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Lots of fun, lots of pun.

A well-known Canadian Game Show created by the same people who created The Newlywed Game, which ran from 1974 to 1989 on CTV, and was produced at the network's Toronto station, CFTO.

Much like Wheel of Fortune (which debuted at around the same time), Definition was a game show based on Hangman, where two teams of a celebrity and civilian player competed to solve such a puzzle. Both teams alternated guessing letters that were in a puzzle on a board (accompanied by a crossword-style hint); one team member had to "give away" a letter which wasn't in the puzzle, after which their teammate had to "take" a letter that was in it. If both teammates succeeded, they were given a chance to solve the puzzle. If not, they lost their turn; in addition, if the given-away letter was in the puzzle, the opponents got a free guess. The first team to solve two puzzles (later changed to three) became the champions and played a bonus round.

Provides examples of:

  • The Announcer: Jim Perry for Season 1, then Dave Devall.
  • Ascended Extra: Jim Perry was promoted from announcer to emcee at the beginning of Season 2.
  • Bonus Round: One more puzzle, the letters are revealed in alphabetical order. Win $10 multiplied by the number of unrevealed letters and a prize if solved.
  • Consolation Prize: For losing the Bonus Round, you get just $10. No, that's not a typo—the actual consolation was ten bucks.
  • Game Show Host: Bob McLean for Season 1, then Jim Perry.
  • Home Game: One was issued by Milton Bradley in 1981, recycling parts from their 1975 Wheel Of Fortune games. Interestingly, the box art predates the change to all civilians.
  • Home Participation Sweepstakes: Later in the run, puzzles could also be sent in by viewers.
  • Hurricane of Puns: A lot of the clues were like this.
  • Undesirable Prize: Just about everything, given how cheap the show was.