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  • Asura's Wrath. It's all in the title. How unstoppable is his rage? Nothing, not fleets of spacecraft, not Gaia's Vengeance, not even God himself can stop him.
    • Asura goes from "pissed off" to "pissed off enough to punch a planet-sized Buddha to death" to "pissed off enough to not care that my arms have shattered" to "pissed off to the point that I'm indiscriminately firing nuclear-scale explosions into space."
    • Late in the game, Asura has become so unthinkingly, unstoppably pissed off that Yasha realizes the only way to calm him down is to kill him. They've killed him three times already and he just keeps coming back faster each time, so this isn't quite as extreme as it sounds.
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    • He makes Alex Mercer and Kratos look like yoga instructors in comparison.
    • Of note, however, is that in spite of Asura's wrath being a terrifying and unstoppable force, he is at the same time not a mindless force. Even when completely lost within his own sheer, violent, supreme hatred, Asura still refrains from harming innocents and noncombatants. But anything he perceives as an enemy — such as the Gohma or the Seven Deities and their soldiers — are targets.
  • In the third Uncharted game, when Sully appears to be shot in a vision Nate is having thanks to a Mushroom Samba, Nate chases down the attacker with murderous intent.
    Drake: You get back here, you son of a bitch! You're dead! You hear me?! You're DEAD!
  • In the Yakuza series, hurt a kid in front of Kazuma Kiryu. Then count how many teeth you have left after he's done beating you within an inch of your life.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations Ezio goes berserk when he finds Yusuf's body and launches a full scale assault on Istanbul's arsenal. Only one person is spared.
  • Splinter Cell: Sam Fisher hits this at the end of mission eight of Conviction, where he learns that Lambert was behind faking his daughter's death in Double Agent, at which point, at least for the rest of the mission, Mark and Executes are free, as in no need to CQC enemies to earn them, there's no need to designate a target (simply moving over them with the cross hair makes them a target), and the meter is up to a max of six at this point.
  • "Unstoppable Rage" sums up Kratos from the God of War series. Plus, he has an ability named "Rage of the Gods/Titans/Sparta", that makes him more unstoppable.
    • In Ghost of Sparta, Kratos may have topped himself after seeing Thanatos kill his brother. The man truly becomes rage incarnate at that moment.
  • Fairly late in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, the hero's girlfriend is kidnapped by a traitor, and brainwashed into not only attacking him, but also aiming deliberate, emotional attacks at him. The result: His mech becomes nigh-unstoppable for the duration of the battle as he performs a Foe-Tossing Charge towards the traitor.
  • The Kaiser Dragon from Breath of Fire III and IV. If Ryu transforms into this from without some tweaking (in III it was a specific combo of Dragon Genes, in IV it required you to gather the various breath weapons of dragons), he'll kill his allies.
    • The scene where he unlocks it in IV is particularly noteworthy. After he easily exterminates the army officer who pissed him off to such a degree (by slaughtering a village of innocent civilians and THEN setting an absurdly powerful monster on your team, which Ryu also destroyed), he's STILL angry and ready to kill, quickly turning his sights on another officer (who can only point her gun at him while shaking in terror), getting his only lines in the game by screaming in rage the entire time. The whole scene is decidedly scary, and it takes a Cooldown Hug from Nina to bring him back to normal. As the Cooldown Hug occurs, Fou-lu is driven to rage when his girlfriend is used to fuel a nuke.
  • This trope is a recurring theme in all five Breath of Fire games. The above covers III and IV.
    • In Breath of Fire I, the only way to get the "True" ending is for Ryu to unleash his most unstoppable form, an 11th-Hour Superpower useable only in the final battle, which combines all of his allies into a giant gryphon-like-dragon monstrosity hell-bent for destroying an evil goddess from making all of their lives, along with the entire war-torn world, a living hell. The goddess was also indirectly responsible for Ryu's sister's death, so that may have added some fuel to the fire.
    • In Breath of Fire II, Ryu's second most powerful dragon form is unlocked during a boss fight where a trusted member of his own tribe is revealed to be working for the villains. After taunting and provoking him, the boss finally pushes Ryu to the next level by enraging him, which he reveals was his goal from the beginning.
      • Upon reaching the final boss, Ryu and his party are encased in crystal by the final boss. The boss then moves party member to party member, revealing the true intentions for each one following him. He then shatters each party members' crystal, killing them, and then simply floats away, leaving Ryu alone, frozen in crystal. Ryu explodes out of his prison, and in the best cutscene an SNES can muster, charges at top speed after the boss, dodging fireballs and explosions until reaching the boss. He then leaps high into the air, and delivers a mortal wound to the boss (until the boss reveals his true form). In the following fight, Ryu unleashes yet another 11th-Hour Superpower only useable during the final boss fight.
    • In Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Ryu is hybridized into a Human/Dragon mix, but it is assumed that a hybrid is far weaker than a full-on dragon (as seen by Odjn, who is little more than a dragon that has been pinned to a wall, possibly for centuries, half his body decayed, but remains alive out of force of will). So when the final boss is a fully resurrected dragon taking aim at his only two friends in the world, Ryu bursts across the other side of the room, getting the dragon's attention. As the boss rears back to fire it's massive breath weapon, Ryu leaps from the balcony he's standing on and fires his own projectile. The two streams of energy collide, and a beam struggle commences. Ryu has a D-Counter, which ranges from 0%-100%. Should it hit 100% at any point in the game, Ryu "dies", no continues, do not collect 200 dollars, etc. During this fight, Ryu is so fueled by his rage and need to protect his friends that he pushes himself far beyond his normal limits. He actually breaks the D-Counter, in-game mechanics, forcing himself to go to roughly 164% before finally being able to overpower the enemy dragon, saving his friends.
  • Everybody in the online gang League of Angels (literally, everybody) uses Rage as a weapon; your character, members of your party, the Angels, Boss enemies, and even mooks. A character's Rage Meter fills as he and/or his allies take damage, and when full, it is used to unleash a powerful attack or other ability. (The power and type depending on who it is and how powerful the character is.)
  • Arcueid of Tsukihime most notably loses her cool during another heroine's route, when you turn down her offer to turn you into a vampire and slice her nearly in half. The humiliating, excruciatingly painful, and oh-so-temporarily debilitating injury drives her insane, removing the self-imposed restraints on the majority of her power...
    • In Arcueid's own route, when she gets cut in half by Roa and dies in Shiki's arms, Shiki goes berserk. Roa is several kinds of Deader Than Dead by the time Shiki comes down from it.
    • Actually, nearly all of the routes have a tendency to end with Shiki falling into this mode. In Akiha's route, after SHIKI hurts Akiha, Shiki completely loses it and goes into his killer mode. Later, in the same route, when SHIKI Mind Rapes Akiha, it takes all of Shiki's willpower to not kill SHIKI immediately. He does kill him, but not before SHIKI tells him how to bring Akiha back to normal. Then, in Hisui's route he goes into a similar homicidal rage when SHIKI either badly wounds or, if it's your first playthrough, kills Akiha and slice him in half in a single stroke. Finally, Kohaku's route features an aversion, when Akiha seems to murder Kohaku in cold blood, Shiki loses any semblance of reason and attempts to kill his own sister. In the end, despite all the wrongs Akiha has committed against Shiki during the course of the route, Shiki still finds himself unable to kill her, realizing that, no matter what she's done to him, she's still his irreplaceable sister. In fact, he even cries when he realizes this. Luckily, as it turns out, Akiha was unable to kill Kohaku either, so all's well that ends well.
  • Occasionally occurs as a plot device in the Final Fantasy series, often against the villain. Often enough though, the character dies afterwards. An example is Tellah in FF 4.
    • Edge in Final Fantasy IV as well. It's what unlocks the ability to use his Ninjitsu techniques after Rubicante taunts him about letting his emotions get in the way.
    ''You think our rage... a weakness? Then let me show you how wrong you are!
    • The Berserk Status Effect is this. It gives a character boosted attack, defense, and speed stats in exchange for them only using physical attacks and being controlled by the computer.
  • Happens before the plot of Drakengard, so the protagonist is in almost a constant state of Unstoppable Rage throughout the game. His rage abates by the time any of the endings roll around, but hey, most of the people are dead anyway.
    • It doesn't abate for long. Although by the time the sequel comes around, he has a very good reason to be pissed off. You'd probably be mad too if your pact partner was imprisoned and tortured for eighteen years after she voluntarily sacrificed herself to become the new Cosmic Keystone.
  • Many video games have a rage/fury meter that, when full, can allow you to go into Super Mode or grants you the ability to use a Finishing Move or Limit Break.
  • The attack Rage was unstoppable in Pokémon Red and Blue, and Yellow, only stopping if the Pokémon using it is switched for another one or has an attack used on it that prevents attacks. However, starting with Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the attack doesn't have to continuously be used, though doing so increases its attack power when the user is attacked.
    • Similarly, the Dragon-type move Outrage was added in Gold and Silver—the user is locked into Outrage for two or three turns, and can't be recalled unless the attack is cancelled by a move that prevents attacks. Moreover, it was buffed in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl to become one of the most powerful Dragon-type moves available. As of Pokémon X and Y, however, it's anything but unstoppable, as the new Fairy type is completely immune to Dragon type moves, which means they can freely switch into a Pokemon that's stuck using the move and potentially punish them.
    • There's also Hyper and Reverse Modes in Pokémon Colosseum and XD, respectively. Hyper Mode heightens the critical hit probability for Shadow Rush (which doubles both the damage and the recoil), but makes the Pokemon unlikely to use any other attack. Reverse Mode trades the bonus for a heightened probability to obey another attack command, but the Pokemon in it sustains end-of-round damage for as long as it's in Reverse Mode. In neither mode can healing items be used on the Pokemon in question, and the conditions even persist after treatment at a Pokemon Center! The worst part of all: the closer a Shadow Pokemon is to purification, the more likely it will go into these modes.
      • Having your Shadow Pokemon go into Hyper Mode is actually a good thing, since snapping them out of it is a fast way of purifying them.
    • The Anger Point Ability quadruples the user's Attack when struck by a critical hit. The three Pokemon that can have this naturally? Mankey, Primeape, and Tauros, none of whom are known for having very good tempers.
  • The Swine King from Darkest Dungeon may perform an extremely powerful move called Enraged Destruction if his spotter Wilbur is in any way hurt; as such, it overlaps with Berserk Button. Enraged Destruction is equipped with high damage and even a full party stun, making it literally unstoppable for all save the most epic of teams.
    • Heroes affected with the Powerful or Courageous Virtues have moments of this, especially for the former.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    He may not be green, but you won't like him when he's angry.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon: Alma. She's dead, and her hate is what keeps her present on this mortal coil. One character in F.E.A.R. 2 even says that her hate is the reason she just "refused" death.
    • At multiple points in Project Origin, Alma attacks and slaughters people without warning in random spats of sheer violent hatred, complete with her distorted voice screaming " I HATE YOU!" over and over again.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic, both the party member Hanharr and the PC (if you choose the Sith Marauder prestige class) can fly into this. While Hanharr has to eat the defense penalties involved with a rage, the PC at endgame is generally more or less immune to ranged fire.
    • It's worth noting that in his Wookie Fury, Hanharr can tear through even Dark Jedi without taking any significant damage.
  • At the end of the Marine campaign in Call of Duty: World at War, if you let Sergeant Roebuck die, Private Polonsky will go mad with rage at the Japanese. Also a cross between Cutscene Power to the Max and an Informed Ability; his emotional state is clear from his spoken lines, but his behavior as a friendly NPC in terms of game mechanics stays the same.
    • On the opposite side of the morality scale, we have Big Bad Raul Menendez in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, who, upon being torn away from his sister, Josefina, goes into a blind rage. This mad dash comes complete with anime rush streaks when sprinting, superhuman bullet-sponge-osity, and the ability to "reload" his shotgun simply by throwing it away and picking another one up from the dead soldiers he just killed, all in the space of two seconds. It's as much fun to play as it sounds.
  • Halo:
    • Brutes and some Elites will berserk and rush you with deadly melee attacks if the rest of their squad is wiped out, or if they are pissed off enough (eg from being stuck with a plasma grenade). From Halo 3 onward, Grunts will sometimes "kamikaze" with plasma grenades in desperate times.
    • When its "blood brother" is killed, the other Hunter will immediately attack whatever enemy who stands in its way, attacking them like an enraged elephant while swinging its shield around like a bat. In Halo 5: Guardians, they'll also start spamming shots from their assault cannons.
  • In Left 4 Dead, the Tank special infected is the literal embodiment of this trope. The second the Tank sees you, it will not stop attacking you unless all the survivors are dead or incapacitated, it's dead, you get out of sight and don't get hit for upwards of sixty seconds, or you get into the ending safe room. In the case of getting out of sight, the tank dies due to frustration. Oh, and don't try hiding in the beginning safe room. It will bust the door down and beat the everloving crap out of you.
  • Tony Montana in Scarface: The World Is Yours has turned his mercurial temperament into a Limit Break the game calls Blind Rage. Starting off from the climactic shootout at his mansion which serves as a junction point for the game's Alternate Universe premise Tony can build machismo and brashness (in increments measured in Balls) until the Charge Meter tops out, at which point he can break out into his trademark burst of obscenity-spewing rampage where not only he can autotarget enemies with any weapon or even his fists, but every enemy killed during the Blind Rage results in a partial restoration of Tony's health. Tony can increase not only his incremental Ball gains, but also the duration of the Blind Rage throughout the game.
    • The instruction booklet put it best, "Nobody flips the fuck out like Tony Montana".
  • In Baldur's Gate 2, hulking, amiably insane ranger Minsc is desolate over the loss of Dynaheir, the witch he swore to protect. Then, if you allow Aerie to join your party, he forms a similar attachment to her and offers to protect her with his life.
    • He also has a berserker rage option in combat. It can be a problem, because he regularly just wigs out and forgets who's a member of the party and who's not. He does, however, get points for shouting "I will inspire you by CHARGING BLINDLY ON!"
  • Meta Knight had one of these moments during the "Revenge of Meta Knight" Mini game in Kirby Superstar. At the end, during the final escape scene, Meta Knight enters by shouting "YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE!" and than proceeds to chase you hurling swords at you at every chance he has.
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • Throughout the series, once they became playable, Orcs have had this as a racial ability. It significantly increases their ability to dish out and take damage for a duration of time.
    • In Morrowind, Spymaster of the Blades and primary Quest Giver for the first act of the main quest, Caius Cosades, will fly into one of these if you kill one of your fellow Blades or one of the informants he sends you to talk to. He will be Suddenly SHOUTING! and will give you a big Get Out!, breaking the standard way of beating the main quest.
    • Oblivion:
      • Maglir at the end of the Fighter's Guild has one of these.
      • Also, the Daedric Princes should you fail one of their quests, especially if you choose not to return Umbra to Clavicus Vile.
      • In the Shivering Isles expansion, Sheogorath has a few of these, though they are mostly funny.
      • Though you don't see it, Falcar supposedly had one before leaving the Mages Guild in Cheydenhal.
    • From the series' backstory comes Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary 1st Era hero of mankind/racist berserker. Believed to have been a Shezarrine, physical incarnations of the spirit of the "dead" creator god Lorkhan (known to the Imperials as "Shezarr"), Pelinal came to St. Alessia to serve as her divine champion in the war against the Ayleids. Pelinal would fly into fits of such legendary rage (mostly directed at the Ayleids) during which he would be stained with their blood and left so much carnage in his wake that Kyne, one of the Divines, would have to send in her rain to cleanse Ayleid forts and village before they could be used by Alessia's forces. In one particularly infamous fit of rage, Pelinal went so berserk that he not only slew the Ayleids in a particular kingdom, but erased their lands from the world. The Divines were so disgusted with his actions that they nearly left the world if not for Alessia making sacrifices to regain their favor.
  • Somewhat used for Don Flamenco in the Wii version of Punch-Out!!. When you knock his toupee off his head, he will get so pissed that he will constantly throw punches at you until he goes down, you go down, or if the round ends.
  • You only see Axel do this twice in Kingdom Hearts.
    "You really do remember me this time? I'm soooo FLATTERED!" (Cue flames rising, weapons appearing out of nowhere, and a scary guy with red, spiky hair giving you a Slasher Smile) "But you're TOO LATE!"
    "You both...think you can do whatever you want...Well, I'm sick of it. Go on, you just keep running. But I'll always be there to BRING YOU BACK!"
    • When its seemed that Goofy died, Sora, Donald, and King Mickey immediately attacked The Heartless horde with much more ferocity. The rages of Donald and the King was clear, such as Mickey saying "They'll pay for this" and then rushed right at the horde with his keyblade at his hand, with Donald and Sora right behind him, and they curb-stomped at least 1000 heartless each.
    • Then there's Terra's. It reanimated his armour just to fight the guy who had possessed him and the musical theme accompanying this battle? Its (very fittingly) called Rage Awakened.
  • Played straight in World of Warcraft, whose Warrior and Druid(bear-form) classes require a constant supply of Rage to fuel their attacks.
    • And with the warrior skill Bladestorm, whose tooltip states you do not feel pity or remorse or fear and cannot be stopped unless killed or disarmed.
      • Likewise with the Hunter talent, Bestial Wrath, which causes the Hunter's pet to do this (Again, without feeling "pity or remorse or fear"). A further talent allows the Hunter himself to share the rage.
    • Being really really angry is a common form of boost for Melee classes, such as a Paladin (Avenging Wrath), Shaman (Shamanstic Rage), Warrior, (Enrage) Druid, (Berserk). The only Melee classes that don't do this are weakling Rogues and semi-emotionless death knights. And then there's the raid-wide buffs Heroism, Bloodlust, and Ancient Hysteria, which are essentially Palette Swaps of the same "Everyone in the raid goes berserk and starts attacking really fast" ability, or the Racial "Get Angry" abilities of Trolls and Orcs. Getting angry is the leading cause of increased damage in World of Warcraft.
    • Inverted in the battle against Corrupted Taran Zhu. Getting fully enraged clouds your character's mind with the Haze of Hate, drastically reducing their chance to hit the boss. Breaking the haze requires the character to stop and meditate for a moment.
    • Enemies and bosses can sometimes use "enrage" effects that significantly increase their damage and must be dispelled. After a certain amount of time, usually five to 15 minutes depending on the encounter, raid bosses go into a berserker rage, increasing their damage to the point at which they can kill any appropriately-leveled player in one hit, and wipe the raid in seconds.
  • Played even straighter in Runes of Magic, where warrior classes use Rage energy to attack, have a self buff increasing how fast they become enraged, potions also increasing rage, a straight up rage button, and two abilities that are essentially "I'm pissed so I'm going to hit you harder now." buttons.
  • In Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Rorschach has a literal Rage meter that fills the more bad guys you pound and gives you special, extra-brutal attacks.
  • This is what happened to Mother Brain at the end of Super Metroid.
  • In the Rome: Total War expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion, some barbarian factions make use of berserker units who possess the special ability to enter an Unstoppable Rage.
    • Panicked war elephants and chariots may also qualify for this.
    • Until later installments removed the feature, broken units in Total War that are unable to flee will choose to "fight to the death" instead.
  • While very short, Junpei's Persona evolution in Persona 3 very much qualifies, as he screams in rage at Takaya killing Chidori, summons Hermes which subsequently evolves into Trismegistus for all to see, and blasts Jin off his feet, showing that he'd quite happily rip them both limb from limb if his friends didn't talk him down. This is even more notable by way of remembering the rules of fighting in the game: Junpei uses Agidyne, a fire spell he could not actually possibly have learned at that point, and the sheer power of his burning rage allows him to knock down an enemy previously noted in-battle as being immune to fire.
  • In American McGee's Alice, Alice can find Rage Boxes, which represent her anger over the death of her family; if she uses one, she howls in pain, her skin turns blood red, horns grow on her forehead, spurs grow from her back, and her hands turn into horrid claws - for a limited time. In game terms, this is a Power-Up that makes Alice do more damage to enemies, and requires her to spend less mana points for her attacks. (Most of the time, there's only one Rage Box per level, and sometimes there is none; the player can save them for when they are needed.)
  • Diablo 2 has the barbarian's "frenzy" attack, causing the character to attack and run faster and faster as they attack enemies.
    • The Diablo III Barbarian has Wrath of the Berserker, essentially a Super Mode for the character that allows him or her to attack faster and harder.
      • Barbarians in the third installment also power their abilities with Fury. Crusaders have a similar resource with Wrath.
  • In [PROTOTYPE], Alex Mercer is in this state for at least a quarter of the game.
  • Heller has one in in the sequel when assaulting the Gentek HQ to get back his daughter. He was capable to force two Juggernauts to his aid and his damage output is dramatically increased to the point of being able to kill Orion soldiers and Brawlers in one hit.
  • Almost every character in BlazBlue has a Berserk Button and they go into rages accordingly:
    • Ragna the Bloodedge: Got his sister kidnapped, his brother brainwashed and his arm torn off. Response? Annihilate the world government and slaughter every single individual associated with it. By the way, this guy is supposed to be the hero of the game.
    • Noel Vermillon: Don't ever, EVER mention her lack of "assets". If you're lucky, she'll put you under arrest. If you're less lucky, she'll put those guns of hers to good use and some bullets in your head.
    • Jin Kisaragi: Don't be Noel Vermillon. Just don't. It's a commonly agreed upon fact that it's not a very good idea to be her in his presence. Also, hurt Tsubaki in front of him if you want a cold, slow, painful death.
    • Hakumen: Never EVER so much as scratch Tsubaki in front of him. If you do, he goes from being fueled by justice to complete and utter hatred. Too bad this causes his downfall in his Continuum Shift bad ending.
    • Kokonoe: Terumi is a berserk button by simply existing. He not only knows this, but he constantly provokes her by reminding her of her mother and that he killed her. If he so much as says her name she'll give Tager (or Lambda depending on who's there) a good old fashioned "Kill that son of a bitch!!!" order.
    • Valkenhayn: Don't insult, threaten, or (god forbid) hurt Rachel. Insults irritate him, threats make him hostile, and hurting her will have him in your face in no time flat.
    • Hazama: Normally, he's the one trying to draw this reaction from you. But if you give him the idea you're toying with him, he'll skip to killing you. And if you have any knowledge the containment of which is vital to his plot, well...
    Restriction 666 released! Dimensional interference forcefield deployed! *laugh* I'll show you the true power of the Azure! Code: S.O.L.! BlazBlue, activate! Let's go, you little bitch!
  • Silent Hill 3's Heather, who is normally a clean-mouthed and calm person, does this near the end of the game to Claudia Wolf in a fit of pure rage before she begin to birth the goddess.
  • Dwarfs in Dwarf Fortress get a double dose. If they get annoyed enough (by bad weather, friends' deaths, swarms of flies, etc.) without enough to make them happy (well-cooked meals, talking with friends, cute pets) they go on "tantrums" where they randomly attack other dwarfs, break furniture, or pull levers until they calm down from the catharsis, and hopefully before they provoke another dwarf into a tantrum. In combat, they can occasionally go into a "martial trance" that significantly boosts all their offensive and defensive combat skills.
    • It goes further. One step up from "tantrum" is "berserk rage", which will make your dwarves really fuck shit up. As in killing other dwarves, breaking workshops, hitting levers and all that until either the military or the fortress guard take them down (usually, the take-down is permanent...). The phenomenon known as "martial trance" is more like Tranquil Fury, all things considered. The OTHER kind of rage status in combat, simply called "enraged", is triggered when a dwarf in the squad (or a dog) dies. At least one if not a few dwarves around the recently deceased will do some kind of acrobatic somersault off the handle - but this time, those tiny drunken sociopaths target the enemy. Splattering ensues. One user set the probability for dwarfs to enrage extremely high. Then, he let three dwarfs storm onto two trolls. The speardwarf enraged, ran to them, beheaded one (WITH A SPEAR) and killed the other with a stab through the heart before the other two dwarfs even reached him.
  • In Yuri Genre Visual Novel Akai Ito, this happens to Sakuya at the end of her route. It's usually enough to overpower Nushi especially if you are dying from Nushi's attack.
  • Grolla Seyfarth of Rosenkreuzstilette is generally calm and collected and is every bit as strict with others as she is with herself. But what happens if you hit her Berserk Button in any way? Cue Unstoppable Rage. She'll go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and won't stop until she finally has her revenge.
  • Tryndamere in League of Legends has the ultimate ability Undying Rage, which makes him temporarily impossibly to kill and cannot be prevented from being cast.
    • Olaf played right is this. His ultimate removes crowd-control effects as well as making him immune to crowd-control effects and reduces damage taken for its duration, his passive increases attack speed for the % of health his is missing, and another choice ability to this in one which increases his damage and gives him Life Drain based off damage he does for a duration. Timed right, he will be a unstoppable and furious attacker where attempts to kill him just cause him to do more damage due to him not hitting Critical Existence Failure. Timed wrong, well... it probably won't be worth the try.
    • And then there is Renekton, who at this point feels nothing but rage.
  • In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Starkiller experiences this when Darth Vader shoves his Love Interest Juno Eclipse out a window. It begins with Starkiller going into perpetual Force Fury note , attacking Vader with all his might screaming that he will kill him, and ends with Starkiller saturating his foe with lightning for two minutes straight.
  • The Inferno King Onyx in Odin Sphere. What sets him off is not being able to make Gwendolyn love him and the fact he lost her to the Shadow Knight Oswald, who he views as even more unworthy of her than himself. This prompts him to try and Murder the Hypotenuse. With lots of fire.
  • Bakumi Moriyama of Crimsoness. And when one bad day sets her off, everyone will pay.
  • After Handsome Jack kills Bloodwing in Borderlands 2, Mordecai flat out loses it. Complete with blood-curdling yells of rage, and annihilating a group of bots Jack sent after you, in about 10 seconds.
    • The Goliath class of enemies are made of this. They're basically just giant mutated bandits who seem tame enough...until someone shoots off their mask. Do this and they will drop their guns and reveal their hideous shrunken head, then get mad and go on a bare-fisted murder spree against everyone in the area (friends and enemies) until they die. They can even level up and become stronger by killing off their fellow bandits, with an instant health refill to boot.
      Goliath: Big mistake... Really big GOD DAMN MISTAKE!
      Goliath: Gonna kill...Gonna KILL...GONNA KILL!
      Goliath: You shouldn't.. you REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE GOD DAMN DONE THAT!
    • Krieg the Psycho, one of the DLC player characters, has a burning hatred of Hyperion. In fact, it's the one thing both halves of his personality can agree on.
      • Kreig's action skill Buzz Axe Rampage is boosted by this to a terrifying degree with the "Release the Beast" Mania skill. The sane portion of Krieg loses control of his anger, warping Krieg into a badass Psycho Mutant.
  • The Fleshpound in Killing Floor looks like a Giant Mook with rotating maces for arms at first. If you inflict enough damage to trigger it, the medical pump on his chest will turn red. What does that mean ? That means he runs twice as fast and will pummel anything between him and the player who pusehd him. With gory results.
  • Technically occurs in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. If you lose too much humanity you may go into frenzy mode. On one hand, it makes you nigh unstoppable, boosting your skills and power exponentially. On the other hand, it's exactly as one would describe a "frenzy"; you don't control the character until it's over and will likely have lost most (if not all) Masquerade points from running around biting everyone, meaning powerful vampire hunters will be attacking your now-weakened form.
  • Here's a sick wrinkle to Rage Mode in Dead Island. Rather than turn the survivors into a zombie, the kuru virus makes this a game mechanic. Usually it can be triggered at will, but a couple of times they have no control over it and it forces them into an Unstoppable Rage, leaving them freaked upon recovering and seeing the massacre they were responsible for.
  • Link goes from Determinator to this in the finale of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, after Ghirahim captures Zelda and starts a ritual to feed her soul to Demise. He's so pissed he tears through an army of Bokoblins like tissue.
  • Tears to Tiara 2: Hamil flies into one on seeing Tarte tied at the stake about to be burnt alive. He raises the cry of rebellion and summon forth the God of War Melqart.
  • Golden Sun features a literal example of unstoppable rage: Tret the holy tree was rightfully pissed off when the people of Kolima village started cutting down trees, especially considering the lumberjacks also tried to cut him down, severely wounding him. However, his anger reached truly uncontrollable levels when Psynergy stones started falling from the sky. Their powers amplified his anger to a point that he didn't even have control over his own actions anymore, and he started turning all the people in Kolima into trees, wanting to spread the curse around as much as he could, and leave them to wither and die like he was about to. After Isaac and his friends kick his ass, Tret returns to his senses.
  • Mass Effect 2:
    • This is Jack's Establishing Character Moment when she breaks out of containment on the prison ship. She spends the entire recruitment mission tearing the ship, guards and other prisoners to ribbons and only comes down once you finally catch up with her and offer her the job.
  • Mass Effect 3:
    • In multiplayer, krogan characters gain the Blood Rage ability, which boosts their already high damage resistance and melee damage ratings up to levels unmatched by anyone else for a short time after they've killed a couple of enemies with melee attacks.
    • In the Omega DLC this nearly gets the normally cold and calculating Aria T'Loak killed a number of times. She is so enraged and dead set on kicking Cerberus off of her beloved Omega that she runs into situations with a mindless fury that would prove fatal if not for Shepard's intervention.
    • Wrex unleashes absolute hell on Shepard if s/he sabotages the genophage cure.
  • Throughout the Dynasty Warriors series, if you're unlucky enough to be in the same area as Lu Bu, don't defeat Diao Chan. Lu Bu is already a One-Man Army. Seeing her hurt turns him into a one-man nuclear weapon.
  • In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, when Quiet is about to be raped by a Russian soldier after allegedly being killed, he takes off her pants and she comes back to life to kill him and his entire squad while being tied up halfway through nonetheless!
  • In Peter Jacksons King Kong the Official Video Game, this is one of Kongs abilities. With the use of good old button mashing, Kong will pound on his chest. Should the player do this long enough without interruption, Kong will become enraged for a limited amount of time, making his attacks stronger than before.
  • In the Fallout series the Pre-War military drug "Psycho" is purposefully designed to cause this in users. It increases tolerance to pain and causes extreme anger and recklessness which makes them great for assaults that require a lot of very angry soldiers thrown at somebody. In Fallout 2 the Chosen One finds records that mixing the drug with Buffout, a highly advanced steroid that increases a body's strength, endurance, and agility, (along with other clandestine chemicals) made the test subject violent and strong enough to rip their way through a FUCKING REINFORCED STEEL DOOR. The Fallout 4 drug "Psychobuff" is a pale shade of this, but it can still be deadly in the right hands.
  • Speaking of Fallout, one need to look no farther than Fallout 4, a man or woman with little-to-no combat experience and a pistol and riot baton in a post-apocalyptic world they're never seen before, and still manage to blow the heads off of monsters and crazed raiders to get to the man who shot their spouse and make him pay, and once they get there, they make it very clear that this will end with Kellogg's heart ripped from his body.
  • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, Rean Schwarzer undergoes through this thanks to a combination of events that happen in quick succession. To wit: he loses control of his Superpowered Evil Side after watching the Courageous destroyed in the sky with his friends and allies still aboard, nearly seeing his student Altina die in front of him, seeing Millium die in front of him to protect him, and the latter's soul being used to forge a sword capable of destroying a Divine Beast. End result: one pissed off man who kills the beast in his Super Robot and unintentionally spreads darkness throughout the Erebonian empire. Oh and after killing it, he still hacks it over and over again until it finally dies for real. And he still doesn't stop there as he goes straight for the culprits. It takes at least two other people in their own super robots to restrain him just to make him stop. And he still wants to go after the culprits after that!
  • DOOM (2016)'s Doomguy, emphasis on "Unstoppable". Doomguy has an unbridled, unquenchable hatred of Hell and anything even remotely related to it, spending eons carving oceans of blood through Hell's armies. After being freed from the sarcophagus trap and finding out yet more people meddling with hell caused innocents to suffer, he is even angrier.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles:
    • When Metal Face murders Fiora, Shulk reacts... badly.
    Shulk: [barely coherent] I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!
    • In Torna the Golden Country, when Malos blasts Auresco with his Siren, killing Milton, Mythra goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and uses her full power to kill Malos and make him suffer. She ends up destroying Torna as a result, because Addam couldn't control her.
  • Usalia in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance gets the Overload "Murmur of Rage". It removes all of her standard specials and gives her "Berserk Stream", a 3x3 attack wherein Usalia, hunched over on all fours, violently slices her opponents at high speed before throwing a gigantic red orb that explodes when it connects with the enemies. Furthermore, she damages all enemies on the map when she transforms, and she deals a support attack after any ally attacks regardless of distance. Her appearance changes as well. She goes from a cute little bunny girl riding a big golden prinny to being hunched over on all fours, her pupils vanish, and she holds her mouth open in a bizarre but unsettling way.
    • In Chapter 12, Seraphina ends up taking a shot meant for Killia, and for a moment it seems she has died. This causes him to have a flash back to when Liezerota took a similar attack from Void Dark, which killed her. Killia, needless to say, flips out and reverts back to his old identity, Tyrant Overlord Killidia. You get to control Killidia as he tears the daylights out of the enemy demons, and what puts the Unstoppable in this Rage is that he has no limit to his actions — as in once you move and attack, you can do so again without using up a turn! Curb-Stomp Battle doesn't even come close to describing it.
  • La Pucelle: When Prier has been captured by the enemy and it looks like she's going to be executed, Croix flashes back to when his fiancée, Angelique, was caught and killed in a similar manner. This causes him to revert back to the Dark Prince, and in a controllable fight, utterly wrecks the enemy demon in charge. The post-battle cutscene shows Croix continually stomping the downed demon, whom is now begging for its life. Homard tries to get him to stop, and gets a backhand in exchange that sends him flying! It takes a Cooldown Hug from Prier to finally quell his rage. However, one chapter later, he is forced to see Angelique's execution again, and it permanently sends him into his Dark Prince side.


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