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  • In Vapors because she was found by the Third Hokage and adopted into the Uzumaki Clan as well as studying under Anko, Karin here is capable of holding her own with Sasuke in combat and is often paired with him on missions.
    • In canon Konan got caught by Jiraiya, acted as support during Pain’s attack on Konoha, and got killed by Tobi. Here she demonstrates exactly why she’s The Dragon.
  • In canon, Kaguya is a joke, an Anti-Climax Boss that was defeated by Naruto’s Reverse Harem Jutsu. In Reverse, however, Kaguya is the Hero Killer and caused the extinction of the human race and Kurama’s plan boils down to preventing her from awakening.
  • Son of the Sannin does this to Naruto and his peers, and with a justified reason in-story: as a result of the Uchiha clan's uprising, Konoha suffers a major blow to its military manpower, and thus they're forced to up the standards in the ninja academy to ensure that the graduates are better prepared to handle future threats. This includes teaching them chakra control, elemental and medical ninjutsu.
  • In Black Flames Dance in the Winde: Rise of Naruto, not only is Naruto S-Rank at graduation, but Anko, Zabuza, and a few others are all S-Ranked as well.
    • The Forest of Death is changed from a fairly dangerous forest that moderately skilled Genin can traverse without too much trouble to a nightmarish hellhole that even Jounin have to be careful in. Word of God confirms that the forest is filled with demons, mutations, and animals that evolved to eat both.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • It's somewhat of a Fandom-Specific Plot to make Shinji (and often other characters along with him) more badass, or at least less traumatized, due to the severe What Measure Is a Non-Badass? he has going on.
  • Evangelion 303: Several characters are more badass than their canon counterparts:
    • Shinji is an adult, seasoned soldier in contrast to his untrained teen pilot canon self.
    • Touji, Hikari and Kensuke are jet fighter pilots rather than average teenagers.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide allows Asuka to fully show off the prowess that the original series hinted at and The End of Evangelion gave but a short taste of. When one of the new "Angels" has send Rei down for the count and is about to give Shinji Coup de Grâce, she gets a full-on She's Back moment, and proves what she is capable of by ripping the Angel apart. She goes on to remain a competent pilot throughout the story.
  • In Nobody Dies Kei Ayanami was originally just another one of The Ree with Bond Villain Stupidity as her Quirk. And then The Kei-Files came out, and she was changed into a Manipulative Woobiefied badass girl with dorky and Fragile traits, making her one of the most beloved original characters of the fic.
  • EVA Sessions: Someplace Vast and Dry:
    • Asuka's father Martin Langley is a former Feldwebel (Sergeant) in the German Army, and briefly worked as a security contractor for NERV. He later starts teaching Rei and Asuka martial arts when the girls get tapped to become Evangelion pilots.
    • Fuyutsuki is an academic variant; whereas Fuyutsuki in canon was based in a small underfunded lab at Kyoto University and was eventually reduced to working as an unlicensed back-alley doctor after Second Impact, Someplace's Fuyutsuki is a respected bioengineering researcher with the university naming an entire state-of-the-art research building after him.

Once Upon a Time

  • Mr and Mrs Gold: While she is still Rumpelstiltskin's Morality Pet and is a force for good, here Belle gains magical abilities from the ritual used to bind her on their wedding day. She earns her own infamous status as "the Caretaker", some rumors speculating that she is even worse than Rumpel, and is one of the few characters aside from Rumpel capable of intimidating Regina.

One Piece

  • In Logia Luffy: Rise of the Dark Emperor, Kuro is given a Zoan Devil Fruit, mostly to keep his fight with Luffy from being too one sided.
  • In This Bites!, Hattori is actually a dangerous assassin capable of using the Six Powers.
    • Several of the Straw Hats become stronger sooner due to Cross giving them hints regarding their future abilities. Special note goes to Chopper who develops a Jekyll & Hyde personality and creates his own explosives, earning himself a 66 million bounty, and Nami who gained Ohm's Eisen Dial and fried ten battleships at Enies Lobby, making her a Supernova with a bounty of 125 million.
    • Gecko Moria undergoes a Traumatic Super Power Awakening during the events of Thriller Bark. The result is that he Awakens his Devil Fruit, taking his already formidable umbrakinetic powers from canon up multiple notches.
    • Buggy the Clown, of all people, turns out to be this. Simply put? He wasn't sailing the East Blue because he wasn't a New World Captain level combatant. He was sailing the East Blue because he was a New World Captain level combatant who was sick of the insanity of the Grand Line and decided to leave it behind completely after his captain's death.
  • Miss Valentine in Truly Precious has some level of ability with Armaments Haki, making her considerably more dangerous than canon.
  • In Watashitachi Wa Roger Kaizoku Desu We Still Stand Proud, Buggy knows both Armaments and Observation Haki with mention that there's no way someone who was on the Oro Jackson for years wouldn't know both. While Crocus genuinely thinks Buggy was trying to kill Luffy, in reality he was just testing the boy, like he does all East Blue rookies.
    • Rather than just some civilian woman, Rouge was a pirate captain herself and apparently one of the big names up there with the likes of Roger and Whitebeard.

One-Punch Man

  • Zig-zagged in The Bald and the Esper as Tatsumaki starts off weaker than canon but with far more varied skills (using her telekinesis to create bombs, laser blades, and more) then starts training under Saitama. By the Sea Folk Arc, she's learned how to turn someone's energy against them. While against Saitama, it only nudges his fingers, against a monster, it spins them with so much force they rip apart.
    • The Sea King is also more dangerous to counter Tatsumaki's different skill set from Genos. Here, he can split into three equally powerful bodies to overwhelm enemies or act as distractions.
    • While we never actually see him in combat, Metal Knight is now S-Class Rank 2. He has an entire army of robots at his command and he is the sole protector of an entire city. Additionally, Dr Bofoi himself is a powerful cyborg, the only clue Word of God reveal of his true power? "Nanomachines, son."


  • In canon, Kousaka Kyousuke is the type of person who lets his sister walk all over him. Contrast this to My Life Can't Lose Its Normality where he (as well as Ayase, Akagi, and Miura) are a team of martial-arts mastering, Yakuza-killing vigilantes who pull off stunts normally reserved for paramilitary organizations and special operatives.

The Owl House

  • In canon, Luz's mother is a nurse who finds Luz's willful, though admittedly destructive imagination exasperating. In Witches Among Humans, she raised Luz as a wild witch (which, if the Boiling Isles in the comic is anything like the show, is illegal).

Persona 5


  • In canon, Ash Ketchum is a rather bumbling, childish, and well...stupid, trainer. In The Chosen One's Journey, all that is replaced with maturity, responsibility, discipline, and pure badass.
  • Due to the result of a Peggy Sue plot, Ashes of the Past has pretty much everyone that Ash has come into contact with become a bona-fide badass. This ranges from Ash actively pursuing his Aura Guardian training and fighting Pokémon with his bare-hands, to Charizard learning the Poké-equivalent of a tactical nuke, to Squirtle (as a now-Kamina expy) breaking the laws of physics on a regular basis.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has this a lot. Bar the characters who have the titular bloodlines and the badass gains from such abilities, a wide variety of characters are much more impressive than their canon selves: The Team Rocket Trio can actually steal Pokemon, Georgia is a militarily trained Dragon Buster whose job it is to arrest corrupt gym leaders and elite four members, Ash's Pokemon evolve earlier and have new, more powerful moves they lacked in canon like Aerial Ace, Brine, and Zap Cannon, and Mabel from the XY anime went from granny to Lumiose Conference winning granny. Badassery isn't even just in physical power: Erika is shown to have sizeable monetary and political power she has never been shown to have in other canons.
  • Common Sense is based on a simple premise: what if the TR Trio was actually competent? The answer: this trope. For bonus points, in response to this additional pressure, the "twerps" and their Pokémon are also more formidable than in canon.
  • Both Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Trainer who Questions Humanity and Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Professor Who Observes his Charges have an Ash with more evolved Pokemon and farther placement in the leagues he entered.
  • In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Yancy was merely a side character who only traded with Nate, the male Player Character, during her respective sidequest. In As Fate Would Have It, she has a full, balanced, team of Fairy-types, defeated all 8 Unova League gyms offscreen, and proves her strength when she effortlessly defeats Hugh, a pretty strong trainer in the original games, in a Pokemon battle.
  • In canon, Misty's sisters gave away gym badges due to being lousy trainers and more focused on their water shows. In Legend, they give away badges because they're so strong that they've gotten in trouble with the league for "discouraging trainers".
  • Traveler:
    • In canon, Ash was an Idiot Hero known to slack off his training and earning half his badges without beating the gym leaders at the beginning of his journey. In Traveler, he's reasonably intelligent, spends most of his waking hours training his team, and wins every badge legitimately. After getting his eighth badge, Ash tours Kanto again and beats each gym leader's real team. Finally, Ash takes second place at the Indigo Conference and gets taken on as an Elite Four trainee.
    • The Legendaries. Rather than Olympus Mons that are powerful but can be beaten and even captured by the right strategy, or even just a strong enough opponent, in Traveler, the Legendaries are physical gods whose mere presence empowers nearby Pokémon and create storms that threaten entire nations.
    • Bruno is able to use aura to some degree as a form of Charles Atlas Superpower.
    • Ace Trainers in the games are merely NPC trainers that are somewhat stronger than most. Here, they're ACE trainers and are essentially the Pokémon Trainer equivalent of special forces like Navy Seals, SAS, and KGB.
    • All Elite Four and League Champions (including former ones like Steven) have access to Mega Evolution.
  • The Road to be a Pokemon Master:
    • Ash only used his Aura powers sparingly. Here, he uses them more often and receives training in how to use them. Also Serena has Psychic Powers that she didn't have in canon.
    • Serena catches many more Pokemon than in canon, and is generally a much better battler than her anime counterpart, who only battled sparingly, and rarely won against opponents other than the Team Rocket Trio.
    • Due to imprinting on Ash and Serena rather than Misty, Ash actually trains Togepi and grows strong enough to take part in Gym and League matches.
    • Some of Ash's Pokemon that never evolved in canon, like Squirtle or Totodile , do evolve here.
    • Gym leaders in general have stronger teams than they had in the anime.
  • Hau's Pichu in Pokémon Sun and Moon wasn't impressive at all, at least not until finally becoming his surprisingly brutal Alolan Raichu. In Ultra Eclipse, "Sparky" was born knowing the incredibly powerful Volt Tackle, and he's introduced one-shotting a random girl's Oshawott with it. It doesn't help him against Selene and her Kakuna, but he's definitely powerful enough for her to be concerned by him.

Ranma ½

Resident Evil

  • In canon, Claire is only ever mentioned as being in TerraSave in a somewhat senior position. In The Progenitor Chronicles, she’s the leader of TerraSave, only stepping down in favor of Neil around the end of Volume II (~2010).


  • A very minor case occurs with Jaune in A More Flawed Gem. While still cheating his way into Beacon, Jaune does have some middling degree of combat training as well as some experience hunting game. Enough to survive an onslaught of Grimm (albeit with a great deal of help from his classmates). That said, he's still woefully behind his many of his peers in terms of skill and experience.
  • The White Fang get this treatment in Black Out The Sky. In the original series they pose a valid threat, but still end up getting foiled by main characters more often than not. In the fic they manage to effectively Take Over the World and utterly outgun any resistance they still have to face. Adam Taurus in particular goes from being merely a skilled combatant to a One-Man Army capable of wiping out a huntsmen team in a matter of seconds.
  • The Commission takes the formidable, but still in training, girls of Team RWBY and makes them The Dreaded. They're the leaders of each of their groups, all acquired via hostile takeovers, and are engaged in their own conspiracy with ruthlessness and efficiency that scares the original show's vilains. Heck, those villains appear in this fic as the girls' subordinates.
  • Several characters in In the Kingdom's Service get badass upgrades. Cardin, Ciel, Velvet, and Yang are all secret agents while Oobleck is the director of Vale Secret Service. But the biggest change is Penny, who is a weaponized Relic made to kill Maidens.
  • Professor Arc: Student of Vacuo: While a few characters are generally more capable, Jaune and Roman are the two standouts. Jaune is just as skilled as his resume portrays him, rather than the untrained weakling from canon and Professor Arc. Notably, rather than barely dodging Cardin's attacks until the boy tires himself out like in Professor Arc, Jaune and Neo easily trounce the entirety of Team CRDL without taking a single hit. Meanwhile Roman is changed from skilled enough to take on a member of Team RWBY but not Huntsman level to being stronger than Jaune and Neo combined and good enough to hold his own against Qrow. And rather than not having a Semblance, Roman has some form of Dust manipulation, as shown when he fights Pyrrha and catches one of his own shots to hit her with it.
  • RWBY: Reckoning takes the normally bumbling Jaune Arc, a guy who is nothing like his legendary ancestors, and makes him able to build a functioning time bomb with approximately 18 flares, some duct tape, and some scraps. And it's powerful enough to shred the stomach of a very large Grimm.

Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Moon: Legends of Lightstorm:
    • Sailor Moon now fights primarily with sonic screams powerful enough to annihilate buildings, her energy disk can slice through almost anything, and her physical strength is great enough to punch through rocket-proof armor.
    • Sailor Mercury impales things on gigantic ice spears and can stand up to the toughest of Negaverse drones single-handedly.
    • Tuxedo Mask has fighting skills that rival Lightstorm's can cut through virtually any substance with his razor-roses, hits hard enough to knock gigantic drones off their feet, and can withstand explosions strong enough to shred drone armor.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

  • Cat-Ra:
    • Adora is able to manipulate shadows thanks to a magic headband, ultimately getting her own superpowered form.
    • Orbko, the story's version of Emily's Kid Sister, is even more powerful with its learning and shapeshifting abilities, plus quickly developing free will, thanks to Entrapta being able to make use of the Kingdom of Snow's resources with Frosta having joined the Horde.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos:
    • Tails goes from being a weak, shy Gadgeteer Genius into a Magnificent Bastard captain who gains a Lovecraftian Superpower and ends up saving the entire universe from an Eldritch Abomination at the cost of his own life.
    • Cream stays with Sonic and friends to the end, even after seeing things that would make most adults break down. In Episode 66, she and her chao Cheese ends up beating Astorath the Prince of Darkness on her own.
    • Cosmo saves several planets before becoming acting captain of the Blue Typhoon, and she is also appointed leader of the Metarex during the final battle. And in the rewrite, when Astorath and Beelzebub land on her ship, she runs out onto the flight deck with Venus' demon scythe and rips them a new one.
    • Chris Thorndyke goes from being a whiny, dependent brat to a Genius Bruiser, pulls off a Big Damn Heroes and unleashes Death from Above with the Typhoon in the rewrite of Episode 69, and later on fights Beelzebub and Astorath alongside Cosmo during the final battle.
  • Tales of Sonic the Hedgehog: While Sonic has never really been a wimp, most incarnations suffer from Super Drowning Skills, which media like Sonic X turns into severe hydrophobia to the point landing in a simple puddle of water triggers a Freak Out. Here, while still afraid of water, Sonic is capable of swimming.

Soul Eater

  • Soul Eater: Troubled Souls: An increasing number of canon characters show more skill or competency than their original counterparts, which is saying something. They are even gifted more techniques and moves than normal, especially those who lacked them. Here are some specific examples:
    • This fic plays up Tsubaki’s abilities as a ninja or assassin. She also seems to be a bit more resourceful.
    • In canon, Ox has a pretty limited repertoire of techniques and moves. Here, he has plenty to spare, up to and including a Soul Resonance between him and Harvar.
    • Crona receives stronger forms, learns Soul Resonance, can fight Medusa on equal or better footing, overcomes Mad Blood, and is saner. Oh, also, "badass" as in kills Medusa permanently!
    • Kim fends off Medusa Gorgon long enough until The Cavalry comes without her Regeneration Magic.
    • The Mizunes, specifically their fully combined form. In the original manga, that form of Mizuna is only seen in a fanservice cat fight with Blair. Here, this is the sisters' most powerful form, and they absolutely destroy Caius and Tsuji in the Cobra Island arc.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Why!

Sword Art Online

  • In The Kirita Chronicles Kirita, the Gender Flipped version of Kirito, is more capable of being able to defend herself in the real world than he could. After quitting Kendo, she took up karate classes and is capable of delivering curb stomp battles to bullies and her fellow karate students. In canon, it is assumed Kirito focused solely on computers and video games. After being trapped in the video game, Kirita trains even harder to become stronger because she believes players will consider her vulnerable if they find out she is a female player.
  • Sword Art Online Abridged does this for Asuna by cutting out some of her Damsel in Distress moments.
    • In the Aincrad arc, Asuna isn't inexplicably afraid of her subordinate Kuradeel in Episode 8, she's manipulating Kirito into putting the creep in his place to avoid guild drama. Then in Episode 9, she doesn't fall victim to Kuradeel's attempt at an I Surrender, Suckers.
      Asuna: God, you're pathetic. I'll let the commander decide how to deal with you. I don't want your stinking blood on my hands.
      Kuradeel: R-really?
      Asuna: (sing-songy) NO~! (glorch)
    • Then in the Alfheim arc, Asuna is a much more defiant captive - she gives Sugou a Spiteful Spit when he comes to gloat, bites his hand when he tries to pet her, and when he threatens Kirito, she delivers such a vicious threat that Sugou's visibly unnerved despite the virtual reality they're in leaving her incapable of harming him. And while she's unable to escape her prison entirely, Asuna is able to repeatedly break out of her cage and traumatize his henchmen, to the point that Sugou complains that their "psych bills are really starting to pile up."

Teen Titans

  • New Tamaran:
    • Scarecrow can normally be easily taken out by Batman, but here he goes toe-to-toe with an Amazon princess and an overpowered half-demon. Of course, he does fight both with magically enhanced fear toxin.
    • Zig-zagged with Steve Trevor. While he’s never been a weakling, he tends to be overshadowed by characters with god-like strength. Here, he leads an assault on an invading Tamaranean army, and even after he loses his plane, he still manages to take out several alien attackers before going face-to-face with Wildfire and punching him into the Washington Monument.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Touhou Project

  • Rumia is lowest of the low in Gensokyo's hierarchy, weak and with a useless power. It's widely speculated however that she possesses a Superpowered Evil Side, meaning most fan works featuring her give her an appropriate power boost, though the degree of the boost varies vastly; Imperfect Metamorphosis for example makes her into a Walking Wasteland and a Fallen Angel, whereas in Touhou Nekokayou she's slightly more powerful but still comic relief.
  • Cirno, another canonically weak boss who is a fan favorite due to Awesome Ego, also gets this treatment quite often whenever she's not the Memetic Loser instead. Does this look like a stage 2 boss to you?
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis:
    • Kotohime was a generally ineffectual and totally delusional combatant in her original appearance. In this Fic, she's graduated to the rank of Beleaguered Assistant to Yukari herself, running Gensokyo's first police force, and at one point she delivers a beatdown to Marisa Kirisame for disintegrating one of her officers (she got better).
    • Yuuka Kazami in canon is certainly powerful and has aspects of The Dreaded, but there are plenty of characters who could take her in a fight. Yuuka in IM is the most feared being in Gensokyo's history, a nightmare who no-one dares confront directly, and who shrugs off all the attacks leveled at her by Yukari and her team she assembled specifically to kill Yuuka, in the process revealing her nature as an Outer God.
  • Mokou is already an immortal powerhouse and EX-Boss. Touhou Ibunshu in addition has her possess the powers of a Physical God, giving her the strength to go toe-to-toe with Yukari after creating an army of thousands of kashoyo.
  • Maiden's Illusionary Funeral takes Yukari and Ran, already ancient sages with near-unsurpassed abilities, and makes them both The Juggernaut who cleave through groups of specialist youkai hunters without a scratch. This in turn makes Yuyuko one as well, given she nearly killed Yukari while still trying to restrain her powers.

Total Drama

  • Cast Swap:
    • Sammy, thanks to avoiding early elimination this time, is able to develop into a much braver and stronger competitor able to face the ultra-intelligent Scarlett in the finale.
    • Sugar too. While still a villainous character like in canon, she is much more devious, manipulative, and strategic in this story.
    • Cody demonstrates himself to be a competent competitor throughout All-Stars and makes it to the final 2 compared to his canon run in World Tour, where he was mostly carried by Sierra and got eliminated shortly after Sierra was because of that.
  • A Codette World Tour:
    • Team Victory. Infamous in canon for getting completely wiped out by Alejandro before the season's halfway point, the fic makes them much more successful in challenges and more difficult for Alejandro to annihilate with two canonical members reaching the merge. Said two are Bridgette and DJ, who stand out especially as DJ loses his status as The Load due to having no animal curse plot in the story while Bridgette is not the first girl eliminated for the second time in a row, allowing both to really show their skills and win first class more times than in canon.
    • A more minor example is Courtney. In canon, Duncan cheating on her severely weakened her emotionally, making her vulnerable to Alejandro's manipulative flirtations. Here, she instead enters an Unstoppable Rage over Duncan's infidelity, taking her aggressive Competition Freak Determinator attitude Up to Eleven and making her outright impossible for Alejandro to manipulate at all.
  • Despair Island: Justin is a lot more competent and devious than in canon, essentially taking the spot of Heather as the main villainous contestant.
  • The Legend of Total Drama Island
    • Dawn is canonically a psychic with aura reading and ambiguous additional powers. In the reimagining, she is explicitly a full-fledged sorceress, and her "psychic" abilities are actually magical in nature.
    • When a monstrous beetle menaces Lindsay, Harold casually tosses a shuriken and neatly skewers the insect. Had he tried this in the Played for Laughs original, he would surely have failed in an amusing way.
    • Heather is a significantly better strategist than her canon counterpart, albeit still prone to pettiness.
    • Although still a whale, Sadie is tough, smart and effective, and was generally none of those things in the canon. The pseudo-canonical text bios on the show's website do at least say she is supposed to be smart.
    • Tyler is a downplayed example. The canon version fails at every athletic endeavor he attempts, but the reimagined version is an excellent sprinter and extremely strong. He retains his main canonical flaw of poor coordination, though.
  • Loud Ed Drama: Heather is still the main antagonist of the story, but she is more socially savvy than she was in canon, where she let herself be openly hated at all times.
  • My Ridonculous Race:
    • Tom and Jen (originally the 5th team eliminated) last much longer in this story, getting eliminated in India
    • The same can also be said of Dwayne and Junior who not only last longer but also win a leg, something they never did in the original work.
  • Total Drama 60 Club: Lindsay, Tyler, and Beth flip from being benevolent nice people into some very powerful manipulators, causing several eliminations. To some, they may be considered OC Stand-ins.
  • Total Drama Action: All-In: Although he retains his laziness and primadonna habits, Justin is much more devious and competent in his villainous role compared to his canonical self, even managing to manipulate Heather and succeed at emotionally crushing her.
  • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite: Duncan and Gwen both get this.
    • The finale shows Duncan being strong enough to knock down trees and even beating Mal.
    • Gwen is an overall more active character, hunting down Chris and Chef during a challenge when Chris pushes her too far, and even making it to the Final Three, winning in the finale.
  • Total Drama Island: A New Beginning: Justin doesn't resemble his canon counterpart so much as his canonical expy Alejandro, who was created in canon to be the villain that Justin was meant to be but never really became.
  • Total Loud Island: In the canon season, the Killer Bass were the inferior team to the Screaming Gophers, with fewer team members remaining by the time of the merge. Here, the roles have been reversed, thanks to Dawn's mystic powers and Lincoln's natural resourcefulness, meaning the Gophers end up having fewer members than the Bass when the merge rolls around.


  • In Transformers Animated, Optimus was an Elite Guard washout and was brought online after the events of the Great War, initially not posing much of a threat to the Decepticons. In TFA Kaleidoscope, he's a front-line soldier who fought in the Great War, having killed numerous Decepticons during his time and matches Starscream in their battle.


  • Being a Gumm-gumm in this version, Jim in Son of the Black isn't nearly as spooked by adversity as his canon counterpart. Steve is less of a bully to him and more of an irritant he has no problems decking and reacts to being forced to become the Trollhunter less with fear and more with anger and irritation. While he struggles to wield a sword and has avoided fighting for years, he has enough experience in fighting to defend himself. Not only that, but he had learned basic rules of magic from a mage in his travels and has since learned various other tricks, including removing troll's natural weakness to the sun and multiple human disguises (his favorite being his canon appearance).


  • In the fanfic Recursion, the normal Final Boss of the Genocide run, Sans, is actually one of the first bosses Frisk has to fight. The character that takes his place as the last and most difficult challenge before Asgore? It's Napstablook, who, after hearing about both of their cousins Mettaton and Furlablook dying, decides to fight... and gives Frisk a battle that puts Sans to shame.
    Chara: (After seeing Napstablook's opening attack) "I, uh... wow. I knew Napstablook before. Didn't know they... uh, had it in them."
    • For starters, Napstablook's opening move is to transport Frisk into the space that you see during your time in his house... a massive intergalactic space not connected to Earth, where they decide to leave Frisk at first to die of starvation and/or thirst. When Frisk gets them to start fighting, however, Napstablook brings out a massive mix of mechanics from his fight, Sans's, and Mettaton's to give Frisk and Chara a very bad time...
    • When the fight begins, Napstablook uses his own version of the Gaster Blasters: magical speakers that blast out sound waves.
    • When Frisk manages to survive that, there are mini-Napstablooks akin to the mini-Mettaton's found in the battle with Mettaton EX (which, due to Frisk lacking a yellow soul, can't be targeted and destroyed) that fire musical notes and attack in tandem.
    • Napstablook also has the "not really feeling up to it right now" words from his Pacifist fight. Which they use to sucker-punch Frisk when he tries to catch his breath by rushing him with acid tears.
    • To top this, there's a "copy" mechanic that saves the positions of Napstablook's attack's at a certain time... which he combines afterwards with a paste mechanic. As in, pasting the attacks he had when he copied onto the field in addition to the attacks already taking place.
    • After a while, Napstablook unveils a unique soul-affecting mechanic; a "soul tether", that makes Frisk to stay within a certain area or be yanked back into it forcibly, which they can also use to drag Frisk into the paths of their attacks. Later on, it turns out that they can tie Frisk to two different soul tethers, restricting his field of movement even further.
    • And the two scariest parts about all this? First, Napstablook is a ghost, and can't be hurt without magic, which Frisk doesn't have, meaning Frisk has to find a way to demotivate Napstablook enough to get them to leave. And second, Napstablook admits during the battle that they're out of practice. And then it turns out the fight has a Time Limit; when they decide that they've warmed up enough, Napstablook makes four soul tethers, forcibly anchors Frisk down with them, and blasts him with speakers until he dies.
  • Inverted Fate has this with several NPC's, such as Bratty and Catty, in that they have joined the Royal Guard, and actually have battles.
    • The Snowdin Canine Unit are much tougher than in Undertale proper, giving Frisk a harder time.
    • Alphys is captain of the Royal Guard, and while she uses a crossbow and focuses on strategy over strength, she still the captain of the Royal Guard, and is much stronger than canon Alphys.

The Walking Dead

  • Old Scars takes Sarah, one of the biggest liabilities in the game, and makes her more independent and self-aware, which allows her Take A Level In Badass and become more capable and emotionally stable than her video game counterpart.


  • In Worldwar: War of Equals, all of South America, Central America, and Eastern Europe put up much more of a fight than they did in the source material. Human tanks qualify as well. In the original novels, even the best Human tanks of the 1940s could easily be destroyed by a single Landcruiser. Thanks to tank technology advancing in the last couple of decades, our tanks are either equal to or superior to their Landcruisers.


  • Quicken: In the original story, Emma was a powerless, cowardly girl. Here she’s a regenerator super-human capable of detecting other super-humans and stealing their powers and memories after killing them, and prone to go berserker.

Young Justice

  • In Young Justice Titans, the Scarecrow gets a serious badass bump. Thanks to becoming a member of the Church of Blood, he's given supernatural powers, and is hinted at being essentially a real living scarecrow now, with impossible flexibility, his Sythe that he pulls out of his mouth, and fear gas in both Gas and solid forms. He's even able to fight a team with powers far beyond him (including a Green Lantern). He's also almost unkillable too.
  • Following in Young Justice tradition, Onomatopoeia in With This Ring. In the comics, a guy with a gimmick. Here? A powerful magic user that uses onomatopoeia as the incantations for his spells.
    • And also Dark Druid. In comics, he was a villain from the U.K. and thus barely even mentioned. Here, there are hints at him being a herald of the Black Lantern Corps.


  • All cards used in Arc-Ved Protagonists use their real world effects be prioritized over their anime version's effects. As such this trope can apply for some cards while other's get the opposite depending on what the effects of the two versions are. Such as Yuto's Phantom Knights, which in the card game, have effects that can be activated in the graveyard by banishing them that they didn't have in the anime. As such Yuto's deck is capable of more combo's and has better consistency here.

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