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I can't even remember when or why it happened. I had it all... a decent job at a nice restaurant... a friend who cared about me... even a nice downtown apartment... When did things change?

The Space Between is a Slice of Life webcomic written by Shane McCarthy since November 2009. Publishing Monday and Friday, it is about the antics of a group of young adults, with the first chapter framed as an extended flashback from the perspective of the main character.


The very first comic page shows the main character, Jack, apparently homeless and reminiscing about How We Got Here. Cut back to three years ago, when Jack is an aspiring sports journalist who works at a restaurant and is looking for a new roommate to help pay the bills. He hangs out constantly with his childhood friend, Samantha ("Sam"), although both insist that they are Just Friends. Sam works at a record store and is a hard partier. Frank is a geeky freelance web designer and med student who answers Jack's ad for a roommate. He finds himself a bit overwhelmed by Sam's outgoing personality.

Jack and Sam throw a party to welcome their new roommate, and Sam brings along C.J., the new girl at the record store. Hilarity Ensues.

The comic is still brand new, so much of the plot remains to be determined. It may be slightly NSFW.


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