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  • From Halo, all of the Spartans are capable of lifting a few tons and running at in-human speeds, thanks to their augmentations.
  • Done subtly in Mass Effect 2 with Commander Shepard, who is rebuilt with extensive cybernetic upgrades. The super strength isn't obvious, but Shepard is shown to be capable of wielding weapons that would be impossible for normal humans to use, i.e. a shotgun that would break normal humans' arms or carrying an antitank rifle that normally can only be fired while prone (or used by geth). Shepard can also lift and push aside heavy steel girders or debris, can punch out krogan soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, knock out fully-armored soldiers with his/her bare fists in the Arrival DLC, and take on the Shadow Broker in hand-to-hand combat (the Shadow Broker being a three meter tall alien massing several times that of a normal human).
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse the Future Warrior regardless of race: Earthling, Saiyan, Namekian, Frezia's race and Buu's race or gender; will still be able to grab a Great Ape by the tail and lift them up before slamming them down.
  • In Chrono Trigger, both Robo and Ayla display feats of massive strength:
    • In the factory level in 2300 AD, Robo holds a steel security door that must weigh several tons open.
    • Ayla can easily toss enemies larger than herself several meters up into the air.
    • In a combination technique, Ayla and Robo bat enemies larger than themselves back and forth like a baseball.
    • In another combination technique with Marle, Ayla hits the enemy with a chunk of ice that is at least five times her own size.
  • Byakuren Hijiri from Touhou Project specializes herself in magic that augments her own physical abilities, which allegedly grants her super strength, among other useful powers such as Super Speed. One of her spellcards is aptly named 'Superhuman "Byakuren Hijiri"'.
    • Others characters with super strength are Suika Ibuki, who is capable of tearing down a whole mountain on herself; Yuugi Hoshiguma, a.k.a. Yuugi the Strong, who is probably even stronger than Suika; and the two Scarlet Sisters (Vampires are in Touhou canon stated to be as strong as Oni and as fast as Tengu).
  • This is a basic power that the 8 Guardian Generals in Asura's Wrath have. The degree of how much it is depends on the general. Augus, Yasha, Asura, and Deus are shown to be physically the strongest, able to punch through legions of multi Kilometer Sized Gohma like wet tissue paper. Asura follows The Incredible Hulk principle of getting stronger as he gets angrier.
  • At the beginning of Baldur's Gate 2, Minsc shatters the steel cage he is trapped in if you make him angry enough.
    Minsc: The bars! They bend and twist with my berserker strength! Minsc and Boo are free!
  • In Astal, the title character punches a hole in the ocean floor during the opening sequence, and in-game does things like picking up and throwing trees.
  • Street Fighter pretty everybody since Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting, though even then some are more extreme than others.
  • The Skylanders giants are more then capable of throwing boulders across maps and shattering walls that normal Skylanders can't without bombs. If that isn't enough info, try the feats of strength events on for size.
    • The only giant who doesn't use brute force when doing most of the above is Ninjini, who instead uses the Mind over Matter technique.
  • Fighting Pokémon in general are pretty strong, but Regigigas can move the entire continents of the world using a rope.
    • Pokemon with the Huge Power ability count as this (such as Azumarill, Diggersby, and Mega Mawile), as the ability DOUBLES their Attack stat, making weak Pokemon great and great Pokemon destructive powerhouses.
  • The Tank from Left 4 Dead can pull chunks of concrete out of the ground and throw them at the survivors without a problem. It also has enough arm strength to punt cars and dumpsters out of its way and will send the survivors flying with every hit it lands.
  • Mr. Sandman from Punch-Out!! doesn't need a wrecking ball to demolish a brick building. He's strong enough to destroy it with his bare hands! Plus, he can curl the ring ropes as if they were strings. By being able to defeat that monster, Little Mac has this by de facto.
    • Giga Mac, gives Mac even greater strength.
  • The Doomguy from DOOM has also been super strong able kill demons with a knuckle duster, but the 2016 version aka Doom Slayer makes the original incarnation look like a pussy in comparison with his insane demon ripping strength. Doom Slayer can punch through the Bio-Armor of demon-mechs, kick off the horn of a cyber-demon and smash his face with it, and open several armored blast doors. You might think this all due to Powered Armour giving Doom Slayer enhanced strength, but you'd be wrong as even when buck naked Doom Slayer is man enough to break iron chains and crush a possessed's skull.
  • James, Rico and Captain Cori from Papa Louie 2 are capable of pushing boulders around. Special mention to Captain Cori, whose weapon is an anchor.
  • The Gargantuar from Plants VS Zombies uses a telephone pole, road crossing sign or another zombie as a club to smash your plants with. Sure, all of its weapons are smaller than it, but have you ever tried pulling a telephone pole or sign out of the ground... or for that matter, wielding somebody else using one hand? Not only that but if you fail to find any brains during a "Brain Ball", the newspaper clearly shows it holding up an entire house looking for brains.
  • In Mortal Kombat much like Street Fighter everybody has enhanced strength given how easily they can all break bone, rip heads off, punch through people and even karate chop solid platinum. Some are even stronger than others, e.g Raiden a Physical God can smash through a bridge and Shao Khan can turn people into human wishbones.
  • Metal Gear
    • Solid Snake likely due to being a clone is incredibly strong, in Solid he can snap a man's neck with one arm as well as beating his equally super-strong brother Liquid in a fist fight. Most impressively in MGS4 he can wield the massive the Rail Gun which is like wielding a portal tank cannon and Snake easily uses it to destroy the entire Suicide GEKKO squad, despite being an old man.
    • Colonel Volgin in MGS3 is easily super strong, at one point he destroys a concrete wall with few punches while having a tantrum and later he wields a massive rocket launcher with ease.
    • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Big Boss can support the weight of a Metal Gear, though debatable whether he can actually do in the story since the feat is just a game mechanic.
    • Raiden from MGS4 onwards is ridiculously strong thanks to his cybernetic upgrades, in said game he beats a dozen Geckos by swinging one around with his mouth. Later he holds backs the entire titanic Outer Heaven Battleship by himself giving Snake enough time to escape though he loses both arms as a result, if that wasn't enough he then appears later still armless and fights off Haven Troops with just his sword clutched between his teeth. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes this even further as in the very first level, Raiden picks up Metal Gear RAY (which weighs over one thousand tons) and throws it over several buildings and then slices it head to toe like it's butter. In the final level while fighting Armstrong, he lifts the even bigger Metal Gear EXCELSUS throws it down and then tears off it's blade-legs off and swings it around at high speeds. It's safe to say Raiden is likely the strongest individual in the Metal Gear franchise.
      • The only two people who have matched or defeated Raiden in Revengeance are "Jet Stream" Sam and Senator Armstrong. Sam in the first level effortlessly overpowers Raiden with his own sword skill and cuts his cybernetic arm off and in his own DLC he destroys a RAY with the same ease that Raiden did and you know what's the real kicker? He isn't a cyborg which makes his previous victory over Raiden and slicing a Ray all the more impressive.
      • Senator Armstrong made himself super human by injecting his bloodstream full of Nanomachines making his skin near indestructible note  as well as giving him superhuman strength, in the DLC he beats Sam with only moderate effort and in the main game he beats the crap out of Raiden who just overpowered his massive MG EXCELSUS. Armstrong even catches Raiden's high frequency blade (which can separate atoms) and snaps it like a twig, Raiden only won the battle thanks to Blade Wolf bringing Sam's superior Katana to him.
  • Several characters from Mega Man (Classic), most of which are ground type. Arguably the most obvious example being "Guts Man", who can pick up boulders as if they were pebbles and throw them with extreme force. Mega Man himself can hold up a 60,000 ton tower and lift cars in the Archie Comics.
  • Karalau and Tamaki in Aquapazza have it. One is a warrior who carries a BFS, the other is a schoolgirl who can do lots of German Suplexes.
  • The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble: Woodruff gets this power once you make the Strength Formula. It also seems to be permanent, as Woodruff doesn't need to repeat the Formula each time he needs to use this power, as he needs to do with all other Formulas.
  • Despite being unnaturally slender, Bayonetta displays a supernatural physical strength, particularly in cutscenes, doing things like throwing an entire church at a gigantic angel and casually holding up a trolley car with one arm before tossing it several hundred feet into the air.
  • City of Heroes had this as a possible powerset for Brutes and Tankers, as well as implied super strength in the Titan Weapons powerset, as some of the weapons looked like they were ripped out of the ground.
    • Similarly, Champions Online has the Might framework, with many super strength powers (including several that are the same as City of Heroes - two-handed strikes, a hand clap, an uppercut, and even Rage-based mechanics).
    • Strangely averted by DC Universe Online, where strength (super or otherwise) only affects what you can lift. There's no full super-strength powerset, despite being set in the same universe as the most well-known Flying Brick of all.
  • Sven the Rogue Knight in Dota 2. He's extremely strong that his skill set includes: Throwing a magically enhanced gauntlet so strongly that the magical properties get ignored that the enemies in the area where it landed gets stunned; swinging his sword so strongly everyone nearby gets damaged with a big percentage of his strength, yelling so hard everyone gets a boost of speed and toughness, and ultimately, his God's Strength pumps up his already absurd strength to even more godlike levels, it's not that rare to see Sven whacking his enemies to death with his strength and bigass sword.
  • In Earth and Sky, Austin's earthsuit gives him super strength and super toughness.
  • Mr. Shifty can open holes in brick walls with his fists. Lampshaded by Chairman Stone when you use it to break out of your jail cell.
  • In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt of Rivia can cleave a fully-armoured man clean in half with a single strike from an ordinary steel sword. Witchers like him are Super Soldiers created through magic and alchemy to fight monsters that are too mighty for regular humans to handle.
  • Gene from God Hand can lift and throw large crates, uproot a lamp post and clobber enemies senseless with it, and regularly sends dudes flying across the room or into the Milky Way.


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