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As per wiki policy, and also due to the sheer multitude of spoilers, EVERY SINGLE SPOILER on this page will be unmarked. Proceed with caution!
"Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before."
As a game inspired by the Mother series, Undertale has its share of quirky humor, a good chunk of which is used to poke fun at various video game tropes.

Warning: If you start reading the entries on this page, you're gonna have a GOOD time.

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  • This one's exclusive to the demo: in your scripted first fight with a Froggit, choosing to compliment it reveals that it's scared — of Toriel, who slides on-screen and glares at the Froggit until it leaves, automatically winning the fight for you. Conversely, if you threaten the Froggit, it'll be flattered. In all other Froggit encounters, including this encounter in the full game, the two actions have opposite outcomes.
  • Examining the cactus in Toriel's room:
    Ah, the cactus. Truly the most tsundere of plants.
    • During your fight with Papyrus, if you insult him after some flirting, he'll call you an emotional cactus who hides their true feelings.
    • Checking the cactus again during the epilogue:
      It's not like this cactus was waiting for you to come back or anything...
    • On a similar note, Hotland has an enemy named Tsunderplane who also acts passive-aggressive.
  • Your character goes through the entire game with the blankest look of "-_-" on their face. Always. There's something legitimately hilarious about seeing them in a variety of comedic — and sometimes just crazy — situations without changing their expression at all! Alternatively, their expression could indicate they're just done with everything, which is equally funny. Especially since several scenes are explicitly coded to make your player character face directly towards the screen, as if to ask if you just saw the same thing they did.
  • Getting the Instant Noodles from Alphys's fridge and eating them in a fight, which involves all the typical steps of actually making instant noodles, including the waiting. Not only does it stretch the definition of "a turn" to its absolute limit, but it typically heals 2~4 HP, with a rare chance of healing all HP. During final battles you eat them raw and dry instead, which somehow recovers 90 HP. (Which is the only time in "serious mode"note  that the game makes some humorous item use flavor text.) Especially funny if you eat them during Mettaton EX's fight, as you get to imagine the audience is watching you slowly make those noodles.
  • Some of the items in your inventory get some rather silly names when shortened in the battle menu or the Temmie Shop, like "SpiderDont" (Spider Donut) and "ButtsPie" (Butterscotch Pie).
  • When you use a SpiderDont in battle, it says "Don't worry, the spider didn't."
  • When inputting a name at the beginning of the game, you have room for 6 characters. Trying to input the names of various NPCs will elicit interesting reactions (Some, but not all, will prevent you from using them):
    • sans - nope.
    • Woshua - Clean name.
    • Flowey - I already CHOSE that name!
    • Aaron - Is this name correct...? ;)
    • Blooky - ............ (They’re powerless to stop you.)
    • Undyne - Get your OWN name!
    • BPants - You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    • Major characters will not let you use their names... if you enter them exactly. But for two names, you can't enter them exactly thanks to the character limit. So if you input "Papyru"...
      Papyrus: I'LL ALLOW IT!!!!
    • Inputting "Metta", "Mtt" or "Mett" will get this reaction.
    • Putting in "Jerry" simply results in the following response:
  • There are other reactions for other names as well.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the secret game mode triggered by typing in a certain name at the beginning. In the hard mode unlocked with the name "Frisk", the normal story continuity is thrown out of the window.
    • When you get to the Toriel fight, the fourth wall is completely obliterated, with Toriel shrugging off (potential) death to go and make pies. Flowey's reaction to the whole thing just makes it even better.
    • Annoying Dog having eaten one of Toriel's pies while you were fighting. And trying to deny it. The annoyed look on Toriel's face is priceless.
      Annoying Dog: I thought it was good. Theoretically. It's not like I ate it all while you were fighting.
    • You'll occasionally encounter monsters that you would normally only encounter in the Core, such as Final Froggit, leading to some hilarious lampshading Flavor Text:
      Final Froggit hopped in...?
      That doesn't seem correct.
      Can you believe it?
    • In normal mode, you can take up to 4 pieces of candy from the pedestal. In this mode?
      "In this hellish world, you can only take 3 pieces of candy..."
    • After you clear the secret mode, wait for a bit before exiting the game. Flowey will pop up on schedule, wondering why you haven't reached his room yet. He comments on the hard mode logo, and then mocks you for being a tryhard. Wait a bit more, and he taunts you about the ending and eventually gets to say his "Don't you have anything better to do?" catchphrase... only for the Annoying Dog to inform him from offscreen that he used the phrase just moments earlier. Flowey's reaction to having his ammo taken away is to hold his basic "smile" expression for a few seconds, before retreating underground again. Note that it's basically the game's creator telling Flowey to shut up.
    • Even better is how the game actually lampshades it when you input Frisk, warning you that that name will "make your life hell" and basically ask if you really want to do that.
    • If you choose to do a Genocide Run on hard mode, looking in the mirror gives you "It's me, (Character Name)" instead of "It's you" much like in the game proper. However, since you have to name your character "Frisk" to get this playthrough started, which is something that you'd only know if you did True Pacifist (or looked literally anywhere online), that means you get the surreal gem that is "It's me, Frisk."
    • Toby confessed that Hard Mode was supposed to end with Toriel hugging Frisk... then landing a Spinning Piledriver and both her and Frisk exploding.
  • Any of the interactions between Papyrus and Undyne, especially when over the phone. Undyne spends most of them trolling Papyrus, including confusing him, grossing him out, and occasionally hitting him with furniture.
  • Some songs have funny titles on the soundtrack. Players have joked that Asgore was responsible for naming the songs.
    • The cave-like ambience "song" that plays at certain points in the game is called "Ooo".
    • Papyrus's theme is called "Nyeh Heh Heh!"
    • Undyne's is "NGAHHH!"
    • The BGM for Mettaton's cooking show and one of the hallways of MTT Resort is named "Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything".
  • The save file screen that appears after booting up the game shows whatever characters you have befriended. If you turn on the game in between the Alphys date and the fight with Asriel, it shows Undyne standing on Papyrus standing on Alphys, with Toriel simply sitting in a chair reading. What really sells it is a sign that says "out to lunch", which was likely written by Sans.
  • The Temmie, especially when they attack... by petting.
  • If you flee from a battle, your SOUL literally sprouts legs and walks away. Even funnier when people found out that the graphic's internally referred to as "heartgtfo" within the game.
  • Pretty much everything about The Abandoned Quiche. It's a healing item that was Very Loosely Based on a True Story of Toby Fox finding an uneaten quiche under a park bench. Its item description is "a psychologically damaged spinach-egg pie", and you find it next to an echo flower that bemoans "I just wasn't ready for the responsibility." Finally, in a bit of dark humour, dropping the quiche results in a unique message:
    You leave the Quiche on the ground and tell it you'll be right back.
  • The very fact that the Big Bad is named Flowey. And when you find out his true identity, it becomes even funnier. It seems that Asgore's Giver of Lame Names trait runs in the family.
  • Fans have begun text corrupting the game, and needless to say, the results of the characters saying other characters' lines, their own (misplaced) lines, lines from the narration and/or battle screen, and lines that aren't even meant to be dialogue in incorrect form is unbelievably hilarious.
  • In the original kickstarter, Toby had a comment about "a nice area with a shower, air conditioning, and a bunch of fun movies to watch". What place was he describing? The True Lab.
  • The button config has an "Analog Sensitivity" slider, which is used to determine how much tilt of the analog stick is needed for the game to respond to analog stick input. Then there's the "Analog Sensitivity Sensitivity" slider, which is used to adjust the sensitivity of the above slider and nothing else.
  • A good amount of the narration throughout the game, the aforementioned comment on the cactus in Toriel's room being just one example.
  • Sometimes the River Person's boat takes the shape of a dog and sprints across the water instead of merely sailing across it.
  • Any calls between Undyne, Papyrus, and (occasionally) Sans.

  • The Kickstarter campaign has produced its share of hilarity:
    • Toby's rules for the NPC reward tier recommended that backers create a snail NPC because they are actually monsters in real life.
  • Papyrus and Sans host the video explaining the Kickstarter tiers.
    • At one point, the following exchange happens:
      (song changes)
      Sans: $31 and i'll give you the soundtrack without that song.
      (Kickstarter text below "Download Soundtrack", reads, in Sans' font, "no dumb song")
      (Kickstarter text below "Download Soundtrack", reads, in Papyrus' font, "ONLY DUMB SOng" [sic])
      Sans: Done.
      Papyrus: DONE.
      Sans: Done.
      • Even better? They were real tiers in the Kickstarter, and people actually bought themnote .
    • When they announce the "Your fantroll becomes canon" kickstarter tier near the end of the video:
      (Kickstarter text becomes wavy while a whistle-like sound plays that sounds like a ghost)
      Sans: at $1000, your fantroll will become canon in undertale.
      (Sans takes out a drink)
      Sans: whatever mom.
      Toriel: (off-screen) Is someone talking about me?
      • Immediately after that:
        Papyrus: NEXT SECTION!!!
        (Screen flashes, "Next Section")
        Papyrus: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY
        (video cuts off)
    • A nice notice is when Sans drinks his drink, you can actually see the drink spilling out of his jacket.
    • Froggit can be found listed as one of the staff members. He... doesn't know why he's there.
    • Within the Kickstarter FAQ:
      That's not a question.
  • A couple of Flowey's messages on the Twitter page are hilarious in a Crosses the Line Twice way, the joke being that LOVE in this game refers to your Character Level, and increasing it requires you to kill the monsters you meet. And when you or a strong monster reaches 0 HP, your heart-shaped soul literally shatters. LOVE is actually an acronym for "Level Of ViolencE". It's increased by gaining EXP, or "EXecution Points."
    Strive every day to increase your "LOVE." Remember, "LOVE" comes easiest from friends and family. =)
    Happy Valentine's Day! It's the perfect day to increase your LOVE. =)
    Show them how you REALLY feel. I'm sure you'll create some unforgettable memories in the process!
    Make sure not to break any hearts today ;)
  • The Greenlight Trailer is pretty funny.
    • The video starts with the Annoying Dog-as-Toby Fox walking onto the screen and introducing himself... only to draw a blank on what to say. He then walks backwards off the screen.
    • The room in Waterfall where you can get the artifact is shown... but Toby hasn't put in collision detection, so the player walks off into the black emptiness around it. When they go out far enough, who else is there to greet them but Sans?
      Sans: hey, have you noticed there's no collision in this room?
      Toby: You're ruining the trailer
      (Papyrus rushes over through the void)
      Papyrus: CAN I BE IN THE TRAILER???
      Toby: NO
    • When Toriel is shown guiding the player through the spikes, the game talks about there being a mom-like character in the game. Cue Papyrus rushing in assuming it's him, interrupting the scene. Toriel's look of surprise as she turns towards Papyrus really sells it.
      Papyrus: IS THAT ME? AM I THE MOM?
      Toby: (in gigantic letters) NO
      (cut to black screen)
      Toby: well maybe
  • The release trailer.
    • The release trailer opens with a few scenes from the start of the game. In one of them, the protagonist reads a sign saying "Please don't step on the leaves." Cue the protagonist completely ignoring the sign and walking in circles on them.
    • The fact that the release trailer includes "Make strange friends" and then adds a rather uncertain "...?" after it over footage of Sans and Papyrus is rather amusing in a fitting way.
    • Epic music plays as many scenes of the game are shown in action, when all of a sudden it presents you with a scene of a 3D engine completely different from the game, and the words 'PROBABLY NOT ACTUAL GAME FOOTAGE?' written in the bottom. We see a very badly made 3D model of Toriel just being rammed facefirst into a pile of blocks, while in the background a Toriel with a realistic looking goat face grimaces and says "my child you are breaking my heart". It only lasts for about a second and a half, but it's still hilarious.
    • The fact that Flowey, of all characters, pops up over the "The friendly RPG where no one has to die" text at the end is equally hilarious, in a Crosses the Line Twice kind of way.
  • The game's soundtrack is listed as a paid downloadable content on Steam, complete with having "system requirements" for Microsoft users. While the "minimum" requirements states the obvious, the "recommended", in contrast, falls straight into Deadpan Snarker territory by stating that, among other things, the recommended operating system is "Windows 90000000", recommended processor is "Special processor that can play 9000 songs per second", recommended graphics card, "Special Graphics Card That Makes Music Look 3D For No Reason" and recommended soundcard being "Sound Card That Makes Music Sound Like Live Orchestra When Its Not".
  • Toby Fox couldn't show up to the Independent Games Festival to accept the award Undertale won, so he made a video instead. And "credits" for the video.
  • In celebration of Undertale turning 1 year old, Toby made a special Tumblr account for a special Q&A. They're all the same question, asked ten times, and was the example question to start with so he didn't actually answer any of the messages he received. "Papyrus, what's your favorite food?"
    • Turns out, Papyrus has never eaten spaghetti, he just cooks it. Flowey's the only one who knows what Papyrus' favorite food is.note  The fact that not even Papyrus knows his favorite food makes the whole event that much funnier.
    • The whole Q&A event revealed a lot about the characters' lives on the surface. Like the fact that Toriel bought a bunch of pre-made lunch packs, thinking they were for Papyrus. Turns out they were for Sans.
      Toriel: You did not even make the little pizza. You just ate all the ingredients separately, like a goblin.
      Sans: she was laughing. she thought i looked cool.
      Toriel: He looked terrible. He kept groaning.
      Sans: yeah, and you looked great after you had three glasses of wine and started throwing the pizzas at me like frisbees.
      Toriel: Leave
    • After having been asked the same question 4 times, Undyne becomes annoyed and decides to ask her own questions, and starts with asking Alphys what she is doing this weekend. Alphys, who isn't paying attention, doesn't catch what she said, so answers spaghetti, causing Mettaton to ask the same question. Alphys responds by inviting Mettaton, Papyrus, and Sans to her romantic date with Undyne.
    • Mettaton turns his answer into an advert for MTT-Brand Mettaton soda, which is Mettaton-flavoured, made with "all-natural artificial flavours and chemicals, and comes with side effects, shortness of breath, sparkles and screaming".
    • Asgore's section in it is also pretty funny, which shows him awkwardly attempting internet lingo with Undyne, describing dipping biscuits into his tea as "a sort of life's hack that makes your tea-time more epic". Made even better with Alphys' reaction to it afterward: "God, I shouldn't have shown them the internet..."
    • The fact that Flowey is the only character who gets it right is hilarious on its own. It's made even better by the fact that he angrily lampshades it afterwards, since it acknowledges how ridiculous the whole event was.
  • The commercial for the toy figure series sold at Fangamer is pretty nonsensical.
    • Sans greets us and is immediately knocked off a stack of cups, just like in the game! He then spends the rest of the video lurking in the background.
    • So you say Papyrus has actually never eaten spaghetti before? BURY him in it, then!
    • Toriel once again flies through a pile of blocks, telling the protagonist they're breaking her heart.
    • Sans and Papyrus drive a pickup truck. The Human sits in the cargo hold with hotdogs on their head.
    • "now look how cool those toys are randomly crashing on stuff."
    • For that matter, the way Fangamer labels some of the figurines: "The Human Little Buddy", "Toriel Little Buddy" and "Lesser Dog Little Buddy" are all par for the course... Then we get the "Papyrus Action Figure" and, of course, the "Sans Inaction Figure."
  • The Steam Marketplace description for the :torielsad: emoticon reads "This emotion never shows up in the game, because nothing sad happens in this game."
  • In January 2017, Toby published some old notes from when he first thought up the game. It can be a sight to behold (especially for current or aspiring game devs), but it also had some amusing bits. Particularly dialogue from a cut Mettaton date scene and what would have happened if you killed Asgore in one hit.
  • Toby posted this Waterfall concept art to his Twitter because he couldn't put it in the "family friendly" art book. It is labeled "water should be black because cyan would just look like Shit," with "Shit" in a different, extra-fancy font. The water in that area is cyan in the final game anyway.
  • The release trailer for the PS4 and Vita versions:
    • The Suddenly Speaking Annoying Dog driving a monster truck ("Professional dog on closed course, do not attempt.") and an infomercial for the Collector's Edition featuring Mettaton's arms.
    • Said trailer also features the above-mentioned 3D Toriel moment, with the addition of the sound of pins being knocked over and the caption being changed to "Probably still not actual game footage?".
    • Months later, Toby mentioned that the PS4 trailer contained a frame featuring reviews for Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 that he believed was cut from the version that everyone saw. It's hard to read, but people have managed to make out what the text says. One of the funniest parts is a review from Undyne, who, not knowing Alphys' hatred of the anime, bought six copies of it for her after noticing she didn't have any. Another is the mention of the commentary lasting for 16 hours.
    • Notice the cactoid arm banging on the side of the TV? That's Photoshop Flowey watching the trailer. Don't you have anything better to do, buddy?
  • Due to hating the concept of achievement systems in games, Toby specifically designed all of the PS4 and Vita trophies to be as ludicrous as possible. Heck, the only reason these versions even have trophies is because Sony mandated that they be in all PS4 and Vita games, including this one. With that in mind, it kinda reads like Writer Revolt on Toby's end.
  • The teaser trailer for the Nintendo Switch port ends with this gem:
    Undertale on Nintendo Switch
  • The gameplay trailer for the Switch port:
  • On the second anniversary of the game, Toby made a post about an alarm clock app. At the end of the post is "concept art," a badly-drawn, MS Paint image of Sans with the time at "66:66" and two boxes below him that both say "cool." And he's saying a poorly-censored "fund my dinner."
  • The Groove Coaster collaboration has Sans, who is wearing the pixel headphones featured in the game's logo, saying this:
    Sans: what? haven't you seen a guy with three jobs before?note 
  • The Fangamer commercial for Sans' hoodies. Frisk enters Sans and Papyrus' house, only to discover one of Sans' hoodies jammed between the cushions of their sofa. After pulling it out, the hoodie smashes against the TV and breaks it, and the sofa begins shaking until an endless stream of hoodies erupt from it with enough force to break the text box, causing Frisk to run away in apparent terror. Cue Papyrus coming out of his room and witnessing the horror.
    • He then proceeds to put up a banner offering the hoodies for sale, and is later seen giving them away to the residents of Snowdin.
    • The text of Papyrus giving away the hoodies to the Snowdin residents. And the fact Papyrus can be seen throwing them around.
      (Sans' innumerable hoodies and the joy they bring fills you with determination.)
  • Cut dialogue from the Undertale alarm clock app (halted in its development) has some hilarious jokes about what the Undertale cast gets up to during the holidays.
    • Papyrus apparently threw a big Christmas party, where he made his guests go through a "welcoming puzzle" maze to get to the front door, everyone got together to watch Mettaton versions of classic Christmas specials, and Toriel got drunk and tried to get Alphys to join her in singing vulgar versions of Christmas carols. She eventually passed out in the garage, where Papyrus put a blanket over her... with some tasteful candelabras on top, so she'd match the decor. Sans went to work on de-boning the food. And by that, he means removing all the bones that Papyrus accidentally spreads over the cooking, from the guacamole to the punch.
      • Undyne and Alphys brought food over. Undyne made spaghetti, which remained on fire even after putting it in a container, and Alphys brought a small fire extinguisher to "wash it down with".
    • Alphys tried making her own kotatsu (with Mettaton acting as the space heater), and found Catty sleeping under it. The next day, Alphys found Mettaton throwing a wild party under the table (somehow).
      • Mettaton is a bit taken aback by being tricked into acting as Alphys' space heater. Undyne brushing him off as some heater in her dialogue also irks him.
    • Undyne organized a game of ice hockey, which started off with evenly split teams but people barely scoring anything. They then decided to even things out by having everyone face off against her, and she managed to score 75 against them.
      • Undyne comments that at first Toriel and Sans were just standing in place pretending they didn't know the rules. As soon as the second half of the match started, Toriel started agressively tackling her while, unknowingly to her, Sans made the puck repeatedly disappear out of thin air.
      • The other team managed to fight back, starting with Sans getting a goal in. Undyne recounts how he did some sort of "finger-pointing dance" near Alphys, who then told him to "stop being cringe culture."
      • Then as it came down to the last play, the Annoying Dog stole the puck. Undyne wound up knocking the puck into the sky, where the Annoying Dog flew off after it and never came down.
      • The Annoying Dog scored several points on its own, constantly weaving in and out of the goals. Mettaton counted it as its own separate system, making the match 100 to 99 to 255.
    • Asgore got stuck in a chimney while trying to play Santa, and someone drew a face on his backside.
      • Seems to be a running joke, as Asgore got stuck in a fishing ice hole during the previously-mentioned hockey game and had the words "some king" written on his backside in magic marker.
      • He also got lost in Papyrus's maze. By the time Undyne found him, he'd gone full survivalist, having set up a campfire and eating a fruitcake like an MRE.
    • Mettaton advertises a Christmas ornament he's made, which is apparently sapient enough to break other ornaments out of anger and may break out into its own machinations if left alone.
    • Mad Mew Mew deliberately aggravates Mettaton by challenging him to a chainsaw duel and pouring ghost juice into his "smile-sensors". Mettaton comments that it wasn't even a flavor that he liked, then denies knowing anything about ghost flavors. The two then decide to settle the situation like responsible adults: with bombs and various kinds of bullets.
    • After the brawl, Mettaton faintly asks Alphys where Napstablook is. Alphys says they left to get away from the fighting, and tells him to stop pretending to die dramatically.
      Mettaton: "They left!? Why!?" I asked, dying dramatically.
    • The last message, listed in Asgore's entry.
      Flowey: September. DID NOBODY NOTICE IT WAS SEPTEMBER???
  • In March 2021, the game was released on the Xbox One, with yet another trailer that, among other things, refers to the scene where Toriel guides the human through the spike puzzle as a "heart-pounding scenario", claims not to remember encountering Aaron, shows the 3D Toriel again while describing it as "peak Toriel performance", and also shows footage of the human using the steam vents again while bringing up that it's been in every trailer for some reason.
  • The Xbox port has an assortment of error messages for when the controller is unplugged.
    • At random, the error message will change from something standard to this:
      No Controlly Cannoli No Controlly is Cannoli
    • The error message that pops up after the fourth time the controller disconnected calls the player out by saying:
      No Controller Connected That seems to be your thing.
    • The one that appears when the controller is unplugged during the date with Papyrus is as follows:
      No Controller Connected You were very excited about dating a very handsome skeleton and pulled the controller out by accident. I understand.
  • While the 2021 interview Toby did with Nintendo of Japan mostly talked about the recently released Deltarune Chapter 2, at the end he brings up a real gem of an anecdote about Undertale (Translation here). Apparently, when he was looking into why the Japanese localisation used a different name for Mettaton EX's battle theme "Death by Glamour", he found that "glamour" was used as a loanword in Japan, except instead of its English meaning, it's mostly used to mean "big ass and titties" there. He concludes that the translators probably made the right call, as if they'd gone with the original name it would have given the Japanese audience the wrong idea about what the Mettaton EX fight would be like... before adding that actually, they might not have been that far off the mark.
  • In 2022, a Twitter account held a vote for the title of Ultimate Tumblr Sexyman involving all characters ever given such a dubious moniker. Sans, of course, made it all the way to the finals and was confronted with Reigen from Mob Psycho 100 of all characters. After Sans won by a very small margin, Toby himself chimed in with an entire short fanfic about how it went down, with Sans winning by a single vote from Reigen's pupil Mob because it's an award for unatractive people and the boy wanted Reigen to have confidence in himself. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • The starting initials of the paragraphs in the story ("HEOISRM") are an anagram of "HEROISM" for some reason.
    • Toby's fanfic has now been immortalized in animatic form thanks to Chris Niosi. Yes, as in, Reigen's actual English VA. For extra authenticity, he even roped in Michael Sorich, the voice of Mob Psycho's narrator, as the reader!
  • In one of the Undertale News Letters, Toby revealed that he had originally planned to implement a feature for messing with speedrunners — reaching the Judgement Hall within a certain time limit would trigger a minute long, unskippable cutscene of Sans slowly eating an ice cream cone, with purposefully grating circus-like music playing over top.
  • From a 2023 interview with Papyrus:
    • Papyrus considers mayonnaise a polish oil for his handsome skull. However, in a later question about pizza toppins it turns out Sans has been tricking him into eating it, by saying it's "awesome sauce".
    • Papyrus says there are monsters who don't shower regularly, shooting side eye at Sans as he talks. He then tries to summon anyone who does shower and is met with silence, though he's relieved when Sans claims everyone must in fact be busy taking a bath. It then turns out Sans has been preparing a bubble bath for ages without actually using it just so Papyrus can't use the shower.
    • In the end, there is a plot-relevant question: Papyrus is asked about what life was like before they moved into Snowdin. Papyrus begins to describe the world he and Sans came from, saying it had green grass... but is cut off by his brother, who says the shower's free. Sans then finishes the question by uncerimoniously ending the interview. Jackass.

  • Flowey's increasing rage (and his theme music lowering one semi-octave at a time) when you don't fall for his trap is hilarious, especially if you're doing it in revenge for him chiding you on a previous game. After the second time, he accidentally says "bullets", then looks over at his speech bubble and changes it to "friendliness pellets". Eventually, he completely loses it, reveals his Nightmare Face, and launches his unavoidable attack as normal.
    Flowey: You know what's going on here, don't you? You just wanted to see me suffer.
  • If you complete a non-pacifist run and spare Flowey at the end, his speech to you at the beginning of the second playthrough is hilarious, both because of how hypocritical and out of character it sounds coming from him, yet he's still completely right:
    Flowey: Hey. Remember. DON'T kill anyone. ...I can't believe this is a REAL thing I have to remind you. Good luck!
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment happens when Toriel knocks Flowey away, he makes a pretty funny sound and an even more hilarious face.
  • The training battle with the dummy:
    • If you repeatedly miss your attacks or try to spare it instead of talking, eventually it gets tired of your "aimless shenanigans" and just floats away. Toriel's expression after the fight ends is the cherry on top. You can tell she REALLY wasn't expecting that. Becomes a Brick Joke a few areas later: The Dummy was actually haunted, so yes, it really did get annoyed and leave.
    • Fleeing from the dummy still elicits a hilarious explanation from Toriel that the Dummy is harmless... like that wasn't obvious just from looking at it. Not to mention picturing Frisk running away screaming from an inanimate object is hilarious in and of itself. In hindsight, Frisk's "fears" in this case turn out to be justified later.
  • Even for a tutorial area, the earliest enemies are hilariously unthreatening. Whimsun will flee the battle if you try to talk to it. Froggit "doesn't seem to know why it's here", and checking its stats gives the description "Life is difficult for this enemy."
  • The very first "random" encounter, a Froggit, occurs while you're still following Toriel through the halls. If you do any Act or Spare it, Toriel will slide in from the side of the screen and give it a Death Glare, causing it to sheepishly slide the other way.
  • If you tell one of the Froggits that you think the tip about yellow enemy names isn't useful, you can elect to turn them off. If you talk to it again and want to toggle the names on again, it tells you that they already threw away the yellow names and now they need to wear pink ones instead. You can then find the discarded yellow names in one of the junk piles in the Trash Zone. As a case of Black Comedy, on a Genocide run, you can say to that Froggit that you dislike yellow names, but you can also elect to keep them on regardless. The Froggit simply obliges and does not think about this at all.
  • Once Toriel gives you a cell phone, you have a few topics to call her up about. If you choose the "Call her 'mom'" option and then choose the "Flirt" option, she will take note of this and call you an "interesting child."
  • Napstablook has a couple:
    • When you first encounter them, they appear to be sleeping, but actually they're literally saying "z" repeatedly.
    • One of their "attacks" is just a harmless block of text that reads "REALLY NOT FEELIN UP TO IT RIGHT NOW. SORRY."
    • After cheering them up, they make a top hat out of their own tears which they call "Dapperblook".
    • Should you do anything but "cheer" or "flirt" for "Dapperblook," they resent it. A lot. And it's pretty much impossible to spare them by then.
    • If you reduce their HP to 0, they'll remind you that you can't kill ghosts, and reveal that they were only reducing their Life Meter to be polite. You win the fight and lose one experience point. (Which doesn't reduce your EXP at all.)
  • When fighting a Migosp, clearing out the other monsters changes its mood and its "attack" becomes a little animated Migosp silhouette doing an arm-waving dance. It stands at the bottom center of the arena and makes no effort whatsoever to attack your soul. But it's still a bullet, and running into it still hurts you.
  • In Hard Mode, rather than cooking you her signature butterscotch-cinnamon pie, Toriel will cook for you a snail pie! Made funnier by the fact she'll still ask you if you prefer cinnamon or butterscotch, but now it doesn't really mean anything.
    "Snail Pie" — Heals Some HP
    An acquired taste.
  • Hard Mode, for the most part, is pretty difficult, with upgraded enemies and the like. However, when you reach Napstablook, there's nothing different about them, and the game even comments that they're the "same as usual". Check them, and you discover why.
    Missed the memo and is the same difficulty as normal.
  • Using the Check Command on Toriel during the fight against her yields this little gem:
    TORIEL — ATK 80 DEF 80
    Knows best for you.
  • One of the puzzles you encounter is a rock that has to be pushed to a switch. Close by is a sign that says "Three out of Four Grey rocks recommend you push them". Cut to later when you get a similar puzzle, but with three rocks. The top and middle rocks react as you'd expect. The bottom one gets mad when you try to push it the first time. Three out of Four indeed.

  • Sans' Establishing Character Moment. He sneaks up behind you in the woods while shrouded in shadows, then tells you to turn around and shake hands. He has a whoopee cushion in his hand.
  • The entire scene introducing the two brothers.
    Sans: hmm... maybe this lamp will help you.
  • Sans explains that he's gotten a ton of work today — a "skele-ton". The camera zooms in, he winks at the player, Rimshot. Papyrus gets mad at him, even though — no, because he's smiling.
  • Papyrus demonstrating he's Not So Above It All by making his own pun right back at Sans, then exiting the screen with his trademark laugh. Just when you think the scene is finished, he leans back into the frame just to give one last laugh.
  • Doggo can't see you if you're not moving. Petting him without him seeing you causes him to flip out.
  • Shortly before the fight with Dogamy and Dogaressa, you can find a sign reading "WARNING: Dog Marriage". Check it again, and you'll be informed "Yes, you read that correctly."
    • When you encounter them, they do a little dance accompanied by "Dogbass". It's out-of-nowhere as heck and amusing because of it.
    • There are a few different ways to spare Dogamy and Dogaressa. For example, if you roll around so you smell like a dog, then pet them, the Dogi don’t quite know what to do with themselves.
      Dogi: Dogs can pet other dogs??? (A new world has opened up for us...)
  • Another one of Sans has him try to sell you fried snow near the ice cream vendor first for 5 gold, then 50g, then 5000. He says 50000 gold, which is almost impossible to have at this stage — is his final offer. If you don't have enough, he says he doesn't have any snow. (Even though he's completely surrounded by snow.) If you do have 50000 gold, well...
    Sans: wow, that's a lot of cash. that's why i'm sorry to say... i can't sell you this fried snow. it's got too much sentimental value.
  • Just try petting Lesser Dog. Pet it as much as possible. Its head keeps stretching out each time you do.
    • The ACT options other than Check are Pet, Pet, Pet, Pet, and Pet.
    • Lesser Dog's attack involves a dog barking and then jumping at you!
    • When the response reaches "Critical pet! Dog excitement increased.", it stops attacking. But that shouldn't stop you from petting it. Eventually, its head goes off-screen. Keep petting, and its head reappears to stretch back down, passing through its speech bubble and the menu interface, off the bottom of the screen. While you're doing this, you get several humorous messages about the game questioning your decision to pet it so much. When Lesser Dog's head goes behind the dialog box, the game states that it's learning how to read.
    • But keep going. When it goes below the bottom edge of the screen, it says "Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before". But it does eventually get to a point where even the game has had enough, and starts only saying "Really?".
    • Also, if you pet it sufficiently, it gains inspiration and goes crazy with statue-making at its home a few screens later, which adds visual gags and some humorous dialogue from the bystander.
  • Greater Dog. At first, it looks like a non-anthropomorphic, kid-sized dog buried in a mound of snow. Then it rises up to full size in a towering suit of armor. Hopefully you're not too scared to spare it. It turns out to be a normal dog after all, jumping out of the armor to lick your cheek. Then it hops back into the armor face-first with its tail poking out the top and walks away.
    • One of Greater Dog's attacks involves a dog lying on its back and barking at you! (Well, at least if you're moving.)
    • Returning to Snowdin at a later point in the story and speaking to Doggo. He'll inform you that Greater Dog writes the most beautiful letters, despite not looking the type to do so and offers you a letter to see for yourself. The only thing written is the word 'Bark' written in a flowery cursive script.
  • When Papyrus sees you for the first time on the Pacifist Route… or, perhaps… not:
    Papyrus: SO, AS I WAS SAYING ABOUT UNDYNE, (turns to face you, he and Sans shoot several looks at each other) SANS!! OH MY GOD!! IS THAT...A HUMAN!?!?!??!?!
    Sans: (as the camera pans to the left) uhhhh... actually, i think that's a rock.
    (sure enough, there's a rock right behind you)
    Papyrus: OH.
    Sans: hey, what's that in front of the rock?
    Papyrus: OH MY GOD!!! (IS...IS THAT A HUMAN)
    Sans: (yes)
    Papyrus: OH MY GOD!!!
    • Said several looks are showed as Papyrus and Sans looking at the player and each other repeatedly, faster and faster, until they start spinning in place.
  • The earliest "puzzle" of Papyrus' is an electrified, invisible maze. When you take a step into it, Papyrus promptly gets electrocuted, causing him to throw a tantrum with Sans grinning. He's then told to give the electricity orb to you, so he walks through the maze, leaving footprints to show the way once you get it.
    • Would it be safe to say that Papyrus left a walkthrough for it?
      • There's also this hilarious exchange once you've come back after a reset:
      Sans: do you not know...who you know?
  • The next puzzle supposed to stop the hero, designed by Sans, is... just a word search puzzle left on the floor; you can walk past without even looking at it, infuriating Papyrus. If you do stop to look at it, you can see that alongside season names and monster species, there are words like "cigars", "cig", "hot", and "giasfclfebrehber", a 16-letter nonsense word that's one letter off from the entire first row of the word search; even funnier, it still does nothing to stop you from walking right past it.
    • Occasionally, the word search will feature an additional character named "Nightmare"... who's just a snowman with Ice-E's face on it.
    • When you inevitably pass through it and infuriate Papyrus, Sans jokingly says it would have succeeded if he had taken crossword instead. Papyrus replies... by saying that Junior Jumble is harder, then forces you to decide which puzzle is harder.
  • Another puzzle after that is a randomly-generated tile maze with a ridiculously huge number of tile types with all kinds of different functions and interactions with each other. Once Papyrus activates the maze to shuffle it, the tiles start flashing dramatically until they form a straight line to the exit. Even better, he doesn't say anything when this happens, he just stares at it in Stunned Silence for a second before slowly spinning out of the room.
    • Asking Papyrus to repeat his explanation of the tiles causes him to describe the effects again, except he mixes them up. He tries to correct himself, but eventually gives up and asks you to activate the maze and try it yourself, then leaves. The machine doesn't even work.
    • What's even funnier is that the note he angrily leaves you with the puzzle instructions. Which has chicken-scratch all over it. It's later revealed that it wasn't even his handwriting; rather, Alphys wrote it herself and apparently gave it to Papyrus to work the puzzle. No wonder he got confused!
    • The tile puzzle as a whole becomes even funnier when you take into account something you don't learn until much later; the machine being used to set the puzzle (which is stated to come from Dr. Alphys) either greatly resembles, or is actually Mettaton, meaning he has control over the puzzle's outcome. This changes the scene from Papyrus getting unlucky with technology to Mettaton deliberately screwing with Papyrus.
  • One of the features of Papyrus's "gauntlet of deadly terror" is a dog hanging from a rope. Not unhappily. Just chilling. It appears to be the Annoying Dog, making its being there at all look like it came out of Sitcom Arch-Nemesis shenanigans between itself and Papyrus after a first run.
  • When staying at the Snowed Inn, the game fades out as you teleport to the hotel room. During this brief period, you still have control over the player character, so naturally, it's still possible to talk to the hotel clerk while it's still fading. Doing so nets this gem as a Freeze-Frame Bonus:
    "What? No, you can't get a second key!"
    • Once in bed, there's some rather loud snoring in the next room that's actually a remix of the Game Over theme. What appeared to be a long night of rest was revealed to have been only a few minutes, so the hotel clerk refunds your money.
  • If you try to talk to Greater Dog in Grillby's, the music cuts off and it will make a derpy smile while letting out a strange, echoey sound. It's so out of place and unexpected that it's funny.
  • If you flirt with Papyrus during his battle, sparing him and telling him to be friends elicits this hilarious response:
    • Alternatively, if you choose the "What a loser" option rather than asking to be Papyrus's friend, Papyrus will think you're calling yourself a loser and suggest to become your friend so that you can be cool like him.
  • Sans warns you that Papyrus has a very "special attack", then explains that blue attacks won't hurt you if you don't move. After several fights involving those blue bullets, you finally get to see what was so special about Papyrus's attack:
    • If you're paying close attention, Sans's dialogue uses different shades of blue for Papyrus' "special attack" and the regular light-blue attacks, so he technically wasn't lying.
    • Papyrus's ultimate attack isn't much better: It gets stolen by a dog. Papyrus settles for doing a "really cool regular attack", which includes a bone wearing sunglasses on a skateboard and the words "Cool Dude" spelled out in bones. The climax of the attack is a bone barrier so high that you end up jumping much higher than you could up to this point, and even raise the height of the Bullet Board in the process. Better yet, this epic barrage ends with a short bone crawling slowly across the ground.
    • If you completely fail to dodge Papyrus's attack after his special attack, he'll tell you to press up to jump!
  • Flirting with Papyrus.
    I can make spaghetti
    I have zero redeeming qualities
    • Of course if you pick the other option...
    • The between turn text changes accordingly afterwards:
      Papyrus dabs marinara sauce behind his ear.
      Papyrus dabs MTT-Brand Bishie Cream behind his ear.
      Papyrus dabs MTT-Brand Anime Powder behind his ear.
      Papyrus dabs MTT-Brand Cute Juice behind his ear.
      Papyrus dabs MTT-Brand Attraction Slime behind his ear.
      Papyrus dabs MTT-Brand Beauty Yogurt behind his ear.
      Papyrus realizes he doesn't have ears.
      Papyrus is trying hard to play it cool.
    • Sometimes, after he's done preparing for his date:
      Papyrus is preparing a bone attack.
      Papyrus prepared a non-bone attack then spends a minute fixing his mistake.
  • Even on No Mercy, Papyrus's reactions to the player character as they refuse to entertain his puzzles is hilarious. It's possible for the player to choose Sans' word search as the one puzzle not to ignore completely. If you look at it, Sans declares that you can't be all bad if you like word searches.
    • Then there's also this reaction to you walking right through the aforementioned tile puzzle without even letting Papyrus explain it..
      Sans: well, maybe they don't like japes.
      Papyrus: EVERYONE LIKES JAPES!!!
      Sans: what about undyne? doesn't she hate puzzles?
      Sans: that makes sense.
    • On a No Mercy run, when Sans and Papyrus are first introduced, the player character doesn't go behind the conveniently-shaped lamp, resulting in this exchange:
      Papyrus: SANS!!! HAVE YOU FOUND A HUMAN YET!??!
      Sans: yeah.
      (Papyrus walks out)
  • Once the fighting's over and done with, you can go out to lunch with Sans. First, he gets you with the whoopie cushion gag again. Then, he asks if you want some ketchup. If you choose yes, he pranks you by loosening the cap on the bottle. If you refuse the ketchup, he instead drinks the entire bottle.
  • The initial encounter flavor text is hilarious whenever Jerry is involved.
    * Icecap and Snowdrake confront you, sighing.
    * Jerry.
    • One of the ACT commands you can do is "Ditch", which gets you and the other monsters to ditch Jerry for a few turns. If the battle ends before Jerry comes back, he will remain gone.
    • On No Mercy, the Fallen Child's willing to spare Jerry from the battle's start, which implies that even they think that Jerry's a greater evil and it'd be more worth it to let him run around. The other implication is that even they don't want to deal with him long enough to kill him. You'll also notice that killing Jerry doesn't decrease the remaining monster counter that you see at save points.
    • Even better, sparing Jerry doesn't abort the route. Guess no one really cares about him at all.
  • Lose to Papyrus in a fight and he'll lock you in their garage while waiting for Undyne to show up, saying you're in the doghouse now… upon waking up, you can find a note from him saying to make yourself at home and that he's provided accommodations and refreshments. All that's in there is an old dog bed, a bowl of dry dog kibble, and a squeaky bone. The door is also locked… from the inside. Papyrus is literally treating you like a dog, possibly because he has no idea how to handle a human in the first place. Lose to him again, and he promises to make the room so nice that you won't want even to escape. He does this by… cutting up a hot dog into the kibble. Given how he has to deal with the Annoying Dog, this explains so much.
  • Killing Papyrus on a non-No Mercy run is funny in a dark way. Even better because he keeps his standard demeanor all the way through.
    (Papyrus' head detaches from his body)
    Papyrus: ALAS, POOR PAPYRUS!
    (Papyrus's body dissolves into dust)
    (Papyrus's head dissolves into dust)
  • Aborting a No Mercy run by sparing Papyrus is equal parts this and heartwarming.
  • When you save after hiding from Papyrus behind a conveniently-shaped lamp:
    "The convenience of that lamp still fills you with determination."
  • Use the stick on Papyrus, and he'll follow the dogs' example and bring it back (complete with it being in his mouth).
  • If you abandon a No Mercy run at Papyrus and go hang out with him, he'll start talking about how he was ready to use his special attack on you as a last resort, only to examine the box and notice his special attack's nowhere in sight.
  • The description from the Snowdin shopkeeper about how Papyrus and Sans came to town.
    Shopkeeper: And if you're bored, you can sit outside and watch those wacky skeletons do their thing. There's two of 'em... Brothers, I think. They just showed up one day and...asserted themselves. The town has gotten a lot more interesting since then.
  • If you go back to Papyrus's house, he'll be waiting for you. When you talk to him, he'll say he'll have to take you someplace special, because of the date. He then leads you away from his house, past the library, and then turns around and heads back to his house and announces it!
    • On the date, when you're inspecting his outfit, he'll eventually say:
  • On No Mercy, there are various ways to accidentally screw up and go back to the Neutral route. Snowdin, however, has probably the strangest (and the easiest to accidentally do). Go into Snowdin Town without wiping out every enemy, and the save point will read "That comedian..." in the Fallen Child's red letters (as a warning that you aren't quite done yet). After this, if you go back and make the killcount hit zero remaining, you might get the save point message "The comedian got away. Failure." Why? You didn't kill Snowdrake. Yes, you can make the count hit zero without killing Snowdrake. Yes, this will force you back onto Neutral. And yes, Snowdrake of all monsters is the only one who can trigger this event.

  • The Bridge Seed puzzle. You can use the Bridge Seeds to access an island with a sign on it rather than trying to proceed to the next room. Reading the sign gives you this message:
    "Congratulations! You failed the puzzle!"
  • Meeting Napstablook again. They offer you a sandwich and invite you to sit on the floor with them and feel like garbage. Take them up on their offer and after a few seconds of laying there Napstablook's house fades away and is replaced with the universe. Apparently feeling like garbage is awesome.
    Joel: Hang on guys, I'm gonna go grab some coffee.
  • The Snail race. You're told to button mash to encourage your snail. Mash too hard? The snail freaks out and catches fire. If you win you get 9g. Entering the race costs 10g. Hey, Napstablook has to make money off the farm somehow! There's also a third outcome. If you lose the race by a small margin, your snail will think it won. The snail looks at you, expecting you to receive prize money, and Napstablook gives you 30G to avoid disappointing the snail.
  • If you play one of Napstablook's spooky CDs and leave their house, the spooky music will persist in the next area. Eventually, you'll wind up in an encounter with Aaron and Woshua... who don't even try to attack you, because they're too freaked out by the spooky music. Aaron still has a winking emoticon on every line of dialogue.
    Woshua: ...if you're so scared, why do you keep winking?
    • How do you defeat Aaron non-lethally? Flex until he flexes out of the room trying to out-flex you.
    • Even funnier, once you've got him to swear off being a creep, you can "Shoo" Aaron, which makes him leave for fear of being haunted again.
    • If you spook Aaron with the ghost music and tell Undyne that anime is real, you can encounter the seahorse on the Playable Epilogue. He has this gem to say:
      Aaron: First ghosts, are real, now anime's real ;) All my nightmares are true ;)
    • What's more, in the true pacifist ending credits, Aaron's description will be changed to "Paranormal Investigator", it was also designed by temmie (reluctantly).
  • Finding the hidden Temmie Village, home to Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, Temmie, and Bob.
    • In a meta example, Temmie Village is the only place where you can sell your items, because they're the only shopkeepers dumb enough to buy your garbage. Not only that, they'll buy things you bought from them, at a higher price. They're so dumb they'll offer you infinite money.
    • The shop sells you Temmie Flakes for 3 different prices, a cheaper one marked "(ON SALE)", and a more expensive one marked "(expensiv)". It's just torn up pieces of colored construction paper, but somehow heals 2 HP.
    • One Temmie in the village is looking after an egg waiting for it to hatch. Examining the egg tells you that it's hard-boiled.
    • One Temmie asks you if you're allergic to them. She then says she understands as she's allergic to them as well. Cue her face swelling up (all the while the music stops to emphasize this fact).
      • Even better, in the Playable Epilogue, this is the only line in Temmie Village that's unchanged.
    • The message you get from using the save point in Temmie Village:
      You feel... something. You're filled with detemmienation.
      • Read that again. "Detemmienation."
    • The Temmie shopkeeper actually has a "tem pay for colleg" option, costing 1000G. Should you take up her offer, she's as good as her word and quickly slides off to get her degree... and somehow forgets to take her face. It's just... floating there.
      • Extra funny when you realize that means that she spent her entire time at college without a face. She comes back quickly enough, so it's unclear how long she was "really" gone, but it's still hilarious to think about.
    • Should you encounter a Temmie in battle, leave the game open and go do something else for a few minutes. When you come back, Temmie will have vibrated her face off her head.
    • Before the 2016 patch, the encounter with Temmie displays its stats as ATK: 7 and DEF: -20. After the patch, the game forgoes showing its stats and instead displays "RATED TEM OUTTA TEM".
    • When selling things to the Temmie shopkeeper, sometimes she'll really want the item and offer you more money for it. If you reject both of her higher offers, she drops the Temmie-speak and says:
    • And if you do this after she goes to college:
      Is this a joke?
      Are you having a chuckle?
      Ha ha, very funny.
      I'm the one with the degree.
    • In a surreal way, talking to the dancing mushroom in the middle of the goofy village on a Neutral run.
      Mushroom dance
      Mushroom dance
      Whatever could it mean?
      It means you've lived a life of sin.
    • The mural depicts the "rich history of Tem," which is...a Temmie riding a dragon, with no further description.
  • Finding a mysterious artifact, only to discover, to your bewilderment, you can't even pick it up because you're holding "too many dogs". Entering your inventory will show there's suddenly an item called "Annoying Dog" that, when used or dropped, will fly up to the orb, absorb it, and leave behind Dog Residue. Using the Dog Residue does nothing but fill your inventory up with more Dog Residue (or a healing item called Dog Salad), and it has descriptions like "Jigsaw puzzle left unfinished by a dog." and "Dog-shaped husk shed from a dog's carapace."
  • Things related to the Mad Dummy:
    • First off, once you walk past the apparently inanimate dummy, the screen suddenly zooms in on their angry expression, complete with a certain musical sting you might be familiar with!
    • They try to kill you because you beat up their cousin (aka the training dummy back in the Ruins). Unless you went the Pacifist route and either talked to it or waited until it flew off on its own, in which case they're trying to kill you because you said mean things or... you're really boring.
    • Attempting to talk with Mad Dummy will result in this rather amusing message:
      You attempt to talk with the Dummy... It doesn't seem much for conversation. Nobody is happy with this.
    • Mid-fight, you'll occasionally see this:
      "Mad Dummy is getting cotton all over the dialogue box."
    • After their mini-dummies and robo-dummies keep getting tricked into shooting them, they angrily ditch them all to move onto their final phase and proclaim "I don't need friends! I've got KNIVES!" and hurls a knife at the player. When they miss, they sheepishly say, "...I'm out of knives." Then the fight ends (after an impromptu shower courtesy of Napstablook).
    • When they call their mini-dummies out, the dummies all appear at the edges of the bullet box...and appropriately gawk at Mad Dummy when they call the dummies useless ("USELESS! USELESS! USELESS!"), and slink off dejected when Mad Dummy fires them.
    • The way the Mad Dummy is animated makes little effort to make the sprites that go into their animations cohesive. By the end of the fight, they're flailing around so much that their head goes offscreen.
    • After the fight, you can find them again doubling as Undyne's training dummy. Their response to being questioned about it is a bunch of Defensive Whats and "It's a living."
    • "Now you'll see my true power: relying on people who aren't garbage!"
    • In the Nintendo Switch port, you can unlock a bonus fight against the ghost inhabiting the dummy after she finds a new, better body to try and fuse with; a Mew Mew Kissy Cutie statue that she found in Alphys's lab.
    • In the Xbox One port, meanwhile, Mad Mew Mew becomes a staff member at the Dog Casino that replaces the Dog Shrine. As revealed in the 6th anniversary livestream, earning 1000 Dog Particles from the casino results in her telling you to close your eyes and lean in close for a special surprise... which turns out to be her singing "Ghouliday".
    • Before the patch in 2016, Mad Dummy's stats were ATK: 7 and DEF: -40. After the patch, this was changed to ATK: 30 and DEF: YES.
  • The pacifist run has you run away from Undyne at every possible moment. In the middle of trying to escape, you might get a hilarious phone call from Papyrus.
    • You can receive this call even after killing Undyne, making it either Harsher in Hindsight or even funnier, depending on how you look at it.
    • If you go back to the same spot later and call Papyrus and Undyne, Undyne will mention that she had noticed you had gotten a call, so she waited for you to finish your call before resuming her chase. Undyne also asks Papyrus what he phoned you for, for which he tells her: You, him and Undyne should all meet together sometime. Cue a priceless reaction from Undyne. Indeed, if you had a significant lead on her at the point you received the call, you might have seen Undyne run in from offscreen and stop while you had the call, even if the dialogue box was already up, so this wasn't simply a case of game mechanics freezing the action; she really did stop to let you finish the call.
    • It's possible to turn around and go to Undyne's house immediately after getting the call. She'll chase you until where you meet her, but stops halfway. When you arrive, you'll meet Papyrus, who says that Undyne isn't there yet, but compliments you for coming.
    • During the chase, you'll eventually pass through a sleeping Sans on his booth. Undyne will actually stop chasing you briefly just to turn to look and stare at Sans, no doubt angry that he's slacking off on his job. She'll even comment on it if you were to phone her within this area.
      • If you stay on that screen for long enough, you can actually see Undyne turn around with an outraged look on her face.
  • When you're humming with Shyren and monsters start to gather to listen, Sans starts selling tickets made of toilet paper.
  • There's a bird that can take you back to an earlier part of Waterfall by taking you across a small gap. When you accept the offer, this track plays. Even better, the track is titled "Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap".
  • The fight with Undyne includes a unique mechanic where you have to "face danger head-on" and block the incoming bullets. The first volley comes from the direction you're already facing. If you manage to get hit by it anyway, she'll explain more clearly that you're supposed to face the bullets. Repeating this will make her more and more frustrated, until she finally gives up on having a "fair fight" and throws a much more difficult attack at you.
    (Player gets hit. Again.)
    "I wanted this to be a fair fight. I thought if I beat you like this... It'd truly show how strong monsters can be.
    "Unless your Kindergarten teacher..."
    "DOES THIS!!!!!!"
    • She then throws an attack harder to dodge than any of her Undying version's attacks.
  • When Undyne introduces herself, she starts talking exposition, only to just go "Screw it" and start boasting that it doesn't mean squat since she's going to kill you, her boss music even plays in sync with the text. This will only happen if you haven't killed Papyrus.
    • Her speech about killing the player character comes complete with dramatic posing/angles and her randomly yelling some of her lines. It's a perfect example of her Hot-Blooded-ness and sounds like something straight out of a shonen anime.
    • If you call her later, she'll actually explain the real reason she stopped expositing. She forgot her lines.
    • If you do the Pacifist battle with Undyne after resetting a run where you befriend her, she shrugs off a feeling that you two had been friends before, then says she has to defeat you for, among the other things, "[her] own freaking dignity".
  • This gem from Undyne's battle:
    "Undyne suplexes a huge boulder, just because she can."
    • Even better:
      "Undyne suplexes ten huge boulders, just because she can."
      "Undyne suplexes herself, just to prove nothing is impossible."
  • You can ditch Onion-san by saying his band won't be popular. The way he reacts to this is just too funny to dismiss and has no impact on a Pacifist run.
  • If you go to Undyne's house on a run in which you've killed at least one monster up to that point but spared both her and Papyrus, the latter will be waiting at her door as usual and tell you that when he asked Undyne if she'd like to hang out with the two of you, she said she wouldn't hang out with a murderer... which has him worried, because he can't remember murdering anyone!
  • Sometimes, when you flee from a battle, you'll get "I've got better to do" instead of the usual "Escaped." Since you have to flee from Undyne in order to end the battle peacefully, it can be funny to see the former as you're literally running for your life.
  • During a Genocide run, the flavor text after checking Monster Kid says "Looks like free EXP".
    • Monster Kid's stats are 2 ATK and 2 DEF. That means he has the lowest stats out of anyone in the game... except for Sans, who has even lower at 1 ATK and 1 DEF.
      • Even better is the fact that Monster Kid's stats don't even mean anything since attacking him in any way automatically triggers the Undyne the Undying fight. This means Monster Kid was given those stats specifically so Sans would have even lower.
  • Sans thinks about getting into the telescope business, and allows you to try his telescope for free. Can't see anything? Look closer. Your character now has a black eye.

  • The folks of Hotland deem it necessary to welcome visitors with a huge neon sign that scrolls the phrase "WELCOME TO HOTLAND!"
  • As you walk through Hotland, you can find Sans manning a hot dog...? stand.
    • If you don't have any room to buy one, he'll put it on your head like a hat. You can have him put up to 29 hot dogs on your head before he says "Do I look like I can reach that high? 29's the limit." If you move, the hot dogs on your head will start raining down.
    • After buying a couple hot dogs, Sans will say he ran out and sell you a "hot cat" instead. You can keep buying more hot dogs after that, with Sans commenting that "you really like hot animals, don't you?"
    • Check the first hot dog you get. It's something called a "water sausage", IE. a cattail frond. He just tricked you into buying part of a plant.
  • If you check the entertainment schedule in the hotel restaurant, you'll see that it lists "comedians" and "Sans" as separate features.
  • The only non-Check Act you can do in Mettaton's quiz "battle" is to "Cry." If you do so, the flavor text will inform you that "screaming is against the rules."
  • The first of Mettaton's question is worth a good chuckle if you pick a wrong option:
    Mettaton: Let's start with an easy one!
    A: Money
    B: Mercy
    C: New Car
    D: More Questions
    Mettaton: (zapping the player's SOUL) Hahaha, you wish! Wrong!
  • Would you smooch a ghost? The time starts counting up, and all the options presented to the player are HECK YEAH. Alphys, who up until this point has been standing off to the side and quietly giving you the correct answers with her hands, just sits there utterly bewildered.note  Even the sound of "correct answer" is comically distorted to fit the mood.
  • Some of Mettaton's questions when he starts unleashing his inner Troll. Examples include asking you to name the creature when showing you part of a Froggit on a shirt Mettaton is wearing, so the answer is actually "Mettaton" and how many letters are in the word Mettatonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, with the word length and answer numbers increasing simultaneously.
    • The fact that Alphys is somehow correctly giving the answers to Mettaton's Troll questions is hilarious until you learn that she's been rigging most of the Hotland stuff, anyway. Even then, the fact that she gets those right but still looks annoyed at the "Would you smooch a ghost?" question is pretty funny.
  • After Mettaton calls Alphys out on helping you, he decides to ask for the final question something Alphys would never give you the answer to: Who does she have a crush on? You can pick the correct answers (Undyne or Asgore) or you can pick yourself. The bewildered look and shaking in rage/confusion Alphys gives you is almost worth the embarrassment.
    Mettaton: ...seriously? My, my. How conceited can you get? I love it! And while you are completely wrong, you deserve some credit. I've seen her watch you on her computer screen. Smiling when you succeed. Shrieking when you fail. And always, always whispering, "No! Wrong! You have to go that way!" In its own way, is that not love??
    • Mettaton's response is doubly funny if you're watching a Let's Play of the game, since you're essentially in Alphys's position.
    • You can even say you don't know who she has a crush on, which results in Mettaton making a plea to a hypothetical crush to give everyone watching a sign that they're out there. No sign happens.
  • During the following dungeon, Alphys offers you puzzle hints. And updates her social network page constantly. Some highlights include:
    Alphys: Cute picture of me! [Attached is a picture of a trash can with several glitter filters applied.]
    Alphys: dinner with the girlfriend ; ) (It's a picture of a catgirl figurine next to a bowl of instant noodles.)
    (it's a picture of Papyrus flexing in front of a mirror; he is wearing sunglasses; giant muscular biceps are pasted onto his arms; the biceps are also wearing sunglasses)
    • The picture Papyrus posts is given its full visual glory through Steam's Trading Cards.
    • Even funnier is if you call Papyrus during this after befriending, Undyne is very confused at what's going on.
    • Another update has her ranting about how the sequel to her favorite anime ruined the story arc before remembering she was supposed to be helping you. This occurs right next to a Save point, which refers to the room as Bad Opinion Zone.
    • At one point Alphys tells you to add her as a friend on said social network, before remembering that you're already friends. She set up your account for you. And you've seen all of her status updates, like the ones where she's psyching herself up to call you and later saying that she's not going to help you on puzzles anymore after she messed you up on one with her help. Oh yeah, and all of her nerdy anime posts.
  • Mettaton's musical number is a blatant parody of the opera scene from Final Fantasy VI, even using the same singing "voice". For bonus points, the name on the game window changes from Undertale to Undertale: The Musical for this scene.
    • The song itself is pure gold.
      Oh my love
      Please run away
      Monster King
      Forbids your stay
      Humans must
      Live far apart
      Even if
      It breaks my heart
      They'll put you
      In the dungeon
      It'll suck
      And then you'll die a lot
      Really sad
      You're gonna die
      Cry cry cry
      So sad it's happening
      Mettaton: So sad that you're going to the dungeon. Well, toodles! (Pushes a button on a remote to open a trap door under you.)
    • In the "dungeon", Mettaton pits you against an actual working version of Papyrus' color puzzle, where stepping on a yellow tile zaps you, green ones make you fight monsters, etc. And he keeps singing.
      Oh my love
      Has fallen down
      Now in tears
      We all will drown
      Colored tiles
      Make them a fool
      If only they
      Still knew the rules
      Well that was
      A sorry try
      Now let's watch
      Them fry
    • If you don't movenote  and let the timer run out, Mettaton starts on his usual explanation of what the tiles do before realizing you never stepped on a green tile, and therefore aren't required to fight him.
      Mettaton: Well, darling...! Well, well, well. Welly well well. Well welly well well. Well well welly. You never stepped on a green tile.
      Mettaton: And now you're going to die.
      • In this fight, you get to learn how to use Yellow SOUL mode, which makes your SOUL yellow turn, upside down, and shoot lasers. After hitting Mettaton with it:
        Mettaton: Oooh! Oooooooh! You defeated me! How can this be, you were stronger than I thought, etc. Whatever. (pisses off)
      • The reaction above happens if you only hit Mettaton once with it, but there's a long pause after the initial hit before he gives his halfhearted reaction.
    • You aren't really expected to solve the extremely difficult tile puzzle, as Alphys will hack the "firewall" and stop the literal wall of flames coming towards you when time runs out. If you actually do manage to solve it (and yes, there is a proper solution), Alphys will still call about deactivating the flames, leading to an awkward moment of confusion.
      Alphys: Wh-wh-what? TH-THAT puzzle? I mean, uhh... Great job! We've got him on the ropes, now!
    • It's hilarious seeing Mettaton having to prompt Alphys to rescue you.
    • Also hilarious is how Mettaton will start to explain the tile puzzle before the fight, but since you already did that puzzle "about a hundred rooms ago," he stops, expects you to remember, and starts singing the second half of the song instead.
  • At a certain point, Alphys will update her status to relate how Undyne called her to Talk About the Weather, before realizing that there is no weather in the Underground and wondering why Undyne was calling her in the first place.
  • Attempting to sell something to Burgerpants before befriending him results in his smile becoming extremely strained and his sprite shaking violently as the text "(WHY IS THIS PERSON TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING THIS IS A HAMBURGER RESTAURANT I'M JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE)". The parenthesis indicate that he's holding his incredulousness in to avoid a reprimanding from Mettaton; however, if you attempt to do this again, he throws caution to the wind and shouts "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE".
  • If you decide to spend a night at the MTT Resort, you'll find yourself in a room under the sheets. Moving around causes a catchy little number to play.
  • Another rare moment of hilarity during the No Mercy run occurs if you visit MTT Burger and find that Burgerpants (whose detailed expressions are hilarious no matter what run you're doing) is still manning the counter because Mettaton is so much of a Bad Boss, he has no idea if he's allowed to leave work during the evacuation.
    Burgerpants: Well, Mettaton didn't tell me I HAD to work, I guess... But that's the thing! Sometimes, he doesn't even call me into work until halfway into my shift! If I don't play it safe, he's going to yell at me. ...okay, maybe "yell" is the wrong term. It's more like he has this... CD Album he plays... that's entirely full of songs about how bad I am at my job.
  • In the No Mercy run, if you threaten Burgerpants, he gives this memorable line:
    Burgerpants: Sorry, little weirdo, threats won't work on me. I can't go to hell. I'm all out of vacation days.
    • Upon meeting him for the first time in a No Mercy run, he'll say this:
      Burgerpants: (Why do I always get the freaks?)
  • Related to the above. Normally, in a Pacifist or Neutral run, Burgerpants will call the player "little buddy." Only in the No Mercy route does he switch to "little weirdo," and the change in nicknames can be some slight Mood Whiplash or Black Comedy.
  • If you try to visit Bratty and Catty during the No Mercy run, you will stumble across the usual "Nobody Came" message... which is actually a note written by them:
    Bratty: But, like.
    Catty: Nobody came, and stuff.
  • During Mettaton's cooking show, he tells his viewers to remember to pre-heat their ovens.
    • If you examine the oven in the corner of his kitchen, you'll notice that he forgot to pre-heat it. Of course, since this is a cooking show, Mettaton already had a cake made in advance.
    • When Alphys calls right as Mettaton is about to remove the human's soul (with a chainsaw):
      Mettaton: Hello...? I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
      Alphys: W-wait a second! Couldn't you make a... Couldn't you use a... Couldn't you make a substitution in the recipe?
      Mettaton: ...A substitution? You mean, use a different, non-human ingredient? Why?
      Alphys: Um, what if someone's... Vegan?
      Mettaton: ...Vegan.
      Alphys: Uh, well, I mean—
      Mettaton: That's a brilliant idea, Alphys!
    • If you examine the death lasers on either side of the room, it gives this hilarious quote.
      (As per culinary standard, a death forcefield surrounds the kitchen.)
    • The fact that Alphys installed a jetpack function into your cellphone!
    • This scene, among others in Hotland, becomes even funnier in hindsight, after you find out that Alphys and Mettaton are working together. There are several moments where you can practically see Mettaton thinking, "Why in God's name did I agree to this?", and/or getting frustrated with Alphys for botching her lines. In particular, "...Vegan." comes off as Mettaton exasperatedly wondering if that's really the best she could come up with.
  • If you inspect the microwave before giving Mettaton the ingredients, he'll tell you that the microwave was "the origin of the MTT challenge", which involved you putting your food in with the microwave set on high for five minutes. You'd get double your money back if you were able to still recognize your food.
  • There's one area on a conveyor belt where you see a cactus off to the side; if you examine it, you get the message "You stop to smell the flowers."
  • When you reach the area where Mettaton is giving a news report, you can walk around and examine items in the room, only to learn that the item you just picked up is, in fact, a bomb. Mettaton then tears down the walls around him to reveal that all of the other objects you didn't examine are also bombs — the present, the basketball, the script for his newest movie, the Annoying Dog... even the words in his speech bubble!
    • Examining everything more than once nets some snarky comments from Mettaton. But the one for the present takes the cake:
      Mettaton: Ready for your...presentation? (...let's cut that one in post.)
    • Before that, some of the news themselves are actually pretty hilarious.
      "Scientist discovers the health benefits of using computer (just kidding lol)."
      "Local Mettaton very rich famous and gorgeous."
      "Tiny Volcano Monster tries its best, receives tiny applause."
      "Local plane creates huge line at store by saying "It's not like I actually want to buy these products or anything." Cashier confused."
    • When the bomb-defusing segment begins, the Dog walks off for a bit and immediately goes to sleep.
    • When approaching most of the disguised bombs, you get a "Defuse the bomb!" prompt. For the Dog, it's "Defuse the dog!" instead.
    • Mettaton not-so-subtly hinting that you should pick the script one, while trying to pretend that's what he DOESN'T want. If you decide to pick something else...
    • It's easy to miss on your first playthrough, but the reveal of the bombs is actually foreshadowed by Mettaton saying bomb-related puns such as "BASKETBALL'S A BLAST" and "FRANKLY, I'M BLOWN AWAY".
  • If you choose to attack Mettaton EX directly, he makes an...interesting face.
    • Not only that, he'll also say "Yeah!" in a whispery sexy voice each time you hit him!
  • During the battle with Mettaton EX, you may occasionally get text that just says "Mettaton." to start off the round, as if even the game doesn't know how to process what's going on. Another possibility is "Smells like Mettaton."
  • Mettaton will actually interrupt his broadcast/attempt to claim your soul just so they can have a union-regulated break and do so with a complete straight face. Yes, you actually get a break — no killer robot bombs or electrical bolts for five seconds.
    • The bubbly font used for the break text is hilarious, if only because of how much it stands out from the game's usual font.
  • As with Papyrus, if you have the Stick in your inventory for Mettaton's EX boss fight, you can throw it for him. He'll catch it in his mouth in midair and wink, resulting in a Ratings boost for "fetching".
  • How the fight with Mettaton EX even starts is golden. He's normally invincible while in his standard box form, so how do you get him to turn around so you can hit his switch? Frisk tells him that there's a mirror behind him, and Mettaton IMMEDIATELY falls for it.
    Narration: You tell Mettaton there is a mirror behind him.
    Mettaton: Oh!!! A Mirror!!! Right, I have to be perfect for our grand finale! (he turns, showing a very large switch on his back...labeled "Switch") Hmmm...I don't see it. Where is it?
    (the switch gets flipped)
    Mettaton: Did you. Just flip. My switch?
    (Mettaton begins to shake violently, until he gives off a bright light)
    Mettaton: (Suddenly Voiced) OH, YES~!
    • If you die during the fight and come back, you have the option of skipping Mettaton's opening speech by turning him around immediately. Frisk tells him there's "something cool" behind him, and Mettaton again falls for it instantly.
  • Also on the No Mercy route, after the awe-inspiring hell of Undyne the Undying, the boss fight against Mettaton NEO is… hilariously anticlimactic, especially since he gets a menacing-looking new form, theme music drawing similarity to Undyne the Undying's theme, and builds up his human-killing capabilities, only to die in a single hit. And not just any one-hit kill: he takes at least 900,000 HP of damage, the most of any hit in this route up to this point.
    • To top it all off, should you continue the No Mercy Run correctly at that point, he delivers this gem:
      Mettaton NEO: GH... Guess you don't wanna join my fan club...?
    • If you don't meet the requirements to continue No Mercy, Metatton NEO notes as he dies that "You were holding back"... and then notes, "And so close to the end, too!" The game itself mocks you for blowing the No Mercy run at the last minute.

    Making Friends 
  • "Dating" Papyrus. You get to poke around his house (which is full of funny lines in and of itself), but the best part is getting to engage in a "battle" with Papyrus in which you prove to be the ultimate dater.
    • The "Dating HUD", which shows the current day of the week, alongside some hilariously unnecessary interface elements such as a dog radar, a "Crime" map, a "Population" graph that keeps fluctuating, a "Reel It In!" meter (presumably for fishing), and an egg.
    • In Papyrus' kitchen, inspecting the extremely tall sink prompts him to show you the bone collection he stores under it. The cabinet is opened to reveal that the Annoying Dog has emptied it of its contents. You barely even get to move before the dog successfully escapes, followed by a mocking sting courtesy of Sans' trombone.
    • Quickly walk in and out of the kitchen in the skeleton brothers' house. Since Papyrus follows you as you go in/out, he'll be walking back and forth. After a while you'll hear a "ping" noise every time he changes direction. Talk to him, and he'll mention that being a good host is a workout. Keep walking back and forth until the sound changes, talk to him again, and he'll tell you that he can't feel his legs… which must mean that he's a great host.
    • When Papyrus shows up in his "cool" outfit, it's revealed that he has a plate of spaghetti under his hat. Papyrus's obsession with spaghetti in general is hilariously Adorkable — even more so when you consider that skeleton-made spaghetti might be called creepypasta.
    • Looking at the book on the table in Papyrus and Sans' house during the "date" reveals an infinite loop of quantum physics and joke books inside one another until you decide you need to stop.
    • In Papyrus's living room, there's a sock with a long trail of sticky notes above it. Checking it shows just how big a Troll Sans is, tormenting his brother through gratuitous use of Exact Words.
      Papyrus' note: SANS! PLEASE PICK UP YOUR SOCK!
      Sans' note: ok.
      Papyrus' note: DON'T PUT IT BACK DOWN! MOVE IT!
      Sans' note: ok.
      Sans' note: ok.
      Papyrus' note: AND DON'T BRING IT BACK!
      Sans' note: ok.
      Papyrus' note: IT'S STILL HERE!
      Sans' note: didn't you just say not to bring it back to my room?
      Papyrus' note: FORGET IT!
    • As you date him, a "Dating Power" meter shows up and starts to rise as you meet and exceed his standards. At the climax of the date, it goes right beyond the bounds of the meter.
  • Papyrus's plan to make Undyne and the protagonist friends.
    • First, Papyrus knocks on Undyne's door and introduces you as his friend. Once Undyne realizes who you are, if you look closely, her dialogue sprite glances over at Papyrus as if she's thinking "Are you freaking kidding me, dude?!"
    • Once Papyrus has entered Undyne's house, if you try to leave rather than enter, Papyrus shouts a whisper: "NO! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE FRIENDSHIP!"
    • Papyrus gives Undyne a gift-wrapped bone on behalf of his guest, saying it's her "favorite thing," and she awkwardly accepts and puts it in a drawer full of them. Then he gets out of practice by claiming he needs to go to the bathroom (it's previously established that monster food is made out of magic and leaves no waste, so monsters don't need bathrooms), and immediately leaps out the window. The resulting glass shards wind up inside the house.
    • Undyne will ask you if you came to rub your victory in her face. If you say "yes," she will befriend you out of spite. If you say "no," she will ask if you want to be her friend. If you say "yes," she will refuse to be your friend. Papyrus shows surprising cleverness by suggesting she's simply not up to the challenge. With that, she reverses her attitude, determined to become "besties" with you. If you say "NEVER with you," she still forges ahead. No matter what you say, you will end up befriending Undyne.
    • If you examine the window, Undyne will mention that she was surprised by Papyrus' window jump... because he normally nails the landing.
    • You can look inside the bone drawer. The Annoying Dog is inside. He winks and slides the drawer shut again.
    • If you try to leave Undyne's house, she says, "Oh, leaving so soon? No. No you're not."
  • After seeing her trudge around in her huge armor, it's amusing to find that Undyne is actually really thin and lanky.
  • During Undyne's friendship-making:
    • At first, the protagonist is seated and then asked to choose a drink. As soon as you press ANYTHING, Undyne smashes the table in half with an energy spear and shouts at you to stay still. You're her guest, so SIT DOWN and she'll grab your beverage.
    • Undyne offers the player several drinks, with Tea labeled as "the blatantly correct choice". Hilarity Ensues when the player picks anything else.
      • For one specific response, choosing the sugar has Undyne tell you she isn't the Ice cream woman and asks you if the ice cream woman terrorizes humanity with spears and has prelude to destruction songs. Saying yes to her question has her express shock before saying how awesome that sounds.
      • Undyne herself is an option. Choosing her has her reply "Are you hitting on me". Pressing further only further baffles her.
      • Choosing Undyne's sword has her tell you how she would love to provide if you weren't her house guest.
      • You can pick the whole fridge. Undyne flatly rejects the request.
      • Choosing the soda will prompt dialogue from Undyne where she says that she doesn't like soda becuse it rots your fighting spirit, but when asked why she even has it in the first place, her expression either implies that she drinks it anyway or that the stuff inside isn't soda (or alternatively, that it's there for Alphys).
    • She then decides to teach the player how to cook in an effort to make them closer. What happens next would fit perfectly in an episode of Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time or HowToBasic...
      • If you opt to punch the vegetables into sauce in a "wimpy" manner, she yells at you to "STOP PETTING THE ENEMY!!!" Especially hilarious given how you'd have to have gotten to this point to begin with.
      • If you opt to punch the vegetables, you knock over a single tomato. It's not even scratched. Undyne gets hyped anyway. Right before that, she doesn't lead the Kid to the kitchen top; she jumps next to them, grabs them (holding them horizontally by the head, one-handed), jumps again to the kitchen top, and places them in position. What makes it even more hilarious is how the player character's face never changes beyond the default expression.
      • Placing spaghetti in the pot 'fiercely' has you throw everything into the pot, including the box, which knocks against the bottom of the empty pot. Undyne is pumped.
      • Undyne declares that stirring spaghetti faster makes it better, and repeatedly demands you stir faster until she finally just repeatedly stabs the spaghetti (and pot) with an energy spear, causing the pot to crumple.
      • During the sequence where you're supposed to hold right to turn up the stove, pressing left results in Undyne saying "Left? Fool! THIS BURNER ONLY GOES ONE WAY!". Specially hilarious when you consider how the lesson ultimately turns out.
      • The whole thing ends with Undyne getting so carried away with cooking at full power that she accidentally burns her house down. Her house is still burning even during the Playable Epilogue. Made even funnier if you decide to inspect the still-burning house—"Sounds like only fire lives here now."
      • Between burning the house and escaping it, Undyne declares her friendship with you a failure and that her only way to regain her pride now is a fight to the finish with you. When the battle engages, you can either FIGHT or "Fake Attack" (your only ACT option besides the usual "Check"), which both lead to a dramatic Undyne just losing one HP. Her reaction is priceless.
  • Call Papyrus immediately after Undyne leaves. Just as he picks up, Undyne shows up at his house out of breath. It turns out she ran all the way to his house so she could be part of the phone call. Call them again and Papyrus assumes that she must have something extremely cool to say about her house since she wanted to make sure that she'd be present when you call them, to which she simply replies "Nope!!!" with a huge grin on her face.
  • And then you can go check on Papyrus and Undyne outside of Papyrus and Sans' home.
    Undyne: Heya, punk! (sneezes) Papyrus, how can you stand this cold?
    Papyrus: I HAVE NO SKIN.
    Undyne: So why don't we stand in Grillby's instead?
    Undyne: But you don't have a stomach!!
    Papyrus: NO, BUT I HAVE STANDARDS!!!
    • And after that:
      Undyne: Papyrus, why do you live in an icy wasteland?
      Papyrus: THE RENT'S CHEAP.
      Undyne: Really? Don't you live in a huge house?
      Undyne: (gawking) Where's your brother get the money to pay for it?
  • The date with Alphys, while initially hidden, is one huge laugh riot.
    • Even before the date, you can trigger a Funny Moment by getting Undyne's letter and tossing it out. It turns out that if you had delivered Undyne's letter to Alphys, it would have been a bad idea. So, in the meantime (which could be less than 15 seconds if you're quick), she wrote an even better letter, called "Undyne's Letter EX!" It has "DON'T DROP IT" written on it. If you try to toss this one, it turns out that it's too powerful, and it gets the better of you. A piece of paper in an envelope gets the better of you. However, if you try to toss out the letter while in Snowdin, Undyne yells at you not to throw it away.
    • If you try to open the letter from Undyne, you notice it's too tightly closed, and may require a chainsaw to do so. If you try to open the letter from anywhere within Snowdin, Undyne will yell at you for it.
    • You can also attempt to mail Undyne's letter to Papyrus. The resulting dialogue:
      Undyne: Oh my god! The letter's not to PAPYRUS!!!
      Undyne: Fine, you want a letter!? I'll give you a letter!!! YOU GET AN "F"!
      Papyrus: OH NO!!! WHAT'S THE F FOR?
      Undyne: Friendship!!!
    • When you slip the letter under Alphys's door, you hear her opening it with a chainsaw.
    • The date starts with Alphys taking you to her favorite place (a garbage dump) and being completely unable to manage small talk (the best she can do is asking if you like anime).
    • You can help Alphys overcome her fear of talking to Undyne by roleplaying with her. You can either pick realistic responses... or pick answers that sound like a bad internet roleplay. Complete with misspellings and poor grammar. The best part is that after the two choices, she gets wayyyyy too into it and begins shrieking and hollering her answers, which manages to alert Undyne to her position.
      Hi Undyne! Can we talk?
      Yo your one hot hotbaby
    • Undyne shows up on the scene and the two reconcile. Undyne then resolves to help Alphys with her confidence issues and embraces her. Then she picks Alphys up and tosses her through a basketball hoop into a trash can!
      • And for extra funny, during her heartfelt confession of her feelings to Alphys, Undyne's Leitmotif Spear of Justice kicks in!
    • Papyrus' appearance in the latter half of the event. Sure, it's only for about ten seconds, but what a ten seconds it is!
    • Just the entrance alone is enough to make one burst out laughing. Undyne gives an incredulous "Pffft, what? ME?" to the idea of training Alphys, and then right on cue Papyrus sloooooooowly rises up out of a pile of junk with the same shit-eating grin he always wears plastered across his face, wearing some ridiculous-looking sporting attire, including a tank-top with "JOGBOY" written on it. Alphys' expression paints an absolute picture.
    • And finally, after all that, after the rollercoaster of hilarious hijinks, heartwarming sweetness, and borderline shitposting, you yourself get a moment alone with Undyne... and "NGAHHH!!" plays at a truly ridiculous speed as she starts freaking the fuck out.
      Undyne: OH MY GOD!!! She was kidding, right!? Those cartoons... those comics... Those are still REAL, right!? ANIME'S REAL, RIGHT?!?!
      Anime is NOT real — No...NO!!!! I CAN FEEL MY HEART BREAKING INTO PIECES!!!

    Final Area and Endings 
  • After defeating Asgore, he gives a forlorn Final Speech/Motive Rant and the FIGHT and MERCY options pop up. Amusingly enough, the MERCY button looks like it's been hastily pasted back together after Asgore smashed it at the start of the fight.
  • Another rare couple moments of humor along the No Mercy path comes when you reach New Home, right before things take a turn for the absolute worst. While at Toriel's house, visiting the kitchen can prompt red text to chillingly demand "Where are the knives." Equipping the Real Knife gives text reading "About time." Looking in ASGORE's fridge prompts the similar red text to declare "No chocolate." Is the Fallen Child craving sweets?
  • Photoshop Flowey/Omega Flowey will at first shrug off any damage you give him with a simple, high-pitched "Oh~!". The pain cry gets slightly deeper and longer when his defense drops to 0, and you actually begin to damage him, making it sound like a suggestive (if slightly distorted) moan. However, as his health drops to a third of what it was, this quickly devolves into pained and distorted screaming that sounds like the Roblox death sound.
  • At the end of the final fight on the Neutral path, when fighting Photoshop Flowey, reducing his HP to 0 makes him start to go into a typical everything-exploding death, with the requisite Big "NO!"'s... before he abruptly loads the game back to the start, the explosions cutting off instantly with a simple "PING!" noise. The utterly hilarious shit-eating Trollface he makes at this point just seals the deal. After this happens, he spams save files and kills you over 30 times in rapid succession, which can be funny in its own way.
  • Photoshop Flowey monologues about how you're going to die alone while you have a ring of bullets around you. If you completely ignore him and persist in ramming into the wall of bullets long enough, Flowey will say "Would you STOP that?" He even changes the image on the television to his normal form to show how annoyed he is.
  • If you complete a Pacifist Run up to Asgore, then kill the king, Flowey will be utterly baffled (at first, anyway):
    Flowey: So you went the whole way through without killing... And then you decided to kill ASGORE? What the hell is WRONG with you?... Are you trolling me?
  • While the intro to Photoshop Flowey is otherwise not funny at all, there's a surprising bit of levity when he decides to imitate the PC's trademark "-_-" face.
  • The look of dumbstruck panic on Photoshop Flowey's face when his save file fails to load, complete with his eyes on his otherwise creepy Nightmare Face staring directly at the "LOAD FAILED" text in the corner of the screen.
  • On a subsequent Neutral run, if you previously spared Flowey he'll just skip the fight for you because he knows that if he fought you again, it would go the same way as last time.
  • One of Photoshop Flowey's attacks consists of dropping NUCLEAR BOMBS on you with Flowey's face on them. He's literally dropping F-Bombs.
  • As horrifying as the No Mercy path is, the fight with Sans manages to have a laugh if you actually try to spare him when he lets you. The sped-up "Dogsong" in the background seals the deal even further.
    geeettttttt dunked on!!!
    • Sans is a pretty hard boss. When you walk up to a rematch, he'll make fun of you:
      you look frustrated about something. guess i'm pretty good at my job, huh?
      hmm. that expression... that's the expression of someone who's died twice in a row. suffice to say, you look really... unsatisfied. all right. how 'bout we make it a third?
      that's the expression of somebody who's died thrice in a row. hey, what comes after "thrice", anyway? wanna help me find out?
      that's the expression of somebody who's died quice in a row. quice? frice? welp, won't have to use it again anyways.
      that's the expression of someone who's died five times in a row. convenient, huh? that's one for each finger. but soon... you'll need a cool mutant hand to count all of your deaths.
      that's the expression of someone who's died six times in a row. that's the number of fingers on a mutant hand. but soon... you'll need to find a mutant hand with even more fingers.
      that's the expression of someone who's died seven times in a row. hey, that's good. seven's supposed to be a lucky number. who knows, maybe you'll hit the jackpot... and that number will multiply tenfold.
      that's the expression of someone who's died eight times in a row. that's the number of fingers on a spider. wait, don't spiders have legs?
      that's the expression of someone who's died seven times in a row. nope, wait, that's definitely nine, sorry. or was it ten?
      that's the expression of someone who's died ten times in a row. hey, congrats! the big one-oh! let's invite all your friends over for a big shindig. we can have pie, and hot dogs, and... hmmm... wait. something's not right. you don't have any friends.
      that's the expression of someone who's died eleven times in a row. well, give or take. there's nuance to this stuff. don't think i'll be able to count very well from here. count for me, ok? we'll start from 12.
    • Reaching the halfway point again after getting dunked on:
      "whoa, you look REALLY pissed off... heheheh... did i getcha?"
    • Additionally, the first time you reach that point, he gives a long, impassioned speech about how he can tell there's some part of you that wants to do the right thing. After you fall for it once, he changes it to a hilariously halfassed "friendship... it's really great, right? let's quit fighting", presumably realizing you're unlikely to fall for it again.
    • The boss will eventually interrupt his own intro speech to sucker-punch you.
      "It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing" (beats the crap out of you) "Anyway, as I was saying, it's a nice day out. Why not relax and take a load off?"
    • During the Interface Screw in the second part of the battle where staying in the menu can do you serious damage, one of the messages that pops up is "Reading this might not be the best use of your time."
    • The boss's special attack, which they precede with "Here goes nothing." "yep. that's right. it's literally nothing."
    • If you decide to check Sans, the game helpfully gives you this information:
      "The easiest enemy. Can only deal 1 damage."
      • This actually is accurate, since the boss does indeed do 1 damage... per frame, and ignores your invincibility.
    • The sheer fact that the most difficult boss in the game by far also has the absolute lowest stats out of anything else in the game, meaning you're struggling against an opponent with 1 HP, 1 ATK, and 1 DEF while said opponent continuously mocks you.
  • Some rare moments of humor in the True Lab area:
    ENTRY NUMBER 20: ASGORE left me five messages today. four about everyone being angry. one about this cute teacup he found that looks like me. thanks asgore.
    • As an example of Self-Deprecating Humor and Black Comedy, Alphys describes sinking into depression thus:
      i spend all my time at the garbage dump now.
      it's my element
    • The vending machine gives out "Popato Chisps".
    • There's a bed you can sleep in. If you choose to use it, an Amalgamate shaped like a sperm appears, and then... tucks you into bed, pats you on the head, and leaves. Even a monster used in a Determination experiment gone wrong is courteous enough to help you sleep peacefully!
    • The fight with Endogeny, one of the Amalgamates, is pretty frightening at first, and has unsettling music. As you keep taking actions in the fight, Endogeny will start to vibrate rapidly, and the music starts speeding up. You'd fully expect the worst to happen eventually... but when you've done everything you need to Spare it, Endogeny stops attacking and shaking, gains tiny, content faces on the dog silhouettes on its body, and the music switches to a rendition of "Dogsong", one of the silliest songs in the game. It's a jarring shift, but given what's been going on, it's a nice bit of humor before things start getting worse. It doubles as heartwarming, as it's just like the goofy Greater Dog, a puppy who just wants some love.
  • In the True Pacifist route, when all the bosses are gathering to defend you against Asgore for the final fight, there are quite a few:
    • Asgore's reactions to Toriel's "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and looking like he's about to cry when she rebuffs his attempt at reconciliation.
      Asgore: Tori... You came back...!
      Toriel: Do not "Tori" me, Dreemurr!
    • Heck, Toriel arriving by blasting Asgore off screen just like she did to Flowey. Asgore even reacts nearly the same way Flowey did!
    • Undyne tries to cheer Asgore up, and Alphys says he should look for "a really cute fish".
      Undyne: Hey Asgore, is that your ex?
      Asgore: (sporting an OH. MY GOD. expression)
      Undyne: Jeez...that's rough, buddy.
    • There's Papyrus mistaking Toriel for a clone of Asgore who shaved.
      • When Toriel greets Papyrus, he's ecstatic that Asgore's clone knows who he is and declares it the best day of his life. Then she throws out an awful pun-based joke...
    • Mettaton pipes in from off-frame and tells Alphys and Undyne to just kiss already.
      Mettaton EX: Oh my god!! Will you two just smooch already!? The audience is dying for some romantic action!!!
      Asgore, Undyne, Alphys, and Papyrus: O_O
      Sans: :D
      Undyne: HEY, SHUT UP!!! Man, the nerve of that guy! Right, Alphys!?? ... Uh, Alphys?
      Alphys: ... No. He's right. LET'S DO IT.
      Undyne: ?????????? Well??? Uh??? I guess??? If you want to??? Then??? DON'T HOLD ANYTHING BACK!
      (Undyne and Alphys lean in to kiss....which is ruined by Toriel suddenly diving in between the both of them)
      Toriel: W-wait! Not in front of the human!
    • The scene's even funnier if you imagine that Alphys pulled the same stunt she did throughout Hotland and programmed (or just told) Mettaton to say that so she'd have an excuse to kiss Undyne.
    • And it gets even funnier when you factor in that there wasn't even any indication that Mettaton was even there until he shoved his leg, and only his leg, into frame.
    • When most of the Underground shows up to cheer you on against Flowey, he can be seen desperately trying not to get trampled underfoot by the crowd of monsters.
  • Even though the True Final Boss is mostly a mix of epic and emotional, there's an easily-missed funny moment if you select the "SAVE" button and then go back. The Flavor Text will react with utter confusion and dismay, either because you're so close to saving your friends or because it's obviously the only way to proceed. If you believe the theory that Chara was the Narrator All Along, this may become even funnier, as it creates the image of them chastising Frisk for backing out at the last minute.
  • Getting the Golden Ending allows you to sit in on all of your friends, including Asgore and Toriel, as they casually chat about the future ahead of them. What follows is some of the best dialogue in the game.
    • Asgore finally gets to give you that cup of tea he offered you before you fought. It's unfortunately gotten cold.
    • Asgore also apologizes to you for trying to kill you.
      Undyne: Hey, don't worry about it, ASGORE. I think everyone's tried to kill Frisk at least once.
      Asgore: Oh... I see! In that case, I'm not sorry, Frisk.
      Undyne: [with a goofy grin] ASGORE! That's not what I meant!
    • Fridge humor ensues when you do a headcount of the monsters gathered there and realize that Undyne and Asgore were the only ones there who tried to kill you at some point.
    • If you refuse Asgore's cup of tea, Undyne leaps in to defend him.
      Undyne: Frisk, stop! You're breaking his big, burly heart!
      Asgore: Um, it's ok, Undyne. My heart's already broken.
      Alphys: Y-yeah, Asgore. Don't break Undyne's heart. (sly aside glance) That's my job.
    • Other characters then decide to join Alphys in this hypothetical trash can. Including Toriel, who changes her mind once Asgore wants in.
    • Toriel's Precision H Strike, which she quickly apologizes for and changes to "heck". Alphys's shocked reaction is almost as funny.
      Toriel: Who the hell is Sans?... Who the HECK is Sans?
    • Alphys getting excited about seeing the world... before admitting that she's just going to go back to being a shut-in and watching anime.
    • Alphys and Undyne talking about how they're going to watch anime on the human internet, with Alphys insisting this was what they were fighting for all along.
    • Alphys introducing Asgore to anime, which the player can choose to describe a "like a cartoon, but" either "With Sword's" or "With Gun's." And, by accident, Alphys shows some Rule 34 material on her phone to everyone.
      Asgore: Golly. Were those two robots ...
      Undyne: ... kissing?
      Asgore: Boy! Technology sure is something, isn't it?
    • In addition, if the player had both previously called Toriel "mom" and flirted with her in the Ruins, she will comment on it:
      Toriel: Did I ever tell you about the time Frisk flirted with me...? After calling me "Mom"?
    • If the player calls Toriel "mom" without flirting with her, instead, Sans will tease them over doing it when they'd just met her, leading here:
      Sans: i gotta tell ya... that's, uh, not the best way to get to know someone.
      Papyrus: IT'S NOT???
      Undyne: Papyrus, we've been over this!
      Papyrus: WHATEVER, MOM!!!
      Undyne: Don't talk back to me like that! Go to your room, Papyrus!
      Papyrus: OK, UNDYNE.
      Undyne: Wait! Don't ACTUALLY go to your room!
    • Sans messes with Toriel while using her cell phone to text you:
      Sans: hey frisk. it's torrrrieelllll. i just baked 100000 pies. do you want any? make sure to brush your teeth before crossing the street.
      (on the next message...)
      Toriel: I did not say any of that.
    • After Sans "transcribes" Toriel's text, they impersonate each other.
      Toriel: Greetings. This is Sans. I love my brother very much.
      Sans: help i'm being slandered
    • On the next message, Toriel messes with Sans by typing this:
      Toriel: This is Sans. Did you know that I love to "get owned?" I also think Toriel is very good and fhfkehfeaufsisf
    • Toriel's ninth message:
      (TORIEL sent you a message titled "Cat Video.")
      (Inside, she meticulously describes a video she saw of a small, white animal.)
      (There is no link or attachment to watch it.)
    • On a bet from Papyrus, Undyne lifts the entire main cast... and then is unable to figure out how to put them down.
    • In the final battle, not only the main cast, but almost every single minor character play a role in the outcome... except Napstablook, because when Asriel started absorbing everyone's souls, they escaped by shutting the doors and blinds to their house and ignoring everything that was happening. Because of this, they're the only one who didn't mysteriously learn Frisk's name. Napstablook sheepishly asks for that information, then tries to memorize it by crying the letters onto their hand (which gets even better when you remember that they don't HAVE hands), which immediately pool into an illegible puddle. What's probably even funnier is the fact that Asriel's soul-sucking apocalypse politely knocked at the door and then just left when Napstablook didn't answer.
    • In the Playable Epilogue, Dogamy and Dogaressa wonder if their marriage is now proper since the amalgamation of all the parents of the dog monsters technically makes them related. They then shrug it off, noting, "it's normal for dogs".
    • At one point, Toriel will express her disbelief that anyone would want to flirt with her. Alphys then has a fit of laughter before they say that she has no idea, while giving a knowing smile right at the player. That's right, Toby noticed all the naughty images people made of Toriel and nodded to it in the game, yet did not outright do a Take That! against the partakers of such images.
    • Also in the Playable Epilogue if you take the time to return to Waterfall, Mettaton is present in his EX form. Talking to him results in this dialogue where you 'help' with his merchandising:
      Mettaton: Frisk, darling. Can you help me with something? What kind of merchandise do you think humans would want to buy...? I've thought of a few ideas so far.
      Mettaton: Buttons (with my face), stickers (with my face), CDs (with my face)...
      Mettaton: Posters (with my face), T-shirts (with my face), underwear (with my face)...
      Mettaton: ...and plush dolls of TORIEL. But, you know. With my face instead of hers. So what do you think?
      Frisk: ...
      [a yes or no prompt was not provided]
      Mettaton: Fabulous! I completely agree!
      • This becomes somewhat of a Running Gag even within the game's actual merchandise. Fangamer briefly sold a $1 'enhancement pack' with their Toriel plushies when they were first released, which is an extra paper bag to put over her head...with Mettaton's face on, of course.
      • ...And yes, the text actually says "a yes or no prompt was not provided."
  • In a bit of Black Comedy, if you do your run in such a way that you kill every boss but left the monsters alone, you get a call from Sans. He informs you that without any leaders, the underground fell into chaos. That is, until a dog sat on the throne. The newly appointed dog king does nothing but sleep all day and the world below has been in a state of perfect peace ever since. Judging by the fact that "Dogsong" plays during this call, it's highly likely the dog that took over was Annoying Dog himself.
    • A slight alteration. If you kill every boss except Papyrus, Sans explains that the monsters were in such need of a leader that Papyrus was chosen to lead the underground. Papyrus takes over the call and says that ruling is awesome, even if he does miss his friends. (Maybe they're just on vacation.)
    • Also from the Papyrus ending, there's how he deals with humans, essentially judging them on a case-by-case basis. If they're evil, he gives them puzzles. If they're good, he also gives them puzzles.
    • If you kill Toriel, but spare Undyne and Papyrus, Papyrus will interrupt Sans's phone call to tell you that Undyne appointed him as "The Most Important Royal Position". That's literally the title. His job?
  • After spending the whole game unable to get into Sans' room, the player is finally able to receive the key from Sans personally (which he hands to you while telling you "it's time you learned the truth...") during a Pacifist run, but only after pulling some seriously obtuse stunts involving constantly reloading the game (and passing along embarrassing Trust Passwords like "I'm the legendary fartmaster") right after you receive judgement. Once they get inside, they're greeted to a pitch-black room with ominous sounds, and after wandering around for a while as the tension builds, Papyrus turns the light on and reveals that the player's been walking around on a treadmill in a perfectly ordinary room (well, aside from the self-sustaining trash tornado in the corner).
    Sans: (via a note attached to the treadmill) the truth is that you got owned, nerd......
    • Though, inside Sans' room you can actually find a key that unlocks a door which contains an actual secret, likely meaning this was the one time Sans Didn't Think This Through.
    • Occasionally, you'll find the Annoying Dog sleeping in the whirlwind. Makes you wonder if Sans and the Dog are trolling partners-in-crime.
  • The true credits have a few comedic gags involving the cast's life in human society.
    • Papyrus finally gets his wish to drive a car and is enjoying cruising down the highway, then Sans pulls up beside him... on a tricycle, then proceeds to outspeed him, to Papyrus' frustration.
    • Undyne and Alphys are shown hanging out at the beach, Undyne shimmies over to Alphys and gives her a peck on the cheek, Alphys goes ten shades of red and falls over, mashing the 9 key on her phone (mimicking a critical hit), Undyne finds this so hilarious she starts tapping the ground snickering, then breaks into laughter and pounds the ground so hard, the pavement cracks.
    • Mettaton puts on a show with Napstablook and Shyren, with the shapely legs from his EX form coming out of his regular body. Burgerpants is there too... but looks sorely disappointed that the "big break" he was hoping for turns out to be playing a shrub.
    • Toriel opens a school. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that Asgore is trimming a hedge out front in the shape of Papyrus's smile.
  • If you cheat your way to the end without doing anything in the game, Sans' phone call reads thusly (all the while Dogsong plays in the background):
    Sans: i'll be honest. i have no idea what happened for you to get here. this is actually some sort of error-handling message. so, if you're getting this ending...tell whoever made the game, okay? they'll fix it, or if it's a novel situation...they might even add another ending to the game. chances are're just a dirty hacker, aren't you? yeah, get outta here.
  • If you take the time to walk around before heading to the surface in the True Pacifist ending, you find out that Alphys finally told Asgore and Toriel what she'd done, and how the experiments with Determination failed. Asgore gave her a big hug... And then Toriel fired her.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue has a "Yellow" text for the characters who learned from their experiences with the human, including:
    Froggit: Professional Frog
    Dogamy and Dogaressa: Finally No. 1 Nose Nuzzle Champions
    Aaron: Paranormal Investigator
    Woshua: Legendary Janitor
    Temmie: Temmie
    Mad Dummy: Calmed Down... Just a Bit
    Shyren: Released Her First Hit Single, "When You Say Goodbye It's Like Magical Bullets Are Slowly Flying Out of Your Mouth And Hitting Me"
    Tsunderplane: Finally Confesses (What!? I don't!!)
    Pyrope: Candle In The World's Largest Birthday Cake
    Royal Guards: Use your imagination
  • The "jumpscare" after the Enemy Role Call in the Pacifist Ending. It has a shot of the mountain again, alongside a simple, heartwarming version of the main theme...and then the game fuzzes static twice and powered up Asriel appears alongside a creepy droning noise, derisively shaking his head and asking if you thought that this was really the end. He then reverts back to child Asriel, who sheepishly explains that you still have to watch the backer credits.
  • Sans' judgment of you if you're at level 14+ is surprisingly hilarious.
    Sans: hmmm... over lv14, huh. well, hmmm... judgement-wise... you're a pretty bad person. you wander around looking for people... killing them to take their money. that's just plain messed up. and what's worse, is that as bad as you are... you aren't anywhere near as bad as you could be. you pretty much suck at being evil. honestly, it's super embarrassing. but maybe you'd be better... at not killing anyone? crazy idea, huh? let me know how that goes.
  • Asriel's understatement of the century when summarizing his role throughout the game.
    Let's be honest. I did some weird stuff as a flower.
  • The end credits show who designed the monster under their name. Aaron's states that the designer (Temmie) was reluctant about designing him.
  • If you go back to talk to Monster Kid in the True Pacifist ending, they'll state that they've done some thinking, and that Undyne isn't as cool as they thought she was, and that they've found someone even cooler. Who is it? Papyrus!
    Monster Kid: Nyeh heh heh!

    Phone Calls 
  • Calling someone in certain spots looks hilarious, even without considering what the call is about. Just imagine standing in a big puddle of garbage or in the middle of a deadly laser puzzle, only to decide to call a friend with a bored expression.
  • Calling Papyrus at the Hotland sign again will get him to say: "Didn't I call you from here? I have a photographic memory for phone calls..." Except... Papyrus won't know where he was calling you from.
  • Calling Papyrus at the Hotland elevators makes him wonder what the L's and R's stand for. His guesses: various types of pasta. And if/once you get Undyne befriended, the elevators turn into a huge Running Gag with her and Papyrus arguing back and forth over what the L and R's mean, eventually concluding with Papyrus suggesting it stands for left and right... and then Undyne shuts him down because if you look at it from the opposite angle, they're reversed.
  • Call Papyrus and Undyne in Grillbys to hear that Undyne loves grease. Call again and her expression will turn adorable while she confesses her love to it!
  • Call Undyne next to the students in Hotland and she will mention that school is probably boring. She then offers to visit the school and beat up all the teachers.
  • Calling the two in the area with the apron will reveal that Undyne had managed to start an inferno. By cooking popsicles. It took forever to hose everything off, according to her.
  • If you call Undyne while next to a grass patch you hid from her in, she laments that "If it wasn't for that grass, I'd have kicked your... Uh, if not for that grooty, I'd have kicked your booty. [...] Don't ask me what a grooty is!!!"
  • Calling Papyrus in the room where he delivered his daily report to Undyne, while you were hiding in some tall grass nearby, has some delightful dramatic irony.
  • When calling about a vent puzzle, Undyne will explain that the cooling vents double as great transportation which is cool... unless you're wearing a dress. Call again and she'll ask you if you put on a dress.
  • When neither Papyrus nor Undyne are able to explain a certain steam vent puzzle, Papyrus suggests that Undyne call Alphys.
    Undyne: Oh my GOD! NO! Shut up!!!
    Undyne: NO!!!! THAT'S EVEN WORSE!!!
    • And if you call them back right after:
  • Undyne's aggressive cherishing.
    Undyne: (regarding Napstablook) Cherish this ghost!!!
    Undyne: (regarding the duck) Cherish this bird. [...] WELL??? Are you CHERISHING??? CHERISH HARDER!!!
    Undyne: (regarding a quiet nature trail she likes) Well?! Are you enjoying nature!?
  • Undyne practices her monologues in front of the mirror (and vehemently denies this fact). Another phone call has Undyne mention she completely forgot her original pre-fight monologue and improvised.
  • Calling in the first bridge seed room nets you this gem:
    Undyne: You can't just jump across!? You can't do the jimpity jumpity joodle!? The limpity loppity leap!?
  • If you call them from the restaurant in Hotland, Papyrus and Undyne will gleefully ask you who needs to eat out when you have wonderful cooks like them for friends. The call ends with the sound of Undyne throwing spaghetti against the receiver.
  • Outside the hotel...
    Papyrus: WHAT? I? SCREAM? SURE! I'LL TRY.
    Papyrus: A. A. A. A. A.
  • The call at the "WELCOME TO HOTLAND" sign ends with Papyrus saying, "N... NO!!! NOT THE FLATTERY SUPLEX!!!".
  • If you call up Papyrus and Undyne outside the lab, Undyne will suggest they all go over and watch anime. Then Papyrus starts ribbing her about how anime's for kids. The conversation is funny in and of itself, but what really seals is it when you call them back:
    Undyne: ...
    Undyne: You don't have to say that, Papyrus.
    • The conversation becomes hilariously hypocritical when you remember that it's Papyrus, of all characters, calling her out on it.
    • Also might double as a Mythology Gag, Papyrus was originally created to be a creep who actually was obsessed with a cartoon called 'My Little Boney'.
  • If you stand on the conveyor belt in Alphys' room and call Papyrus and Undyne, it keeps working during the call (unlike the other conveyor belts in the game), leading to causing the text and dialogue portrait to go offscreen.
    • Call them again and Papyrus or Undyne tells you to stop. While it makes sense in the context of the original conversation (they're telling you to not barge in her private room), Papyrus or Undyne demanding you stop breaking the game is arguably funnier.
  • Calling Papyrus and Undyne within the MTT Hotel Room you can buy:
    Undyne: We can order a room party and stay up all night playing games!
    Undyne: Nah, like "pillow-fight the skeleton"!
    Undyne: Aww, okay.
    Papyrus: HEY!!! NO ENTIRE COUCH!!
    Undyne: Too late!!!
  • Call Papyrus while within his room. Two different outcomes depending on when you call him:
    • If you call him immediately after the date, he'll think you're in desperate need his help navigating his house. When he realizes you're in his room, he'll ask if you heard of something called a "door". He then states he'll draw you a diagram.
    • If you return to the room later on and call him, he'll become exasperated that you have yet to leave the room and therefore, will have to start over from square one, beginning with, "DO YOU KNOW WHO PAPYRUS IS!?". Phone him again and he'll ask, "DO I KNOW WHO PAPYRUS IS!?"

    Art Book 
  • A comment on the marsh in Waterfall: "water should be black because cyan would just look like 𝓢𝓱aving cream". The "aving cream" text is part of a censor box.
  • The commentary on the purposefully bad 3D model of Toriel from the release trailer:
    We created this high-fi 3D Toriel for an extremely realistic, emotional scene. I even hired a professional artist to create a new character design that could properly convey the depth of the scene. Afterwards, Chelsea rendered the sketch flawlessly into 3D.
    Sadly, the scene had to be cut because it was so good, it made the rest of the game look terrible. So I took the opposite approach and replaced it with Onionsan. And that's why anyone likes UNDERTALE.

    Chelsea's comment: "This is the best thing I ever made. And while I respect Toby's decision, I'll be filled with regret for the rest of my life."
  • Toby gives some insight into the design process of Undyne's date outfit:
    I tried to design a cute outfit for her myself but Gigi said she looked like she was going for a jog... I felt owned.