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A quick recap of all the stuff I watch(ed):

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Personal projects:

Here are a bunch of my personal writing and game design early draft

SSB4 Story Mode

A vision of what a single player experience could be in Super Smash Bros.

Project Crossover

An old childhood dream game that would mix Expies of various gaming icons from different generations and genres.

Project 6S

An Eastern RPG based around six Bizarro Elements.

Project DotMatrix

A project started on this Trope Launch Pad discussion, based on all the tropes I launched.

Project United Games

A Source Filmmaker video mixing various video game characters with "DVNO" by Justice.

Other music video projects

When I listen to music, I often create little movies in my head. Unlike the "DVNO" one above, those are likely to never be released, or even started for that matter, so I will likely write a more exhaustive description of them later.
They share a common theme of drama, Tragic Dream, And I Must Scream, What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?, Star-Crossed Lovers, and grief, (which I honestly didn't intended, but it seems that I have quite some issues...)

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