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BotanicSage [BS] is a music YouTuber best known for making music mashups, usually featuring songs from video games.

He is well known for creating the "Fingers in his ass" meme with his video "ASSGORE (Fingerfückung)".


  • April Fools' Day: He has released multiple videos for April Fools' Day, usually remixes of songs featuring original lyrics about Kanye West having "fingers in his ass".
  • Author Appeal: His videos usually feature songs from video games that he is a fan of. He also really likes the Space Jam theme and includes it in many videos.
  • Author Avatar: He represents himself as a blue Toad wearing glasses.
  • Running Gag: Many of his mashups feature the Space Jam theme.
  • Shaking the Rump: His video Baby Got DLC features an animation of some female Shy Guys shaking their butts.
  • Take That!:
    • His video "ASSGORE (Fingerfückung)" is a huge Take That to Kanye West, as fellow mashup creator Triple-Q's channel was terminated due to a copyright strike for using a song by Kanye (although the channel was later restored). The song is a remix of "ASGORE" from ''Undertale featuring original lyrics sung by BotanicSage that heavily criticize Kanye, claiming that he likes having "fingers in his ass".
    • The video received a sequel called "CHAOS FINGERS [APRIL FOOLS JOKE 2019]", which similarly features lyrics about Kanye having "fingers in his ass", featuring a remix of "Chaos King" from Deltarune. This time, he insults both Kanye and Donald Trump, as Kanye controversially was a Trump supporter.