Hishigami Mai, Deadly Dragon Princess can be summoned through the wooden charm Mai carries with her. Mai created the Deadly Dragon Princess to act as an hypothetical enemy as she modified her own body.
  • Making a Splash: The Deadly Dragon Princess' power comes from the connections between Otohime from Urashima Tarou and water in her legend, thus giving her control over water. She can manipulate water to form large torrents or a big water dragon.
     Nure Onna 


A Youkai that disguises itself as a farmer and slips in with the other villagers working on the farms, all to better kidnap a child, remove their organs, pierce them with a skewer, and roast the child over a fire. An Aburatori first appears in Volume 4, as an antagonist in a flashback told from Yukari's point of view, detailing her efforts to save Shinobu from a Package made using his traits. He would later reappear at the end of the same volume in the present, desiring to obtain Yukari's ability to manipulate destiny. He succeeds, but is killed by the Aoandon. He appears again in Volume 7 when Shinobu travels to the past to try and solve the original incident with Yukari and the Aburatori without having her sacrifice her powers. The Aburatori manages to surpass his murderous nature thanks to both the Past and Present Shinobu, and becomes a minor god known as a Kaeshigami. He moves to the Jinnai household at the end of the volume.

  • Ascended Demon: He evolves to become a guardian deity of children, subverting his traits as a Youkai based in on the dark desire and curiosity that makes people want to talk about a child suddenly vanishing as if it happened to instead absorb parents’ desire to abuse their children.
  • Foil: By his nature to the Zashiki Warashi. Where the Zashiki Warashi is a house-bound spirit created from children killed by their parents, the Aburatori is a wandering spirit created from the abusive feelings of parents who killed their children. However his unaltered personality is actually more like Yukari than not.
  • Heroic Willpower: In the original timeline, the Aburatori broke the seals keeping him from hunting in order to save Shinobu's life and afterwards was constantly fighting his instincts to kill, all the while pleading with Hyakki Yakou to kill him before he gave in.
  • Mercy Kill Arrangement: Worried that he may succumb to his instincts, he insists the Hyakki Yakou overseeing him kill him if he is about to give in.
  • Teleportation: As an extension of the legend that he can slip into and out of villages, the Aburatori can teleport while hunting so long as nobody sees him.
  • Time Master: He gained time travelling abilities after taking over a Package that had interpreted his trait of appearing anywhere he wants without anyone seeing him as time travel. He can freely travel to the past or the future.
  • Tragic Monster: Aburatori come into existence with the sole purpose of killing children, but in the unaltered timeline this one tried to resist its own instincts and drive.
  • Youkai

"Hi there. I’m the Aoandon. It might surprise you, but I’m the final boss. Nice to meet you☆."

The Aoandon is a special Youkai said to take the form of a female oni appearing at the end of a game of Hyakumonogatari, an event where people gather to tell one hundred ghost stories. This particular Aoandon is different from a normal Aoandon: she's an artificial Youkai that was created at the end of the incident in Zenmetsu Village in Volume 3. The horrible events surrounding her birth left her with a twisted morality, desiring to destroy the Japanese to erase all their dissatisfaction and boredom, but also proclaiming herself the ally of anyone who desires change. She recruited several people to create a group in order to face Hyakki Yakou.

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Of Ghost Story and Primal Fear.
  • Big Bad: She is one for the series from Volume 3 onwards.
  • Born as an Adult: She was created by the Package in Volume 3 and appeared fully mature before Shinobu even before she was fully born.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Per below, Aoandon can utilize the powers of any youkai whose story could conceivably be told during the game that creates her.
  • Composite Character: She metaphorically represents the supernatural phenomena occuring at the end of the Hyakumonogatari, and as such is the accumulation of one hundred ghost stories. She takes advantage of this by being able to have almost any supernatural phenomena that is harmful to humans, from mysterious fevers, blindness and food poisoning to suspicious fires at the participants’ houses and even natural disasters that cover entire regions.
  • Final Boss: Calls herself such.
  • Freudian Excuse: Shinobu realizes that the Aoandon is essentially the child of all those who took place the Zenmatsu Village, being born from their stories. Because all of those stories are filled with hatred, despair, and death, the Aoandon is only able to see the dark side of humanity and so lashes out.
  • Geas: Falls victim to a variant after devouring Shinobu. In doing so she also ingested the "story" of his life and began feeling the same emotions he felt. This effectively created a compulsion that prevents her from going on a rampage, though she's still able to torment Shinobu non-lethally.
  • Healing Factor: The Aoandon recovers from injuries in seconds and she won't be killed even if her head is chopped off or if her heart is torn out. She is at risk if she's cut into tiny little pieces, but only because this would separate and weaken the stories forming her and might turn her into a completely different type of Youkai.
  • Horned Humanoid: Possesses a single knife-like horn in the center of her forehead.
  • Hypno Pendulum: By lighting the tip of her horn in her forehead with a bluish-white phosphorescent light, the Aoandon creates an hypnotic effect that allows her to "open the heart" of humans and subdue their wills to make them follow her orders and suggestions. This ability is only effective on humans, and its effects disappear if the person loses consciousness.
  • Playing with Fire: The Aoandon can blow flames from her lips like a bluish-white flamethrower. She can also light the tip of her horn in her forehead with a bluish-white phosphorescent light.
  • Really Was Born Yesterday: For the entirety of the series, she's a few months old.
  • Self-Constructed Being: She somehow interfered with Kawabata Megumi's Package in Zenmetsu Village to facilitate her birth.
  • Weather Manipulation: While not shown, she claims to be capable of creating natural disasters that cover entire regions.

     Tselika Wien Alpha Chelydia Lumidrier 

Empress of the Empty Throne
Her true form.
Click here to see Tselika possessing Marguerite's body 
Click here to see her Robot vessel compared to a human's size 

An incredibly powerful and legendary archdemon who is easily on par with the demons making up the Seven Deadly Sins, such as Beelzebub or Satan, and with other beings like Rahu or Mara. Because of that, Tselika is on an entirely different level than normal Youkai and spirits. She is first mentioned in Volume 2, as an old friend of the Succubus who sends her a postcard from Paris, before being crucial to the volume's antagonist's defeat, who is tricked into summoning the demon, thanks to Shinobu remembering her name, and, as she was far outside the summoner's abilities, had her soul ripped from her body and dragged to Hell. She reappears at the end of Volume 6, this time as an antagonist summoned by the Big Bad, and using the summoner's body as a vessel.

  • Apple of Discord: Her presence causes those around her to turn on and attack each other, even those who were close allies. Even if they are aware of this effect, they can't resist the compulsion.
  • Brown Note: Tselika's body emits a powerful invisible miasma that is inherently harmful to humans, causing intense sensory overload, powerful headaches, etc. The miasma is perceived as an unbearable sweet aroma, and its danger varies based on her exertion of power and her outbursts of emotion. Physically touching her is even worse, causing internal bleeding and probably even death if the contact is prolonged.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Demons don't actually have physical bodies (save rare exceptions like Succubi). Because of that, Tselika needs a vessel to interact with physical matter when she's summoned to the human world, such as Perfect Shinobu's robot or Marguerite Steinhols' corpse.
  • Possessed Technology: In order to give her a vessel, the alternate future Shinobu from volume 5 made her a robot body to possess.
  • People Puppets: As part of her ability to make people betray things, she can make people "betray themselves" to steal control over their bodies.
  • Transformation of the Possessed: She seems to inflict this on those she possesses, giving them her demonic characteristics.
  • World's Strongest Man: One of the strongest characters in terms of raw strength.
  • Your Soul is Mine!: Tselika is able to rip off the soul of a person's body and drag it to hell with her in order to torture them, which was Marguerite's fate for a while.

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