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Knowing that the mouse might one day find a truly great fanfic amidst the sea of crud... it fills you with determination.

These are recommendations made by tropers for Undertale Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be dunked on into Gaster's invention and sent to the VOID, scattered across time and space]]. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


For recommendations regarding the sister-game Deltarune, see here.

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    Music and Original Songs 


Fade Away by Mandopony.

  • Recommended by Treguard, SergeantSqueaks
  • Asriel sings, in his last moments with a soul, about how much he doesn't want to return to being Flowey. An absolutely heartbreaking piece.

Judgement by TryHardNinja.

  • Recommended by Treguard, SergeantSqueaks
  • Sans, just before judgement is proclaimed, wonders what he will find in Frisk's soul.

Mercy or Genocide by TryHardNinja.

  • Recommended by AutisticMermaid, SergeantSqueaks
  • "But will you spare their souls or drag them with you into hell?"

I Am Flowey by TryHardNinja.

  • Recommended by AutisticMermaid, SergeantSqueaks
  • Flowey welcomes you, his new bestie, to the underground, where love is never far.

Stay By TryHardNinja.

  • Recommended by Alan900900900, SergeantSqueaks
  • A song about Toriel not wanting the player to leave the ruins. Wonderfully emotional singing.

Sans Battle - Stronger Than You By Djsmell.

  • Recommended by OCDsnake
  • A cover of a Steven Universe song with lyrics based on the Sans boss fight.

Bergentrückung / ASGORE (lyrical adaptation) by Chi-chi

  • Recommended by Ru Tsuna
  • A music box cover of Bergentrückung transposed onto original lyrics. Asgore somberly reflects on role as king of the Underground.

Stronger than you--A Response By RyuO

  • Recommended by treehugger0369
  • A response to the Sans battle version above from Frisk's perspective as they struggle with their guilt over the path their curiosity led them down.

ECHO by v0idless

  • Recommended by: freefall4242
  • Synopsis: Gaster and Sans battle in the void.
  • Comments: The animation is truly stunning and imaginative. Gaster is simply haunting as he battles Sans within Sans' own mind. And it now has a prequel in the form of RE:Incarnation.

Stronger Than You parody (Chara&Frisk) By LilyPichu

  • Recommended by treehugger369
  • Another response to the Sans battle, but this time more from Chara's perspective as they gleefully mock Sans about what they've done and what they will do to him, with Frisk more resigned than regretful.

Secret Garden by Empath P.

  • Recommended by Charlie
  • Flowerfell AU orginal song. Read Overgrowth by Sociopathic Archangel to get the feels in this song. Seriously sad song.

Undertale the Musical by Man on the Internet

  • Recommended by Crow T R0bot, Arahul, Warrior Sparrow, Dragon Wasser
  • A collaborative project that turns 41 of the game's biggest soundtrack pieces into lyrical musical numbers, turning Undertale's already memorable soundtrack into something truly epic.
  • Now has its own page! (Also is in the Fan Video section)

Genocide The Musical by bearandrocky1

  • Recommended by Zeanobia
  • The antithesis of Undertale The Musical. Following a post-pacifist genocide run.

Undertale Genocide: The Musical by LemonLight Productions

  • Recommended by Princess Togezo
  • Another musical interpretation of the genocide route, this one takes a few more liberties with canon than others of its kind. It ends up providing a few new surprises and plot twists for those who are used to the original plot of the game, and is worth a listen for those who want a slightly different spin on the genocide route.

ECHO Gaster Community Project organized by TechCat

  • Recommended by: freefall4242
  • Synopsis: A massive collaboration project featuring over 80 artists' interpretations of W.D. Gaster. Seizure warning; there are a lot of frames.
  • Comments: Truly has to be seen to be believed. The project spans A Us, interpretations, and styles, and the sheer quantity of designs for the enigmatic W.D. Gaster is on full display. If not the video proper, then the last half of the video showcasing the various Gasters used is definitely worth a watch.

Undertale - Anomanexus by Dakota Jones

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Synopsis: A song that revolves around the concept that Frisk, Chara, and the other six human souls are a part of a singular consciousness called the Nexus. Frisk and the others were a random anomaly of nature meant to free the monsters. Now that their mission is complete, Frisk's determination is forcing them to collect all the other scattered souls in order to become full again and delete itself so as to prevent any other resets from ruining the happy ending.
  • Comment(s): This is more of a unique battle theme and less of a leitmotif. Nothing here can describe the epic battle theme composed here, making it worthy of an endgame boss battle.

Soul Instrumental Remixes, created by Vetrom, consisting of:Patience,Bravery,Integrity,Perseverance,Kindness,Justice, andDetermination.

  • Recommended by Lord Of The Sword, Zoic Alcelaphine
  • The melodies created are very good, with each one having their own "style" (Justice is action-y, Perseverance is a bit more electronic, etc.) and beat. Completed on May 21, 2017 with Determination.

    Authors and Sites 


  • Recommended by Lwoorl, SergeantSqueaks
  • Feralphoenix has written several undertale fanfics, among them her series you can only use your own, with more than 200.000 words, is by far the longest, although she also has several shorter high quality stories that can go from taking place in a post-pacifist to a genocide run. Her stories focus mostly on Chara, Frisk, or Asriel, however, she has fics about other characters too. Her works can go from fluffy to really dark (or vice versa) easily, but most of them end with a hopeful ending. you can only use your own now has its own trope page.
  • Warnings: A lot of Charasriel, some weird fixations on menstruation and pregnancy, and some relationships are incredibly unhealthy.


  • Recommended by lettergirlmj
  • Possibly the most prolific writer in the Undertale fandom, Mini Nephthys has written dozens of short fic about a variety of different characters and concepts presented in the game (a significant amount involve everyone's favorite skeletons). Take a look and you'll probably find something you like from their large collection of stories.


  • Recommended by lettergirlmj, SergeantSqueaks
  • Polyhexian has written some truly excellent character studies of both Frisk and Sans (although Chara has made an appearance in recent stories). They mostly involve dealing with the aftermath of Frisk's adventures in the underground. Warning for depictions of living with PTSD, depression, and suicidal ideation. Despite the dark subject matter, each story ultimately conveys a hopeful tone in spite of everything.


  • Recommended by Ru Tsuna
  • Though they've only written 4 stories so far, they present a heartbreaking yet believable Alternate Character Interpretation of Papyrus. Their fics share dark themes such as self-harm and suicidal ideation, which are dealt with eloquently but not unrealistically.


  • Recommended by copperking, polaris
  • Author of a series called "Undershield" about the cast after the end of the game - specifically a Pacifist run where Frisk becomes the human-monster ambassador and stays with Toriel. Everything is believable and heartwarming, with funny mixed in where it fits. It's nice to see their interpretation of how everything would play out, and the progress of human-monster interactions is great. Very well done.


  • Recommended by NC Toni
  • The author of the alarmingly good "Phantom Pains", a 34-chapter, Sans-centric story, with two endings, well-developed relationships, and extensive character exploration, Casting Rain, a long, ongoing fic exploring the human/monster war, and the backstory of Grillby and Dr. W.D. Gaster, as well as several one shots further exploring their relationship, including a smaller, 3/4 complete story, The Dust in Integrity's Wake, detailing an adventure involving a particularly vicious human. All of their stories are extremely well-written, drawing on the game's lore as well as the author's research and personal experiences.


  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • An author who looks at numerous works and goes through multiple reviews and analysis' of each of them. They even take an in-depth look into more popular Undertale fanworks and media.


  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • The author of several Undertale fanworks including "Deeper Down" and "Judge and Jury". Many of his works are Sans-centric with a focus on reaching the surface and having to deal with interacting with humans. Also has an Archive of Our Own profile that has a bunch of stories focused on the Undertale crew with colored illustrations depicting some of the scenes. Overall a very good artist and author.

    General Fics 
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

A Different Soul From Yours byArowanaPrincess

  • Recommended by: PhoenixFire69
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: A freak accident during one of Alphys' experiments causes the main cast (sans Frisk) to switch souls with each other, so they have to wait it out until Alphys finds a way to undo it.
  • Comments: Very entertaining. Everyone's personalities are on point, and the shenanigans that are caused by them attempting to impersonate each other are also great.

The Power of PTA Frisk! by NoSleepUntilVacation

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk has been called into Linda's office for a talk, and their friends wait outside, ready to jump in and defend them. Nobody expects to see what they see when the door opens, though.
  • Comments: A deconstruction of all of the PTAtale fics and comics floating around the web. The author states that they had noticed that the PTA Undertale often undermines three of the canon game's morals: Even the worst person can change, staying determined, diplomacy is the better path to resolving conflict. Frisk manages to stay true to themself in this fic and even manages to change someone's worldview.

I Have a Question for YOU by SaintHeartwing

  • Recommended by: draph91, StepOutOfTheSun
  • Status: Complete
  • Synposis: Sans had a question to ask in the Judgment Hall. Can even the worst person change if they just try? But Frisk has a question too. "Do you think that even the best person can change into something bad if everything is against them?" Spoilers for both Pacifist and Genocide route, a rather brutal and accusatory drabble. Don't be afraid to leave reviews or rebuttals.
  • Comments: It's a very well-written fanfiction, one where Frisk yells at Sans in a way that readers wouldn't expect. Frisk is infuriated with the number of times they were killed in the Underground, as well as the number of humans that were killed prior to their fall.

Inseparable by UnderAnon

  • Recommended by: Eugenitor, SergeantSqueaks
  • Status: Completed. Has a tropes page here.
  • Synopsis: A post-pacifist save-Asriel fic. Intermittently surrealistic and realistic.
  • Comments: There is a *lot* of worldbuilding in this one. Some humor, some silliness, some political commentary, and a lot of indulgent goat hugging.

On the Edge of a Knife by Evaunit02mark1

  • Recommended by: Sean Devine, Nara Numas, Arcade Tokens, SergeantSqueaks
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What is sanity to the mad? What is madness to the sane?
  • Pairing(s): Asriel Dreemurr & The First Child, Asriel Dreemurr/The First Child
  • Tags: Asexual Relationship, Mental Instability, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Slow Build, POV Second Person

One by One by CourierNew

  • Recommended by: MrGuy, Nara Numas, Alicia Jewel, Closerhenry, Micabell, knowmenot101, Mondegreen, Treguard, spotlight_stageright, Ardvarkeating 101, SergeantSqueaks, Robinton
  • Status: Complete. The author wrote a continuation of sorts, Truant.
  • Synopsis: The world is saved, but that wasn't enough. Asriel remains lost in the dark. To retrieve him, Frisk is ready to crack apart time itself. As he turns back the clock again and again, undoing every happy ending, Sans reluctantly confronts his own past in the most secret corners of the underground. Together, they must overcome their regrets, recover the last soul, and give the world back its future.
  • Comments: Just adding to the author's rec, this my favorite Undertale fic of all time and totally my headcanon over what happened after the True Pacifist ending. It fits the tone of the game near-perfectly, and the story's both gripping and hilarious at different moments. All-around splended writing and one of my personal favorite fanfics.
  • Seconded. Stories like this are why I keep reading fanfiction.
  • Tags: Alternate Ending, True Ending Spoilers, Post-Endgame, Non-Canon Pronouns

Day to Day by CourierNew

  • Recommended by: Oxxi, Spotlight_Stageright, SergeantSqueaks
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: King Asgore encounters the seven and the consequences that follow.
  • Tags: Prequel, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

Truant by CourierNew

  • Recommended by: Oxxi, Mondegreen, SergeantSqueaks, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The Underground goes empty. Someone remains. Occurs after the events of "One by One."
  • Comments: Courier New dubbed this a 'non-canon' alternate sequel for his first Undertale fic, and I can kind of see why (mainly because if it were canon, it would've put a slight damper to the epilogue of "One by One"). Still, I'm also okay with seeing this as an actual continuation, especially when it's as excellently written as Courier New's previous two Undertale works. He's really got a sense of the characters and how they'd interact, and it helps that he knows how to pack detailed imagery and so much emotion into his prose. We also get a more in-depth glimpse of what the monster's lives might be like after leaving the underground, which is always nice. And of course, expect quite some heart-wrenching.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Post-Pacifist Route, What-If

The Depths of the Sea by CoramDeo

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Asgore encounters the parents of the seven souls.
  • Comments: An unofficial continuation of Courier New's Day to Day that explores the consequences of Asgore having to confess his killings of the fallen children. The meeting with each of the parents feels realistic and intense, each having their own unique outcome to having been told what happened to their children in the underground. Although considered not a part of the One by One canon, it does bring a bit of a closure to the character arc that Asgore has to go through as a result of having been consumed by his rage at humanity. It's intense near the end of the story and worth the read all the way through.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Post-Pacifist Route, What-If

Undertale by picachuyou.

  • Recommended by: Red Coral, Nara Numas, Pitatogod
  • Status: Dead (last updated September 2016)
  • Synopsis: Hundreds of years later, the war with the Monsters is nothing more then a few pages in a history book. It is unknown where the Monsters were sealed away exactly, but that is not enough to stop Frisk. Join Frisk as she stumbles into the land of Undertale and struggles against the Monsters her people fought with. Novelization of Undertale. Fem Frisk.
  • Tags: Novelization, Fem Frisk, Third Person, Non-Canon Pronouns
  • Now has it's own tropes page
  • Comments: This fanfic is really well written. The fight sequences flow perfectly with the story and the author manages to make Frisk have a compelling backstory and slowly reveal it without outright telling the audience that she was abandoned. It does take the time to get inside Frisk's head and shows how she feels about everything going on around her. Has extended or edited what happens in canon with certain monsters so that it gives an extra dimension to the monsters.
  • Seconded, this story is well worth the read just for how the writer handles battles.
  • Thirded, the story adds new parts to the story that give it a mysterious, suspenseful feel, as well as creates great tension. This includes Frisk having a dream of killing Toriel which Flowey says actually happened later. It also makes Frisk feel like a scared, yet determined child, facing very trying odds and scary moments, but continuing forward despite her fear. Rather than going along with things as you do in the game, you feel worried for her and hope that things will improve for her.

Anomaly: Book Two: In At the Death by VolcanicPizza

  • Recommended by: PhoenixBlade
  • Status: Complete. The prequel, Anomaly: Book One: Beyond Forgiveness, is completed, and the author is also making a collection of one-shots, Anomaly: Reset 927, which is set in between the other two, but it's unsure what state this is in. Now has a tropes page here.
  • Synopsis: It has been two years since Frisk left the Underground. Now, her life is functioning almost normally. She has a family (albeit a monster one) and is even happy. But nothing lasts forever in this world, and as a lost friend seems to come back and a twisted ideology rises to power one person will make the ultimate sacrifice to attempt to end the madness...
  • Comments: This builds off of the prequel, Beyond Forgiveness, which postulates that Frisk takes Sans's soul and somehow manages to keep it after doing a reset. Although Beyond Forgiveness is quite well written, it isn't as thought-out as In At the Death, and the latter can be read without reading the former, although there may be some confusion. The Patriot party and its anti-monster attitude is something which I have only seen very rarely before in Undertale fanfics. Frisk and Asriel's brother-sister dynamic was actually quite cute, and the OC Caleb, one of Frisk and Asriel's friends, is a complex and multilayered character. Considering how he is initially portrayed as a friendly goofball, the shocking reversal when he murders a Patriot by stomping on his head is all the more startling, yet somehow the author manages to pull it off. In At the Death also gets pretty dark, and at this point it doesn't appear it's going to have a completely happy ending considering Asgore, Sans, and Papyrus are all dead.

bon courage by feralphoenix

  • Recommended by: Nam, Closerhenry, Lwoorl, SergeantSqueaks, thebadplace
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Post-Pacifist ending. Frisk goes to return to their life before meeting the monsters and freeing them from the Underground. As they wait to go home, they learn it's okay to ask for help going home.
  • Tags: True Ending Spoilers, Post-Endgame, Second Person, Agender/Gender Neutral Frisk, Canon Pronouns, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse

receding into indefinite rain by feralphoenix

  • Recommended by: Psychadelico, spotlight_stageright, Lwoorl
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Five years after the monsters go free, Toriel and Frisk receive an unexpected visit.
  • Comments: Looks at the relationship between Asgore and Toriel, and does a good job of presenting both sympathetically, while acknowledging their weaknesses. Ends with the family reunited with Asriel, so might be considered fix-fic.
  • Tags: POV Second Person, Post-game, Ending spoilers, Bickering couples

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Win Is For The Good To Get Bored by Draikinator

  • Recommended by: Psychadelico, Lwoorl, SergeantSqueaks, thebadplace
  • Pairings: Some very mild Sans/Toriel
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It's a pacifist ending. Frisk lives with Toriel, and Chara lives in Frisk's head. Then one day Frisk is taken away, leaving Chara in full control. Now what?
  • Comments: Ably walks the line between the "soft Chara" and "Demon That Comes When Called" depictions of the first child. Well written fight scenes. A real nail-biter. Part one of a completed series.
  • Tags: POV Second Person, Post-game, Ending Spoilers, Body-sharing, Violence, Cussing, Earn Your Happy Ending

Undertale: Long Road by Wolven One

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A year has passed since happily ever after, but happy endings are not one time events. Happy endings are something you must work at, something that must be constantly maintained. For one disturbed flower in particular, happily ever after is still far away; but that doesn't mean he must travel the long road to recovery alone.
  • Comments: One of the first full-length Undertale fanfics to have ever been developed, Wolven One has done a good job of creating a post-pacifist work and stays true to the characters personalities while expanding upon the universe. They even made a spin-off comic to go along with the story, You Don't See Me.

I Need an Adult by Fulgadrum

  • Recommended by: Pennyshill, Alicia Jewel, Nara Numas, Closerhenry, meme-asaurus
  • Pairing: Sans/Reader. Toriel flirts with OC via terrible puns. Make that of what you will.
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: No one, let alone a child, should have to face the trials Frisk had. Maybe it wasn’t your place to step in, but your conscience wouldn’t allow you to stand idle, not for a second. (In which Frisk is accompanied through their journey by a guardian.)
  • Comments: A way that this fic shines is capturing Frisk’s character. Remember that they can go through the entire game without ever harming anyone, but can also be influenced into killing every last motherfucker in the underground. Both aspects of their personality are shown here, along with a few details. (Hyperactive Metabolism, The Quiet One, the tendency to wander into stranger’s houses, etc.)
  • Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Slow Build, POV Second Person, Agender/Gender Neutral Frisk, Reader-Insert/Original Character Protagonist, Child Neglect, Implied Self-Harm, Violence,Canon Pronouns

Dreams of the Past and Present by tsukithewolf

  • Recommended by: Nara Numas, Closerhenry, Arcade Tokens, Lwoorl
  • Status: COMPLETE
  • Synopsis: A study in the relationship between Frisk and Sans as time continues marching forward instead of jumping around. Or stopping completely. Post-pacifist ending, Frisk found themself plagued with nightmares and figured it was likely not just a dream. It led them wandered off each night, until Sans decided to help. The sequel fic, sans, is about Frisk and Sans telling each other their secrets. The fourth story, Frisk, has Frisk enjoying a snow day with their friends until their past is brought up. The fifth and sixth stories are two sides of the same story, one told by Frisk and the other through Sans's POV. There are multiple side stories.
  • Tags: Frisk/Sans friendshipping (can be read as shipping), spoilers for various endings, Gaster, Ambiguously Gendered Frisk

Ripples Into Waves by Veluren

  • Recommended by: Nara Numas
  • Status: 3 of the 4 stories are completed, the fourth story seems to have been abandoned.
  • Synopsis: A collection of stories focusing on building the world of Undertale. The first story focuses on an Original Character in an original story, a scholar who goes out searching for the truth behind Monsters before history sees it turn into nothing but myth. The second fic is a retelling of the Pacifist Run with the change that Frisk is on a second loop in a theoretically completed hard mode - and isn't just fighting for themself. The third fic sees the cast return to Ebott two years after the pacifist ending because of funny stuff happening. As they investigate, they see what happened if this timeline wasn't the one that won out. The fourth story sees Asgore and the story's original character track down the parents of the other children to apologize for the last of Ebott's Tragedy. Lastly, there's a side arc for slice of life and side stories.
  • Tags: Original Characters, Original story - same 'Verse, canon divergence, retelling, heavy spoilers for all endings, crossing timelines, heavy headcanon.
  • comments: A surprisingly well-written first fanfic from the author, Onlooker has some rough edges but the other two stories show what they're capable of. Most of the collections' strength lay in the writer's ability to capture the essence of what makes Undertale with a bittersweet mood whiplash and accurately capturing each character's traits and personalities. Even if you dislike a story having an OC, they manage to be well written and believable with the perfect amount of interaction, not quite ever stealing the spotlight, but not being so irrelevant they may as well not be there as well as a mild deconstruction as to the nature of original characters in a pre-existing story.

One Last Soul to Save by wasserplane

  • Recommended by: kaiya2u, Arcade Tokens
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Frisk has finally gotten the best result-breaking the barrier, and freeing the monsters. But, they've made mistakes along the way. Mistakes that can't be undone so easily.
  • Tags: Platonic Relationships, Fix-It, Post-Canon, Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Tales of a Dreemurr Reborn by Skaia Mechanic

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: These are various events throughout the life of Asriel Dreemurr, saved from eternity as a flower by Frisk's offering of his own soul to keep him alive. Mostly conversations between others and within himself, Asriel along with Frisk embark on a journey to explore life, understand the past, and eventually become the Ambassador to all Human-Monster relations.
  • Tags: Dreemurr Reborn, An Au within an Au

30 new messages by simplycarryon

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: You've reached Undyne's voicemail... LEAVE A MESSAGE, PUNK!!! (based on the neutral ending where you kill everyone except Papyrus and Sans)
  • Tags: Papyrus and Undyne's Friendship, Spoilers

they fall right off by wordbending

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Complete;One-shot
  • Synopsis: “Nana,” said a familiar, but different, high-pitched voice. It took a moment for me to place which of Frisk’s many grandchildren it was, although nobody but them would call me “nana” - Prudence, I was pretty sure.Prudence’s tone and clipped speech were, however, gravely serious. My soul caught in my throat for a moment, and I worried (as mothers often do) what had happened.
“Whatever is the matter, dear?” There was a long pause at the other end, and then a sharp, almost silent gasp of breath that I realized was from Prudence crying, and then a voice shuddered out the words: “It’s about Frisk.”
  • Tags: Character Death, Mourning Mama, Family, Grandchildren
  • Comments: A number of theories over the years have postulated that Frisk will be outlived by his adoptive goat monster parents. This story is a realistic take on what would happen if the saviour of Monsterkind passed away and how many would be affected by it.

social links by simplycarryon

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj, Syrika, Micabell, SergeantSqueaks, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Friendship's pretty neat, or so your video games and anime dictate. But you are not an anime protagonist, and you're not sure you know what friendship is any more. (sans and alphys being buds)
  • Tags: Friendship, Living with Anxiety and Depression
  • Comments: Absolutely wonderful, as if it's been ripped straight out of Undertale canon. The author really gets inside of Alphys' head... and Sans' too, somehow, even though it's not in his POV. If you ever wondered what Sans and Alphys thought of each other, this is the fic for you.

Undertale: Ruins of the Past by Spengineer

  • Recommended by: Closerhenry
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Monsters live on the surface, and are mostly tolerated by humanity. The main character moves to the unnamed town at the base of Mt. Ebott in order to explore the Underground, which no one has entered since the monsters came to the surface. After waiting for the right time to sneak down, they find themself conflicted. These people were so nice and genuine- maybe there was a reason that nobody went to the Underground. It'd only take a plummet down to the Underground for them to find out why.
  • Tags: True Ending Spoilers, Post-Endgame

Getting Lost; Being Found by In_the_aroace_brigade

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk shook their head. “I...have somewhere to go” they said. *It isn’t technically a lie; I didn’t say that I had a family.* “I’m sure I’ll see you around sometime.” *Maybe.*
Frisk lives under a bridge and doesn't want to bother their new friends. They decide to never go see anyone because someone could ask questions, and that would be bad...wouldn't it?Meanwhile, everyone else is looking for their human child in the striped sweater.
  • Tags: True Ending spoilers, Frisk is an orphan, eats garbage

Holding Pattern by Arcanista

  • Recommended by: krourou2, Oxxi, SergeantSqueaks, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: This is a story about choosing, against all obstacles, to become a better person. This is a story about the mundane power of names. This is a story about treading water so high you need to crane your neck to breathe, and the undertow is building, and it hates you. This is a story about communication when all lines have been cut. This is a story about putting yourself back together even while someone else is smashing the pieces with a hammer.
  • Comments: An exploration of Frisk's psyche after giving into a Genocide run, only to stop at Papyrus. The story admittedly flounders a bit near the conclusion with its story and characterization, but it's still a solid piece, overall.
  • Tags: No Mercy Route, Departure from No Mercy Route, Mental Health Issues, Recovery, Self-Hatred, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Ambiguous violence, Third Person Limited POV, Experimental Style, Canon Pronouns

Future Dust, Future Rust by eatreadandsleeprepeat

  • Recommended by: forwantofaname
  • Status: Dead; last updated May 2017
  • Synopsis: You "fall" down a hole. The outcome isn't quite what you thought it would be. (A re-telling of Chara's story from their perspective.)
  • Pairing(s): Asriel Dreemurr/Chara, Asriel Dreemurr & Chara
  • Tags: Abusive sibling, Abusive Parents, Pre-Canon, Agender Character, POV Second Person, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide Attempt, Canon Compliant (mostly), Ambiguous/Open Ending, Canonical Character Death, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Trust Issues, Feelings of Inadequacy, Panic Attacks

What Little Monsters Are Made Of by Mangaluva

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj, spotlight_stageright, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Nobody understands why you keep Flowey. You're not always sure why you do. But you found a way to save everybody else.
  • Tags: True Ending Spoilers, Post-Endgame

Your Honey-Sweet Soul by Golbez

  • Recommended by lettergirlmj, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An elderly Frisk has one thing left to do in their life.
  • Tags: Bittersweet, Character Death, True Ending Spoilers, Post-Endgame

make up my heart by oryx

  • Recommended by: belarin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Finding a corporeal form is a taxing process for any ghost. Moreso when you have some very specific requirements.
  • Tags: Pre-canon, Napstablook, Mettaton

requiem by whittler of words

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: I’m sorry, they say, with the finality of someone who’s saying it for the last time. You refuse.
  • Tags: True Ending Spoilers, Post-Endgame, One Year Later, Body-sharing

Burning Pacifist Run by Hadriex

  • Recommended by: Zergfromchar
  • Status: Dead; last updated March 2016
  • Synopsis: A self insert fic disguised as a Let's Play.
  • Tags: Ending spoilers, Toriel, Silly.

despite everything by valety

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Chara contemplates their role in the Underground.
  • Tags: Pre-Canon, True Ending Spoilers, Mental Health Issues, Past Abuse, Suicidal Ideation, Disordered Eating, Self-Harm, Angst, Hurt/Comfort

A Not-So-Fresh Start by Outskirts_Of_Nowhere

  • Recommended by: Malconvoker
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "If you erase everything, you have to erase my memories too." But since when was Flowey in charge? Now he must go through the adventure as the only person who remembers the past after experiencing the best end to the story that he can think of. But more than that, he needs to keep this from happening ever again. Everyone has worked much too hard to have everything reset at a whim.
  • Comments: If you want to see Flowey earn redemption, read this.
  • Tags: post true ending, True Ending Spoilers, Time Travel, reset, Fix-It, kinda meta, Player as Narrator

Undertale v0.5 by Iambic Brose

  • Recommended by: ryuzakilaw1, Bloody Rose of Hell
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What if instead of the Frisk we know, there was an even younger one who became lost in the Underground? This time a five-year-old Frisk who is nothing but a scared child is the one destined to save the monsters and free them... she ends up changing quite a lot in this world. Besides, even if she's scared, she's DETERMINED to save everyone!
  • Pairing(s): Sans/Toriel, Alphys/Undyne, Implied Mettaton/Papyrus
  • Tags: Spoilers, Female Frisk, Non-Canon Pronouns

eraser by pc98eimu

  • Recommended by Nothingtoseehere, Arcade Tokens
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Chara comes back home after a very long time, and talks to an old friend.
  • Tags: No Mercy Route spoilers, Canon Complaint, Canonical Character Death, Referenced Canonical Suicide

Difficulty by MaxieSatan

  • Recommended by Ru Tsuna, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "papyrus... finds difficulty in interesting places. yesterday he got stumped trying to 'solve' the horoscope." Someone has to lead the Underground, and Papyrus is as good a candidate as any.
  • Tags: One-Shot, Neutral Ending, angst, autistic headcanons

Kingship, And What Comes Next by CatKing_Catkin

  • Recommended by Ru Tsuna
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A story focusing on the brothers' lives after the King Papyrus Neutral Ending.
  • Tags: brotherly love, angst, hopeful ending, grief/mourning, bittersweet, post-Neutral Ending

Ripples Series by Mr_Welsh

  • Recommended by Ebon Knight
  • Status: Complete? (Hard to tell, since the series isn't on Archive of Our Own anymore and Mr_Welsh has disappeared)
  • Synopsis: It's been two years since the barrier has fallen and monsters have returned to the surface. But Frisk has been unable to forget Asriel and the promise that they made to them. Haunted by nightmares of the past, Frisk sets out to save their lost brother from a tortured existence with their power to reset and the help of some friends. But can they be sure what effects their changes will have? When casting stones, ripples are made.
  • Pairing(s): Sans/Toriel, Alphys/Undyne, Mettaton/Papyurs, eventually Frisk/Monster Kid
  • Comments: A rather unique fix fic that evolves into a larger multi-timeline spanning plot. The author is a bit rough but his writing is very detailed and enjoyable with plenty of mood-whiplash (as seen in the original game)with Mr_Welsh not skipping a beat between lighthearted and very dark moments with and quite a bit of humor (black or not) thrown in for good measure. Important OCs are eventually introduced but remain interesting characters that are connected to the world and fail to steal the spotlight off of canonical characters. Overall, a very good read which I would heartily recommend. Author updates once a day.
  • Tags: Gender Neutral Frisk, Spoilers, Post-Pacifist Spoilers, Post-Genocide Spoilers, Time Travel, Fluff & Angst, Referenced Suicide

The Scientist and Entropy by talkingsoup

  • Recommended by tlc2014
  • Status: The Scientist and Entropy are completed, How to SAVE the World and Eight are ongoing
  • Synopsis: The Scientist: Monsters have been sealed underground after the war with humanity. The new Royal Scientist, Dr. W.D. Gaster, thinks he can do something about it. Follows the life and eventual downfall of the man who speaks in hands. Entropy: Sans deals with the aftermath of Gaster's disappearance.
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Comments: As the summary implies, The Scientist is a prequel to the main game, exploring the origins of Sans, the Gaster Blasters and Doctor Gaster himself, detailing their attempts to study the human SOUL and its power to Reset, ultimately building up to the events that shattered Gaster across space and time. It's extremely well written; the interactions between Sans and the fallen children are believable and heart-wrenching at times, the explanation for Sans's powers makesnote  sense and Gaster's descent into Determination-fueled madness, accompanied by the looming Foregone Conclusion, adds an extra layer of tension and drama. It really feels like an official prequel at times, and is one of the best fanfics I've read in a long time. Entropy isn't finished yet, so no guarantees for it, but going by the chapters we currently have, it's just as good, with twists and turns and sensible explanations for things not covered in the originalnote  and it all ties together spectacularly. Definitely worth the read.

Strange Places by AyuOhseki

  • Recommended by knowmenot101, SergeantSqueaks
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "If we're really friends, you won't come back." After sparing the final boss and facing the consequences for their actions up 'til then, the fallen child takes those words to heart and resets. The next time will be better, but a question still lingers: what does it mean to be "friends"? If they keep going, maybe they'll learn the answer...
  • Pairing(s): Chara & Frisk, Chara & Sans, Flowey & Frisk (friendship)
  • Tags: No Mercy/Genocide route spoilers, Referenced child abuse, Referenced/implied suicide, Canon divergence
  • Comments: This is a great "what if" scenario if the No Mercy/Genocide route was aborted before beating the final boss. The characterization is pretty consistent with canon, it has an interesting take on Chara's character, and the way the meta aspects are handled is reminiscent of how the original game did it in its medium.

Twenty-One Lies by Ahnyo

  • Recommended by: belarin
  • Status: Dead (Last updated February of 2016)
  • Synopsis: After taking advantage of a misunderstanding to become the Royal Scientist, Alphys realizes she can get anything she ever wanted in life by lying. But with every lie Alphys tells, she digs herself deeper into a hole. It will only be a matter of time before she is forced to reveal the truth—especially when her lies begin to concern the well-being of other monsters.
  • Tags: Alphys, Mettaton, Asgore, anxiety

Theoretical Battle Scenarios and other secrets by Lethotep

  • Recommended by: Ru Tsuna
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A series about dealing with resets and secrets.
  • Tags: Papyrus-centric, angst, ambiguity, unhealthy coping mechanisms

Never Return by susieboo.

  • Recommended by: Adele Potter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "You ask where they want to set up for the picnic. Your mother looks as if she's about to cry." [Prequel. I assume pre-Pacifist but it doesn't really matter. Sad Frisk backstory feels. Brief transphobia mention, but nothing graphic. Oneshot.]
  • Tags: Parental Abandonment, The Woobie, Iron Woobie, Prequel, How We Got Here

The Golden Quiche bySophtopus

  • Recommended by: Darkgenerallord, Sightshade, Robinton
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Set in Post-Pacifist, Frisk has gained celebrity status as a monster ambassador. Lured by their unusual status, many humans attempt to claim the child as their own. One organization in particular has a vested and urgent interest in Frisk: the Magus Association. A series of seemingly innocent events spread and spiral into a history-steeped conflict.
  • Tags: Magic System, Post-Pacifist, Mystery, Drama, Anime is Real, AU, Expanded History, Chekhov's Gun, All Neutral and Genocide Ending Spoilers.
  • Comments: Intensive world-building, a consistent magic system, and well-written. More or less ticks all the boxes. This work has its own lore records at The Magus Compendium, though it is highly recommended to read the main story first.
  • Notes: For those who prefer a non-AO3 portal, the author has uploaded a mirror here.
  • This story now has its own trope page in development. Any help on expanding and improving it is appreciated.

Rift by scians

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After reaching an arguably perfect ending countless times, you still reset in the hopes of saving Asriel... at the cost of losing Sans. When resetting time is no longer a factor and events don't go as planned, can you still find a way to save everyone? A story about family, friendship, and self-discovery.
  • Tags: Drama, Action/Adventure, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Suicide Attempt, Strong Language, Time Funk, Reader is Frisk (Undertale), Implied/Referenced Suicide, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Platonic Relationships, unconventional headcanons, Novel, Post-Canon, Canon Universe, Mental Health Issues, Sans (Undertale) Remembers Resets, Fluff and Angst, The Underground (Undertale), Depression, Undertale Pacifist Route, Happy Ending
  • Comments: A very well-written look into the effect that multiple playthroughs can have on certain characters and how you (Frisk) have to make up for it. Something like this should have been included in the game only for the most dedicated gamers.

Remembrance by Yessica

  • Recommended by: Ru Tsuna
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Papyrus remembers things. He remembers being king of a desolate and empty underground. He remembers a house on the surface with a bright blue door and a bright red car. He remembers the sharp sting of a knife slicing through his vertebrae. Papyrus remembers all these things. Sans doesn't know. No one knows. And he'll keep it that way.
  • Tags: based on headcanons/theories, Angst, character exploration, Suicidal Ideation, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm
  • Comments: With a scarcity of fics that don't flanderize Papyrus to hell and back - much less focus on him - this story is a godsend. It does a good job at expanding on theories and discussion about his lesser noticed, darker/stranger habits and lines and him possibly knowing more about the resets than he lets on.

tatemae by Zekestrife

  • Recommended by: Ru Tsuna
  • Status: Dead; last updated January 2017
  • Synopsis: Sans isn't the only one who hides things behind a smile. It would probably have been easier, if he had been.
  • Tags: nightmares, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, character study, post-True Pacifist
  • Comments: Like Remembrance, this story takes the theory of Papyrus not being ignorant to the resets, and other implied insecurities of his and runs with it. And like it, it's a very apt Alternate Character Interpretation for the jovial skeleton.
  • Currently on hiatus.

Midnight Whispers by Hino

  • Recommended by: Ru Tsuna, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk can't sleep. Tonight, neither can someone else.
  • Tags: One-shot, friendship, nightmares, angst

A Year Every Minute by askull4everyoccasion

  • Recommended by knowmenot101
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Dr. W. D. Gaster is the royal scientist, working directly under King Asgore. After the monsters are sealed underground he is presented with new challenges. Despite the King's disapproval, the good doctor decides to take matters into his own hands. This story starts from the very beginning of the monsters being sealed to beyond the true pacifist ending. It explores the idea of a rather rash, asshole scientist creating Sans and Papyrus via cloning and explores their lives together as a rather dysfunctional family from start to finish.
  • Tags: Pre-canon (ch1-4), Timeline shenanigans, No Mercy/Genocide route spoilers, Pacifist route spoilers
  • Comments: A very thorough and detailed interpretation of Gaster, the Skelebros and related pre-canon events that well integrates the various, scattered hints of their history from the game into a cohesive story and is equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. Also, Gaster's characterization in this is just hilarious and a blast to read. Note that the chapters are LONG (only 5 but just over 140,000 words for the entire fic).

Reset by Emotistic-Optimistic

  • Recommended by yagman
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: As Judge for King Asgore Dreemurr, Sans has seen a lot of strange stuff. But when he wakes up with the feeling that something is completely wrong, he decides it's time to investigate with the only monster who could know what was happening: Royal Scientist W.D. Gaster.
  • Tags: Fiction T - English - Sans, Gaster - Chapters: 20 - Words: 52,311
  • Comments: The story takes place before Frisk falls down the hole. A very smart story about how Sans has gained his knowledge about resets and how he got some of his abilities. It seems to be in sync with Undertale and is not that far fetched. I read it in one go. It is really good. P.S.: Sans and Papyrus are not related to W.D. Gaster and they are not clones. He is simply a colleague who becomes a friend. I personally enjoy stories like this more.

No Demonic Houseplants at School, Frisk! by Titans_R_Us

  • Recommended by Adele Potter, SergeantSqueaks
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: Flowey is not allowed at school anymore. They had done a trial run of him as a class pet/plant thing. It did not end well.
  • Tags: Post-Pacifist, Houseplant Flowey, Frisk Uses Sign Language, Teacher Toriel
  • Comments: A very cute, very funny story, set in the much beloved "Floweypot" AU, where Frisk plants Flowey into a flowerpot after the Pacifist run and brings him up to the surface. Flowey is still as homicidal as ever, but shows a softer side from time to time, especially in this fic.

Three Roads Diverged by CatKing_Catkin

  • Recmmended by copperking, Robinton
  • Status: One-shot
  • Synopsis: Sans watches Papyrus die at the human's hands. He really hopes it's only the first time he's done so, but he knows better than to take anything for granted anymore. He's still not particularly looking forward to seeing how the timelines might get worse from here. The human, as it turns out, manages to surprise him anyway. And Papyrus would really just like to be friends with everyone, and doesn't understand why that might not be an option.
  • Comments: Sans' perspective on how many a player's attempt at a Genocide run goes.

Unity by DreamAlex

  • Recommended by Warrior Sparrow, Robinton
  • Status: Dead; Last updated July 2016
  • Synopsis: Most people might say that Chara is completely evil - that there is no redemption for Genocide. But what if Chara wasn't evil? What if she was always with Frisk? Through all the Neutral Routes, and even Pacifist. What if they had always been together? This is the story of Chara, and how she was awoken by Frisk's determination.
  • Tags: Frisk, Sans, Chara, Flowey, mystery, adventure
  • Comments: A fantastic story involving Narrator Chara, with Chara herself being the fic's narrator as well. The interaction between her and Frisk is almost sisterly at points, and the characterization of both them and the other characters shines through beautifully. I really feel for Chara reading this and currently the fic's only up to meeting Sans and Papyrus. And if it's that good already, I can't wait to see where it goes as the narrative continues.

What Even is a Soul, Anyway? by YetAnotherPersona

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Everyone deserves a happy ending, so Frisk goes back into the underground to bring back everyone's favourite grumpy flower. Features soul-baring conversations, post-pacifist politics, and the constant looming threat of everything everyone worked so hard for being erased. Fun!
  • Comments: A look into the daily lives of Frisk and Flowey as they attempt to come to terms with thier messing around with timelines and attempted genocides. Oh, and Chara is along for the ride as well.
  • Tags: Found Family, Post-Pacifist, Post-Genocide, Friendship, Depression, Emotional and Psychological Trauma, Everyone needs a hug

One for the Money by Undertale Thingem

  • Recommended by: loracarol, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Monsters have finally reached the surface, where all their dreams can come true. Sans is going to make sure at least one of those dreams is his brother's—the one involving a shiny red sportscar. Provided he can afford it.
  • Comments: It's just a cute little one shot about Papyrus getting that car from the end credits. If you're looking for something short and sweet, I'd definitely recommend this!
  • Tags: One-shot, Skele-bros being bros

Another Medium by Rumon Gray

  • Recommended by: loracarol
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Surface life proves to be about as great as it can be, but for two brothers, something threatens to pull everything apart. Sans isn't happy, and won't let anybody in, leaving Papyrus to feel slightly less great than usual. Why? Wasn't this their "happy ending?"
    After a Pacifist Run, everyone's on the surface, where they're going to be happy, right? But both brothers are having weird dreams, and when their memories don't quite sync up regarding the fate of their father, something has got to give.
  • Comments: While this fic does focus on sans, it doesn't focus on sans to the expense of other characters, and Papyrus gets his time to shine.
  • Tags: Dad!Ster, Monsters on the Surface, Post-Pacifism run, Skele-bro adventures, Skele-bro centric.

I Am In The Past, Never In The Future by khilari

  • Recommended by: loracarol, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Papyrus goes looking for his golden flower friend who seems to have been left behind in the Underground. On finding out that Flowey won't come with him without a soul he declares they'll just have to make Flowey a soul — everything is possible if you really try, after all. As Papyrus starts encountering lost memories he finds that might be truer than he knew.
  • An interesting take on Gaster, IMO, starting with a premise I found super easy to buy; Papyrus is friends with Flowey, and he wants all his friends to be happy.
  • Tags: Monsters on the Surface, Post-Pacifism run, Skele-bro centric, Rescuing Flowey, Gaster!Papyrus, Amnesia

Casting Rain by Silverskye13

  • Recommended by: NC Toni
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The war between humans and monsters has been raging for as long as Grillby can remember - which isn't saying much. He was summoned to fight in it after all. As crazy as war is however, it gets a little bit crazier when he meets a certain prodigious skeleton by the name of Gaster. The friendship is rocky, their surroundings even rockier. And a whole knew wrench is thrown in the works when a human emerges with enough control of their Determination to meddle with time.
  • Tags: Wartime Fic, Slow Burn/Slow Build, Angst and Humor, Angst and Feels, Mild Language, Blood and Gore, Aftermath of Violence, Character Death, (Non-Graphic) Torture
  • Comments: A fantastic story. Although tied into the lore and history of the game, it builds its own world in such an intricate way that it could be rewritten as an original work. The characters and their relationships -canon and original alike- are complex, interesting, and phenomenally written. The battle scenes are intricate and consuming, the dialogue is extremely well done, and the pacing is perfect.

Goner by iamthewii

  • Recommended by: Pika Pika 2
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Monster Kid gains a diary, and begins writing in it. However, when Frisk begins to reset, Monster Kid begins to remember things from past resets... and grows bored. However, when he begins messing with outcomes of the resets, he finds himself going too far.

Metamorphose by Tuesday

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It looked like this MERCY thing was easy enough, if you were the sort of person who went for that.
  • Comments: A unique retelling of Undertale, in which Frisk, the Player, and Chara are a single person, who experiences changes while journeying through the Underground.

Outertale by Youwillneverseeme

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After the barrier was destroyed, everyone thought it was over, but nobody counted on there being another monster realm. The Emperor of the Outerworld – the fabled empire in the sky – abducts Frisk in order to use their soul to unlock an ancient power, one that could mean the world's demise. Join Frisk and company's second journey, filled with excitement, danger... and an old friend.
  • Comments: This fanfic is a fan sequel to Undertale, in which Frisk must embark on a new journey in a new monster kingdom. Not to be confused with the Outertale AU.

Recursion by coincidencless.

  • Recommended by Hello 101, Spotlight_Stageright
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk refused to die... but he died anyway. Things go downhill from there.
  • Comments: A rather interesting take on a genocide route. Frisk fails to revive themselves during the Asriel fight and, after being reset countless times and angering the God Of Hyperdeath by revelling they are not Chara, Is forced to kill everyone in the underground. With Asriel making the route even harder than it normally is, and only Chara and a rather bothersome dog to help them, Frisk has quite the odds stacked against him. Some platonic Chara x Frisk.

Ebott's Wake by TimeCloneMike

  • Recommended by MasterParadox
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The experiment was simple in principle, and even if it hadn't worked as planned, it would have been a step in the right direction. But something went wrong; time and space turned inside out and upside down, and the best hope for monsters to escape the Underground went up in flames with half of the C.O.R.E. Facility. Years later, after the Barrier was finally shattered, that unplanned experiment bears unexpected fruit. And Royal Scientist Wing Ding Aster has a lot of catching up to do.
  • Comments: Kicked off by the return of W.D. Gaster (known as "Aster" in the story), this story follows the lives of monsters in the small town of Ebott's Wake after the True Pacifist ending, dealing with political strife, science, Fantastic Racism, insecurities, public radio, dark pasts, lots of "in-universe theorycrafting" as the tags say, and the naturally existing weirdness of the town. Starts off light, but quickly starts dipping into Cerebus Syndrome-worthy material periodically. Note that the story contains several depictions graphic violence and abuse of several varieties.
  • The author plans to write more stories in this universe. Thus far, these include Trick or Treat Kids, a Halloween one-shot that takes place after the original story and heavily spoils it, and Terra Incognita, which takes place immediately after the True Pacifist ending and acts as a prequel to the original fic.
  • Pairing(s): Undyne/Alphys, Toriel/Asgore, Burgerpants/OC, Papyrus/Mettaton, Ship Tease for Aster/OC

Undertale: A New Day by AmberTheCritic

  • Recommended by: The Hermit
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Following the Great War, monsters are banished from the surface, forced to live underground for the rest of their lives. Years later, a young girl literally stumbles into their world, and must find a way to return home. Who is a friend and who is a foe? And how far can mercy take her, especially against an enemy who wants nothing less than her demise?
  • Comments: A novelization of the game that does a great job expanding on some of the characters and surrounding lore, the biggest example being that the author takes Frisk and turns them into an actual character with a personality. Expect lots of puns and heartbreak as the story progresses.

Sans Messes Up byBloxanoid

  • Recommended by: Step Out Of The Sun
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Oops. Oneshot.
  • Comments: There's not much one can say about this fic without spoiling the punchline. Read it once, then read it again.

Underfail by ChaoticNeutral

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Sans wishes Frisk would stop resetting. Frisk wishes everyone would stop making it necessary. In which the surface is complicated, monsters are confused and confusing, humans are generally unsure how to respond, things go wrong on a regular basis, and Frisk is the only sane person.

A Pacifist by Default by Staringback

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In the quiet and peaceful setting of the MTT Restaurant, Sans starts to tell the story about the funny lady behind the door to the kid he had grown to hate. But before he can get started Frisk tells a story of his own. "Nobody can change a person, but somebody can be the reason for a person to change." -Shannon L. Alder

The Final Timeline byFrostbyte5

  • Reccomended by: Alice Angel
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Frisk has completed the Pacifist Route more times than she can count in order to save Asriel Dreemurr. Every time, she has failed. Then, due to a stroke of brilliance, she succeeds. However, all actions have consequences, some greater and more deadly than others...

Where's The Justice? by Salty-Frisk

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In Undertale, the monsters get their happy ending, but do they really deserve it? What if the humans found out about what happened to the other humans that fell underground? What if the humans learn what the monsters did to Frisk? What would happen to the monsters then? What will the humans do to retaliate against this injustice? Can Frisk stop this? Would they really want to?...
  • Comments: If you've ever felt that the monsters of Undertale got off scot-free for doing terrible things, this fic is for you.

Broken Promise And False Friendships by Salty-Frisk

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: During the events MTT Restaurant, Sans tells the story about the funny old lady behind the door to the human child. Little did he know that, that Frisk has some things to tell him too...

Roasting A Fish by Salty-Frisk

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: All the monsters in Undertale (except for maybe Toriel and Asgore) are racist to humans in some way or form, but Undyne is so passionately stubborn in her hatred and racism that it makes her treat poor Frisk unfairly. But what if somebody pointed out the flaws in her logic to her?

MTT's Special Guest by Salty-Frisk

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What if Frisk secretly felt scared, confused and angry throughout their whole journey? What if they understandably didn't want to do anything with the monsters that are trying to hurt them? What if they had a chance to tell all the monsters how they feel about them, what they did and what they want to do?

Stronger Than You (Frisk's Vengeful Version) bySalty-Frisk

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Some people believe that Genocidal Frisk is a heartless demon that kills out of curiosity, but what if it's less about curiosity and more about revenge?

Following Through by AstroGirl

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Asgore collects the seventh human soul.

Want/Need by Polyhexian

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It's been a long time since I've needed you, but that doesn't mean you get to quit on me now.
  • Comment: This fic is about Sans and Frisk's not-exactly-healthy relatinship in the surface. It's good and sad and incredibly well-written.

hold my bones together by harumeno

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The timelines flicker. Or, Frisk's resets get out of control.

blacker than the white of snow by [1]

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "you have seen this sunset at least twenty six times, but you know you’ll probably lose count sooner or later."
  • Comment: A character study on Sans

give my gun away when it's loaded by [2]

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: it’s like this: he doesn’t know why. he doesn’t know why he can’t get out of bed sometimes. he doesn’t know why he can’t sleep some nights or why he sleeps too much, why he can’t keep time straight and why mondays feel like thursdays or the evening feels like three in the morning.
  • Comment: a skeleton's angst

is it really martyrdom if you're not even dead? by asmilemingledwithwrath

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Tip the scales gently, for it is not the monsters that howl into the softness of the night. the war is yours, but you still do not know what your side counted as (perhaps there are no good people in war.) you only know that you did what you must to protect them.
  • Comments: A short, but poingant story about the Poncho Human from the Intro Sequence of Undertale, and their perspective on why they chose to attack the monsters of the ancient times.

He Was Called "Friend" by TheArchimage

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: “I think you would make a fine king. You’re kind, patient, and full of love. And you’d have me to help you! Don’t you see? We could change things. Humans wouldn’t have to be afraid of monsters. Monsters would be able to live with us in peace.” The fire in his eyes and the defiant smile on his face made Asgore believe it was really possible. “Just imagine what we could do if we were in charge.” Asgore learns the ultimate fate which befell the first human he ever met and all his people. As he reminisces about his time before the sealing, he also realizes things about the nature of friendship, the limits of power... and what it means to rule.
  • Comments: Another good story about the Poncho Human.

The Perks of Being a Wallflowey by End_Transmission

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk is going to bring Flowey to the surface, even if it kills them. Or rather, no matter how many times it does kill them. Alternatively: Adventures in taming an angry flower monster.
  • Comment: Frisk saves Flowey, but personality doesn't change that easily.

Why Children Climb Mountains by Advocaat

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: “let me ask you something,” Sans said, shoving his hands in his pockets. “if a guy hides himself away for his whole life—is never seen by anyone, never leaves any marks on anyone or makes any lasting changes—can you really call him alive?” Frisk thought about that. They could see where Sans was coming from but they didn’t quite agree. “A person who hides can still choose to come back,” they answered, looking up at Sans confidently. “Death is forever.”
  • Comment: A dive into an intriguing headcanon with incredible writing style

A Place to Stay by bluemoodblue

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Having a big family just means having a lot of potential babysitters. For the first time in Frisk's life, they are going to learn what having a big family feels like.
  • Comment: This fic explores Frisk's past and what it means to be a family.

Underkings by Rainbowrunner01

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: As a rite of passage held by arcane law, all mages upon reaching adulthood must summon and bind a Familiar to themselves for servitude, protection and battle.

    • ...Of course Frisk's has to be a lazy skeleton that doesn't do anything other than eat and sleep. And has the lowest stats of any summon in recorded history. She's the laughing stock of the Order.
She pretends not to notice that underneath the visage of the docile Familiar lurks something far more cunning, sinister. That looks at her with murderous intent, fury and...possession.

  • For no-one truely remembers exactly what the Familiar Bond is...even as war looms on the horizon.

Resonation by Kamari333

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Undertale AU Garbage. LOVE, love, smut, angst, edginess, and self reflection. A story about teamwork and friendship, with lots of puns, ships, and feels. Full of head-canons what might deviate from the original story and/or AU ideas.

    • Worlds collide when shortcuts resonate. Will they be able to find their way home?

What Doesn't Kill You by Zeragii

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dormant - Last Updated (7th February 2020)
  • Synopsis: They say there are three things you should never break: Promises, Trust, and Someone's Heart.
Frisk had broken all three.
  • Over and over again.

No Rain by Digi_Wears_Goggles

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: They had made it to the surface and that was great. Then again, Sans had thought that a couple times already and it hadn't saved him from waking up with no stars in the end.

    • After countless resets, Sans finally has a breakdown and leaves town, which isn't exactly surprising. The real question is if he'll let anyone else pick up the pieces.

Resolve by QuiteALotOfSodaPop

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dormant - Last Updated (4th June 2017)
  • Synopsis: The barrier has been broken and monsters are free to join humans in the land above. However whilst taking care of some unfinished business, Toriel discovers that humans souls have an unusual talent for coming back.

Sugarless Milk Chocolate by starrylitme

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dormant - Last Updated (5th January 2017)
  • Synopsis: “I’m really tired, so... You win, kid. I give up.”
And, as awful as it is, those words are liberating.

  • (In which Chara really needs a new method of making friends to murder with. Granted, this method they're going with might just work. Vaguely. Like, they have their moments at least. Circumstances are still pretty terrible, but it's still something.)

The Fall of an Angel by eJ121

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Genocide – Killing people. It isn’t exactly something a kid picks up easy. But it’s not exactly like anybody is born evil, either. So how does one become a demon? And if they were given a chance to redeem themselves for once, what would happen if they took it?

    • The fallen human has been through hell and back. Forced to murder the ones they loved by a mysterious outsider, forced to keep going despite the dust on their hands and the pain in their chest. When they wake up on a bed of golden flowers, formerly known as their grave, and the third one has left them, seemingly for good. What will they do?

    • Within the void, a plot to destroy the multiverse is coming to fruition. Only one timeline stands between it and success. With monsters mysteriously disappearing left and right, and enemies both old and new crawling out of the woodwork. Is this world truly kill or be killed, or can hope be found in the most unlikely of places?

The Future of Humans and Monsters by mewgirl1995

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The barrier has been destroyed and monsters now live alongside humans. Frisk now faces the challenges of falling in love with her best friend while both of them deal with the dark secrets of the past timelines.

Barriertale by mewgirl1995

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In the war of humans and monsters, there is one clear winner. Humans have more powerful SOU Ls and many humans have more powerful magic. Though Frisk felt the battle was unfair, they have no choice but to follow their king and queen's orders. Even when all they want is peace. Even when it's clear that the monsters are no threat. Even when they begin to fall in love.

The Underground Will Never Be The Same by StallionWolf

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dead - Last Updated (9th July 2017)
  • Synopsis: In one world, a plan went through, and failed. This lead to the fate of monsters and humans be left to one named Frisk who could decide...Mercy? Or Genocide? The Plan never got to start in this one...and Centuries pass...after stumbling upon a gang's actions, she gets a protector following her to the underground... A Spartan Headhunter

Dawn of Time by Kyre

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dead - Last Updated (16th October 2017)
  • Synopsis: Frisk succeeds on freeing the Underground, but this time something different happened. Instead of staying with the boss monsters or going somewhere, they offer the third options. To stay with their family. What will happen, now that the truth is close to be revealed? Only one way to find out...

Gaster's Hatred by Unknown (They deleted their account)

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dead - Last Updated (15th October 2017)
  • Synopsis: Humans and Monsters co-exist peacefully on the Surface. Frisk has found the love of her life, Sans, and every one of her friends are doing well for themselves. Everyone is happy. Except one. W.D Gaster has been resurrected and is enjoying his life peacefully, however when he takes notice of his son Sans' relationship, he plans to break it to pieces at all costs.

Under Shield by FantasiaWandering

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dead - Last Updated (24th December 2019)
  • Synopsis: It has been ten years since the barrier fell, but some hurts take a long time to heal, and some truths are buried deep. Even as you help your adoptive mother uncover truth of her own heart (really, nobody dresses that nicely for a dinner with "just-a-friend"), your surrogate brother has started to realize an unsettling truth about yours, and comes in search of answers. And tea.

Metamorphose by tuesday

  • Recommended by Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It looked like this MERCY thing was easy enough, if you were the sort of person who went for that.

lest ye be judged by nilchance

  • Recommended by Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Fifteen years before the resets, Asgore stumbles across two strange children.


    Alternate Universe 
Stories where one fundamental aspect of the series is completely overhauled from its point of origin.

Multiplayer Mayhem by Vauschen

  • Recommended by: Rand0m-Anon
  • Status: Ongoing (last updated March 1, 2022)
  • Synopsis: Frisk resets once again after another brutal genocide run, desperate to see a change in the timeline. They learn to be careful of what they wish for, as the sweater-wearing protagonist finds themselves face-to-face with an army of people that have fallen underground with them. Not to mention, they're aware of everything that has happened in the previous timelines. Can Frisk and their ghostly friend Chara trust these suspicious newcomers? And why exactly are there so many of them?
The underground won't know what hit it.
  • Pairings: Undyne/Alphys, though not a major part.
  • Tags: Alternate Universe, Mild canon divergence, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Fourth Wall, Meta, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Existential Crisis, mild existential crisis, Fluff, Crack, Crack Treated Seriously, Fluff and Crack, Video Game Mechanics, Basically a fuck ton of people from our world fall into the underground, Reality-Breaking, Frisk (Undertale) Uses Sign Language, Flavor Text Narrator Chara (Undertale), reality is like a wet paper towel at this point, Gordon Ramsay teaches gamers how to cook a chorizo omelette in Undertale
  • Comments: It's part of a real-life alternate universe (multiverse?) where, instead of COVID-19 hitting, reality breaks apart and gives everyone access to other dimensions like game universes. It's like a self-insert fic but with everyone and it's absolutely as chaotic as you'd expect. (And yes, that last tag is about as amazing as you'd expect.) There's also an FNF version of this multiverse if you wanna check that out too!

VegeTale by AshleyGalaxy and SamPinesDreemurr

  • Recommended by: Goodluckbearcare
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In this world, monsters are vegetables and humans are fruits. Melon (Frisk) climbs up Mt. Ebite and meets a ghost named Cherry (Chara) and a cauliflower named Cauli (Flowey).
  • Comments: In a playfully absurd AU, monsters are vegetables and humans are fruits. Mt. Ebott has become Mt. Ebite, and little bits of character's traits have been swapped as well (such as Toriel making tea and Asgore making pie). It's still in its beginning, only a few chapters in, but it's perfectly strange (in a good way!) and will leave you wondering for the first time what vegetable your favorite character is.

Alternatale by OPFan37

  • Recommended by: Myeh 19
  • Status: Dormant; last updated March 2018
  • Synopsis: AU. A monster awakens in the Ruins with no memory, and journeys with Frisk throughout the Pacifist timeline. However, they are also trapped within the Genocide timeline as well, and must face both sides of Undertale. Also, they seem to have a strange connection with the six human Souls...
  • Pairing(s): Kopi x Frisk (Hinted Only) Kopi x Red (Hinted Only)

Lurking Variable by Japeth

  • Recommended by: Arcade Tokens
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The lurking variable is one that, hidden from the view of the observer, can influence the events of an experiment and give them the wrong conclusions. Sometimes the lurking variable can start with a minor decision, such as a disgruntled child wearing a cowboy hat deciding to stay with a tired old goat. The consequences, of course, are less minor. AU where the yellow soul decides not to leave Toriel and stake it out on their own.
  • Pairing(s): N/A
  • Tags: Frisk, sixth human, Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Undyne, Yellow Soul, Humanyeehaw - Freeform, the sins of the yee are the sins of the haw

Hello, Goodbye by MidnightsNightmares

  • Recommended by: Bloody Rose of Hell
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Sans meets six new friends. Sans loses all of them, one by one. AU wherein Sans is the one who sees the humans die instead of Toriel.
  • Pairing(s): N/A
  • Tags: Human Souls, Sans, Undyne, Toriel, Papyrus, Flowey, Character Death, Angst

Storyshift by voltrathelively

  • Recommended by: User/GG Crono, Sunflower Dream, Crossover-Enthusiast, spotlight_stageright
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A somewhat scrambled retelling of Undertale. Much like the game itself, the less said about it, the better, as you discover the way the cast is different... as well as the same.
  • Pairing(s): N/A

Overmyth by ReadingForever

  • Recommended by: Arcade Tokens
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: One timeline appears to be an anomaly in the fabric of time and space. What happens in that timeline? Asriel Dreemurr, Prince of All Monsters, appears out of nowhere in the house of a human.
  • Pairing(s): N/A
  • Tags: Asriel Dreemurr, Light Blue Soul, Orange Soul, Blue Soul, Purple Soul, Green Soul, Yellow Soul, Frisk, Neutral Gender Protagonist OC

Overgrowth by SociopathicArchangel

  • Recommended by: Literary Cynic, The Giant Rock
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Every time they die, a flower grows on their body. loosely based on Siviosanei's Flowerfell AU
  • Pairings: Frisk/Sans
  • Tags: Sans, Frisk, Flowey, Asriel Dreemurr, Toriel, Asgore Dreemurr, Papyrus, Mettaton, Alphys, Chara cameos, Flowerfell AU, Underfell, don't blame me blame sanei
  • Comments: Much as the summary says, each time Frisk dies, a flower grows on their body, which wouldn't be so bad except that they're in the Underfell version of things where everyone minus Flowey is evil and out to kill them. In spite of the murders and betrayals, they insist on being nice to everyone anyway, which... doesn't go well for them. It could be perceived as romance or platonic, but it is interesting seeing how Sans and Frisk interact and the relationship they build under these circumstances, but that just makes the ending hurt that much more. I've never had a knock knock joke make me want to cry before.
  • Unfortunately, due to the author's frustrations at the misuse and disrespect they and the work itself have received from so-called fans, this story has been taken down. The only ways to still get access to the original fic is to support the author on their patreon page or this youtube reading.
  • The entire series, is, however, available via the Wayback Machine.

They Say The Fire Goes Out On A Star Long Before We Know by inverts

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj, Psychadelico
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Humans live trapped underground. For generations, they've only been able to dream about the surface where monsters dwell. Frisk is given a knife and a goal and sent across the barrier. This isn't a field trip to make friends with monsters.
  • Comments:
    • Psych: Starts off almost like a (well-done) novelization, despite the twist, but eventually diverges. The writer is working on further works in the same world as of this writing (4/10/16).
  • Tags: AU, Canon-Typical Violence, Canon-Typical Character Death

At The Bottom Of A Wishing Well Was A Secret That We Dare Not Speak Out Loud byinverts

  • Recommended by : Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Your name is Asriel Dreemurr, and you are a crybaby and a bully-magnet. Desperate to prove your classmates wrong when they call you a wimp who can't do anything without crying to mommy, you accept a dare to climb to the top of Mt. Ebott. You fall. Now, trapped underground, you have no choice but to trust the strange monster children, Frisk and Chara, who have found you and promised to help you find your way back to the surface.
  • Comments: This is an AU where Asriel and his parents are humans, while Frisk and Chara are boss monster siblings. Asriel falls into a different Mt. Ebott than the Mt. Ebott of Undertale.

Sometimes It's Better to Take What's Given to You by overrated_joe

  • Recommended by : Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Six years have passed from when Frisk fell to the Underground – since then, he has grown into a troubled teenager who doesn't know if his fantastical journey there has been real or not. That doubt won't last for long, though – as monsters break free from the barrier that had imprisoned them for so long and start a dreadful war against humanity, Frisk will not only need to survive this nightmare, but also struggle with his own inner demons. With the help of some familiar faces, will he make it through or will the situation get the best of him?
  • Comments: After a neutral route of Undertale, Undyne declares war on humanity, and Frisk must make some difficult choices in order to survive.

I've got to make things right by Shadows only want to play

  • Recommended by: ninjahunter
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: Someone plays Undertale and after completing a genocide run, Chara possesses them and destroys their world. That person wakes up and Chara gives them an ultimatum. To complete a pacifist run. But he's not playing it on a computer. No, he will be forced to LIVE it.
  • Tags: AU, Spoilers, OC, Friendship, Family, Depression, Emotional and Psychological Abuse, Reader Is Not Frisk

Feeling Bonely by hTeDruknenPotaT

  • Recommended by: Moonflower 2, 96percentdone
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairings: Sans/Toriel mainly, Alphys/Undyne on the side
  • Synopsis: Sans is a college dropout who works two jobs to pay for his brother's education, struggling with chronic depression. When he meets a friend on omegle telling knock knock jokes, they become the much needed light in each other's lives.
  • Tags: Human AU, Omegle, Bad Puns, Knock Knock Jokes, Depression, Family, Friendship, Long-Distance Relationship, Suicide mentions, Child Abuse, Hurt/Comfort

Taleunder, by Fox Toby by KiwiLombax15

  • Recommended by: Crossover-Enthusiast
  • Status: Dead; last updated April 2017
  • Synopsis: The wildly popular Underswap AU returns as our favorite characters get a new spin. Fight new enemies, make new friends, but one thing remains the same: You can still pet a lot of dogs.
  • Tags: Underswap AU, Suicidal thoughts, Referenced child abuse, Non binary protagonist

Inverted Fate, by megaderping

  • Recommended by: ImSpideyTropes
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Inverted Fate is an AU that swaps the main six monsters, keeps personalities, and explores the consequences. Also, it’s all Flowey’s fault.
  • Has a page that needs Wiki Magic Love.
  • Pairing(s): N/A

A Shift in Fate by megaderping and voltrathelively

  • Recommended by alicode1111
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: While attempting to test his latest scientific breakthrough, Papyrus accidentally creates a portal to another dimension. Shenanigans ensue.
  • Pairings: IF!Frisk/SS!Chara

You can only use your own by Feralphoenix

  • Recommended by Lwoorl, Princess Togezo
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Snapshots from a world where Chara and Asriel lived.
  • Pairings: Chara/Asriel, Alphys/Undyne, Toriel/Asgore, Various OC pairings
  • Tags: Unhealthy Relationships, Codependency, Alternate universe, Spoilers, Disabled character, Puberty, Self-Harm, Jealousy, Canon-Typical violence, Explicit sexual content, Xeno, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Past child abuse, Cultural alienation, Backsliding, Photophobia, Body horror, Food issues, Autistic Frisk, Nonverbal Frisk, American Sign Language.
  • Comments: Highly recommended for anyone who likes stories where the main characters have both real strengths and real flaws; even though the characters can and do have their moments of weakness, the story never portrays them as "villains for villains' sake", but as complex people who occasionally make bad decisions. The subject matter does get a little heavy at points (particularly with regards to Chara and Asriel's codependent relationship, especially early on, as well as many characters' less-than-happy backstories), but it also has a general feeling of hope, especially given that many characters are Spared by the Adaptation as a result of Asgore never declaring war on humans. This series also includes several clever references to in-game dialogue put into new contexts, and a number of little details that may only be noticed on later readings. In general, give this one a try if you're at all open to the idea of Chara and Asriel as a couple.

Soul Dichromatism by BlackRazorBill

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing; last updated April 2019
  • Synopsis: "After the tragic death of his wife and adoptive child, King Asgore, the ruler of all monsters, absorbed seven human souls, became a god, and declared war on this humanity that made his people suffer so much. More than thirty years later, the war is still ongoing and his son, Prince Asriel, is burdened with the responsibility of keeping his people alive and hopeful in a conflict that cannot go in their favor... until the day when a captured human brought to the monsters an option which could turn the table forever. ...But Asriel can tell this won't be an easy road for anyone."
  • Comments: An interesting AU fanfic about a world where Toriel absorbed Chara's soul instead of Asriel, and the resulting consequences. In addition, the author has uploaded amazing illustrations with each chapter, which help convey the emotions of each scene.

Soul Dichromaswap by coalburn

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A Swap AU of Black Razor Bills excellent fanfic, Soul Dichromatism. The only swap is that Frisk, Asriel, and their families have swapped places. That means that Frisk is the monster royalty, and Asriel is the unlucky human. There are a few other changes here and there that will clear as the story goes on, but the main characters all keep their respective places.

A Chance Meeting byTheRechercheRambler

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What began as yet another loop takes a turn for the strange in the days before the human is due to arrive, and an aberration in the fabric of space leads to a few unexpected chance meetings.
  • Comments: The skeleton brothers of Underfell meet their Undertale counterparts. Shenanigans ensue.

Hope Among Monsters by GoldGuardian2418

  • Recommended by TomS98
  • Status: Completed
  • Synopsis: What if the story of the six children who fell before Frisk went differently. What if they were cared for by the monsters instead?

Falling by A Simple Dragon

  • Recommended by Dragonjek
  • Status: Dead (author stopped it in October 2018, promising a rewrite)
  • Synopsis: Frisk is in a dark and lonely place, she had been bullied and forgotten her whole life following a tragedy that befell her family. Now as life seems to become too much, can a curious Chara save Frisk from this darkness or will she be lost to it forever. A boarding school AU where monsters are humanoid with distinct physical features.
  • Tags: Depression, phobias, systemic bullying, attempted suicide, self-harm, violence, Chara being a Violently Protective Girlfriend
  • Pairing(s): Frisk/Chara, Alphys/Undyne
  • Comments: An absolutely delightful look at a unique world where monsters were never driven into the Underground, featuring complex characters, imagination-capturing mysteries, a well-developed system of magic, and a setting that is well-built on both the small and grand scale. Although it can get dark—especially in the first few chapters—the entire story manages to hold an overarching feeling of hope as both Chara and Frisk grow from their love for one another.

Socrates in the caves by Hushburger

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What if Socrates fell into the underground?
  • Comments: A humorous story where a Greek philosopher poses interesting questions to the monsters.

The pools at the cliffs by Starfog

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Alphys is an aspiring marine biologist who's out collecting water samples at a nearby mass of cliffs that cause interesting currents to occur, when she and her team gets interrupted by a very angry mermaid.

Under(fairy)tales by orphan_account

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Dead; last updated February 2017
  • Comments: A wonderful collection of stories based on famous classical works.

Alphys Höek by xandermartin98

Fatal Error by wordbending

no way back by MiniNephthys

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Papyrus joins the Royal Guard. Undyne doubts herself.

The Skeleton Games by poetax

  • Recommended by yeetusdeletusowo

  • Status: Ongoing; last updated May 2019

  • Synopsis: The barrier of Underfell is broken. It's been a month, and monsters are finally allowed to move into the city. You're staying in a small cheap apartment waiting for your newest property to finish, when you get a rude noisy neighbor. Does he really have to play his music so loudly? It's not even good music. You're sick of this. You're not listening to him stomping around, yelling or… playing video games. Oh wait, you know that video game. Time to put special plan "get back at your jerk neighbor" into action. Just because you're a vampire and stay up all night, doesn't mean he can be a jerk. A story about developing friendship, good laughs, and teaching Sans the meaning of friendship and love, when all he's known is the horrible world of Underfell.

To Fell and Back by Anirrahn

  • Recommended by Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: On-Going
  • Synopsis: A bunch of well-written Underfell fic starring the skeleton brothers.

One Last Threat by TheSketcherLass

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: You're a problem and eventually someone is going to solve you. Sans and Alphys find a way to keep Chara and Flowey from resetting. The solution is far less pleasant than first anticipated.

    Shipping Fics 
Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

bonetrousled by glamour by simplycarryon

  • Recommended by: Sean Devine
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: He strikes a pose, then, and you imitate it, standing on your tiptoes and reaching for the sky with one hand. He grins. If you had a stomach, it would probably be fluttering.
  • Pairing(s): Papyrus/Mettaton
  • Tags: goofy shipfic for no real reason, aka the best kind of fic maybe??

All My Hopes and Dreams by taiyakisoba

  • Recommended by: Damonr 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk has finally achieved the Perfect True Pacifist Ending and saved Asriel - but she soon discovers that growing up on the Surface with Az as her step-brother holds even more challenges and dangers than the Underground ever did.
  • Pairing(s): Frisk/Asriel (Background Asgore/Toriel and Alyphys/Undyne)
  • Tags: Family, Goats, Post-Pacifist, Step-sibling love, Human Souls, High School Drama, Weddings
  • Comments: Though a few chapters have some smut, it's overall a good read with intense moments scattered around along with having Frisk wrestling with her feelings for Az.

Delilah, Too Heavy a Burden, All This and Heaven Too and The Queen of Peace by Omoni and PhalinRed

  • Recommended by Soulfire72
  • Status: The listed stories are complete, however the whole series, Abovetale is dormant (last updated December 2019).
  • Synopsis: “Delilah:” Every week, Frisk upholds a promise to visit the Underground in exchange for added peace from one monster-not-monster. On the day before the eighth year of Frisk's fall, Frisk finally delves into the past - in order to cement the future. “Too Heavy a Burden:” A direct sequel to "Delilah" that takes after that fic's events and explore the complex relationship Frisk and Asriel now have, as well as how the world is changing around them due to the breaking of the barrier. “All This and Heaven Too:” Barred legally from municipal marriage and tired of waiting, Asriel and Frisk decided to get married - the monster way.
  • Pairing(s): Female Frisk/Asriel, Alphys/Undyne, Asgore/Toriel
  • Comments: While the entire series is much larger, I found these few fics in particular to make up quite a well-written series showing the relationship start and evolve between Frisk and Asriel. The dialogue is mostly on point, with the interactions between the various characters quite charming, and I quite like how both Frisk and Asriel are characterised as they enter adulthood. The stories do have a few problems such as the motivations of Sans and Carlson, the pointless maiming of Frisk, and artistic choice for a child (my taste though) it’s one of the few decently written Frisk/Asriel series I’ve been able to find. I felt that Queen of Peace ended the series nicely, and therefore I didn’t read any further into the series. Some smut from Too Heavy a Burden onwards. (Soulfire72)

First, There was a Flower by Greg_Jonson

  • Recommended by: Soulfire72
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A story that starts some time after the events of Undertale - the true pacifist route, in which Frisk and Asriel are both in their late teens.
  • Pairing(s): Female Frisk/Asriel (Background Alyphys/Undyne)
  • Comments: A sweet, short fic about Frisk and Asriel’s life as teenagers figuring out their feelings for one another.

Undertale: The Goat-Parent Trap by TempoWrites

  • Recommended by: Damonr 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: With your help, Asriel's being back to being a Goat Bro. Together, you scheme to ship Asgore and Toriel.
  • Pairings: Asgore Dreemurr/Toriel Dreemurr, Frisk & Asriel Dreemurr
  • Tags: Post-Undertale Pacifist Route, Family of Goats, Asriel is Saved, The Parent Trap, Adorable, Feels, Family, Frisk is Determined
  • Comments: A one-shot that focuses on the family life of Frisk and Asriel as the two conspire to bring their goat parents back together. While not officially a shipping fic, it does show the love the family has for each other and the possibility of Toriel and Asgore eventually making up.

Undertale: Training Wheels by TempoWrites

  • Recommended by Damonr 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk is very confident with adventurous stuff, but unsure about how to fit into a family. Asriel is a delicate marshmallow, but knows he's loved. They're figuring it out, though.
  • Pairings: Asgore Dreemurr/Toriel Dreemurr, Frisk & Asriel Dreemurr
  • Tags: Post-Undertale Pacifist Route, Goat Family, Asriel is Saved, Fluffy and Adorable, The Purest
  • Comments: A Sequel to the Goat Parent Trap, the found family of Frisk has significantly mended itself and is even more wholesome. Again, not a strict shipping fic but incredibly heartwarming to see a realistic take on Frisk and Asriel being sibs and Toriel and Asgore mending their relationship.

No Bones About It by WickedScribbles

  • Recommended by Slider no. 11
  • Status: Dead (last update February 2016)
  • Rating: M (Tread carefully; magical phalluses abound)
  • Synopsis: Nineteen-year-old Frisk has led a happy, safe life after breaking the Seal that has hindered the Underground for so many years. But now, she faces a new struggle... a crush. And she has no idea how to go about dealing with it. Non-Canon Pronouns.
  • Pairing(s): Sans/Frisk
  • Comments: Smut as it is, it is a very well-written fic. Also, it's non-smut scenes are just pure fluff sometimes, with WickedScribbles' characterizations of the main cast being awesomely close to canon.

Waiting Game by chayonara

  • Recommended by Damonr 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Rating: K+
  • Synopsis: Because of a certain business they must attend, Frisk had no choice but to come late to the annual New Year party held by Asgore. Devastated, Asriel determined that, even if it takes all night or means that he must miss the entire party, he would wait patiently for Frisk's arrival, as he wanted to be the first one to welcome them back home. And so, the waiting game began.
  • Pairing(s): Frisk/Asriel
  • Comments: Just a simple fluff fic that details an overly anxious Asriel awaiting his love to return just in time for the fireworks.

Present Day, Present Time by Franstastic_Ideas

  • Recommended by: Damonr 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Synopsis: Frisk and her monster friends all gather at her house for the holidays. There are many smiles and much laughter to be shared among them, new memories to be made together on the surface their beloved ambassador has shown them. And as for the ambassador herself, she has something to settle with the judge - once and for all.
  • Pairing(s): Frisk/Sans
  • Comments: A Christmas-themed romance story that goes into the process in which Frisk attempts to express her feelings toward Sans, and unlike a Hallmark movie this actually manages to potray a budding love between the human and the skeleton.


  • Recommended by: Crossover-Enthusiast
  • Status: Dormant; last updated September 2018
  • Synopsis: What if Frisk was the second greatest puzzle endorser who ever lived? What if Frisk was perfect for Papyrus in every possible way and became accidentally infatuated with his greatness? Will they have the courage to confess? Will Papyrus ever reciprocate their undying love for him? How will this epic tale of unrequited romance, "high stakes" drama and an irregularly large amount of puzzle and spaghetti content unroll??? All these questions... They must be what you are asking yourself right now. Continue if you dare, human!
  • Paring(s): Frisk/Papyrus (though it's more Frisk & Papyrus)
  • Comments: An alternate scenario where Frisk actually is madly in love with Papyrus. Good first person from Frisk's point of view, and great characterization all around. Had me giggling several times.

Would That Make You Happy? by OnaDacora

  • Recommended by: Sparrows, Arcade Tokens, darrelodin
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk thinks you're their older sister, but the truth is you're their mom. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, home to monsters you never realized existed. But, with little to go home to, you and Frisk end up staying in Snowdin with Sans and Papyrus. Something seems off with Frisk, however. There's times where they seem to know more than they should. And, to complicate matters, the short, funny, and surprisingly caring skeleton starts flirting with you. Caught up in a romance you never expected, you try desperately to cling to this new happiness you've found after a life that had very little.
  • Pairings: Sans/Reader that becomes Sans/OC (essentially the 'Reader' is an OC all along, in the same vein as Frisk being their own character despite appearing at first to be a player-insert), Alphys/Undyne, Papyrus/Mettaton, various OC pairings
  • Tags/Warnings: Past Child Abuse, Slow Burn, Domestic, Romance, Angst, "Smut with feelings"

Alphys and the Queen by Ringcaat

  • Recommended: Damon 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Queen Toriel has returned to rule, but things are never smooth for a new ruler, especially when times are grim. Conflicting ideologies threaten to tear apart the Underground... and at the heart of it sits the royal scientist, staggering under the weight of her secrets.
  • Pairings: Undyne/Alphys, Toriel/Alphys
  • Comments: A very original fic that deals with the consequences of a Neutral Run that leaves Papyrus and Asgore dead and the throne contested, forcing an exiled queen and former scientist to end up together.

Every Sans x Reader Story Ever byVienamarie

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Status: In which a hypocritical author takes the piss out of her favorite fandom.
  • Pairings: Sans/Reader
  • Comments: An Affectionate Parody of one of the most common parings. This story might be a tongue-in-cheek parody, but it is very entertaining. Highly recommended for a good laugh.

Confessions of a Serial Dater byOpalFruits

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Status: Frisk - in their role as Monster Ambassador - has managed to 'date' their way through the entire monster population... And a fair few humans to boot. Sans is the last man standing, and they've been saving their best material just for him. Scared? "of frisk the serial dater?" Sans snorted. "definitely."
  • Pairings: Sans/Frisk
Hopeful Determination by Seiji_The_Ice_Drake
  • Recommended by: thevideogameempire
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis:After Chara's unsuccessful attempt at breaking the barrier, he is given a new chance after a brief visitation with the void and six other lost humans. This second chance however sends him on a journey with the undergrounds newest human, Frisk. He discovers that things had changed immensely since his plan, both in years, and in the undergrounds newest human treatment. A re-telling of the classic story filled with new found hope, determination and love as the two wander around a familiar, yet different environment.
  • Pairings: Chara/Frisk
  • Tags: charisk, Female Frisk (Undertale), Male Chara (Undertale), Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Pacifist Route, Alternate Universe
  • Comments: A very interesting take on the Narrator Chara Theory. Here, Chara is able to take on a physical body once again, and accompany Frisk on her journey. The romance is exceptionally well done, as is the character writing in general. The other Fallen Children get their own backstory as well, and have about as much character as the main children, despite having less screentime. The author also has a collection of short stories set in the same universe that further develop the characters.

    Crossover Fics 
Fanfiction that combines elements, characters, etc. from two or more different franchises.

Undertale Wrestling by Alfredo Dizon

  • Recommended by: Wymar
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After destroying the barrier separating the underground and surface worlds, the cast of Undertale tries to mend the relationship between monsters and humans in an unconventional way: through sports entertainment.

    Then things get... weird.
  • Tags: Post-pacifist Ending, Spoilers, Hammy Acting, Sports, Undertale B-Ball when

Hintster In the Underground by thegentlecoltteofleisure

  • Recommended by: Phoenixreece
  • Crossover with: LISA
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An Undertale and LISA Crossover, where instead of Frisk falling into the world of monsters, it's the lovable Terry Hintz bumbling his way through the underground.
  • Tags: Comedy, AU, Kinda sad at the end.

Under XenoEmblem Uprising by AriZonia

  • Recommended: by Makiki 13
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: After the Pacifist ending, Frisk and the gang decide to take an adventure around the dimensions and stop by the Smash Dimension so the Monsters can make some new friends. It ends about as well as you may expect
  • Tags: Undertale Spoilers, Xenoblade Spoilers, Memes, Clusterfuck, and many more

Hearts and Souls Are The Same Thing Down Here by Chlstarr

  • Recommended by: Harukaze
  • Crossover with: Kingdom Hearts
  • Status: Dead; last updated September 2017
  • Synopisis:Sora and Company end up in the world of Undertale and help Frisk venture through the Underground. Of course their presence seems to make things weirder than usual as Heartless that have never been around pop up and mess with everything. Not to mention the gang has to get used to this world's version of "fighting" and try to make friends with the Monsters who inhabit the Underground.
  • Tags: Undertale Spoilers, Pacifist route spoilers, mild spoilers throughout, takes place during KHIII, friendship roadtrip.

Exploding Hearts by JoyfulWriter

  • Recommended by: Sean Devine
  • Crossover with: LISA
  • Status: Dead (last update March 2017)
  • Synopsis: A crossover fic inspired by but not really at all close to:(MAJOR LISA THE PAINFUL/JOYFUL SPOILERS) Set directly after the events of Lisa the Joyful. (((Also, MAJOR LISA THE PAINFUL/JOYFUL SPOILERS WITHIN!)))
  • Tags: SPOILERS!!!, Spoilers for LISA and LISA THE PAINFUL/JOYFUL, You've been warned.

Buddytale by Whimper_sama

  • Recommended by: Sean Devine
  • Crossover with: LISA
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Olathe is empty. Buddy refuses her crown and decides to set her sights far away... But she finds that she doesn't have to walk too far away to find what she is looking for...
  • Tags: Crossover, Post-Joyful

Universetale by PitViperOfDoom

  • Recommended by: nixlheimr, lettergirlmj, Treguard, Crossover-Enthusiast
  • Crossover with: Steven Universe
  • Status: Dead (last update March 2016)
  • Synopsis: When the barrier comes crashing down, the Crystal Gems are the first to notice. As it happens, the world that the Monsters rejoin is fairly accustomed to the presence of magical beings. This can only be a good thing, if Steven is any judge.
  • Comments: Don't let the (admittedly strange) choice of Second Person put you off. One of the few fictions where Frisk retains the ability to Save... and some people notice quickly.
    • It's seemingly been abandoned, though the eleven chapters that are there are well worth the read. A quick warning, though; Lars has been given a slight Ron the Death Eater treatment (there's no way he'd be that rude to someone he's barely met, even if they were a different species). He's only in one or two chapters though, so it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  • Tags: Crossover, Post (Soulless) Pacifist Ending, Violence
  • Now has a tropes page.

Puzzling-the-Competition by Beanus

  • Recommended by: Billthe Something
  • Crossover with: Super Smash Bros.
  • Status: Dormant (last update December 2018)
  • Synopsis: Fandom called, spaghetti answered. Papyrus and Frisk's adventures as fighters in Super Smash Bros.
  • Pairing(s): Papyrus/Lady Corrin
  • Tags: A fun and light-Hearted crossover (girl-Frisk)

Under Story by Zennistrad

  • Recommended by: darrelodin
  • Crossover with: Cave Story
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: One year has passed since the disastrous research mission to the mythical Island in the Sky. With Ballos defeated and the Demon Crown destroyed, the Island and its inhabitants return to their peaceful existence. But when the seal on Mt. Ebott is broken and monsters begin living on the surface, the Island's true nature and relationship to monsterkind is revealed, and the secrets of human magic are uncovered.
  • Author's Note: This story was originally posted on on November 2nd, 2015. Frisk is referred to in-story by male pronouns, as at the time I'd mistakenly believed Frisk to be male.
  • Comments: A very entertaining adventure after Frisk has freed monster kind from the depths of the Underground. Exploring the connection to the mysterious floating island, and discovering just how the heroes of both stories have grown from their adventures is both interesting and exciting.
  • Tags: Crossover, Angst, Humor

Undertale Rebirth By Wasmowin93

  • Recommended by: Billthe Something
  • Crossover with: The Binding of Isaac
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: t's time to go back to the Basement. It's time to return to the Ruins. How deep can a trapdoor lead? How far would one be willing to go to save a lost soul?
  • Comments: an excellent crossover between two unlikly video games
  • Tags: Crossover, Post Pacifist Ending, Violence, Boy Frisk, Character Death

Twintale By staringatstars

  • Recommended by: kurohime666
  • Crossover with: Gravity Falls
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Howdy!” the flower cheerfully called. “My name is Flowey. You two must be lost.”
  • Comments: It follows the Pine Twins as they fell down the hole and venture off into the world that is Undertale. The characterization is exactly like the characters in both the show and games and one of the interesting parts are the twin's different view and attitude towards this strange world and their interaction towards the Undertale characters, especially with the skeleton brothers. Another intriguing aspect from this crossover is the ongoing mystery to the Pine Twins' appearance in place of Frisk and some of the game's events are altered since the twins don't act like Frisk, especially Dipper. The narration is also excellent, sometimes switching between character POV to get an insider to this mystery.
  • Tags: Crossover, Undertale Spoilers

Touhou: Unsubstantial Underground Adventure By Aines445

  • Recommended by: Smashhacker
  • Crossover with: Touhou Project
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The last thing Reimu Hakurei remembers is flying towards the mountain. Despite that, she somehow finds herself in an underground location solely filled with monsters, trapped by a strong barrier. Reimu has dealt with many odd cases, and this surely won't be the last. Determined, Reimu sets off to find a way to cross the barrier and leave the Underground...
  • Comments: A great crossover that follows Reimu Hakurei finding herself stuck in the Underground when Mt. Ebbot mysteriously appeared in Gensokyo after the events of Double Dealing Character. The author does a great job showcasing what would happen if Reimu was in Frisk's place, as Reimu's straightforward and dutiful yet carefree nature along with her spiritual powers and danmaku results in interesting interactions between Reimu and the Undertale characters as well as different scenarios occuring because of Reimu's character. Along with Reimu's venture, the story cuts to above-ground Gensokyo at least once per chapter to show how the residents of Gensokyo are reacting to the sudden appearance of Mt. Ebbot, with Marisa investigating Reimu's disappearance.
  • Tags: Crossover, Undertale Spoilers

Harry Potter and the Underground's Saviour, Harry Potter and Endless Possibilities and Harry Potter and the Muggles Who Needed Magic By TheZorker

  • Recommended by: Stillalive, Dropkick, Robinton, Spotlight_Stageright
  • Crossover with: Harry Potter, namely Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Status
    • The Underground's Saviour: Complete
    • Endless Possibilities: Complete
    • The Muggles Who Needed Magic: Ongoing (Updated 4/11/20)
  • Synopsis: Not much would make an Azkaban escape become second-page news among the Wizards of the United Kingdom, but the freeing of the Monsters under Mount Ebott would do it. And thus Frisk becomes one of Hogwart's newest first-year students...
  • Comments: A brilliant crossover that develops and expands the world building of both works while at the same time maintaining the charm and magic of both works. Looks incredibly promising, even only five chapters in.
  • Trope Page (Needing Wiki Magic Love) is Here.
  • Tags: Crossover, Undertale Spoilers, Post Pacifist Ending, Female Frisk Female Chara, Male Asriel

Eight Friends Calvin Found in the Underground By Meer-Katnip

  • Recommended by: GoldenKeyblade, Robinton
  • Crossover with: Calvin and Hobbes
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Or, Calvin meets new people, almost gets murdered by said people, tells a lot of really bad jokes, and saves the world with the help of a tiger.
  • Comments: An adorable, emotional, and often hilarious look at the highlights of Calvin and Hobbes's journey through the underground. It may be only a single chapter, but it manages to pack a lot of great moments into that chapter. Has a sequel of similar length and quality.

Aeon By ReadingForever

  • Recommended by: Arcade
  • Crossover with: Persona
  • Status: Dormant; last updated October 2019
  • Synopsis: Sequel to Overmyth. Thirty years passed without any progress in the creation of the timeline he wanted, and other people were getting involved now. Now he finally had a chance to achieve it, but there were two conditions: One: ‘Syphus’ must assume full responsibility for his actions and decisions. That’s what the contract demands. Two: The Barrier must be broken without using not even a single human SOUL. That’s what Lucia demands. There shouldn’t be much of a problem when one has the power to use Personas, right?
  • Comments: Not gonna lie, it has a rocky and confusing start where I felt I was missing something I should know, but once it got going I felt compelled to keep reading. The author indicated there's enough material to turn this tale into a very long fic. The drawings are a nice touch.

MagicaTale By Pep Pizza

  • Recommended by: danianime
  • Crossover with: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Status: Dead (last updated August 2017)
  • Synopsis: In this AU, the Undertale characters are put into the world of Madoka Magica! Will Papyrus save Mettaton? Will Frisk make her wish? Will Sans save her from making it? Is Flowey really such an innocent little creature, or an incubator in disguise?
  • Comments: If you love Madoka Magica and Undertale, I recommend this. The author are really legit placing the role of undertale character as a madoka magica character.

A Different Kind of Pacifist by ragnacrap

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Status: Dormant; last updated May 2019
  • Crossover With: Iji
  • Synopsis: Instead of an innocent unarmed child, a seasoned young adult equipped with the greatest weapon and armor humanity has left thanks to the Tasen enters Mt. Ebott. Like the child, this adult refuses to kill. Unlike the child, this only extends to a personal level. How much will change? How much will stay the same? This is a writing experiment. Rated T for casual mention of death.
  • Tags: Post-Pacifist Run (Iji 1.6), Pacifist Run (Undertale)

Magicae est Potestas by SomniumofLight

  • Recommended by danielxcutter, Robinton
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Artemis Fowl
  • Synopsis: Run after run, the same constants are in place - the same politicians, the same prejudice, and no changes. Until Frisk and Chara decide to accept aid from yet another constant - an email sent by an anonymous supporter. But how much can one simple email really change? (Post-Pacifist Run, Post-The Last Guardian. Rated T to be safe. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.)
  • Comments: The author has done an excellent job at combining the lore of the two series. And there are a surprising amount of parallels between the two - to quote her words:

    SomniumOfLight: And one day while I was re-reading the AF books, I suddenly noticed there were a TON of similarities between AF and UT. Underground civilization of magical non-human beings? Check. A kid who does all kinds of crazy stuff they shouldn’t be able to do while pitted against said magical beings? Check. Morally dubious situations for the main characters that concern the magical beings that may technically be their enemy but are actually really sympathetic? Check. Homicidal villains? Check.
  • Trope Page: Here.
  • Notes: Can also be read here on Archive of Our Own, or on the author's DeviantArt account here.

Alice in Undertale byLolitafreak88

  • Recommended by Luxray1000
  • Status: Dormant; last updated May 2020
  • Crossover with: Alice in Wonderland
  • Synopsis: What if by some curious opportunity, instead of Wonderland... it was the Underground, the realm of monsters that Alice fell down the rabbit hole into? It's a world just as curious, with as many colorful characters, and things to discover... but is 'kill or be killed', 'mercy or violence', 'a good time or a bad time'. Can her curiosity and imagination open up into determination?
  • Comments: This fic takes the Trope Namer for Down the Rabbit Hole and puts her in another 'rabbit hole' situation. It brilliantly captures Alice's character and brings a new take on Undertale's story.

Ghost in the Machine byAMX004_Qubeley

  • Recommended by Tyomcha
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: NieR Automata
  • Synopsis: It is the 120th Century CE. Two android soldiers, 2B and 9S, at last find sanctuary from endless war and heartbreak in a hidden, inescapable kingdom of monsters beneath the surface of the Earth. But the world they left is never far behind them, nor are the lingering traces of their bloody past. And soon they find themselves caught between a kingdom and its freedom... and a fallen angel and its vengeance.
  • Comments: A beautifully written tale of two tortured souls finally escaping their past, only to find new dangers and trials waiting for them - and a grand saga that probably leans more towards what you'd expect from anime than what you'd expect from Undertale. The writing style perfectly and elegantly captures everything that's going on and puts you in the characters' heads without distracting from the action. The story is written very accessibly, so that even people who've never played Nie R can enjoy and understand the fic. It's a long ride (slightly under 430K words), but well worth it.

Monster Oddyssey by Gamerex27

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Dead; last updated December 2016
  • Crossover with: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Synopsis: 201X. A young man finds himself trapped in an underground kingdom of monsters. Naturally, he wants to get back home, but...what's up with this ghost following him? What was that about the human SOU Ls escaping? As they become ever more entangled in a conspiracy of Stands and sorcery, Joseph and his new friends will need everything they've got to survive, much less save the world.
  • Comments: A highly engaging story that combines the world of Undertale with the high-octane action of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Special mention goes to the fight between Joseph and Undyne, in which Joseph resorts to using the Joestar Family's Secret Technique.

The Shape of Soul by Omoni

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with The Shape of Water
  • Synopsis: After fifteen years of anonymity, Alphys suddenly finds herself thrust into a situation that would change her world forever - and enslave her heart to someone else, whose eyes met hers the moment she walks into a prison, seeing her...
  • Comments: An excellent story that blends the characters of Undertale with the fantastical elements of The Shape of Water.

Dust-Eaters: A Case For Heroism by BlackrazorBill

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Dormant; last updated October 2019
  • Crossover with Miraculous Ladybug
  • Synopsis: Summary: Six Thousand years ago, the Great War shaped this monstrous world. A world where Marinette wishes she could just be a normal girl with a normal life. After the demise of a close relative, and an encounter with a strange cat being, she is put in a position which could get her closer to that wish coming true... and also much further away from it. Choices shape a person, and Marinette hopes she is among those who will make the right ones. Whether it costs her in the end or not.

What Lies Beneath by Quatermass

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with Final Fantasy X
  • Synopsis: Many things were obscured in the thousand years since the Cycle of Sin began. A whole people of sentient, benign Fiends, the Fallen, were trapped under Mount Ebott by Bevelle. Cast by enemies into the Underground, Yuna and Paine grow up with a new family...and when Auron shows up with Tidus in tow, the Fallen have hope again...and so too does the rest of Spira…

Super Saiyan Saviour by Quatermass

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with Dragon Ball Z
  • Synopsis:A year after the Cell Games, an argument with his mother leads to Gohan ending up in a vast underground world beneath Mount Ebott, where the Supreme Kai sealed them. But he has seen the monsters before, in dreams of a life of a misanthropic child who lived long ago. But will Gohan be the monsters' saviour? And will the Supreme Kai allow them to emerge?

The Dresden Files: beneath Mt Ebott

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Dead; last updated November 2020
  • Crossover with The Dresden Files
  • Synopsis: The Monsters of Mt. Ebott were trapped underground at the end of a war in millennia past, and now that they've been freed, they're walking into another one. Amidst Monster abductions, time travel and a 12 year old in the United Nations, Harry Dresden's expertise as a Wizard is required to help educate them on the workings of the modern magical world. (Dead Beat/Post Barrier)
  • Comments: Harry's personal narration is on point.

a great slaughter of rocks

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with Fate/Zero
  • Synopsis:Kayneth has some issues with his Lancer-class Servant. Sola-Ui has less issues.
  • Comments: A humorous short story where Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald summons Undyne instead of Diarmuid.

MagicTale by KTWizard

  • Recommended by: thebluebus, Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: The Familiar of Zero
  • Synopsis: In Tristian's Magic Academy, Louise asked the void for the greatest familiar in all the land. In the depths of Waterfall, Undyne wanted to escape the Underground. What happens when these magical worlds collide? Guess this is a case of being careful what you wish for.
  • Comments: Many have said that a part of what makes FoZ fanfics Better Than Canon is that Louise summons a character that does not put up with her attitude. This is one such story. Undyne is just fantastic: she's not afraid to speak her mind, especially when she sees someone being abused while also being amazed at the surface world and being a huge dork who accidentally breaks almost everything she touches and carries Sylphid around to show off her strength. This story is definitely worth a read.

Beyond the Scenery by HushBugger

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: The Emoji Movie
  • Synopsis: Instead of reaching the surface, the monsters and Frisk pass through the walls of reality. It turns out that they're characters in a video game on a smartphone.

Swordtale by Merodach the Original Sin

Crossover with: Fate/stay night
  • Synopsis: An amnesiac ten-year-old Magus in training Emiya Shirou finds himself the eight human being to ever enter the Underground. With his past lost to him, the young Magus sets out on a journey where he and his ideals will be tested. One thing is certain, no matter what he is fighting for, he has to stay determined. This is the tale of a Sword lost in the Underground. AU. Slow updates.
  • Comments: This story only has three chapters so far, but it is rather interesting. Features a well-written fight scene between Shirou's magecraft and Flowey's magic bullets.

''MTT Matchmaker by Lyrium eidolon

Crossover with: Monster Musume
  • Synopsis: Kurusu Kimihito needs to select one of the Monster Girls to marry. Who better to help him than the magnificent Mettaton.
  • Comments: A, humorous fanfic where Kimihito ends up on a game show run by Mettaton. Also, Centorea and Undyne discuss traditional romantic anime clichés (such as the Toastof Tardiness).

What Would Markus Do? by SoulStealer1987

  • Recommended by: thebadplace
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Detroit: Become Human
  • Synopsis: Humans and androids have found themselves in an uneasy peace, although that’s not to say there isn’t still a long way to go. Then Connor’s asked to investigate a site where humans have been disappearing for a very long time. And, suddenly, everything’s a lot more complicated. Of course, Connor’s the only one who knows just how complicated things are now, and he’s got slightly bigger problems at the moment. Like staying alive, and one step ahead of the monsters that want to steal his apparently very human soul.

How to Train a Piece of Shit Soulless Plant by the faceofhoe

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: GoodOmens
  • Synopsis: Crowley learns the hard way that not all plants are easily intimidated and controlled.

''Death Is Not the End (Even If He Kind of Wishes He Was) by AstroGirl

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: Discworld
  • Synopsis: Discworld's Death fills in for the one who usually covers the Underground. It is an extremely repetitive job.

Death vs. The Undying by ambassador_chara

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: TheSandman
  • Synopsis: Do you remember when Papyrus asked Undyne what it was like to dance with Death, and Undyne responded that it was cool because "she's like super hot"? Turns out she knows from personal experience.

Melodies of Love by Dt25741

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Dormant - Last Updated (16th December 2017)
  • Crossover with: StevenUniverse & Mother3
  • Synopsis: A boy, born between the world of humans and the world of magic, who has only just begun to discover a legacy that he isn't prepared to inherit. A girl, who, despite thinking herself as one with no significance, finds herself wrapped in adventures that others could only dream of. A girl, a soul filled to the brim with determination, who's mission is to seal the rift between Monster and Man. A boy, with a heart as golden as a sunflower, who once brought the world salvation, but lost everything in the process. A girl, a youth with tremendous power, who's burning spirit hides the tenderness within. These five children, now at the thresholds of their destinies, now find their fates intertwined. No crying until the end, okay?

Beneath the Falls by DaemonTheDemon

  • Recommended by Zero Hunter
  • Status: Complete
  • Crossover with: GravityFalls
  • Synopsis: Having awakened in an underground location with no means of escape, Dipper and Mabel begin to search for freedom. However, they soon discover that this underground is not what it seems. For along the way they encounter new allies, and new enemies that will either bring them closer, or tear them apart.

Under the Veil by poplasia

  • Recommended by Tropers/Andreatheprimldragon
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Crossover with: Harry Potter
  • Synopsis: Sans has gotten himself stuck in the void between worlds in a successful attempt to stop the resets of his timeline. He's not sure how long he's been chillin' alone there, but eventually a chance at escape stumbles his way in from the Veil of Death. His name?—Sirius Black.

    Dark Fiction 
Stories focused on making the series darker, and/or exploring the darker aspects of the series.

Horrortale by Sour-Apple-Studios

  • Recommended by: Timjames 98
  • Status: Incomplete
  • Synopsis: An Undertale AU that takes place many years after a neutral playthrough of the original game and with a dark twist.
  • Tags: Violence, Murder, Cannibalism, Post-Neutral Ending

A consumption of bone. by Zentraidon

  • Recommended by: Nothingtoseehere, magmablock
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The timelines start to get to Sans.
  • Tags: Gore, time travel, murder, spoilers for the worst ending, cosmic horror, stream of consciousness

Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach by unrestedjade

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj, Micabell, dragondraems, magmablock, That897Guy, thebadplace
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Flowey gets bored and decides to change up one of his runs. Papyrus presents an interesting project, for the moment.
  • Tags: Physical Abuse, Emotional and Psychological Abuse, Violence, Suicidal Ideation, Spoilers for every ending, Flowey

a lesson in grief. by ohmygodwhy

  • Recommended by: Klomp 123, Micabell, Taxima
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A two chapter character study on Sans dealing with existential depression.
  • Tags: Depression, Canonical Character Death, Time Travel, Character Study, Sans

All the Time in the World by SeveredMooseHead

  • Recommended by: zara2148
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Before the events of Undertale, W. D. Gaster and his two sons, Sans and Papyrus, live out their lives in the lab at Hotland. With their father consumed in his work, Sans has to juggle his responsibilities as his father's son and lab partner, as well as his responsibilities to his neglected little brother, all the while discovering the secret behind his father's true research.
  • Tags: Pre-Canon, Spoiler Characters, Emotional and Psychological Abuse, Violence, Body Horror, Time Travel, Murder, and much more

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times by abadtime

  • Recommended by: krourou2
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A happy ending. That's all that was needed. This should have been when the book closed. But, of course, it didn't. What happens when all the edits are finally thrown aside after the Pacifist end? When the possibility of all that potential, of all those storylines unfulfilled are left unconcluded? Based on the Gaster Blaster!Sans AU.
  • Tags: True Ending spoilers, Post-Pacifist ending, Body horror, Violence, Occasional bad language, Complicated themes

End of the Line by CleverCatchphrase

  • Recommended by: Wildpaw 1
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Sans is forced to deal with the aftermath when the player doesn't Reset after dying in the Judgment Hall.
  • Tags: Suicidal thoughts, Suicide attempts, Explicit Language, Genocide Run, POV Second Person, No Mercy Route, Depression

Living Coffin by IvyLeafTea

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: It’s been 14 years since the monsters of the underground were set free, but Sans has never been able to really shake the feeling that it was all just a temporary reprieve. Even after living with the anomaly and watching her grow into an adult in his home, he never really believed that Frisk was human. Frisk is inclined to agree, at least not since a dark passenger made a home inside of her.
  • Tags: Drama, Depression, Suicide, Angst, Strong Language, Multiple Genocide Runs, Frisk Suffers
  • Comments: Much of what is in this comic is a stomach turner, as it makes Frisk's struggles all the more desperate as they fight a losing battle. Nearing the climax, it has already clear that Chara will stop at nothing to kill everyone Frisk loves and it will take a miracle to get a happy ending.

I'm Feeling Fine, Kid by maximum_overboner

  • Recommended by: Ru Tsuna, aziuka
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Sometimes, Frisk can poke a little honesty out of Sans. Sometimes, Papyrus has to pick up the pieces.
  • Tags: Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, hurt/comfort, self-esteem issues, character study
  • Comments: Elaborating on the original poster's rec. This fic is much more than a simple angst-fest - it has a fair number of twists, clever world-building, intense action scenes and excellent humor to lighten the mood. The ending is satisfying and optimistic, and gives proper closure to the character who probably deserves it the most.

To Cause A Soul To Crack by SleepySkeleton

  • Recommended by: Anerune
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: But the fascinating thing he’d learned was, there were a lot of ways to make people hurt—ways that would make them hurt, but not die. Ways to make their soul crack while still barely holding itself together. It got a bit difficult when the target only had one HP, but that only meant that he needed to be more... creative. Indirect. By hurting a soul intricately linked with the target one, for example.
  • Tags: Emotional/Psychological Abuse, Physical Abuse, Rape/Non-con Elements, Recovery, Hurt/Comfort, Rape Aftermath, Minor Character Death

This time make your purpose by Rainbow_Sprinkles

  • Recommended by: Voidwing Dragon
  • Status: Complete. Has two sequel here and here.
  • Synopsis: So I should act like this is really happening, because it probably is, which means I’m actually groping a stranger’s arm to ascertain the veracity of the statements of an androgynous ten-year-old. Monsters come out of the mountain. Nobody said this was going to be easy.
  • Tags: Implied Child Abuse, Massive Amounts of Realistic Psychological Trauma, Depression, Recovery, Gore, Extreme Sadness, Hugs Needed, Minor Character Death, Tiny Bits of Rumpus-Humpus, All Of This And There's Still A Happy Ending
  • Comments: This is a wonderfully woven tale of a more realistic approach to the monsters returning aboveground. It is all tied together by the central OC, Isla- a psychologist with her own set of trauma that ends up leading the monsters through the struggles of their past and of their future. This is a fic for all of those whose hearts weren't broken enough by Undertale alone. It spans quite a long time in-universe, with multiple month-long time-skips, and manages to bring development for pretty much every character without dragging on and on. Pretty much everyone is traumatized and mentally ill in some way due to the events of Undertale. Partway through, Asriel gets his real body back, and all of the feelings of countless timelines that come with it. As in, all of the feelings he would have felt killing everyone if he weren't soulless Flowey - possibly thousands of years of trauma and grief. His inclusion makes this story just that much more tear-jerking, but it all leads to a satisfying and happy ending.

Scrub the dirt from your expectations by Rainbow_Sprinkles

  • Recommended by: Voidwing Dragon
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The puzzles are definitely the best part. There is something satisfying about working a problem that has an obvious method with one solution and getting it right. It would be nice if the rest of the world was that way, too. Chara thinks dead kids should stay dead. Frisk disagrees.
  • Tags: Referenced and Discussed Child Abuse, Even More Realistic Psychological Trauma, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thought and Actions, More Extreme Sadness, Some Groping But No Explicit Rumpus-Humpus, And They Still Get Their Happy Ending
  • Comments: After a decent time-skip, monsters have been aboveground for years now. Isla has been treating everyone for that time, and things are better than they were. Then Chara gets a body. And is very, very, very traumatized. This story is quite a bit shorter than its prequel, but is just as good and is just as much (if not more) of a tear jerker. Seriously - Extreme amounts of psychological damage and discussions of causes of said damage. Prepare the tissues and get ready to cry. And then some more.

With Apologies to Mom, God, and a Bunch of Other People I Never Met by Draikinator

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "Oh, who am I kidding, he hated you anyway, didn't he? Of course you weren't friends. No one makes friends with people like us, Frisky, unless they want something. And you just give him what he wants, don't you? All you have to do is not kill everyone and he'll pretend he cares about you. Isn't that fair, Frisk? Isn't that good enough, Frisk? Isn't that all you deserve, Frisk?"
  • Tags: suicidal characters, depression
  • Comment: Not quite dark, just a well-writen piece of desperation

reduce/reuse/recycle by whittler_of_words

  • Recommended by: Lyra_Dhani
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Time is on your side. Except, not really. Time is eating you from the inside out and you don’t know what else to do except fight back—Frisk saves them all. Over and over and over. Until they don’t.
  • Tags: Time Loop, Ambiguous/Open Ending

Experimental by Lunalove21

  • Recommended by: Oathkeeper 85
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Frisk thought her 18th birthday would be special, she didn't know how right she was. Kidnapped for experimentation, Frisk spends the next three years in a living hell. Her friends never gave up the search, but can they fix the damage to her soul, and how will they handle the latest success, monster/human crossbreeding? Only time will tell.
  • Tags: Major Character Death, PTSD, Rape, Angst

    Fan Comics 

Undertale Manga Adventure by josh-s26

  • Recommended by: Griffonmender
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A manga-style comic following the Pacifist route. (reads right-to-left)
  • Comments: Has a nice, older feeling style and faithfully captures Undertale’s amazing characters.

A Dreamer Reborn by Dreemurr-Reborn (Story Archive)

  • Recommended by: Emolsifier, Closerhenry, Macsen, spotlight_stageright, DDRMASTERM, Chlstarr, Robinton
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What if there were a way for everyone to return to the surface? Even little Asriel. A determined Frisk makes it happen and this is the story that follows.
  • Tags: AU, Fix Fic, Asriel-Frisk
  • comments: Probably one of the most popular Undertale fics/fan comics period, and for good reason. The art is incredibly well done and the story takes the fandom concept of Frisk sacrificing themself to save Asriel to a beautiful, heartwarming place. Excellent writing, good scenes, it's clear to see why so many people enjoy it so thoroughly.

Complications by [3]

  • Recommended by: Damonr 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In a post-pacifist timeline, Asriel has recovered his soul and moved to the surface with his new family. However, his renewed ability to feel comes with its own challenges. Complications explores Asriel’s newfound relationship with his soul through his interactions with Toriel and everyone’s favourite dad/uncle.
  • Tags: Post-Pacifist, SAVED Asriel, Hurt/Comfort, Dad/Dunkle Sans
  • Comments: A first attempt at making a full comic pays off as here we have a realistic family interaction between the Dreemurr's. It's a short story but a sad yet heartwarming look into Asriel dealing with his parent's divorce.

Soulless-Pacifist by prisonparty

  • Recommended by The Slenderman Xx
  • Rating: M (graphic images only)
  • Status: Complete.
  • Synopsis: A fan comic disguised as an ask blog for a post-soulless-pacifist ending Frisk, the relationships they share with everyone on the surface, and their lives afterwords. Oh, and Chara's sharing a body with Frisk.
  • Pairings: Sans/Toriel, Undyne/Alphys, Chara/Frisk
  • Comments: An extremely well written story that illustrates a well-done "what if" scenario involving Chara and Frisk, the character development is fantastic, and it still stays incredibly grounded in the rules of the canon universe. It's long, especially since it still operates as an ask blog. The drama is well implemented and the more humorous elements break up the tension well. (Note: if you aren't reading the events from the links and are going through every post on the blog, posts that aren't relevant to the comic and characters are tagged as "ooc" and you can blacklist that if you want to scroll through and just get the story.)

The Thought by tratserenoyreve

  • Recommended by: lettergirlmj, Psychadelico, Robinton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: If Sans knows the anomaly will never stop resetting, why doesn't he just take them out at start? Well, he's considered it. Once or twice. All 46 pages can be found here.
  • Comments
    • Psych: Great characterization for everyone involved. If you like the meta elements of the original game, also give this comic a shot.
    • Has inspired a fan comic of its own, which branches off the original near the end of its run. Found here
  • Tags: Comic, True Ending Spoilers, No Mercy/Genocide route spoilers, Character Death, Canon divergence

Over The Void by AbsoluteDream

  • Recommended by: Damonr 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After the events of Undertale, Frisk, Asriel, and MK find a secret room in Waterfall while visiting their old home in Mount Ebott. The room contained an odd mirror which they discover to be a portal to an alternate reality. It is a world where monsters were somehow very different. They were never sealed in the underground, they were stronger than the monsters in their own world, and they even had almost human-like souls. The downside? The monsters and humans had not gotten used to each other’s company. Fighting was common. Mercy was not. While trying to find their way back home, Frisk is captured by humans. Asriel and MK attempt to get Frisk back, but as they do so, a much larger plot begins to unfold. Meanwhile, their friends and family back home try to find a way to bring Frisk, Asriel, and MK back. They discover that the key to their return lies in Sans and Papyrus’ past.
  • Tags: SAVED Asriel, Post-Pacifist Spoilers, Alternate Universe, Beware The Man Who Speaks In Hands
  • Comments: How this has not garnered more attention is beyond me. The artwork is superb and the characters are true to themselves. There is a lot of potential here with the story and the author updates regularly.

Ask Frisk and Company by thegoodtrashkingdom.

  • Link here
  • Recommended by: spotlight_stageright, Crossover-Enthusiast
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An Undertale Fan-Comic. Takes place after the True Pacifist Ending, when Frisk has started an ask blog, letting askers into the world after Undertale, along with a few new and familiar faces. Hilarity Ensues, obviously.
  • Pairings: Sans/Toriel, Frisk/Monster Kid, Papyrus/Mettaton, Undyne/Alphys, Gaster/River Person
  • Tags: Gender-Neutral Frisk, Post-Pacifist Spoilers, Genocide Spoilers
  • Now with an official dub team!

Endertale by TC-96

  • Recommended by: copperking
  • Status: On hiatus
  • Synopsis: After the fall of the barrier, everything seems to be going well. Aside from the occasional nightmare, Frisk spends their days happily training with their friends and enjoying life at home with their mom and their little brother, Asriel who is alive due to Frisk giving him half of their soul. Unfortunately, Chara is still there in Frisk's head. After a few years, they want a reset-and they're not not taking no for an answer.
  • Comments: A very well-done fan comic. The art is good, the jokes are funny, the darker moments are genuinely creepy... it's all well done. The characterization is definitely a major strong point.

Nightmaretaleby xxmileikaivanaxx

  • Recommended by: Damonr 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Story takes place two years later the true Pacifist route of Undertale. Frisk is plagued with nightmares from the influence of Chara. The nightmares become too powerful and start controlling Frisk, and cause them to harm the rest of Frisk's new family.
  • Comments: Yet another Chara possession comic, this manages to add in a few twists and turns to the story as well as show a deeper connection between Sans and Frisk, whose memories of previous timelines continue to affect their relationship as father and daughter. Has a spin-off comic that shows a what-if scenario called NMT-Bad Ending which later serves as a prequel to a collab comic between xxmileikaivanaxx and Deusn.

Dogs of Future Past by Lynxgriffin

  • Has a Trope Page that needs more love!
  • Recommended by: Lightice, Arcade Tokens, Robinton
  • Status: Finished
  • Synopsis: After the True Pacifist Ending things have mostly settled down, but Sans continues to be depressed. Frisk eventually presses the story of Dr. Gaster out of him, and, prodded by Flowey, decides to use the save file of an amalgamate to travel back in time and save Gaster by preventing his grand experiment from occurring. Hilarity, tearjerkers and awesomeness ensues.
  • Comments: This comic is not only wonderfully drawn, but it also captures the spirit of the game perfectly, making a perfect mix of humour, tragedy, horror and heartwarming moments. It also makes a great use of the unanswered questions of the game, like what the Memoryheads were supposed to be, and weaves them seamlessly into its narrative.

Handplates AU by zarla-s.

  • Recommended by loracarol
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An AU in which Sans and Papyrus were experiments of Gaster’s and a lot of suffering ensues.
  • Tags: Baby-bones, Handplate AU, suffering, medical torture, abuse
  • Comments:
    • Has its own work page here.
    • Did I say a lot of suffering? Because I mean it! There's a lot of suffering! But the baby bones are just so cute, and the story is so nicely done, it's hard not to be eager for the next (painful) update. zarla-s has done other Undertale comics as well, and I'd also recommend just browsing their Undertale Tag for comics/posts/etc.

Some Things Can't be Fixed by kerolunaticat.

  • Recommended by loracarol
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Papyrus has an imaginary friend, who needs help. Sans, trying to take care of the small skele, has Issues.
  • Tags: Imaginary friend Gaster, babybones, child Papyrus/parental sans, being sans is suffering
  • Comments: I love the use of colors in this! And the March 26th/May 21st pages had me gasping out loud. Similarly to zarla, keroluaticat has other comics in her Undertale tag, many of which involve babybones versions of the characters, and they're both adorable and hilarious. Give them both a browse!

Unexpected Guests by undertalethingems

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Papyrus messes up his special attack, shenanigans ensue; but there's always more to the story, and the skeletal dragons are just the beginning.
  • Tags: Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, mystery surrounding the Gaster Blasters
  • Comments: The time spent up on the surface has left a few questions unanswered by Sans and Papyrus, and Frisk is determined to figure it out!

The Anomaly (formerly The Ambassador) by coffeelemental

  • Recommended by animenutcase, l156a21
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The Anomaly is an Undertale fancomic set 12 years after the events of the True Pacifist ending. Monster-human integration is going swimmingly – but only so long as Frisk polices the timeline. Surely there are no consequences to this whatsoever! In addition to comics, there are occasional games to add a spin on the story. Updates once a week barring acts of dog.
  • Tags: Female Frisk, Future Fic
  • Pairings: Asgore/Toriel, Alphys/Undyne (but the author has stated that it's likely going to be just those two)
  • Comments: The story has a lot of interesting premises that you don't see in a lot of Undertale stories. The monsters reaching the surface isn't easy, but society is slowly adapting. A very entertaining read.

Flavor Text Chara

  • Recommended by mariic
  • Status: On Hiatus
  • Synopsis: After Chara's failure to break the barrier, they awaken in a field of flowers next to a human child, who is the only one who can see them.
  • Comments: A nice comic based on the "Chara is the Narrator" theory.


  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A experimental procedure has three souls take place inside of a machine that simulates a reality where Frisk and Asriel as siblings in the Deltarune universe.
  • Comments: Given that we know so little on the Deltarune and its workings, it's interesting to see where the author is going to take this story.

The Souls Who Fell Before You by R-RiSe

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Frisk has rescued Chara and Asriel and now wants to somehow save the six souls who fell.
  • Comments: A look into the six other souls that fell after Chara and Asriel's failed plan. Each of the souls has a unique personality (and they all fell down at once). The comic takes a look into their journey before ultimately perishing at the hands of the Underground denizens.

Predatortale by Foxy-Sierra

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Frisk is a young human child who falls into Mount Ebott, in a world where monsters eat humans.
  • Comments: This AU comic is very dark, but intriguing.
  • It now has a comic dub!

Heart and SOUL by Auroragriffon

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Sarafina is the happy child of Toriel and Sans who finds themselves traveling back in time to when Frisk first fell into the Ruins. With no idea how to get home, Sarafine must rely on the good monsters of the Underground to help her find her way back to her timeline while trying to figure out why Frisk is going out of their to reset the timeline over and over again. . .
  • Comments: At first the comic starts out pretty grim, with Sarafina having to contend with the fact that she technically doesn't exist yet, being the offspring of Sans and Toriel. The character of Sarafina is that of a frightened child who nonetheless ventures forward in an attempt to stop Frisk from carrying out as of now an unknown agenda.

Snowfall by taggen96

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After the True Pacifist ending, Sans makes a deal with Flowey to permanently stop Frisk's resets.
  • Comments: A simple comic with a nice art style, this comic is a brilliant "what-if" that could have taken place after Undertale.

One More Chance by DeaChaos

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: When the future of the whole kingdom is at stake, how much a single child will risk to save a single life? He knows every single timeline by heart. He changes events, makes mistakes and continues resetting. But now, when Frisk is finally close to achieving his “happy ending”, an unlucky set of events puts everything into danger.
  • Comments: Playing with timelines always has a drawback, and this story explores the lives affected by said timelines. Even if Asriel is back from the dead and now a young adult there are a few things left undone by such drastic changes in the Underground.

The Merciful Souls by Atlas-White

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: PAPYRUS is sparing you. How will you respond? With MERCY, or with LOVE? The story follows Sans from his childhood to adulthood, from his first meeting with Papyrus to the day that everything was changed forever by the Fallen human, and perhaps to the end of his life.
  • Comments: Another telling of the game through the eyes of Frisk and Sans, the former trying to not gain any LOVE throughout their adventure, while Sans has a few problems of his own. The art is especially superb and has a tim burton vibe to it, plus it delves into the origins and life of W.D. Gaster and what may have caused his consciousness to be spread across time and space.

Aftertale by loverofpiggies

  • Recommended by aziuka
  • Status: Finished
  • Synopsis: Sans is struggling with some strange nightmares lately and starts to wonder where they can come from. Are they just weird dreams or do they have something to do with the human child that the old lady has told him about? While he is investigating, he discovers that in one of his past lives, he made a horrible mistake that might end up ending the timelines once and for all...
  • Comments: This comic takes a deep dive into Sans's psyche and how the constant resets and the isolation might have messed it up. If you never felt bad for the poor guy, now you're practically guaranteed to. It's far from an angst-fest, though; it has its fair share of heartwarming and funny moments, which balances it out nicely. It also features some really nice coloured artwork.

Ask-the-Skele-Household by Jim Pavlica

  • Recommended by Adele Potter
  • An ask blog where readers can send in questions for Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, Alphys, and Undyne... and Jim himself, who lives in the skele-household and is Papyrus' best friend. It is set on the Pacifist route of the game, and is completely positive — no angst or mentions of the Genocide route here, just fun, fluff, and shenanigans. The art style is adorable, and the answers are great, ranging from hysterical to heartmelting. There's also a lot already there, so sit back, grab some popcorn, and prepare for an Archive Binge! (As a bonus, the blog also has an in-progress comic of Jim falling into the Underground and meeting the others.)

Underfell by Kaitogirl

  • Alternate Deviant Art link here
  • Recommended by DDRMASTERM
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Sypnosis: A comic version of the (in)famous Underfell AU, where all the monsters moralities are effectively flipped. Frisk falls down into the Underground, but instead of Flowey trying to kill them, he helps them and becomes their companion in their adventure. The rest of the Underground, however, is far more hostile to them. Can Frisk survive their journey through the underground?
  • Comments: Perhaps one of the best and most fleshed out versions Underfell out there, this telling embraces its setting while staying true to the original game. All of the characters are distinctly Underfell while being far more than one dimensional edgy versions of their original Undertale selves. It also makes great use of the fact that Flowey is Frisk's companion in this AU, adding a snarky and cynical foil to Frisk's strict and kind pacifism. It should also be noted that the author does occasionally answer asks in character on the Tumblr as well if you finish catching up on the story and need some more content. As of this writing, the story has finished up the Snowdin arc.

Growth Spurt by potoobrigham

  • Has a page here.
  • Recommended by stillalive
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An AU where Asriel is inexplicably restored, but time's caught up with him, leaving him as an easily irritable young adult.
  • Comments: Consistently funny but surprisingly deep, this comic is an absolute delight to read. Features one of the best written Asriels in the fandom.

Stand-In by Triangle-cat

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: What if the person you love and the person you hate share the same body?
  • Tags: Frisk, Chara, Sans, Soulless Pacifist
  • Comment: A look into the lives of the monsters above the underground who have to adjust with a soulless human inhabiting the body of their more likeable human child. It is centered around Frisk and Sans shipping but manages to show the more dramatic effects a soulless pacifist ending but in a more humorous light.

UnderRift by bunnikkila

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing; now has a dub starting here.
  • Synopsis: After the True Pacifist Route, it appears that Humankind has been accepting of monsters who have slowly been integrating topside while some still keep the underground occupied. It seems that everyone is happy for the most part, but a few ghosts from the past can upset that delicate balance.
  • Tags: Frisk, Sans, Post-Pacifist, Gaster
  • Comment: One of the more well-written post-pacifist blogs featuring our main cast, UnderRift has already completed its first chapter and is already started on chapter two. So be prepared for mystery, drama, laughter, and suspense!

Hellsiblings by marvyanaka

  • Recommended by gizmo123473
  • Status: Complete
  • Sypnosis: In an AU where Chara decided to not follow up on their plan to destroy the barrier, she and Asriel grow up to live a happy life with each other, eventually becoming king and queen of the underground. But thanks to Chara's first meeting with a mysterious figure known as Gaster ending with a warning about a human that will take everything away from her, they start performing some desperate measures to ensure that doesn't happen.
  • Pairing: Chara/Asriel
  • Tags: Asriel, Chara, AU
  • Comments: This fancomic does great on the characterization of Chara, as the decisions she makes in order to prevent Gaster's warning from becoming true affect her in a negative way. Even though it is short, totaling at about 100 pages, it is still interesting to read, although be warned that the comic does get very dark later on. As of this writing, a sequel is currently being made, called Hellflowers.

Refuse by thegeminisage

  • Recommended by bunnikkila, Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Days after the True Pacifist Route, Sans notices Frisk sleepwalking toward the mountain every night. As he struggles to keep them from reaching it - all the while relating the events to a mysterious presence - the fates of Asriel and Chara come into play again.
  • Tags: Post-Pacifist, Gaster, Chara
  • Comments: Suspenseful and gorgeously drawn, this offers a compelling look at both the days after the ending and the possibilities left by the uncertain status of several characters.

Mendertaleby Taleea

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Frisk has seemingly freed every monster from the Underground . . . or so they believe. Gaster can't interact with the outside world and is forced to watch as everyone else is able to enjoy the surface. But someone else enters Gaster's realm - and may be his only key to his salvation.
  • Tags: Post-Pacifist, Gaster, OC
  • Comments: A beautifully-drawn comic that introduces Geneva, a kind soul who is helping reintegrating monsters with humans.

Beyondtale by Gigagoku30

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In an effort to save Asriel, Frisk is able to bestow a portion of his soul to Asriel to keep him from turning back into a flower. Thus the prince is able to reunite with his family and enjoy the surface world for the time being. But as all stories like these go, nothing is ever simply a happily ever after.
  • Tags: Asriel, Surface, Family, the Whole gang really
  • Comments: Give this one a chance and it turns out to be a pretty decent 'Save Asriel' fancomic as the author updates it regularly.

Fallen Flowers by Tara-bleArt

  • Alternate links:, Tumblr, SmackJeeves
  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The day Monsterkind was sealed into Mt. Ebott, the mages added a little extra insurance. A curse. Human SOULS may past. But Human forms may not. Young Frisk must navigate the dangers under the mountain, a little less human than before...
  • Comments: In this AU comic, the Barrier has a property that turns fallen humans into monsters. This leads to some interesting character interactions, and it becomes clear that this version of the Underground is a bit different than the one in canon. Highly recommended, if only for the amazing illustrations.

Cafe Frisk by tashhhh4

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: You've seen True Pacifist, all neutral runs, even genocide. But what if Frisk had the ability to reject all of these and stay themself? Frisk instead goes for the Chef run, in which they work alongside their father at their family-owned cafe. Events naturally occur leading them into falling and meeting Toriel and surprise her with their culinary expertise.
  • Comments: This is a fun little comic that explores a more mature and capable Frisk who wishes to get back home and resume work at the cafe.

ALIVE by Kaoru Okino

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: After a genocide route leaves her alone in an empty underground, Alphys has only one shot at making everything right again. She opens a portal leading into other alternate timelines to receive aid from familiar faces.
  • Comments: An Undertale AU made up of multiple au's? A new world has opened up for readers.

Undertale: I have places to go by UltimateEmpress, along with #2, #3, and #4

Catastrophic Endeavors

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: "Catastrophic Endeavors is an AU set in the normal UT timeline with the same roles and such. However due to an action done by King Asgore titled "The Monarchy Mayhem." Things have changed drastically. The character’s roles and personalities may not change but their situations and the environments around them do."
  • Comments: A promising AU sprite comic of Undertale.

Papyrus in Practice by Meemie 7

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A skeleton gets a degree in psychology and everyone needs a hug.
  • Comments: Papyrus begins a career in hearing out his friends issues and maybe ends up saving a few lives in the process. This comic shows our lanky skeleton at his best: compassionate, funny, loving, and above all else the greatest friend to all living things.

Entity NEO

  • Recommended by Rockium
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: In a near Genocide run, Napstablook accidentally winds up in the body of their late, estranged cousin, Mettaton. They are left to face the bitter reality of their new situation, yet their searching leads them to new faces and even new friends. In a body that was shattered by bullets and fire, Napstablook must gather the pieces of their past, present, and future to put their own life back together and become a new being.
  • Tags: Alphys Ending, Near Genocide, Napstablook, Mettaton
  • Comments: A suspenseful, engaging exploration into Napstablook’s character and how they cope with their strange circumstances. While mostly angsty, there’s also quite a few lighter moments and good humor that caught me off guard. Tem outta tem, would binge read all 20+ chapters in a single sitting again.
  • Now has a Tropes Page!

NewStepTale by KamikoTorayama391

  • Recommended by Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Frisk manages to bring Flowey to the Surface with Chara's spirit tagging along.
  • Tags: Post-Pacifist Ending, Floweypot, Chara is a ghost
  • Comments: A heartwarming story about Frisk adjusting to a life living with their newfound monster family.

Echotale by Yoralim

  • Recommended by: Lermis
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: An Alternate Universe where Frisk (female) intentionally comes to the Underground to help the monsters, while Dr. Gaster was still the Royal Scientist, and Sans with Alphys as his assistants... And then, the SHIFT happened.
  • Pairings: Frisk/G
  • Comments: An official and well-known part of the Undertale multiverse, Echotale is noted as the origin of Gaster!Sans (also known as G!Sans, and called G in the comic). But it's more than just that; a very unique story in a fascinating setting, with a bittersweet tinge that can bring a tear to your eye. Unfortunately, apparent harassment by other people lead to the author leaving the internet (or at least that moniker). Fortunately, the comic is still available for reading, with the link above hosting all its pages.

Definitely-Not-Deltarune by Fennec Thunder Fox

  • Recommended by: Damon 117
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A continuation of the story where Undertale left off, using concepts and characters from Deltarune.
  • Comments: Another fun read merging two universes together so as to create a sequel to Undertale.

Chocoblook by brushstrokesapocalyptic

  • Recommended by Rockium
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: An Undertale fancomic in which Chara comes back as a ghost monster. Why did this happen? How did this happen? Will this child ever get to eat their delicious chocolate? I’m not going to tell you that, that would be spoilers. Enjoy!
  • Comments: Simple and innocuous in concept, yet here it’s twisted into a wonderfully engaging, humorous read.

0915 by spectrumelf

  • Recommended by Dragon Wasser
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Mettaton is put into prison for a murder he did not commit.
  • Comments: Rather than one long comic, this story is split up into a couple of shorter ones, with the main ones found in the link above. It has plenty of sweet moments between Mettaton and his friends, and plenty of funny moments that'll make one laugh out loud. Be warned though: even though it's generally goofy and light-hearted, it has some genuinely heartwrenching moments.

A Choice of Your Own by BlueCatDeviantArt

  • Recommended by Stillalive
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A Hollow Knight crossover where Pacifist Frisk and the Knight meet each other.
  • Comments: A young but absolutely delightful little comic which manages to balance the tones of the two games very well and somehow feel faithful to both. The creators of the comic have clearly put a lot of thought of how the systems of the two games translate to one another, and how the settings of each would react to the protagonist of the other.
  • Can also be read on tumblr here

Hollowtale by TheJessofMess

  • Has a page here.
  • Recommended by I—Vanya—I
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Another Hollow Knight crossover, set after the events of True Pacifist Ending, where Sans and Papyrus help the world-displaced Knight to adapt to the world of Undertale.
  • Comments: A fun crossover comic that explores the Knight and skeleton brothers' perspective on the new visitor's current predicament, while also managing to balance out the comedy and seriousness. Also has a good voiceover by Revtrosity.

    Fan Videos 
Original fan-created video games based on the game.

Glitchtale by Camila Cuevas

Undergrumps by Judegement Boy

  • Recommended by: Psychadelico
  • Synopsis: Lightly animated clips of Frisk and Chara's mostly-murderous adventures through the Underground, as voiced by clips taken from Game Grumps' Bloodborne run.
  • Comments: Not as dark as it sounds, but definitely black comedy. Cute facial expressions.

Ultra-Sans Fight by A Huge Pancake

  • Recommended by: Waddle, Robinton
  • Synopsis: Right after the fight against Sans at the end of the Genocide Route, he doesn't die, but actually goes into a One-Winged Angel mode, and becomes an humongous skeleton called Ultra Sans.
  • Comments: A well made video, so close to the style of the game that it looks like it is a recording of actual gameplay footage. Sans destroying the Attack button (then the others) is a nice echo to the fight against Asgore. One of the best part of the video is the ending, which is a very clever use of the Ancient Artifact, turning this Trolling Creator moment into a mind-blowing Brick Joke.
  • Tags: Genocide Route, Spoiler, Fake Gameplay, Funny Ending

Gaster & Deprived Gaster Fight by A Huge Pancake

  • Recommended by: Waddle
  • Synopsis: In the Pacifist Route, the ferryman reveals itself as "the man who speaks in hands".
  • Comments: A truly nightmarish fight, once again very close to the game. Some of the attacks are really clever and original ideas, looking hard but fair, though some of them are a bit long. The various visual glitches add a lot to the Nightmare Fuel, and the events of the fight really give a sad feeling of hopelessness.
  • Tags: Pacifist Route, Spoiler, Fake Gameplay, Scary, Glitches, Death, Hard Reset

An Actual Full Genocide Papyrus AU Battle. by SuperWiiMarioBros08

  • Recommended by: Ru Tsuna, Ms Ami Classified
  • Synopsis: In a twist of fate, Sans dies before he can fight you in Judgement Hall. In his place waits his brother.
  • Comments: Straying from the formerly common "Disbelief" AU of the fandom's early days where Papyrus loses his faith in you and decides to kill the player in righteous fury, this fan-made fight takes Original Flavor to its logical conclusion. Papyrus, robbed of everything, gives you one final shot to redeem yourself.


  • Recommended by: Crossover-Enthusiast, Goldenguy880
  • Synopsis: Alphys and Undyne meet for the very first time!
  • Comments: As it says above, it's an animated adaption of Alphys and Undyne's first meeting, made for Undertale's first anniversary. The dialog and voice acting are on point, and the animation is fluid and just plain beautiful.

Undertale: Cinematic Dub by PlotlinePlus

  • Recommended by: Adele Potter
  • Synopsis: A fanmade dub of the Pacifist run of the game, done to feel like a movie.
  • Status: Complete.
  • Comments: Holy crap. This is just beautifully done, with excellent voice acting, as well as some great remixes of the original music, and some very nice coloring and sound effects. The episodes are about half an hour each, so grab some popcorn and strap in!

DISBELIEF (Papyrus Genocide Route) by FlamesAtGames

  • Recommended by: 1n73rn37_n3rd_584 Thecommander236
  • Synonpsis: Similar to An Actual Full Genocide Papyrus AU Battle by Super Wii Mario Bros 08, this is an animation showing a four-phase battle with phenomenal music and stunning animation that looks like a byproduct of the game itself. Highly recommended watch. Older versions had Papyrus stop believing in you. This version has Papyrus having a rough time giving up on you. A playable version is in the works.

Undertale Against Humanity by CDawgVA

Undertale the Musical by Man on the Internet

  • Recommended by: Warrior Sparrow
  • Synopsis: A musical version of Undertale's True Pacifist route.
  • Comments: The cast, music, and art is all fantastic. Go listen to it if you haven't already!

If Undertale Was Realistic by SmashBitsTeam

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Synopsis: A rude, alcoholic Frisk embarks on the "Realistic Route" of Undertale.
  • Comments: This parody series uses SFM models to poke fun at the events of Undertale. There are seventeen parts to the series.

If Undertale had a Flirting Route also by Smash Bits Animations

  • Recommended by: Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Synopsis: Frisk embarks on a journey to seduce everyone in the Underground.
  • Comments: Another parody series created by Smashbits Animations, the humor is very over-the-top as Frisk points how weird Undertale can be. Six parts are available at the moment.

Undertale Abridged by Spoopytoons Entertainment

  • Recommended by Zoic Alcelaphine
  • Synopsis: Frisk journeys throughout the Underground while putting up with two internal voices.
  • Comments: The first abridged series of Undertale, the jokes are very clever and inventive.

OFFtale: The Animation by Dr. Medic's Game Surgery

  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Crossover With: OFF
  • Synopsis: What happens when The Batter from Mortis Ghost's game OFF falls down into the Underground from Toby Fox's UNDERTALE at LV 50? Find out now, dear puppeteer. Comes in Three parts: Neutral, Mission, and Pacifist (in that order).

SpongeSwap: Genocide Spongebob Fight by Chrono Catalyst

  • Recommended by: Thecommander236
  • Crossover with SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Synopsis: Plankton goes on a rampage an decides to kill everyone up to and including his royal baldingness, King Neptune himself and the last line of defense is none other than Spongebob Squarepants. It's definitely not the best day ever.
  • Comments: An alternate universe version of Undertale where the cast is all Spongebob characters. Chrono Catalyst shows us what a genocide fight with Spongebob would be like. A ridiculous idea that is presented quite well with very good animation and fantastic music. Spongebob is presented very much in line with his actual character except much more competent. Try and spot all the references if you can.

Undertale - SAVE Chara by giaxon

Undyne the Undying - ANIMATION by YAMsgarden (sound by Strelok Audio)

  • Recommended by: Goldenguy880
  • Synopsis: A 2D-animated portrayal of Undyne battling Frisk on a Genocide run.
  • Comments: The fluid and expressive animation, plus some good sound design, really sell the emotion of this scene. Attention to details such as Undyne's slightly-melting body, as well as Frisk seeing a vision of the monsters they've killed up to this point, are really nice touches.
  • Tags: Genocide Route, Undyne, Spoiler, Non-canon Death

Undertale Shots: Flowey's Transformation by NCHProductions

  • Recommended by Goldenguy880
  • Synopsis: A 2D animation of Flowey transforming into his Photoshop Flowey form.
  • Comments: Delightfully creepy and impressively detailed; it really captures the horror of the scene from the game. And Flowey proves that not even YouTube is safe from his meta-awareness.
  • Tags: Flowey, Photoshop Flowey

Undertale Animated: Genocide Interpretation by Antonus, voice by Timber Puppers

  • Recommended by Goldenguy880
  • Synopsis: A fully-voiced animation of Sans giving his pre-battle speech to Chara.
  • Comments: Even though it doesn't include the actual fight, the expressive animation and voice acting still make it feel intense and dramatic. Could be considered an AU since Chara is in the animation instead of Frisk.
  • Tags: Non-canon, Sans, Chara, Evil!Chara, Genocide Route

Undertale Animation - Frisk vs Sans by TC-96, sound by Strelok Audio

  • Synopsis: Under Chara's influence, Frisk battles Sans at the end of a Genocide run.
  • Comments: Very clean, professional-level animation. Really emphasizes the tragedy of this scene from the game.
  • Tags: Genocide route, Frisk, Chara, Evil!Chara, Sans, Spoiler

The Journey Back – Undertale 5th Anniversary Project by Slylock Syl and Dapphire

  • Recommended by Goldenguy880
  • Synopsis: After everyone has left the Underground, Flowey is left alone to remember his and Frisk's adventure.
  • Comments: A beautifully made tribute to Undertale's legacy. Despite not being a "save Asriel" story, it has a powerful ending that emphasizes how much the game's story has meant to all of us.
  • Tags: Flowey, Frisk

    Fan Games 
Full-fledged games based on the series, with varying content.

Undertale Red by Taxiderby (a.k.a. UnREDtale)

  • Recommended by: aipom14, Syrika, Lwoorl, Lord Of The Sword
  • Synopsis: Interquel to the Undertale storyline. The human gets lost in a way nobody thought possible and bumps into a rather conflicted Royal Guard. Things don't go as anyone would have hoped.
  • Comments: Possibly the first complete Undertale fan game, consisting of a single boss battle against a (well-designed) OC. While the dialogue is rough around the edges (but still entertaining), the main attraction is the battle itself; Red has several tricks that aren't seen anywhere in Undertale, and the game itself is an almost-perfect recreation of the battle system from the source material. While it's not very big, it does have a good amount of content for a single battle, including two distinct battle paths, hidden details and several endings, and some interesting, if brief, commentary on fangames as relative to the themes of Undertale. Difficulty is somewhere around the Undyne fight, jumping up to Asgore/Undyne the Undying levels during the No Mercy fight branch.
    • Seconded. Red may be an OC, but she's fun and enjoyable, with a lot of heart packed in just like the characters of Undertale itself! There's also a surprising amount of dialogue and endings in this battle despite its short status.
    • However, to those who accept OCs with a grain of salt, Red hits a lot of boxes that'll set folk off. She's the youngest inductee to the Royal Guard (of such rank she's even allowed to wear the Delta Rune); such a prodigal fighter she can use the Guardians and has a Tsundere-like personality that can border on excessive. She does at least admit that she's not normally allowed to use the Guardians (that they're available is courtesy of your implied bloodshed in that route), but that then brings into question why she can use them as well as she does.
  • Tags: Interquel, OC, Boss Fight, Multiple endings, Fan-created music, No major spoilers

Papyrus' Big Christmas Adventure by Qpringle1.

  • Recommended by: Brickbat1137.
  • Synopsis: As a Christmas favor to Asgore, Papyrus has to bury a treasure. But if he's not back home in 10 minutes:
    sans: (with his serious face) I'm eating dinner without you.
  • Comments: Unlike Undertale:Red, PBCA is a platformer, akin to ''Super Meat Boy'' in terms of difficulty. Don't let the intro screen, charmingly rendered in MS Paint, fool you. The graphics and music are quite good.
  • Tags: Platformer, difficult, Fan-created music, very minor spoilers

Alphys NEO (Mirror) by Blazephlozard

  • Recommended by: Many Cookies
  • Synopsis: An Alphys boss fight. Spoilers for all endings.
  • Comments: This Alphys fight is just incredibly inspired, with a bunch of unique and interesting twists on the Hotland+Mettaton mechanics — it's the NEO fight I had expected in game. And it's fittingly very difficult, approaching the level of Genocide Sans towards the end.
  • Tags: Boss Fight, Fan-created music, Difficult, Major Spoilers.

Determination by geek2games

  • Recommended by: SLthePyro
  • Synopsis: A boss fight with the original game's Greater-Scope Villain. Spoilers for the No Mercy route.
  • Comments: A neat fangame that works either independently, or off of an existing Undertale save to carry over your stats and items. The main attraction this time around is the Fallen Child, who has hijacked your body since the No Mercy ending and intends to finish you off. Other than some minor gripes with a couple of the attack mechanics, the gameplay is very faithful to the original game and manages to still bring along its humor despite the circumstances of the plot. Also, like any good Undertale fanwork, there are Multiple Endings depending on how you approach the fight, including surprise appearances from other characters that escaped your wrath in the No Mercy route.
    P.S.: While the fangame is intended to be experienced after a No Mercy ending in the main game, this isn't necessary. That said, don't try this using a Pacifist Undertale save unless you're a very dedicated Challenge Seeker.
  • Tags: Boss Fight, Difficult, Spoilers, No Mercy, Genocide

Undertale Kissy Cutie by RoseradeTea

  • Recommended by: SergeantSqueaks
  • Synopsis: A friendship sim where Frisk attempts to convince humans that monsters are not evil. To do that you (Frisk) have to pick a monster to spend time with Sona, the daughter of the mayor.
  • Comments: A Dating Sim without any dating, this Friendship Sim explores Frisk’s role as the ambassador of all monsters. The writers have very effectively captured the Undertale cast’s personalities, the art style is adorable and the music consists of cute acoustical renditions of the Undertale soundtrack. The game is still in the demo-phase, but it is slated for release at the end of this year. It’s still a bit rough around the edges (e.g. spelling, grammatical errors), but if you can look past those issues, there’s a "cutie" of a little game awaiting you.
  • Tags: Friendship Sim, Post-Corrupted Pacifist Ending, Ambassador Frisk

Overtime by GermanPeter

  • Recommended by: Dropkick
  • Synopsis: A brilliant cross-over game that combines both Team Fortress 2 and Undertale. In the game, Miss Pauling attempts to assassinate Red and Blu Mann, with varying results depending on which path you take.
  • Comments: The game is still a little buggy, but the characters are well fleshed out and the story is amazing.
  • Tags: Crossover


  • Recommended by: Thecommander236
  • A game that is the hard mode to hard mode Undertale. The game includes new Genocide fights including one with Papyrus.
  • Comments: This is not it's own game. It's a mod that allows you to build your own battles. Each "game" is made by different maker. Some can be well done, some not. Also, prone to glitches.

TS!Underswap by Team Switched

  • Recommended by: DragonWasser
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A take on the popular Underswap AU by Team Switched, where the characters retain their original personalities as they take on different roles.
  • Comments: Has its own Tropes Page. Although at point of writing the full game has not been completed, the demo (featuring the first area, Ruined Home) is superbly made, capturing the 'feel' of Undertale while introducing original concepts and characters that make it truly unique and giving it a 'fresh' feel to old players.