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    Students A-K 

Daichi Fujimoto

Super High School Level Bodyguard

Your body is priceless, so why not protect it with the best money has to offer? Daichi “Tiny Mountain” Fujimoto has become known as one of the best and intimidating bodyguards in Japan, despite his young age and shorter than average height. Primarily working with fellow minors Daichi has successfully escorted and protected those ranging from Idols to the nameless wealthy from threats such as the press, fanatic admirers, and even themselves. He is executed in Chapter 3 for Si-Hoo's murder.

  • Cool Shades
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He is given a Monobear plushie to carry to the top of a building, while dodging gunfire. When he gets to the top of the building, Monobear appears and shoots him.
  • Nice Guy
  • The Stoic: Even after stripping in the first trial, Daichi remains completely calm and composed, though with a slight blush on his cheeks.

Date Masamune

Super High School Level Endurance Racer

Known as the One-Eyed Dragon of Sebring due to the fact that fellow racers often only get the chance to see one eye during the race, Date Masamune is a young and well-accomplished sports car racer. He came onto the scene just a year before his acceptance into Hope’s Peak academy, and his emergence and popularity came as a welcomed surprise by racing fans all over. Quiet and to the point, his stoicism belies his simplicity and easy-going nature; just so long as you give him space. He is one of two characters to be moved over to the Kaze side.

Hachirou Shibata

Super High School Level Animal Caretaker

If you hadn’t heard the name of Hachirou Shibata until it was listed as one of the students to attend Hope’s Peak Academy, well, you’re not alone. Even some of those in Sapporo who frequently pay patronage to the Sit, Shake, Style ☆ pet salon don’t know him by his name, and yet if asked about the tall, gentle employee holding their dog’s leash, all that would leave their mouths are glowing reviews. Instead, his focus lies in animal shelters and farm owners, whose requests for aid in rehabilitation, training, and grooming do not go unheard. No animal has ever been a waste of his effort and care, and it is through this philosophy that Hachirou found an invitation from Hope’s Peak Academy one quiet morning.

Haru Uotani

Super High School Level Technical Support

Call centers are not exactly the best places for talent to flourish, and certainly not somewhere you'd expect Hope's Peak Academy to scout potential students. And likewise, Haru Uotani is not someone you’d immediately expect to be accepted into such a place. The youngest triplet in a family raised by a single mother, Haru grew up having been all but personally raised on computers and the Internet. Their father worked as a technical repairman before their parents’ divorce, and their earliest childhood memories revolve around watching him work. Since then, they’ve taken up their own interest in the subject, focusing more so on the software side of things than the hardware— coding and debugging applications are one of those things that comes naturally to them. Given their talents, it was only natural then that when their family fell on hard times, they rose to the occasion. With their brother trying to save up for college himself and their mother needing financial assistance after both an abrupt move to the city and multiple knee surgeries, Haru took it upon themself to drop out of high school in their third year, taking a low-level technical support assistant position at Fujitsu Ltd. in the Minato ward of Tokyo. Despite their intimidating appearance and reckless teenage attitude outside of work, they leave that at the door when they go into work, focusing all of their attention on providing clients with the help they need; while only being at the company for less than a year, they’re already one of the most productive workers in their line of business within the division. While not anything they can picture themselves doing for the rest of their life, it pays the bills, and their drive and passion for computers overshadows the tedious nature of the job. They had dreamed of someday returning back to high school and graduating once and for all, hoping to earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Tokyo and pursuing a real career in web development in their twenties… so of course they were ecstatic over the surprise unexpected arrival of their acceptance letter into one of the best high schools in the country.

Hikaru Ookami

Super High School Level Architect
Hikaru is the youngest son of a hard working family of carpenters. Despite his family history, Hikaru planned on blazing his own career path toward becoming an architect. He has been working diligently toward officially earning the prestigious title between maintaining his other responsibilities. Hope’s Peak acknowledged his efforts and saw fit to bestow the title of Super High-School Level Architect (as incentive) upon Hikaru in addition to inviting him into the 91st class. He learned much during his time with the rest of his class and eventually moved on to pursue other projects. But finding work as an architect without the official title has proven incredibly difficult. He is the first victim, found with a stake sticking out of his forehead. It's later revealed that Date killed him.

  • Back for the Dead: If Monobear gets his way...
  • Badly Battered Babysitter: The only person in charge of two dozen genius teenagers, and only a year older than the oldest ones. He's exhausted by them BEFORE they're ordered to kill him.
  • Butt-Monkey: It's only been a week and he's already supervising a group of kids, has been insulted at least twice, is forced to take Monobear's abuse, loses one of the kids he's supposed to be watching and can't do anything about it, had everyone ordered to kill him, and got locked out of his room after the above to speed the process along.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: His corpse is found with an antler deep inside his head.
  • Death Is the Only Option: Either Hikaru dies or the class will find themselves dying one by one at random.
  • He Knows Too Much: Speculated to be the reason why Monobear ordered the class to kill him first.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: Hikaru previously appeared in Doubt Academy 3: Omega.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: The first victim of the mutual killing game. It's emphasized even more by the fact that he was the whole group's caretaker and held the most information of their situation in addition to being a veteran of yet another mutual killing.
  • Team Dad: He is the oldest character on the roster, and the class supervisor. He seems to be filling this role, even so, simply by virtue of corralling all of the kids and answering their weird, incessant questions.

Hinatea Kudo

Super High School Level Chiropterologist

With the hour of midnight growing close, the screech of high voices and the flutter of leathery wings resounds through the air like the echo of church bells. Fear not, however; for many, the arrival of bats may bring about apprehension and anxiety, but for adolescent chiropterologist, Hinatea Kudo, the sound spells out opportunity. This young adventurer earned her claim to fame by daring to go further than anyone else into the caves surrounding her mountain home, the Kudo Animal Conservatory, located in Nokogiriyama, and discovering a true treasure. After successfully managing to not only observe it but contribute greatly into creating a stable scientific profile for it, Hinatea Kudo became a known name in the scientific community for discovering a previously unknown species of bat, which now carries on her legacy as part of the genus Vespertilliondae, family Murinae, Latin scientific name of Murina kudo. This discovery cannoned her into a place of recognition in the world-wide zoological community and on to the radar of Hope’s Peak Academy, and her face onto the covers of many well-reputed scientific journals. She's the victim of Chapter 6, killed by partial decapitation.

Hyouri Himeno

Super High School Level Ningyou-shi

In modern Japan, the rise of mass produced ball-jointed dolls has come to overshadow the traditional doll making style of years past, but one young man’s work has brought a keen eye to look back upon the past quite fondly with renewed interest. Hyouri Himeno has opened the dusty old attic of the art-doll world and set Ningyou back in it’s rightful place. Ningyou - the umbrella term for a number of traditional doll styles most popular during the Edo Period - has been a craft favored by the Himeno family for generations. Any hinamatsuri is not complete without at least one display from the Himeno Atelier, and they are happy to provide! Though Hyouri himself focusses more on Ichimatsu, or huggable play dolls, and his more recent and celebrated work with Iki Ningyou. Choosing mainly to work with wood, his dolls look just as smooth and soft as ones made of bisque or porcelain. However, there is a strict no touch policy at all Hyouri’s exhibitions. Art galleries around the country report that he has extensive lists of specific care instructions for his work as well. Meanwhile, Hyouri himself is a rather quiet figure, not often obliging for interviews, being curt and somewhat apprehensive discussing his work. One thing is for certain though - and that’s Hyouri's love and care for his dolls; especially ‘Kana-chan’. He is executed for the murder of Hinatea.

  • Creepy Doll Guy: Less creepy and more quiet and shy. Kana, however, is very creepy.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He's dropped into a game show hosted by Kana, where she asks some of the students who knew Hyouri - Yona, Ren, Masuyo and Suzume - about his favourite things. None of them get the answers right - and Hyouri is next seen having his heart ripped out by Kana.
  • Peek-a-Bangs

Jericho Mackenzie

Super High School Level Oneironaut

Jericho “MCP” Mackenzie is an Enigma until 3 years ago, when the young man and his friend Corey Martin began running a podcast called “Hack Your Mind” - a cyberpunk and counterculture-themed podcast that discussed, at length the merits and mechanics of Lucid Dreaming, and dreaming in general. Over time, the show gathered steam to become an international leader in Lucid Dream research, consistently remaining #1 in the health and wellness charts, even spawning a self-hosted Japanese sister show, “Yume O Kaimei”. And while it’s hard to say whether his show’s success owes to the hard hitting, in-depth study of dreaming it covers or MCP Mackenzie’s status in the eyes of the world as “The Wolfman Jack of Pop Psychology”, it is abundantly clear what brought Hope’s Peak to seek him out - his unparalleled knowledge of the psychology and physiology of the dreaming mind. He is the first student to be executed, despite being innocent.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He is dragged along the ground and torn to pieces by a group of girls. In his dreams, no less. See Shout-Out below.
  • Dream Weaver: His talent, and the term has become a bit of a nickname.
  • Fingore: During his execution, he is clinging so hard to the ground while being dragged to his death that his fingers are torn open, revealing bone.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Willingly votes for himself to try and spare the other main suspect and the rest of the class from an execution.
  • Miscarriage of Justice: Is wrongfully chosen for execution in Chapter 1.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Due to his attempts to prevent any of the class from being able to prevent a murder, he ends up accidentally derailing the trial. He also becomes a murder suspect because of this, and this only leads to his being selected for an execution despite his innocence.
  • Odd Friendship: His fondness for Masuyo, a witchcraft specialist, and Rhiannon, a mermaid, both of whom are rather...eccentric, seems to be this.
  • Pinch Me: A pretty common tic of his. It is his way to figure out whether or not he is dreaming at the time, and he has an entire routine that does include pinching himself, among other things. It's pretty weird to watch.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: The first person to be executed and also the first person to be mistrialed on.
  • Shattering the Illusion: The purpose of his aforementioned odd routine is to wake himself up if he is dreaming, or at least to realize if he is or not.
  • Shout-Out: His execution is one to A Nightmare on Elm Street, complete with Monobear dressed as Freddy Krueger.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In order to prevent a murder and keep everyone safe and sober, he gets rid of an abundance of medication and soda bottles, believing the latter to actually be alcohol. This, in turn, ends up sending a large amount of the trial out for a loop. He also tries and get himself to be executed to save the rest from being wrongfully executed.

Jungo Inukai

Super High School Level Fursuiter

Chances are, if you've been on the internet long enough, you've heard of them...furries. If you know anything about fursuits, you know about the top dog, Jungo Inukai, better known online by his fursona's name, Shibu the shiba inu. Want a personalized fursuit commission? If you want the best, Inukai's your guy. Influenced by online communities, pop culture, and other artists, Inukai's fursuits are widely hailed as the best around, both within the fursuiting scene and by outside observers. You want a cartoony suit? You got it! Looking for a hyper realistic suit? He's got your back there, too. Need just a head? He'll do anything if you can pay him. The quality of Inukai's work is always impeccable, giving his work an air of serious professionalism one might expect from someone who's been in the industry for a good several years. The guy behind the mask, however, isn't what you might expect from his work. Inukai himself is far from any semblance of uptight. He could be best be compared to a young pre-teen who only just discovered deviantArt; he's bouncy, talks a lot,and is a little bit obnoxious. Or perhaps obnoxious isn't quite the right word; it's more like if a dog were to be reincarnated into a teenage boy, it would become the being known as Jungo Inukai. Either way, he's always had a penchant for arts and crafts and mascot characters, so maybe it was fate that he would become the Super High School Level Fursuiter and attend the prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy.

Kaori Haino

Super High School Level Cleaner

Technically, there's very little known about the little cleaning girl called Haino Kaori, unsurprising given her mundane profession. She's quite reserved and quiet, only rising to any sort of prominence when she was brought in to assist with the cleaning of a recently-destroyed wing of Hope’s Peak. Despite being only one of several cleaners hired, she quickly completed large sections of work that had been estimated to take weeks to clear and prepare. Her obvious talent caught the eye of the school administration, and when she came of age she found an invitation to Hope's Peak waiting in her mailbox. She is the victim of Chapter 5, found dead of blood loss and pinned under a soda machine.

Koji "Stormy" Banno

Super High School Level Aggressive Inline Skater

“Look out, Nagoya, because a Storm is headed your way!”. Koji, more commonly known by the name “Stormy”, has, in little more than a year, become a major hit online with his outrageous skating trick edits. Fans tune in to see not only his killer moves, but his trademark hilarious personality. He’ll skate on anything from a park bench to your grandma’s oldsmobile. It’s hard to tell where he’ll show up next, but wherever he goes, you know he’s going to take the locals for a totally radical spin. He is executed in Chapter 4 for the murder of Shogo, after being chosen by randomiser.


    Students L-Z 

Mamoru Tsukino

Super High School Level Litterateur

Born in Chiba, raised in Kobe a boy named Mamoru Tsukino has had his nose in the books of the local libraries since an early age. His uncanny title is pretty self-explanatory, considering that this boy that wears a deadpan expression appears to specialise in literature. With the help of his precise knowledge of more than a thousand worldwide classics,he explores the fluctuation of writing styles throughout the centuries of classics as well as modern literature. Haven’t heard of him? He quietly dwells in his own world of mysteries and novels, countless authors and books away from the boring reality which had always failed to amuse him.

Masuyo Fujioka

Super High School Level Witchcraft Specialist
Nobody's exactly sure where Masuyo Fujioka came from, as her sudden rise in worldwide fame seemed to have come from her after the publication of her book “The Grimoire for the Beginner Witch: A Guidebook To All Art Witchcraft and Occult.” However, a long-time follower can easily tell you that Masuyo’s teaching of witchcraft has been going on for years, where it all started as a little blog that a young Masuyo maintained until it grew into a web series where each week Masuyo would either discuss a new type of witchcraft, spell, or ritual one could learn to better fit their supernatural lifestyle. With these preaching, Masuyo was able to kickstart the second wave of neo witchcraft, something that hasn’t happened since the 1970s in the United States. While some people are convinced this is nothing more than a popular fad for her followers - all girls and nonbinary folk ranging from ages 13-30 -, the sheer number of people absolutely devoted to her work and most scholars are beginning to say otherwise: that Masuyo’s presence in the world of spiritualism will be permanent.

Midori Kodama

Super High School Level Basketball Player
‘Drafted’ typically carries a negative connotation, but it was a word that brought one Midori Kodama to success in life. Designated as the point guard on his high school team, Kodama is praised for his speed and technique in addition to his ability to excel despite his shorter height compared to most other players. He holds an estimated 89% free throw average as a high schooler and is a fierce and consistent ball handler in any game he plays. Having helped his high school team reach Nationals, he soon found himself in newspapers that glorified him as a Jack-of-all-Stats MVP. Many speculate that he will be drafted into the National Basketball League and possibly later even become one of the youngest players in history to represent Japan in the Olympics, a common theory being that these events will occur shortly after his high school graduation. Talk of this eventually led to Hope’s Peak Academy taking note of the boy, declaring him the Super High-School Level Basketball Player. He is the killer of Chapter 2, being the one who killed Nana Ito. He is correctly caught after a confession and executed.

And to add insult to injury, the Monobears play basketball with his decapitated head.

Nana Ito

Super High School Level Dressage

Polished, well put together, the dream team: these are the names for Nana Ito and her horse, Golden Apple, in the dressage world. As long-term students at the Alsikkan Farm while overseas in the United States, Nana fell in love with the art of dressage and with horses themselves. Noticing her natural talent, her coach and other instructors took their time with her, getting her involved with the United States Dressage Federation, and trained her throughout her years. As a junior, she was encouraged to try competing, and did her best, matched with the easygoing Akhal-Teke known as Golden Apple. After two years of grueling competitions together, it was time to strike out for the big bucks - the North American Juniors and Young Riders' Championships. When she took first overall, she knew that's when she had made it, and when they returned back to Japan the next school year, Hope's Peak knew that she had achieved a very rare talent indeed for Japan - someone capable of moving on to the professional ranks of equestrian eventing, and they invited her to the school. Nana is the victim of the second chapter, revealed to have been killed by Midori.

Ren Murayama

Super High School Level Miniatures Wargamer

All’s fair in and love and war, especially when the soldiers are one-seventy-second the size of a normal person and are mostly robots— or at least, that’s what Ren will tell you. A teenager whose brutal, fast-paced playstyle on the field belies a cheerful, easygoing personality, they’re an unusually fresh face in a hobby full of people who are at the point where they’re starting to contemplate their retirement pension. Still, don’t let their age fool you. As the youngest person by a significant margin to score a slot in the top five of the Las Vegas Open Warmachine 50-Point and one of the top players in America’s Independent Tournament Circuit, they might soon qualify for a space in the World Championships Solo Division once they’re old enough. Despite being known mostly for their solo play, Ren dreams of having a proper team for Japan to enter the World Championships with. To that end, they’ve done quite a bit in popularizing the fantasy wargaming medium in Japan, hosting a popular blog with lots of play tutorials and meticulously documenting all of the matches and tournaments they’ve been in. Between their success at popularizing miniatures wargaming in Japan and their performance on the field of competition, they were able to catch the eye of the recruitment committee from Hope’s Peak.

  • Motor Mouth: They will talk on endlessly about the subjects that interest them, most prominently wargaming.


Super High School Level Mermaid

Under the sea, there’s a fresh(water) new talent come to town! Mermaid Rhiannon, as she is called, made a splash with her debut as the youngest mermaid allowed to perform in a professional aquarium show. At the surprising age of nineteen, this young lady has been dazzling audiences of all ages for years, and plans to do so for many more to come. As the titular lead of Daedal Aquarius’s “Starfish Princess” show, Rhiannon sings as well as swims and has dedicated her life to the continued education of aquatic science - marine life, specifically. Her job is to make it look easy and effortless, and she has succeeded as best as she can given that dancing underwater is an incredibly grueling sport made to look beautiful. Charming, childlike, and cheerful, she exemplifies the spirit of wonder and fascination in the hearts of the people who meet her. This is one girl who made a living off of never growing up.

  • Aerith and Bob: The name "Rhiannon" sort of stands out among all of the more conventional names.
  • Agent Mulder: Genuinely appears to believe in mermaids and seems a little too invested in fairytales.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Seriously, if you had to identify the Mermaid of the class just by looks...
  • Child Prodigy: Began performing as a mermaid at the age of thirteen.
  • Composite Character / Shout-Out: She specifically has personality traits of both Ariels. The most distinctive traits of Hans Christian Andersen's protagonist were that she was thoughtful, quiet, and pensive, whereas it was this mermaid's sister who was daring and bold (i.e., much more like the famous Disney Ariel).
  • Does Not Like Shoes: It's mentioned often in the narration of her posts that she isn't wearing them...including the very first one upon arriving in Mizu.


Super High School Level Esotericist

An enigmatic figure known to have his fingers in a lot of pots (both metaphorically and literally), no one exactly knows how Ri earned his title… only that his research has supposedly contributed to furthering the Ageless Wisdom in a way that no great Sage hidden away in the world has been able to do in centuries. As he’s most focused on the study of alchemy in particular, the popular rumor on some seedier forums seems to be that he completed the Magnum Opus and devised a mixture that could turn pyrite into gold and prolong organic life; others assume that he associates freely with cult leaders and used his connections to get into the school. His tendency to answer most speculation with little more than a shrug doesn’t tend to do him many favours, but the eerie vibe he seems to give off has kept most of the public from wailing on him.

Riku Fujino

Super High School Level Tsukkomi

It’s only natural that some things go best in pairs. Socks, headphones, kidneys — the list goes on and on. But for Riku Fujino, the most important pair of them all has always been the manzai duo. Growing up in Nishinari-ku, Osaka, Riku was enamored with the lively and energetic stand up comics since she was a child, and as an adolescent she took to practicing amateur routines in local retirement homes and school festivals with her childhood friend, Sora Nishida. In spite of their young age and the fact that the two were briefly separated by attending different high schools, rigorous practice and dedication earned them a spot in the nationally broadcasted NHK Kamigata Manzai Contest. Much to everyone’s surprise, Riku and Sora’s self-proclaimed owarai kombi sleeper sensation, lovingly dubbed ‘HALF-HORSE’ for one of their famous routines involving a two-person equine costume, took first place amongst the rookie competitors and earned them acclaim throughout Japan. As the tsukkomi — or ‘straight man’ — of the manzai duo, Riku affects a somewhat sensible (if not bewildered and frustrated) persona to act as a foil for Sora’s wilder boke — or ‘funny man’ antics. She is well-known for her tendency to get more and more flustered as the dialogue goes on, which generally results in a comedically timed explosion at the climax of their act. Though she is more physically reserved than Sora, Riku is not above taking part in slapstick, and is famed for tripping and frequently dropping her glasses on stage as part of her routine. She is one of two characters to be moved over to the Kaze side.

Shōgo Kurenai

Super High School Level TKD

Shōgo Kurenai considers himself nothing more than a humble Taekwondo fighter. A warrior whose daily, meticulous training would grant him future mastership of his father’s dojo. Knowing that his father, and master, would never grant it to someone who didn’t spend morning, noon, and night pouring their blood and sweat into their craft, Shōgo adheres to the strictest schedule aimed to maximize his potential and make his dream a reality. Approaching his graduating year at his local high school, it was a complete surprise for him to be accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy so late in the game. He graciously accepted the proposal, guaranteed a prolific future at the prestigious school. He is the fourth victim, found lying face down in a swimming pool with a severe head wound.

  • Apologizes a Lot: Absorbed so heavily in his craft has stunted his social growth, so he often apologizes for mistakes or misconceptions.
  • The Comically Serious: If he ever does crack a joke, a rarity in and of itself, he often has to explain so.
  • Dissonant Serenity: He always remains calm and composed, no matter what situation he's placed in.
  • Dull Surprise: Because he's so stiff, his shock is rarely shown.
  • Face of a Thug: Perhaps due in part to being a perpetual frowner he is seemingly impossible to approach.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Lips are always downturned, regardless of how he may be feeling.
  • Innocently Insensitive: He is guilty of this from time to time due to his blunt-spoken nature.
  • The Stoic: He's unflinching and robotic, and doesn't seem to feel any emotion other than apathy and rarely, shock.
  • The Workaholic: His craft is his life and is almost always training to perfect his form.

Si-Hoo Lee

Super High School Level Biographer
The story of one’s life is the best story someone can tell- but sometimes, someone else needs to tell it for them. A young author, Si-Hoo Lee, does just that. Famed for his intensive, detailed biographies of famous criminals (and the occasional scandalous celebrity), the boy is quite the popular face in pop culture- and despite that face being connected to a few scandals, he and his publishers have soothed over any doubts the public may have had concerning Si-Hoo’s integrity. With a charming smile and a way with words, it’s hard not to trust the boy. Even so, he seems to carry a mysterious air about him wherever he goes... He is the accomplice of the Chapter 2 murder, being the one who orchestrated the entire plan to kill Nana. However, Midori was chosen for execution, and Si-Hoo still lives…until Chapter 3, when he's found dead in a rollercoaster car with a broken neck, courtesy of Daichi.

  • Angsty Surviving Twin: In the second trial, Si-Hoo claims that he couldn't have killed Nana, because his twin sister died the exact same way.
  • Blame Game: During the first trial, Si-Hoo was more than willing to bounce all suspicion from Midori to Jericho, in a case of Clear Their Name. Even later, when Masuyo scolds Si-Hoo and Midori for their actions in the trial, he insists that it was all his fault.
  • Controversy-Proof Image: According to his public bio, Si-Hoo was involved in a scandal or two, and yet, he and his publisher managed to soothe things over almost flawlessly.
  • Funetik Aksent: Justified in that Si-Hoo is Korean, and it only makes sense for his Japanese to be accented. He later seems to drop the accent entirely, raising the question of whether it was ever real.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex
  • Official Couple: With Tobio Shinohara from Kaze.
  • Oral Fixation: Si-Hoo nearly constantly has a cherry flavoured lollipop in his mouth. He carries several with him so that this is always true.
  • Shirtless Scene: Spends a nearly uncomfortable amount of time shirtless in the first trial, due to complying with body checks, and Zoombi's request to feel his tattoos.
  • Smug Snake
  • Technical Pacifist
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted thus far. Until Chapter 2, that is.

Suzume Yamaguchi

Super High School Level Fashion Blogger
In the fashion world, it’s difficult to look like a million yen when all you have is the slight jingle of pocket change, a frustrating problem that Suzume Yamaguchi seems to have all figured out. Otherwise known by her screenname of Fashion☆Suzu, Suzume came onto the video blogging scene four years ago with a wealth of tips and tricks to share ranging from recipes to making your own makeup to clever tailoring tricks to update a stale wardrobe that will have you dressing to impress. Those who follow her adore Suzume not only for her resourcefulness and charmingly chic fashion sense, but also for her energy and enthusiasm in the work that she does. She’s made it no secret that she enjoys sharing her talent with the world, and that she also loves the viewers who support her. She has the ability to make any stranger feel like a welcomed friend.

  • Rose-Haired Sweetie
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her color palette is mostly shades of pink/red and earthy browns.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Pink hair to go with her pink eyes.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: She has occasionally displayed fumbling moments such as burning batches of cookies, walking into chairs, and even once leaving her shoes in the trial room.
  • MacGyvering: Her blogging fame is based around this concept. She makes her own cosmetic and styling products, custom tailors her own clothes, and makes accessories from items such as paperclips and old linens.

Yona Yoshida

Super High School Level Storm Chaser

Yona Yoshida is a girl who quite literally chases her dreams! If you can call a dangerous phenomenon that can reach wind speeds of hundreds of miles per hour a dream, that is. Born and raised in Tornado Alley, Yona has been obsessed with tornadoes from a young age and began storm chasing seriously as soon as she got a driver’s permit. Her popular storm chasing vlog became her claim to fame, entertaining viewers with her fast-talking commentary and her infectious enthusiasm for all things weather. Things were going great for Yona until an ironic twister of fate leveled her home, prompting her family to move in with relatives in Japan. Undaunted, Yona continued chasing and soon drew the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Yosuke Akatsuki

Super High School Kenjutsu-ka
Who said the Edo period was over? Well, history books did, and yes, it is true, but some of its traditions still linger. Kenjutsu was the swordsmanship used by the samurai in that era, and now its purpose has been redefined through the years. There is very few people who would be interested in learning the techniques of kenjutsu (in fact, the trend nowadays is kendo); Akatsuki Yosuke has taken up the sword since the age of six. His family has never given up the tradition of wielding a sword, no matter the gender or the age, which allowed Yosuke to be trained by some of the best teachers there could be.

His particular ease in handling a katana, and his ability to learn faster than most of his ancestors has allowed him to be a notable sword master at such a young age in the school of nitoryuu and iaijutsu. Some could even say he has inspired himself a lot on the swordsmanship of Musashi Miyamoto.

Yuki Nomura

Super High School Level Ice Sculptor

When living in Sapporo, it’s easy to become captivated with winter and the cool activities that surround it when the local snow festival becomes a normal part of every year, and that’s exactly how one Yuki Nomura found their love for ice sculpting. Putting incredible effort into practicing their newfound passion, it was only a matter of time as Yuki built their way up to bigger and better works until they were competing in the famous Sapporo Snow Festival itself that had inspired them. Upon helping their team to victory that year and continuing to win the year after that, catching the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy when their skills with ice began to travel outside of Sapporo through the festival’s notoriety was a simple task.

Zoombi Malware / Shin Hayashi

Super High School Level Electronic Artist / Super High School Level Alien Investigator
Zoombi Malware has been heralded across countless blogs you surely haven’t heard of for his artistic ability, able to transform seemingly innocuous relics of the near-past to nostalgia-inducing trips down recent-memory lane. Invoking emotions through art is one thing, but keeping a cohesive, solid style that manages to remain both trendy and underground is another, and Zoombi treads that line carefully and masterfully, proclaiming himself to be something of a “new-age virtuoso” in the art of vaporwave. Seemingly coming out of nowhere (that is, to the vast majority of people) to accept his title and a Hope’s Peak invitation, Zoombi arrives with his vigor only strengthened. He's actually the SHSL Alien Investigator, who integrated himself into the vaporwave community due to the large number of 'aliens and alien sympathisers' there. He's also revealed to be Naoto Ueyama's brother, and enrolled in Hope's Peak in order to find him.

    The Mastermind 

The Mastermind

The traitor behind the Game of Mutual Killing.


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