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Please don't hide spoilers in this page. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example.

  • Girl Genius: A bit of unexpected honesty: "Oh, and I saw the Baron a bit when I was on Castle Wulfenbach. But I had to run away when everybody found out I was a Heterodyne."
    • Connecting the Other to the Mother: "I believe the ignorant call them slaver wasps."
    • "Yes...But I vas starting to like her."
    • Or probably the earliest,
    Klaus: What - Judy!
    • "I am sorry, mistress...I...I cannot." Spoken by Castle Heterodyne, letting the heroine just how screwed the situation is.
    • And the most recent: "SCREEE! GROWR! SSSSSS! SSSSSS!" the reaction of a revenant detecting creature to exposure to Gilgamesh Wulfenbach.
      • And following that: "She didn't have to. You were infected before you even met her."
    • "Two and a half years."
    • "Martellus... There is no empire." We knew there was some upheaval during the two-and-a-half-year timeskip, such as the fall of Mechanicsburg, but nothing could have prepared us for the complete destruction of the Wulfenbachs' empire. Ladies and gentlemen, things have just gotten real.
    • "The girl is still dangerous, and my son is still too much of a fool to see it." The wham part? It came from the mouth of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach.
    • "My father says they're simply tangential to time as we know it, and-... And...they had hats...". Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, realizing exactly what the Dreen are.
  • MegaTokyo: "If I sleep with you, will you go away?"
  • Kid Radd: "No no no, Crystal has left the building... YOU'RE TALKING TO THE SEER."
    • Sheena gets a few.
      Sheena: [to Radd] Besides, if you'd died, how could I arrest you?
      Sheena: The Mods have already won. By now, Reset has fallen.
  • City of Reality: "Take me back. Now."
  • The Space Between: "Come inside. People might think you're an actual hobo."
  • Agents of the Realm: "The bleeds are Agents, aren't they. Something made them turn into those... those things."
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Torg confronts Sasha and holds her at gunpoint, accusing her of having sold Aylee out to Hereti-Corp. Torg's best friend Riff bursts in and demands that Torg let Sasha (Riff's girlfriend) go, insisting that he has the wrong person.
    Riff: Torg, it was me.
    • "It was about that time Aylee announced she was dying."
    • When Torg finds out someone can play with fire with appropriate background colors. Note: in the forum if you curse the computer turns the curse word into the word "poop"
    Holy Poop!
    • "But you can be at peace, for we are your people, Aylee. You are finally home."
    • And then in 4U City Red:
    Riff: How long have I been here?
    Rammer: About seven years.
    • In a secret base, Sasha admits that she was actually The Mole all along.
      Sasha: You were right about me the whole time.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court:
    Muut: The day Surma died... none of us came to take her.
    Annie: I had to do it myself.

    Reynardine: You are the reason Surma died!

    Coyote: Don't tell me no one has told the girl she isn't exactly human!

    Antimony: ... Father?
    • One day, Zimmy.

      Coyote: The reason I love humans so! The reason Ysengrin seethes with anger! My secret... is this... I. DO NOT. EXIST! note 

      Jones: And to answer your previous question... I do not know what I am.

      Headmaster Llanwellyn: Andrew Smith, the Court has decided that you shall be the next medium.

      Coyote: Up until now, grumpy old Ysengrin has been our measly medium. But in light of recent events, I have just now decided to retire him from his role! Fire head girl! I want you to be my new medium to the court! An honorary citizen of the forest!
    • "I am the seed bismuth."note 

      Mort: I know you can do it Annie! And to help you practice... I want you to take me into the ether.
    • Chapter 51: not so much a spoken line but a name written on a classroom chalkboard—Mr. Carver
    • From Chapter 53:
      Anthony: [referring to Annie] How could she live with the man that killed her mother? note 
  • The Order of the Stick has quite a few:
    • From #498: note 
      Horace: How long do you think you've been here? In the afterlife?
      Roy: I dunno, 12 hours? Maybe 14? Why?
      Horace: Roy... you've been dead for three and a half months.
    • Black Dragon: ...Now I will kill your children. note 
    • Strip #758 is somewhat unique in that several people deliver the Wham. note 
      Tarquin: We've gone through dozens of different names by now...The Dutchy of Terror, the Barren Baronies...
      First Prisoner: The Quietus Federation...
      Second Prisoner: The Unprincipled Principalities...
      Tarquin: ...Tyranaria...
      First prisoner: Speaking of names, we haven't properly introduced ourselves. I'm Geoff, and this is my brother-in-law, Ian.
      Second Prisoner: They used to call me "Red", but three years of malnutrition will do a number on your hair color.
    • #830:
      Redcloak: You're right, of course. About me. I have let you have your way, time and again, because stopping you would have disrupted the delicate balance between Xykon and myself. But now... right now... not stopping you will upset that balance even more. Seize her.note 
    • #870: "Perhaps I SHOULD make more children." note 
    • #876: "What sort of man would help someone he just met develop a means to shield a group of people from himself? At least, without sneaking in a back door, just in case?" note 
    • #895: "I'm going to destroy it." note 
    • #896: "Now." note 
    • #930: "General Tarquin! We Meet Again!" note 
    • #936: "I'm not a twin anymore. And you're not the real villain. Don't worry. You'll live." note 
    • #946 "It all goes smoothly. I have convinced the dwarf's allies to accept me as the dwarf himself- -despite having slipped up on his ridiculous accent a few times." note 
    • #997: "The statement upon which we shall convey our patron's Yea or Nay is as follows: Whether or not, at the conclusion of this binding referendum, the gods of the three pantheons should immediately thereupon destroy the world." note 
    • Start Of Darkness has quite a few of these. For example: "Huh. First you blast your brother, then you lie to me about it, now this. Did they have a big sale down at the Testicle Store or something?" note 
  • Out There gives us this (little spoileriffic). After Miriam and Clayton have been bantering, and the former has made it perfectly clear that that's not going to happen, and the latter has been accepting of that: "Anyway, don't you think any of these losers wouldn't flock to see you [work as a stripper]? Hell, I'm sure I would." The kiss afterward serves the same general purpose.
  • A lengthy time-travel arc in Narbonic is turned on its head with a single innocuous line. Everything Dave tries fails in some way, and he comes to the conclusion that You Can't Fight Fate. Then he says that he needs a cigarette, and is asked "Since when do you smoke?" The sudden realization that he no longer feels a craving for a cigarette—that, in fact, he feels like he's never smoked before—gives him the confidence to try to prevent what he knows is coming.
    • "How do you know I'm mad?" asked Alice. "You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."
    • And in its final month, courtesy of a young time-traveller: "And I think, in the end, you and Mom can find some kind of happiness." The character being spoken to didn't even realize the bomb that had just been dropped until a few seconds later — you can almost hear the Record Needle Scratch.
  • Mortifer: "That's... Well, that's impossible...There was only one demon with that name, and he died off hundreds of years ago."
    • "The new leader of the black market, Vlademyre Hynner."
    • "We have a demon of our own."
    • "That's when I started to realize something. This entire business had to be crushed, and all its people have to pay for what they've done."
    • "Yes, he worked at Sintec, but your research lacked greatly. Sintec doubles as a mercenary company, the idea of the "exterminator" company was simply a cover for the real thing. Joey had taken over the presidency after the unfortunate accident of the former president."
  • Haru-Sari: "Come on, Cygnet, this isn't even your room!"
  • Ménage à 3: (NSFW)
  • Penny and Aggie:
    • Early on,
    • Which much later led to...
    Penny: "You wanna... pretend a little more for a minute?"
  • Questionable Content: "Marten, do you like me?" As Faye herself put it, "like interrupting an intricate waltz with a sledgehammer to the knee."
    • Also, much later, "...Well. I guess that's it, then," turning a pretty standard Dora/Marten arc into a Wham Episode.
    • Between Angus and Faye, after Angus reveals he's gotten the part that will cause him to move long-distance to pursue an acting career: "Can't you just be happy for me?" "I... I thought I could."
    • From Dora: "Go home Faye. You're fired."
  • El Goonish Shive: "It was real. The monster was a golem created by one who must be found. The girl is a good Samaritan who can fly. What was seen is what was."
    • Before that, near the end of Sister II:
    Pandora Chaos Raven: Very well. You want to make a difference? You want a world you can freely participate in? I will give it to you.
    • One from magic algea-eater whale-thing:
    For one, those watches of yours wouldn't work anywhere else in the world.
    • In the appropriately titled "End of an Era":
    Sarah: I think I want to be "just friends" with Elliot.
    • A seemingly background character makes herself relevant, along with a long forgotten detail:
    Charlotte: I also figured you two (Ellen and Nanase) were a good choice because I graduated from Moperville South last year and I have a doll with Nanase's face on it.
    • Diane has a few of these in Family Tree.
    If you must know, I was born ten minutes before midnight. (This is relevant because Susan, whose resemblance to Diane has been pointed out, was born ten minutes after midnight, on New Year's Day. Average birth time between twins is seventeen minutes. And Diane is adopted.)
    Did... Did they look like that before?
    Can you fix this with your magic, Nanase?
    • At the End of Family Tree:
    Jerry: So yeah! I saved Susan's long-lost sister and the busty chick who's also part of the debt!
    Diane:...This is from my sister.
    • To Cheerleadra, in the middle of a crowded mall:
    Immortal/ Voltaire: I shall begone. Fare thee well, Elliot Dunkel.
    • In a side story, Pandora's discovery of a side character's progress:
    Pandora: That's a new spell. So was the spell she used to shrink Catalina. When the hell did she awaken?! I thought her a D-rank talent with an S-rank spell when I marked her, but she's not. Rhoda's one hundred percent S-rank.
    • "Because the next incident could be the last straw, and that would solve the problem for decades."
    • "Can you start by explaining why your son [Raven] looks like my [Susan's] dad?"
  • General Protection Fault:
    • Near the end of Trent's lawsuit against Fred, Nicole decides to address Trent's claims of libel against Fred. Nicole points out that most of the claims are opinion, and so do not count as libel. That only leaves the claim that Trent attempted murder, at which point one of Trent's past misdeeds comes back to haunt him.
    Nicole: "Admittedly, calling someone an attempted murderer is harsh, but tell me, Mr. Terrell, what were you doing before you were hired by GPF Software?"note 
    • After Ki tells Nick the story of her prior engagement with Sam and its traumatic ending, Nick changes the subject. The following line isn't a wham line because of the secret discussed, but because Nick is aware of it.
    Nick: So now that that's done and over with, can we talk about our time traveling son from the alternate future?
    • After the flood, Fooker goes to his ex-girlfriend Sharon to apologize, only to overhear this conversation, which leaves him in a Heroic B.S.O.D..
    Sharon: Dex and I will be staying at his folks' place for a while.
    Dexter: Yeah, they can still hardly believe it...I've finally got a girlfriend.
    • While Trudy and Yoshi are discussing Ki, and Trudy is hesitant to go see her. He drops this line, which reveals that Nick will be home fairly soon.
    Yoshi: Just as well, I guess. She's too wrapped up in her loser boyfriend. He'll be back any minute now...
  • Looking for Group: "He's not dead."
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures:
    Aaryana: "Destania must be so proud to have such a wonderful and kind incubus like you for a son!"
    • When Abel reads Jyrras's mind, some time later:
    Abel: "Lesse... Dan...D an...friends since childhood...came to rescue him... have had a slight crush on him since..."
    • Or on a much more ominous note.
    M.A.C.E. (looking up Abel): "Father: Aniz Siar (Cubi) / Born: Unknown / Status: Deceased (1964 Dekith) / [Killed by Quintinga Ti'fona]."
    • Even more ominous:
    Mab: "It is hard enough knowing two of my friends will die."
    • And also.
    Nitemyste: "We weren't trying to attack folks! We're trying to track down and kill the Cubi that murdered Merlitz Meshaiko."
  • Starfighter: "Gentlemen, this is a time sensitive matter. Therefore I shall be brief. We are losing this war."
  • Girly: Courtesy of Otra.
    Otra: It was all a lie
  • Something*Positive: "...But I'm not drunk now, Jason."
  • Kevin & Kell
    • Kell, feeling guilty for driving Kevin to reach out to his estranged parents again, sets off on an ill-advised venture to the Rabbit Warren, where any predators who intrude are sentenced to death. Luckily, however, she saved a rabbit on the way in, and said rabbit returns, passes her off as his daughter, and helps her escape. Once they're out of the hole and reunited with Kevin, he greets the rabbit with the following line.
    Kevin: Thanks, Dad.
    • While talking with his mother, Kevin learns a tidbit about his past that he'd never heard about before.
    Dorothy: Is that another request for an arranged marriage with Coney?
    Kevin: Yes, archaic, backward tradition!
    Dorothy: I know, it's too bad the one I set up for you in infancy didn't work out.
    • After the intruder identifies himself as a political operative for Kevin's Rabbit Council opponent.
    Kevin: But I'm not up for re-election for years!
    Intruder: Check that. You're facing a recall.
    • When Rudy asks who would be unlucky enough to have to give Vin Vulpen a tail transplant (something that can only be done between blood relatives), Lindesfarne holds a ruler at his tail and says "Four inches should do it." The ensuing conversation reveals that he's Vin's half-brother, since they have the same father but different mothers. Rudy fervently denies it, until Kell steps in and reveals that she suspected that her husband had been unfaithful.
    Rudy: Dad was a good person! He was in love with Mom! He'd never cheat on her! It's a lie! It's a slur! It's-
    Kell: It's something I hope neither you nor Vin inherited from him.
    • " won. You're the new CEO of Herd Thinners!"
    • After it's revealed that the evidence connecting Kevin's father and Angelique to killing Sid was done to them by the other in the hopes of Framing the Guilty Party, this exchange happens.
    Papa Kindle: But if neither of us is the killer, then who is?
    Danielle: I'd say there's a 100% chance it's me, Daddy
    • One of the earliest Wham Lines that is now approaching It Was His Sled territory:
    Nigel: When do you think they'll catch on that we birds run the world?
    • The most recent one:
    Fenton: [as Lindesfarne throws up in the bathroom] Wait...she was the designated driver...
  • Dominic Deegan had one: "David Johann, the King of Callan."
  • Shortpacked!
    • A guessing game ends.
    Ethan: Well lookie there, we have a winner.
    • The beginning of a disturbing relationship.
    nice!Mike: So you plan to keep me inebriated to make me the perfect boyfriend? I hate to say. It's been done. And it didn't end well.
    Amber: No, I want you to date me sober.
    • World peace at the ultimate price.
    Roz: Not since-- no, look, hey, LEAVE, okay before—
    Robin: Before what? Before I get the stink of worldwide hero all over the place?
    Roz: No, before...
    Leslie: Before I find you.
    • At the end of a fairly typical filler week, we see Mike and Amber at Comic-Con:
    Amber: Since when are you helpful?
    Mike: Since being "helpful" means sending people to go wait in four-hour lines for stuff that's likely to sell out just as they reach the booth.
    Amber: Wow. I'm marrying the devil.
    Mike: Hasbro's making this way too easy for me.
    (the comic appears to be over, then suddenly, one extra panel at the very bottom...)
    Mike: Wait, what?
    • After the proposal...
    Leslie: Bull. Are you telling me your vomitfest was just for show?
    Leslie: Um.
    Amber: What?
    • The end of the speech where the (alternate-universe) Head Alien explains the universe Leslie sent herself to and why the portal she came through closed after her:
    "Imagine a universe in which nothing important ever changes. The easiest solutions fix every problem. Status Quo Is God. The world is just a laugh factory. Every conversation ends on a joke. A living nightmare, yes? And one which, due to the rules of the game, prevents anyone from leaving. That would be resolution. Escape. You're stuck here, same as me. You. Me. And an intact Drama Tag."
    • Where an alternate universe Pamela is revealed to have more to her.
    "As I suspected. You're here for my tag. Well, you can't have it. Nothing's separating me from my daughter."
    • The realization that a brash customer may be more than meets the eye:
    Human!UC: "I am Ultra Car!"
    • Followed by:
    Ethan: ...I'm turning in my two week's notice.
  • Times Like This:
    • It wasn't revealed - to the reader OR in-universe - that Maggie was actually a time-transplant from 14th-century Oireland until a discussion was taking place on how to mend her relationship with Rodney that Cassie accidentally (and indirectly) scuttled.
    Cassie: Fortunately we didn't end up in a relationship, but Rodney and Maggie aren't together anymore. They never even fell in love in the first place!
    Bethany: And about Maggie... Do we tell her about this?
    Cassie: The more I think about it, the more I believe that's a bad idea. If we tell her that she and Rodney were meant to be together... even if they were supposed to be together... she'd think we were setting her up, effectively making Rodney very unappealing to her. And that would really fuck things up.
    Bethany: But we got HER from another time. All the "alternate timeline" stuff might make sense to her!
    Cassie: I say we just try to fix this back in '91 and hope everything plays out the original way.
    Matt: Uhhh, wait... What was that about Maggie being from another time???
    • Cassie's father broke up a fight between her and her mother over Cassie's sexual behavior with "...all that rage and stress isn't doing your mother any good, what with her cancer and all!" Before that, nobody but the dad knew of his wife's ailment, and they had agreed to wait until after Cassie's birthday to break the bad news. Oopsie.
    • Cassie and Chad were discussing their awkward social lives while teenagers. Then Chad asked when Cassie finally lost her virginity. Her response: "Thirteen." (A Break the Cutie flashback then ensued.)
  • Survivor: Fan Characters:
    • Season 3:
    Hope: Did she cry?
    Baxter: Huh? Who?
    Hope: Bessie Bell. When you stabbed her in the back.
    • Season 7:
    Chrii: "Guys, Manya did lie. Wrecker didn't have the idol."
    • Followed quickly by:
    Jeff Probst: "Chrii is playing the Hidden Immunity Idol. All votes for Chrii do not count. I'll read the votes."
    • Season 9:
    Cherman: "You see, there is one other tool I have. It's a mini voice recorder that Brenton and Madison accidentally made removable from my body. And I gave it to Barbie."
    • Also worthy of mention:
    Bonnie "Oh My God...fucking over that c*** over like that. Fucking incredible."
  • Fans!: Rikk has just sold his soul to keep his friends safe
  • Electric Wonderland ended its sixth story by having NJ try to call police to arrest Aerynn Arlia. The cop he talked to, Natasha Wing, refused to believe NJ's report, because she never encountered Aerynn in all her years of crimefighting. It sounds like a foolish reason not to take any action, until...
    Natasha: I've also studied the physics code for the Internet and over half the powers you told me are impossible. IM. POSSIBLE.
    • Later, Trawn and NJ discover that the government's magic-seeking equipment never detects Aerynn's brand of magic. NJ then asked if this meant they can't find anyone who practices the powers as Aerynn, so she answered, "No one has my powers, Nate!" He subsequently demanded to know exactly how powerful she is. She admitted, "I don't know...Because there are a lot of things I'm afraid to try!" This sounds especially surprising after she spent nearly all of the previous comics performing actions possible only through Rule of Funny.
  • Dissonance: The setting is an entirely ordinary (but fictional) university. The main characters have discovered an unusual, undocumented kind of animal, they've named "Pandora". They've discovered she has a number of unusual traits; she can stand on two legs, her mane glows in the dark, and she cares for injured rodents, despite resembling a cat. A reporter hears about it;
    Ceyla: So, Sarah. Your pre-print on the scientific journals stated your discovery of Pandora could reshape the current view of the history of evolution, do you really think she is that important of a discovery?
    Sarah: Yes.
    Ceyla: There is an online movement claiming your videos and your discovery are a hoax, do you believe the scientific community can look past these allegations?
    Sarah: Yes.
    Ceyla: Many fans of Pandora are concerned for her safety in this school, can you reassure our viewers that no harm will come to her in the name of science?
    Sarah: Yes.
    Ceyla: That was "good", but maybe you could elaborate a little more? I feel like I could get a livelier interview out of Pandora. *to Pandora* What do you think, cutie? Would you like your own interview?
    Pandora: Yes.
  • Princess Pi once featured two in the same conversation, which kick off the long-awaited explanation of how Pi became the Last of Her Kind:
    Sam: What do you even have to cry about? You're rich! I only get a $75000 allowance! You don't even take advantage of it! You wear the same earrings ALL THE TIME! That's so LAME!
    Princess Pi: They're stuck to my face.
    Sam: What? Huh?
    Princess Pi: The day I found out I was indestructible was the day I got my ears pierced. It took them three hours to manage to make a hole big enough, and once these were in, I couldn't remove them. That was when I was five. It was my mother, Queen Isosceles, who took me there.
    (She points at a nearby statue)
    Princess Pi: That statue over there? That's her...But now she's dead! My mother was killed in the war!
    • In a later comic, Princess Pi tries to order a Shamrock Shake from a drive-thru without a car, proclaiming that as princess of the land and the last Egyptian on Earth, the workers at the restaurant should overlook her forgetting to bring a vehicle. After she still gets denied the shake, this conversation occurs:
      Bottle Blonde: Besides, what you said wasn't entirely true!
      Princess Pi: You KNOW I'm not lying! You've been to my pyramid!
      Bottle Blonde: I meant about the last Egyptian thing! You HAVE a living relative!
  • Too Much Information:
    Maddy: "I don't mind."
  • Ansem Retort:
    Zexion: Everything you love will have my dick in it!
    Namine: I love myself.
  • Rice Boy: Not so much the line itself, as who's saying it and who they're saying it to:
    Rice Boy: You have traveled long and far - you have reached the iron tower - you have changed form... thrice.
  • Starslip gives us the line that arguably started the Myth Arc:
    Albatroxi Leader: Mr. Vanderbeam, I don't understand... our people had no truce. We've been at war for two years.
    • And shortly afterwards:
    King Jovox: My Jovia died on an attempt on her life, intended to stop our research. It was a shuttle explosion, after an art gala aboard the Fuseli.
  • Not a Villain:
    Bandit: I could never like somebody who killed her own mother.
    Danni: I'm useless in Reality. A "costly liability", as they put it. They want to replace me with several imported Outsiders. My parents have practically killed themselves to keep that decision at bay. I've been trying to make money, make friends, make anything that'll show I have worth. But it's been pointless. The Game was my last option. They'd have given me more time for that. Ha. I just have the end of Reality's day now. And I'm going to spend it dancing.
  • Namesake:
    Anlise: You stupid child. You're the one who needs memories repaired. Ozma is gone! Our princess is dead, and it's all your fault!
    Fred: You can change things! You are a writer, Elaine!
    Warrick: Selva. I know you can hear me.
    Renge: That is most definitely NOT a Dorothy.
  • Cucumber Quest: Chardonnay's verbal slips changes the entire tenor of the quest—up to now, it had been the usual journey against an ancient evil resurrected, but from here on in the heroes' journey becomes a question of why the evil keeps on being resurrected.
    Chardonnay: We just need to make sure every hero is clear on this stuff, y'know?
  • Housepets! seems to have a boatload of them!
    • Grape reveals who she really is in an early comic:
    Grape: After all, when I hang out with the guys I don't have to hide my femininity.
    • The first full human face is revealed in the comic:
    Joel: I was kidnapped by my own pets once.
    • The near the end of "Imaginate, Too!":
    Grape: Isn't it because you have a crush on me?
    • Tarot reveals a portion of her other-worldly powers:
    Tarot (to King): Sorry, I don't date humans.
    • Near the end of Christmas 2014:
    King: Bailey, will you marry me?
    • During the wedding of "Jungle Fever":
    Fido: I AM IN LOVE WITH SABRINA D'ANGELO! (Not exactly one for the readers, but mostly in-universe for the cast of the comic.)
    • During the beginning of "Heaven is Not Enough, Part 1":
    Bailey: TAKE ME INSTEAD!
    • During the middle of "Heaven is not Enough, Part 1", when Pete has taken Bailey away from King:
    Once-King, now Joel: I don't believe you, but I don't think there's much else I can do to prepare you, so...
    Fox: ...King?
    • Near the end of "Heaven is Not Enough, Part 1":
    • When King has rescued Bailey from her obligation to fight:
    Spirit Dragon:Pete, You don't need to talk with the big voice.
    Pete:See? You're ALWAYS the spoilsport.
    Spirit Dragon: I AM NOT!
    • When Pete demands Bailey return to the fight:
    Joel: Is that the best you got, chicken dinner?
    • When Kitsune gives King a choice to either be a human, or be a dog:
    Joel (Now permanently King): I was... I was right.
    Bailey: You did it, King! It's over!
    • At the end of Year 7 of Housepets!:
    • Bailey: I usually don't go for fried food, but I am eating for four now!
    • King: *freezes for a beat*
    • Bailey: Did I forget to mention that?
    • When Keene goes to speak with someone in Heaven:
    • Henry Milton: Keene, My boy!
    • Keene: Mr. Milton?!
  • Prequel
    Gaius: Who told you about my nightmares?
  • xkcd — From the Time animation:
    Beanie People Leader: The sea will fill not in years but in DAYS.
  • Skin Horse
    • The message from Dr Collodi to his daughter:
      "Whatever you do, don't trust Project Skin Horse."
    • The first appearance of a familiar character:
      "Arthur. Arthur Narbon."
    • Nick confronts Violet Bee about being a robot. Violet says she should have remembered his vision:
  • Kiwi Blitz:
    Celeste: ...I never did like you much. She's talking to Cho, who has just accused her of being a spy for ALTER.
  • Sire:
    Paul: Anna, help me! (This is the first indication that anyone other than Susan or Anna could see the spirit form of the sister who is not controlling the body. It comes as enough of a shock to Susan to cause her to kill Paul for keeping the secret in the first place.)
  • ErrantStory: Ian's descent into The Madness Place gets a helpful kickstart from Riley.
    Riley: Ian... Ian, something bad happened a little while after you left and... gah... I don't know how to tell you this... I mean, honestly, we had kinda hoped you weren't coming back... and all that stuff about finding a way to heal Evelyn was just an excuse to run away from everything back home... it would have been easier...
    Ian: Riley, calm down... what are you talking about?
    Riley: Well, see, your mom—
    Ian: I could give a fuck about that crazy bitch, what happened to Lyn?!
    Riley: No, that's what I'm trying to tell you, she... she's... ...
    (screams from Riley, Leah and Meji as Ian launches himself like a ballistic missile)
  • In Bob and George, "Everything You Know is Wrong"
    Bob: Oh, I bet you think you're so damn clever, don't you, George.
  • Monster Pulse:
    Dr. Lulenski: I DON'T WANT TO SEE! (Right before she delivers a Mercy Kill to her ghost-infected coworker)
    • Able freaked out during that scene, and chapter 8 reveals why...
    Able: (After killing a finger-based monster, causing the hand of the girl it belonged to to bleed) That's what happens when a monster dies. The body acts like it really did lose the part.
    Julie: You... have you killed a monster before?
    Able: ...

    Rjinder: I didn't tell her about you... isn't that what you wanted? (Rjinder is speaking to his monster here, against his earlier claim to Dr. Lulenski that "she" is a mindless tool with no intelligence. One that could not possibly have a will that may involve killing him or torturing him into compliance.)

    Violet: There is no need to explain what is already known. (Violet reveals that she knows what Able did, despite him never telling her and was actually about to confess)
  • During the goodnight scene in Modest Medusa. Morseso for Charles than the audience, since he never met Modest's family:
    Charles: What are you afraid of?
    Modest: Vampires. And pirates. And my dad.
  • Paranatural"
  • The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost:
  • Khaos Komix"
    • "...I didn't know you were still affected by that."
    • Earlier, from Alex's story: (after 8-year-old Alex explains to an equally young Jamie how two men have sex) "I...I think I've done that."
    • And from Charlie's story, after a Gang of Bullies attacks her and her friend Tom for being transgender, we get this from said bullies' leader, about Tom...
  • Erfworld: Book 1. Parson, his remaining friends, and their last few "uncroaked" zombie troops trapped in the ruins of their own city, massively outnumbered by the enemy, and will likely be croaked within minutes. After an unusually somber moment contemplating something he would rather not be responsible for, Parson snaps back into Warlord mode.
    Parson: Thinkamancer! Form a link-up with the Croakamancer and the Dirtamancer. I want you to try to uncroak the volcano.
  • Awful Hospital:
    ""Doctor Phage""(to the viewers) You're only poisoning her, you know.
  • Darths & Droids:
    Luke: You killed Padme! The woman you loved! My mother!
    Darth Vader: No.
    Luke: You are my father!
    Darth Vader: No, Luke, I am your mother.
  • Sandra and Woo: Larisa succinctly explaining her cavalier attitude towards her nude selfie being sent to all of North America and causing a colossal scandal in this comic.
    Larisa: I'll be blind in ten years and dead in twenty. I don't give a damn if some puritans have a problem with my naked body.
  • Go Get a Roomie!
    • First, in "Mattcast."
    Roomie: "So you had a girlfriend, huh? What was her name?"
    Matt: "Oh, um... Lillian. Lillian Tallis."
    • Second, in "Sexxx?"
    Roomie: "I've never had sex sober. I never had sex with someone I loved. And I never had an orgasm with anyone."
  • Sister Claire:
    Gabrielle: It's not a baby, Claire. I'm so sorry, it was never a baby.
  • Goblins:
    Demonic Parasite: I see a paladin soul, ripe for suffering and holding the second Prissan. But not the paladin soul I was expecting.Where is the creator of the axe? The one we cursed. Where is Kore?
  • Zebra Girl: A major one for the Crossover Cosmology nature of the 'verse
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • The Plague Zombie Black Speech can only be heard by mages. At some point, a speechbubble containing Black Speech appears in a panel focusing on Tuuri, a non-mage who got a Plague Zombie bite a few in-universe days previously, but had a chance of not being infected. Zombification in that world is basically a rare complication of an otherwise deadly disease, which had plenty of established symptoms that the reader could look out for. Hearing Black Speech was not on the list, in addition to not being a good sign for Tuuri.
    • Magic overuse has apparently kicked Lalli's soul out of his body and dreamscape safe area. Lalli's soul somehow crash-lands near Emil's own safe area while the latter is asleep and Lalli decides to stay there until he can recover and figure out how to fix the situation. Emil wakes up after the event, with no idea how to get himself and Lalli's unconscious body back to the rest of the crew, from whom they are currently separated:
      Voice in Emil's head: Just start walking. Stupid!note 
  • Charby the Vampirate: When Hex apologetically informs Mannick, the most innocent and openly friendly cabin resident, that if his "father - friend" Doctor Hayter was one of the cabin scientists Menulis ate him, unless Mannick can tell otherwise using his psychometry Mannick calmly responds with:
    Mannick: I didn't need to. Mannick killed him in another Byss laboratory.
  • Miss Guillotine:
    Kayla: No! The revelation! The revelation was no doubt YOUR voice, Callie!
  • Brawl in the Family:
  • Ennui GO! has one that is both hilarious and tragic when Venus reveals why she wants to kill Izzy.