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Be warned that all spoilers are unmarked. It's virtually impossible to list tropes for this roleplay and its characters without spoiling everything or creating Self Fulfilling Spoilers.

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    Students A-K 

Ayano Katsuki

Super High School Level Positive Psychologist
When one hears about ‘positive psychology’, wouldn’t you think of it to be relating to ‘happiness’? Well, they aren’t wrong! Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the values/ways that individuals/communities thrive, how to achieve a happier life, in the most basic form of the term. Although the topic does include the term ‘psychology’ within it, it diverts from the typical field of psychology with what aspect of a problem is examined first- the field focuses on the possible ways to get to a solution. Within an new emerging field, Katsuki Ayano is the name that tends to commonly pop up in the first search in a web browser.

Slowly acquiring fame for her achievements in this field, she’s best known for her best-selling book called, “One Page, One Step”, which is a book that is a creative form of a journal, with cute notes of optimistic support on the sides, and countless of explanations on her research within the field of Positive Psychology. Additionally, it contains several objectives and goals on the back of the book, in order for an improved and happier life. Interested? Well, the book is available to buy on her blog, as well as in some bookstores! Buy one now, for a guideline on how to use Positive Psychology to take one step towards a way to make your life much, much more happier! In the fourth trial, she confesses to having murdered Siyu in the previous chapter.

Daisuke Fujiwara

Super High School Level Wedding Planner
After the wedding of famous TV personality Hikaru Furukawa to the young flight attendant Aika Fujiwara, the world clamored to discover who had organized such a glorious event. It was then that the secret was out: the original wedding planner had left due to a chronic illness and most of the planning had been done by Aika’s younger brother Daisuke. Bloggers, fans, and the elite themselves were in awe of the elegance and refinement a seemingly unknown planner had managed to pull together for such a large and well-publicized event. Now it’s not uncommon for Daisuke to be jetting around the world, helping the rich and powerful plan the happiest days of their lives. He's the victim of Chapter 4, going into cardiac arrest after eating poisonous plants.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Not only is he protective of his younger siblings, but he extends that same fondness to a few of his classmates.
  • CPR: Clean, Pretty, Reliable: Averted. It's attempted on him immediately after his death, but not only does it fail to restart his breathing or heartbeat, but the untrained, desperate motions break several bones in his chest. The fact that someone even tried this becomes very important in narrowing down the suspects.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Poisoned with aconite. According to Kenichi, Daisuke was alive for two hours before his finally heart gave out, and evidence suggests he spent most of that time puking and in pain.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted, he shares a surname with three previous Doubt Academy characters.

Haruka Oshiro

Super High School Level Aromatherapist
When it comes to scents, nobody can top Haruka Oshiro. She has grown to be renowned for her application of aromatherapy and her advances in the field; her name has been spread to various aromatherapist circles worldwide. Through personal research, she has discovered the potential other types of flora contains in relation to essential oils - specifically, she has studied mushrooms. Though her research is still in its early stages, it shows great promise for the future of aromatherapy, and is what finally urged Hope’s Peak Academy to offer her the title of SHSL Aromatherapist. In chapter 1 Haruka is the first student in Kaze to be executed by mistrial.

Hitoshi Nakamura

Super High School Level Rhinologist
Having nose issues? Hitoshi Nakamura is just the person to go to. He’s been making a name for himself in only the past year, from performing simple diagnoses to full-on surgeries. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this is how young he is, or how his name rose up out of nowhere in the last year. It seems that Hope’s Peak Academy sent him his invite before he could provide much of any more personal information to the public, however.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: Hitoshi previously appeared in Doubt Academy 2: Black. However, these two characters are not the same person. This Hitoshi is another iteration of the character created by the same player.

Jaejin Kinjo

Super High School Level Maknae
Once an idol, always an idol - there's really no leaving that life behind. Not even in death. That is something Jaejin Kinjo knows very well. Once a part of the famed eight-member Korean idol group 'PLAN8,' Jaejin won the hearts of fans worldwide with his young age and fresh face. Now, five years after his initial debut in Korea and three years after his departure from Hope's Peak Academy's 89th class, Jaejin has focused his sharp tongue and incredible passion into solo projects, preferring to stay out of the limelight until the time is right. Waiting for just the right time, however, has proven difficult for him thus far. In chapter 1 he was the first murder victim.
  • Idol Singer: Though Jaejin was once part of an eight-member idol group, he appears to be focused on solo projects at the time of the game.
  • Omniglot: Fluently speaks both Japanese and Korean, since his father is Japanese and his mother is Korean. He also spent three years in Korea.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: Jaejin previously appeared in Doubt Academy 2: White.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He wears a pink coat, a pinkish-purple Pluto necklace, and his eyes are pinkish-purple.

Jasmine Hayes

Super High School Level Electronic Musician
After turning her back on joining her family’s worldwide business, ‘VOLTAZ’ sought to push her music beyond just recreational tracks hidden away on her computer. From small loops she offered for free use in projects to becoming able to receive profit from the complex E Ps she uploaded, Jasmine - or ‘Jaz’, as she’ll insist - became a rapidly rising name in the electronic music community. Producing and writing for both her own works as well as collaborations with other musicians, eventually Jaz was well known enough to be invited to a festival for new electronic music talent; the youngest musician to ever play that particular gig. She hasn’t been short of work nor inspiration since, with VOLTAZ being a common and well respected name on posters for some of the world’s largest festivals. She is executed in Chapter 5 for murdering Kaori.
  • Blackmail: She discovered her family's company was deeply corrupt and blackmailed her parents with that information so that she'd be allowed to pursue her own career choices.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: She's thrown into a crowded dance floor and made to struggle onto an empty, open stage, which collapses around her to reveal that she's standing on a conveyor belt. Jaz is dragged off to a quality control line, where her family watches as she's inspected, labeled as defective, and electrocuted to death.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Her sense of humour, both her own and what she finds funny, is noted as being 'dry wit and sarcasm'. She can sometimes come off quite blunt due to this and her own personality.
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": She prefers that people call her Jaz or some variation of it, but is very uncomfortable with her full name, especially use of her surname.
  • Family Business: An electronics distribution company, though Jaz's public bio states she decided against joining it to become a musician.
  • I Have No Daughter!: In the fifth trial, Jaz mentions that her parents have disowned her, and that she's not even really a Hayes anymore.
  • Murder by Mistake: Jaz confesses that her original victim was supposed to be Kuma, not Kaori.
  • Stage Name: VOLTAZ.
  • The Stoic: Her natural heavily formal demeanor and reserved aspects of her personality can make her come off like this.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Though used in the same context, Jaz refrains from actually swearing as much as possible, preferring to use substitutes for the curse words. Overlaps with Gosh Darn It to Heck!.

Kaya Hanamoto

Super High School Level Cosplay Idol
If someone is talking about cosplay, the name Hanamoto Kaya or Magical☆Girl Justina is bound to come up in one way or another. As a celebrated idol in this particular field, Kaya is incredibly famous for her detailed cosplays and impersonating skills. Her breakthrough for a large-scale audience was her Celestial☆Aurora cosplay from the same-titled magical girl anime in Comiket three years ago. Not only was the anime highly popular - and still continues to be with its sequels and spin-offs- her presentation of the character had caught an insane amount of attention throughout the fair. Since then, her fanbase practically exploded and she gets invited to conventions from all over the world. Her fame also gets her quite a stunning amount of commissions for cosplays, which she sews all by herself. Coupled with her obsession for magical girls and overall eccentric nature, she’s a person who can be hardly ignored. This, along with her unusual cosplay at Jump Festa as The Empress from the fantasy anime Journey to Oblivion, got her noticed by Hope’s Peak and as soon as Kaya saw the invitation, she gladly accepted her new high school life as the Super High School Level Cosplay Idol.
  • Break the Cutie: The cycle of distrust and failures of justice wear Kaya down greatly, the final straw being the execution of a close friend.

Kenichi Kagata

Super High School Level Culinary Competitor
When the popular Chef Search television series launched a spin-off season that focused on younger contestants, many viewers wondered if this so-called gimmick could ever be taken seriously. The children featured on the show turned out to be shockingly adept in a kitchen, however, and the most notable one among them was eleven-year-old Kenichi Kagata, who would go on to win the head-to-head competitions that ended the season. While the money prize was great on its own, the real reward was the attention that centered on him in the years after the season finale was aired. Kenichi has since made many appearances on television to follow up on his success, but he is best known for being prolific in other cooking programs, despite his age. Today, he focuses on competing on shows that pit him against other chefs, and he’s become a worthy match even against chefs decades his senior. He is executed for indirectly killing Daisuke in Chapter 4.
  • Abusive Parents: His biological parents subjected him to a severe case of Parental Neglect by leaving him alone for extended periods of time in an unsafe home, resulting in him nearly dying in a house fire. While Kenichi's in better custody now, it's implied that he continues to face Financial Abuse from his birth mother whenever they communicate.
  • Accidental Murder: Through Kenichi's negligence, Daisuke ends up consuming a fatal dose of poison.
  • Alliterative Name: Not just him, either, but also his mother Kazue Kagata.
  • Career Versus Man: It's pointed out that if he's working at a restaurant or away on a long-term filming commitment, Kenichi might not have any time to spend with loved ones, especially since with the former he's expected to work on days couples would usually be eating out. He's willing to let go of romances if they aren't happy with this arrangement, though, rather than letting their disappointment grow into resentment.
  • Child Prodigy: The focus of Chef Search Juniors was a whole group of prodigies ranging from ages eight to thirteen that could cooking with just as much skill and finesse as professional adults, and at eleven Kenichi was named the best among them.
  • Cooking Duel: A literal application of this trope. His talent revolves around contests of culinary skill, complete with televised appearances on fictional equivalents of real-life shows.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Kenichi is locked in a cage suspended over a fire, about to be cooked. Though he manages to escape, the floor gives way and he falls into a mincing machine. His bloody remains are then turned into a shepherd's pie.
  • Hypocrite: Kenichi continues to resent Siyu even weeks after he sacrificed Haruka to save his own life, believing him to be little more than a coward. When Kenichi finds himself cornered in trial and facing that same fear of impending death, his last-ditch attempt to redirect attention is to throw Date under the bus and accuse him of killing Hikaru. A lot of characters call him out on this.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: His given name comes from Chen Kenichi, the only Iron Chef to stay on the original Japanese run from beginning to end. His surname comes from Kagata Kyoko, the first woman to compete on the show, and the youngest chef to emerge victorious after she defeated Chen at the age of 26.
  • Not So Different: Kenichi ends up doing the same actions that he openly and loudly denounced Siyu for, and this in turn destroys a lot of the respect his class might have had for him. Kenichi acknowledges this and makes an offhand remark about apologizing if he has a chance to see him.
  • Raised by Grandparents: The specifics aren't stated, but it's noted that was adopted by his grandparents, and that he denies any notion that they aren't his "real parents".
  • Scars Are Forever: Much of the right side of Kenichi's body is scarred from severe burns he got as a child; while surgeries were done to restore function and appearance as much as possible, there's still some scarring remaining on his face and especially on his arm.
  • Trash of the Titans: Not Kenichi, but his biological father, who had hoarded books, magazines, and newspapers during the time Kenichi still lived with him; rather than the usual lighthearted application of this trope, it was a serious safety hazard that almost got Kenichi killed. Rubbing it in further, one of the Monomachine items turns out to be an overstuffed box taken from his childhood home, complete with a reminder of said near-death.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Kenichi has a fear of feeling trapped, which becomes steadily worse over the course of the game and even leads to him being incredibly uncomfortable in elevators. And that's not even getting into the fact that his execution shoves him into a locked cage.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: It's his natural color, too, and he's not the only one in his family; one person is stated to have had blue-violet hair, for example.

Kin Kita

Super High School Level Sasuke Competitor
From the shadows of obscurity, in runs the Daring Dragonling! An unannounced entrant at the Sasuke Rising Qualifiers three years back, Shibuya-native Kin Kita shocked audiences across Japan by completing the course in the second-best recorded time of the day, and at just barely 13 years old! Now freshly 16, Kin has been entertaining audiences with their aloof humor and incredible physical acrobatics in the Sasuke Rising games since that very debut. While unable to make it passed the third course in the competition, two years sequentially slipping on the Crazy Cliffhanger, Kin still remains a fan favorite on polls, especially among the younger viewers. In their free time, Kin is known to run a fairly popular urban exploration blog, on which they post photography and selfies of themselves exploring various, rarely trekked urban areas. But where did this kid get their advanced physical talents, and just how much longer will it be before they firmly grasp the coveted title of Sasuke Champion? Keep tuning in to find out! They are the second student to be executed by mistrial in chapter 3.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: They are forced to run across a series of floating islands in order to get to a red button whilst trying to escape from a flying dragon. The dragon cuts them off from the button with a wall of fire, and knocks them to their death with its tail.
  • Mythical Motifs: Their nickname is the Daring Dragonling, and they do have an overwhelming fascination, close to obsession, with the mythical beasts.

    Students L-Z 

Lucas Tanaka

Super High School Level Traceur
Lucas Tanaka has gained popularity in recent years as a peculiar practitioner of parkour, however fame was not what he was looking for. The small young boy wears a black and red hoodie and baseball cap as his signature style whenever he performs parkour to keep his face hidden, for reasons unknown. Despite his attempts at anonymity, Lucas has developed a nicely sized fan following, after a YouTube video of him performing spectacular stunts across several buildings in downtown Tokyo went viral. With his identity a secret from the general public, they began calling him the Fudojanpa, which roughly translates to “the hooded jumper.” Sponsors would go crazy for him, if only he’d just accept his celebrity instead of running from it.

Setsuna Suzuran

Super High School Level Mobile Phone Tosser
One could ask; what exactly is mobile phone throwing? And including to that question, there is nationally-wide known mobile phone tosser, Setsuna Suzuran to provide an answer! Like a phone dropped from thin air did another level of athletics appear to fill Japan’s sport world — with the guidance of Setsuna — one of the newest, eccentric pastime from Europe spread in Japan after the eighteen-years-old talent started circulating it from her hometown Saitama, Hanno. Known for her aesthetically pleasing pitches and elegant way of tossing, there is no way any judge would want to miss Setsuna’s unique performance, hence, her name lacking from the lists of Hope’s Peak Academy was quickly filled after mobile phone throwing gained its momentary fame!
  • Flower Motifs: Lily of the Valley which isn't a coincidence, considering the meaning of her last name.
  • Tender Tears: Naturally a soft-hearted person, she tends to cry often when someone dies.
  • They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: After figuring out that Yona has her secret motive card, Setsuna panics and does nothing to reply to the storm chaser's question.
  • Unknown Rival: Unbeknownst to Setsuna, Tobio considers her his mortal enemy.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: After chapter 3's motive, it is revealed that Setsuna is scared of people to some degree. Although she has grown numb to this fear, it still seems to affect her actions.

Shion Tsuzuki

Super High School Level Thereminist
As a member of the wealthy and prestigious Tsuzuki family, Shion was raised to preserve the pride of her bloodline by striving to be nothing less than exceptional at whatever she set out to do. After deciding to take up playing the theremin for the sake of her personal path to glory, she managed to combine this high-achieving mindset with her naturally immense musical talent to remarkable effect. It didn’t take long for Shion to capture the attention of theremin enthusiasts the world over with her incredibly skillful handling of the instrument and the beautifully resonant sounds of her original compositions, and her star has only continued to rise in recent years. Nowadays, the self-proclaimed “Etheric Virtuoso” is on her way to becoming one of the most recognizable names in the Japanese theremin scene - she has held concerts throughout Japan, collaborated with a number of other musical artists, released a best-selling solo album, and has recently expressed interest in developing a new model of theremin for mass production. While Shion enjoys a generally positive public reputation, grandiosity and eccentric tendencies aside, there are occasional rumors of her actually being disagreeable and difficult to work with. However, little concrete evidence exists to accurately support these claims.
  • Big Sister Worship: Holds her older sister, Kotone, in extremely high esteem, to the point where she's the only person the egotistical Shion ranks above herself in importance and will automatically defer to.
  • Emotionless Girl: Slides into this, complete with a Creepy Monotone and the occasional Dull Eyes of Unhappiness when under a great deal of emotional distress. According to Shion herself, this is how she 'truly' is beneath her egotistical facade, although her self-perception may be off.
  • Family Theme Naming: Everyone in the Tsuzuki family has sound/music-based names.
  • Gratuitous English: Frequently. Shion believes it makes her sound more erudite and sophisticated, but all it's done so far is get her made fun of.
  • Height Angst: Shion's lack of height (she's 5'3") is a large source of annoyance for her, to the point that she regularly wears lifts in her shoes in order to appear taller.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: While Shion initially presented as being unconditionally in love with herself, she begins showing flashes of this instead as the game goes on, usually when something doesn't go the way she wanted it to go. By the time the third trial rolls around, it's become clear that her usual egotistical act hides a truly immense amount of self-loathing.
  • It's All About Me: Incredibly self-centered, constantly placing her own needs and desires above those of everyone else, with her older sister being the sole exception to this rule. She also enjoys making a great deal of noise about how awesome she is, at least most of time.
  • Lethal Chef: As expected from someone who had never cooked a day in her life prior to the start of the game. Pretty much everything she attempts to cook ends up partially carbonized.
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: "____ is one of my thousands of skills!", with ____ usually referring to whatever she's doing at the moment or has been asked to do.
  • Meaningful Name: One note  she has directly played off of at least once, referring to herself as "the player of the poetic song that weaves throughout the old capital."
  • Photographic Memory: A variation - she possesses absolute pitch, allowing her to identify any sound that has reached her ears before based solely on its associated tone.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Ridiculously wealthy, rather deficient in conventional wisdom.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Although she’ll try to downplay it, Shion's sheltered and privileged upbringing has left her woefully ill-prepared for a number of matters, to the point of leaving her completely clueless about how to do simple household chores.
  • Something About a Rose: Possesses a strong affinity for them, as anyone who steps into her room will discover.
  • Stepford Smiler: Shion at least feels herself to be the "empty" variation of the trope, often referring to herself as cold and hollow beneath her constructed facade in narration.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Shion was never a wholly pleasant person, but she has become noticeably more vindictive and prickly by the time the fifth trial rolls around, which is rightly called out by several other students.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cheese, especially the pricier varieties.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Shion isn't used to forming emotional attachments to anyone who isn't her sister and is therefore both confused and frustrated by the genuine distress that the week 4 case, which ends with the deaths of two people she had grown attached to, ends up causing her.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Shion is decidedly uncomfortable and on-edge in the presence of intoxicated people due to past experiences, as revealed during the chapter 2 trial. She is also mentioned as possessing a fear of both insects and arachnids early on. Naturally, both of these end up on full display during the chapter 3 motive.

Siyu Zhen

Super High School Level Lion Dancer
A kind, if not slightly high-strung young man hailing from China, Siyu is a prominent individual in the world of lion dancing. Known for his agility, strength, and enthusiasm, the people who watch him in action often swear he takes on the very spirit of the lion he’s performing with. He also possesses an uncanny ability to predict his partner’s movements and work in perfect unity with them, when asked about this, he merely shrugs and writes it off as a result of his strong belief in teamwork. Widely known among lion dancing circles and beyond for his part in aiding his team in their many championship wins, he has been requested to perform for important and famous individuals. After a while, he and his family moved to Japan, and he discovered the spread of lion dancing there, which amazed the lion dancer. After rising to fame again in Japan for his mastery of Japanese styles, a video of him performing in the aftermath of an experimental tournament caught the attention of many a person. An interview later, he got in the nation’s eye as a young and talented icon of the art. He is the victim in chapter 3, impaled with a sword. The following chapter reveals that Ayano killed him.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Appears to think that Monobear killed Jaejin and generally acts in a cloudcuckoolanderish way.
  • Meaningful Name: "Siyu" can be read as "Thinking of the World" - fitting for someone who tries his best to look after everyone and ensure their safety. Subverted after his actions result in Haruka being executed, but it genuinely seems that he's upset over his actions.
  • Nice Guy: Very kind and considerate to everyone he meets. Subverted after his actions result in Haruka's execution, doubly subverted... sort of after he goes on a quest for redemption.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: He shows up to the investigation and first trial dressed as Emiko Shiromura from Doubt Academy Alpha, complete with purple face paint and makeup, and nobody appears to comment on it besides in internal monologue.

Solnceslav Vilyovich “Sun” Shishkin

Super High School Level Nephologist
This is the story of one boy who lived with his head in the clouds. One boy who saved an entire city! Almost.

Born to one of the richest families in Russia, raised by his mega-wealthy elder sisters and his even wealthier parents – he’s had the world as his oyster before he could understand what oysters even were, and yet the skies above are all that have called to him. He watched windows through his school days and ran models through his nights, and his resulting pet project became the base of the Welki Forecast Model (WFM): a private weather forecasting system run on the Shishkin clan’s own Welki supercomputer. The WFM alone predicted the “guerrilla rainstorm” that flooded Settsu, Japan a year ago, six hours in advance. The WFM alone could have saved the country money, lives, had its early warnings been heeded!

As such, the WFM has received plenty of attention from the public since — as has the boy himself. The “Welki kid” has spent the past year making media appearances, and each appearance reveals something new and surprising about him: his exact height, his rich-and-famous family, his firsthand experience with a lightning strike… all revealed and discussed with a winning TV smile on his face. But what he loves discussing most of all are clouds — which is why he’s now ready to take his place in Hope’s Peak as the SHSL Nephologist. But who is this boy? None other than Solnceslav Shishkin! Sun is correctly convicted and executed for killing Natsumi in Chapter 2.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He is strapped to a chair with several helium balloons attached to it, and carried up into a storm, which batters and freezes him to death.

Sora Nishida

Super High School Level Boke
The manzai duo “HALF-HORSE” has taken Japan by storm! The kombi first attracted attention as the youngest-ever winners of the NHK Kamigata Manzai Contest, and their popularity has grown exponentially since. Sora Nishida is the boke, or funny man, of the two. His overconfident persona and the outrageous risks he takes (or claims to take) leave audiences roaring with laughter, and with such a contagious smile, it’s hard to not be taken in.
  • Shout-Out: His first name is a reference to one of Kingdom Heart's main protagonists. HALF-HORSE fans joke about this coincidence, meanwhile both Sora and Riku have no clue why.

Tobio Shinohara

Super High School Level Ocularist
A boy who heralds himself as one of Japan’s top artistic talents, Tobio Shinohara is a master of his craft. While his name is unknown to the population at large, he is well-known amongst ophthalmologists and other professionals in the field. He comes across as difficult to work with - he never cracks a smile, and he cuts right to the chase - but despite his chilly demeanor, the general consensus is that Tobio is the one to go to for prosthetics. His work is consistently pristine, perfect, and beautiful, so while his people skills may leave a bit to be desired, he is second to none when it comes to raw talent; never once has he received a complaint, and his craftsmanship is considered to be unparalleled. He meets his demise during the third investigation and is discovered shortly after the trial.
  • Animal Motifs: Cats; Tobio is specifically meant to resemble a British Blue. His hair and eye colors are actually black and brown, respectively, but were stylized in order to appear more like the animal in question.
  • Blood Is the New Black: Shows up to the second trial completely covered in Natsumi's blood.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Shows up to the second trial after doing shots with Kei Yagami. It becomes evident very quickly that he's quite intoxicated.
  • Cigarette of Anxiety: After the fifth trial, he attempts to calm his nerves by smoking one of the cigarettes Si-Hoo entrusted him with.
  • Dies Wide Open: Found with one eye open and glassy. The other would have been the same, had the right side of his face not been horribly burned.
  • Dying Alone: He didn't even have a murderer to keep him company in his final moments.
  • Eating Lunch Alone: By choice. Tobio refuses to eat in front of other people, claiming it's messy and undignified. Because of the difficulties of finding time to himself, especially after Ri becomes his roommate, Tobio remains low-energy throughout the game.
  • Eye Motifs: Wears an eye clip in his hair and an eye pin on his shirt.
  • Hair Flip: Has a tendency to do this when he's being dismissive of someone.
  • High-Voltage Death: Dies during the third investigation after wandering off the path in Storm Forest.
  • House Husband: Due to his mother's blindness, Tobio has had to take on all of the household chores, including cooking and cleaning. After the game ends, he moves in with Si-Hoo and continues these duties, as Si-Hoo is unable to cook.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: Has a fondness for pink, values beauty above all else, and isn't afraid to partake in traditionally "feminine" activities.
  • Love Epiphany: Finally has his after Si-Hoo kisses him.
  • Momma's Boy: He's the caretaker for his blind mother, and she's the one person for whom he would do anything.
  • Parental Abandonment: His father never wanted children, but he stuck around until Tobio's mother lost her sight, at which point he ditched both of them and ran off with a younger woman.
  • The Perfectionist: If he messes up at anything, he won't just correct his mistake, he'll start the task over completely.
  • Together in Death: Subverted. Though Si-Hoo and Tobio both die in their respective games and subsequently become an Official Couple, it turns out that the "living" kids are trapped inside a virtual reality world, and the dead kids have actually just woken up in the real world.
  • Unknown Rival: Unbeknownst to Setsuna, Tobio considers her his mortal enemy. This changes during the first investigation, though he does lock her in the Ice House, exposing her to the dangerous chemicals used to kill Jaejin. After death, he sheds any animosity he may have felt towards Setsuna, even going so far as to refer to her as "Setsuna-chan".
  • V-Sign: Flashes one to Kei immediately following the culprit reveal in chapter two. Also utilized in the multitude of selfies he's taken over the course of the game.

Tori Otoko

Super High School Level Parrot Trainer
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s...wait, no, it’s actually a bird! It’s the mysterious Tori Otoko and her partner in crime, Enkidu! For a long time, the duo was elusive. They came and went as they pleased, showing up in one area and performing amazing tricks: Enkidu soaring through the skies and Tori gracefully guiding her from below. Wherever they appeared, a crowd was sure to form – it’s truly a breathtaking sight to behold, seeing the young girl and her partner work together in nearly perfect synchronization. Despite how calm she looks, she’s actually rather kind and goofy: she’s been spotted in many playgrounds, allowing the eager children to pet Enkidu while going off on long – but educational and amusing – rants on parrot care and health, often teaching the kids various bird calls and firing off a multitude of puns. Nobody knows about the duo’s origins – they simply swooped in one day and took the whole city by storm! But one thing’s for sure, though: her mastery of birds is undeniable, even if she may be a little ‘bird brained’ herself.
  • Meaningful Name: If you can call it that. Tori Otoko literally means Bird Man.

Yori Tahara

Super High School Level Bellhop
From rags to service, this young upstart is a real shining star in the hotel industry! Though his beginnings may be as humble as they come — rising from the most despicable of Minshuku to work in five-star establishments across the globe — there’s no question that Tahara Yori is a king among servants. Hospitable and warm, this guy’s a poster child for good service and caters to guest needs to levels unprecedented by his peers. To be treated by Tahara at any establishment is to receive the best the hotel business has to offer, though no experience is quite alike.

And hey — he’s not so bad at carrying your bags, either!

  • The Big Guy: Though he's not the tallest guy in his class, he is the heaviest.

Yui Takahashi

Super High School Level Virtual Idol
Rising as a young star through Nico Nico Douga and becoming widely recognized as both a cover artist and a net idol, Yui Takahashi is a virtual idol who straddles the boundary between the real and digital worlds. Having lent her voice to a widely popular and extremely realistic sounding vocal synthesizer named YuYui, her fame skyrocketed, and she became a real life idol performing concerts as YuYui, learning and singing songs that her fans created with the synthesizer. Her strong connection to her fans and the manner in which she’s blurred the lines between 2D and 3D worlds has made her immensely popular in Japan, as well as in other countries around the world.

Yuuki Kumada

Super High School Level Assistant Director
If you aren’t one to watch and memorize film credits, Yuuki Kumada would likely not be anyone you know of. Unless you actually work in film, of course. A stoic teenager known for her impressive organizational skills and no-nonsense attitude on set, Yuuki Kumada made her debut in the film industry when she was sixteen years old, seemingly coming out of absolutely nowhere and taking her first official job as a 2nd 2nd AD, in a movie adaption of the semi-popular sci-fi novel Calamity. While Calamity wasn’t a huge success, Kumada’s skill at managing the show was, and was the catalyst to her quick rise to recognition in the community. Without any age publicly specified at the time, Kumada was previously thought to be quite a bit older than she actually is. The recent revelation of her being a nineteen year-old has caused uproar both in the press and in the community. Something which definitely caught the eyes of Hope’s Peak officials.

Despite her youth, Kumada’s knack for getting everything running smoothly has become the envy of those with several more years of experience than her, and she has become a popular candidate for hiring as an AD. Kumada has decided to go on hiatus for the time being, and plans to resume her work by the end of her schooling, at the latest.

  • Asexuality: Yuuki is a grey-aromantic asexual, although she's never thought about it a huge amount.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Her choice of color leans strongly towards browns and beiges, and she wears almost nothing that isn't in those particular colors.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Both a shade of beige-brown, her eyes are a little bit darker though.
  • Emotionless Girl: Not so much emotionless but Yuuki isn't very expressive. At all. Other than her becoming genuinely angry after chapter 1's mistrial, she hasn't really displayed any emotion outwardly.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Yuuki's pupils are quite a bit lighter than her iris', and older sprites portray her with arrow shaped pupils.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Yuuki stands at 188.5cm (6'2"), but she usually wears heels, standing at 6'5" with them on.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Yuuki's accent is predominantly this, although due to moving around a lot in her childhood her accent sounds more like this with parts of several other dialects tacked onto it.
  • No Indoor Voice: She has a tendency to speak extremely loudly, even when off set.
  • The Stoic: As stated in her bio, she's like this publicly. Although outside work she's still quite inexpressive.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: While it's actually a drink, Yuuki adores coffee, particularly black coffee, and she's usually seen drinking it. (Although this might be partially because of her work hours).
  • Younger Than They Look: Professionally Yuuki was assumed to be in her twenties before her age was publicly revealed pre-game.

    Spoiler Characters 


Super High School Level Esotericist
An enigmatic figure known to have his fingers in a lot of pots (both metaphorically and literally), no one exactly knows how Ri earned his title… only that his research has supposedly contributed to furthering the Ageless Wisdom in a way that no great Sage hidden away in the world has been able to do in centuries. As he’s most focused on the study of alchemy in particular, the popular rumor on some seedier forums seems to be that he completed the Magnum Opus and devised a mixture that could turn pyrite into gold and prolong organic life; others assume that he associates freely with cult leaders and used his connections to get into the school. His tendency to answer most speculation with little more than a shrug doesn’t tend to do him many favours, but the eerie vibe he seems to give off has kept most of the public from wailing on him. He is killed by Monobear at the start of Chapter 5 as punishment for skipping a trial and hitting Monobear.
  • Ambiguously Human: It isn't made explicitly clear just what's happening in the second half of Ri's punishment, but between his odd-colored blood, his fast healing, and the fact that he can't be killed with anything short of decapitation, something is clearly off about him.
  • Canon Foreigner: Originally from Doubt Academy 5: Mizu.
  • Decapitation Required: What Monobear has to resort to in order to kill Ri, as he withstands a direct mauling to his torso and begins to heal rapidly.

Riku Fujino

Super High School Level Tsukkomi
It’s only natural that some things go best in pairs. Socks, headphones, kidneys — the list goes on and on. But for Riku Fujino, the most important pair of them all has always been the manzai duo. Growing up in Nishinari-ku, Osaka, Riku was enamored with the lively and energetic stand up comics since she was a child, and as an adolescent she took to practicing amateur routines in local retirement homes and school festivals with her childhood friend, Sora Nishida. In spite of their young age and the fact that the two were briefly separated by attending different high schools, rigorous practice and dedication earned them a spot in the nationally broadcasted NHK Kamigata Manzai Contest. Much to everyone’s surprise, Riku and Sora’s self-proclaimed owarai kombi sleeper sensation, lovingly dubbed ‘HALF-HORSE’ for one of their famous routines involving a two-person equine costume, took first place amongst the rookie competitors and earned them acclaim throughout Japan. As the tsukkomi — or ‘straight man’ — of the manzai duo, Riku affects a somewhat sensible (if not bewildered and frustrated) persona to act as a foil for Sora’s wilder boke — or ‘funny man’ antics. She is well-known for her tendency to get more and more flustered as the dialogue goes on, which generally results in a comedically timed explosion at the climax of their act. Though she is more physically reserved than Sora, Riku is not above taking part in slapstick, and is famed for tripping and frequently dropping her glasses on stage as part of her routine.
  • Shout-Out: Her first name is a reference to one of Kingdom Heart's main protagonists. HALF-HORSE fans joke about this coincidence, meanwhile Riku and Sora have no clue why.

Date Masamune

Super High School Level Endurance Racer
Known as the One-Eyed Dragon of Sebring due to the fact that fellow racers often only get the chance to see one eye during the race, Date Masamune is a young and well-accomplished sports car racer. He came onto the scene just a year before his acceptance into Hope’s Peak academy, and his emergence and popularity came as a welcomed surprise by racing fans all over. Quiet and to the point, his stoicism belies his simplicity and easy-going nature; just so long as you give him space. He confesses to killing Hikaru at the beginning of Mizu.


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