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The Heroine Appears.
This game has many moments that will fill you with determination.

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    General and Fan Content 

  • Let's start with a meta example: The moment when you find out how far the game goes in knowing what you've done through Save Scumming, particularly with Flowey's speech at the end of the Ruins.
    • The entire game could be considered an Awesome moment due to how it approaches the subject of RPGs. The No Mercy/Genocide route, in particular, has been touted as one of the darkest plots ever put in a video game, comparable to the likes of Soul Nomad and Drakengard.
    • Special mention has to go to the sheer lengths the game goes through to dissuade a No Mercy route. It's very trying on an emotional level, not just because you (usually) know and love these characters before trying the route, but it completely kills any player-based justifications by the time you take out Papyrus. No, you are not killing in self-defense. You're killing because you can. It's also not particularly satisfying from a gameplay perspective, either. Sure, your stats go up, but you don't earn anything in the way of new skills, and with two rather important exceptions, everything goes down in a hit or two anyway. Compared to the esoteric battles you can get trying to SPARE them, not particularly satisfying. Then there's the final boss, which, as stated elsewhere, is as controller-breakingly unfair as possible and mocks your maxed attack and defense by making them effectively worthless, all with the weakest stats in the game on paper. Basically, if you complete the run, you really do have no one but yourself to blame for the tainted future playthroughs.
  • During the No Mercy route, a few NPCs still stand up to the player:
  • During an interview about NieR: Automata, Taro Yoko mentioned Undertale by name, saying what he had seen of it seemed very interesting, and requested the game be given a Japanese translation so that he and others there could play it. It's definitely amazing how huge the game became after such a short while.
  • The game is so emotionally touching that Dragon Ball Z Abridged's Vegeta couldn't even play the game after completing the first area.
  • Mortis Ghost, better known as the creator of the game OFF, has done fanart of the game. Given that Undertale draws a few inspirations from OFF, this is doubly amazing.
  • Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw was so impressed by the game that at the start of his Zero Punctuation Top/Bottom 5 Games of 2015 video, he shoved in a 10-second "review" of the game so that he could include it in the listnote ... and then plopped it square at #1 Best.
    • Yahtzee is a man who's been so worn down and become so cynical in gaming, his "Extra Punctuation" review where he praises the game's writing and message, even going so far as to say it made him emotional, is just incredible in its passion.
  • While kind of creepy, there is a layer of awesome to the fact that Gaster is managing to reform himself, after being scattered across space-time. WITHOUT DETERMINATION. Gaster doesn't need Determination — he is just that powerful now.
  • The crossover that nobody asked for.
  • This fanmade battle against Genocide Alphys is equal parts awesome, tearjerker, and funny. Alphys has augmented herself with DETERMINATION-fueled cybernetics, and boy, does she deliver a pounding. Her attacks are a combination of Gaster Blasters from Sans' fight (presumably they were left scattered in storage at the True Lab), Mettaton's floating robots and bombs, his rewinding abilities, and some of them are even direct references to various classic video games. On top of this, she even uses the dreaded tile puzzles as attacks! And this isn't even mentioning the music that plays throughout the fight; it really shows that even if Alphys hadn't become the leader that she became in the Genocide route, she took a major level in badass regardless.
    • To top it all off, the fight comes to a close in a similar vein to Undyne the Undying's: feeling intense pain throughout her body, she outright refused to die, and pushes out one last barrage of attacks — including the constant time-warping — in the hopes of beating you.
    • If you taunt and kept trying to eat the pie in her fight, when you deliver the final blow, this happens instead:
      Alphys: What is this feeling? I know what it's hatred, for the person who came so far just to hurt an innocent monster.
    • In other words, Alphys will channel Andonuts and use PSI Anime B to kill you.
  • This video set to Run Boy Run by Woodkid is an amazing testament to how much The Child goes through in the game.
  • Undertale Red, a short fangame by Taxiderby where you have one fight against a strong monster named "Red" (whose look draws from Little Red Riding Hood), and the game has four different endings depending on what you do. If you stay Pacifist, she gets serious.
    Red: Keep that garbage to yourself!
    Red: You're a human! Our last key to freedom!!
    • Move over, Pacifist! In the Genocide fight, Red goes all out, summoning guardians and giving you a fight on par with Undyne the Undying! In the end, after you've beaten her, she attempts to give you the same crap Gerson said, about a hero eventually striking you down, and how not even you can cheat death. However, you laugh her off, being able to do so. Then, Flowey shows up to congratulate you on your victory.
  • Behold... the No-Damage Run against Photoshop Flowey.
    • Even better. Toby didn't think it was possible.
    • You think that's cool? How about No Damage Runs on all of the bosses? And the credits sequence too? You can see it here, but grab some popcorn. It'll be a while.
    • Even better, Jaimers then kicked the game speed up to 1.5 (or 45 FPS) and ran the bosses on No Hit again. Including some extra enemies! Watch it here!
  • Fan-made Chara Boss Fight. Interestingly, you play as Asriel rather than Frisk.
    • It actually comes from the Dreemurr Reborn AU, in which Frisk finally found a timeline where they give their SOUL to Flowey so they can become Asriel again.
  • Camila Cuevas on YouTube made several awesome animations, which are worth a watch and tell their own story, Glitchtale, with the animation improving with each new video:
  • This fanmade Gaster battle. It apparently takes place at the end of a post-No Mercy Pacifist run, in which Gaster reforms himself with determination in an effort to stop Chara from possessing you and killing everyone. The fight has Bullet Hell that would make Sans jealous, including Gaster's "special attack" (using a giant Gaster Blaster to blow up the bullet-dodging box, opening up the entire screen to moving around and leading to him firing off some insane atacks) and a final, last-ditch Call-Back to the Sans battle. The best part? Unlike a lot of theoretical Gaster battles, this one's actually playable!
  • A few ambitious map makers for Team Fortress 2 decided to recreate the final battle of a neutral playthrough as a special fusion of control points, Arena, and Boss Fight maps that people made before Valve got into adding them. Of course, the original work in progress was really minimalistic, but when the model was finished, the map was changed so that the original placeholder broke apart and revealed that the new model was not only well-crafted and animated, but every bit as horrifyingly detailed as the original.
  • Pinkielovania, a fan-animation by the doubleWbrothers. It has Twilight and Pinkie in the places of Chara and Sans respectively at the end of a Genocide run, and it features entirely new attack animations and dialogue, though it ends exactly like the Chara and Sans fight eventually does, with Twilight cutting Pinkie down.
  • Behold, Sanstale, where you play as Sans in a genocide route.
  • The game's simple graphics make AMVs a real challenge. But YouTuber KUWA CHA animated a beautiful AMV sequence set to Ed Sheeran's "Photograph". It really captures the emotional range of the game, from its wistfulness to its ridiculous humor to its heartbreak.
  • In the third part of the "Red Echos" arc of the Tumblr ask blog/spoilerrific post-True Pacifist webcomic Ask Frisk and Company, Sans fights Chara to the tune of "All Star" by Smash Mouth. With memes. It's every bit as amazing as you'd expect (Seizure warning. Seriously): part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.
    • Points have to go to how other people reacted to this.
      • If nothing else, Chara at the start looks both genuinely terrified and deeply confused by it. Sans knows how to be really, mind-meltingly intimidating when he wants to, apparently.
      • Look at Chara in the fourth part. Look at them while Sans was readying a trap card. They were gonna try and fight Sans, despite them knowing very well they are screwed at this point! There's a good reason they're still kicking around, and that's their determination.
      • Frisk, being the pacifist that saw the horrors of their genocide run, still holds onto their nature as they tell Sans to spare Chara. And HE LISTENED TO THEM.
      • However, what has to be the best one is how someone reacted after Chara (apparently) kills Sans despite being spared. PAPYRUS. All I can say is, his reaction would make a disbelief Papyrus shocked in awe. Saying any more would spoil it.
  • For those who might be disappointed by the fight against Mettaton NEO in a Genocide Run, here is a fanmade battle (unfortunately only an animation, so not playable) where he gets his chance to shine. It includes arm cannons, swords, flying, and, of course, lots of legs.
    • And here is another battle against him, using the Unitale engine and downloadable.
    • Now, for extra awesomeness, there is even a fully animated version. Watch it here.
    • And here's another take on the battle.
  • A fandom example: When the game was first released, in Undertale fandom, it was generally accepted that the Fallen Human, Chara was the true villain of Undertale, influencing Frisk to embark on the Genocide Route in order to destroy everything. A small collection of Undertale fans theorized for a time that Chara may not actually be the game's villain, but instead is actually the game's narrator and Mission Control, but this was written off as a wild fan theory with no real evidence to prove otherwise. Then, in May of 2016, thefloweryfanclub (now renamed Determinators) published A CHARActer Analysis (WARNING: SPOILERS), a comprehensive guide to the game's in-game narration between each route using nothing but in-game screenshots: no philosophy, no psychology, very little commentary, only things you can see in-game. In a very short time, A CHARActer Analysis sparked a rapid change in the fandom's view of Chara, where they are now just as redeemable as the rest of the Undertale cast. Although the Narrator Chara theory still has its critics and awaits an official confirmation (though this archived Tweet from Toby seems to indirectly confirm it), theflowerfanclub/Determinators earned its Moment of Awesome for somehow finding a way to save Chara (among fans, at least).
  • Getting Alan Oppenheimer, the original voice actor for Skeletor, to voice Papyrus.
  • If you wanted to square off against Sans without having to leave a trail of dust to do so, you can!
  • A group of fans are actually working on a full-length Undertale musical. With 41 songs!.
    • Assuming this is the same one mentioned above, here's the playlist starting from the first song.
    • Even better, now that they are finished with the musical (showcasing a Pacifist Run), they are adding another ten songs for the Genocide tracks. The boss themes in particular are chillingly awesome.
  • This animation, showcasing Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster working together to build the CORE, and seemingly create Hotland in the process.
  • Then there's Megalomania (separate from the animation above) showcasing a spectacular animation of Frisk's Genocide path.
    • It was so amazing that it more than tripled the animator's subscriber count overnight! There are also hundreds of comments full of nothing but shining praise for the animator's skill.
  • Home (amella Remix) - Animation: a beautiful animation made by Kuwacha (Zero) retracing Frisk's journey through the underworld, with a soothing medley of "Home", "His Theme", and "Undertale" made by amella playing in the background. The animation is top-notch, and is guaranteed to make you teary-eyed. And you will be caught off guard when the No Mercy route comes out of nowhere, complete with much somber music. The video, thankfully, ends with the Pacifist ending.
  • UnderRacer, a fangame that combines Undertale with Mario Kart. While a rather strange concept, the game controls well, has great spritework, a good soundtrack, and has some nice nods to the fandom's many AUs.
  • This what if animation of the Asgore Pacifist fight in the Underfell AU has nothing but shades of Awesome, Heartwarming, and Tearjerker.
    • Special mention goes to the creator of said animation. According to him, this was just practice with Adobe Flash and he doesn't blame anyone if the animation was bad. You know, for something that's considered practice, this animation was amazing from beginning to end.
    • Details about the fight in question starting with the first phase. In this phase, Asgore tells Frisk of the many atrocities he has committed, slowly working his way up from how he's kept the monsters trapped in a hell of his own creation and getting worse from there, hoping to provoke Frisk to attack him out of sheer outrage. He delivers an incredibly chilling account of sustained evil and depravity with a self-satisfied smile on his face. Throughout the whole thing, Frisk gets almost killed constantly, but refuses to fight despite having every reason to attack what was considered the most irredeemable villain in this AU. And this is all before the second phase begins. To not attack him would take a lot of guts, and Frisk does it easily (as a child no less); it's safe to say they would make Jesus Christ proud.
      • The second phase is no slouch either. Here, Asgore pulls everything he can to make Frisk attack him to the point that he goes to attack the menu itself, starting from the Item and eventually the Act button, leaving only the Fight option. Does this spur the pacifistic Frisk into attacking him? Of course not! What happens in the particular situation? Frisk presses the Fight button and deliberately misses their attack. Despite losing the Mercy, Item, and ACT buttons from the battle, Frisk still will not attack Asgore. You can even see Asgore start to grin as Frisk's first "attack" winds up, like Asgore thinks he's finally getting the fight he wants, only for his face to visibly fall when it's clear that Frisk is still refusing to succumb to his "kill or be killed" philosophy. It's the only time in any fight, animated or real, where this option comes into play, and it is glorious to see it in action.
  • The EpicTale AU is, naturally, made of this. It's kind of in the name.
    • Undyne's attacks, when she becomes the Undying, cause shockwaves and shatter stone every time her and Chara's blades cross. Chara even has some Villain Respect for her, since she was the only one (at that point) to put up any bit of a challenge for Chara. Sadly, she was wiped out when Chara revealed I Am Not Left-Handed, and would have died if not for Epic!Sans' intervention.
    • Chara slices the king's castle in half with one slice! They also have a massive health pool because of all the LV they've accumulated, and unlike canon timeline humans, has no problem doing magic thanks to fusing with an unwilling Asriel, and the combined determination of the human souls he took.
    • Epic!Sans' blasters level several city blocks every time they fire, and his bone attacks can reach the size of skyscrapers. His introduction onto the battlefield has him blast Chara halfway across the city with his gravity magic, then drop a skyscraper on them, saving Undyne's life. He puts his teleportation to very good use as well, casually dodging even Chara's most powerful attacks, while talking to Chara like he isn't putting in any effort whatsoever.
    • Special mention goes to Sans and Chara being so powerful, THEY BREAK REALITY BY FIGHTING.
  • WalkingMelonsAAA, a talented artist also known for her wonderful drawings (link to her DeviantArt account), made a few animation videos for Undertale, and the results are stunning:
    • Death by Glamour, a video of the fight between Frisk and Mettaton, is both absolutely fabulous and heartwrecking.
    • Save Him, which mixes several Pacifist Run scenes together to show us the last moments of Asriel, resulting in a powerful and emotionally charged video. You can also see the dubbed version here, for extra feelings.
  • At E3 2017, Sony announced out of left field they would bring the game to Playstation 4 and Vita!
  • On a similar note, the March 8, 2018 Nintendo Direct revealed a port was coming to the Nintendo Switch!
  • The Narrator Chara theory mentioned above? An entire 48-song musical is being done centered around it. And not only does it feature the Anomaly/Player as a set of two characters (one representing Pacifist and another representing Genocide, though the Pacifist route seems to be the followed one at this point), it includes both strict lyrical renditions of Undertale songs and new songs! And there's bonus songs included!
  • A YouTube user with the handle FlamesAndGames animated a glorious rendition of the Genocide version of the Papyrus fight. The best part is probably when he summons the spirit of Sans to back him up, leading to Papyrus and Sans performing a tag-team blitzkrieg topped off with a game of Pong.
  • At least two let's players incorporate deleting genocide into the end of their series. Sarah Lou Who gives Chara a fake soul with the simple phrase "suck it" written on it, and flips them off before altering the game files. The Over English Man adamantly refuses to let Chara stop him from giving fans a happy ending, and enters the game to physically destroy them. What a moment.
  • Undertale DDD created by The King 35 is a series of fan made battles that is essentially Undertale meets Touhou and Bullet Hell multiplied, and it's as amazing as it sounds. Points given to Undertale DDD 5.5 where Yukari comes in to help Sans fight Frisk, with bonus being given thanks to them actually WINNING in the end, making them the only battle where Frisk is unable to beat their target.
  • Sans is now a Mii Costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and unlike the rest of the Mii Costumes, he comes packaged with a song: MEGALOVANIA, to be specific. To put this into perspective, Toby Fox originally composed that for an Earthbound fan game and now it's shown up in Super Smash Bros, alongside a costume that represents his masterpiece and characters, locations, and music from the very games that inspired that original ROM hack. To have one of your creations achieve that level of influence and fame is beyond the wildest dreams of most fans, but Toby Fox did it. One can only imagine how thrilled he was when that offer was extended to him. Sans' inclusion also technically makes him the first playable indie game representative in Smash Bros., which is a hell of a world's first to claim. Think about all the retro gaming and indie icons that preceded Undertale. Toby's work being included in Smash a mere four years after making his official debut as a game developer is mind-blowing.
  • Behold, a True Pacifist Flowey battle. Flowey pulls out all the stops to make Frisk leave him be so that he won't hurt anyone else. All the while he talks about how he learned he couldn't feel anything. He also pulls out a new gimmick, turning your SOUL orange and reversing the way colored attacks work(Blue and Orange attacks switch properties, as do Green and White), ending in an all out attack with him rapidly changing your SOUL color. In the end, Flowey can't bring himself to kill you because he realizes he can feel positive emotions for Frisk. A stunning battle from start to finish and something many fans really wish they could do in game.

  • If you dodge Flowey's introductory shower of "friendliness pellets", he starts to get a little annoyed, and the second time, he resorts to shouting at you to run into the bull— er, friendliness pellets. After the third time, he throws his facade away and wonders if you just wanted to make him suffer. Even as he attempts to make it clear that he intends to kill you via undodgeable bullet ring, it can be satisfying to see through his ruse and piss him off by refusing to play along with him.
  • Immediately after, Toriel sends Flowey flying with a single flameball.
  • Toriel's words right before the bossfight can count too. Essentially, she says if you are so insistent on leaving, you can... but only if you prove to her you will be fine out there with the certainty of Asgore killing you like he (or the rest of the monsters) killed the other humans who fell in if he gets the chance by fighting her first.

  • If you decide to kill Dogaressa, Dogamy becomes depressed and hardly makes an effort to fight anymore. However, should you kill Dogamy first, Dogaressa snaps and becomes a much tougher enemy, hacking away with her axe.
  • When Papyrus confronts you in a fight to the east of Snowdin Town, you finally get to see what he's capable of. He starts out with completely nonthreatening attacks that are incapable of hurting you if you're high enough in the box. "Guess he's as incompetent at fighting as he is at everything else", you think... and then he proceeds to turn you blue, forcing your soul to have "gravity" added to it and making those low attacks much harder to avoid. "Bonetrousle" kicks in. Game on.
  • How does Papyrus learn your cell number? He calls them all sequentially until he gets to yours. He may be thick, but you've got to admire his dete— uh, or rather, perseverance.
  • Papyrus is by far his most heroic on a No Mercy run, how? He doesn't attempt to fight you; instead, he confronts you with optimism, friendship, and mercy: even if it gets him cut down, he dies stating his belief that you can still do the right thing. Keep in mind that many people give up a No Mercy run at Papyrus, and you'll realize this is every bit as effective a deterrent as both Undyne and Sans, and unlike them, he doesn't even have to raise a violent finger towards you.

  • When Undyne finally takes off her helmet and confronts you face-to-face.
  • On the No Mercy run:
  • Even after you deplete Undyne's health completely on a Neutral run, she keeps standing. She somehow manages to keep going, even as her attacks slow and the music grows dreary, determined to not lose to you. In the end, she melts like in the genocide route, screaming her refusal to die. Sadly, it isn't enough.
  • Really... everything Undyne does is awesome. The woman is living anime. Even cooking is done with burning passion! Making friends has never been so intense! Shame about the house (it's still burning when you come back in the epilogue).
  • Papyrus gets one when he manages a clever Batman Gambit to get Undyne to be friends with you, proving he can actually be pretty smart when he wants to be.
  • If you rescue Monster Kid when they fall off the bridge, they put themself between you and Undyne, their hero, and outright tells her that if she wants to hurt you, she'll have to go through Monster Kid. This from a tiny kid who can't run without falling over and hero-worships Undyne. Kid's got some serious balls.

  • Muffet's attack where she attempts to feed you to her pet, the spider-muffin-thing. It's one of the longest attack sequences in the game, and it's more dynamic than most, having its own build-up section.
  • The boss fight at the end of the Core, Mettaton EX, is pretty cool, especially if you're trying to win non-lethally. The fight includes a "ratings" counter that you have to get over 10,000 (or 12,000 if you don't want to blow his limbs off), which is actually challenging as they drop fairly quickly.
    • The ratings meter, especially as it increases, implies that everyone in the Underground is watching the battle. Ending the battle via the ratings meter (rather than killing the boss) has Mettaton commenting on his record ratings and a slew of viewers calling in to tell him how deeply his shows have moved them.
    • You still have to survive the boss's attacks — although taking damage can also improve ratings, especially if you used the right ACT.
    • Alternatively, another ACT has you boast that you won't be hit, which makes the ratings increase during the boss's turn as long as you stay untouched.
    • Many types of items boost ratings when used, including changing your armor — and even using the Stick, if you kept it in your inventory.
    • At one point, the boss asks you to type something flattering, and reacts differently depending on what you write.
    • Distinct from using the FIGHT option to deal damage, you can also attack the boss during some of their turns and cause his limbs to blow off.
    • But most of all, why does this Glory Hound of a boss want so badly to defeat you? He knows that if you go on to fight Asgore and lose, Asgore will get the last SOUL needed to go to war against the humans — Mettaton wants to prevent that.

    Final Area and Endings 
  • The beginning of the fight with Asgore, which the game has built up as the final obstacle of your entire journey. Then Asgore pulls out an Interface Screw of a degree that hadn't been seen in the game yet: destroying the MERCY button.
    (A strange light fills the room.)
    (Twilight is shining through the barrier.)
    (It seems your journey is finally over.)
    (You're filled with DETERMINATION.)
    • And then there's what comes next, especially for players who expected they were getting the best ending possible: everything about Photoshop Flowey, from the fight itself, to his trollface after loading his SAVE, to finally beating him.
    • There's something to be said about how Frisk defiantly steps forward to fight Photoshop Flowey even after he threatens to use the SAVE function to endlessly tear them to bloody pieces over and over.
    • Special note goes to the six human SOULs uniting around you to give you the power and support you need to finally stand up to Photoshop (fan name Omega) Flowey, coming in with the track switch from the dismal and frightening "Your Best Nightmare" to the rousing and inspiring "Finale", Flowey's defense is shattered and he DESPERATELY starts to throw everything he can at you. What seemed like a hopeless battle has turned. And after Flowey resets his SAVE and then tries and fails to reset it again, the SOULs reappear and attack Flowey themselves!
    • Even though you've been forced to fight, the game still gives you the option to SPARE the boss. Flowey insists that the only way to end this for good is for you to kill him, even threatening to kill you and everyone you love if you let him go. If you persist despite having every reason to give in, he breaks down and flees, as you've shattered his worldview of "kill or be killed" which he's maintained from the start.
    • Lets say you succumb to the temptation to kill him — given the power he's shown, and the threats he's giving, you may legitimately consider his existence something of a Godzilla Threshold. So you do it... and his Famous Last Words are "I knew you had it in you." Thereby taking away your moral victory.
      • On the other hand, killing him results in Flowey avoiding you on subsequent playthroughs, similar to how he avoids Sans - aka the one who forced him to reset the timeline the most.
  • Pretty much everything about the final confrontation of the Pacifist route.
    • The build-up in which you get to see all of the friendships you've made, including gathering together all of the minor monster encounters, all to confront Flowey, despite it going badly.
    • When the six big characters are first entrapped by Flowey's vines, notice Undyne. While the others appear stunned, she's fighting against the vines the entire time.
    • While everyone is trapped and — judging by their expressions — in pain, they still protect you from Flowey's attacks. Even though Undyne is the only one fighting the vines, everyone is doing what they can to protect you who they have come to love so much.
    • The build up right before the True Final Boss fight. After Flowey absorbs all of the monsters' SOULs from the Underground in a flash of light, the player is alone in a black void with a monster child. He then begins to introduce himself: cue turning around, appearing as a Boss Monster... and then transforming into an adult version of himself, the words ASRIEL DREEMURR appearing letter by letter in stylistic bold text.
    • During the battle, the background shines with all the colors of the rainbow, the boss' attacks are extremely over-the-top and awesome, and he even calls them!
      • And the background doesn't start doing that until the first crescendo in the boss theme, "Hopes and Dreams."
    • Dying in the fight against the boss yields this message: "But it refused." You can't die, as your SOUL simply mends itself together and refuses to let the fight end here and now, no matter how much damage it takes.
    • The final phase of the fight where the button to ACT becomes one to SAVE. You then confront the Lost Souls of the many friends you made throughout the game, absorbed by Asriel and fighting against you... but by reminding them of the times you have spent together, you are able to rescue them from hopelessness and get them back on your side.
    • Also from the final boss fight: after the player saves all of Frisk's allies and tries to SAVE Asriel himself, the boss is reduced to firing a huge Wave-Motion Gun while bawling Berserker Tears, begging Frisk to let him win, while Frisk's determination is so strong that they survive their HP going into the fractions, all the way down to 0.0000000001/20.
    • The final boss is even more awesome if you're trying for a No-Damage Run on top of True Pacifist. Because now Asriel is a legitimate challenge instead of a Foregone Conclusion, and his over-the-top attack patterns are almost as hard to avoid as Sans'. And, yes, it is possible to avoid everything save for the final rainbow laser.
    • An understated one: At the turning point of the final battle, Asriel's broken out his One-Winged Angel form, and the sheer power of his presence alone leaves the player unable to move. The narration specifically points out that you're reaching for your SAVE file, but can't. Saving the game is impossible. But then the narration suggests that, with what power you have remaining, you can save something else...
  • At the very end of the game after the True Final Boss, as you are free to travel and revisit characters, you discover that the biggest stealth badass of all was the one nobody expected: NAPSTABLOOK. Due to Asriel having learned your name with everyone's souls inside him, everyone now knows your name, except that one, single character. Why? When Flowey unleashed that flash of light that reached through all the underground, allowing him to absorb every monster, Napstablook saw the snails on their farm vanishing from their window and just ''shut the blinds''. That's right: while Frisk was valiantly facing off against Asriel for ''the fate of the timeline'', Napstablook was just chilling at home, same as always, no worse for wear!

  • During the New Home walk on No Mercy, as Flowey talks to you, one of the points he makes is how he and you are better than the "sickos" who prefer to watch acts of cruelty happen rather than having the guts to do it themselves, i.e. Take That, Let's Play Viewers! It can catch viewers off-guard in a spooky way, but damn, Flowey is Genre Savvy personified.

  • Playing through the No Mercy route will make you feel like a horrible person, but the final fight is awesome nonetheless in many ways. You'll definitely have to use some Villainous Valour of your own to win against this one, and it feels great when you do:
    • Absolutely everything about the fight is openly designed so that it's as rage-inducing as possible — starting with stupidly hard-to-dodge attack patterns that rack up immense damage from the smallest mistakes, and throwing in several Interface Screws and a number of fake-outs. Who's responsible for putting you through this hell? It's Sans, who finally decided to get serious. Turns out he's known all along that you're an "anomaly in the timespace continuum" with the power to reset the world, and he was hoping you might stop if he just became friends with you. But he also knows that this time is different, and if he doesn't stop you here, everything will end.
    • The first thing they do, before the music starts, even before the battle menu comes up, is hit you with a rapid-fire series of attacks including giant laser volleys that are nearly impossible to dodge unless you know they're coming. After you finally manage to survive this, they comment that they "always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first." No other enemy does this. If you start the battle again, he'll interrupt his own monologue to sucker-punch you!
    • There's also this little gem that Sans says before his fight:
      Sans: it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell.
      [cue Sans' strongest attack]
    • The above in itself is a CMOA for the boss themselves when you realize what the opening line in the dialogue box means: "You feel like you're going to have a bad time." At this point, the Fallen Child has fully assumed control of the character, and has become corrupted to the point of now being a horrific, soulless abomination that Was Once a Man, who thrives on the dust and blood of murder and even toying with hope of being spared, if you choose to be that sadistic. But Sans? Sans legitimately frightens this travesty of nature after the abrupt onslaught he unleashes so casually. He's the only character who scares the Fallen Child. For good reason.
      • Who stopped Flowey every single time he got close to a Genocide run or something like it, and forced him to reset the most? You guessed it.
    • At the halfway point, Sans offers you a chance at mercy. Should you choose it, Sans will reward you by straight-up killing you and telling you to "get dunked on". This seemingly dick move is a test on Sans' part; if you fall for his taunt, all it did was prove that you believed accepting his offer was the easy way out. By saying "if we're really friends... you won't come back", he's saying that if you cared about him or the other members of the Underground one bit, you'd reset and start going for the Pacifist route. If you go back to him and reject his offer, then congratulations: you've been exposed.
    • The boss shows their insane level of ability in an entirely dissimilar fashion to anything thus far: being the most Genre Savvy opponent you can face. They sidestep your attack every time, asking why they should just stand there and take it. When you finally overcome their best gauntlet of attacks, they unleash their special attack: nothing. Literally nothing. They're perfectly aware they can't beat you, and one blow from you will finish them, so they decide to do nothing, trapping you in their turn so you can't attack. There's only way you can win: dragging the borders of the attack zone with your SOUL so that you can reach the FIGHT command. But you still have to wait for the boss to fall asleep from exhaustion or else they'll reset your position. And even then, the boss evades your attack, so you have to break the rules further and attack twice in one turn to actually land the hit.
    • Everything about the boss in this fight is badass. Their cool moves, their lack of care, their insanely complicated trolling, and their unwillingness to move an inch while firing these attacks at you demonstrate just how absurdly powerful they are.
    • Perhaps the most amazing part is that this boss has, on paper, the worst stats in the game. 1 ATK, 1 DEF, 1 HP. "The easiest enemy," according to CHECK. But this enemy knows that tiny 1-damage ticks won't trigger your Mercy Invincibility. That means you're taking 1 damage per frame! Compare this to the Fallen Child's obsession with stats and power, and that by this point, you have items that give you maximum ATK and DEF. In this boss battle, your stat boosts are absolutely useless. Considering you are about to finish a complete monster genocide, you feel "your sins crawling on your back", and being hit incurs residual damage in the form of poisonous Karma, you might suddenly realize that "No Mercy" means no mercy for you, either.
    • Again, playing the No Mercy run will make you feel awful. But after dying literally dozens of times to this enemy, nothing will feel sweeter than finally killing him off. One of the more awesome moments, simply because of how unbelievably difficult it is.
    • Sans makes fun of the player for each defeat during his fight and come back to try him again. Kill him once and restart just to fight him again?
      Sans: that expression you're wearing...
      Sans: ...
      Sans: you're really kind of a freak, huh?
    • There are several bosses that can change the color of your SOUL. But they all have a certain trick. Papyrus sends you through a whole turn's worth of blue bones, Undyne strikes you with her spear, Muffet pours tea on you, and during the Mettaton fight, you use a phone program that Alphys wrote. But there's one boss that can manipulate your SOUL at will, changing you between blue and red in the middle of a turn. Sans.

  • After finally taking out the above monstrosity, you get a rather twisted moment yourself during the confrontation against Asgore. Just before he is cut down, Asgore mentions he was warned about you by a certain flower. After killing him, a desperate Flowey strikes the final blow and begins begging you for mercy. You're so crazy, you manage to put fear back into a deranged, sociopathic abomination.

  • While most players tend to focus on the fact that you can choose (in vain) not to erase the world in the end, it's entirely possible to go along with Chara's suggestion, even if you're fully aware that doing so might involve them "killing" you (implied by the slashing animation). You can choose to be someone filled with determination to destroy everything, up to and including yourself, proving that sometimes, the cruelest and most destructive people are those who, unlike Flowey, don't fear death.

  • It's actually possible to delete the save file flags that trigger the Corrupted Pacifist Ending. By doing this, you essentially manage to beat the Fallen Child at their own game.

  • And if you are feeling especially clever, note that the Fallen Child will not ERASE the world until you make a final decision, ERASE or DO NOT. There's nothing stopping you from just quitting the game and starting over, cold feet and consequences be damned...


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