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Be warned that all spoilers are unmarked. It's virtually impossible to list tropes for this roleplay and its characters without spoiling everything or creating Self Fulfilling Spoilers.

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    Students A-K 

Airi Moyasu

Super High-School Level TV Actor

A TV actor best known for her role as Azami Tantei on the hit TV series CSI : Teen Squad - A crime scene investigation series geared specifically toward teenagers. Azami was one of five child prodigies who graduated from university at age 10 to become an forensic evidence investigator expert at age 15. The team is comprised of a number of teenage experts including a doctor, a psychologist, a lawyer and a detective. Azami was always very sweet and enthusiastic about about her job while also stressing about whether the doctor would ever ask her out on a date. Airi on the other hand is very grateful for being invited to Hope’s Peak. She's the culprit of Chapter 7, having killed Mayumi while attempting to plan her murder of Shuu and framed him for her murder to get revenge for Sasaki's murder; she gets her wish and gets away with her crime when Shuu is picked for execution on the grounds that the remaining players would feel safer without a known killer on the loose.

  • Accidental Murder Played with; while she had fully intended on killing Shuu for dodging punishment for his murder of Sasaki the previous week, Mayumi was not her intended target.
  • Almost Kiss: With Kamille. She's the one to actually go for the kiss, but gets promptly dropped.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She kills Mayumi in an attempt to frame Shuu, as she is angry with him for getting away with Sasaki's murder.
  • Karma Houdini: Thanks to Shuu becoming The Scapegoat of Chapter 7, she manages to get away with Mayumi's murder and goes on to survive the rest of the game, cementing her status as this. To rub salt in the wound, she was already planning on killing Shuu to begin with had Mayumi not intervened, so she also gets exactly what she wants out of the trial.
  • Nice Girl: Generally quite friendly to the other participants in the killing game.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Hiyoko, who confesses that she loves her before being executed, although it's purely platonic love.
  • Revenge by Proxy: When she fails to directly murder Shuu, she pins her murder of Mayumi on him in order to get her revenge on him. She succeeds.
  • The Scapegoat: After her murder of Mayumi, she becomes a figurehead of hate due to the revenge spiral consuming the group, but escapes from Chitose and Nao when they try to put her in the dungeon cell ostensibly for her own protection.
  • Shout-Out: The TV series Airi is acting in is based from real TV series CSI.

Bambi Sindrisson

Super High-School Level Jeweler

Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can…or at least, you can bring parts of it back in modern circulation, and that’s exactly what young, Icelandic jeweling prodigy Bambi Sindrisson aims to do. Running an online jeweling company with his twin sister doing the metalwork while he cuts and places the gemstones, the two “Jewels of the North” have obtained global recognition for their vintage twists on modern fashion. Celebrities around the world have commissioned them for personal pieces, turning their works into the newest fad. However, it’s hard to have a global internet business flourish in a town so small and remote you have to fight to find a signal most of the time. So, with Bambi’s ambition and big city dreams at the forefront, the two decided to move to Japan in order to broaden their horizons. Hope’s Peak saw this opportunity, and quickly seized it, immediately offering them a spot in their next semester of classes. Attacks Monobear in a fit of anger after his appearance and is punished by being stabbed by multiple pin-like blades.

Chiharu Kobayashi

Super High-School Level Mori Girl

Not quite an environmentalist, but not just a model, Chiharu Kobayashi seems to embody the spirit of the forest itself. She caught the public’s eye back in middle school, when the young girl received a feature in Mori Girl Floraison after being photographed on the street. Seizing upon the chance, she started modeling for the magazine, quickly becoming a regular as brands started requesting she model their clothing. Her influence has increased with her presence, and now she uses her popularity to draw attention to several environmental issues. Against all expectations, Chiharu turns out to be none other than the first culprit of the game. She's soon discovered to be Setsuga's killer and is executed for her crime..

  • Beware the Cute Ones: She's the one who murdered Setsuga by trapping him inside the freezer. This is a particularly notable example since not even the players themselves saw her role as the culprit coming.
  • Broken Record: "I didn’t kill Igarashi-san, I didn’t kill Igarashi-san, I didn’t kill Igarashi-san, I didn’t kill Igarashi-san..."
  • Kill the Cutie: In an ironic twist of fate, however, she's not the victim of the first case, but rather, the culprit.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a cute little beret as part of her outfit. Doubt Academy 4: Endgame shows her wearing a cloche.

Chisato Sakamoto

Super High-School Level Whistleblower

An incredibly plain-looking, dull girl who seems disappointingly average at first glance, more than a few moments around her reveals that Chisato is significantly deeper than she lets on. Upon finding out what her title is, that depth becomes immediately apparent. She is better known by the pseudonym “Anansi” as a relentless enemy of corporate corruption and white-collar crime, having exposed many major scandals. The most famous of these was a series of illegal chemical dumps, the exposure of which resulted in the formal resignations of several corporate officers. Unfortunately, media interest in the aforementioned story ended up inadvertently exposing the true identity of Anansi despite Chisato’s best efforts to keep it hidden…and drew the attentions of Hope’s Peak. She is picked at random to be punished in the fifth trial, operated on by a team of evil doctors who remove her ability to speak, before being left outside in the woods. Fortunately, she is found and rescued by other students.

  • Animal Motifs: Spiders, specifically portia spiders and other araneophagic spiders.
  • Bound and Gagged: During her punishment, she's strapped to a gurney with a metal mask over her mouth and nose, preventing her from speaking.
  • Closet Geek: She adores tokusatsu, but doesn't usually mention it.
  • Cute Mute: Was no longer able to speak as a result of her punishment in the fifth trial. It doesn't stop her from investigating, though.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: She is abandoned in the woods to die after her vocal chords are operated on, and one of the evil doctors operating on her is called Dr Blair. This may ring a few bells with readers familiar with the case of Dr David Kelly, a British whistleblower.]]
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Based in her backstory, where due to her poor status in life she developed her own skills to become a 'predator of other predators', while remaining insecure of her own personal weakness.
  • The Nondescript: Often stated to look painfully average.
  • Phone-In Detective: Of a sort. She tries not to be directly involved in the white collar crime cases she works on, instead she does things like looking through piles of papers for inconsistencies.
  • Sacrificial Lion: In the fifth trial, she is chosen at random to be punished and pinned down by a group of doctors, who perform surgery on her and inject her with a random substance, before taking her outside and abandoning her in the woods. It's subverted in that she's actually rescued and survives the punishment, but can no longer speak.
  • Shout-Out: Her appearance has been stated to evoke visual archetypes of a protagonist character, including SHSL Good Lucks.

Chiyoko Ishihara

Super High-School Level Shounen Mangaka

Chiyoko first got noticed on pixiv by posting 4komas of popular shounen manga. Having gained a small following, she started publishing her own original series on the website. The series slowly gained massive internet fame and developed a cult following, each page being eagerly awaited by fans all over Japan. She was noticed by Hope’s Peak after one of her one-shot works won Shounen Jump’s Tezuka Award. Often interacting with her fans through Twitter, she’s made it her mission to lighten up their life through her work. She is the third victim, found dead with a knife in her hand and stab wounds in her stomach. The students vote her death as a suicide, only to discover that she was murdered and her killer is still at large. Her killer is later revealed to be Hiyoko- Chiyoko suggested they fight to the (possibly mutual) death to save the group from the motive that was sucking the air out of the sealed castle, but she gave Hiyoko a sword to her own kendama, and Hiyoko's sense of self-preservation led her to kill Chiyoko.

  • Determinator: According to one of her skills, she has immense willpower.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Is willing to die to save the group from a motive that would have killed everyone.

Chitose Heiwano

Super High-School Level Visionary

A Fuwa-Fuwa Future. That is Chitose’s main and only goal in life. Ever since she was young, Chitose was obsessed with her dream to have a future where everything is beautiful, soft serene and people are happy and worry-free. A completely and utterly impossible goal, but those words never seem to register in this girl’s head. She’s a very active participant in any charity work, campaigns to save wildlife or plant life and other generally hard but kind-hearted activities. She spreads good will and makes herself a shining example of what she wishes from the world, winning people over with her pure- hearted naiveness yet relentless passion to make the world beautiful. She is wrongfully convicted of Tae-Hyun's murder in Chapter 8.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: She drops all pretense of being nice after Airi confesses to murdering Mayumi in Chapter 7 and screams at her in fury for what she had done.
  • Cuddle Bug: Almost every interaction she's been involved in has involved her hugging the other person at some point.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Her eyes match her pink hair.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Her views for the future involve everyone being in peace and brimming with happiness, such is her love for all life.
  • The Idealist: Maintains her positive views on the world and people, even as the morale of everyone starts to drop like a rock.
  • Madness Mantra: Several times during her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Airi, she punctuates each part of her rant with:
    Killing for the sake of killing, killing for the sake of killing, killing for the sake of killing...!
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Once Airi confesses to murdering Mayumi in order to frame Shuu to get revenge for Sasaki's murder, she doles out a rather passionate denouncement to the Super High School Level TV Actor.
    Chitose: YOU BITCH, YOU SCUM, YOU WORTHLESS WASTE! THERE'S NOTHING REMOTELY HUMAN ABOUT YOU! For the past week I’ve been trying so hard to understand and forgive every killer, because I finally realized that this place is giving us no other choice! The murderers did not want to kill, but were forced to kill because of this sick game! To save our lives, to buy us time! Poor Koba-chii, I chewed her out back then for doing what she did but I finally realized that without her sacrifice, we all would’ve died! And Sasaki-chan too! At first I thought that she didn’t have to kill! She could’ve just ran away, left Yoshiko-chan and then things would’ve not turned out the way they did now, but I finally understood that the murder was not intended! Spur of the moment, struck by grief and fear! I forgave! I forgave all of them! I tried my best! Hating, holding grudges, petty disagreements; they’re all counter-productive in this place! My hatred for the dead was blinding me so I let it go, but you... YOU. YOU I CAN’T FORGIVE!
    SELFISH! VILE! Because of your stupid blind hatred, two people will have died today! Are you happy?! ARE YOU HAPPY THAT YOU SACRIFICED MAYUMI-CHAN FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR STUPID PETTY REVENGE?! I DEMAND THAT YOU BE PUT TO THAT SAME STUPID DUNGEON AS SHUU-CHII WAS! I DEMAND THAT YOU GET HUNG BY THOSE SHACKLES LIKE HE HAD BEEN! YOU ARE A DANGER, A MENACE! Shuu-chii had hurt, he did! He hurt the night watch, he killed Sasaki-chan, but Niwatori-san’s death was caused by OUR votes! He asked her to be his accomplice and she agreed, knowing full well of the possible consequence! She was ready to assist a murder! Don’t blame her death on Shuu-chii, we all voted for her, not just him! Shuu-chii… he had... he did bad things, terrible things, but he did it to save the rest of us! He held no grudge against Sasaki-chan, it was not personal! The fever would’ve been the end of us! But you… you just…
  • Shout-Out: The Monomachine gives her a pair of goggles belonging to Tomoe Setzuko of Doubt Academy 2: White.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: A main aspect of Chitose's character, and just as you'd expect, it doesn't work out well in a game of mutual killing.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is pink.


Super High-School Level Live Action Role Player

Also known by several more lengthy titles such as ‘Emissary of The Heavenly Plane’ and ‘Wielder of The Heart of the Goddess Kyner’vi’, FATE STRIFEBRINGER, DAUGHTER OF WAR, DANCE PARTNER OF THE BLIGHTED WOLF, AND DISCIPLE OF THE ETERNAL HELLSONG OF THE HOLY FELL RIVER is considered an international icon within LARPing communities worldwide - both for the film that was made based upon one of her group’s more vaguely feudal era-esque campaigns that raked in nearly 14.7 billion yen within its first week at the box office, and her notorious ability to remain in character at all times. Although where she came from exactly is a bit of a mystery, those who associate with her regularly are content to think of her as a living RPG character, finding her eccentricities add to her charm. She is the culprit of chapter 2 and is executed for the murder of Minho.

  • Break the Badass: In a sense; FATE finally breaks character during her confession and begins to cry as she reveals the details of Minho's murder.
  • Sympathetic Murderer: Had no intention of killing Minho and was actually trying to help him subvert the mutual killing game by staging a fake murder. Unfortunately, things went wrong and Minho ended up getting killed by accident.

Haruka Miki

Super High-School Level Setter

Haruka Miki is renowned amongst sports fans for her prowess in volleyball. A setter who favors the slow setting style, she wields excellent control over the ball and is capable of penetrating the opponent’s blockade with ease. Some rumors that have recently begun to circulate suggest that she already has offers to join the Japan women’s national volleyball team after graduation, but she refuses to confirm or deny anything. Haruka is never seen as anything less than bubbly and effervescent, though she never talks much about her life outside of volleyball and always deflects any personal questions that might come up during interviews. She is the fourth victim, dead of blood loss from multiple injuries at the hands of Kamille.

  • Black Comedy: Jokes about breaking her neck.
  • Bridal Carry: After Naohiro faints in the courtroom at the beginning of Chapter 1, Haruka carries him out to the infirmary to rest.
  • The Bully: Tormented Kamille five years before the events of Doubt Academy 4: Rubble.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: After forgetting some of the ingredients, she attempts to substitute eggplant and mayonnaise for dashi and green onion while making miso soup.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Her corpse is found in a downright horrific state, from the multitude of shallow cuts that litter her body, to the fact that her feet and head have been left barely attached to her body, to the look of utter horror frozen on her face.
  • Determinator: Not only during matches, but also in her personal life, as showcased by how she refuses to give up on being friends with Naohiro despite his apparent disinterest.
  • Eye Scream: Her corpse is found with its right eye missing.
  • Fanservice: Takes off her shirt immediately following the first motive.
  • First-Name Basis: Refers to all her classmates as [first name]-chan.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Haruka is a taller girl whose talent involves sports, while Naohiro is a shorter boy whose talent involves beauty.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: According to her bathroom headcanons, she's completely alright with both seeing her suitemates nude, and with them seeing her nude.
  • Outnumbered Sibling: Has two older siblings, both of them brothers.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Haruka wears pink shorts and has pink highlights, while Naohiro wears a blue shirt and blue pants.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Receives a pair of boxers belonging to Kosuke Aozora from Doubt Academy 3: Alpha, and a studio microphone belonging to Yamato Hasegawa from Doubt Academy 2: Black.
    • During Chapter 2, the shirt she wears reads 'Let's Eat', referencing Chica from Five Nights At Freddy's.
    • During the Chapter 2 trial, she wears a shirt with the acronym 'WWSGD', which stands for 'What Would Skull Grey Do'. This is a reference to Gorou Inoue from Doubt Academy 3: Omega.
  • Through His Stomach: She'll like you more if you feed her.

Hayate Shimazaki

Super High-School Level Cyclist/Super High-School Level Paracyclist

If one were to describe Hayate Shimazaki in a phrase, it would likely be something along the lines of “doesn’t do that much, really.”, and honestly, they would be quite right. The only child of two high-up doctors with very little time on their hands, he was never one to dabble in hobbies and interests, never studied particularly hard, and he wasn’t really one for socialising, either. Life to him was fairly uninteresting, taking things as they came and never particularly caring about the result. That is, until he discovered his taste for cycling.
After a year or so dabbling in a number of different sports upon entering junior high school, he finally found his true calling on the back of a bicycle - the combination of wind in his face, the sheer amount of distance covered, the incredible speeds, all adding together to transform him into a completely different person when on two wheels. When Hayate begins his sprint, it’s almost impossible to slow him!

  • Book Dumb: An OOC post has stated that, although he is by no means unintelligent, his grades are surprisingly bad.
  • Hiding the Handicap: He requested that the academy list his title as Cyclist because he didn't want people making assumptions about him just from knowing he's a paracyclist, without actually meeting him first. Under normal circumstances, Hayate wouldn't mind people he already knows well finding out about his prosthetic leg, but in the context of a Game of Mutual Killing he decides to keep it hidden as much as possible.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: With two very well paid parents with even less time for him, it was inevitable that Hayate would become this. He doesn't seem to mind, though.
  • Neat Freak:
    • Rather than being bothered by the fact that he and his classmates have been locked in a castle without warning, Hayate's attention appears to be constantly drawn to the copious amounts of dust that cover said castle instead.
    • Investigating his room also reveals just how much effort he puts into keeping his living space clean, with not a single speck of dust in sight.
  • Morning Routine: Any interruptions to his usual routine of cycling every morning before others wake seem to put him in a terrible mood.
  • Real Men Cook: As an athlete, he's perfectly capable of cooking up a healthy meal every now and then. It's just a matter of whether or not he can be bothered.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Tonkotsu ramen, a speciality of the Kyūshū region of Japan where Hayate originally lived prior to transferring to Hope's Peak.

Hiyoko Niwatori

Super High-School Level Chicken Sexer

It is better to be the head of chicken than the rear end of an ox — seventeen-year-old Hiyoko Niwatori isn’t your everyday chipper girl, but a silent nest egg hatched in Nagoya, Aichi. Among the rest in her area, Hiyoko is one of the youngest chicken sexer trainee’s in Japan who has managed to understand the methods of fast-feathering, master the ways of vent sexing, and so proven her skills to be worthy for the poultry industry. Although Hiyoko lacks obvious self-consciousness — with steady fingers and extraordinarily good sight she has no problem to identify the copulatory organ of chicks by eye. Despite being used to living such a quiet life, somehow her unusual talent was acknowledged by the Hope’s Peak Academy, and as an invite reached to her mailbox, the sexer immediately accepted the offer. She is not the murderer in the sixth case; merely the accomplice to Shuu. However, he convinces the group otherwise, leading her to be incorrectly executed instead. Later, over the radio she confesses that she also killed Chiyoko in the third case.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: She's placed on a conveyor belt and shredded into a pulp by massive industrial machinery, which is then rained over the students.
  • Meaningful Name: As said by Setsuga in the prologue, her full name literally means "Chick Chicken".
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Airi and Nao; Hiyoko confesses that she loves them before being executed, although it's this kind of love rather than Ho Yay.
  • Rain of Blood: What remains of her at the end of her execution is rained upon the surviving participants.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Introduces herself as SHSL Architect which is known to be Hikaru Ookami's title from Doubt Academy 3 Omega.
    • From the Monomachine, she wins a pair of glasses belonging to Yukari Maruyama of Doubt Academy 2: Black.

Kaito Hamamoto

Super High-School Level SCUBA Instructor

There’s a whole world underwater, and Kaito wanted to share it with the world once he discovered it for himself. To him, nothing beats the feeling of slipping beneath the waves and lazily flying through the water. Naturally, there’s a large amount of training one must go through to dive safely, but Kaito is there to ensure those who want to discover the same magical landscape he has can experience it for themselves.

  • Gentle Giant: Unless severly provoked, Kaito will always try to talk things out first. He is not responsible for what happens next.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Like Tae-Hyun (see below), Kaito is very scathing towards Airi]] for voting for Yoshiko in order to protect Sasaki in the fifth trial, and warns her that she's made herself a target, not to mention that Chiyoko's killer is still running around.
    • After Airi confesses to killing Mayumi to frame Shuu in the seventh trial, Kaito finally loses his temper and delivers an absolutely visceral rant to Airi.
    Kaito: You selfish bitch. What was all that before... not wantin' t' cause death where it was unnecessary...! We could save people, we didn't have t' let them die! I WANTED TO BELIEVE IN YOU! I WANTED TO BELIEVE THAT YOUR REALITY - WHERE PEOPLE COULD LIVE, AND DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE - COULD BE OURS. BUT... BUT YOU LIED. I was right after all... so was Park-san... all you care about is yerself. Ya couldn't give a rat's ass about anyone else ya don't care about. Livin' life in a GODDAMN FAIRYTALE. WAKE UP. LIKE I SAID BEFORE, ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FER YER OWN. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I agree with Chitose-chan. Moyasu-san should be locked up. Hell, she shouldn't even be allowed t' know if the motive was satisfied or not. If we're gonna lock up Shimura-san fer what he did, I'd be more than happy t' afford her the same pleasure.
    Fuck ya. Ya disgust me. I may be a monster, but I'm glad my sibs will be more afraid o' th' Moyasu under the bed.
  • Sexy Soaked Shirt: In Chapter 1, he unzips his wetsuit to have a rush of water leave his suit and splash around him.
  • Shout-Out: He receives a leather jacket belonging to Chris Peril of Doubt Academy 2: White, and a pink maid outfit belonging to Takeo Hironaka of Doubt Academy 2: Black.
  • Talk to the Fist: Wallops Airi with a hell of a backhand after her confession before segueing into his 'Reason You Suck' Speech.
  • Trauma Conga Line: In Chapter 2, Kaito is beaten down to the point of concussion, left bleeding in the bathroom even after pleading for help, and then pushed to the point of serious medical emergency when Noboru's outburst aggravated his condition.
  • Would Hit a Girl: As Airi found out the hard way after she confesses to Mayumi's murder in the seventh trial.

Kamille Ray Madoka Sakamaki

Super High-School Level Plamo Builder

An enigmatic plamo builder, Kamille Ray or PINKMETEOR★彡 has made waves in plamo tournaments of all sorts. From gunpla to military dioramas, to scratch builds and kitbashes, he’s amazed the plastic modelling world with his creativity and talent. Despite his wide interests in plastic modelling, he has a particular bias towards gunpla and mecha anime as a whole, where he shows his true skills. He is the culprit of chapter 4 and is executed for the murder of Haruka.

  • Almost Kiss: With Airi. He runs away just as Airi's leaning in for a kiss.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He tortured and murdered Haruka Miki.
  • Black Comedy: "Planning a murder? Great minds think alike, then!" ... almost immediately after a mistrial.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: During his confession to Haruka’s murder. He’s actually happy that Airi hates him and believes he’s a monster, because thinks that she’s safer that way.
  • Chaste Hero: Sort of applicable - he's not a 100% Chaste Hero, as he seemed perfectly fine when he was flirting with Chitose. However, with his Almost Kiss with Airi, he immediately fled the scene.
  • Multicolored Hair: He has pink and blue hair.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Kamille hands Airi his ID card without a word before returning to his podium. He stays there, completely silent up until his execution.
  • Shout-Out: Kamille's first name is a reference to Kamille Bidan from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam; his last name is a reference to Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Saw "Star Wars" 27 Times: Implied with Gundam in his first conversation with Airi. Kamille shows himself to be a huge fan of Gundam, with his favorite style of models to work with being Gundam models, or Gunpla.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Pink and blue.

Kezao Tsuji

Super High-School Level Instructional Chef

A love of food brought Kezao to pick up cooking, both as a hobby and to help bring improvements to his diet. Eventually, though, he learned he had a particular passion for working with food, and where else was he to look to continue to develop those skills and learn more about food than online? Once he got comfortable with himself in the kitchen, he began posting his own recipes. He even started a small cooking show of his own- Kezao-chan’s Kitchen- intended for other young cooks like himself, breaking down more complicated recipes. But, his ability to make a tutorial video just as fun as it is helpful wasn’t the only factor in his popularity. The warm attitude and the extra effort he puts into answering questions and keeping up with fans have kept people coming back. His show got a huge boost in viewership when he was promoted by and invited to do a guest segment by a popular morning talk show shortly before he received his invitation to Hope’s Peak.

  • Team Chef: He's the only student who is an actual chef. He even bakes blueberry muffins and brings them to the Chapter 1 trial.

Konstantin Nikolayevhich Pozdnyakov

Super High-School Level Opthamologist

The only son to the renowned ophthalmologists Nikolai and Natalya Pozdnyakov, Konstantin is one of the best in his profession, exceeding even his parents. Having performed flawless medical treatments on almost 150 different patients, he is among the most highly acclaimed ophthalmologists in both his native country and internationally.

  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives a very scathing one to all the students, and especially Airi, who he calls 'walking filth' and a 'foul excuse for a human being', for condemning an innocent person (spoiler:Shuu) to death in the seventh trial.
    Konstantin: All of you are disgusting. You knew that Shimura... Kaname-san was innocent, and yet you still voted for him. There was no evidence that pointed toward him. He did nothing, and yet you're still condemning him to death. You knew the only suspects were Chitose, Oh-san, and that... thingnote . Don't even try to tell me you didn't. All of you... All of you knew what you were doing. You were fully conscious of your decisions and yet you still voted for him. Every last one of you is despicable. Hanezuka-san... She did so much for us. All that she did was help and help and help, and never asked for anything from any of us. Yet the one time that she asks us to do one thing - her death wish - you purposefully choose someone who was innocent and framed... just because 'he deserved it', or 'it's easier to kill him'. You disgust me.
    ...But there is no one more revolting than you, Airi Moyasu. You aren't human. Any similarity between you and anyone in this room is coincidental. You are walking filth. This wretched hellhole we are all trapped in was horrible enough, but knowing someone as volatile as you exists in flesh and blood here only makes it that much worse. You hate Kaname-san because he killed Yuzuki-san and hurt others, but to be frank, you are even worse. I am appalled to see that Saito-san still has your back after seeing just how repulsive you are. Not only were you the root of the mistrial that took away Sakamoto-san’s voice, but now you’ve shed both the blood of Hanezuka-san and… regrettably soon, Kaname-san. You are a foul excuse for a human being, and if I was willing to stoop down to your level, I would send you off to the fires of Hell myself.
  • The Stoic: Doesn't really show much emotion, both in his facial expressions and his tone of voice.
  • Tranquil Fury: He obviously doesn't show it, but his speech to the students and the guilty party during the seventh trial demonstrates a clear disgust for what the killing game has devolved into and how Shuu is being condemned for a crime he didn't commit simply because it's easier to throw him to the wolves rather than respect Mayumi's death wish.
  • Try to Fit THAT on a Business Card!: Konstantin Nikolayevhich Pozdnyakov.

Kyung Min “Mickey” Oh

Super High-School Level Visual

As the visual of a six-member girl group known as “Victory,” Kyung Min “Mickey” Oh has become quite the international personality. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably seen her face plastered upon billboard ads of cosmetics, or perhaps enjoying a cool refreshing drink for the summer in a television advertisement. Even outside of endorsements, it’s hard to miss her when she’s clad in something trendy and wearing a welcoming smile amongst the other girls in posters across building sides and subway walls. Younger crowds are absolutely captivated by Victory judging by the storm they kick up over anything having to do with the six girls, and with Mickey in particular, they seem to swoon over her handsome looks and affectionate, reliable personality as they lovingly dub her “Victory’s Boyfriend.”

  • Idol Singer: While not her talent specifically, she is part of an idol group.
  • She's Got Legs: Her sprites don't get to show it off, but nearly all of her casual outfits include shorts because she's pretty proud of of her own legs and likes to show them off.
  • Sick Episode: In Chapter 6, as part of that week's motive, she's infected with Despair Fever by Monokuma, along with Nao and Mayumi.
  • Stage Names: She almost always refers to herself as her idol name, Mickey, and sometimes won't even mention her given name.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Kills the mood with one in Chapter 8 when she walks in on Kaito and Yoshihiro's reunion not long after Airi had confessed to killing Mickey's last friend, Mayumi Hanezuka.
  • Your Makeup Is Running: Mickey wasn't wearing waterproof mascara when she teared up in response to finding out that Chiharu is the culprit of the Chapter 1 case. The results are obvious.

    Students L-Z 

Mayumi Hanezuka

Super High-School Level Class Representative

Though few outside the neighborhood around Hope’s Peak would know the name of Hanezuka, anyone who’d spent their youth attending the public school system in the area would certainly shiver at her name. Standing tall and proud, built like a body-builder and strict as a teacher, Mayumi Hanezuka was chosen at random to be Class Representative in her first year as an elementary school student and immediately realized she’d found her calling. For years, she’s been a feared presence in the schools… as well as a respected one, being strict and demanding and yet helping even her worst-off classmates raise their grades higher than anyone could have anticipated. With her knack for tutoring in a way that makes the information stick, and an unbroken streak of wins against delinquent students, there’s no doubt that Mayumi’s earned her title of SHSL Class Representative. Though she wasn't who Airi was gunning for, she becomes the eighth victim of the killing game, killed by poison after Airi attacked her and she fell on some poisonous plants.

  • Action Girl: She's packed with muscle and has a history of subduing troublemakers with her own strength.
  • Boobs of Steel: Built like a bodybuilder, has been known to overpower unruly students and sports the biggest rack of any of the girls in Doubt Academy 4: Rubble.
  • Brainy Brunette: Highly intelligent and attentive to everything around her and has brown hair.
  • Sick Episode: She's one of the three students who contracts Despair Fever in Chapter 6. Like the characters in Super Danganronpa 2 affected by Despair Fever, she acts out of character - in her case, she loses her usual calm demeanor and starts crying.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Generally one of the nicer students of the line-up, if fairly uptight and a little rigid at times, and sought the safety of her fellow classmates above all else, never asking for anything in return...and she ends up being the victim of Chapter 7 at the hands of Airi. Several of the students (in particular, Tae-Hyun, Kaito, Chitose, Mickey and Konstantin) express outrage and disgust that Airi would murder Mayumi for little more than petty revenge.

Megumi Saito

Super High-School Level Graphic Designer

A skittish but outgoing girl who seems eager to impress despite her quirky aesthetic. While mainly interning at her mother’s advertising firm, Megumi is most well known for her personal work, having gained public attention after she was asked to design the mascot for a trendy phone app. Her interest in youthful culture is quite obvious, as her designs revolve around boldly modern and strikingly cute visual themes deemed silly by traditionalists, but daring, artistic, and reflective of the generation by critics. She is recognized among her peers for expending tremendous effort on her trade, yet managing to find time to reflect on pop-culture and multitask personal hobbies and social networking- seeming to keep a lot of stamina bottled underneath her mousy facade.

Mercutio “CU” Talon

Super High-School Level Soda Jerk

A half-Italian, half-Japanese young man who comes from a family of pâtissiers specializing in frozen confectionery. The 20XX International Dairy Show didn’t just showcase the world’s best in iced treats but it also brought together CU’s parents, as well as his very conception in a moment of “heated” passion within one of the walk-in freezers housing the show’s goods. With his parents living very far apart, his father in Varese, Italy, and his mother in Ikebukuro, Japan, a young CU was often between the two countries frequently. Halfway through middle school, CU moved to Japan to live with his mother and experience Japanese schooling (as was agreed before CU was born). Only a few months into high school, he was handed an esteemed ticket to Hope’s Peak Academy. CU passed out shortly after hearing the news. He kills Tae-Hyun in Chapter 8, when the MIO personality is fronting, in an attempt to frame Kaito and get him executed. It backfires, however, when Chitose is executed instead.

  • Karma Houdini: He's Tae-Hyun's killer, but gets away with it as Chitose wins more votes than him in the eighth trial.
  • Not So Weak: Was able to survive being neutralized by MIO when in MIO's mind as well as nearly break Kaito's, a visibly strong character's, foot beneath his own.
  • Split Personality: As 'CU' and 'Romeo', aka 'MIO'. CU is the more timid personality, while 'Romeo' aka 'MIO', who fronts during the sixth trial, is the more aggressive one. As with Touko Fukawa / Genocider Syo in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, one personality retains memories of the students' past.

Minho Seong

Super High-School Level Drama Director

Some people hate being called a drama king or queen - but to eighteen-year-old Minho Seong, it's a compliment. It's not because he stirs up trouble or causes a scene; rather, he's the one that writes them. Since the age of fifteen, Minho has written, produced, and directed five unique television dramas in South Korea under his father's entertainment company. Each sixteen-episode series was an instant hit, quickly becoming a household hot topic for their complex storylines and emotional depth. On the heels of his fifth drama's success and the dissolution of an arranged marriage, Minho made a sudden move to Japan for a change of scenery and to expand his horizons - both as a person, and with his shows. He is the second victim, dying of blood loss after being impaled on multiple skewers stuck to a chandelier.

  • Arranged Marriage: Not currently, but Minho was part of an arranged marriage in his past.

Nao Tamashiro

Super High-School Level Masseur

Born and raised in Naha, Okinawa, Nao Tamashiro is said to have the hands of the gods. His fingers seem to intuitively locate problem areas through touch alone, and often his clients don’t need to direct him at all in order to receive the best possible massage experience. Though if one was to ask him about whether divinity has anything to do with his technique, the ever humble masseur would simply chalk it up to practice. He is employed by five-star luxury resort Okinawa Crown Royal Hotel & Spa as their highest paid and most lauded massage practitioner. However, he also runs a private practice on the side that is notoriously hard to book. It’s far more expensive than the spa, but since he focuses on health with the breadth of his knowledge instead of just relaxation, it’s said to be worth every yen. He is identified as the mastermind behind one half of the mutual killing game.

  • House Husband: Would make a good one. He's skilled at cleaning, laundry, cooking, and mending clothes.
  • Laughing Mad: Nao can't bring himself to be angry in general, let alone with the truth about Haruka's murder after it is revealed in-trial. So, instead, he expresses his disgust by laughing.
  • Nerves of Steel: His calmness makes him nigh-unshakable.
  • No Sympathy: Feels absolutely no forgiveness or sympathy for Kamille, even after he reveals his history and paranoid schizophrenia when he confesses to murder.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: He has worked so many bodies that nudity doesn't faze him in the least. For this reason, he often volunteers to check people when strip searches are conducted during trials.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Calls the other students 'idiots' in the sixth trial for voting for Hiyoko to be executed, despite the fact that Shuu had just confessed to murdering Sasaki.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Hiyoko, who confesses that she loves him before she's executed.
  • Sick Episode: spoiler:He's one of the three students who contracts Despair Fever, and goes from his usual laidback self to being over-emotional and panicky. He's back to his normal self at the end of the trial, though.
  • Surfer Dude: Makes up for not talking like one by actually being an accomplished surfer. It might not be the talent he was invited to school for, but surfing was his biggest hobby back in Okinawa. He gets his prized surfboard back after Haruka finds it. When he gets Despair Fever, he starts acting like a stereotypical Surfer Dude and sports a pink Hawaiian shirt.

Naohiro “Nao” Fujiwara

Super High-School Level Cosmetologist

As a son of a model and her manager, Naohiro was exposed to the world of beauty and fashion from a very young age. He first began using makeup at eight, when he would practice on his younger sister in his free time. After getting even more practice with his mother’s cosmetologists over the years, he eventually went to cosmetology school at 15, graduating with a proper cosmetology license at 17. From then on, he would work with many different models and actors, making them look their greatest for whatever audience or camera they would be showcased to. His name has become particularly renowned throughout international beauty pageants, where he has constantly played a significant role with the cosmetology team for those participating. He is the sixth victim, dead of blood loss from multiple stab wounds to the stomach by Yoshiko.

  • Afraid of Blood: He's fainted four times as of chapter 4 from the sight of blood, and freaked out when he got a nutrition bar made of cow's blood from the capsule machine.
  • Bridal Carry: After Naohiro faints in the courtroom at the beginning of chapter 1, Haruka carries him out to the infirmary to rest.
  • Fainting:
    • Soon after Bambi's execution, he faints in the courtroom from the sight of blood.
    • And again in Chapter 2, when everyone finds Minho's corpse in the ballroom. Once again, the blood is the cause of it.
    • He attempts to keep his composure for FATE's execution, and manages to stay conscious until she's stabbed in the stomach]], at which point the sight becomes too much.
    • Once again in Chapter 4, when he finds Haruka's corpse, which is horribly mangled and brutalized.
  • Height Angst: He's not too fond of being around those who are taller than him, and doesn't take very well to remarks about his height.
  • I Want to Be a Real Man: Much of his narrative and behavior expresses that Naohiro has a strong masculinity complex, and wishes to be strong and fearsome.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: His talent is a predominantly female-dominated industry, and he's not particularly strong or agressive. Though, he might not take too well to mentioning such a thing.
  • It's All My Fault: His reaction to Haruka's death, feeling that he should have done better to prevent it.
  • Little Big Brother: He has a sister, who's two years younger than him. She's also an inch taller.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Haruka is a taller girl whose talent involves sports, while Naohiro is a shorter boy whose talent involves beauty.
  • Men Don't Cry: He hates crying in front of others, and often tries very hard to hide if he does.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Haruka wears pink shorts and has pink highlights, while Naohiro wears a blue shirt and blue pants.
  • Pointless Band-Aid: After Yoshihiro's execution, Naohiro removes his bandages in front of everyone, showing that, aside from a small scar on his cheek, they hid nothing.
  • Sacrificial Lion: He follows Sasaki when she goes off to meet Yoshiko, wanting to protect her, and becomes weak when he sees her bleeding after Yoshiko stabs her. Yoshiko then murders him.
  • Shout-Out: Through the Monomachine, Naohiro receives Nicanor's severed arm, belonging to Akira Saeki from Doubt Academy Omega. He isn't happy.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Loses P.K. shortly after becoming friends with her in Chapter 2, sees Yoshihiro executed in Chapter 3, and finds his closest friend, Haruka, brutally murdered in Chapter 4. As expected, he hasn't been taking any of this well.
  • Vengeance Feels Empty: Even though the class manages to find Haruka's killer, Naohiro finds himself less pleased than he thought by this.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Purple.

Noboru Watanabe

Super High-School Level Kaiju Suit Designer

Known as “the Kaiju Guy” on the internet, Noboru began as a wee nerd who spent most of his time indoors, watching tokusatsu shows and various monster films. He found himself captivated by the sorts of creatures depicted in those media, and eventually chose to pursue the path of creating them himself with the art of making kaiju suits. From early on the boy displayed the ability to come up with well thought-out monster designs; then he began to actually create them. He did something that not many costume-makers did: he breathed life into his work. Pictures of his costumes spread through social networking sites like wildfire, and eventually he set up his own blog where he detailed his work efforts. Despite his creations being depicted as hellish and terrifying, Noboru himself remains the easygoing, if not awkward and shy boy he was years ago.

  • Admiring the Abomination: Stated in an OOC post, Noboru often "oooh~!"'s at the sort frightening monsters that come up in horror movies.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: While he's usually quite soft-spoken and kind, Noboru flips out during chapter two after being accused of murdering Minho. It probably helped that his work, which he's very passionate about, was being insulted in the process of said accusation. He continues to let his morals degrade to protect Chisato.
  • Imaginary Friend: While Noboru doesn't actually have an imaginary friend, it's implied that he talks to his dinosaur toys and often roleplays scenarios with them.
  • It's All My Fault: Noboru's reaction to Yoshihiro Shirayuki being randomly selected to be executed. His reasoning for this is that he actually had the evidence to show that Chiyoko Ishihara didn't commit suicide; however, he took too long to present said evidence, and most votes remained on Chiyoko, causing the random vote to occur.
  • Shout-Out: He receives a set of needles belonging to Hisae Kojima of Doubt Academy 2: White.

Sasaki Yuzuki

Super High-School Level Classical Bassist

Sasaki is famous on an international level for playing with a level of emotion considered impossible before her rise to orchestra fame. She plays emotional ballads that evoke the feeling of pain and suffering like no other, and upbeat light-hearted songs that cause her audience to feel joy and smile. One of her most famous performances was when she was given a solo in a piece written by Hikaru Sato. Once Sasaki’s solo started, the audience gradually began to cry along with her music, as if a spell had been cast over their ears. Her solo became infamously known as “The Ballad of Agony.”Sasaki now plays with Sato’s orchestra and travels the globe performing at all sorts of formal concerts. Upon acceptance to Hope’s Peak, however, she announced that her performances would be limited to Japan during her stay at the elite school. In the fifth trial, she confesses to killing Yoshiko, but survives the trial as Yoshiko receives more votes. In Chapter 6, she is found dead in her bass case, making her the seventh victim. It is revealed in the sixth trial that Shuu killed her, and Hiyoko was his accomplice. She is said to be dead of subdural hematoma, which is internal bleeding in the brain; however, how exactly this occurred was never stated explicitly during her trial.

  • Ambiguously Brown: Averted according to her player, although it hasn't been touched in canon yet.
  • Karma Houdini: Subverted. Although she killed Yoshiko in Chapter 5, Yoshiko is voted as the culprit instead and Chisato ends up getting punished in her stead...but it doesn't last long, as she turns up dead in the next chapter.
  • The Killer Becomes the Killed: The culprit behind Yoshiko's murder in Chapter 5, only to be killed by Shuu not long afterward.
  • Shout-Out: Sasaki receives an innocent-looking minifridge belonging to Ryota Hatagami from Doubt Academy 3: Alpha...and it turns out to have Emiko's decapitated head still in it. Sasaki immediately throws it into the incinerator. She also receives a trench coat belonging to Yumiko Hasegawa of Doubt Academy 2: Black.

Setsuga Igarashi

Super High-School Level Freestyle Snowboarder

An accomplished young athlete born in the small town of Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Setsuga Igarashi has never known or wished for a life without snowboarding. Though as an adolescent he was content to pursue his passion recreationally — for his own pleasure and nothing more — he was soon urged to set his sights higher and begin participating ‘seriously’. With a slew of first place prizes in local contests under his belt by the time he turned 14 (including the Hanazono freestyle competition) his coach recommended he consider a career in the professional world, suggesting that he test his abilities against foreign competitors as well as regional ones.Under the close supervision of sponsors and supporters alike, Setsuga most recently won silver in the FIS Snowboard World Championships men’s slopestyle competition, making him the first Japanese athlete ever to secure a place in the event. Along with the prestige of the medal, his youth and unwaveringly pleasant demeanor earned him considerable media attention as a marketable symbol of Japan’s bright future in international sports — including an invitation from Hope’s Peak to attend the academy under the title of Super High School Level Freestyle Snowboarder. The first victim of Doubt Academy 4: Rubble, locked in the freezer and left inside for ten hours until he died of hypothermia.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Dying of hypothermia is not a fun or quick way to go, not helped by his insane resistance to cold climates, which meant he suffered for nearly half the day until he finally gave up the ghost.
  • Death by Irony: He's a freestyle snowboarder who died in cold circumstances.
  • Fun T-Shirt: It's never shown in game, but he owns a colorful T-shirt that reads "Anti Bad Vibe Squad".
  • Nice Guy: Extremely helpful and kind to everyone around him. Unfortunately for him, Chiharu exploits this facet of his personality...which leads to him becoming the first victim.
  • Stupid Good: Apparently, he was nice enough to help Chiharu move some ice in Chapter 1 - which ultimately lead to his death.

Shuu Shimura/Jasper Kaname

Super High-School Level Skydiver

Shuu Shimura may seem just a tad bit eccentric - but if there’s one thing he is, it’s one immensely talented crackpot. Brother of the one-hit wonder Walter Shimura, who retired after a short stint in competitive skydiving, Shuu evidently continued what his brother left off.As soon as he obtained his skydiving license, Shuu entered a competition known as the Dubai International Swoop League. Despite being a novice to the competitive scene, he confidently won the event he entered with flying colours. With skydiving being a more international discipline, Shuu went on to enter a few more competitions around the world — tending to perform well in canopy piloting and freestyle skydiving events.Although he’s only entered a few competitions since the start of his career, with the stellar results he’s consistently obtained, Shuu has clearly surpassed his brother. However, he does share an enigmatic nature with him, and also has a tendency to shy away from the public eye. He confesses to murdering Sasaki Yuzuki in the sixth trial, but is saved from execution when Hiyoko - his accomplice - gains the majority vote. However, he is voted as the culprit during the seventh trial and executed after the students, who feel more secure executing a known killer, fail to find that week's actual culprit.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: He is drowned in a tank of his own blood, along with some corrosive fluid that eats away at his skin as he dies.
  • Eye Scream: His left eye is revealed to be damaged after a furious Airi throws soup in his face (which itself injures his eye further); internal narration reveals that something pierced his eye earlier, but he left it in to continue his task, and later covered the wound up with tape. Shuu even notes to himself that he might not ever regain vision in that eye.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: His rationale for killing Sasaki. Since she had gotten away with the murder of Yoshiko, Shuu feels that if anyone has to die in order to stop more students contracting Despair Fever, it should be her.
  • Karma Houdini: Subverted. Shuu avoids execution in Chapter 6 when Hiyoko, who was complicit in his crime, gains the majority vote and is executed in his place, but ends up being picked as firing squad fodder in the very next chapter when everyone can't find out who murdered Mayumi precisely because he managed to get away with Sasaki's murder.
  • Twin Switch: Shuu wanted to enter skydiving competitions when he was several years underage, but since he had a similar build to his twenty-year-old brother and his face would usually be obscured by his glasses and helmet, he was able to compete under his brother's own alias, Walter Shimura. Walter/Shoichi eventually made him stop when his own friends kept asking him about his competitions.
  • The Scapegoat: Voted as the culprit during Chapter 7, not because he was believed to be guilty, but because the students couldn't find the culprit and felt more secure executing someone they knew had killed. To rub salt in the wound, the actual culprit had framed him for the murder that week, after their attempt on his life got someone else killed instead.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Kills Sasaki not out of pure malice, but because he felt that doing so would prevent everyone else from contracting Despair Fever, as well as eliminate another known murderer in the process.

Tae-Hyun Park

Super High-School Level Speed Texter

Appearing out of almost nowhere to take the first place rank of the Mobile World Cup in New York, Tae-Hyun is known for their fast fingers and… honestly, not much else. A quiet, secretive individual, they’ve had a knack for technology ever since they were young. Slowly becoming wealthy through their competitions, due to a change in their mother’s job, the Park family high tailed it out of there to live in Japan, where Tae-Hyun soon received their invitation for their nimble fingers. The ninth victim of the Mutual Killing, killed through myocardial rupture by Mercutio.

  • Heroes Love Dogs: According to a "30 facts" post on their blog, they have a dog back home. Most of the pictures on their phone are of this dog.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: They haven't said so out loud, but in the narrative of their post reacting to waking up in the castle, it's mentioned that after the last time they had friends, they're not exactly eager to make new ones.
  • The Nicknamer: "Doc" for Konstantin, "Shades" for Hayate, "Satocchi" for Chisato, "Snowball" for Setsuga, just to name a few.
  • Omniglot: One of their skills — they fluently speak Korean and Japanese, and know some basic English.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • Tae-Hyun is furious with Airi in the fifth trial for voting for Yoshiko in order to protect Sasaki, and tells her in no uncertain terms what they think of her for protecting her friend while other people's friends are dying.
    • And once the truth comes out that Airi murdered Mayumi (whom they were growing fond of) in Chapter 7, they finally explode and makes it clear how they feel toward her.
    Tae-Hyun: [[spoiler:"I DON'T WANT TO DIE"?! GEE, YOU SURE DIDN'T SEEM CONCERNED ON WHETHER OR NOT MAYUCCHI WANTED TO DIE OR NOT, DID YOU?!? SHE WANTED TO HELP US, TO PROTECT US! AND YOU KILLED HER!! YOU KILLED HER!!! You were totally fucking willing to hurt people to get to your target!!! Totally willing to attack Mayuuchi just to get to Shimucchi!!! HMMMM, WHERE THE HELL DID WE SEE THAT BEFORE?! You pulled the exact same shit on Mayucchi as Shimucchi did!!! The exact!!! Same!!! Bullshit!!! You just didn't get it your way, and you have the fucking nerve to think you're any fucking better?!
  • Shout-Out: Through the capsule machine, they have received a fan from Takara Ojimura of Doubt Academy 2: Black, a coffee mug from Taichi Yuuta (also from Doubt Academy 2: Black), a halo from Mameko Moriyama (ditto), and a hairband from Yukiko Asahara of Doubt Academy 2: White.
  • Sweet Tooth: The first thing they ask Monomi is if there are sweets present in the kitchen, and their plan for the first evening, as described to Mayumi, includes "nabbing some candy or something from the kitchen and making a stash in their room."
  • Teens Are Short: The shortest member of the Rubble class, standing at 149 centimeters. (Four feet, eleven inches!)
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Teal hair.

Yoshihiro Shirayuki

Super High-School Level Dental Hygienist

A healthy and sparkling smile is of the utmost importance! No one believes this more strongly than Yoshihiro Shirayuki, the upbeat and genial son of two dentists who dreams of - literally - brightening the smiles of everyone around him. Yoshihiro has spent years diligently studying to become a dental hygienist under his parents and began regularly working at his family’s well-known dental practice as soon as he was able to. He has made quite the name for himself just then, both for his outstanding work at the Shirayuki dental practice and his zealous efforts to promote oral health education among Japanese citizens, be it by lecturing elementary school students on dental hygiene or by traveling to retirement homes to help the elderly properly care for their teeth. It was these efforts, combined with his strong work ethic and incredible passion for his field of choice that netted Yoshihiro an invitation into Hope’s Peak Academy as the Super High School Level Dental Hygienist. After Chiyoko's death is incorrectly voted as a suicide, he is chosen at random to be executed by Monokuma. In Chapter 8, he is resurrected.

  • Abusive Parents: As his player revealed in OOC posts, Yoshihiro's parents were both emotionally abusive and extremely controlling towards all of their children, especially Yoshihiro and his estranged older brother, Yasu, enough to drive the latter into a nervous breakdown and cause the former to develop a rather shaky sense of self-worth and some Stepford Smiler tendencies.
  • Back from the Dead: Resurrected from the afterlife in Chapter 8 as part of the motive.
  • Bait-and-Switch: For his execution, he is strapped to a dentist chair, surrounded by all kinds of nasty-looking instruments, and assumes that this is how he is going to be executed - only for his restraints to become loose. Then he realises the room is filling up with anaesthetic gas, and ends up being gassed to death instead.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Both of his parents are dentists who manage a well-known practice, and he began studying under them at an early age.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: Seems to have a chronic aversion to swearing (even mentally), no matter how trying the circumstances are.
  • House Husband: Definitely one of these in the making. He excels at domestic tasks like cooking, cleaning, and sewing and is quite experienced with looking after kids, having grown up taking care of his four younger siblings.
  • It's All My Fault: Seems to have this complex about something that happened in his past, as evidenced by his reaction to the second motive, although whatever that something is isn't known at this point. Per his mun, it was his older brother breaking down and fleeing the Shirayuki family after accidentally endangering Yoshihiro's life.
  • Luminescent Blush: He is ridiculously easy to fluster and consequently does this quite a bit.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: He's the second oldest of six, but his older brother was effectively unpersonned after his parents essentially drove him away from the family.
  • Men Don't Cry: Acknowledged in-universe and consciously averted - it's stated in narration that Yoshihiro has never once felt compelled to hold back his tears in order to "be a man" and finds it perfectly healthy to have a good cry.
  • Nice Guy: Has a generally bright, cheerful demeanor and holds a large amount of faith in his ability to get along with most everyone he's been trapped with.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Subverted. While he is randomly chosen to be executed for Chiyoko's murder, he's brought back to life in Chapter 8. To make the deal even better, he goes on to survive the rest of the game.
  • Serious Business: Oral health is this for him, to the point where he won't consume or do anything that might compromise the health of his own teeth and attempts to foist educational pamphlets and free dental supplies on others whenever the chance presents itself. Mayumi even tells him to consider finding a hobby outside of his own work.
  • Stepford Smiler: Tends towards the depressed variation of the trope at times, especially shortly before and after his execution in Chapter 3.
  • Tender Tears: Tends to shed these fairly often, being a naturally soft-hearted and sympathetic person.
  • Throwing Off the Disability: Before his death in Chapter 3, Yoshihiro was almost entirely deaf in his right ear due to a childhood bout with bacterial meningitis, although this wasn't outright stated in-game until shortly before his execution. Upon returning to life, he's mentioned as being able to hear perfectly out of both ears, just as he had in the afterlife.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Sugar-free chewing gum, along with anything mint-flavored in general.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: It's dyed, though - a photograph on his nightstand reveals that his hair is naturally chocolate brown.

Yoshiko Takeda

Super High-School Level Animator

Yoshiko has made many small animated clips in her lifetime; if you wanted an exact number of how many, there would be over hundreds of small clips that she hasn't even shown publically. The young animator, however, is known for her recognized animated short titled "The Heart's Eye"; a six minute short of a young girl whose heart watches the troubles that she goes through in her daily life while ignoring the backlash of it all herself. What had started as an entry to a contest became a story that was to be presented before the release of animated movies in the theatres.Since then, Yoshiko has gotten offers of working along companies around Japan, involving herself with the cleanings of frames or directing the art of certain animes. Her most well-known contribution was towards the anime "North of Miwa", particularly for the level of detail she had given to the movement of the characters in the series. Yoshiko claims that once she finishes high school and university, she would like to start her own anime as well! She is the fifth victim, dead of blood loss from a slashed throat. It is revealed in the fifth trial that she killed Naohiro, and Sasaki confesses to killing Yoshiko.

  • Dies Wide Open: Found staring off into space as her corpse lies on the ground in a pool of her own blood.

    The Mastermind 

The Mastermind

The traitor behind the Game of Mutual Killing: Nao Tamashiro.


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