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16-bit beats mixed with head-banging awesomeness.
"Undertale is an emotional roller-coaster... and these are the tracks!"

As a game made by Toby Fox, it's no surprise that the Soundtrack is a huge part of the game's experience.

Listen to the soundtrack here!

To prevent spoilers, some tracks are not listed on the public soundtrack page. Please add "hidden" tracks to the "Spoiler Tracks" folder, as their titles or musical cues can be a spoiler for the particularly observant, and the surprise of an unexpected track can add to the moment some of them appear in.

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  • The opening theme, Once Upon A Time, sets up some of the recurring riffs for the rest of the game.
  • Toriel's theme, Fallen Down, plays a simple yet calming melody in a way that assures you that you have no reason to be afraid and that things will be alright now that Toriel is here.
  • The Ruins, another world to explore, inspiring a sense of nostalgia and peace. This track even tends to appear in the endings! This should fill you with determination.
  • Ghost Fight, which plays during the reluctant spat with Napstablook. It has similar vibes to Battle With a Flippant Foe and sounds like something from OFF, which is fitting, as you're fighting a Bedsheet Ghost much like the Batter does for most of OFF. Also notable is the Dark Reprise, Dummy!, which is used for the Mad Dummy. And if you listen carefully, you can hear elements of it in Spider Dance as well.
  • Particularly notable is "Heartache", the Battle Theme Music for Toriel's Boss Battle. It combines the game's trademark chiptune instrumentation with a more modern, grandiose theme.
  • Papyrus' battle theme, Bonetrousle, which kicks into gear once Papyrus reveals that he's Not So Harmless. It's also perfect to do the Russian kick dance or the chair dance to it. There is a second part of the song that played in the game's initial trailer, made available in the Collector's Edition, and it ends up making Bonetrousle sound even more bombastic than before!
  • The theme for the cavernous Waterfall. A solemn track filled with a sense of loneliness and quiet despair, yet building up to a sense of determination.
  • The Tem Shop music is a tune that could probably be described as "delightfully obnoxious", much like the Temmies themselves. It's loud and piercing and off-key but also just so darn happy.
  • Undyne's battle theme, "Spear of Justice", showcases her as a character very well. It sounds like an instrumental to the opening of an awesome anime (especially the intro). You can feel the blazing passion emanating from it, and it really pumps you up for her battle.
  • Another Medium which plays during the trek through the Hotlands. You are filled with intrigue, and determination.
  • Alphys' leitmotif, while initially as hesitant and awkward as she is, becomes kind of serene and slightly melancholic as the song plays out. A repetitive but passionate piano rendition by Undyne.
  • Muffet's fight theme, "Spider Dance", is quite catchy, and is sure to stick around in your brain long after the actual fight has passed. It's so good, the spiders in Muffet's room dance to it during her encounter!
  • Oh! One True Love may play in a rather ridiculous context, and the lyrics get sillier later on, but the tune itself plucks spectacularly at the heartstrings. No surprise that an appropriate remix of it plays during the Mettaton battle's finale in a pacifist run, when the robotic TV personality realizes just how beloved he is to his fans.
  • "Live Report" is a simple little newsroom-esque ditty that plays during the 'newsreporter' scenario that Mettaton puts you through. When he switches to his usual murderous shenanigans however, the theme changes to "Death Report", which combines the news-like theme along with a suspenseful, high energy tune. It's a shame that it plays during a fast timed event, as it's likely you'll be too busy defusing bombs to appreciate it.
  • "CORE" plays later in the game, as you traverse through the titular area. The in-game version conveys a much sadder feeling thanks to the slightly higher pitch, making the parts where "Another Medium" plays (around the 1:00 mark) absolutely beautiful. The best part about this version? It also carries on through battles, further capturing the finality of your adventures in the Underground.
  • Mettaton's fight theme, "Metal Crusher", a playfully energetic yet menacing bit of chiptune befitting the strange situation of being hounded by a killer TV star. The track playing during the boss battle with Mettaton's EX form? Death By Glamour. It's just as fabulous as it sounds, darling.
  • The theme that plays while going through New Home, Undertale, serves as the game's Theme Tune and provides an emotionally intense backing for The Reveal of the setting's backstory.
  • "The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans" is pretty kickass. It starts up as a faster, Mega Man X3-style remix of Sans's theme, and around halfway through, Papyrus's theme and Gaster's theme kick in. Despite the song's title, it isn't in the game's files at all. However, it fits surprisingly well if modded in. One has to wonder if the song was actually intended to be in the game at one point, but was replaced with MEGALOVANIA during development.
  • "Small Shock" plays when you first meet Asgore. It's only two notes, and 14 seconds long, yet manages to portray the entirety of the mood: reluctance, angst, and sorrow.
  • "ASGORE" is absolutely incredible. You can feel the finality of the battle, and the sadness of the poor king who really doesn't want to hurt you, but can't afford to listen. You can even hear the first half of "Heartache" in the song, which makes sense in context. A remix of "ASGORE" is available in the Collector's Edition, named Bereavement. Not only is it given a much more ethereal feeling, but it's played in the same slightly lower pitch as Bergentruckung is - and with that very little change, it ends up making the song sound much sadder, the feeling of finality being much stronger.
  • "Stronger Monsters", which replaces the regular battle theme in Hard Mode, only accessible by naming your character "Frisk".
  • On a much calmer note, "It's Raining Somewhere Else", the theme that plays when you meet up with Sans at the Hotel.
  • The incredibly relaxing and sweet little music which plays if you give the statue in Waterfall an umbrella and therefore activate the music box: Memory. It is also a sneak preview of "His Theme", a very important and powerful song that you will hear much, much later in the game.
  • "Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap", a very short song that plays while a bird carries you over a disproportionately small gap.
  • This article explores deeply (complete with handy music player notes, timestamps, and sheet music) all leitmotifs in the game, where they can be heard, and their potential significance. You're almost sure to pick up something interesting. (e.g. Undyne's theme can be heard in ASGORE?!, Why is the Snowdin Theme in Hopes and Dreams?, etc.)
  • Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch port is the battle theme of Mad Mew Mew, which takes "Spider Dance" and "Dummy!" and turns up the intensity.

    Spoiler Tracks 
  • "Your Best Nightmare" and "Finale", which play during the battle with Photoshop Flowey, fit the mood perfectly and provide that perfect slow uplifting transition from madness and despair to hope and determination.
    • The intro sounds almost like the music is laughing at you, as it loomingly goes "ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha!"
    • The battle theme itself sounds like a demented drum and bass track straight out of Aphex Twin's hard drive.
  • "An Ending", the melancholy track that plays during the majority of the neutral endings and Undyne's final moments. It's a remix of Ruins that makes it into an ending where it gives a feel of "this isn't how things should end", and fits perfectly with reminders of any mistakes you made or how hopeless their situation is.
  • "Hopes and Dreams", the theme for the True Final Boss, Asriel Dreemurr, combines several of the game's most important Leitmotifs, the Main theme and Flowey's theme in particular, into one climactic battle theme. There's also "SAVE the World", the rocking remix that plays when you reach the climax of the fight.
  • The credits themes are nothing to sneeze at either. Starting with "Bring It In, Guys!", which is a remix of several songs including "Enemy Approaching", "Spear of Justice", and "Death by Glamour". This is soon followed by "Last Goodbye" a rocking remix of "SAVE the World" that plays while showing the names of those who helped fund the game on Kickstarter.
  • Undyne's second battle theme, "Battle Against a True Hero", is even more awesome, truly worthy of a heroine facing the deadliest of villains without fear in her heart. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker due to how hopeful and emotional it sounds given the horrible situation she is in. Mettaton NEO recieves an equally awesome remix of this theme, called "The Power of NEO". For added fun, the ending of Undyne's song is very much a reference to Touhou, what with the ZUNpets.
  • During the fight with Sans on the No Mercy route, a remix of "Megalovania" from Toby Fox's The Halloween Hack and Homestuck, one of Toby's most famous tunes, plays as the battle theme. It's become the most famous song off of the game's entire soundtrack, and for good reason, because it's GLORIOUS, and it tells you purely from music that you're gonna have a BAD time. Then it got a remix in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And it's just as awesome as ever, possibly even more so.
  • The song that plays while your friends protect you from Flowey in the True Pacifist ending, "Don't Give Up", is sure to tug at a few heartstrings. It starts off as a simple piano melody alongside strings, and evolves into a solemn piece befitting the situation. It's also a slowed-down, instrumental version of "Battle Against a True Hero", which is very fitting as it's played when ALL of your monster friends are cheering you on, just like when Undyne the Undying is facing down a Genocidal player and all of monsterkind's hearts unite to defeat you.
  • Here We Are, which plays when you enter the True Lab, is haunting and creepy, yet has a kickass drumbeat and a very EarthBound feel. It also happens to be a Dark Reprise of Alphys' theme.
  • Gaster's Theme doesn't even show up in the soundtrack, but it's one of the creepiest songs in the entire game. Fitting for a character like Dr. Gaster, a character who's implied to have suffered from a Fate Worse than Death before the events of the game (and is a living Deconstruction of Dummied Out).
  • His Theme, the music that plays during the final stretch of the final battle as Frisk reaches out to save Asriel Dreemurr from his own madness. It starts slowly, but grows more and more powerful as the scene progresses. This is His Theme played at .85 speed, and is what you actually hear during the final stretch in-game, making it more impactful and powerful than the normal version.
  • While the original "Bonetrousle" is pretty catchy all by its own, the Genocide version is an extremely slowed down version. The result is...very haunting.
  • Amalgam, which plays when you fight the Amalgamatesnote . It sounds like Giygas' ambience in the beginning, which quickly turns into a Kirby-style techno-ish boss theme.
  • Reunited, the overworld song for the Playable Epilogue. An emotional yet uplifting song to round out the True Pacifist ending before the leaving the underground for good.
  • "Good Night", a short piano rendition of "Once Upon A Time". It only plays in the game's final seconds, just as the Special Thanks are ending in the gamenote  but it still wraps the soundtrack with fitting Book-Ends.

    Fan Works 
  • "Robot Sans" starts off as a relatively normal mashup between "Megalovania" and "Robot Rock", but at the halfway point "Kids", "One More Time" and "Harder Better Faster Stronger" kick in, making an amazing medley.
  • JT Music presents "To the Bone". It's sung from the perspective of Papyrus and Sans addressing the player and the overall theme of the game. Both are written very in character with good voice work. Papyrus is still uptight and adorable wrapped in one, while Sans still has his laid back, pun-tacular attitude that sometimes slips into menacing.
  • Knitting Giant Beanies, well known in the Gravity Falls fandom for basically being fanon!Bill, did an awesome Genocide Route song with her band Go! Child, called "RUINous". It's primarily from Chara's perspective taking over Frisk (made before the Narrator Chara theory took hold and the fandom's perspective on Chara did a 180), has elements of "Megalovania" in the instrumental, and is quite the ear worm, if not ending on a somber note.
  • "I Can't Accept Your Mercy", a remix of Asgore's theme produced by Solair Echoes, that ups the intensity of the melody and instruments.
  • Milkychan's cover of "Megalovania". The lyrics do a very good job of showing what a tragic character Sans really is.
  • Think Snowdin Town's theme sounds Christmasy on its own? Have a specifically Christmas-themed version!
  • Underswap, from the Undertale AU of the same name, by keno9988ii. It's a remix of the song "Undertale", but with "Fallen Down" instead of the "Asgore" bits; it also happens to be just as heartbreakingly beautiful as the original. There's also Fallen Under by GoeticThunder, which is Asgore's theme in the AU: a gentle, "Fallen Down"-styled remix of "Undertale".
  • "Destruction of Determination" is a scary techno theme for a battle with Chara at the end of the Genocide/Redemption Run.
  • Rush Garcia's orchestral remix of ASGORE is downright epic, while keeping the emotional weight of the original.
  • Outertale OST, made by Jeffrey Watkins. A whole fanmade album using tracks from the original Undertale soundtrack for an AU. Available on Youtube.
  • Lots of fans created awesome music for Undertale's first anniversary.
    • This parody of "Owl's City"'s song "Good Time" sung by Youtubers djsmell and Chi-chi, who have already done multiple covers of Undertale soundtracks and parody songs.
    • The Living Tombstone created this awesome dubstep remix of "Bonetrousle".
    • "Your Soulmate" is a half-hour-long medley of thirty-eight remixes from the original soundtrack. Also check out the art: more and more monsters are added, until literally the entire cast is shown.
  • Some mostly original songs based on the soundtrack:
  • Chara and SANS by Even Skies are downright delightful.
  • METALOVANIA by Metal Socks was already awesome. Then he made the godly METALOVANIA 2X16.
  • Breis' take on "Megalovania", some may know him for his Mega Man X remixes. His distinctive riffs are present, to give a sense of familiarity to those who are familiar with his style.
  • While technically only associated with Undertale thanks to Chara lacking a boss theme, this version of "Megalo Strikes Back" combines the original with new synthesized variant. It almost has a "You're Best Nightmare" feel, especially towards the beginning.
  • Spongetale OST, for a crossover game between Undertale and SpongeBob SquarePants. Despite the intentionally ridiculous premise, the songs provided are no less amazing than the actual Undertale OST. And it's being made into an actual fangame! The swapped version of Spongetale gives Bibulus by Galacticgal, which combines many familiar leitmotifs from the show into a Megalovania-styled song.
  • Duality. A fan-made piece of music for the Epic Tale AU and a techno piece that depicts the inevitable battle between Frisk and Chara, which is sure to be, well, epic. Combining Heartache, Your Best Friend, Megalovania, and Determination into a single song, it's a fast-paced and almost somber theme for a battle between two humans.
  • Battle Against An Uncontrollable Hero, a mash-up between "Uncontrollable" from Xenoblade Chronicles X and "Battle against a True Hero". Each song on its own is awesome, but the two of them put together work extremely well, delivering an explosion of energy which will get you pumped up.
  • Death by Scaramouch, a remix of "Death by Glamour" featuring Scaramouch the Merciless. Yes, really.
  • Yugen has some awesome metal covers of Waterfall and Heartache.
  • The X-Event AU includes character themes for X-Event!Chara and X-Event!Cross.
  • Dark, Darker Yet Monster is yet another Gaster song, this time taking his incredibly creepy theme and transforming it into a rather epic song.
  • [HARD - MODE], a remix of Megalovania meant to play on a hard mode Genocide run. On top of being generally intense, it's also somber enough to catch the feel of the Sans fight perfectly.
  • KIRALOVANIA, or Megalovania set to clips from Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable. A surprising amount of effort went into the video despite the ridiculous premise, such as Kira briefly having Sans' blue eye aura, the video shifting to match a normal Undertale-style battle during Shigechi's death, Reimi's giving her speech while Kira's laugh serves as the BGM, and all of the time shenanigans that would make Kira fit right into the game itself.
  • "Royal Guard," an Underfell AU theme for Papyrus that is 100% original rather than just being a Dark Reprise of an Undertale song.
  • In response to numerous disparaging comments about this cover of "Battle Against a True Hero", Youtuber Cami-Cat created this: Undertale- Battle Against a True Hero Redo.
  • Korean Youtuber katrina 130 created Red Megalovania for Dusttale!Sans. Bonus points for the flawless melding between Megalovania, Red's battle theme, and Bonetrousle while keeping up the dark mood of the AU throughout the mix.
  • "Reality Check Through The Skull", DM Dokuro's remix of every character theme related to the Skelebros with "Megalovania" as the central piece, ratchets up the overall intensity a little while also including some slow electric guitar segments. And by a little, we mean to uncharted VR rhythm game difficulty levels.
  • Japanese YouTuber Hadhad created a cool remix of "Megalovania".
  • Vladimir Ignitio's Devilovania is an amazing boss theme for the genocide route of Storyshift where the player battles Chara in the Last Corridor.
  • Fans have noted that "MEGALOVANIA" can have its beats scrambled around and still sound really good. Here's Yukiko's "megalovania but beats 2 and 4 are swapped", for example.
  • "Undertale - Hot Dog French Fries", created by WittyUsername, is a version of "Skeletons" by DomFera (found here, for the curious) combined with "Bonetrousle" and various Undertale songs to create a medley of sorts that sounds simultaneously nostalgic and unique. The structural song being an ear worm itself and the charming animation full of Easter Eggs certainly helps. Then WittyUsername released an extended version one year later that packs even more into its runtime, including a brief cameo from the main cast of Deltarune.

    Fan Albums 
  • Songs from Mt. Ebott: Vol. 1 by multiple artists. It's free, very well done, and comes with an artzine. Special mention goes to LOVE, a potential Chara battle theme by The Great Anansi, who also did "Dark, Darker, Yet Darker". And now there's a Vol. 2.
  • A musician on Youtube going by the handle of RichaadEB produced a ton of Undertale battle music covers, covering all the major boss battles and minibosses who have their own themes, crowned with an insane 5-minute rendition of "Your Best Nightmare." Now available as a single uninterrupted video for all your electric guitar remix needs. These pieces became part of a Dual Album called Determination that has been approved by Toby Fox himself. His works have been dubbed the Red Side, while the Blue Side is a collection of the Overworld themes created by another musician, Ace Waters. If you're going to listen to anything off the Blue Side, listen to "A New Home", which takes the already emotional "Undertale" and turns it up a few notches. He said he would stop doing Undertale covers after finishing it. Luckily for us, he lied and, on the anniversary, they gave us Determination: The Purple Side.
  • Strings of Determination Vol. 1 by String Player Gamer is made up of covers of songs done on electric string instruments. The remixed songs combine the familiar tunes of Undertale with the energy of a professional orchestra.Here's Vol. 2. And Vol. 3. And Vol. 4. Special mention goes to the cover of Battle Against a True Hero, where the high-energy rhythms are provided with violins instead of a piano.
  • This amazing symphonic suite medley of "Determination", "Spear of Justice", "sans.", "Bonetrousle", "Bergentrückung/ASGORE", "Heartache", and a reprise of "ASGORE" by Games&Symphonies.
  • Undertale Remixed by Holder is an amazing album of various Boss theme songs remixed as Electronic Music songs. Cement City also did electronic remixes with Ghost Sandwich
  • Lenich & Kirya provide another excellent rendition of Bonetrousle, this one an energetic and quick Russian dance style-cover. The vocals and spoken Papyrus line are nice touches. They've also got quite an effective down-to-earth but no less energy-filled and in spirit cover of Asgore's theme and heck of a cheery rendition of Dogsong under their belts.Now avalible as part of Podskazka, along with other covers!
  • YouTuber NateWantsToBattle has done a few Undertale songs, which, along with some remixes, are available in Bad Time.
    • "Promise Me", his Pacifist Route song, an original song sung from Toriel's POV. Dips into My Beloved Smother vibes, but hey. Was uploaded in a duo alongside...
    • "Ashes", his No Mercy / Genocide original song, sung from Sans's POV. Heavy, but what did you expect?
    • "Dead Silence" is another No Mercy / Genocide original song, sung from the POV of The Fallen Child / Chara, after a reset of a No Mercy / Genocide run, guaranteed to make you more than a little paranoid. Be warned, there's a bit of a jump scare towards the end.
    • "Unaligned" is a Neutral Route song, sung from the POV of Frisk, showing their struggle of whether or not to attack and/or kill Toriel, or spare her... The song implies Frisk does the former.
  • Vetrom Projects managed to turn the six human SOUL segments of Your Best Nightmare into their own songs, and compiled the seven souls into one album, Souls. Each tune has its own special qualities:
    • Patience is upbeat, cheerful, and innocent.
    • Bravery is serious, with a dramatic bass line.
    • Integrity is calm and serene, befitting the methods of a graceful dancer.
    • Perseverance is whimsical, combining techno notes and violin strings.
    • Kindness emphasizes balance, combining violin strings and a bass line.
    • Justice is dramatic, using darker tunes to convey the ideals of a crusader.
    • Determination is powerful, yet controlled. The tune combines two tracks from the soundtrack of Undertale. For "Determination," the piano notes are relaxing. For "Finale," the piano notes remain, but the strong bass notes signify how a Determined individual can defy overwhelming odds.
  • Determination by Try Hard Ninja has several vocal songs about Undertale, some of which are mentioned in the Fanfic Recs.
  • Fragments of a Heart by Laura Platt is made up of 'orchestral' covers of Undertale songs. Similarly, there's Undertale: Magic & Monsters by Jeremiah George.
  • Jet Set Undertale is a mashup album that manages to combine the Undertale soundtrack with the Jet Set Radio soundtrack into one gorgeous album. Highlights are "Amalgajam", "It's Showtime Like This!", and "Funky Megolovanian Dealer".
  • Smooth McGroove made acapella covers of Death By Glamour, Spider Dance, Megalovania and Heartache, and they are just as glorious as the originals. Now part of Undertale (A Cappella).
  • Undertale the Musical. A fan project to put lyrics to tracks from the game to make it feel like a Broadway show. The singers suit their characters amazingly well, and the lyrics are quite clever. In particular, the track that was released on Christmas Day 2016... where Frisk averts Silent Protagonist status. His version of "Your Best Nightmare" has what's perhaps the finest version of Finale online. Usually the lyrics for that consists of the souls offering support for Frisk, and while this still has it they sound positively wrathful. The souls alternate between demanding Flowey stop his mad game, swearing to fight him no matter what, and taunting him over how powerless he is. All the while, Flowey's villainous breakdown interjects to the tune of Bergentruckung. And once he rejects their last second chance, the souls decide he has to die and leave the final blow to Frisk.
  • Underbees by Bees? has some well done songs.
  • For the anniversary, UNDERVEIL, made by several Japanese Undertale fans, is an awesome album with multiple styles.


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