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The 39 Clues is a book series by various authors which is about the Cahill family, one of the most powerful families the world has ever known, as almost every historical figure from the last five hundred years is related to them.

Unmarked spoilers are present throughout the subpages. Read at your own risk.

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    Series 1 

The Clue Hunt
"Trust no one."
They wouldn't rest until they had exposed who had murdered their parents. They had started on the hunt for the 39 Clues for Grace's sake. Now they would win it for Arthur and Hope.

Orphans Amy and Dan Cahill always believed that they were normal, like the rest of the world, which all changes in late August 2008. During their grandmother's funeral, she posthumously announces in a video message that their family has shaped most of world history. The power to accomplish this is scattered around the world in the form of thirty nine Clues, starting a competition where the only goal is to gain all of those Clues. While Amy and Dan accept this daunting challenge, the reality of this hunt will change them drastically. That is, if their family's deadly relatives don't try to manipulate, betray or kill them first.

  • Midnight Ride — Clifford Riley
  1. The Maze of BonesRick Riordan
  2. One False NoteGordon Korman
  3. The Sword Thief — Peter Lerangis
  4. Beyond the GraveJude Watson
  5. The Black Circle — Patrick Carman
  6. In Too DeepJude Watson
  7. The Viper's Nest — Peter Lerangis
  8. The Emperor's CodeGordon Korman
  9. Storm Warning — Linda Sue Park
    • Agent Handbook
  10. Into the GauntletMargaret Peterson Haddix
    • The Black Book of Buried Secrets — Mallory Kass, introduction by Rick Riordan
  11. Vespers RisingRick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman, & Jude Watson
  • Rapid Fire — Clifford Riley
    1. "Legacy"
    2. "Ignition"
    3. "Hunted"
    4. "Crushed"
    5. "Turbulence"
    6. "Invasion"
    7. "Fireworks"

    Series 2 

Cahills vs. Vespers
"We've got the full resources of the Cahill family researching the Vesper twenty-four-seven. When we understand what they're really up to, then we'll know what we can trade for our people. And we'll be the ones in charge."
Amy Cahill

Two years after the Clue hunt, Amy and Dan have seemingly returned back to their normal lives. However, that is proven wrong when seven Cahills are taken hostage by the Vespers, a group that the siblings' family have clashed ferociously with many times in the past. The rival family's leader, Vesper One, forces Amy and Dan to steal specific items around the world for an insidious plan, causing them to become fugitives. Can the two not only outrun international police forces, but also save their cousins and beat a group that is always one step ahead of them?

  1. The Medusa PlotGordon Korman
  2. A King's RansomJude Watson
  3. The Dead of Night — Peter Lerangis
  4. ShatterproofRoland Smith
  5. Trust No One — Linda Sue Park
  6. Day of DoomDavid Baldacci
  • The Cahill Files — Clifford Riley
    • Operation Trinity
    • Spymasters
      • The Submarine Job
      • The Redcoat Chase
      • The Houdini Escape
    • Silent Night

    Series 3 

What happens when your worst nightmare has just come true?
Amy couldn’t think for a minute. Couldn’t breathe. The thought that the serum could be out there was too terrifying.
A serum that could make one person all-powerful. J. Rutherford Pierce. Someone with no scruples at all...
...could become the most powerful person in the world.

Amy and Dan have been forever changed by everything that the Vespers have inflicted upon them. Even after the enemy's defeat six months ago, the two's lives have become uneasy and filled with paranoia. This proves to be the least of their problems, as the serum formula ends up being stolen by J. Rutherford Pierce. He is a President frontrunner and megalomaniac who wants to create an army of enhanced soldiers and start World War III as USA's new president. As a result, the two, along with some familiar faces, must find ingredients around the world for a special antidote. But they cannot succeed without making some difficult choices...

  • Worlds Collide: Tales from an Awesomesauce Party
  1. Nowhere to RunJude Watson
  2. Breakaway — Jeff Hirsch
  3. Countdown — Natalie Standiford
  4. FlashpointGordon Korman

    Series 4 

"If your best instincts are your worst enemies, take your hands off the controls. Find someone else to fly the plane."
What they'd done to the Cahill family was unforgivable. Made the Cahills soft and stupid, vulnerable, open, a loose confederation of "family" instead of the dense, glittering network of brilliance and strength it should be. Exchanging ideas about how to share rather than control and dominate.

Amy and Dan have left the Cahill life, leaving Ian Kabra to take over as the Cahill leader. However, his seemingly peaceful rule is threatened by a sinister person calling himself the "Outcast", who is disillusioned with the unity of the five branches. Seeking to restore the old status quo, he has recreated four of the greatest Cahill-made disasters, and only Ian, along with other Cahill allies, can stop them. Therefore, Ian must not only bring back Dan and Amy, but also stop the Outcast and save innocent lives now in the balance.

  1. Mission TitanicJude Watson
  2. Mission Hindenburg — C. Alexander London
  3. Mission Hurricane — Jenny Goebel
  4. Mission Atomic — Sarwat Chadda

    Series 5 

"I'm sure there is a fascinating story of friendship and betrayal there. But it's none of our concern. Take it up with [Sinead] when you find her. Preferably before she unleashes the virus on the world."
Agent Pratt

Changes have been made to the Cahill family. Most notably, the revolving leadership position means that Dan is now the sole leader, who loves every single minute of the job. One day, the CIA ask for his help in one daunting task: former relative and traitor, Sinead Starling, has stolen a deadly virus and the company she works for is set to release and cure it with their claims of an antidote. Now being forced to confront someone whose allegiances are questionable, Dan, Amy and his Cahill relatives must set out to prevent an endemic... or end up succumbing to the deadly dance of death.

  1. Outbreak — C. Alexander London