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Be warned that all spoilers are unmarked. It's virtually impossible to list tropes for this roleplay and its characters without spoiling everything or creating Self Fulfilling Spoilers.

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    Students A-K 

Ai Kimoto

Super High School Level Seinen Mangaka
No one truly knew who famous mangaka LACE was for quite some time, besides the fact that she was feminine based on her pseudonym and her mannerisms online—and even THAT was debatable. An obscure persona for such a staggeringly popular status seemed pretty odd, which led to many speculations. After theories ranging from a low-life insomniac hikikomori to a whole team kept under one name, many didn't expect LACE to literally live up to her girly name.The odd mangaka Ai Kimoto started off uploading fanart, 4komas and miscellaneous sketches until she began to develop her own characters and build them up into a small series of her own, eventually becoming published on Weekly Young Jump—all under the alias “LACE”. Her popularity spiked online on her blog and pixiv, especially among high school boys, when her first and main series “Double-Edged Rebound” won the Manga Taisho Award when she was fifteen. Many were drawn by the mix of a detailed and stylistic art style and fell head over heels for its gritty characters and their designs. Now that her real name is released alongside the news of her acceptance into Hope’s Peak, only now is she becoming a little more open towards her fans online. She is the victim of Chapter 9's case, stabbed and pushed over the onsen rockside by Tadashi.
  • After-Action Healing Drama: Participates in this after Genta crawls into her room through the window, wounded. She patches him up with water and toilet paper.
  • The Fashionista: When she does leave the house, she's a big fan of dressing up in Lolita-style clothing.
  • Pen Name: Goes by "LACE" (yes, in all caps) online and on her manga. This is used against her to try to incriminate her in chapter 2.
  • Shout-Out: Ai receives Chiyoko Ishihara's (DA4U) headband from the Item Machine.

Ailani Fan/Yōujì Fēn

Super High School Level Sci-Fi Horror Author
Everybody enjoys a good scare every once in a while, and the enigmatic author known as Ailani Fan is here to deliver. While her entrance into the world of fiction was nothing incredibly noteworthy, only gaining the chance to have her debut novel published following its submission to a contest, her entrance was met by a small cult following. The Outsider received little to no advertising, but whispers spread among her followers, and through word of mouth and her own presence on social media, her name became more well-known. What followed was ambition and dedication to realizing her next idea for a novel, with Ailani securing a deal with the publishing company to bring her next work, Airlock Requirem, to life. And whether it was the result of careful and clever advertising or the foothold she already held in the genre, the book of short stories she published after a period of silence about further projects was a sleeper hit, and amassed a slightly larger following around the still-secretive author. Increased demand caused her to make appearances at schools and bookstores to promote her next full-length novel, and while her presence is mostly limited to social media and the bookstore visit, it’s undeniable that quiet as she is, she holds a certain level of charisma and charm. It was only natural, then that her latest release, The Minion, would take the horror scene by storm - if not that, then the news The Outsider was being turned into a film by a big-name studio firmly cemented Ailani in the public’s eye as a master of the genre, despite only being eighteen.She is the killer of the eight case, having tampered with the bomb that malfunctioned and killed Yuka Kagome. This is revealed after trial, where she narrowly escapes being voted for.
  • Accidental Murder:
    • She did not intend to kill Yuka by messing with the bomb the pair was making.
    • It is revealed she accidentally killed a friend of hers in her backstory.
  • Aloof Darkhaired Girl: Dark hair, with a disconnected nature.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Goes over to Yuka's podium during trial 5 and kisses her. That it's happening to Yuka of all people is big enough for this trope.
  • Coincidence Magnet: In trial 6. She has a jacket that looks remarkably similar to Captain Adachi's — a copy of that jacket went missing the night of the murder. It also had a pocket to conceal a knife or firearm, and both were used during the murder. Has a collection of knives that raised suspicion. She also had a time period where she was relatively unaccounted for — the time period where Tomoka would've died. Despite this evidence stacking up, she wasn't the murderer.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: It turns out that she was raised in a neglectful household, endured ableism regarding her deafness, and saw her cousin injured in front of her eyes, which was followed by a move to Japan shortly thereafter. Then, her friend was murdered by her.
  • Elective Mute: Due to having difficulties hearing, she instead uses a whiteboard to communicate.
  • Important Haircut: Or hair change. Her black hair is actually a wig that she removes to reveal short, brown hair.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Behind her helpful facade is a girl who is extremely bitter... and is genuinely unpleasant and bitter, no hidden hearts of gold.
  • Not Helping Your Case: Admits that she doesn't have much of a confirmable alibi during case 6 after she's suspected.
  • Reading Lips: How she understands other students. Because of this, she asks others to look at her when they are speaking. Of course, this doesn't always work out for her, and she is prone to misunderstanding others' words.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • Upon talking to Piney Pines in Trial 2 and seeing he's writing out notes for her so she can understand him better, she perks right up and the two start doodling and dancing together. It’s as tooth achingly cute as it sounds.
    • Several times have caused her to start yelling, the most prominent example being in trial 7 where she drew multiple knives and told the room to calm down.
  • Shout-Out: Receives the “Hassy” stamina drink from DA5M’s Koji Banno and a slashed up uniform jacket from Hibiki Tsukino of DA4O.
  • Will They or Won't They?: The nature of her and Yuka's relationship is still ambiguous as of endgame. It could be Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, or something more.

Andrew Nyotei

Super High School Level Visual Novelist
When people saw works under the online handle of Kokamome many imagined an old hand at the industry of visual novel arts, someone who has faced many trials and practiced many hours at the craft to perfect their style that has become beloved by many. They are then surprised to learn that in fact, that online handle and the work attached to it belongs to a young high school student in Kobe. Andrew Nyotei is the son of a Hyoga native and an Olympic athlete, both now deceased, he now lives and operates out of his aunt's home. The young prodigy has been an artist for 100 and counting visual novel titles, using his skill to blend his own personal style with the overall style of the novel, creating a unique artistic experience for each project he is a part of. His most well-known work is the art he contributed to the now mega-popular otome game, Fool's Love. His work there lead him to acquiring many fans, to the point any project claiming to have Andrew's handle attached to it as either a contributing or head artist, will have fans of Kokamome drawn to it. Is punished by execution at the end of the trial 6 Monotheater after shooting Monobear with a nailgun.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: A world renown visual novel artist and an adorable little guy who looks like a human hug and starts his Trial career with a colorful shonen-anime style speech.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: If his introduction is any indication, seems to believe that anime-style speeches are the key to motivation, or when he puts his three kirugumis together to create the ‘Kiru-mera.’
  • Coincidence Magnet: During chapter 6. Not only was he seen firing a gun earlier in the night, but he had the strongest public motive to want to bring someone back to life. He is also, by his own admission, a good shot, and the bullet in Tomoka's head was right in the center of her forehead.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His pre-execution speech and execution allude to this. He lost his parents and was subjected to bullying at a young age, and over time he may have had several controlling older partners.
  • Declaration of Protection: From Chapter 2 update on the relationships, makes this about Hanako.
    "If you made that kind of promise ... I'm going to do the same for you. I'm not strong, but! Please let me protect you too!"
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Is pretty let down when his super cool introduction speech garners only the barest of reactions or even acknowledgment.
  • Friendless Background: Seems to come from one, and is more used to being bullied and laughed at than anything else.
  • Foreign-Language Tirade: Starts one in English after witnessing Ryouji come back to life.
  • Hate Sink: In-Universe; seems to think he is one, and defaults to believing that people hate him.
  • Shout-Out: Got a dog collar from Hachirou Shibata of DA5M and incredibly questionable Vegetable Juice from DA3E’s Kikuyo Shirabe.

Ayato Akiyama

Super High School Level Pianist
Son and heir of the CEO who runs the Akiyama Conglomerate; a company that specializes in creating and distributing weaponry, you'd think his abilities would lie in business or perhaps weapon manufacturing, but instead his interests were found in music. Playing the piano since he was only 4 years old, Ayato Akiyama is considered a piano prodigy among the music world as he won many awards and competitions since he was only six years old. His playing style is described as free-spirited and full of passion; a performance that will definitely stick to you for the rest of your life.

Aside from the more formal recognition, Ayato has also been recognized by his stage name, "Shinigami-kun", as the keyboardist of the recently popular band ARC/\NA. Known for their masks, Major Tarot themed stage names, and unique sound; the six-person band quickly climbed the charts and are one of the top 5 hottest bands of the year with their hit single, Train Station Melancholy. Despite all of this, nothing is known about Ayato Akiyama personally and is considered a mystery to others.

  • Addiction Displacement: Reveals to have had a habit of smoking and uses candy, mostly lollipops, to curb his cravings.
  • Alliterative Name: Ayato Akiyama
  • Ambiguously Brown: Has noticeably darker skin but his ethnicity has not been stated yet.
  • Beauty Mark: Has two vertical beauty marks underneath his left eye.
  • Character Tics: He holds the wrist where a red scarf is tied when he's nervous, and is constantly having his hands in his pockets.
  • Child Prodigy: Acquired achievements from his piano playing at the tender age of six.
  • Creepy Shadowed Undereyes: Has very noticeable ones under his eyes and only seem to be getting worse as the story progresses.
  • Gentle Giant: One of the taller students in the class and is pretty easy-going. He also doesn't seem to bear any ill-will to anyone that tried accusing him as the Trial 1 culprit.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: His hair reaches down to his waist, but it's mostly unseen due to his jacket. In Chapter 5 he finally ditches the jacket and let's his hair down. His new appearance has someone comment on how he looked pretty for a guy.
  • Oral Fixation: Almost always seen with a lollipop in his mouth.
  • Perpetual Smiler: His sprite (and most art of him) has him always smiling, for whatever reason. This is including when he’s being nearly indited of murder, leading to the possibility of Stepford Smiler.
  • Stage Names: "Shinigami-kun", as the keyboardist of the band, ARC/\NA.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Apparently if he had tied his hair in a high-ponytail, he'd end up looking like his younger sister (except maybe prettier).
  • Tap on the Head: Knocked out by Kanon, as he walked by the room where Sosuke was being kept. Thankfully, this only left him concussed.
  • Tarot Motifs: The motif to his band, ARC/\NA. His friends/band mates all have stage names relating to the Major Arcana and his is (ominously enough), "Death".
  • Wing Ding Eyes: His updated sprites has "X" shapes in his eyes to replace his pupils.

Cody Swanson

Super High School Level B-Boy
Former leader of the hottest crew in the circuit TOXiC RAiN Cody Swanson was a plucky young man from the United States that has left a mark on the world of street dancing. Working his way up through the circuit in America his unique combination of style and power has garnered him invitations to such prestigious events such as Floor Wars, Battle of the Year, and the Red Bull Bc One with his crew. Their exceptional performances swept the competition for three years in a row made him a prominent name in the break dancing community. After a sudden change in location to Japan, Cody disappeared from the competition scene for about a year and a half. His focus went from crew competitions to soloing. Taking to the streets of Akiba with a camcorder, he took to performing for people on the street and uploading video. It wasn’t long before he made his mark on the internet, bringing him back into the scene. Making a come back he was invited by many international competitions to compete as he once did, at first he refused but slowly he came back starting his second showing. His latest conquest was the world B-Boy classic, a competition where a partner is randomly assigned to him not an hour before the competition began. Hope's Peak invited him to the school shortly after he dominated the competition.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Confesses this in Trial 2. Not to take away his title, just, go to school like he was supposed to.


Super High School Level Guardian
What is HAPPENING you BULLY BOYS — it’s EBULLIENCE here, straight from the BULL PEN, coming at you HORNS UP with some more TANKING NEWS this side of the DRAGON’S REAR—
Erm, wait, is the mic even on? Oh, for the love of—!
Well, truly, you don’t have to hear this girl’s charming voice to know that she’s the best of her kind. And woah, does she know how to fend off some raid bosses or what? When it comes to tanking (on World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy XIV at least — she can’t diversify that much), you really can’t find any better — and especially any better that dedicates so much time to raiding tips, positioning tricks, and ranking the current tanks!

For the past six years EBULLIENCE has been making one of the oddest names for herself in the world of tanking — one laced with mystery, fun, and a certain kind of bullheadedness. Though she has permeated an online presence for a while, not once has our bully girl uploaded a single picture of herself — or given any clue to who she is. While she may tank some of the highest content in games, her guilds — while prestigious — are not consistent; the only constant is that she always keeps BYE✮BYE — her designated support — close.

But hey — that kind of mystery is part of the fun, right? Whoever she is, it’s clear that EBULLIENCE truly is a creature unlike any other.

She's a direct accomplice in the final case, and used her strength to subdue Ai Kimoto for Tadashi Matsuo. She was able to establish a false alibi by enlisting the help of her twin sister, Michiko Shoji.

  • Acronym and Abbreviation Overload: Has a tendency to pepper her speech and text with needless abbreviations from her MMOs. While some of these make sense (BRB, G2G, etc), others (such as repeatedly spamming people with "r") are less obvious.
  • Animal Stereotypes: The bull—a creature of incredible power, stamina, drive and stubborness; if a bull decides it’s charging somewhere, it will get there.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: Has marked behavior changes from trial and personal interactions. She's usually upbeat and somewhat reckless, but shows care and consideration in trials.
  • Breaking the Fellowship: After going to Hope's Peak, she was separated from her support, BYE✮BYE, that she partially attributes her own talent to. Or not. The two were only separated until the merge, after all.
  • Challenge Seeker: The hum drum and every day are not enough for this bull.
  • Cute Bruiser: She’s very attractive, almost adorable, and she’ll take you down.
  • A Father to His Men: Gender flipped version. If the class are her ‘team’ she certainly counts as this: among other things, she sends silk flowers and chocolates to her classmates at the end of trials.
  • Fearless Fool: She doesn’t fear meeting anyone one-on-one, even hanging out with the openly homicidal Sawako.
  • Heroic BSoD: Undergoes a mild one at the end of Trial 2, when people are fighting and the weight of sending Madoka to her death weigh in on her. She’s good enough friends with most by now that multiple people offer her their help.
  • Hopeless with Tech: Plays games competitively as her talent, but doesn't understand computers herself. Turns out that having a sister who works with tech for your benefit makes this less of a weakness.
  • Identical Twin Id Tag: Her wig aside, Tomiko also has a belly ring while Michiko has a star tattoo.
  • I Should Have Been Better: As head of the charge, she feels a lot of guilt following each trial—just because a murderer is caught does not mean a victory has been accomplished.
  • The Leader: Unofficially, but she is the one who is able to chorale, organize and motivate this ragtag group of misfits better than anyone via her blend of energy and compassion. She takes initiative in trials, and is always a key player in finding who the culprit is.
  • Mama Bear: Plays a guardian druid (aka: a bear) in World of Warcraft, and is extremely protective over her healer, BYE✮BYE.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game: Where her expertise lies: she tanks like no one’s business.
  • The Social Expert: She reads the situations and feelings of her classmates to make appropriate calls during trials.
  • Theme Twin Naming: MichIKO and TomIKO, and their nicknames Chiko and Miko. To a lesser extent, their screen names are meant to sound distinct but flow nicely together.
  • Twin Banter: Often seen teasing and having fun with Michiko in group chats.

Genta Sugai/Φ

Super High School Level Philosopher
It came as a surprise to nobody when the only son of a well reputed leadoff hitter and a Hope’s Peak endorsed doctor was invited to the school, but when most hear Genta Sugai’s rise to fame came in the form of a twenty-one yen e-book online, it comes as a bit of a shock. ‘'The Finite Possibility'’, written under the pen name Phi, rose to underground literary acclaim within the span of a week across the world and succeeded in reviving conversation surrounding the philosophical side of possibility in several universities across Japan.In spite of his affluent lineage, however, Genta himself is said to be a bit of an enigma; reporters seeking personal accounts of his person have found descriptions of the author to be just as varied as his subject matter. Whether the one attending Hope’s Peak is the genuine article or not has remained up for debate, in spite of proof of his identity being secured otherwise. He is the chapter 5 victim, pushed out of a window by Sarara Orikasa.
  • Adjusting Your Glasses: Usually from on top of his head to his eyes and back again.
  • After-Action Healing Drama: Runs away from Sarara after she injures him with a glass bottle. He climbs through Ai's window, gets help, leaves, and is chased throughout the hotel until he enters Michiko's room and is subsequently pushed out of the window when Sarara follows.
  • Almost Dead Guy: Observed by Ai and Michiko pre-window-push, and then drags himself into the hotel to attempt to say his final words after he's pushed.
  • Clear My Name: Must do this in the fourth trial, after his alibi leaves him as one of the only candidates that could have murdered.
  • Clones Are People, Too: He is a clone of the original Genta Sugai, but embraces the philosophy of choice above all else. This is likely in reference to his own desire to be a unique person and avoid feeling as though he is an Expendable Clone.
  • The Dead Have Names: Keeps accounts of each dead student in his room.
  • Death by Secret Identity: Killed directly so that he does not reveal Sarara's secret.
  • Devil's Advocate: Engages in this role in chapters 1 and 2 to defend those being accused of murder.
  • Paralysis by Analysis: He just couldn't pick between the two suspects for chapter 2 and ended up defaulting his vote.
  • Royal Brat: Chapter 4's motive turned Genta into a bumbling not-so-humble prince like figure. Very reminiscent of World is Mine, though less Miku and more princely ohoho's.
  • Working Through the Cold: During chapter 3, he visibly wears a facemask throughout the trial. His plans to disrupt TWELVE weren't worked through, though.

Eisuke Hirakawa

Super High School Level Hanami Enthusiast
Nobody in the world cares about hanami as much as Eisuke Hirakawa. Whether it’s taking photos of various hanami related activities or giving instructions for DIY projects related to hanami, you can find almost anything related to the tradition on his blog. With a countdown clock that shows the estimated amount of time until the next hanami season, his blog is a paradise for any hanami fanatic like him. Even in the time between hanami season, Eisuke’s blog still regularly updates, showing his extreme enthusiasm and dedication to all things hanami.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: His brother committed matricide and attempted to frame it on someone else in their family. Eisuke doesn't bat an eyelash after hearing about his death because of this.
  • Consulting Mister Puppet: He speaks for and with his stuffed bear almost constantly.

Haruna Sasaki

Super High School Level Meteorologist
The not so typical spoiled rich kid, as some would call Haruna Sasaki, and the path towards her dreams and goals she walks upon. Born in Fukuoka, and raised by two respected scientists, she always had an connection to weather. Her dreams began at a rough start, but slowly progressed to something more as she earned winning medals at science fairs, media acknowledgement, and awarding book nominations. With not only her book Earth's Mother Nature successfully selling in three different countries, but also outstanding knowledge of climate and atmospheric phenomena, she became a well-respected and known meteorologist. Her continuous growing achievements eventually had Hope's Peak Academy take note of her talent and abilities, giving her the title of Super High School Level Meteorologist.
  • Berserk Button: Don’t call her by her first name unless she’s given you permission. Don't call her a spoiled princess. And do not call her short.
  • Black-and-White Morality: After the heartache of losing Hana Trial 1, she seems to have taken this approach. It either Is or Is Not—and anyone saying otherwise is an idiot she has no time for, sans the time it takes to straighten them out.
  • Broken Bird: Finding out her new friend Hana was a murderer and losing her to execution has left Haruna’s already fragile trust in tatters.
  • Brutal Honesty: Though what is 'truth' and just 'truthfully her belief' depends, either one she will state unflinchingly, and the amount she’ll go out of her way to make it polite depends.
  • Child Prodigy: Has been winning awards since she was a child, and has been able to read at a high school level since she was 10. This left her with a distance between herself and her peers she’s bitterly regarded ever since.
  • Hypocrite: Has been accused of this by her classmates. A notable example is Veronica in Trial 2, calling her on her viciousness towards Madoka when her motive was very close to the motive of previous murderer Hana, whom Haruna still regards with total fondness.
  • Not So Stoic: After Hana is outed as the murderer, Haruna breaks down and starts to sob.
  • Older Than They Look: Looks 12, and is in high school.
  • Only Friend: In her past, only a girl named Kotone was Haruna’s friend.
  • The Only One I Trust: Despite the group of acquaintances she is making, Kotone is still the only person she trusts and says as much during her backstory speech in Trial 2.
  • Parental Neglect: Suffered this during her childhood, as she told the class in Trial 2, and only saw her parents during her birthdays.
  • Skewed Priorities: In Trial 2, she spends the end of the trial defending her own caustic point of view over paying any attention to the soon-to-be-executed or her last words.
  • They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: She and Hanako get into a Backstory Reveal contest at the end of Trial 2, revealing her lonely childhood and Only Friend. They’re both called on this by multiple people, most memorably by Tadashi:
    "Madoka Tojo is about to die, and you’re all out here playing shit parent bingo..?"

Holly Fuentes

Super High School Level Water Polo Player
Avast, ye! The riptide queen who stole the hearts of every self-respecting Californian has finally swum her way right through the golden gates of the esteemed Hope’s Peak Academy. Boasting the best stats in her age group out of anyone in the world and two different instances of Olympic scouting, Holly is set to make history as one of the biggest breakout stars of high school athletics. With her brilliant strategies, quick wit and even quicker reflexes, Holly has almost as much raw star power as physical prowess! Her interviews and tireless endeavors to make water polo a more respected and mainstream sport are as famous as her actual achievements on the playing field, and through her actions, she has amassed a fan following that has bled over into pop culture.
  • All-Loving Hero: It seems to be pretty difficult to get Holly to actually dislike you. Even Haruna, Andrew, and Yuka, her three least favorite people, still have a soft spot in her heart and she clearly cares about them, even if it's begrudgingly in the former's case.
  • All Up to You: Stands in for Michiko to help the sick and injured class at the end of trial 3.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: You don't get to be the captain of a nationally acclaimed water polo team by being a softie.
  • Big Brother Worship: Holly loves her brother Rafael, and nearly every chapter makes mention of how worried about him she is and how heartsick it makes her that she hasn't talked to or seen him in months now (and may never again). A few characters learned this the hard way and had to suffer through her minutes-long rambling about how awesome he is.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: She is one of the most unerringly energetic and positive people in first the Tora, and then Telos classes.
  • Child Prodigy: She's been playing water polo since the age of seven, and has been team captain since age 9.
  • Cute Bruiser: Holly's character as a whole can boil down to this trope. As a pretty teenaged girl who's also an international star at a high contact violent sport, it would be impossible for her to be anything else.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: As chapter 6 reveals, hers was losing Hisae when the castle fell. Ever since, her worldview has significantly darkened, and she's become a lot more unhappy and reckless.
  • Daddy's Girl: Although her brother is the one who gets the brunt of Holly's familial hero worship, it's clear that she is very, very enamored to her doting father.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Reveals through narration at the end of chapter 6 that Hisae's death at the beginning of chapter 5 led to her snapping and attempting to attack one of the chaperones, fully aware that this will result in her death.
  • Famed in Story: Has gained quite a following on social media.
  • Go-Getter Girl: Holly has devoted her life and all of her spare time to her sport and athletics in general.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Subverted. Doesn't actually have one, it's just that her assorted Berserk Buttons just get pressed a lot.
  • The Heart: Tries very hard to convince everyone to be friends and get along, by setting up a pool party in the first chapter and later getting frustrated and telling everyone to stop fighting so much and just work together. She doesn't seem to be very effective, however.
  • Hot-Blooded: The girl is about as chill as an active volcano.
  • Large and in Charge: She's the biggest girl on her team, both in body mass and personality. She's not really that tall, but she's muscular, which makes up for it.
  • Meaningful Name: Fuentes refers to a spring, a body of water.
  • Military Brat: Both her father and brother are in the army.
  • Motor Mouth: Talks fast, and thinks even faster. Even she can't keep up with herself.
  • Multicolored Hair:
    • Brown with streaks of blonde and blue.
    • After Chapter 3, she switches to brown with streaks of red and green, to match her Christmas motif.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Holly's week 2 and 5 outfit is inspired by America Chavez.
  • Odd Friendship: With quiet, No Social Skills Tadashi. Somehow, they actually seem to get along great.
  • Official Couple: Is in a relationship with Michiko Shoji as of Chapter 4. Spicy!
  • Omniglot:
    • Speaks Spanish, English, and Japanese. She'll often talk to other English-speaking classmates in English, or refer to people by Spanish words of affection. When she finds out Ryan speaks a little Spanish, she's openly delighted.
    • People like EBULLIENCE confuse her via text because she's shaky when she tries to interpret frequent typos or specialized language in Japanese. This at one point led to her lashing out in frustration and sending a paragraph in Spanish to that week's groupchat.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Her introduction to Tadashi had him coming across her doing pull ups to stay in shape from an enormous tree growing in the middle of the street.
  • The Pollyanna: Becomes known for her endlessly sunny demeanor, until it starts to crack in chapters 5 and 6. She remains this trope in more of a Stepford Smiler variant, but is trying hard to cling to her idealism.
    Holly: Al mal tiempo, bueno cara. Translation 
  • Revenge Before Reason: Normally she's against this, but does it herself following Hisae's death, losing all sense of self-preservation and attacking Peri.
  • Sick Episode: Is sick throughout chapters 2, 3, and 4, the latter two being with pneumonia and then despair fever.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The bold and energetic tomboy to Michiko's girly girl.
  • Troubled, but Cute: Her cheery attitude drops more and more as the game goes on, and it becomes increasingly obvious that there's something else going on beneath the surface.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Tries to deliver one to the class at the end of the sixth trial, but it doesn't have much effect considering the execution is immediately after.
  • Wounded Hero, Weaker Helper: After she passes out in chapter 2, she needs two people to help carry her out.

Jamie Fenn

Super High School Level Ghostwriter
If you lurked around sites like FictionPress, WritersCafe, or other writing forums and Japanese sites, you’ve probably seen his username or profile around. Maybe you hear him mentioned or see his prices, either way, you’ll know that Jamie is a very popular ghostwriter in both western and eastern communities writing and proofreading for scripts, songs, and books. His prices are very high and slots are limited in his commissions due to popular demand, making it hard to get him to work with you.On top of this, his two published books, High Tides and Of Hanako, are extremely popular among young adults and teenagers. Limited edition versions of the books can be found floating around for high prices because the fanbases for the two are so large.
  • All-Loving Hero: He doesn't tend to dislike people and does his best to see the best in everyone. Or at least was the case up until Chapter 4's motive.
  • Bishōnen: Very feminine in looks and actions.
  • Brutal Honesty: If he feels strongly about something, he won't sugarcoat how he feels. Even if it's mean.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Despite his English name, he was born and raised in Tokyo, having had an American father.
  • Covert Pervert: Made allusions to wanting to sleep with TWELVE in Chapter 1.
  • Goth: Or at least he dresses in all black. He reveals in his relationship page that he thinks he has no sense of fashion.
  • Insufferable Genius: Assumes that since he's probably had to write about a topic in the past, he has enough knowledge on it to speak about it, even if that's not the case.

Kanon Kurosawa/Kazuko Kagami

Super High School Level Weapons Engineer (Super High School Level Body Double)
Daughter of a former Japanese politician and a talented Russian inventor, everyone knew Kanon Kurosawa would take after her parents. What nobody would expect was for her to be utterly fascinated by the military and weapons in general. She began tinkering with firearms when she was seven and constructed her prototype rifle, the Kurosawa 11, when she was eleven. Since then, she’s been recruited by the military to begin producing weapons. Since then, her work has been heavily requested across the globe and she is tied into many top secret projects. These secrets are sought after by many groups. As such, she has received a multitude of threats, and spends most of her time under heavy guard. However, after receiving an invitation to Hope’s Peak, she has chosen to forgo that guard for the protection the school can provide her. She's the killer of Chapter 7, killing Sosuke and injuring Ayato.
  • Beauty Mark: On the left side of her face, under her lips.
  • Death Glare: Especially in trials. If you get on this girl’s bad side or on the bad side of her friends, expect to be catching this killer look sooner rather than later.
  • First-Name Basis: Though she prefers this with everyone, specific mention goes to Haruna, as a sign of their friendship.
  • I Should Have Been Better: Blames herself for what happened with Hana in the first trial, and apologizes to her memory on her relationship blog.
  • Mama Bear: In Trial 1, fights to protect her friend Hana even when Hana has already confessed guilt. In Trial 2 she similarly tells off everyone involved in the 'overshare debacle' except for her friend Haruna, who started it in the first place. Word of God states that Kanon is biased towards her friends.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Kanon, pronounced like cannon, makes weapons. Strangely enough, her creator didn't notice this until it was pointed out.
    • Her real name, Kazuko Kagami, translates roughly to "harmony child mirror", which pretty much points directly to her talent.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Born into a rich family but works almost non-stop in her talent.
  • Not So Stoic: Goes into a boiling rage at the end of Trial 1, promising swift vengeance on anyone who dares vote for her friend.
  • Shout-Out: Receives Kenshin Takayuki from DA4O's severed head from the Monokuma machine. She did not take it well.
  • Statuesque Stunner: She stands at 6' and is very attractive.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Changes her outfit every chapter.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Kanon is not used to any strong emotion aside from anger. So when she feels something that is closer to sadness after Hana’s execution is announced, she can’t understand it and tries instead to see it through the lens of anger at the class that voted her friend to her death.

    Students L-Z 

Masashi Oichi

Super High School Level Energy Transfer Specialist
Born in the City of Yokohama to a physics professor and a concert pianist, Masashi always had a knack for the subject his father taught. Around the age of 14, he discovered Rube Goldberg machines (commonly referred to as Pythagorean Devices in Japan) and spent most of his free time assembling them. After a video-gone-viral of Masashi showing off one of his many creations, he was pulled every which way to appear on talk shows and the like. With his own video “portfolio” of Rube Goldberg machines posted online and his growing renown, it didn’t take long for Masashi to receive an invitation for the national Rube Goldberg Contest in America, despite being a young high school student surrounded by groups of kids from colleges around that country. It was no surprise to the fans of his work that he won, and soon after he was invited to attend Hope’s Peak Academy.
  • Awkward Kiss: Holly begs Masashi to let her die when he prevents her from punching Peri in the fifth chapter. He kisses her and expresses how important she is to him, and she panics and explains that she's already in a relationship with Michiko. Oops. To make matters even worse, Michiko finds them not long after. Awkward indeed.
  • A Friend in Need: Is invariably there when Holly, and often Michiko, needs him.
  • The Gadfly: Seems to take pleasure in being, what's the word...? A little shit. To everyone. Regardless of the setting. At least after the fourth motive.
  • Mood Dissonance: Opens a loud soda can of Hee Haw as people speak with the murderer of case 5 for the final time.
  • Punch Catch: Stops Holly from punching TWELVE, which would've led to her execution. With his face.
  • Skewed Priorities: Doesn't really care about finding the culprits so long as he's entertained. He still typically votes with the majority, despite this.
  • Spock Speak: Somewhat. He speaks very properly/formally, and avoids many contractions.
  • You Should Have Died Instead: Muses that if people had voted to kill Sarara during the fourth trial, Genta would not have died and the previous murderer would have died from sickness.

Michiko Shoji

Super High School Level Medic
Michiko? As in Shoji Michiko? Please no pictures.But really, don’t take any! The clothes that Michiko wears are exclusive from the Shoji line and, surprisingly, haven’t been publicly released yet.What? No, she’s not a fashion designer. You're thinking about her mother — she’s the daughter of the international fashion designer, Shoji Erika, and while she does frequently travel alongside her, she doesn’t do any of that herself.But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made a name for herself, by herself. The daughter of a modern power couple, Michiko’s sharp mind has led her to be a prodigy in general medical skills.She’s known for her ability to aid those in almost any sort of environment, so she prefers the title "Travelling Medic."Despite how public her family is, Michiko has always been a polite, humble person, so her entry into Hope’s Peak was surprising — no one had known about her significant progress in medical science. She’s considered the dark horse of her family: the unexpected, sudden brilliance.Although her talent isn't technically wrong, she's actually the MMO medic BYE✮BYE, EBULLIENCE's other half and twin. She assisted her sister and Tadashi in the final case, acting as an accomplice to grab supplies and create false alibis.
  • Bilingual Bonus: She speaks Korean, and will often text simple phrases such as "haha" or "omg." This was to participate in Korean gaming tournaments. Dislikes the nickname 'Michi' for herself given its rude usage in Korean.
  • Break the Believer: She's the strongest defender of both Akio and Sarara, and even purposefully derails the trial in an attempt to acquit them. They're both guilty.
  • Competition Freak: Even completely innocent activities can become competitive battlegrounds for Michiko.
  • The Fashionista: Tends to wear beautiful designer clothes, from lines that haven't even been released yet.
  • Identical Twin Id Tag: Has a star tattoo on her torso while her sister has a belly piercing. Up until the last case, they also had different hair with the help of Tomiko's wig.
  • Improbable Age: She's a bit young to be practicing medicine on the level that she is. Or not, considering she's a glorified school nurse.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Pulls out a wine bottle during trial 5, but doesn't get to drink because Holly confiscates it. Offers it to Sarara as a parting gift, completely forgetting that Sarara incapacitated Genta with a glass bottle before.
  • Last of His Kind: As of chapter 4, she's the last medic in Tora and Telos.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Ridiculously wealthy, but studied exceptionally hard to become a medic at her age.
  • Official Couple: Is in a relationship with Holly Fuentes. Spicy!
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: After that argument during Chapter 4, and even prior to it, both Michiko and Yuka are extremely deserving of this trope. After Volleying Insults, lets hope they learn how to shape up!
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The fashion-obsessed, makeup-everyday girly girl to Holly's sporty tomboy.
  • Theme Twin Naming: MichIKO and TomIKO, and their nicknames Chiko and Miko. To a lesser extent, their screen names are meant to sound distinct but flow nicely together.
  • Twin Banter: Often seen teasing and having fun with Tomiko in group chats.

Misuto Morimoto

Super High School Level Minecraft Let's Player
We’ve all heard of it before, whether it’s been from a younger sibling or a suggested video on Youtube: Minecraft. Chances are, you haven’t played it yourself; after all, a large fraction of the audience tends to be people under the age of 10, but you might’ve seen Misuto’s videos floating around Youtube. Though the majority of Minecraft LPers target a younger audience with their videos in order to gain popularity, Misuto (also known by their gamer tag, xXMisut0_the_MinerXx) has managed to collect a large following of members from all generations. In addition to this, due to their fluency in Japanese, English, and French, his popularity reach has spread to many reaches of the world. Combined with their clever commentary, their heartfelt relationship with their audiences and stellar gameplay skills, Mitsuno’s skill at the game has revived it’s once-deceased fanbase and launched them to the top of the charts on several video sharing websites.
  • Fun Personified: As expected of a popular let's player, they are almost always upbeat even when it's inappropriate to be. Unfortunately, they happen to be surrounded by the fun police a lot of the time.

Piney Pines/Yuji Matsumoto

Super High School Level Mascot
In Japan it seems just about everything has mascot, from parks to events to even prisons. But among the regional mascots, store icons and airline characters a champion rises above: Piney, the Fighting Pine! After Bando Eco Logging company came to being, its mascot Piney has risen to join the ranks of such mascots as Funashi and Domo-kun as a celebrity in the public eye. What truly puts him a rank above the rest is his famous levels of dedication. Workers at Bando insist that they have never seen the man (or woman) behind the mask, and as far as they are concerned the tree themselves doesn't seem to live anywhere specific as opposed to just popping up whenever they are needed. As far as can be observed, there is never a moment when Piney is out of character, and as unusual as the circumstances are the company (and the world) would not have their enigmatic mys-tree any other way. Cheerful, energetic and above all adorable, Piney has caught the eyes and hearts of the country in his freshly scented sway.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Piney has outfits for both genders, has played opposite male and female mascots in skits featuring romance, and when asked their gender they respond "Piney is a tree". Their pronouns swap between 'he' and 'they', but 'she' is never off the table. They even put on big goofy eyelashes and blush for certain looks.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Meant to evoke this image, with his little red boxing gloves and title of the 'fighting pines.' In reality, his personality seems quite a bit more mellow, even nervous.
  • Anthropomorphic Objects: A walking, talking tree.
  • Crime Magnet: He's been directly framed for two murders since the two places merged, and has been the intended victim of one murder.
  • Crowd Pleaser: As one of his talents as a mascot, he can gauge audience reaction and respond accordingly—this was the main bulk of his job.
  • Doing It for the Art: The only explanation that people can come up with for why someone would choose to be so inhumanly devoted to the 24/7 portrayal of the character.
  • Fountain of Memes: In-universe. A vine meme where people would perform stunts with Piney plushies helped push him fully into memetic levels of fame.
  • Goofy Suit: Part of his whole shtick is that he is never seen outside of it. Even in private.
  • The Heart: In trials, it's this tree that seems to be reminding people to respect the soon-to-be-deceased and to hear them out. They also offer moral support to classmates like Charmayne and assistance to sick peers like Andrew and Miho in their Chapter 3 Relationship updates.
  • I'm Your Biggest Fan: Reacts this way to meeting Ryouji Nomiya, their favorite Viner, in person. Luckily for them, Ryouji feels just the same way.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Averted, surprisingly. One wouldn’t expect a Tree to have that much to wear, but a baseball outfit and a maid outfit have both been featured, with a closet full of more clothing to be found to anyone who looks through his room.
  • Love It or Hate It: In-universe. For all the popularity, there's always going to be people who think he's annoying, a corporate tool, or downright creepy.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Yuji's design is based off of Vincent from Catherine and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.
  • The One Who Wears Shoes: Piney's not like other trees—his magical red shoes allow him to walk around.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When Ryouji, the first person he was growing close to, died. His scream apparently broke vocal character.
  • Pungeon Master: In media, Piney is almost unstoppable with his tree and nature related puns. It seems that the tension of the new situation pulled the puns out of them before the murder game even started.
  • Recognizable by Sound: His shoes puff/squeak softly when he moves. Very distinctive, and gives him no chance to sneak up on anyone.
  • Secret Identity: Who or even what is under the boughs is a mystery that has even incited the start of fanclubs dedicated to figuring out the tree’s real identity. Part of what makes them SHSL is that no one has been able to find out thus far.
  • Slave to PR: Has been accused of this by detractors, which was replied to with a resounding 'duh'—he's a company mascot, of course he is.
  • Smarter Than You Look: On TV and as an image Piney is a tad ditzy, like most people expect a mascot to be. But when placed in a high tension situation like the awakening in Praetis, it seems that persona falls away in favor of a nervous and intelligent, if eccentric, tree.
  • Third-Person Person: Piney’s incredibly notable for this, and it depends on the person how long they can stand to listen to it. Moments where they slip up and use 'I' are not unheard of however, though they seem to be important.
  • Shout-Out: Received an incredibly fancy bottle of wine mixed with blood from Shuu Shimura of DA4U.
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • Piney has been stated in his 30 facts to be a big fan of melons and melon or green tea flavored treats and sweets. However, people note that Piney’s own food choices when left to their own devices are incredibly simple in comparison and that it’s likely only melons because his company has some kind of contract with melon farmers to say that and promote the product.
    • Interactions with Charmayne in Chapter 2 insinuate that Piney may have a soft spot for udon.
  • Tragic Bromance: It's true for the first time Ryouji dies, but even moreso for the second time. It's revealed that Yuji still cares for Ryouji despite the betrayal, but Ryouji only realizes this before he's executed.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Keeps Ryuoji's necklace after he is killed.

Ryan Roe

Super High School Level Fabricator
Ryan Roe, also known as just "Roe", is one out of the many notorious fabricators that have been identified in the world, their fabrications ranging from forging propaganda and slander within the newspapers, as well as ranging to even more serious matters, such as altering information that would be sent to foreign nations, or even locations of wanted criminals! One of their biggest fabrications was leaking false information about the whereabouts of equally notorious serial killer "The Widower", where it interfered with the investigation of the police and ultimately led to the serial killer's escape. What sets them apart from other fabricators is how young they are, as they have been reported to have been fabricating things for almost 4 years now. However, their days were over after being caught red handed by a Hope's Peak Academy alumni out of pure luck. They were handed over to the police, and was held in jail until it was decided on where they'll go. For them, their final destination would have been jail.

That would have been their fate had Hope's Peak Academy kept their distance from the situation. Known for being a prestigious institution throughout the whole world, Hope's Peak Academy, with the permission from the Japanese government, had officially declared that they would take Ryan in and rehabilitate them into a functional, member of society. A second chance at conforming to society, in other words. The fabricator has officially agreed under oath to the heavy restrictions placed on them, and that they would only use their criminal knowledge to assist in the identification of fabricated objects. According to a few more sources, they have also agreed to attend, and remain at the school under surveillance as well. It is certain to all that they've landed a place in Japan's blacklist after their capture.

  • Ambiguous Gender Identity: Identifies as nonbinary, and dislikes being mistaken for a male, such as when Haruna used 'he' pronouns with them during Trial 1.
  • Cool Bike: Got this from the Monomachine right off the bat, and nearly kills Touya with it before the Murder Game even starts! Drives it right into the trial room during Trial 2 as well, when everyone was asked to bring their Monocoin items.
  • Fame Through Infamy: Became well known for a false information leak that allowed a serial killer known as 'The Widower' to get away from authorities
  • Not Me This Time: Stated almost word for word Trial 1, when blame was passed to them right off the bat by Hana. They were right, and it was in fact the accuser.
  • Pass the Popcorn: Does a non-food version of this while watching the fight that breaks out end of Trial 2, comparing the action to a midday soap opera internally.
  • The Scapegoat: In-universe, mentioned multiple times: as a former criminal, they are very susceptible to this should a better candidate not be tracked down in time.
  • Shout-Out: Receives a 'Skull Chariot' moterbike from DA3E's Gorou Inoue and a silk magician’s top hat from DA1's Seiichi Ichikawa.

Ryouji Nomiya

Super High School Level Viner
Vine user RyoujiNMY (often simply called Ryouji) has been an instantly recognizable Internet presence worldwide for the past three years, and his popularity only continues to grow. With vines in both English and Japanese, Ryouji's antics with friends, family, and his beloved cat Mimi have taken the social media world by storm, even sparking several memes (such as the infamous 'pets versus humans' meme wherein owners attempt to imitate behaviors that come naturally to their pets with varying degrees of success). Ryouji's easygoing personality and sharp intuition for humor have earned him sponsorship deals with brand-name companies, invitations to events in exchange for coverage, and other offers to use his popularity for business purposes. But even when obviously promoting products, Ryouji always manages to put an entertaining spin on it - one of the essential skills that earned him his place at Hope's Peak Academy. Which he, of course, commemorated with a vine. The first victim, killed for talking back to Monokuma. This is reverted after he is brought back to life to demonstrate the possibility of resurrection for the week 6 motive. He is executed in the chapter 6 trial for the murder of Tomoka Hamazoe.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Sliced in half, but only just—still intact enough to spend a few seconds gasping for life, even as he begins to accordion in on himself unnaturally.
  • Death by Irony: Guy dies a few days after the Vine app is announced 'dead'.
  • He Knows Too Much: Presumably killed off for this: after referring to something on his keycard, Peri takes the card and panics, stating he 'shouldn't have seen that'. He is killed immediately afterwards by Monobear.
  • I'm Your Biggest Fan: Reacts this way upon seeing Piney Pines for the first time—his little sister is a big fan. Luckily enough for him, Piney’s a big fan of his too.
  • The Pollyanna: The male version. Nothing gets this guy down for longer than a minute.
  • Sympathetic Murderer: To some, notably to Piney Pines/Yuji. According to Ryouji, someone absolutely had to be killed in a timely fashion "or else," so he did it to prevent the unnamed bad consequence.
  • Those Two Guys: Had the potential to be this or even Heterosexual Life-Partners with Piney Pines from starting chemistry alone. Then Monobear got his claws on him...literally.
  • Tragic Bromance: With Piney/Yuji. It's true for the first time Ryouji dies, but even moreso for the second time. It's revealed that Yuji still cares for Ryouji despite the betrayal, but Ryouji only realizes this before he's executed.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Piney keeps Ryuoji's necklace after he is killed.
  • Unfriendly Fire: Attempts to shoot Piney Pines at first out of fairness — he didn't want his own personal feelings preventing him from killing someone at random.

Sarara Orikasa

Super High School Level Art Curator (Super High School Level Forger)
The Orikasa family-owned art gallery had kept the small town of Nakata alive with its tourist revenue for over a century — until one day, its elderly owner fell sick, sending the long-time cultural landmark into a deep financial decline. Right when all hope seemed lost, the owners’ teenage granddaughter Sarara took over operations, not only managing the gallery but using the expertise she’d acquired from her grandparents all her life to promote art history as a genuine curator. While the reserved girl couldn’t be called a superstar, her revival of a historic gallery and her entry into classical arts academia at such a young age has gained super-high-school-levels of attention from cultural organisations worldwide. She is the killer of Chapter 5, having pushed Genta out the window of the Atetis hotel after stabbing and chasing him, and is caught and executed.
  • Beneath Suspicion: Is left out of all suspect lists for chapter 5 despite meeting the height requirements of the suspect. Even when it's revealed that she has no alibi and fits many other factors that the murderer had to have, she's given a pass because her classmates think she "couldn't have killed anyone."
  • Costume Copycat: Dresses to resemble Piney Pines.
  • Doomed Appointment: Makes plans with several people before committing murder.
  • Dressing to Die: She wears funeral clothing for her execution.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • She has a habit of adopting people's emoticon use and acronym use. This also helps to reveal her true talent. She uses this to impersonate Yuka, Genta, and Piney.
    • Many people from the Tora class had no problem seeing her one-on-one to comfort her after Chou's death. This doesn't end well.
  • Nice Guy: Is very concerned with presenting herself as an inoffensive person to others, as a result of anxiety.
  • Not So Above It All: Has been known to let her hair down with alcohol, gossip, and even swear! Shameful.
  • Official Couple: Is in an relationship with Chou Nakahara, however shortly after the "official" reveal of this fact, Sarara was quickly widowed due to Chou being executed. Tragic love story.
  • The Ophelia: She's emotionally absent and grief stricken for the entirety of the time that the Praetis group knows her. Some of her arguments in trial also revolved around seemingly nonsensical points, such as Genta secretly being a dryad.
  • Outlaw Couple: With Chou. Not only accompliced when Chou murdered two people, but murdered someone in her own right.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Although her grandparents' art gallery was nearly formally bankrupt before she famously rescued it, her upbringing and family background were quasi-aristocratic, and her ways can't be described as anything but 'sheltered' as a result.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: While Sarara has an incredibly expansive knowledge of art history, handling, and restoration, her culture-focused upbringing left her social skills lacking.
  • Wham Line: "I would have adored spending a future with you, Chou."
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Often projected by the media as this due to public perception of her personality and her (family's) patronage of arts/culture, although she doesn't fit this trope so neatly in reality.

Sosuke Nakazawa

Super High School Level Personal Assistant (Super High School Level Loan Shark)
Hope’s Peak Academy is renowned for selecting their pupils from only Japan’s best and brightest: it is the norm to find the names of up-and-coming athletes, actors, and scholars, among the list of incoming transfer students. But every now and again, someone appears on the roster who seems to be virtually unknown by the world at large. Sosuke Nakazawa, the personal assistant to the president of Oishi Consumer Finance Co., is just one such example of such a student. Searching for his name yields no pertinent results online, but then again, it’s hardly surprising to learn that someone with a title like that would be mostly absent from the public eye. Personal assistants mostly work behind the scenes, taking minutes, making appointments, keeping track of finances and travel arrangements… perhaps the fact that there is no news about Sosuke Nakazawa simply means that he has been doing his job exceptionally well. The victim of Chapter 7, killed via blunt force trauma.
  • Tap on the Head: His wound was so severe that it injured his inner brain, killing him over time.

Tadashi Matsuo

Super High School Level Wedding Photographer
Some say that a great wedding photographer is a near impossible-to-balance mix of many different kinds. Tadashi Matsuo is becoming a clear argument against that supposed impossibility. Whether it's aesthetic shots outside, close ups of all the finer touches that were so carefully picked by the organisers, or simple but stunning portraits of the happy couple- Tadashi's able to capture it all for you. With the ability to record a day, a ceremony, a bond in a wide range of unique styles, and standing out as a strong choice on a global network of wedding photographers even before he started to be hired by celebrities, it's perhaps no wonder that Matsuo is now a go-to name in Japan for recording the start of a couple's next special stage in life. He's the killer of Ai in Chapter 9, and correctly caught in trial, though doesn't get taken through to execution as the masterminds are both caught.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: Doesn't put up with questions that people ask for clarification, or if it's information he's already answered.
    Tadashi: No, Sasaki-san. Clearly I’ve been defending Shoji-san - and maybe EBULLIENCE-san by extension - up until this point because I thought it might be fun to count leaves or talk to myself instead of fucking watching them.
  • Attention Whore: To the extremes of faking a personality entirely for at least two years so people talk to him more, and killing Ai without a motive in place and making himself look like a victim partly just so people would remember and talk about it.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: He seethes under a thin layer of politeness to his clients and his classmates. It's to remain professional from his true bitter self, and come across as a nicer person so people like him more in general, and thus pay attention to him. He's stunned when multiple people in game prove to like the real him more.
  • Beneath the Mask: While the full under the mask has yet to be revealed, he is actively aware of slips where he’ll become nasty, scathing and completely fed up with the idiots around him.
  • Camera Fiend: His SHSL talent, specializing in wedding photography.
  • Condescending Compassion: His 'nice guy' routine can be seen as this, though how much it is for appearances sake versus how much of a genuine change he’s trying to enact in himself is up in the air. Turns out to be a case of trying to pull Becoming the Mask: originally for appearances sake, Tadashi has since been trying to actually make this act his true personality to make a change. Slowly begins to drop this plan under EBULLIENCE's encouragement from Chapter 4 onward though, and by endgame, it's been given up on entirely in favour of his true personality.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Turns out Tadashi's life until mutual killing has just been one long bitter string of never feeling included and growing disdain for relationships of any kind, hammered in by his beloved mother killing his father, and having to move in with other relatives to work on a job he sees as completely idiotic while being instructed to keep up a fake personality to get along with it all.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Especially when his 'face' starts to slip. Used to deliver his particularly bitter two cents when he can’t help himself.
  • False Reassurance: Frequently apologizes for things he does not feel the real need to apologize for. It's part of his act to appear much more gentle and professional, though it's one of the first traits to be toned down once he decides to start weaning off it.
  • Loophole Abuse: Decides in desperation to try and invoke this in the last mastermind trial to become a Karma Houdini, under the logic that if he helps catch the mastermind now, the mutual killing game will end and he won't be executed for killing Ai. Appears to actually have worked, probably to some people's chagrin.
  • Love Is a Weakness: Starts out very much believing this of not just love, but all kinds of relationships, to the point of being downright terrified of people trying to get to know him in the event he reciprocates and screws himself over.
  • Morality Chain:
    • EBULLIENCE is this towards him, on several levels: her work in growing closer to him stopped Tadashi from feeling as put out about the idea of relationships, something which could have spurred bitterness in many places, and also kept him from focusing solely on killing the entire class to win the game and leave- because he couldn't leave her, or the people she was attached to in game.
    • Comes off the chain a little bit in Chapters 8 and 9 when EBULLIENCE agrees to help him try to and actually commit murder respectively- though by endgame he's firmly back on, with Michiko and Ryan also counting further murder as being a dealbreaker for their friendship.
  • No Social Skills: Seems to be working on his actively, thus coaching and berating himself in his head all through out his relationship page and internal dialogue.
  • No Sympathy:
    • Takes this stance in trials against the murderers, especially if they try to play a sympathy card.
    • Averted for the masterminds, of all people: Tadashi becomes one of the original advocates for the idea of stalling the game out as long as possible to buy time to figure out how to prevent the masterminds from being executed when caught.
  • Odd Friendship: Anyone Tadashi befriends, given his social skill troubles, but special mention likely goes to Holly and EBULLIENCE by sheer virtue of them both being energetic and friendly athletes.
  • Orphan's Ordeal: Believes that he falls into this by late game: his father was killed before Tadashi accepted his Hope's Peak invite, and after six years, he thinks it's likely for his mother to have finally been executed for the crime that started a lot for Tadashi.
  • Secret Relationship: Or secret build up to relationship. Tadashi and EBULLIENCE decided to keep the fact they were growing close a secret to avoid revealing embarrassing details they'd learnt about the other and for possible advantages in working together. The only decided to give up on their 'secrets pact' for good when they finally became an Official Couple. Still doesn't stop them not declaring the relationship though.
  • Shout-Out: Received a broken tablet from DA4O's Hirashi Abe, a cult pamphlet from Zoombi Malware of DA5M and a collection of guro manga from DA3E’s Koharu Amashiro. Poor guy.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Almost word for word in Trial 2. Tadashi believes that his classmates are complete morons who don’t listen to him, and has a very hard time not raking them over the coals. By late game he has absolutely no problems holding back against some he deems idiots though.
  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Can definitely be argued as this by those who would see his 'customer service' persona as cover for his much more bitter, sarcastic, and willing to drag 90% of the class self.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Has EBULLIENCE and Michiko 'trap' him in the Greenhouse to try and convince the class that he was also attacked by someone and had been stuck there for hours before Ai died, making it impossible for him to be her killer. It works in confusing the class' timeline of events until proof is found that he's been sneaking between the Greenhouse and the crime scene.

Tomoka Hamazoe

Super High School Level Competitive Karuta Queen
Japan’s latest karuta champion is a shameless loudmouth who always speaks her mind. And most unfortunately of all, she’s just a bratty little kid! Tomoka Hamazoe is the rising star among the niche but highly dedicated society of competitive karuta players, taking last winter’s Queen title with skill hailed to be well beyond prodigious. Despite rubbing much of the older crowd the wrong way, few would challenge that her vigorous style and lightning fast hands are a force to be reckoned with. She is the victim of trial 6, shot in the head by Ryouji.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Gets friendlier the closer she gets to something or someone she sees as 'cute' and has a hard time staying mad at them.
  • Dumb Blonde: She starts out not being the brightest bulb in the pack. In fact, her reputation as a karuta champion is built off of her use of intuitive play to counter more strategic players. Eventually subverted as she wisens up and frequently paves the way to a verdict or deduces the correct culprit in most trials.
  • Girl Posse: Forms one with EBULLIENCE — "the queens."
  • Hot-Blooded: She's famous for her spirited style of play.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Says what she thinks, which right after someone’s friend gets sent to the chopping block, can be seen as harsh or worse.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Her blog, outside of her interactions, heavily features cute pictures of cats doing stuff.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Seems to have many sisters, if the pictures in her room are anything to go off of.
  • Multiple Gunshot Death: Is shot both in the leg and in her head.
  • No Sympathy: As far as she’s considered, a murderer is a murderer and a murderer is to be caught, simple as that.
  • Paper Tiger: Despite her feisty reputation, she's only 5'2" and not exactly imposing. Further justified by being killed in her attempt to protect Piney Pines and herself.
  • Shout-Out: Gets bloody scrubs from Yuuto Ikeda, DA3A’s Mastermind.
  • Sweet Tooth: Tomo is regularly seen munching away on snacks she has stashed on her person. When she dies, the investigation finds tons of candies literally up her sleeves.

Valor Fitzgerald Mckinney

Super High School Level Diplomat
Born into an affluent political family, and hailing from good ole rocky top Tennessee, Valor was first seen in the public spotlight giving extremely persuasive speeches during his father’s campaign for governorship. After his father took office, his first taste of being a diplomat came from acting alongside state representatives. Seeing his son taking an interest in diplomatic relations, the governor used his gubernatorial privileges to secure Valor a job shadow at the closest embassy to the Governor’s Mansion - The Nashville Consulate-General of Japan. His interest in living in the land of the rising sun, and dream of becoming the US Ambassador to Japan, surfaced after visiting the country while working there. It would also be where he met the actual ambassador to Japan, who decided to take the young man under their wing. Valor halted his high school education to intern at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. A dinner was held in his honor, where the US President named Valor an honorary ambassador.Needing enough experience to handle working with the world’s third largest economic power underneath the president, Valor entered Japan on a 5 year student visa, began working at the US Consulate, and enrolled into Okinawa Christian School International. His time there would be short, as he received an invitation to Hope’s Peak. Valor hopes that his time studying international relations in Japan will provide him with the proper experience needed to confidently handle becoming the president-appointed diplomat to the country, when the time comes.
  • Crime Magnet: Discovered the victims of chapter 1 and chapter 2.
  • Family Honor: The Mckinney family has produced many politicians that have influenced US history, and Valor holds himself to a high standard in order to live up to that legacy.
  • Shout-Out: Valor receives Minako Ito's (DA3E) puppet from the Item Machine.
  • Southern-Fried Genius: A Tennessee-born prodigal diplomat talented enough to become an honorary ambassador before the age of 20.
  • Southern Gentleman: Tennessee born, and sweet as apple pie.
  • Youthful Freckles: In reference to the fact that he is currently the youngest born into the Mckinney political family.

Veronica Shimizu

Super High School Level Mythologist
Mankind possesses a truly astounding imagination. If they can't explain themselves something, they will simply come up with an explanation of their own, whether they make sense or not is only of secondary nature. It's about how you bring forth your explanation that will determine whether people will believe you or not - this is how myths are born. The world's beginning, supernatural events, mythical creatures or natural disasters - people have always tried to make sense of things that they can't fully comprehend. Nowadays, many of these myths have been exposed as such, though people still find themselves drawn to the mysteries that the old times offered. You see them used in various medias - movies, books, video games, you name it.

Veronica Shimizu has definitely a hand in the newly arising interest in mythologies, given that every work that she's done the research for has been more popular than other works of the same kind. Especially the famous movie Impundulu; was praised for its accurate presentation of the myths used there. Furthermore, she's also one of the people who found a more complete version of lsquo;The Tale of Genji; at Mitsumine Castle, as well as a collection of old, Japanese folklore that reveals new details about Izanagi. All these successes granted her an invitation to Hope's Peak Academy which she humbly accepted.

  • Accidental Murder: A pre-despair example. Her secret for the first Telos case disclosed that she had already murdered before the events at Hope's Peak, though she clarifies that it was in self defense and non-intentional.
  • Dispense with the Pleasantries: During Trial 1, though she bothers with them first she does say this pretty much word for word. During Trial 2, she just wordlessly does this and starts with the facts.
  • Emotionless Girl: One of her defining traits, and something that frustrates her classmates endlessly. Though she has admitted to having emotions she also has a very good grip on them, and is dispassionate to a fault on all of her observations.
  • Emotions vs. Stoicism: Very far on the scale leaning Stoic. This leaves a lot to be desired in her bedside manner, and seemingly strips her of the ability to consider the case from a human-heart perspective, leaving her questioning the motive and chalking it up as her classmates being illogical.
  • Intimidation Demonstration: Pulls out her weapon during trial 6 to deter further violence.
  • Omniglot: Speaks Japanese, English, and Italian. She can interpret ancient languages like Latin, Old Egyptian, and Old Norse, and has rudimentary knowledge of many other languages.
  • Shout-Out: Got, of all things, shark themed condoms from Aqua Ooshima of DA3E.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Has a few points where she seems near to experiencing an emotion, especially in trials. When casting her vote for Madoka in Trial 2, she felt a twinge of something like disappointment, or even sadness.

Yuka Kagome

Super High School Level Entomologist
A quiet, bedridden gal from a small town in Japan caught the eye of many scientists when she managed to command a swarm of giant hornets that she supposedly trained, resulting in a high interest of her insect related studies. The sickly Yuka Kagome says she always had an interest in insects, but has also always publicly stated to the scientific public eye that she would rather be left alone and not be bothered. Her studies are mostly always behind closed doors, giving her an air of mystery. But when her study of aggressive giant hornets took a dark turn resulting in a swarming attack against an unnamed individual, the public began to take a bigger interest in the shut-in. Much to her obvious annoyance. However, this gained enough interest to land an invitation to the highly praised Hope’s Peak Academy. This garnered some surprise to the few scientific names that knew of Yuka’s studies, but since then, she has remained ever vigilant in her solitude. She refuses to speak to many people at all, while beginning her new start at the renowned hope driven academy- there are rumors she is picking up her hornet study once more.She is the victim of chapter eight, being blown up with a bomb by Ailani.
  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: Makes a very stark effort to detach from her emotions during trials, however this sort of doesn't apply during Genta's case.
  • Break the Believer: Trusts in her own ability to solve cases and the nightwatch that she spearheads, but this shatters after her nightwatch system is taken advantage of to assist in murder twice.
  • Clear My Name: Has to do this aggressively in the fourth trial, as she was the person who made the cup of coffee that Chou poisoned to kill Kaito Adachi.
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Yuka has an incredible interest with the insectile arts, all while appreciating all of the most pink and frilly things in the world- though, she doesn't mind getting said beautiful frills a mess. While she has Messy Hair on a usually basis, her typical style would be Girlish Pigtails, until Chapter 4 where she impulsively (and regrettably) gave herself an undercut.
  • Holding the Floor: Often takes a more forward role in trials and chatrooms in the form of long, long, long speeches.
  • Insufferable Genius: Her extreme intellect, penchant for intense investigation, prominent ego over others despite her self deprecation, and lack of social skills make her absolutely insufferable.
  • Japanese Delinquents: Ripped up seifuku, short skirt, and a tendency to speak in a thuggish tone when irritated denotes her deliquent personality. Not to mention her bad history in not bothering to attend class. It is also revealed that Yuka has traditional Japanese irezumi, the staple tattoo that yakuza tend to wear.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Yuka has a public habit of being a loner, and wanting nothing to do with topics that aren't related to her studies. Because of this, she has No Social Skills.
  • Properly Paranoid: In light of Yuka taking her contributions to the Nightwatch Crew up a notch by doing nightly surveillance despite being ill, it is to be noted that it is her paranoia that drives her to be Crazy-Prepared for upcoming trials.
  • Reluctant Ruler: Yuka never considered herself a sort of leader, and is actually quite uncomfortable with voicing any sort of authority, or having people depend on her. However, her immense participation in class trials has given her the title of some sort of 'quasi-leader', as she says, and oh how she hates it.
  • Shout-Out: Yuka receives Yori Tahara's (DA5K) picture of Vladimir Putin from the Item Machine.
  • The Sleepless: Staying up at night for 8-10 hours, just to do Nightwatch with Adachi, before he passed on.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: While the ice is particularly prominent, it should be noted that with her (very few) friends, Yuka becomes an absolute teddy bear. Unless you're Michiko. Then you get affection via carefully crafted snarky comments.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Bright hot pink. Though, they do appear to be red in some pictures. They are revealed to be a lie; Yuka's natural eye colour is chocolate brown.]]
  • Trauma Conga Line: Yuka loses her idol, her closest friend, and then someone she supported back to back to back.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Her outfit keeps changing every chapter, sometimes multiple times a Chapter, all due to the mun being indecisive. They are almost always pink outfits, as Pink Means Feminine and is her favourite colour. Her wardrobe is quite extensive.


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