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Please don't hide spoilers in this page. Wham Line is a spoileriffic trope by nature, so it's pointless to spoiler tag every example.

Web originals with their own pages

  • This short story on Reddit. It starts with the narrator bemoaning "I hate it when my brother Charlie has to go away." He goes on to imply that his brother is locked up in an institution for being a sociopath, and when he does return horrible things start happening and he's swiftly sent back. The final line:
    "I hate it when Charlie has to go away. It makes me have to pretend to be good until he is back."
  • Ruby Quest:
    • "Today is October 31st."
    • Weaver: "Yes, it would have killed Tom."
    • "Isn't it obvious? You're dead."
    • "Ruby shoves Stitches over the railing."
  • From Everyman HYBRID, episode "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back":
    Alex: It's back.
    • At the end of "Intermission"
    Vinny: Alex isn't okay.
    • A comedic example in "Damsel"
    Steph: I'd be fucking stoked if they weren't releasing me today!
  • Brawl Universe:
    • Episode 5:
    Wolf: I have a message for you.
    Fox: And what’s that?
    Wolf: You will feel the pain that i have felt those days ago. I will come for you and all your friends, and KILL you.
    • Episode 6 has a particular disturbing one:
    Mewtwo: You of all people should know. *teleports in front of Ganon and knocks him away* There’s PLENTY wrong with me.
  • Marble Hornets has one early on that does a good job at setting the mood: "Burn them."
    • For the first dozen or so videos, Jay was strictly a narrator and viewpoint character. After a while, he started to get a bit more involved, visiting locations and interviewing witnesses to try and piece together the mystery. Then, in 19, things happened. "I have been recording myself for a month now..."
    • Entry #17: "But there's something else about it that really disturbs me. I don't remember any of it ever happening."
    • Entry #25 hits us with this after we see news footage of an apartment that burned down: "That was my apartment."
    • "Season 2", like the first part, opens with Entry 27's Wham Line. "The past 7 months are completely missing from my memory."
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    • Entry #49: "I told you not to follow me!"
    • Entry #64: It's been over a year since Alex has made his presence known, some presumed him dead. When Jay and Tim go explore the tunnel in Rosswood, Jay's phone rings.
    Phone: Leave. Now.
    Jay: That was Alex!
    Mary: It's already too late for you. The Observer, as you call him, has you in his grasp already. In fact, he's in your home right now, watching you intently. He knows that you'll go to the boardwalk whether you like it or not, because he's seen it happen already. He's told me things, you know.
    And later:
    Did you really think that those ashes were Milo's?
    • "Catharsis":
    Noah: I have a confession to make. I...I think I was the one who killed Kat.
    Hello Noah. I am Firebrand of the Collective. I've managed to cut him off for now.
    • "The Live Stream Incident":
    "...Firebrand...Me...Thank you."
    The line that cemented Firebrand's status as a Walking Spoiler. Who could guess that something like a Cluster F-Bomb could be so meaningful?
    A loathsome entity with mutual interests has saved me from servitude.
  • Vampire Quest: "When I was a child...I...was Lilicore as retribution."
  • During v4 of Survival of the Fittest, in reaction to the Wham Episode that was Faraday's Cages:
    Achyls: "Blow the collar! I said BLOW THE FUCKING COLLAR!"
    Sparky: " won't work, Sir!"
    • The final line of V3 is a massive example.
    B58 - Johnathan Rizzolo - Deceased
    • "An attempt was made by a military organization to rescue some of the contestants in this season of Survival of the Fittest. The lives of many students were lost as a result of the actions of your governments. Any future attempts will be met with an immediate and total detonation of all collars."
      • This later turns out to be a rare subversion in the form of a Red Herring; it turns out that all the v4 escapees are alive and well.
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  • In Perfect Kirby 3, Kirby tells Roy he knows about the Hippin' Jippin' Gene.
    Roy: [Dramatic Gun Cock] Then you know too much!
  • Alison, the protagonist of Brains has this to say: "And my foolproof plan to get Damian into bed and eventually into a two-bedroom apartment with a pitbull named Hamish and at least two children is going swimmingly. There's just one problem: I'm mostly sure he's undead."
  • In Minecraft Shadow of Israphel, episode 35:
    Knight Peculier: I made the most cowardly decision I had ever made. To end my wretched life.
    "Does this mean the sand was good?"
    "Knight_Peculier tried to swim in lava."
  • KARA:
    • "I'm merchandise?"
    • "I'M SCARED!"
  • In Freeman's Mind, at the end of episode 28, Gordon finds an elevator that goes up and isn't booby trapped...only to find the way blocked by numerous crates full of powerful explosives... (Subverted, in that the audience already blatantly knew the twist; it's more about Gordon finally coming to the realization)
    Gordon: You know, I'm beginning to think this isn't a rescue operation..."
  • Retsupurae's The Marios brings us an unscripted (and funny as hell) example:
    LuwiigiMaster: *laughter* I'm sorry, people, its just that I keep thinking about all these other Lets Players that, like, got made fun of by Retsupurae, or something.
    slowbeef: Aww, shit!
  • DeliciousCinnamon has a few examples:
    • During the "Lost Episode" of Crash Bandicoot:
    • During a livestream, after Bert has spent over an hour trying to get Warcraft 3 installed:
    "The CD key provided is currently in use by Bert"
  • Achievement Hunter Let's Play Minecraft:
    • Episode 1:
    • "Clouds" (Ep. 37):
    Geoff: Gavin wins it for Ray by erecting the tower on Ray's place! The victory goes to Ray!
    • "King Ryan Pt. 2" (Ep. 61):
    Ryan: What's up, Edgar?
    • "Mad King Ryan Pt. 2" (Ep. 90): Just as everyone is celebrating Ray's victory of the fourth gold block, Ryan has an announcement.
    Ryan: As it turns out... those gold blocks are kinda false-y.
  • Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto Series:
    • "Heist":
    • "Michael's Heist":
    Michael: As expected, Ryan and Ray died horribly, but, uh... Yeah, you guys were supposed to die too, in that boat...
    • "The Trojan Bar Heist":
  • We Are Our Avatars:
    -In everything. So many aspects of what just happened in this entire fiasco of a "competition". The Meteor. The device to stop it. The things found in Big Mt. The state of the wasteland itself. The hiring of individuals from other worlds to eliminate political enemies on this one. All cobbled together from sections of a very ancient and much bigger plan by a "Courier Six" eliminate anyone who would oppose his rule of New Vegas-
  • Doom House:
    "You stubborn mule, now you know the secret...I am a terrorist, and this house was built over our terrorist burial camp!"
  • Exactly what gives these stories their title
    Bunny: Madgie, what did you do?
  • In Cracked's Revisiting Old-School Text Adventures as a Jaded Modern Gamer:
  • Board James: Near the climax of the Dream Phone review.
    The Dream Phone: Well, you sure got a hold on me!
    • A big one from Full House / Do the Urkel.
    Motherfucker Mike: "You don't have any friends."
    Bad Luck Bootsy: "You don't need to pretend. It's okay not to have any friends..."
    • Another one in "Video Game Board Games" when James seems to have reached a breaking point with the episode's central board games and utters a certain phrase.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • At the climax of the Desert Bus episode, where the Nerd has just made a sudden realization that after ten years, his work on warning people about shitty games is failing. He tops it all with four jarring words.
      Nerd: It's time to retire.
    • In the episode Berenstain Bears, the Nerd is discussing with himself (from another universe) the oddity that he remembers the titular name being spelled "Berenstein" rather than "Berenstain", which, as the episode implies, portends the dangers of traveling between parallel universes.
      Other Nerd: When two of the same person exists in the same universe, it creates a paradox. The only way to resolve it: one of them has to die. I killed you.
    • Episode 150, covering Polybius, the episode documents the Nerd's "investigation" of what just might be an actual Polybius arcade cabinet from the '80s, tucked away in a warehouse of old arcade games. After discussing the various urban legends surrounding the game, he decides to test out the game the only way he knows how to deal with shitty games: by playing it himself. The first day of recording, he seems to display no negative side effects after playing for a while; he doesn't show the game itself, just in case there are dangerous side effects, but he remarks that it's just a boring, average arcade game. The second day, however...
      Nerd: So I've played through twice more now, um...thrice, actually... note 
    • Episode 172, covering Jurassic Park: Trespasser, features the executive producer of the game himself, Seamus Blackley, who gives answers about the game's development and legacy. After that, the Nerd asks if he could send someone to get him off the island the Nerd's stranded on. Seamus's response?
    • From the Mission: Impossible episode:
    The Nerd: I do find it really shitty that the Ethan Hunt character in the game looks nothing like Tom Cruise, but I mean let's be honest...
    The Nerd: *pulls off mask*
    Tom Cruise: How can anyone copy a face as perfect as mine.
  • In Episode 73 of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, we have one that's less about the line itself and more about how it's said.
    Rex: (in a voice much closer to his dub counterpart than his usual Butthead impression) I guess I'm full of surprises, Wheeler!
    • A much more serious one in Episode 81, when Yami asks Dartz a question only someone who met him in the past would know:
      Yami: If you met me, then you must know what my name is. That secret has been lost to me since my soul entered the Millennium Puzzle. So what is it?
      Dartz: Well, that one's easy. It's Eytem.note 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged has several, both comedic and dramatic.
    • For example:
    Vegeta: Look at you, Dodoria. You used to be so proud. And now here you are, crying like a woman!
    Dodoria: I AM A WOMAN!
    Vegeta: Wh-what?
    Dodoria: I SAID I AM A WOMAN!
    Vegeta: ...WHA--
    • And this, which Freeza still isn't fully convinced of:
    Zarbon: Well, I have to call my girlfriend.
    Kami: But it's still my job! My responsibility!
    Piccolo: And that's really good and all, but if you don't fuse with me, the entire world you're guarding might be destroyed!
    Kami: Maybe I'd rather it be destroyed than ever have to be a part of you again!
    Nail: Mom? Dad? Please stop fighting.
    • Episode 56, while repairing Android 16, Bulma finds this isolated video log made by a Red Ribbon soldier who looks a lot like 16. The soldier is talking to his dad whose making cyborgs, when suddenly we hear this...
    Off-screen voice: Get your ass in gear! Something is tearing its way through the compound!
    Kid Goku, off-screen: KA...ME...HA...ME... (Flash of light, log ends)
    • Cell in episode 53 had fun the entire episode just toying with Trunks.
      Cell: Does Gohan know, by the way?
      Trunks: Does he know what?
    • Episode 60 part 3, just after Gohan sacrifices his arm to save Vegeta from a lethal blast. It's worth noting that this is one of the only times in the series the word is spoken uncensored.
      Gohan: (beat)
      Gohan: Oh wow, we ARE fucked.
  • Another Abridged Series, None Piece, had a rather gut-busting one in episode 8 when the Straw Hats are filming a movie. After Luffy finds some rather peculiar props, this happens:
    Luffy: Um, Zoro?
    Zoro: Yeah?
    Luffy: What type of film genre would you put the first Man in a Box in?
    Zoro: I think it's kind of like a snuff film.
    (Luffy proceeds to have a Heroic BSoD)
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal had one dropped by the Streamer after the first loss to Red.
    Twitchplayspokemon: if we don't beat red by the end of the stream, no emerald.
  • Ten Little Roosters Episode 6. The sound of glass breaking.
    Ryan: Fuck you, hole. Unlike a cow, I have opposable thumbs.
  • The Music Video Show and it's 49th episode. At one point, Fluttershy is taken by a demented figure speaking backwards.
    Laine: You put her dow...
    Dylan: Don't bother. Not real.
    Laine: But he has Flutters...
    • And then there is the last few seconds of Episode 50.
    Laine: Pinkie...Pinkie?
    • Episode 75:
    • Episode 100 (Part 2)
    Season 1 Host: "I didn't say it was dead.
  • Paranoia has one near the end of the movie.
    Carl: You're the killer, Mark.
  • The Blue Light creepypasta's last two sentences: "It was faint, but we could still see the word 'sucks', underneath 'Nagasaki Elementary School'. Outside the windows, a blue light explodes across the sky."
  • Each episode of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has one that starts to make it clear that the Teacher is not what they seem.
  • The final episode of JonTron's StarCade series has Jon learn that Darth Vader is actually an "old friend", and then he removes his helmet as he lay (apparently) dying...
  • This Vinesauce stream focuses on Vinny exploring Active Worlds, a now-abandoned MMO from the mid-90's. During the stream he encountered a character named Hitomi Fujiko. Vinny initially took Hitomi to be an NPC, given that he was the only other being present, was repeating the phrase "Are you lost?" over and over when Vinny found him, and had the power to open the village gate. However, as the stream went on, Hitomi began to display more and more realistic traits, narrating a story about being the only person left in these lands and how Vinny was apparently responsible for everyone leaving. The final line he tells Vinny before disappearing not only destroys any possibility of the entity being an NPC, but also raises a lot of questions about who he really was:
    Hitomi Fujiko: Goodbye.
    Vinesauce: Goodbye.
    Hitomi Fujiko: Vinny.
  • From Vinny's Tomodachi Life LP, we get several lines which could qualify:
    • From Episode 37, we have a single word which permanently redefined three major character arcs:
      Donkey Kong: You're so sweet I don't need to add sugar to my coffee! Will you be my sweetheart?
      Two Faced: Sure!
      Vinny: WHOA! What?!
    • From the Tomodachi Collection Corruptions special:
      Vinny: Who the fuck is Vineschnoz?
    • From Episode 49, we have the line that cements that Vinny is completely under the Jahns' control:
      Vinny: I have...I have a strong desire to kill.
    • Played for Laughs in Episode 50, as Vinny explains what Mulder told him about the Jahns, resolving the series' most dramatic story arc in the silliest way possible:
      Vinny: It turns out the Jahns...were looking for some chicken cutlets. They went to Darren first, and he didn't know what a cutlet was, so then they came to Vineland Island. And...they may have gotten a bit carried away. But look, they're sorry, they left, Mulder got rid of them.
    • A subtle one: at the beginning of Episode 53, we get The Reveal that the Survivor Edition may have been orchestrated by the Jahns:
      Vinny: I was inspired by some guy with a blank face...two big eyes, and a big line for a mouth. He said we should vote two off today.
    • In a meta sense, the opening lines of Episode 55, cluing unaware viewers into the fact that this is the last episode of the main series:
      Vinny: I can't top the last episode.
  • Eddsworld has a couple in "The End":
  • In Part 53 of Team Four Star Plays: Pokémon Soul Silver Nuzlocke, it comes time for them to bury the then-deceased Slowmara (a Slowbro they caught in a well and liked to joke was similar to Samara from The Ring). Just as she's about to be released however, we get this creepy little message that not even the team was expecting:
  • This short story on Reddit. It's about a girl confessing to her mom that she killed her twin sister's boyfriend on prom night because he raped her a couple of weeks before (and her sister didn't believe her, on top of it). She drugged her twin sister and impersonated her sister to kill him. It ends with her telling her mom she's sorry for letting her down and thinking that she's going to jail. Then, we get these lines:
    Wait, what?
    Wait, you're proud of me?
    • Those are then topped by this line:
      What do you mean why do I think I don't have a dad?
  • 17776 has one near the end of its first chapter:
    Ten: Listen to me. You are not on a space probe.
    Nine: What?
    Ten: Nine, you are a space probe.
  • Cinema Wins:
  • Creepypasta ''Psychosis'' makes us wonder through the whole story whether the protagonist is being decieved by something, or just simply insane. And then comes this telling line:
    After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago.

  • In 10 YOUTUBERS VS 1 SPEEDRUNNER [Super Mario 64] the Youtubers spend most of the run being ahead of the speedrunner, however when they are all in Bowser In the Sky, one of them looks at the the Speedrunner's stream.
    One of them: He's got the 70th STAR people! HURRY UP!!!
    Multiple: Oh no!
    SMG4: We have TJ... TJ!
    TJ: I was expecting for you to do the full name: TJ "Henry" Yoshi.
  • TFS at the Table:
    • Chapter 1, Episode 8: The PCs are discussing with Mr. Theraday whether they can bring Nedra, the strongwoman of the show Theraday is putting on, along with them on their mission. Then we find that Mr. Theraday and the Fine Day Boardwalk Company are not as wholesome as seemed:
    Mr. Theraday: Well I mean, you can just buy her.
    Wake: Buy... a person?
    Mr. Theraday: Yeah. Buy a person.
    Lieutenant Gore: Helloooooooooo, it's meeeeeeee!~
    "It's been two months since the kingdom of Eburkal's tower has fallen in a fiery explosion."
  • Daisy Brown
    Alan: Daisy...
    (You all keep asking,)
    (Is it real? Is it fake?)
    (Well of course it's fake. To you.)
    (But I made all this. I couldn't unmake it if I wanted to.)
    (Am I crazy? Yes. Definitely.)
    (But nonetheless, I truly hope you enjoy what I made.)
    (I also hope this introduction isn't too jarring)
    (I just couldn't help myself.)
    (You won't hear from me again. Just wanted to introduce myself.)
    (Now, back to the show.)
    (Sincerely, The Author.)
  • CollegeHumor has a particularly brutal one in their video What Going Back to the 90s Would Actually Be Like:
    "We only have a few years to stop 9/11."
  • The creepypasta Happy Sun Daycare seems to end with the mystery solved: the titular daycare has apparently been using a large dog to terrorize children. But the very last line reveals that there's something else up:
    Since when did dogs walk on two legs?
  • Shed 17 has one hell of a Wham Line, especially considering what happens next.
    Inside Shed 17, Thomas didn't discover who he was, but what he was not.
  • Petscop
    • In Episode 5, Paul receives an unexpected message from the game:
    • In Episode 11, two particular lines reveal that Paul himself may have more to do with the game than he let on:
      Paul: ...when I found my room... I was shocked at first, but it made sense. Especially considering where I found the game in the first place... that it'd be tied in some way to me through you.
      Paul: I met him at a birthday party once.note 
    • From the in-game text boxes in Episode 12:
      Note Writer: I'm calling you Belle because that's who you are. You might be confused as to what happened. I was overeager before, and started calling you Tiara prematurely.
    • From Episode 14, after witnessing an in-game conversation between Care and her mom, Paul has this to say:
      Paul: I think...that was of a...conversation...that I had last year on my birthday.
    • From Episode 23, after Paul indicates to Marvin which of the eight "Ghost Rooms" he is located in, Marvin responds with this message through the in-game speech function:
  • Half-Life but the AI is Self-Aware:
    • Act Two: Part Two:
    • Act Three: Part One:
    • Act Three: Part Three
      Gman: Oh, and make sure no harm comes to my... progeny, will you?

      Benrey: [genuinely confused/concerned] "Hey, where'd... why are we here? ...What happened to your arm?" note 
  • This Achievement Hunter video, which is the second half of a RT Life video. At the end, as the team is celebrating, Chad busts in and demands to know where his [REDACTED] was. We, then return to the beginning of the video...
    Gavin Free: So, Chad wants to steal a microwave. John Mace promised them a microwave, he never delivered. He has enlisted our help to distract John Mace so Core can steal Stage 5's microwave. Which we agreed to, but we didn't stop there, did we, Ryan?
  • The Epic Rap Battles of History battle between Stan Lee and Jim Henson seems to end with the two reconciling and becoming friends... Only for a third party to join, with his first few lines making it very clear who he is right before he comes on-screen.
    Chorus: M-I-C...
    Chorus: K-E-Y!
  • Unraveled has a couple of them:
    • Near the end of the episode "Every Sonic game is blasphemous", as Brian starts to go off the deep end and start making a religion around the Sonic the Hedgehog Bible, he drops this bombshell on the audience:
      BDG: I've never played a Sonic game! Never in my life! I only tell you this now, because you've already made it this far into the video, and the sunk cost fallacy states that if you feel like you've invested something, then you're going to see it through to the end!
    • From "Bowser's military hierarchy", Brian has gotten through most of the list and is listing a few enemies that don't seem to fit into the typical military command structure, specifically noting how the Koopa Troopas from Super Mario 64 seem to act more like civilians...which causes him to have a horrifying realization:
    • "Waluigi, Unraveled" has two examples, the first related to Brian's revelation about Waluigi's true identity, and the second related to his own identity:
      BDG: Luigi and Waluigi are the same person.
      BDG: I'm not a Waluigi...I'm a Luigi!

  • Bikini Beach: Ellen's Daughter Visits: Ellen has been worrying about her older daughter, Glinda, who's visiting Bikini Beach. Recalling her own bad experience with BB, she imagines all manner of horribles happening to Glinda. Nevertheless, Glinda returns home apparently intact. Her younger daughter greets Glinda with a Wham Word:
    Daisy: Dad?
  • The Sun Vanished: The protagonist returns after having been gone for a month [October 26, 2018 - Nov 29, 2018], causing many of the commenters on his tweets to bring up how he's long he's been gone for. The protagonist has this to say in response:
    "Wait what the hell do you all mean I've been gone for a month? It's only been a week or so."
  • There are several in Dream's videos.
    • In the first Death Swap:
      Dream: How long is the Fire Resistance for on god apples?
    • In the SMP war, though the wham is moreso from who says it:
      Eret: Down with the revolution, boys. It was never meant to be.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: The Good Boy reveals his true identity.
    The Good Boy: I rule over the wet, dark caverns... OF HELL!
  • ''Jreg:
    • In Centricide 6, Anti-Centrist reveals the truth about how the conflict started:
      Anti-Centrist: Who killed the Dead Centrist, Radical Centrist? Who started this war? It wasn't me. It was you, Radical Centrist. You saw me growing in power, and you wanted an excuse to go to war before I overtook you.
    • Also in Centricide 6, Conservative not only reveals that he survived Nazi's attempt to kill him, but also drops a bombshell about Nazi's heritage:
      Conservative: I had a kindly transhumanist do a DNA test on you.
      Nazi: A DNA test? But why?
      Conservative: I confirmed my suspicions. You're a Jew.
  • Dream SMP
  • Scootertrix the Abridged:
    Discord: (to Pinkie) I'm not going to kill your friends. No, I'm going to have a little fun for once. You will.


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