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Hello, I'm the The Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to!

Web originals have catch phrases too. Relax, we're not going to expunge that data.


  • Whenever someone gets gifted a sub for the first time (or a sub bomb gets dropped) on Twitch streamer’s The 8-Bit Drummer’s stream, he will say "Take the emotes, spread the love, and rock on."
  • AlphaOmegaSin's closing catch phrase for most of his videos: "Nerds, nerdettes, and gamers, game the fuck on!"
    • And, in a somewhat similar vein, Razorfist (the Rageaholic) also has his sole catchphrase at the end of most of his videos: "I'm Razorfist! God-fucking-speed!"
  • "Love ya like a play bro!" is the catch phrase of Andre the Black Nerd. Speaking of which:
    • His intro: "Hi I'm Andre and I'm a black nerd."
    • Intro to the rant videos: "Hi I'm Andre and I'm a black nerd. AND I'M ANGRY!"
    • "I'm gonna give you the good, I'm gonna give you the bad, and I'm gonna give you the nerdy."
    • His outro: "Love ya like a play cousin! I'm outie 5000! Chain-Chomp, YOMP!"
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd has a few. "What were they thinking?!" is arguably his most famous ones, but his other well known ones include "What a shitload of fuck" and "I am dead fucking serious".
  • The Annoying Orange: "Hey Apple! Knife."
  • Arby 'n' the Chief:
    • Master Chief's "lol remember arbitur?" Lampshaded in "Drunken Halo".
      Arbiter: Don't forget you admitted you were terrible. LOL, remember Chief?
      Master Chief: HAY / thats mai thing arbitur / u cant use mai thing / remember / remember its mien / lol remember arbitur?
      Arbiter: LOL, I remember Chief.
      Master Chief: LOL / ur so silly
      Arbiter: I know, LOL.
      Master Chief: LOL
  • Benthelooney:
    • Ben T. Looney has, "Welcome back to Ben Rants/Salutes/'s Top Ten, and when I was a kid [X]."
    • Most of the videos conclude with Ben saying, "I'm Ben and I'm signing out. I'm gonna/going to [X]."
    • Jack and Trixie share two, both being responses to insults they can't disagree with: "That's tough, but fair" and "That's probably true, but you still shouldn't say it." Usually said in the middle of one of their usual Snark-to-Snark Combat sessions. They're also prone to tell one another that "I hate you" whenever one annoys the other.
    • One occasion takes advantage of the nature of catch phrases as something people say so the time, often without thinking about it. When people call Trixie "Miss Dixon", she typically responds with "Trixie, please!" She's apparently so used to this that she's not even aware she says it. This contributes to the solution of "The Reunion" when Jack stops Trixie from doing it while the woman they're speaking to, a woman they'd met previously doing a Twin Switch, reveals herself by calling her Trixie.
  • Blakinola, mostly from his 'Tl;dr Patch Notes' series:
    • "Oh baby."
    • "Up in this motherfucker!"
    • "Fuck this champion."
  • Bon Appetit: In Amiel Stanek's "Every Way to Cook [X]" videos, "Well, that is...something!" pops up regularly when he's tried something weird like steaming a pizza.
  • Bowser's Kingdom: Steve has "Hi, guys!" even though he says his never-before-said-onscreen catchphrase is "Who'd taken all the ketchup?" in episode 10.
  • In Brad Jones' Demo Reel, Admiral Crackers, an old cereal mascot, says "Release The Crackers!".
  • In The Brian & Jill Show, Brian spent the first week asking every person that called in if they're from Fullerton, California. He also has a Signing-Off Catchphrase with "Be good humans."
    • Twenty-five years of morning radio will also cause Brian, much to his annoyance, tell people "Good Morning" from force of habit even though they record well into the afternoon. He's adapted this to "Good morning, afternoon, evening or whenever you're listening."
  • Brian Hull would begin his non-Disneyland videos with "Hello my Hullimaniacs out there, welcome back to [the] channel, it's so great to see you again!"
  • Brizzy Voices would always open up her videos with "What up world, it's me, Brizzy." If she's doing a makeup tutorial as a different character, she would substitute her name with the character she is doing the makeup tutorial on.
  • Burcol, a high-level player of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on Youtube, will often say "And that's enough of Ultra Instinct Goku" upon defeating a player who's using that character in one of his vids.
  • Caddicarus has "Greetings and salutations, my beautiful people!" at the start of every video. His other catch phrases include "Jesus Christ on a bicycle!" as an exclamation of surprise, and "If it's your birthday while watching this video, then happy fricking birthday to you. And please remember to stay beautiful!" at the end.
  • Captain Disillusion: "Love with your heart, use your head for everything else... Captain Disillusion!"
  • The animation reviewer CellSpex has "Stay shiny animaniacs".
  • Brett Vanderbrook as Captain S has "Everything gets the Kick" during his first episode. It has been heard in a few other online shows since.
  • Comic Book Universe Battles: "Spanked like a four year old at Kmart" and "Fat skanky redneck chicks" from the old ones; "It ends in sex" from the new ones.
  • Chairman Nuke: MOAR LIES!
  • CinemaSins has some recurring sins, like "Scene does not contain a lap dance," and "[blank]-ex-machina," filled in with whatever is saving the day.
    • "X seconds of logo(s)."
    • "Reading." Whenever text on the screen is read aloud.
    • "The Books Do Not Matter" is one that's often used when they sin movies that are adapted from books (their logic being that movies should be able to stand on their own, people shouldn't have to read the books in order to understand what's going on in the movies).
    • "That's racist." Whenever a person is described as being some race or ethnicity (in a neutral, non-racist manner), or anything is described as being black.
    • "Liam Neeson isn't killing anyone in this scene", which later morphed into "[celebrity] isn't [action which said celebrity is known for] in this scene".
  • "Cinematography" in the Agony Booth
  • Classic Alice has several:
    • Andrew's "Lock your doors!", a common refrain for chastising Alice and Cara's (oddly convenient) lack of security. The other characters repeat it and it becomes a running gag.
    • "Top Aces!", a line flub of Kate's that made it into the show. It's a "Valetonian" saying that means "great!"
    • "Hodgepodge hodgepodge" and "sneakpodge" was actually a blooper that became a reality in books 8+ of the show. It means "to move" and sneakpodge means "to move sneakily".
    • "Uninvolved Participant" is Nathan's (cameraman/Andrew's intern) mantra and reason we never see him on camera.
  • Parodied, along with a few dozen other tropes, in this Cracked original.
  • The Creatures:
    • Each member has their own, but the word "Brown" is used commonly by all of the Creatures, meaning bad, stinky, or used in place of a curse word. It was first said by Sp00n, but Kootra has since taken it, as he uses it the most. Also, the Creatures have said multiple times that it is in no way racist.
    • "MLG" when describing how good they are at a game (even if they aren't). This pokes fun at Major League Gaming circuits and serious gamers.
    • "I don't follow [X] news." used when someone doesn't know something or is corrected, the original being 'I don't follow Skyrim news'.
    • "Cheese it!" when the Creatures are running away or escaping from something in the game.
    • "High horse" used mostly by Nova, Seamus, and Sly. It's used to describe something that is very large, lavish, and/or over the top.
  • Critical Role:
  • Cr1TiKaL:
    • He opens most videos with "What's up everybody this is Critikal, I'm playing [game he's playing at the time], this is for [platform]. Let's do this shit!" and he usually ends each video with "Well that's the end of this video, remember to rate the video, comment the video, and subscribe if you want to see videos similar to this one. See ya."
    • "This is the greatest [X] of all time" for his video descriptions, where X is what is being done in the game. Sometimes can be absolutely false depending on the game being played.
  • Stop! Demyx Time!
  • Dream has "Also according to Youtube's statistics only a small percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed, so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing. It's free and you can always unsubscribe. Enjoy the video." in his intros.
    • From Minecraft Manhunt:
      • Oh, Dream!
      • Come here, George!
  • Lampshaded in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog -
    Dr. Horrible: I'm Dr. Horrible. I've got a PhD in horribleness!
    Moist: Is that the new catch phrase?
    • The prequel comic revealed that his original catchphrase was "Horrible is just what the doctor ordered!" Moist comments that it needs changing.
    • Also NOT Lampshaded by Captain Hammer: "The hammer is my penis."
      • ...and Penny: "Captain Hammer will save us."
  • I'm Dr. Steel, and I'm crazy.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Killdra has "Whatever."
    • Andy has, to Martha after she makes an ice-related joke, "Tee-hee, ice puns."
    • Martha has "Shut up and fight!", usually to Andy.
    • Lisa has "My my!" and referring to things as 'quirky'.
  • Ducktalez: Huey has "Let's go get some ice cream." and Scrooge has "Follow me, before it's too late!"
  • Eat Your Kimchi has several catch phrases that have become popular among fans:
    • I lost my pants, in rippito fippito sippi slowmotion!
    • Soy un Dorito!
    • What the?
  • Dana from Echo Chamber uses the word "suck" a lot. Usually directed at Tom.
  • Eddsworld has several, from more than one character.
    • Tom: Holy X on a Y!
    • Matt: Not the face!
      • Matt: Indubitably.
    • Edd: Pretty swell.
    • Dom: 'Ey hed.
  • The Archivist of End Times ends every video with "until the end"—which is a catchphrase for the entire Burtke army, apparently.
  • "People call me...the Candy Man. But you can call me *leans in and whispers* the Candy Man." from Ephemeral Rift.
  • Epic Meal Time: "What'you know about x?!"
    • Next time, we eat ''x''.
    • "Next level x maneuver!"
      • (caw)in' smart!
    • "Changing the game!"
    • "Bacon Strips, Bacon Strips..."
    • "...and then you put in the oven, and then you win!"
    • Dribble on that bar-be-que SAUUUUUWWS!
  • In the Epic Rap Battles of History news videos, host Theodore Roosevelt always begins it with "What's up, bitches?!" The catchphrase even got carried over to Teddy's own rap battle against Winston Churchill.
    • The ERB announcer starts and ends every battle the same way:
      EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! [Character 1] vs. [Character 2]! BEGIN!
  • "What's happenin' forum?" (=3)
  • False Swipe Gaming: Before going over a Pokémon's history in competitive play, the narrator will ask, "How good was [name of the the Pokémon] actually?"
  • Fat, French and Fabulous has several.
    • Janel: "We need to check on you more" and "Who hurt you?"
    • Jessica: "I stand by it: *horrifying/bizarre opinion*."
  • The Fine Bros Spoilers'':
    • "Duuuuuuuhhhh!"
    • "X and Y end up together!" (or don't, largely thanking God for Woody Allen)
    • "Just like in real life! Who would have guessed it?"
    • "X and Y live (sing-songy) HAPPILY ever AFTER!!"
    • "Why the hell are there remakes?!"
    • And the following were added for their Youtube Spoilers!
      • "...aaaaaand it turned out to be fake." or "...Buuuuut some people think it's fake."
      • "Great parenting!"
      • "And we all X at his/her Y (mainly laugh at his/her embarrassment) BECAUSE WE'RE SUCH GREAT PEOPLE!"
      • "QUALITY Internet video!"
  • Folding Ideas: Dan's older videos often feature the phrase "Let's talk about it."
  • FPSRussia has a habit of saying "Let's see what we can do" before shooting at things.
    • "Have nice day."
  • Frothy Pint of Metal always begins with Happy Viking saying "'Sup, heathens!"
  • Josh of The Geek Critique tends to end his videos on "You keep geekin', I'll keep... critiquin'."
  • While not the only person to say it, GeorgeNotFound uses the phrase "Oh, Dream!" the most in Minecraft Manhunt videos.
  • In the webtoon GEOWeasel the character Mitri once claimed to be "Pretty much everywhere and nowhere, like a ghost or something." In later episodes, his brother would pressure him into saying it again, and then laugh like an idiot and proclaim it to be the funniest line in the world. This was probably a parody or a Take That! aimed at several of the toon's fans who thought the line was so funny that they pressured the creator into adding it again.
    • Jimbob also had the Catchphrase "Fix my saxophone", but it was parodied to the point that it became very irritating to everyone in the cartoon whenever he asked. Weas questioned whether the line was actually supposed to be amusing at all just by repeating it over and over and if it was leading up to anything (to which Jimbob replied cryptically "episode 15"). Later uses of the phrase either had someone stop Jimbob before he could say the whole thing or even ask or he would receive punishment for it (such as Weas shooting him dead in the first episode and stabbing him in the face in the long-awaited episode 15).
  • David Da Nugget is best known for repeatedly screaming "You're not f*cking Tony Abbott mate!" in GI Proz videos.
  • Golden Book Video Killers:
    • "Greetings, and welcome to Golden Book Video Killers"
    • "Greetings, Golden Book Video Killers fans!"
    • "Chuckimation!"
    • "Well, that's all for now."
    • "Aw crap! This one doesn't have the space logo! What a rip-off!"
    • "AHHHH! The white screen of death!"
  • GrayStillPlays has several:
  • Guru Larry and Wez: Larry likes to start off his videos for real by saying "As I say; But... hello you! I'm Guru Larry, and I welcome you to Fact Hunt!"
    • "I'll get me coat" whenever some particularly horrible wordplay gets a Lame Pun Reaction.
  • Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends always says "Mmm hmm" after he thinks he's done something right.
  • The Hobo Bros have a few:
    • "Welcome back, you sexy hobos!", as said at the beginning of nearly every video.
    • Luke has "Ooh, my ass!" which he sometimes says when his character in a game gets hit, or almost gets hit.
    • "My Cupdick!" is a variation of the above, specifically used during their playthrough of Cuphead. It gets to the point where Luke starts calling the character, and even the game, "Cupdick".
  • In How It Should Have Ended, Batman has, "Because I'm BATMAN!"
    • Also, whenever he sees an attractive woman, he asks, "Wanna know my secret identity?"
  • Spoofed a few times on Homestar Runner. In Strong Bad's "crazy cartoon" "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes", the character of Eh! Steve seems to exist only to say his Catchphrase, which is also his name ("Eh! Steve!"). At the end of the Strong Bad Email "the facts", Homestar says he's decided to change his Catchphrase from "Seriously" to "That's bupkis!" Strong Bad used to say "Holy Crap!" with some regularity, as well, but due to inverse-Flanderization, he's been weaned off that aspect of his personality, and now groans whenever the word 'crap' comes up in an email.
    • Although he then began regularly yelling "DELETED" as he did so to many of the e-mails he was sent.
    • Parodied again with the Cheat Commandos, whose original Catchphrase was "Cheat Commandos... rock rock on!"
      Silent Rip: Uh... that's not what we usually say -
      Gunhaver: (the Cheat Commandos theme music stops abruptly) Yeah, whatever, it's riggidy-roll from now on.
    • Parodied again with "Limozeen ...But They're In Space!", in which manager Teeg Dougland starts every sentence with "I'm afraid I have some bad news, boys."
    • And who could forget Teen Girl Squad's "Soooooooooooooooo good!", as well as Tompkin's characteristic Unusual Euphemism, "Awwww, peas!"
    • Bubs' alter ego, "The Thnikkaman," has several that either he says or are associated with him.
      Kids: "Can we have some?"
      The Thnikkaman: "Yeah, shut up, kid!"
      Singers: "Here comes the Thnikkaman!" (When he leaves, it's "There goes the Thnikkaman!")
    • According to Homestar, Coach Z uses "You can't always rush into the score zone!" as a metaphor for everything.
    • Also, a standard call-and-response for private eye, crooked cop, secret agent, and celebrity pharmacist Dangeresque:
      Reynaldo: Sounds pretty dangerous!
      Dangeresque: No, sounds... Dangeresque!
      • "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!"
    • In his sbemail "the process", Strong Bad mentions how he likes to start his email replies with "Well, whoever, something something something" or "Something something, eh, whoever?"
    • Larry Palaroncini of Limozeen has "Well ALRIIIIIGGHT-uh!"
    • King of Town's "Doo hoo hoo!" could count, as well as "Poopsmith!"
  • How Did This Get Made?:
    • Paul Scheer opens shows with "Hello, people of Earth!"
    • When introduced, Jason Mantzoukas greets the audience with "What's up, jerks!"
    • June Diane Raphael often finds things in the movies they review "deeply upsetting."
    • Each of the hosts are overly fond of using the words "literally" and "bonkers" to describe things.
  • Hunter Reviews: "I'm Hunter, the movie reviewing pony, because when it comes to Cinema humans... cannot be trusted."
  • Husky Starcraft: "Hello everyone, this is H-to-the-usky Husky here!"
  • Hydraulic Press Channel: "[Object that is about to be crushed] is extremely dangerous, we must deal with it."
  • Barry "The Blender" Henderson from the online Irish comedy series I Am Fighter has "What about you?". The phrase is (somewhat obscure northern) Irish slang for "How are you"? Of course, since the series has become so widely recognised in Ireland (moreso in the the North), the phrase has exploded in popularity. Barry's thick culchie accent makes it sound more like "Whadda boutchee?". It's frequently shortened to "Boutchee?", even by the man himself.
    • And its variants:
      • Ra-ra-radaboutchee?
      • Whadda fuckin' boutchee?
      • Boutchee?
      • Whadda boutchee? Or, to our friends watching in Japan: *bows* Wharra boutcheeeeee?
    • He also has "Got my good friend Thomas Smythe here. Say hello to the camera, Thomas."
      • "Awrigh?"
    • A more minor one is that both of them frequently refer to a fight as a "Real life altercation".
    • "I'M ONLY PULLIN' YOUR FUCKIN' PISHER!" was used in the fifth and final episodes (for the curious, it means "Just kidding").
    • He loves it. He loves it.
      • Nothing. Fuck all from him. He loves it, though. He loves it.
  • IGSRJ has a handful of them.
  • "Is this based on a book?" in
  • Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This? has several stock phrases which are usually parodied, the most famous of which being:
    Here at the Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory, safety is a number one priority. That's why we hide behind this giant tin foil shield, it's to protect our nuts, because nobody likes roasted nuts.
  • "Top o' the mornin' to ye, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome (back) to (name of game)!"
    • He also has probably the longest Signing-Off Catchphrase ever. "THANK you guys so much for watching this video. If you LIKED it, PUNCH the Like button IN the face, LIKE A BOSS! And, high-fives all round. (high-fives the air while making sound effects) Well, thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes... (high-pitched) IN THE NEXT VIDEO!" Which is said, without fail, in its entirety, at the end of EVERY video he does.
    • "Like a boss!" in general is a catchphrase of his.
    • "Go, Jackie-boy!"
  • From Jacks Films, since Your Grammar Sucks #1, he's used the word "biches" to refer to his fans. In fact, a lot of his Catch Phrases originated from Your Grammar Sucks.
    • "That's almost a hundred..."Explanation: 
    • ":a what a fucke?!" Explanation 
    • "Oh, Olga!" Explanation 
    • "Nailed it."
    • "Help me clean up YouTube! If you see an amazingly bad comment on the Internet, take a screencap of it and send it my way either via Twitter or my Facebook fanpage." Explanation 
    • "Let me know if I nailed it or failed it."
  • Jolly Roger Telephone Company:
    • This company is a website that provides bots which are designed to waste the time of telemarketers. Recordings of these calls are sometimes uploaded to YouTube. Almost all of the bots will often ask the caller "Can you start over?" or simply ask them to "start over" because it's a great way to waste their time by forcing a telemarketer to start their pitch over again from the beginning.
    • The company itself has become known for the phrases "There's a bee on me" / "There's a bee on my arm," popularized by the original Jolly Roger bot in one of the company's most well-known telemarketer time-wasting routines. This has even been used on official merchandise for the company.
  • KateModern: After footage from a sex tape featuring him finds its way onto the Internet, Gavin accidentally gains the catchphrase "Keep your socks on!" At first he is somewhat embarrassed, but he quickly embraces it.
    • Later, there's also Tez On Toast, with his insistance on the need to "finish people off".
  • Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap:
    • Much of the opening spiel.
    • "You're on notice, [company whose product they are unimpressed with]".
    • "A wild teenager appears!"
    • The food is "Oddly compelling".
    • "Don't do drugs, kids."
    • "How are you, Internet?"
  • The Lady Voltigeur has Nathalie's "Prussian Idiot!"
  • Legal Eagle:
    • "It's time to think like a lawyer" comes up a lot.
    • "Thank you to [sponsor] for keeping Legal Eagle in the air."
    • Whenever he's reacting to a legal drama, and things get physical, he will end his caution about not doing that with "The bailiff will tackle you."
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:
    • Lizzie very often says: "I forget nothing!" Especially when somebody is baffled by her truly extraordinary memory. Also her entries usually start with "My name is Lizzie Bennet, and..."
    • Her sister Jane always greet the audience with her sweet: "Hi! It's so good to see you."
  • Different LoadingReadyRun projects have a few:
    • "News you can watch" was the ENN slogan.
    • Every episode of Feed Dump ends with, "Remember, there may be better sources for news, but they don't have this hat."
    • Matt from commodoreHUSTLE has, "It's the principle of the thing!"
  • lonelygirl15 has a few:
    • Bree: "Proving science wrong!"
    • LaRezisto: "Fight the Order!"
    • Edward Salinas: "We will build a stronger community."
    • The Hymn of One: "The Hymn of One is fun!"
  • You could fill pages upon pages of catch phrases from Let's Players. Especially, every single one seems to have a catch phrase for starting and finishing the video. A few examples
  • The Lovecraft Reread at TOR Books opens every installment with, "Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writersnote  get girl cooties all over old Howard’s original stories." When dealing with a non-Lovecraft writer who was either one of Lovecraft's influences or worked within the Cthulhu Mythos at some point, they'll add "—and some on his friends, too."
  • Manly Badass Hero has "Take it easy" which he says after finishing a Let's Play.
  • Marek vs. Wyshynski: "Let's start the show, proper, shall we?", a result of the show's tradition to stretch their cold open for as long as possible.
  • "Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome (back) to (name of game)."
    • "(HOLY) BALLS!" whenever something goes wrong.
    • While playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent and its various mods, he often says "I got a chair!"
    • He has a habit of talking to scares as if they were unwanted door-to-door salesmen, saying things like "No thank you" and "I don't want any".
    • "Like a boosh!", "I boosh you!", "I bool you!" when doing block puzzles.
    • "Shabooshki!"
    • The catchphrase for Drunk Minecraft was often "Shut up, Wade" or "I blame Wade". He also would often shout "ZOMBIE!" (the name of the owner of the server).
    • "Do I need to B to blow?"
    • "I'm so boned..."
    • "What a bunch of bull!" Often when he dies in what he considers to be an unfair way.
    • In his non-game videos, "I could have been an engineer" has often come up.
  • Matthew Santoro: Matt's clone, Lorrenzo, often says "Let's go get some bitches!".
  • Melee's End has a few, most notably Fox's "I'm Starfox" at the end of any badass statement, complete with dramatic zoom.
  • From the Mortal Kombat parody sprite cartoon:
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: The van Burens have "Hiiiii!" and "Byeeeeee!"
  • My Lifeis Average: "I think we know who won"; "Well played, ______. Well played"; "I regret nothing."
  • MyMusic has Indie's "You've probably never heard of it," and his made up adjective, "Culken."
      • This catchphrase got Metal fired near the end of Season 1, as apparently no metalhead should have a catchphrase.
  • My Way Entertainment: "Silly bitches, your weapons cannot harm me, don't you know who I am? I'm The Juggernaut, bitch!"
  • In Nat One Productions the guys have plenty, but special mention should go to their Obleeq game, where the mantra, motto, and creed of deranged cleric Grabpot Thundergust is "Murradin will provide."
  • Former radio host Neal Boortz, for the 2016 election season, had the catchphrase "3... 2.... 1," or variations on it, used on his Twitter feed just prior or after to blocking someone who claims he's supporting Hillary Clinton by choosing not to vote for Donald Trump.
  • "Hi, I'm The Necro Critic."
    • "Oww... My soul."
    • *clap* Makes sense to me!
    • "GIANT _____ OF DEATH!!!"
  • Nikki and John: Pranksters in Love - John frequently starts off videos by saying "What's going on guys, John here." and Nikki usually responds to getting pranked with "Are you f*cking kidding me right now?" At the end of videos, if John was pranked, a sound byte of John saying "Nikki, what did you do?!?!?" will play, while if Nikki was pranked, a sound byte of Nikki saying "Well that's just great!" will play.
  • Larry Oji, co-host of game music podcast Nitro Game Injection, has a few of these.
    • "It's super badass!"
    • "Rollin' on dubs!"
    • "This week's episode of Nitro Game Injection is sponsored by (insert food product here.)"
      • You could argue KyleJCrb has a few of these, too.
      • "Keep it here, this is Nitro Game Injection."
      • Doubles as a Shout-Out: Whenever game remixer VikingGuitar is mentioned, Kyle can't help but say "he's a cop, you idiot!" Because, well, he is.
  • "I'm The Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to."
    • "Why top 11? Because I like to go one step beyond."
    • "You know, for kids!" and later "A family picture!" (said in a sleazy New Jersey sounding accent)
    • "That's a very good question."
    • "I'm acting!" (while mocking strange mannerism or Dull Surprise)
    • "So let's take a look/So let's get going."
    • Describing the outcome of the "liar revealed" plot as "moping and doping".
    • Other comedians include:
      • That Dude in the Suede uses some kind of variation of "Hi, I'm That Dude in the Suede" in Animenia.
      • The Chick used to have "I'm The Nostalgia Chick. I remember it, because the dudes won't," but later dropped it, revealing in an interview that she thought it was sending the message that girly movies didn't deserve to be remembered by guys.
      • "I AM A MAN!!" (PUNCH)
      • Welshy exclaims "BILLY!" whenever Billy the Puppet from the Saw series appears on screen during his Saw Retrospective videos.
      • Linkara also has "to make a long story short (too late)" and the simple "this comic SUCKS".
      • Of course, there's also, "Hello and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn."
      • LordKat's lampshades that his catchphrase is "You're going to die... A LOT.", as well as "Damn is it hard".
      • Symbolism!
      • "Hello and welcome to Projector, and on this episode..."
      • With Science!
      • YOU FOOL!
      • "HEART!"
      • Allison Pregler, during her reviews of Charmed, frequently repeats two truths about the show: "The Elders are dicks!", Daryl's "Aw, meng!", and "If it sounds like a good idea, Charmed will find some way to make it stupid." Also, when doing her Radu impression, she'll usually have at least one exclamation of, "Aw, damneet!"
      • Diamanda Hagan has HAIL HAGEN!
  • "Ha ha, how's it going, bros? My name is Peeeeeeeeeeewdiepie! And welcome tooooo... (name of game)!"
    • Whenever he activates Hysteria in Alice: Madness Returns, he has a habit of yelling "I'M ON MY PERIOOOOD!" Also, in the same game, whenever he dies, he says "I became a butterfly" (Alice explodes into butterflies when she dies).
    • "Notice me, Senpai!" He originally said it because someone told him to, and then it became his catchphrase.
    • "Edgar! Deutschland!" Used whenever his dog Edgar is misbehaving.
    • The characters from his Amnesia playthroughs also have catchphrases. Piggeh has "I'm pumped!" and "Yeaaahhh!" and Stephano has "Allos, Pewdie".
    • When getting scared while playing horror games (usually when anticipating a jumpscare), he'll say "Hello?"
    • "That's how we do it in the Pewdiepie (often pronounced "Poodiepie") town!"
    • "Ai, jävlar fitta..." or just ranting in Swedish in general when really frustrated.
  • PhantomStrider: "And if you like these shows, that's fine. It's just my silly personal opinion."
  • Pikasprey begins every video with "Hello, internet users."
  • Pitchingace88: Every Criminal Case video he makes ends with a "This is Pitchingace 88, over and out". He also says "Au revoir" whenever he needs to pause the recording (or "Ciao" in his earlier videos).
  • PONY.MOV: From Rainbow Dash: "Heh, swag". She doesn't actually use it that much, though. Similarly, the R-Dash 5000 has "CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY. Swag.". It even got its way to BronyCon of all places. The author's reaction?
    R-Dash 5000: Man, these people are a bunch of freaks.
    Spike: No argument here.
  • "Nya" from the Process Forum.
  • Professor Juice: "Hello, my juicy, juicy friends out there! Whether you come from that way or that way on the side of the globe, it doesn't matter, you've all got the juice!"
  • Random Assault: "Shut the fuck up, Mitch!"
  • The early Kids React videos had Lia describing everyone as "Creepers!" with accompanying hand movements. She stopped doing this after "Kids React to Minecraft" due to the explanation to her that some viewers confused her as a Minecraft player before then.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Starting from Season 4, "Bow chicka bow wow" becomes Tucker's catchphrase, and something he tends to say at least Once a Season.
    • Sarge has two phrases that could count as his:
      • "Dirtbag", a word he usually uses to describe an enemy, or really, anyone who happens to be pissing him off at the moment.
      • While not used as often, "You just got Sarge'd" is something he also tends to say before or after finishing off an opponent.
    • Caboose has two phrases that could count as his:
      • While he doesn't use it often, "Neat" is something Caboose has a tendency to say, usually in response to things that would warrant a much bigger reaction.
      • Whenever Caboose does something wrong, he'll usually follow it up by saying "Tucker did it".
    • Sheila always says "Firing main cannon" whenever her cannon is about to be fired.
    • Agent Wyoming has "Knock-knock" as a catchphrase. This is a phrase his A.I., Gamma, tends to say a lot a well, so it seems to be something that rubbed off on Wyoming.
    • Buckey, the Blues and Reds counterpart to Tucker, has "Boom chicka wa wa" as his catchphrase.
    • Genkins has "Toodles" as a catchphrase.
  • Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time: "It's good for you!"
    • "Add X, if you want to, we won't, this is REGULAR!"
    • "Dinner is served, bitches!"
  • Rhett & Link have a few on their show Good Mythical Morning.
    • "Let's talk about that!" Introducing the topic of the day.
    • "You know what time it is!" At the end of every episode, before showing a clip of a fan saying "I'm [name] from [location], and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!"
    • "As you can see, we can't." Used whenever they have to wear blindfolds for a challenge.
    • "(singing and strumming guitar) You know what day it is. It's Thursday, and Thursday... means maiiiiiil."
    • "Click through to Good Mythical More right after this, where we're gonna [do something only occasionally related to what they did in the actual episode]."
    • "Thanks for liking and commenting on this video." Usually said by Link right before Rhett says "You know what time it is." In the early days, this was "Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing."
    • Link usually says something like "Be sure to play along at home" whenever they play any sort of game or challenge, regardless of how elaborate or difficult to set up it is.
  • Himei of Sailor Nothing: "This should not be happening..." (Brace yourself for the Unstoppable Rage.) Also, when it's her turn to narrate, "I'm very tired."
    • Later on, she gains a new one: "I want to live."
  • If The Saturday Morning Watchmen had been real, Rorscharch's catch phrase would've been "I'm nutty!"
  • Almost every episode of Scott the Woz opens with "Hey all, Scott here!"
  • And of course, [DATA EXPUNGED]
  • Taki's catchphrase on Scrub Club, according to her profile, is "Rub your hands together and give me 20!", based on the idea of washing one's hands for twenty seconds.
  • British Youtuber Seamus Gorman opens up his videos (After the Title Card) with "Hello there, how you doin'?" complete with a pose.
  • "HEY! I'M VLOGGIN' HERE!" (Shaytards)
  • The head Grey in Sockbaby. "Sham Bam Bammana!"
  • Sonic for Hire has a few characters who have their very own catch phrases.
    • Knuckles: Fryin' and buyin'!
    • Soniqua: AVOCADO!
    • Kirby (Season 4): Love it!
    • Crash Bandicoot: No way bro-say!
  • "It's not good to be a boss in a tool-assisted speedrun." said by Real Myop in Speed Game
  • Steve 1989 MRE Info:
    • "Alright, so let's get this onto a tray." - after laying out the ration to be eaten before jump-cutting to said items then being placed on a tray, "Nice."
    • "Nice hiss." - When opening bags that give off a little hiss.
  • The Super Carlin Brothers will usually start videos with "Hey Brother!"
  • "This suuuucks!" is often said by Web from SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures
  • Survival of the Fittest has "It's Jennifer. Perez, not Romita."
  • Dr. Chronos of The Time... Guys gets to say his favorite word many... TIMES! per episode, but Caveman is uncavesputed master of this cave trope. Cave.
  • Team Night Saturn has several reviewer with own catch phrases:
    • Movie Rehab:
      • "Hello and Welcome to Movie Rehab. Are you sane enough to escape the show?" His opening catchphrase.
      • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "It's almost like this/it's suppose to be a/an <X> or something!" Whenever he gives a sarcastic statement regarding something that he feels certain movies are lacking.
      • "And with that said I hope you enjoyed this review and at last I have to say: I may be unfunny, but my points are still valid." His closing catchphrase.
    • Mala Critico: "I'm the Mala Critico, there's alot to choose from, but I'm glad you chose me."
    • Loko Reviews: "This is James Kaloko and everyone on the world: Stay Loko."
    • Worst Music Of The Year: "This is Worst Music Of The Year, ...! Good Night!"
  • TFS at the Table:
  • Third Rate Gamer has quite a few:
    • "Didn't they test this game before they released it?", and many variations.
    • "After doing some research...", sometimes followed by an intentional Critical Research Failure. invoked
    • "...which is only available for the (Insert System Here)"
    • "Some game designer who's laughing his ass off..."
    • "Bang-a-lang!" is Billy's catch phrase, which is Tony's catchphrase from The Irate Gamer.
    • "(Insert character from game/show)?! What are YOU doing here?!"
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour, being a parody of radio shows from the thirties and forties, is chock full of them:
    • Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars:
      Sparks Nevada: I'm... from Earth.

      Barkeep: I don't want no trouble in my place!
    • "Beyond Belief" has a few from Sadie Doyle:
      Sadie (whenever Nightmares the Clown appears): Clown... (laughs) CLOWN!
      Sadie (after a strange scenario has been described): I would not watch that show.
    • The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam, following tropes from The Silver Age of Comic Books, follows the same pattern every episode and catchphrases are used all over the place. To use just one example:
      Captain Laserbeam: Leaping Laserbeams! That is what I think it is! The Adventurekateer distress call broadcasting on a frequency only I can hear! Thanks, Laser Hearing! Sorry, everyone, if the Adventurekateers are calling then it means serious trouble is brewing in Apex City. Flying at he speed of light, no villain shall escape my might! So long, and awaaaaay!
  • Skeppy has "YOOO! How's it going, guys! So in today's video..." in his intros.
  • Top Down Perspective:
    • Whenever Paul doesn't like some sort of practice, he has a tendency to describe it as "gross."
    • "It's so dumb!" is a phrase that tends to crop up often whenever one of the hosts is describing something either awesome yet stupid or legitimately bad.
  • Topless Robot has HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE, which The Half-World shamelessly steals. The Half-World also has "THE. PLOT. THICKENS."
  • In Twelve Hundred Ghosts Scrooge says "Humbug!" so much he even says it while asleep.
  • Ultra Fast Pony has a few.
    • Fluttershy has "I'm just so shy!" and "I'm so bad with animals!" (The first one catches on so well that the subtitles start harping on her shyness any time she forgets to mention it.) Her tendency to use the names of random black celebrities as expletives is also treated like a catch phrase.
    • Twilight Sparkle has an exasperated "Dammit!" as her default reaction to annoyances, of which there are many.
    • Night Moon Mare, in her limited screen time, says "Saaaaaaaaaaaand!" enough times to become a running gag (and to make Twilight complain). When she comes back as Princess Luna, her new catch phrase is "Blooooooood!"
    Twilight: [Fluttershy] can also fix your catch phrase while you're at it.
    Luna: I have a catch phrase?
    • The episode "How to Control Freaks" hangs a big lampshade on the whole thing:
    Twilight: [to Fluttershy] Are you serious? All you ever do is shout out the names of random black people!
    Rarity: And also she's shy and bad with animals!
    Twilight: That's another good point, Rarity. Fluttershy, quit hogging all the catchphrases!
    Fluttershy: You can't handle the catchphrases!
    Twilight: Dammit!
  • In Vaguely Recalling JoJo, Polnareff would call a person annoying if they do anything that irks him. One time, the others predicted that he would say that and were right.
  • The host of Warning! Readers Advisory! has one, combined with Every Episode Ending: "Until the next time you get lost down here, this is Derek the Bard. Be seeing you."
  • Whateley Universe: Phase (Ayla Goodkind) always says "Of course!" to the point where his friends parody it in-story.
  • The Whiskey Vault: "The definition of 'good whiskey' is 'the whiskey you like to drink, in the way you like to drink it'." This is usually said as the go-to defense against whiskey snobs.
  • Who Back When:
    • When Ponken has to edit in a note or correction after the episode was recorded, we'll get an interruption starting with
      Bing bong. Future Ponken here...
    • "Kablammo" frequently accompanies a change of scene when the hosts are recapping the episode.
    • "Soundbite? Soundbite." before playing an audio clip from the Doctor Who episode under review.
  • Will It Blend?:
    • "Will it blend? That is the question."
    • "[subject] smoke. Don't breathe this!"
      • Sometimes inverted, for non-harmful items as "[subject] smoke — you can breathe this!"
    • "I think I'll press the [name related to subject] button!"
  • "(something) VS (that something)'s weight in (something else, usually chihuahuas)", "The (x) Jihad (There Is No Jihad)", "Hotbranch 3:16", "COW!", "Star Trek/The French Must Lose" and "The Simpsons/Star Wars Must Always Win" from WWWF Grudge Match.
  • "You know what's BULLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIT?!"
  • YouTube Poop: Where there's smoke, they pinch back!
  • Many podcasts have them, either for signing off or on:
    • Before Ryan Davis' death, the Giant Bomb podcast (Giant Bombcast) had "Heeeey everyone, it's Tuesday, [month] [year], and you're listening to the Giant Bombcast..."
    • The Team Fortress 2 podcast Kritzkast signs on with "Helloooo, and welcome to Kritzkast, your Team Fortress 2 podcast..." and signs off with "Goodnight, Kevin."
  • Mark Grondin of Spectrum Pulse has three that pop up again and again when he's giving mini-reviews, depending on mood: "Check it out" for songs he really likes, "I'll take it" for ones he sort of likes, and a blunt "Next!" for ones he definitely doesn't like.
  • The Creep Catchers and Predator Poachers grassroots organizations have various catchphrases among the prominent web personalities.
    • "Yer done, bud.": typically uttered at the end of the humiliating interview with the would be predator.
    • "Walk of shame, you goof!" is often called out when the would be creep in question walks off knowing that his encounter would be posted online. "Goof" is Canadian prison slang for pedophile.
    • "You can't be doing this, my guy!": Often repeated by Rami of Predator Poachers New Jersey.
    • "I'm not new at this!" Often repeated in order to assert that the Catchers/Poachers have heard every predator excuse in the book.
    • Also said by Rami to most of the would be predators he catches: "You see that garbage can? Right now I value that garbage can more than I value you!"
    • "We could get the police here right now": Usually said as an incentive for the failed predator to stay and talk (thus consenting to be filmed) instead of just walking or running away.


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