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  • Red vs. Blue
    • The Blood Gulch Chronicles:
      • The main villain reveals himself, while leaving the end of the first season on a Cliffhanger, and setting up a whole Story Arc:
      • Sarge's call for reinforcements leads to the reveal that Blue Team’s Mission Control, Vic, serves as this for the Red Team as well, revealing that someone is Running Both Sides:
      Vic: Oh, hey there Sarge, long time no see! Sorry about that, I, uh... Anyway, what can we do for you here at Red Command today?
      • When Doc diagnoses Tucker's mysterious illness:
      • Immediately after Wyoming reveals the nature of Omega's plans:
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    • The Recollection:
      • Reconstruction has a few, one of them the final line of the season.
      Wash: You actually think you're real soldiers?! You guys are nothing!
      Wash: Church, there's no such thing as ghosts. You're one of them. You're an AI. You...are the Alpha.
      Director: Sincerely yours, the former director of Project Freelancer, Doctor Leonard Church.
      • Recreation has a few in the finale:
      Wash: (to the Meta) Stand down. I'll take it from here.
      Donut: Hey, Simmons? I think he shot me too.
      Wash: What in the hell makes you think that I'm going to ask for it?
      • From the penultimate episode of Revelation: "[Tex] died in her real life, and that's all the Director ever remembered of her. So now, no matter how tough she is, no matter how hard she fights, she's always going to fail, because that's what she's based on. No matter what she's doing, or what she's trying to accomplish, just when her goal is within her reach, it gets yanked away. Every. Single. Time."
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    • The Project Freelancer Saga:
      • The finale of season 9 has two:
      Church: No. I'm not going to say "I love you." I'm going to say "I forget you." I'm letting you go.
      Carolina: You're gonna help me kill the Director.
      • When Washington and Carolina are discussing the Meta's rampage, this exchange comes up:
      Washington: It wasn't your fault.
      Carolina: But it was my AI.
      • "I have a sister." An interesting example: for the characters, it's a pretty low-key Reveal/"Wait, what?" moment. For the audience members (who have a lot more information than the characters), it sends the HSQ meter spiking. Shit is getting real.
      • With one line, Church reveals he now remembers his time as the Alpha.
      "I just remembered... everything."
      • "Run while you can, Agent Texas. We are the Meta, and we will find you... very soon." Revealing how Agent Maine became The Meta.
      • "May I suggest Flowers?" "You mean Agent Florida?" This exchange casts Butch Flowers in a more sinister light.
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    • The Chorus Trilogy:
      • From the end of Season 11:
      Carolina: "Good. I'll be there before you know it."
      • From Season 12, episode 8, after spending the season trying to save Wash, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez from the FAQ, when Tucker, Simmons, Grif, and Caboose finally get to them, Donut drops a bombshell that completely changes the plot:
      "But... we were supposed to save you!"
      "F.I.L.S.S.: Yomary Cruz"
      • From the season 13 finale, Church is about to power the Meta’s armor so that Tucker can use it to fight against Hargrove’s forces, who greatly outnumber the Reds and Blues:
      Tucker: See you on the other side, Church.
      [time slows down]
      Epsilon: [sigh] Not this time, buddy.
    • Season 14's prequel episodes have two, both from Captain Flowers, the former revealing his return, and the latter acting as a major Cerebus Retcon:
      "And please... call me 'Cappy'."
      "The world will never forget Private Jimmy."
    • Season 15:
      • The message Kimball has Dylan deliver has Episode 5 end on a big one:
      Church: This is Church from- [static] -Alpha. If you're getting this, it's an emergency. Send. Help. Please! Send help!
      • And the episode after that, we have Grif's rebuttal to Dylan's attempt at a stirring speech.
      Grif: YOU DON'T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT ME, LADY! I hate Simmons, I hate Sarge, I hate EVERYBODY! Print that in your fucking paper!
      • And in case it wasn't made clear enough what Grif had decided there, here's what he says in the final scene of the episode:
      Grif: (after the other Reds and Blues snark about him saying that he was "thinking") No, actually I was thinking that... I quit.
      • Episode 10. Oh boy, episode 10.
      Washington: (while in Temple's basement, looking at the Freelancer armor) Ugh. I think you need to check your plumbing... That smell...
      Carolina: (sudden realization) That's... not... sewage... (Carolina and Washington notice Illinois' armor) I don't think... these are just suits of armor...
      • Episode 15 has an odd example, being a bit more comedic than this trope is normally played and it's not the line itself so much as how it is said.
      Grif: Lopez, todo el mundo está bien?!
      • At the tail end of Episode 16, as Tucker chews out Grif for botching their escape attempt:
      Tucker: You busted in here, made an ass of yourself, and got caught! What do you call that?!
      Grif: Uh, pretty fucking sweet diversion.
      (cut to Locus finding a still alive Wash and Carolina)
      • One of the biggest in the entire series is at the end of Episode 20, crossing over with Wham Shot:
      Alpha-Church: Caboose? Rookie, what the hell are you doing up here? You're supposed to be guarding the flag!
  • Strong Bad Email:
    • From sbemail 41, "invisibility", which leads to the first time Strong Bas replaces the computer:
      Strong Bad: Don't need this anymore... [takes sticky note off of the Tandy 400] Don't need THIS anymore... [punches the Tandy 400 off of his desk]
    • From sbemail 200, "email thunder": Strong Bad is prepared to answer his 200th email. When he reads who it's addressed to, it leads to him learning that he's not the only person in Free Country, USA to have his own email show:
      Strong Bad: "D-d-d-dear Homestar?!" WTC??
    • Following the events of "email thunder", Strong Bad Emails went on hiatus for a few months as Homestar took over with his "Hremails". For a while, it seemed like sbemails had truly come to an end, only for ""hremail 3184"" to have Strong Bad crash Homestar's show to prove otherwise:
  • SMG4's Mario Bloopers: "Mario...And The Well" ended with resident Attention Whore Bob pulling Fishy Boopkins out of the titular well and started a chain of episodes that ended up proving that he had a heart underneath all of his usual behavior. Then came the ending to "The Mario Concert", when Boopkins had destroyed Bob's concert and Bob starts ripping into him for botching it all:
    Bob: To think... the lies I told... The scams I had to pull to get here, and now it's all gone. I even pushed you down a well for god's sake!
  • From the Team Fortress 2 online short "Expiration Date", after the team believes that their teleported has given them tumors based off it”s affects on bread, the Medic discovers that the teleporter merely mutates bread into vicious monsters, and is harmless to humans:
    Engineer: [chuckling] So we're fine, as long as nobody teleports any bread!
    Soldier: ...question?
    Engineer: What's your question, Soldier?
    Soldier: I teleported bread.
    Engineer: WHAT?!
    Soldier: You told me to.
    Engineer: How...much?
    Soldier: I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days.
  • In Charlie the Unicorn Pink and Blue drag Charlie on another of their deranged quests to stop a giant millipede from destroying “the Cavern of Red Wind”, which is located in the Moon. After the millipede explodes after singing a Villain Song to Charlie, Pink and Blue demand Charlie enter the Cavern and he complies after they inform him if he does, they’ll never bother him again.
Charlie: (enters the Cavern) Alright, so we’re in. What do I do?
(A large, ticking bomb rises from a nearby pit)
Charlie: Uuuuuh, what is that?
Blue: We’ve gotten kind of bored.
Pink: We’re also bored of the moon!
Blue: So we’re gonna blow it up!
Charlie: What? O-okay. How do we get back to Earth?
(Pink and Blue begin floating away)
Pink: Byyyyye, Charlie!
  • Half-Life but the AI is Self-Aware:
    • After Dr. Coomer uses his Superlegs to climb up and see outside of Black Mesa, he comes back down immediately. When Gordon asks him what he saw, Coomer response:
      Dr. Coomer: THERE'S NOTHING THERE.
    • An even bigger one happens in Act Three: Part One, which confirms that Benrey and Bubby have been plotting against Gordon and signifies that they have sold him out to the HECU.
      Bubby: There he is! Get him!
      • Almost immediately after, there’s a Wham Sound Effect, while Benrey and the HECU subdue Gordon:
      Dr. Coomer: Now, Gordon, I wish I could help, but it seems you're all out of Playcoins™! Oh dear. What are they doing to his-
      (A slicing sound and Gordon screams in pain as his right arm is cut off)
    • While the GMan finishes his talk with Gordon, he tells Gordon something that heavily implies that the Science Team are his children.
      GMan: Oh, and make sure no harm comes to my... progeny, will you?
      • The final episode reveals that the progeny he was talking about was Tommy.
    • Benrey, who has been increasingly hostile towards Gordon after being accepted back into the Science Team following his betrayal and mocking him over his missing arm, has a major change in demeanor after the Skeleton that has been following the group and seems to be affiliated with Benrey falls asleep.
      Benrey: Hey where'd... why are we here? (genuinely concerned) ...What happened to your arm?
    • In the final episode, Gordon, who has grown increasingly questioning of his reality, is asked something by Dr. Coomer.
      Dr. Coomer: Gordon.
      Gordon: Coomer.
      Dr. Coomer: None of this is real, is it?
      Gordon: No.


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