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"Hello, Friends, I am Fanta-*pun*, also known as Fanta."

A famous French YouTube Let's Player. Mostly know for his videos of tutorials about how to play Minecraft, he also did various videos, such as visiting other people's servers and creations in Minecraft.

Worked along with Bob Lennon, another French YouTuber, on their channel: FantaBobGames.
Quit Youtube in May 2018, giving full control of their channel to Bob, saying he was done with his Youtube career, although he hasn't excluded the possibility of making guest appearances at some point.

He also did a playthrough of some games:


    Coop Playtrough 

    Pigeon or not Pigeon 

    Bison Futur 

    Retro mais pas trop 



    Coop Gameplay 

Tropes associated with TheFantasio974:

  • Ascended Fanboy: After a few episodes of Prison Life RPG interested the French in it, the creator of the game made a French translation and added Fanta as a playable character.
  • Catchphrase: "Hello my friends, I am Fanta*pun*, also known as Fanta !"
  • If Only You Knew: In his Batman: Arkham Knight playthrough, he calls the titular character Robin the first time he met him, presumably as a joke. He's technically right.
  • Noob: Subverted and justified: Fanta does fail in multiplayer games, however it's due to his lag (he's from the Réunion, and doesn't have a great internet connection); but is actually a great player in some games (Command and Conquer). However, he often Failed a Spot Check, particulary in Batman: Arkham Knight and seems to have forgotten a few things from the previous games.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Bob's red.