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Be warned that all spoilers are unmarked. It's virtually impossible to list tropes for this roleplay and its characters without spoiling everything or creating Self Fulfilling Spoilers.

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    Students A-K 

Alice / Azumi Maki

Super High-School Level Game Show Woman, Super High-School Level Hitwoman
Alice has loved game shows since she was a little girl, so when her uncle decided to audition to be the host, she begged to come along and help. Holding up prizes, standing next to them, it didn't matter as long as she got to be on-stage, wearing pretty clothes and being surrounded by energy and happiness. Although her uncle didn't make the cut, little Alice was such a hit that she became a staple of High Stakes. Her positivity and calm demeanor soothed contestants and kept their spirits up, and she even went on to appear on a special episode of the American version of her show! Soon, thanks to Alice, High Stakes was the most watched game show in Japan.
  • Dark Secret: She killed a man before, after finding out he was abusing his child. And she's a hitwoman.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: From her intro, she appears to fit this trope. Subverted when it turns out that her blonde hair is a wig. Her real hair is short and brown. And she's not really that pure-hearted after all.
  • Hidden Depths: Her reactions to the murders and executions...don't quite fit with her characterization. Several characters even note this, such as Misaki wondering to herself which is the "real Alice."
  • It's All My Fault: Subverted. Whatever's written on Alice's motive card in Chapter 2 makes her have a breakdown and repeat "It wasn't my fault" over and over.
  • Shout-Out: When she's testing the radio, she pretends to be a DJ and says, "Let's kick this show off with the latest from the lovely Sayaka Maizono."

Aya Kamio

Super High-School Level Mural Artist

With her precise eye for detail, steady hands, and a free flowing art style that has been described ‘as though her works are living’, it’s no wonder that Aya is one of the most in-demand mural artists. After a memorial mural dedicated to her sister (and the subsequent campaign to allow the painting to remain, as it had been painted on private property) received heavy media coverage, her talent for murals was brought to light. She began to be commissioned by a wide range of clients for indoor and outdoor pieces alike, people seeking her out to decorate interiors, wall exteriors, plazas - you name a surface, Aya has probably graced it with a mural. She's the victim of chapter four, suffering cardiac arrest after being poisoned and injected with air by Sully.
  • Always Identical Twins: Aya had an identical twin sister, Ayano, known to be dead upon Aya's arrival at Hope's Peak. This appears to cross into Angsty Surviving Twin if the hints towards Ayano's death are anything to go by, with Aya being 'unable to say' what actually happened and how it should be her dead, rather than Ayano.
  • Love You and Everybody: Aya automatically considers everyone a friend, regardless of whether they actually like her back or not.
  • The Nicknamer: Before she learns a person's name, Aya gives them a nickname based on a paint colour she feels fits them. If they like the colour, she'll keep calling them that rather than their actual name.
  • Plucky Girl: She and Cerys appear to be convinced that their kidnapping is simply a field trip. Her patience suggests that her optimism is a character facet that will not be easily shaken.
  • Skewed Priorities: Upon waking up in the lodge, Aya completely neglects the scarier points of their situation and finds deciding on colours for people to be more important. She eventually gets back on track.
  • Tender Tears: A few times thus far, such as reading (and apparently reliving) the secret on her motive card in chapter 2, and upon finding Rover's body.
  • Theme Naming: The nicknames Aya gives people are based on paint colours. In a more meta sense, her player also titles each post with the code and name of a colour from a paint sample chart.

Brynja Sindrisdottir

Super High-School Level Metalworker

Not quite as well known as her brother, she still contributes just as much to their trade. She creates the jewelry to house his jewels, and there isn't a single person her age who can do it better! Hope's Peak quickly recognized the Jewels Of The North for their immense talent at their young age, and invited them immediately to attend their school. Attacks Monobear in a fit of anger after his appearance and is punished by being immolated.
  • Plucky Girl: Is staying cheery, although the absence of her brother has distressed her.

Cerys Fujimoto

Super High-School Level Dietician, Super High-School Level Surgeon
Cerys grew up in a household where both of her parents were fairly acclaimed in the medical and health industries. Always having admired her parents' work and dreaming of following in their footsteps, though unsure of where to stake her claim, she decided to pursue a field that specialized in making a difference in people's lives for the better. Before long, her work and knowledge gained her incredible recognition, as did her general demeanor. She hopes, through her studies at Hope's Peak, to give even famous youths better lives. She is the victim of Chapter 8, with Penetrative Cardiac Trauma being her cause of death, killed by Minoru.
  • Accidental Murder: She accidentally botched a surgery before the events of the mutual killing game.
  • Ignored Confession: During the fifth trial, Cerys admits to murdering Hirashi after apparently catching him after he had murdered Remi. However, her confession goes partly ignored as people decide to vote for Hirashi instead on accounts of him killing Remi.
  • It's All My Fault: During the fourth trial, Cerys talks about how someone had died due to complications with surgery and blamed her for what had happened.
  • It Never Gets Any Easier: Even though it has most likely been a few years since Cerys botched up the surgery that forced her to hide behind her fake talent, she seems to still be lamenting over her mistake, as much as mentally breaking down once Alice shows she had her motive card from chapter two in the fourth trial.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: Cerys is a grandmotherly type who has hair down as far as the eye can see.
  • The Medic: Not really, but her second skill mentions that she knows quite a bit about first aid and on-site treatment. Later this trope was further justified when Cerys' real title, the Super High-School Level Surgeon, was revealed during the fourth trial. She makes use of her talent in the fifth trial to heal Manolo after his hands are chopped off.
  • Plucky Girl: She and Aya appear to be convinced that their kidnapping is a simple field trip, and she is staying positive.
  • Sleepy Head: Cerys has been asleep during during all the trials she has been apart of for an extended period of time. This has also led her to passing out on her podium and accidentally voting for Aya during the first trial and Monokuma resorting to controlling her as a puppet during the second trial.

Hana Uena

Super High-School Level Astrologer
Since her life began, Hana found herself drawn to the stars and planets that resided so far, far away. Since she was primarily homeschooled, Hana easily began her studies of astronomy. It wasn’t long until the girl took up astrology, a study she found much more stimulating. Her knowledge of the subject grew so vast that she wished to share it with the world. Under the alias of Hana-Hoshi, she began educating others about the stars and zodiacs whilst writing her very own horoscope pages! Not long after, she caught the eye of magazines and popular websites, who wished for her contributions. Her success has grown and she has become...a star! She is the seventh victim, stabbed to death in Chapter 6 by Miko. It is also revealed in that chapter that she is actually an AI.
  • Astrologer: Hana literally studies astrology!
  • Black Blood: After being repetitively stabbed by a machete, Hana's body began to leak a peculiar, black liquid.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: During the trial of Chapter 2, Hana is easily distracted by Malachi taking off his shirt. She even begins murmuring to herself about stars and planets.
  • Finally Found the Body: With Monobear's assistance, Hana discovers Shigeru's remains not far off from the garden area.
  • Flower Motifs: She is commonly associated and/or compared to a flower. In fact, the word "hana" means flower!
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: Or in Hana's case, "Oh my stars!".
  • Innate Night Vision: Listed as one of Hana's skills. However, this may be associated with the fact that Hana is not human.
  • Innocent Flower Girl: Though it's not particularly her profession, Hana has an affinity for flowers. She's also shown to have a timid personality around others.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Because of her upbringing, Hana was socially deprived and had few friends. She relied heavily on the internet to converse with others. Now that she's away from home, her primary goal is to meet new people in hopes of befriending them through her talent.
  • Prone to Tears: Hana's very sensitive due to her star sign and often does not take criticism well.
  • What Measure Is a Human?: Upon realizing Hana is not human, several characters find themselves questioning the value of her death and if it was even considered murder at all. However, she still receives a trial like the previous victims before her.

Haruna Kita

Super High-School Level Matchmaker
Looking for the love of your life, a best friend, or even an animal companion? Chances are Haruna Kita can find your match. With a knack for compatibility and a vast understanding of sexual identity, she’ll help with just about anything, from discovering your perfect date to the right friend for you. Her unconventional ways and skillful celebrity couplings have caught the attention of the Japanese media, and her open-minded attitude has attracted hundreds of clients to her door.

Hibiki Tsukino

Super High-School Level Majorette

Pretentious, self-absorbed, and loaded with talent to back it up, this sheltered baton twirler first got into marching band because one of her older brothers had been involved in one. It became apparent very quickly that she could not play any instrument whatsoever, though, so her next best option was color-guard! Participating in bands placing first in both AJBA and Drum Corps Japan and America, she was duly noted as the person who led the color-guard to victory. She has the ability to incorporate up to eight batons at a time, and often involves fire in her performances that are sure to wow any audience. In Chapter 3, she confesses to murdering Red Rover, and is executed.
  • Blood from the Mouth: This is what gives her away as Rover's killer. Rover was killed in a struggle, and Shoko suggests that the students do a few exercises, the idea being that any wounds the culprit may have received will open up. Exercising causes Hibiki to cough up blood, and she reveals a nasty gash on her stomach, proving that she was the culprit.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Hibiki is forced to lead a marching band of Monobears, and several more Monobears in the audience throw lit batons for her to juggle. The band moves faster and faster, until Hibiki stops, tosses all ten of the batons in the air, and is then trampled to death.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Hibiki is determined to do her best in her final performance. Even though she knows she's going to die, she smiles at the camera and refuses to show any fear.
  • Go Out with a Smile: Hibiki is determined to do her best in her final performance. Even though she knows she's going to die, she smiles at the camera and refuses to show any fear.
  • The Trickster: Easily went along with Rover's idea to scare the other students by announcing a rogue monster over the loudspeakers.

Hirashi Abe

Super High-School Level Experimental Pianist
Known across the world for his ability, Hirashi Abe is a household name if you know music. Hirashi is world-famous for the fact that he absolutely never uses sheet music, and he’s never played the same piece twice. If you ever get the chance to see him in concert, be sure to record it all, because it’ll never be heard again! His music cannot be defined in any specific genre, since it seems to bring styles from all genres, time periods, and methods. He is the sixth victim, killed by blunt force trauma after Cerys supposedly beat him to death with his tablet. He is also revealed to have murdered Remi.
  • Censored for Comedy: So it seems. His text-to-speech program on his tablet, 'Usa-chan', censors any curses he types. Whether this is intentional or not on his part is unknown.
  • Kindness Button: Even though it's noted in the narration that he's unsure why he's being so kind, something about Keita absolutely breaking down on the trial floor following Brynja's execution causes this.
  • Making a Spectacle of Yourself: A classic example of this trope: bright pink and heart shaped.
  • Name's the Same: In-Universe:
    • Shares a surname with Kahori Abe of Alpha fame.
    • It wass revealed by Hirashi's player that his birth name is Hirashi Fukui, causing him to share a surname with not only Kahori, but Minoru Fukui as well.
  • No Social Skills: When not being completely weird, he seems to be fumbling (sometimes literally) for any idea on just what to do during a conversation.
  • Vocal Dissonance: His text-to-speech program apparently makes him sound like a young girl.
  • Wardrobe Flaw of Characterization: It's been stated by his player that he cannot actually tie a tie properly, hence his tie being crooked and hanging oddly.

Iori Yano

Super High-School Level Foley Artist

What’s the sound? One of the newest faces in an industry full of veterans, Iori Yano is known for working magic and creating sound effects that will blow your mind. Their projects have ranged from small indie films to, more recently, big blockbuster hits. Even though their work tends to be overlooked in favor of music or acting, they’re proud of what they do.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Called "Yori" by Cerys, Kenshin, and Manolo.
  • Alas, Poor Yorick: Kenshin's decapitated head is dropped into their hands after his execution, and Iori is unable to bring themselves to let go of it even when they pass out.
  • Ambiguous Gender: They self identify as Nonbinary and attempt to maintain a fairly androgynous appearance.
  • Asexuality: Technically Gray-Panromantic but there seems to be a lack in Aromantic spectrum tropes. Iori does not often feel any romantic attractions to people, though these attractions have been noted.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Iori's maternal grandparents are Americans.
  • Cargo Ship: Invoked in-character. Iori obtains Noriaki's plush of Bopper Raspberry, a handmade toy with a lot of sentimental significance to him. They quickly proceed to dub the fish "Koishin Taiyuki", dress it their late fiance's clothes, and speak through it during the eighth trial, all to catch the other people in the room off-guard so that they can slam them with information about the murderer and the Mastermind. They even kiss Koishin a few times, and take genuine comfort in the feeling of Kenshin's clothes. While deadblog is not unlocked at this time, comments on Noriaki's blog confirm that he is absolutely pissed that Iori is doing this to the plush.
  • The Nicknamer: As stated by Iori's mun: "Iori will only use a person's name if they hate the person in question or think they are too boring to waste the time of making a nickname for."
  • Official Couple: With Kenshin and Manolo. Iori is even engaged to Kenshin and already considers him their husband — and themself his widower.
  • Shout-Out: From the Monomachine, they win a wooden rifle belonging to Marian Spiegelman of Doubt Academy 2: White.

Jae-Hwa “Black Cat” Seung

Super High-School Level Starcraft Player
One of the prominent Starcraft progamers in the world, Seung has been affiliated to the professional gaming organization “GT Arcane”, who had risen to be one of the prominent organizations in South Korea that was dedicated to Starcraft. The three main players of GT Arcane are Black_Cat, Aurora_Galaxia, and Entranced_Enterprise, all trained in their assigned race within the game. Being known as the Terran player “Black_Cat” in the gaming world, he possesses an unbroken record of a 90% win rate in matches. He’s considered to be a Bonjwa by the gaming community - a person that’s the most dominant progamer of his era. With a APM (actions per minute) exceeding 300, he’s a fierce player within the gaming world.

Keita Yamaguchi

Super High-School Level Light Novel Author
Armed with a love of the written word from a young age, it was only a matter of time before Keita Yamaguchi made his literary debut. However, what nobody expected was for him to do so under a name that wasn’t even his own. Kou Nishiyama’s Sunlit Days, one of the most popular light novel series of the generation, is beloved by fans all over who have been enamored with its quality writing, well-paced storytelling, and yes, the illustrations — though it’s clear that the heart of this story lies in its words. Keita was dragged into the public eye for the first time when his true identity was discovered— and also into the eye of Hope’s Peak Academy, who took a special interest in the promising young author. Generously using their influence to help smooth things over as best as they could, they invited him to enroll.

  • My Greatest Failure: Following Hirashi's death, Keita seems to carry a great sense of guilt and regret, blaming himself for allowing it to happen. Also a case of Please Wake Up.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Keita seems to be highly afraid of fire, reacting badly to Shigeru smoking in one of the trials, and seems to have to close his eyes and hold his breath to walk through the lounge- which has a fireplace in the middle of it.

Kenshin Takayuki

Super High-School Level Time Traveler

Since childhood, Kenshin Takayuki has always had a keen interest in the past. Growing up in the home of a famed historian and museum curator, he spent his childhood fascinated by world history, choosing to spend his free time replicating famous battles instead of playing. Dissatisfied with what he already knew, however, he soon began wishing to be able to witness historical events in person, leading to the development of his first “time machine” at age 6. As he grew older, he perfected the mechanics of time travel, and was soon enough able to relive the past through his own eyes. Since then, he’s gained extreme popularity on the internet for his blog detailing the extents of his travels, although some critics have discounted his stories as being nothing more than pure fiction… He is the culprit of Chapter 7, having murdered Ko, and is executed.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: His execution first forces him to dance in an old French ballroom, surrounded by walking, rotting corpses (including those of classmates and relatives) in noble outfits. A mob of Monobears busts in, kicking off the French Revolution, and Kenshin tries to escape when he's grabbed by the corpse of his father. Despite being stunned and shamed by his silent stare, he breaks from his grip and makes it outside, just to be dragged to a guillotine. Just before he's beheaded, the feed cuts out, and Monobear grudgingly lets the class go... And when the elevator opens, Kenshin's headless body is put on view inside, tied to a cross and embedded with numerous knives. A trapdoor above the room opens, and Kenshin's head drops right into Iori's hands.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: He certainly does specialize in history, just like his parents.
  • Official Couple: With Iori and Manolo. Kenshin is even engaged to Iori and already considers them his spouse.
  • Off with His Head!: His execution ends with him being guillotined by a group of Monobears dressed as French Revolutionaries. To make matters worse, his decapitated head lands in Iori's hands.
  • Omniglot: Fluent in Japanese and English, functionally fluent in Chinese and French, and knows basic Latin.
  • Shout-Out:
    • He receives a Giga Pudding from the Monomachine, belonging to Tsutomu Joukawa of Doubt Academy 2: Black.
    • His execution re-utilizes the same guillotine that Sully was executed at — even the narration notes how out of place the gaudy thing looks. The switchblade in his heart also has "usotsuki" engraved in it, referencing the fact that Kenshin's player also played Usoko Tsuki from Omega.

Ko Kido

Super High School Level Jumpstyle Street Dancer

As tall and intimidating as Ko is, you’d be surprised to find out that’s he’s quiet, and very eager to please. With an overachieving older sister who, quite frankly, dominated him as a kid, it was all Ko could do to get out of the house and wander the streets, eventually getting caught up in the art of street dance. Now, he’s one of the most well known jumpstyle dancers in Japan. He is the eighth victim, killed by blunt force trauma, and is found in a boat with a crocodile chewing on his arm. During the trial, Kenshin confesses to killing him.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Peko Kimura, the other dancer in his class, whose dance style is even somewhat similar to his!
  • Book Dumb: Ko doesn't have much interest in pursuing academic goals. Justified by his dyslexia making it difficult for him.

    Students L-Z 

Malachi Seigi / Shigeru Natadama

Super High-School Level Fry Cook, Super High-School Level Informant
An accomplished fry cook raised primarily by his single father, the two have been on the road ever since they lost their small restaurant business due to money shortages. The loss of the burger joint didn’t discourage Malachi, however, who seized the opportunity to make a name for himself all over Japan. His popularity was hard-earned, as near the start of the business it was hard to gain customers, but through his amicable personality and top-notch grilling skills, the young man soon succeeded in gaining enough recognition to be invited to Hope’s Peak. He is randomly chosen to be executed after the class incorrectly votes P.K.'s death as a suicide in chapter 2.
  • Fan Boy: Of Suleiman Ahmed. He even gets Wingding Eyes, and his Motor Mouth tendencies become even worse when they meet for the first time!
  • Friendship Trinket: Though their conversation isn't shown publicly, following Brynja's execution, Malachi is shown to be wearing one of Hana's stars on his jacket after their conversation prior to his leaving the courtroom.
  • The Gadfly: During the chapter 2 trial, Malachi remains shirtless for the majority of the discussion. When Minoru asks him to put his shirt on, Malachi stares at him...and then proceeds to take his pants off right in front of him before dropping them on Minoru's podium and continuing on with the discussion!
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Uses this as justification for his prying questions directed towards Minoru in the chapter 2 trial, as well as his work methods and outlook on things like friendship and trust.
  • Meaningful Name: “Malachi Seigi” was actually Foreshadowing of his true talent, informant, as its meaning can be interpreted as “Messenger of Justice.” Furthermore, the biblical Malachi is thought to have never existed by some scholars, playing off the fact that "Malachi" isn't his true name.
  • One-Note Cook: He's not really all that great at making anything not related to his talent (which he is obviously incredible at).
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: During the chapter 1 trial, while accusing Taka, Malachi is noted to lack his typical accent, slipping into perfect Japanese, which may suggest that he doesn't possess an accent at all!
  • Oral Fixation: He constantly has a toothpick in his mouth which is occasionally swapped for a cigarette.
  • Totally Radical: Uses outdated slang constantly.
    • He and Sunny both. Just take a look at this conversation.
      Sunny: Listen here y' dill bludger I haven' com' from beyond the black stump to quit this rage on for a blue with a too bluffed seppo with the wobbly boot on!! Now y' either hit the turps by y' lonesome ya spewing stonker or so help me this raw prawn's gonna turn a mallee bull before the technicolor yawn even hit ya mouth, now rack off!
      Malachi: Egad, Betty y’ not bumpin’ y’ gums lookin’ for some bop action, are ya? ‘cause see, I’d ruther not ‘it a skirt like you; even the thought’ve it gets me all balled up! Sheesh, n’ I didn’ think anyone ‘ere’d be cruisin’ for a bruisin’ ain’t we s’posed t’ be makin’ friends n’ bashin’ ears like civil people? Yikes, I won’er what I did t’ get y’ all riled up n’ rarin’ t’ go, dolly, seriously y’ all bowed up. ‘m startin’ t’ get th’ feelin’ y’ off y’ nut’re somthin’, but ‘m gonna be on th’ level with ya n’ say ‘m…sorry? Eesh ‘ve already got ‘nough gringles t’ deal with I don’ need more dames out f’ my blood! n’ ‘ey — I may be a fry cook but that don’t mean ‘m some kin’a dewdropper!
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Chicken katsu.
  • Uncertain Doom:
    • As he's being chased by the Wendigo, the chimera finally catches up to him and lunges, however before the class can witness what truly happened to him, the viewing screen in the courtroom blacks out, leaving them to question whether he died or not.
    • Hana finds out the hard way that Shigeru is dead when Monokuma leads her to a trail of blood and gore, which he confirms to be Shigeru's remains, and hands her a piece of Shigeru's shirt.

Manolo Yamauchi

Super High-School Level Speedrunner
Despite having three other siblings, Manolo was actually fairly spoiled as a child, especially when it came to having the coolest toys to play. Countless memories of sitting in front of a television and playing his favorite video game at the moment shaped his interests in adolescence. Reading information on fansites led him to discover speedrunning, a hobby revolving around beating a game in the shortest amount of time possible. Manolo became fascinated with the knowledge, skill, and willpower involved in setting these records and set out to face these challenges himself. Over the years, both his skills and his fame have soared exponentially, thanks to his near-daily broadcasts. Mayolo 256 is known as both a dedicated and prolific streamer, and an enthusiastic, generous guy. He is randomly selected to be punished after a deceased culprit is voted for in Chapter 5, and his hands are amputated as a result.
  • Alas, Poor Yorick: While not cradling the head himself, Manolo doesn't try to take Kenshin's head away from Iori and in fact seems almost comforted by the thought that Kenshin is still with them, staying in the spirit of the trope.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Both of his hands are severed during chapter 5's punishment. Worse still, he's in the process of bleeding to death when the rest of the class rescues him, and while emergency surgery stops the bleeding, there aren't enough supplies and tools to reattach his hands.
  • But Not Too Foreign: He's half-Filipino, half-Japanese.
  • Career-Ending Injury: His punishment aims for this specifically by severing his hands. Post-game comments from his player subvert this, pointing out that with enough practice and therapy he could still use a controller with his feet or with prosthetic hands (especially considering the timeskip revealed during endgame — that means technological and medical advancements).
  • Challenge Gamer: His whole claim to fame is being a prolific and skilled speedunner.
  • Cruel Mercy: Monobear treats his punishment as this — after all, he could have just outright killed Manolo!
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Occasionally shows up during more desperate moments from Manolo; though his normal design doesn't have highlights, the pupils are removed, leaving just the color gradient. It happens most frequently after Kenshin's execution, persisting days after his death.
  • False Confession: Tries to make one in the seventh trial in order to take the heat off of Kenshin. Not only is he almost completely ignored, aside from one anonymous vote directed at him, but it turns out he had absolutely nothing to do with the crime despite there being talk of accomplices. He even gets the murder weapon wrong!
  • Foreign-Language Tirade: When he sees the identity of the second murder victim, he begins to shout in Cebuano, calling the killer a coward.
  • Fun T-Shirt: Many of his shirts shown on-screen reference, with one shirt having the FrankerZ icon on it and another having a stylized Twitch logo.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Gratuitous Cebuano; In addition to the rant mentioned above, he occasionally drops some words in Cebuano, like saying "yawa ka" ("you devil") to Monobear early in the game, or in a previous version of his relationships page using Cebuano to tell someone to burn in Hell.
  • In-Series Nickname: Has Affectionate Nicknames in the form of "Nolo" (Iori and Kenshin) and "Yolo-kun" (P.K.), and occasionally gets the less-affectionate name "speedy" from Monobear. Nolo is a very frequent nickname out-of-character as well.
  • Moral Myopia: Not explicitly explored in-game, but his player acknowledges that this is very much a thing for him, and that his sense of morality is centered on protecting his loved ones at all costs and tearing down anyone who says even one bad thing against them (even if they're totally justified).
  • Official Couple: With Kenshin and Iori, thus Polyamory.
  • Shout-Out:
    • From the Monomachine, he receives the following callback items: Shinya Kagari's blazer (White), Ryosuke Shuuto's megaphone (White), Shinji Shiomiya's glasses (Omega/Epsilon), Emiko Shiromura's body paint (Alpha), Mitsuko Iwasaki's Wonderbra (White), and Kazuya Hirayama's anti-Monobear shirt (White).
    • The body paint also develops into a more detailed joke referencing Alpha's first murder case and the aftermath of it, complete with an indirect reference to Manolo's player having also played Ayako Itou.
    • His punishment references both Punch-Out!! and the Power Glove.

Miko Hanasaki / Tsumiko Kurakami

Super High-School Level Paranormal Investigator

After a chance encounter with the thought to be extinct Honshu wolf, Miko Hanasaki quickly became enamoured with all things paranormal and unknown. The more she researched, the more she picked up on the oddities of the world around her that others didn’t seem to notice, often recording things that caught her attention. Over time her collection of images and video clips grew till she created a v-log about her experiences with the paranormal on a whim when she was 14, quickly garnering both mass popularity and support due to her convincing evidence and cute appearance. With her videos now reaching several million hits and being uploaded on a bi-monthly basis, she has since become one of the most well known names within her field, often being sought out to advise and aid others in their own investigations. She is the culprit of Chapter 6.

Minoru Fukui, Lyle O'Hare

Super High-School Level Marine Biologist
The adopted son of a Japanese magnate, this young man has a lot of knowledge stored in that red head of his. At the age of twelve Minoru entered a local competition, a trivia show, with plans to donate the money from his potential win to a local marine biology research center. After he won enough money to fund the establishment four times over, he was forbidden from ever competing again. Later in life, he became renowned for his various studies on fish, as he had discovered many new kinds of deep sea creatures. He is incredibly famous in the marine biology world - however, outside of it, nobody really seems to care. He is the culprit of chapter 8, having murdered Cerys.
  • Child Prodigy: He won enough money from a trivia game show to refurbish and fund a local marine biology research center four times the age of twelve.

Misaki Asano

Super High-School Level Mystery Novelist
The back covers of Umeko Kuroiwa's bestselling mystery novels may depict her as a femme fatale straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel, but the true identity of this acclaimed author is someone else entirely: Misaki Asano, short, sardonic, and generally unglamorous. Her debut novel The Butler Principle won the Edogawa Rampo Award for mystery fiction, and she is the youngest recipient ever at the age of fourteen. Since then, she has continued to publish novels and short stories under her pen name, preferring to keep her personal and literary worlds separate. Despite these efforts, though, Hope's Peak found her and extended an invitation to enroll.
  • Name's the Same: In-Universe; Shares a first name with Misaki Watanabe of the very first game.
  • The Perfectionist: She never puts pen to paper unless she has worked out every single twist and turn.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Her pen name is one to Ruiko Kuroiwa, widely considered the first person to bring mystery fiction to Japan.
    • Her second book's title, Wrens Make Prey, is a Shout-Out to Shakespeare.
    • And her third book is titled after a famous print by Francisco de Goya.
  • Teen Genius: Of the literary variety, at least. She was, at fourteen, the youngest person to ever win the Edogawa Rampo Award.

Natsuya Nijisaki

Super High-School Level Film Critic

A rather sickly, injury-prone boy, Natsuya spent a lot of his time at home as a child. His mother and aunt would often lend him films to help keep him occupied during these times. As he watched them, his interest and fascination in them grew. When he was done watching a film, he would often write down a breakdown of the movie and his thoughts on his blog. One day, his aunt discovered a review of his, and, interested, she encouraged him to move into a more professional style of reviewing. Soon after doing so, his following increased significantly, and he became a well-known entity on the web. However, it was when he started writing reviews for a district newspaper that he truly began to gain a legitimate reputation as a film critic. The book he released before entering Hope’s Peak was a massive success in sales, and he is praised by others for his observant, analytic criticisms.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: According to Word of God, the main reason for Natsuya's name being Natsuya Nijisaki.
  • A Friend in Need: Promises multiple people that he is there for them if they need someone, although only with some can he hold up his promise to them.
  • Berserk Button: Didn't quite come up in-game, but Natsuya does not like being called or treated like a child.
  • Birds of a Feather: Contrasting with Too Much Alike below, with some others, Natsuya feels closer with people who remind him of himself, as he desires to be understood by other people.
  • Bi the Way: He's panromantic, which means he's attracted to all genders/attracted to people regardless of gender.
  • Friendless Background: Seems to be a case of this. He gets angry with Malachi/Shigeru during Chapter 2 for daring to imply that being alone is anything but a miserable existence, and many comments from Word of God seem to all but confirm this.]]
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: For most of his life, Natsuya isolated himself from other people, and before going to Hope's Peak, he had no real friends other than his aunt. He truly does desire companionship, but, for the most part, is too afraid to approach people. He beams upon hearing Yue You refer to him as her friend, and cries after hearing that P.K. genuinely cared about his well-being.
  • Self-Deprecation: Natsuya's self-worth is quite low, and he frequently berates himself for various reasons.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Natsuya and his family are all named after Pokémon characters.
    • He owns an oversized t-shirt with the words 'Your Movie Stinks' on it, a play on the title of the book 'Your Movie Sucks' by critic Roger Ebert.
    • From the Monomachine, he receives a headband belonging to Mameko Moriyama of Doubt Academy 2: White.
  • The Nicknamer: Calls Monobear 'Akuma' and Monomi 'Lady Lapin'.
  • Too Much Alike: Feels this way about some people, as he thinks of himself as being very selfish, and doesn't like seeing the more negative aspects of his own self in other people. In some cases, however, Birds of a Feather applies instead.
  • Trying Not to Cry: Apparently, he promised himself never to cry in front of the other students during Noriaki's trial.

Noriaki “T△K△” Kato

Super High-School Level Webcomic Artist
Known largely as his online handle of T△K△, he was initially an unknown artist in the niches of the internet, only getting fleeting and occasional notoriety from his art until he created the webcomic FiNaL BeTa. His apparent mastery over combining the mediums of storytelling and art gained him notice from fans all over Japan, and eventually the world, leaving readers on the edge of their seats and eagerly awaiting the release of the next page. When FiNaL BeTa ended with a conclusion that shocked many readers to the core, it prompted review upon review to be written, and T△K△ quickly started work on his second series, Lucid Toxicity, which became just as popular as his previous work through sheer fan following alone. He is the culprit of Chapter 1, having murdered Yoshiki, and is executed.
  • Crazy-Prepared: He planned the murder of Yoshiki for days.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He is chained to the ceiling of a room covered with words such as 'fraud' and 'pathetic', and stabbed to death by one of his own characters. What makes it even worse is that the floor of the room is made of glass, and the courtroom is directly under it, so all the students can see everything.

Peko "P.K." Kimura

Super High-School Level Urban Dancer
Peko Kimura, better known as P.K., is a well-known dancer in the urban and underground communities. She began her dancing career at the age of seven, and was a specialist in ballet. Though P.K. began as a very talented young ballet dancer, she made the switch upon realizing that she was being stifled by the stiff dancing style. She already had her voice stolen from her, and so it was with very little difficulty that she switched over to a more freely expressive dancing style; a more harsh and bold one. She is the lead dancer at the Daedal Abra Dance Company, and it was her performance during the opening ceremony of So You Think You Can Dance that caught the eye of Hope's Peak. The victim of Chapter 2, killed by asphyxiation. In Chapter 4's trial, Sully confesses to killing her.
  • Does Not Like Spam: Hates crackers.
  • Driven to Suicide: Appears to be the case in Chapter 2, though investigation was needed. It is revealed that P.K.'s death was not a suicide; however, due to the fact that there were no strong suspects, the majority ended up voting this way, resulting in a mistrial and random execution.
  • Fangirl:
    • Of idol singers.
    • And, apparently, of Suleiman Ahmed! This unfortunately backfires on her in Chapter 2.
    • Also a fan of the critic, Natsuya Nijisaki.
  • Ill Girl: P.K. is aphonic because of trauma to her laryngeal nerve during a trachiodectomy, and still suffers from complications nine years later (including difficulty/inability to breathe and eat).
  • Motor Mouth: In a strange variation of the trope, due to the nature of her communication methods, this quirk of hers is shown through an excess of rapid-fire messages on a whiteboard (most of which are run-on sentences and questions) or through very fast sign language.
  • One of the Boys: Peko is involved in a more harsh type of dance, and one that still has a rather high percentage of males, but managed to become the absolute best at it and pals around with mostly boys. To further drive the point home, it's mentioned that she ditched ballet for urban dance.
  • What Beautiful Eyes!:
    • P.K.'s are pitch black, making it appear that she has no pupils. People are usually split down the middle between people who consider her eyes to be this and those who are incredibly put off by it.
    • During the prologue, she even notes the resemblance her eyes hold to the taxidermied animals in the lodge, and it appears to freak her out.

Remiel “Remi” Langston

Super High-School Level Somnologist
Living with a narcoleptic sister would concern any sibling or parent on the daily. Remiel Langston - a seemingly typical, smart kid with a knack for science - rose above worrying and took their sibling’s fate into their own hands. After conjuring up a compelling research project at the Japan Super Science Fair, Remi’s potential as a young somnologist became evident to Hope’s Peak. Supplying their family’s somnologist with the proper information on their sister’s state, they were able to help in her recovery. Nowadays, Remiel studies under their family’s former somnologist as an assistant, hoping to someday specialize in children’s care. They are the fifth victim, killed by asphyxiation after being garroted with a wire by Hirashi.


Super High-School Level Lego Builder

An internationally known artist for all Lego enthusiasts, Red Rover is a hyperactive boy from Billund, Denmark. Brought to the public’s attention after a clip of an interview went viral across the internet, Rover sprouted from seemingly nowhere, getting spots on TV shows, interviews in magazines, and, eventually, opportunities to build professionally. Since then his Lego models have been featured across the globe, from exhibits in big time conventions to decoration in company buildings. He’s famed for his ability to build at an enormous scale and his accurate city replicas, but there have indeed been a few times where he’s been brought back for TV interviews for his personality alone. He is the third victim, stabbed in the chest by Hibiki.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Subverted. Rover isn't really all that innocent; however, he is the youngest person trapped in Pars Venatic.
  • Loud of War: Rover walks around blasting music from his headphones, though it seems less that he wishes to annoy people, and more that he just adores music and loud noise.

Shoko Maeno

Super High-School Level Lampworker

When a small glass studio in Enoshima had started to showcase new pieces of aquatic creatures among their usual fare, regular customers were intrigued. They were a drastic change from the delicate beads that the studio was known for, and yet they remained up on the site. In person, the sculptures didn’t disappoint as they captured the fluidity and vibrancy of exotic fish almost perfectly, as if the specimens themselves were preserved while swimming through water. Word of the change in stock spread in the community and more than a few of collectors started to visit the shop more to appraise and confirm the quality of the pieces.. Despite some gossip, the identity of the craftsman remained a mystery...until a not-so-anonymous donation to a local aquarium revealed the young girl behind the change in pace and the consistently remarkable pieces.

Sunny Murdoch

Super High-School Level Kickboxer
Hailing from New South Wales, Australia, Sunny is a densely packed fighter filled to the brim with power. Therapeutically having adopted kickboxing as a stress relief sport in middle school, Sunny has channeled her anger through boxing in such an effective way that she has gained a small, increasing fanbase from her informative videos on self-control. Although these meditative methods are her claim to popularity in mainstream crowds, her channeling of emotions in boxing is what ranked her as the youngest undefeated kickboxing Champion of her time. Underestimated with her stature, gender, and general personality, Sunny is startlingly aggressive and terrifying when in control of a fight. After her most notable victory in the Muay Thai Championship, being the smallest in her Super Middleweight class with a undefeated streak, Sunny was invited to Hope’s Peak.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: She's not tiny, but she's got a fairly small stature and she packs quite a punch.
  • Totally Radical:
    • Constant use of Australian slang makes her dialogue rather confusing.
    • She and Malachi both. Just take a look at this conversation.
      Sunny: Listen here y' dill bludger I haven' com' from beyond the black stump to quit this rage on for a blue with a too bluffed seppo with the wobbly boot on!! Now y' either hit the turps by y' lonesome ya spewing stonker or so help me this raw prawn's gonna turn a mallee bull before the technicolor yawn even hit ya mouth, now rack off!
      Malachi: Egad, Betty y’ not bumpin’ y’ gums lookin’ for some bop action, are ya? ‘cause see, I’d ruther not ‘it a skirt like you; even the thought’ve it gets me all balled up! Sheesh, n’ I didn’ think anyone ‘ere’d be cruisin’ for a bruisin’ ain’t we s’posed t’ be makin’ friends n’ bashin’ ears like civil people? Yikes, I won’er what I did t’ get y’ all riled up n’ rarin’ t’ go, dolly, seriously y’ all bowed up. ‘m startin’ t’ get th’ feelin’ y’ off y’ nut’re somthin’, but ‘m gonna be on th’ level with ya n’ say ‘m…sorry? Eesh ‘ve already got ‘nough gringles t’ deal with I don’ need more dames out f’ my blood! n’ ‘ey — I may be a fry cook but that don’t mean ‘m some kin’a dewdropper!

Suleiman Ahmed

Super High-School Level Alternative Rock Band Singer
Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Sully’s life is one most people think that only exists in stories; a small kid with his small friends chasing a bright, impossible dream, the kind with drum sets and keyboards in someone’s garage, and that hope of making everyone wide-eyed at the school concert. They did all of that- they did all of that wonderfully, creating a small explosion in their once quiet, suburban lives. Their presence seemed to radiate virally across the city, the state, the country, and the globe as iTunes topped its shelves with their band “Heroes Don’t Die.” The tiny thirteen-year-old boy is now sixteen and bedazzled with fame. As admitted in an interview, Sully claimed that he “used to hide behind others’ backs when meeting strangers. Funny how that turned out now, hey?” He was responsible for the murder of PK in chapter two, though he wasn't caught for it. However, he was later found responsible for murdering Aya in chapter four.
  • Alternative Rock: His talent. Specifically, he is the singer in his band.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Immediately approaches an upset P.K. upon noticing her distress, and offered to help her find a method of communication. However, he's not as nice as he initially seems, given that he killed both Peko and Aya.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He is forced to perform a J-pop song on a stage for an audience of Monobears, as part of a three-stage test. During the first stage, he has to dodge a load of blades coming out of the floor as he sings, and during the second stage, he has to dodge bladed pendulums coming out of the ceiling. Though he passes the first two stages, he fails the third as he struggles to keep up with the song and the audience turns on him, and he is then decapitated by a guillotine.
  • Go Out with a Smile: He smiles for the camera and makes a peace sign, just before getting his head chopped off.

Yoshiki Shouda

Super High-School Level Recorder Player

Having been introduced to the recorder after his pleas to play a musical instrument were finally starting to annoy his mother, Yoshiki's grandfather introduced it as a “training instrument” of sorts. Surprisingly, he grew an attachment to the recorder and aspired to become a professional in the field. While in school he learned to play other woodwind instruments, and was recognized as a musical prodigy by his conductor for his aptitude at a wide variety of instruments. With the aid of his conductor, he began to join ensembles and participate in concerts, and through sheer persistence Shouda managed to incorporate the recorder in as many performances as possible. Now playing in movie soundtracks and various songs, he’s successfully re-cemented the recorder as a respectable instrument. He is the first victim, dead of internal hemorrhaging. He is resurrected in Chapter 8.
  • Blood Lust: Revealed after Brynja's execution, where he remarked how he enjoyed a good bloodbath.
  • Determinator: He managed to bring the recorder back into popularity through sheer willpower.
  • Sacrificial Lion: When he was alive, Yoshiki was suspicious in his actions, laughing off events like Brynja's death, which might've made him seem like a good candidate for murderer or mastermind (which he can still end up being). However, he's the first victim!
  • Security Blanket: He has his recorder with him at all times.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: His attitude gives off a rather creepy air, though he's not necessarily evil. It turns out, he did not do anything outwardly threatening during his time being alive due to being the first murder victim.

Yue You Yu

Super High-School Level Ping Pong Player
If you aren’t into football, you have to be (maybe?) into table tennis, and then its natural you’ll know the name Yue You Yu. Agile with nerves of steel, a force unwavered in her craft. Though her biggest asset is an almost inhuman reaction time. It’s even rumored that this was a skill she honed way before her days as a Ping Pong player. She’s recognized by the International Table Tennis Federation as the youngest player to keep a perfect undefeated streak since going professional. More often than not, she likes to take up the challenge of facing older players, and proven herself as good as any seasoned master. As amazing as this is, she's only been playing for four years!

    The Mastermind 

The Mastermind

The traitor behind the Game of Mutual Killing: Keita Yamaguchi.


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